Children of the Gods

Screen Shot 2012-09-14 at 8.36.56 PMHi Students!

What Greek god or goddess would you want for a parent and why? If you want to be creative and change things up a bit, you can write to:

If you could have any two gods or goddesses as parents, whom would they be?

Maybe you want to be a child composite (a little bit of several) gods or goddesses…

The point is to have some fun, share a little knowledge, and practice your writing skills.

One good paragraph with lots of thoughtful explanation. Watch out for those missing apostrophes and comma splices.


  1. If I were to be a child composite I would want my grandfather to be Hades, my uncle to be Poseidon, my dad to be Zeus, and my mom to be Artemis. Because of that, I would be as strong as the gods and I would be immortal because I would be related to the most powerful gods. I would also be very skilled because I would be related to Artemis. Life would be easy for me because I would be the best at almost anything and I would have a part in ruling Olympus. I would have the best powers and I would live forever so I wouldn’t ever stop being able to rule Olympus or use my powers.

  2. If I were to have a God as a parent, I would have Poseidon as my father. If he was my father I would be able to breath underwater, be highly respected in the sea, navigate the seas with ease, and control water. It would be cool to be able to do these things because I love the sea and I spend a lot of time out on the water or in the water. Poseidon is the god of the sea and is highly respected among all the sea creatures. His enemies are Athena and the Trojans, so, if I was his son, I would hate them too. Poseidon is my absolute favorite god of all time, from his abilities to his relations.

  3. If a Greek God could be my parents I would want Poseidon. If Poseidon was my dad I could breath under water, swim really fast, control the sea monsters. I would want zeus to be my grand father because I could control storms and thunder bolts.

  4. If I were to have Greek gods/goddesses as my family, I hope that I would get special powers. If I would get some of the powers from my family of Greek gods/goddesses I think I would want to have the powers of Helios, Poseiden, Zeus, and Athena. I would want Helios as an uncle, for I would be have almost complete control over the Sun. As for my parents, I would’ve liked to have Poseiden as my father, and Athena as my mother, for I would be able to control the seas and have great wisdom, so I could have huge armies of marine monsters, and great battle strategies to command them with. Then last but not least, I would like to have Zues as my grandfather, fo I can control the skies, and have great praise and powers to defend myself.

  5. I would want Esclepious as my dad because he is the god of medicine. When ever I got sick or hurt he would be an amazing doctor. I could live forever as long as I wanted, or at least until he died. He could help anyone he waned. He could save everybody from Hades if he wanted to. Bringing everybody back though isn’t always the best idea. What if he brought some really bad people back to life?

  6. If my mom and dad were greek Gods I would want them to be Poseidon and Athena. I would want Poseidon to be my dad because I love the ocean and would love to be able to breath under water and not get wet when I came out of the ocean. I also love horse back riding and Poseidon was the creator of horses so I would be able to have horses as pets. I would also like Athena as my Mom because she is the goddess of wisdom and war. With my wisdom and war strategies I could be the best at Call of Duty and I would also be very wise.

  7. If I would have a god as a parent it would be Asclepius. The reason is because if I get hurt or sick he could heal me. Asclepius seems like a really good farther. I would bring back my great grandmother because she was always so nice. My dad doesn’t like Zeus and Hades. The reason why is because Hades told Zeus a lie about me because I wouldn’t heal Hades people from the Underworld.

  8. If I could have my parents as a god or a goddess they would be Aphrodite because I would want to be the daughter of beauty and love. I would want every body to be amazed . I would want my dad to Zeus.Because who won’t want to have your dad be the king of all god’s .I know I would have fun times with my family and ,maybe even go on vacations.I would want a sibling because I Couldn’t imagine my life with out my brother and sister.

  9. Gods for parents? Now that would be awesome. I would really want Aphrodite to be my mother and Poseidon to be my father. Aphrodite would be able to give me great love advice and Cupid would be my brother! So, if I ever had some love trouble, my brother could help me out. I would really like Poseidon to be my father because I LOVE to swim. I could surf in my pool and stay underwater for a while. Plus, who doesn’t want to breath underwater?

  10. If I had to have a Greek god to be my mom I would have Gaea. I would have her because she was the creator of everything and I think it would be cool to be able to create stuff. Think, being able to create something like a new flower or piece of clothing. I think that would be the collets thing ever! I think Gaea is very interesting and she would be a great mom!

  11. My dream parents would probably be Athena, Artemis, Demeter, and Zeus. Athena would be my aunt, Artemis my other aunt, Demeter my mother, and Zeus my dad. I would be extremely smart and witty like Athena, good at hunting and sports like Artemis, able to grow plants on command like Demeter, and able to create lightning, storms, and even fly like Zeus. I would be a super smart, really good at hunting, awesome gardener, and lightning, storm, flying GIRL!

  12. If I had to be the daughter of a god or goddess I would chose Nike. I just love the idea of her, especially since she is the goddess of victory. Since I am competitive and like to win we would be alike in many ways. It’s really cool that her best friend is Athena goddess of wisdom and strategy, so every time my mom hung out with her she could teach me things that Athena told her. We would hang out a lot and I would help her win wars on Mount Olympus. It would be really fun to be her daughter in my option.

  13. I think having Echidna as a mom would be pretty cool, considering having evil beasts as my siblings would be awesome! Not only would I have a free ride to school, if there was a playground bully, they could easily eat them up! Echidna alone would be a pretty cool mom because she would scare everyone away in line at the store so we wouldn’t have to wait! She was nice to all her children too, and defended them in anyway possible, so I’m sure she would be a pretty cool mom. I would also get to see Hades weakly, because he owns one of my brothers! The only downside is having Typhon as a father, the meanest of the mean.

  14. If I were a greek god or goddess I would want my mom and grandmother to be Artemis and Persephone. I want persephone as my mom because she brings the wildlife outside. Persephone is very pretty, and she attracts the birds and animals. She would be a fun mom. Artemis seems fun too. She likes to hunt but she does not want a husband. It would be cool to be a god or goddess.

  15. Poseidon as my father, Nike as my mother, and Aphrodite as my aunt are who I would want as my Greek god family if I were a Greek child. I would want Poseidon as my father because I live swimming and he is the god of the sea. And if my mother was Nike I would be so happy because she is the Goddess of victory. Did you know the brand Nike got its name from Nike the Goddess. And lastly I would want Aphrodite as my aunt because she is gorgeous and I would want a little bit of pretty ness in me. So if I could have any god or goddesses as my family that is who I would pick.

  16. If I had a greek god or goddess for my parent I would want Gaea. I love Gaea she is so interesting. I would have lots of siblings and I could be a god or goddess. I could also be a creature that everyone knows about. Gaea can be really harsh sometimes but she is Mother Earth who wouldn’t want their mom to be Mother Earth. Gaea has lots of children that are rulers of very important things.

  17. Even though Poseidon and Athena hate each other, they would be my parents. I would have a mixture of powers such as controlling the seas, amazing battle strategy, making sea monsters, and having wisdom. Artemis would be my aunt, and Zeus would be my uncle. Artemis would be my aunt so I can be a great hunter. Zeus would be my uncle so I can shoot lightning bolts out of my hands. Being a mixture of all of these amazing gods I would be courageous, outstandingly athletic, smart, powerful, and daring. Not only would I be athletic, I would win everything! Nobody would stand in my way, not even Hera.

  18. If I had to have a god as a father and a goddess as a mother I would choose Poseidon and Athena. Poseidon would be my father and Athena would be my mother. I chose Poseidon as my father because he is the god of the sea and I love going to the beach and swimming in the water. Also I have secretly always want like some sort of water powers. I would want my mother to be Athena because she is the goddess of wisdom and war strategy. Another reason that I would want Athena to be my mother is because I sort of look up to her because she is just amazing. I feel that we would have the perfect family!

  19. If I could choose some god and goddess to be apart of my family, I choose Aphrodite to be my grandma. I could have some of her love powers. Also, my grandpa would be Nike. He would teach me how to run really fast. My mom would be Persephone. We are just totally a like! I could grow flowers and be happy all the time! My daddy would would be Poseidon so I could lift up water and I would be able to stay under water for along time. My aunt and uncle would be Artemis and Apollo. They would teach me archery and to hunt. I would have a good pick of powers if they were apart of my family.

  20. If I could choose two gods or goddesses to be my parents, I would choose Iris and Poseidon. I would choose Iris as my mother because she is the serene goddess of rainbows. She would always know how to brighten my day! She can detect any lies; I’d make sure she wouldn’t let anyone lie to me! I think I would learn a lot from her. I could learn the amazing secrets of the colorful sky and how important it is to be truthful.
    I would choose Poseidon to be my father. Poseidon is the strong god of the sea. It would be so cool to journey through the ocean and see all of the fish! A shark wouldn’t dare chomp me; they’d have to deal with my father, Poseidon! I would learn so much from him! I could learn to swim like a fish, defeat monstrous sea monsters, and truly survive in the sea!
    I know it could never happen, but it would be pretty cool if I could have Iris and Poseidon as my temporary parents!

  21. Lets see, a greek god or goddess as a parent? I would definitely want Ares, the god of war as my father. My daddy would be huge and fearless. Ares is scared of nothing, except for that time he was a coward! My big, fearless daddy turned into a boar once. He turned into a boar to kill Adonis for stealing his girl. My daddy loves his girls! Sometimes when I go to school, my dad brags about his “fire breathing” horses and how they are almost as fierce as he is. Ares never talks about about Cycnus, my brother who was killed by Heracles because he wanted to build a temple of human skulls. Some of my sisters are Amazons, they’re awesome warriors. Even thought Ares would be kind of embarrassing, I would still love hime very much.

  22. There are so many Greek gods and goddesses to choose from! If I had to choose one Greek god as a father and one Greek goddess as a mother, I would choose Zeus as my father because he is the mightiest god in Olympus and the head of all other gods, and I would choose Hera as my mother because Hera is tough, and she always gets her way. If Zeus was my father, I would be brave, bold, and courageous just like him. Also, I would be one of the most talented demigods in Camp Half-Blood because I would have his genes. If Hera was my mother, I would have a tough, yet sometimes nice attitude just like her. I would be a favored child because I would be the daughter of the two most powerful people in Olympus. Life would be great if I was the child of Zeus and Hera!

  23. If I could have a god and goddess as my parents then I would like my mother Selene as my mother and Helios as my father. I could be the goddess of the stars. I could fly through the night sky starring at stars and still go back at Mount Olympus at the end of the night. For Artemis she would stay on Earth hunting, I would be up in the sky. It would be the best life, and it would never end!)[🌚+🌞=⭐️]

  24. If a goddess was my parent, I would either want Aphrodite or Athena as my mom. I would want Athena because I would my mom to be really smart. Athena has good war strategies and she is the goddess of wisdom. It is good to have a smart mom because they can help you strategize and make good plans. Also, Aphrodite seems like she would be a good mom because she is the goddess of love and beauty. She would be good with dealing with love. I would rather have Athena be my mom rather than Aphrodite because Athena is smart, and Aphrodite is pretty. Wisdom can get you through life, beauty can’t.

  25. If I had to chose my parents they would be Zeus and Hera. I think that would be cool because I would have many siblings. Also my mom would easily hook me up with someone. My dad would definitely favor me. Because I am an angel. I think that would be really cool, and I would love to be a demigoddess.

  26. If I could have any god for a father and any goddess for a mother I would choose to have Zeus to be my father and Iris as my mother. I would want Zeus to be my father because he is ruler of the gods, heavens, humans, and the Earth. Also he is an Olympian which I think is pretty cool. I would want Iris as my mother because she is a messenger to the gods which I think is awesome because she gets to meet all of the gods. She also has the power of rainbows so, she can control rainbows which is a power that I would love to have! In my
    opinion Zeus and Iris would be cool parents to have.

  27. I would have to have Zeus as my dad. Because of that I would be immortal and related to one of the most powerful gods of them all. The reason I would want Zeus as my dd would be he is strong and he knows how to take care of his 114 children. I no Zeus would be a great dad and when ever I want him to he could just throw down a bolt of lighting.

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