1. My favorite myth in the first video is the seasons. In this myth Demeter the goddess of the harvest goes down to earth and does the harvest. Every year Demeter brings her girl Persephone down to earth. When Demeter collects the crops Persephone goes and picks flowers. Also wherever Persephone goes she leaves a trail of flowers. Every year Hades was lonely and he wanted a queen, so he came up with a plan. One year Persephone went over to a beautiful flower and she wondered farther away then she usually did. When she picked the flower the ground ripped open and Hades came out ridding a chariot and picked up Persephone and carried her in to the under world. When Persephone was in the under world she felt lonely and never accepted any food Hades tried to bring her. One day Zeus was watching the earth from Mt. Olympus and he saw all the crops were not growing so he asked for Hermes, the messenger of the gods, to go to earth and ask Demeter why no crops were growing. When Hermes heard that Hades had still Persephone. When Zeus heard what Hermes told him he said to go to the under world and retrieve Persephone. Hermes did this but right before Persephone left hades gave her 3 pomegranate seeds. When Persephone came back to earth she told her mom about the seeds and her mother got scared. When Zeus heard he came or earth and said that Persephone does have to go to the under world, but only for 1 month for each seed she ate. So, know when Persephone has to go to the under world her mom gets sad and ice would cover the earth. Then when Persephone got back Demeter would grow crops again.

    My favorite myth in the second video was about O’Ryan. O’Ryan was the best hunter in the world and he loved to brag. When he went hunting he brought his dogs with him to keep him company. Also Artemis the goddess of the hunt loved hunting, but she was always lonely, for nobody was good enough to hunt with her. One day Artemis ran in to O’Ryan and he said he was good enough to hunt with her. After that they were best hunting buddies. When Apollo found this out he was mad, so he went to earth and went behind a wall where in front of the wall O’Ryan was bragging. So, Apollo went to Gaea and told her, so Gaea sent O’Ryan a scorpion that was gigantic. Quickly O’Ryan ran because he realized the this wasn’t a ordinary scorpion, so he ran all the way to the water. When he got there the scorpion followed him in to the water and the scorpion sank. Artemis was up on a hill that was overlooking the water. Apollo went up there and said to Artemis “I think that you are not as good as a archer as you claim you are.” So Then Apollo said “If you are good it the tiny speck in the water.”‘Artemis couldn’t resist so she hit it. When she went to the shore she saw O’Ryan dead with a arrow in his back and Artemis felt so bad. So, she put O’Ryan in the sky so he could always hunt.

    At the zoo I saw a few animals that were a combination of a few animals. One was a Okapi, and a Okapi is a animal with the head of a giraffe, body of a horse, and legs of a zebra. The tong was purple like a giraffe so it can’t get sun burned so it can eat. Also it is a nice animal that isn’t ferocious. You could play with a Okapi and it won’t be mad. So, this is basically could be a Greek myth monster.

  2. My favorite nature myth was the myth about Persephone and her mother Demeter. Persephone was outside on a beautiful day picking flowers with her mother and something terrifying happened. Hades split the ground and came shooting out of it on a chariot. Hades took Persephone and kept her in the underworld for company. Meanwhile, Zeus was watching over from the sky and didn’t like this. He told his messenger, Hermes, to go to the underworld and get Persephone out. He went to the underworld and got Persephone but before she left, Hades gave her a pomegranate which made her go back to the underworld for every seed she ate. She returned to her mother and told her that Hades had fed her a pomegranate. At that moment, Demeter knew that her daughter would have to go back to the underworld three months every year. This was my favorite nature myth because it was very interested and had a topic that kept me watching.

    My favorite constellation myth was the myth about Apollo, Artemis, and Orion. Orion was a hunter and he thought that he was the best. Meanwhile, Apollo didn’t like Orion’s bragging and went to Gaea, the earth god. Apollo told Gaea that he was killing all the animals in the forest and that he didn’t fear anything. Gaea sent a scorpion to hunt Orion and he ran as fast as he could until he got to the water. Orion was Poseidon’s son and he could keep his head above the water for an unlimited amount of time while swimming. He out swam the scorpion. Artemis and Apollo were at a cliff and Apollo tricked Artemis into shooting a black dot that was in the ocean. She hit it only to find out that the black spot was Orion. She was devastated. This was my favorite constellation myth because it had the goddess that I am researching for a project. It was awesome to learn about an actual myth that my goddess was in. I learned that she is fearless and caring.

    The zoo trip was a cool experience for me. I now have a new favorite animal! It is called an okapi. An okapi has the legs of a zebra, the body of a horse, and a neck and face of a giraffe. Its tongue is huge and is about 13 inches long. The tongue is blue for protection from the sun.

  3. One of my favorite myths from the nature myths was the one about the changing seasons. It was about how hades tricked Demeter’s daughter Persephone into eating a pomegranate from the underworld that made her bound to the underworld forever. But Zeus made an agreement with an let her stay out of the underworld for six months and when she was done she had to go back, witch made Demeter sad and that caused winter, and fall, and when she came back spring, and summer came.
    My favorite one from the castellation myths is the one with Orion and Artemis the gad of the hunt. Artemis loved to hunt with Orion, but Artemis’s twin brother Apollo did not fancy Orion, so he tricked Artemis into killing Orion. Artemis was so said that she put Orion in the sky so she would always have a hunting partner forever.

  4. The myth about Echo interested me a lot because she reminded me of my brother. He talks until you get mad at him, and after that he’ll just copy what you say. In this story there was a Nymph named Echo. Echo loved to talk and she told amazing stories and tales. My brother does the same thing, but his are fake. My favorite part of the story is when she loses her voice, and also when she disappears. I wish that could really happen to my brother. Anyways, I also liked the part when Narcissus falls in love with his face. I found this extremely funny because all the other people that thought they were beautiful got punished by the gods, and he just died of stupidity.

    My favorite constellation myth was Orion. All the people obsessed with themselves always made me laugh, and I wish the myths all were about self-absorbed mortals. Orion loved himself and bragged about how he could hunt. I didn’t like the story as much as I liked the the trickery Apollo did. He made a god send a giant scorpion to kill him, and made Orion run into the ocean. The only unrealistic part (besides the gods and the scorpion) is his common sense. In the ocean why didn’t he just kill it. He was faster in the water, and with his strength he could easily bash it’s head open.

    Even though I didn’t get to see my animal at the zoo I still learned a lot of things about other animals. At the zoo one monkey would show off and only do it again if he got an applause. I found this hilarious and I’ll remember this for a long time. Also, in the petting part of the zoo I saw two goats have a fight. They’d both stand on two legs and then bash their heads together. I wonder why they did that? Maybe territory, playfulness, or even they could have been in a fight.
    The main thing I came away with is to always bring a water bottle! I got dehydrated, and I wanted to go home. I was dehydrated the whole time, but it was still fun.

  5. My favorite mythic from the first video was the mythic with Demeter and Persephone. Demeter would come down to earth every year and bring her beautiful daughter. One day Persephone was picking flowers and she saw a amazing flower. She went to pick the flower, but when she did the ground began shake she then got swept up bye Hattie and she was captured. When she was capture her mom became sad and the plants began to die. Persephone ate in the under world. Thats why we have winter and fall. During the spring and summer Persephone is on the over world.In the second video my favorite mythic was the one with the hunter O’ryan an the goddess Artemis. They where both brave and strong hunters with the bow and arrow. But Artemis twin Apollo din’t approve. She he told the god Gaea about O’Ryan and she sent a giant scorpion after him. He ran into the water and was shot in the back by Artemis. When she found out about what she did she grieved for days.

    What I got away from the zoo trip was how the animals move and how the look behind bars. It was really cool how we got to see the animals move. I learned how wings make lift for birds and how it works. I cool thing I learned was how wings look and move when a bird is flying. Overall I learned a lot of things about zoo animals and captivities.

  6. My favorite myth was the one where helios let his son phaeton ride the sun chariot across the sky. I thought it was mean of Zeus to throw his lightning bolt at Helios’s chariot killing his son and destroying his chariot but it was for the good of the earth. I thought Helios took it pretty good after his son died and was happy he went out the next day.

    During the field trip to the zoo I had lot of fun and I also saw both of my animals for the Mythical beast project. My beast had the legs of a snake and the body of a human and I found it really funny because I saw a human feeding the animals so I saw both of my creatures in there natural habitat.

  7. I really loved the myth of how the different seasons were made. Every year, Demeter, the goddess of harvest, brought Persephone to the fields with her. Everywhere Persephone danced, flowers bloomed. In the underworld, Hades was sad that he didn’t have a wife of his own. She heard about Persephone, and he planned to capture her. When Persephone walked far from Demeter to see a pretty flower, Hades came out and took Persephone. When Demeter couldn’t find her, she got sad and became unhappy, so where ever she walked, everything died and there was ice and cold weather. When Zeus saw what was happening to Earth, he sent Hermes to Hades to let Persephone go. Hades accepted, but he offered Persephone grapefruit seeds, and she ate them. That meant that Persephone had to come back to the underworld sometime. When Persephone reunited with Demeter, everything grew back and the cold weather was gone. Persephone told Demeter that she ate seeds, then Demeter knew that she had to go back. Zeus then came and told them that Persephone did have to go back, but she only had to stay six months. That is how winter, fall, summer, and spring were created. In the summer and spring, Persephone is with Demeter, but in the winter and fall, she is in the underworld.

    The myth about Callisto and Arkas was really interesting to me. Callisto was a beautiful woman and she loved hunting. When Hera found out that Zeus liked Callisto, she was mad. Hera got really mad when Callisto had a son. She set out for her. When she found Callisto, she turned her into a bear. Callisto tried to do everything, but it was to late. She couldn’t walk on two feet or talk. Her son though, Arkas, was still human, and he liked to hunt. When Castillo came across him, she tried to tell him that she was a bear, but she forgot she couldn’t talk. She scared him. Arkas almost killed her when Zeus arrived. Zeus told Arkas that the bear was his mother, and Zeus turned Arkas into a bear, too.

    My favorite animal that I cam across was the Okapi. He had the head of Giraffe, legs of a zebra, and the body of a horse. The animal reminded me of the beast project we are working on because some monsters have body parts from different animals.

  8. My favorite myth from the first video was the one that tried to explain the seasons. It was where the goddess Demeter had a beautiful daughter named Persephone. Wherever she walked, flowers sprouted out of the ground, and Demeter was very happy too, so all of the plants grew lusciously. One day Hades kidnapped Persephone to be his wife, Demeter got very sad because she had lost her daughter, so all of the plants turned cold, and wherever she walked, snow covered the ground. Zeus saw this and he said that Persephone would spend half of the year with her mother in the overworld, which would be Spring and Summer where everything grew, when Demeter was happy. The other half of the year would be spent with Hades, as his queen, Demeter is sad then, so everything dies and turns cold, and becomes Autumn and Winter.

    My favorite myth from the second video was the myth about Orion. It was where he was the best mortal hunter in the world, so he bragged on himself about it. The god of the hunt, Artemis was lonely, so she wanted someone to hunt with, so when Orion found her, she said yes to the offer. They had great times hunting with each other, but Artemis’ brother, Apollo didn’t agree with her hunting with a mortal, so he sent a giant scorpion to kill Orion. Orion escaped it by swimming out into the ocean, because he was the son of Poseidon. While he was swimming, Artemis was searching for him, but she couldn’t find him, so then Apollo tricked her by saying that hunting with mortals has decreased her skills, so he asked her to shoot a tiny black dot far out in the ocean. That tiny black dot was actually Orion swimming, when Artemis found that out, she was so sad that she put him in the stars as a constellation so she could always be with him.

    At the zoo, I learned that there is an animal breeding program that trades animals with other zoos to breed them, if they are endangered. I also learned about an animal called an okapi, which looked like a combination of a giraffe, a horse, and a zebra. It actually is only related to giraffes, and they have dark colored tongues, so when they eat out in the hot sun, their tongues don’t get sunburned, because if they did get sunburned, they couldn’t eat, and they would starve.

  9. One myth is about when Artemis and Orion were lonely, but amazing hunters, and they met and hunted toghether. When that happened Apollo didn’t like him, and told Gaia, or Mother Earth, and that made her mad, so she sent a giant scorpion after him and drove off to sea. In which meanwhile Artemis was tricked by Appollo by Appollo telling her that she couldn’t hit the “spec” in the sea. That enraged Artemis, so she shot it, and it ended up being Orion, in which whom was killed.

    A second myth was that Cassiopeia and Andromeda were the most beautiful ladies in the entire kingdom. Then Cassiopeia insulted Posieden’s Nymphs and he was mad. Then he sent the Cetus to plague the kingdom, and Perseus came with the gorgon’s head and turned Cetus into stone on his Pegasus, and saved Andromeda.

  10. The Helios myth was my favorite because it was very interesting how people thought the mountains, volcanos, valleys, and deserts came to be. The myth mostly makes sense because if someone has found a long lost family member, they would do something nice for them. But in reality, Helios has to move the sun forever because if he didn’t, one side of the earth wouldn’t have day when the other half of the earth would be having night so it doesn’t make total sense. In my opinion, the story is very creative. I don’t think that many people would have thought of that. The Helios myth is a good way to think of how the mountains, volcanos, valleys, and deserts were made.

    The myth of Orion was also my favorite because it was the reason why the constellation that looked like Orion is there. I was surprised at how detailed the myth was because there is usually no logic in myths. The person who made the myth must have taken a lot of time to make the myth is very specific on how Orion died and how he turned into a constellation. I liked how there were four characters in it because in most myths there are only two or three characters.

    My favorite part at the zoo was the petting zoo because it was cool to be next to a goat and not get hurt. None of the animals hurt anyone so that made it better experience. My group didn’t go on the water ride but it was still a fun field trip. It was fun to pet the goats because I have never done it before and I don’t think that I will get another chance to.

  11. I liked when Demeter and Persephone were together because the earth would be sunny and happy with food all day long. If Persephone never ate those berries there would be no seasons it would only be summer. I think Hades should of never tricked her into eating the pomegranate seeds because if she never ate those they would of never been around each other. But I am not surprised that he tricked her because he is an evil god. If I were Persephone I would of gone to the bathroom and locked myself up in there. There I would have been safe from the big, mean, and terrible Hades. Luckily Perseus came and saved her so she didn’t have to be there forever. At least it is like college she goes for three fourths of the year and is back a fourth of the year.

    My favorite animal was the monkeys because they were so amazing at jumping and swinging from bar to bar. But I learned there is an animal that has a giraffe tung, zebra body, and a horse body mix. That animal is called the okapi. That animal was so cool and I have never see anything like it. I wish that I could go back there and learn even more about the okapi and chimpanzee. I wish I could go back to the zoo.

  12. A favorite myth for me from the Nature Myth was how Helios rides a chariot pulling the sun across the sky. This is how the Greeks explained how the sun rises and sets across the sky. This myth also explains how cold and hot climates occurred. Helios, the god of the sun, has been said to ride a chariot pulling the sun pulled by fire-breathing horses across the sky. One day, a young boy named, Phaeton was told that Helios was his father. Phaeton then went searching for his father’s palace and eventually found it. Helios was so happy to see his son that Helios said that the boy could have whatever he wants. The son wanted the ride Helios’ chariot across the sky, of course, since Helios gave the boy his word, he let the his son ride the chariot. Everything went good at first when Phaeton was controlling the chariot, but then he lost control and rode to close to the ground and caused volcanoes, deserts, and droughts to occur. Then, the chariot veered up and, because of the lack of heat, ice started to accumulate, until Zeus brought down the chariot with a lightning bolt, with Phaeton with it. Afterwards, Helios grieved for his lost son, but he knew he could not give up on his duties because of it, so he continued the cycle over the newly transformed world.

    A myth I chose from the Constellation Myths is the one about Arkas and Callisto. This myth is about a mother and a son that got turned into bears. One day, there was a beautiful woman named Callisto, she had a son named Arkas. Zeus admired her, naturally, this made Zeus’ wife, Hera, jealous. Hera then went down to earth and turned her into a bear out of jealousy. Callisto wandered the woods for years, hating being a bear, until one day Arkas was hunting when he ran into a bear. This bear was his mother. Arkas was about to strike the bear when Zeus stepped in a told Arkas that the bear was his mother. For Arkas to be with his mother, he turned him into a bear also. When they died, Zeus put them up I to the sky as constellations. Callisto was named ” Ursa Major ” meaning ” Big Bear ” and Arkas being named ” Ursa Minor ” meaning ” Little Bear. ”

    On the trip to the Lowry Park Zoo, I learned more about the birds that they had there. I learned that the parakeets they have there eat nectar and, at the zoo, you can feed them nectar. They are really colorful birds and are really friendly. They will randomly come and sit on your shoulder, Yes, they’re that friendly. I loved the trip to the Lowry Park Zoo.

  13. My favorite myth was from the first video. It the one with Helios and his son Phaeton. Everyday Helios does his job by flying in his chariot and flies the sun in the air starting in the East, and then setting in the West. The myth started by his son, Phaeton, traveling across the world to find his, maybe, father. He knew that it was a dangerous journey, but he was determined to find out if Helios was his father. Finally, when he arrived at his destination, his father greeted him with great joy by hugging him and said that he would give him one wish, or one thing that he would be allowed to do. Obviously, he chose to fly his chariot because that was one of the reasons that he came down to see his father. Helios begged and begged, but his father had to keep his word. The decent started well, but then he steered off track, sailing into the ground and starting forest fires, deserts, and volcanoes. Finally after all he had done he steered them straight into the air, and went too far up. Because of that, snow caps had been set on the mountains. But Phaeton didn’t give up, he kept going, and right before he nearly destroyed the world, Zeus struck Phaeton with his thunder bolt. From that day on know one has flown Helios’s chariot, except for the great Apollo.

    My favorite animal at the zoo was the meerkats. I learned that they have two different calls. One is for the air, which warns them to hide in their holes, and the other call is for the land which tells to run as fat as they can. Mostly the meerkats look straight into the air to make sure that there are no birds or animals that live in the air. The meerkats are only about a foot tall. There clays are very sharp and cupped like which enables them to dig really good.

  14. My favorite myth was the one with Persephone and Hades.One day Persephone and her mom Demeter was Picking flowers. Every time persephone walked beautiful flowers would bloom. Deep down in the under world was Hades. Hades was lonely and he wanted a queen and, new of the beautiful girl Persephone. So one day he made a beautiful flower grow on earth and Persephone saw it. When Persephone went to pick the flower a huge whole in the earth came out and, Hades took her back to the under world. Persephone’s mom Demeter could not find her so Demeter went back home. Instead of the flowers blossoming they began to die because how said her mom was. Back down in the under world was Persephone and hades. Persephone was not happy Hades tried give her some fruit but she still refused to eat them. Zeus king of all gods saw what was happening and told Hermes the messenger to go to the under world and get persephone. Hermes arrived in the under world and told hades what Zeus said Hades said why don’t you take a pomegranate for your long journey back home she said okay. Persephone arrived back home her mom was so proud but, when she told her mom that she had a pomegranate from hades her mom began sad again. Zeus came down to earth and said that you have to follow the rules and go back to the under world but, you only have to go twice a year. So every year when it was time for persephone to go back to the under world the flowers began to die but, when she came back the flowers bloomed. So thats why we have seasons.

    When I was at the zoo leaned that rhinos can only see five feet away. The Okapi witch looked like a zebra and a giraffe but its only giraffe it just adapted to its habitat in the rain forrest.

  15. My favorite myth in the first movie was with Demeter and her daughter Persephone. Demeter always came down to earth with her daughter Persephone to help the plants grow. Persephone always like picking the beautiful flowers. Hades saw Persephone and thought that she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Hades came from the underworld on his carriage and took her back with him. Demeter was very sad so plants had started to wilt and die. Zeus saw that Demeter was sad and the plants were dying. The plants need to grow, so he sent his messenger Hermes down to the underworld to get Persephone back. When Hermes and Persephone was about to leave the underworld when Hades offered her some food before she left so she could get her strength back. She didn’t know that whoever accepted Hades food was bound to the underworld. She ate six pomegranate seeds, so every six months she has to go back down to the underworld for six months. At that time Demeter is sad and the plants die, and it gets cold (fall and winter). When Persephone is not in the underworld with Hades then Demeter is happy, and it is hot out and the plants are healthy (summer and spring).

    My favorite Myth in the second video is the one with the Poseidon and the sea monster. Cassiopeia said that she and her daughter Andromeda were So much more beautiful than anything else in the world land or sea. Poseidon over heard what she said and wasn’t happy he said that so he defended his sea nymphs. He sent his sea monster to destroy the town. Cassiopeia’s husband went to an oracle to see how to stop the sea monster. The oracle said that the only way to stop the sea monster was to sacrifice his daughter to the sea monster. He didn’t want to do that but it was the only way to save the town. He chained his daughter to a rock at sea. The sea monster was coming nearer to her but luckily Poseidon’s son Perseus was just coming back from a mission killing Medusa on his Pegasus. He killed the sea monster by turning it to stone with medusa’s head.

    My favorite part of the zoo was the Meer Cats. I liked their way of protecting each other. One of them stood guard and the others did whatever and then they switched off. Watching the animals helped me to see how they moved for my mythical creature. Going to the zoo is always fun because I like watching some of the animals.

  16. My Favorite myth from the nature myth was when Hades took Persephone. The reason I pick this myth is that I really enjoy reading and learning about Hades. Hades gave her pomegranates so she has to come back to the under world. Persephone can come back to visit her mom two times a year. She is aloud to come see her mom at the beginning of summer and spring.

    The myth I picked from the constellation myth was when Hera turning Arkas and Callisto into a bear. The reason I chose this myth was because I like when someone or something turns into something it really isn’t.

    I saw a really cool animal called a okapi it was like a giraffe and zebra combined together. So it has zebra legs and a giraffe tung. Its tung was really long it was like a foot long.

  17. In the first video I learned about Persephone and her mom Demeter who both grew plants and how Persephone was captured and brought to the under world with hades. Demeter was so sad and nothing grew. Hades said that Persephone was aloud to go but she ate hades’ food and then she had to stay forever. Every month Persephone could go visit her mom and everything would grow again. But, when Persephone left everything would wilt, die, and snow filled the ground.

    In the second video I learned about Callisto and Arkas and how they where turned into bears. Zeus thought that Callisto was pretty and his wife Hera did not like this. Hera went down and turned Callisto into a bear leaving Arkas to fend for himself. Arkas grew up and he was hunting one day and ran into a large bear. Little did he know that it was his mother. Just as Arkas was about to spear Callisto, Zeus turned Arkas into a bear also and they lived together until there death came and they were put into the sky making the Big Dipper and Little Dipper.

    I didn’t really learn that much at the Zoo about my beast because we did not go see the horses. I did see how giraffes and Zebras moved and how they lived life. I also liked looking at the elephants and black bears. So I guess the zebras helped me a lot with horses because they are not that different.

  18. My favorite myth from the first video was the one about Persephone and Demeter. I really liked this myth because it really made sense about how changing seasons first started. Since Demeter was the goddess of the harvest, when Persephone had to return to Hades each year, she became sad and she didn’t feel like making flowers bloom or trees grow. According to the myth, this is how winter was created. In three months, Persephone returned back to her mother. Demeter was so happy to see her that the flowers bloomed and the trees sprouted fruit. The wheat fields grew tall! According to the myth, this is how spring was created. If the Greek gods and goddesses were real, this could even be true to some people!
    My favorite myth from the second video was the one with Orion and Artemis. I really enjoyed this one because of the way the narrator told and described the story. He made the characters very lively. When Artemis accidentally shot boastful Orion while he was swimming, she really was sad about it. Apollo, Artemis’ brother didn’t like Orion’s boastful personality. He told Artemis to to try and shoot “that little speck in the water”. Artemis was very competitive; she shot the “speck”. Later, she realized that she had shot Orion! Artemis took his body and raised it in the air. Now, it is a constellation!
    I learned a lot at the zoo. I learned how many different animals move; this will help me on my art project. However, my favorite animal was the cheetah. It meowed at us! It was so cute. I think that seeing all of these animals will really reflect on my project!

  19. My favorite myth from the first video was Helios son tried Helios’s chariot across the sky. I liked it because I thought it was very interesting how he couldn’t handle it anymore but then fell. If I was Helios I would have been really sad because me son died. My favorite myth from the second video was Cassiopeia and Andromeda. I really liked this myth because you cant always assume things. When cassiopeia said that she and her daughter were the most gorgeous in the world Andromeda told her mom that she could not always assume things but her mom didn’t believe that there was anyone more gorgeous then them on earth or in the seas. Poseidon the god of the seas got very angry about it and flooded there village. The next day poseidon told Andromedas father to tie her on a rock in the seas. The next day Andromeda was tied to a rock in the sea. Poseidon then released the sea monster cedes. During that time Perseus the Demi god was on his way back from slaying medusa, and saw the girl on the rock. He immediately came down to save the girl but cedes came up to attack. Perseus took out medusas head and turned cedes to stone.
    My favorite part of the zoo was the zebras because it was really interesting to see what they were doing. I also really like the colors a lot because black and white looks really cool. I really wish I had a zebra as a pet, but it would be really hard work. I also learned that the cats really like to move around in open spaces. Now that I know that my habitat for my animal will look really cool.

  20. In the first video I learned about Persephone and how she was captured into the underworld by Hades. Demeter was very miserable and sad that her daughter was gone. Whenever Demeter walked by, everything turned to winter and nothing grew. Persephone was about to leave the underworld because Zeus saw how sad Demeter was. He sent his messenger for Persephone. Once the messenger got down to the underworld, he told Hades that Persephone was able to leave. Hades tricked Persephone and gave her some fruit. Little did she know that if you eat in the underworld, you have to stay there. Persephone had to go back to the underworld, but Zeus said she could come back up every spring.
    In the second video I learned about Cassiopeia and Andromeda. Cassiopeia bragged to her daughter that they were prettier than all gods and the beautiful water nymphs. Andromeda told her mother not to be bragging because the gods could hear her. Andromeda was right. Poseidon was very upset that Cassiopeia thought she was better than his water nymphs so he flooded the whole town. Andromeda’s father went to Oracle and he told him to chain Andromeda to a rock in the ocean. The father was very scared and upset that he had to give his daughter to Cetus. Andromeda was chained to the rock and left there. Perseus saw her there and asked why she was there. She told him that she was there because of her mother’s brag. Perseus thought it was unfair that she was there because of her mother so he tried to unchain her. Cetus was getting very close and Andromeda was still chained. Perseus had just killed Medusa so he showed Medusa’s head to Cetus. Cetus turned to stone and Andromeda was saved. They hopped back on Perseus’s pegasus and flew back to the town. Perseus, Andromeda, Cassiopeia, and Cassiopeia’s husband were eating dinner together and then Perseus accidentally turned them into stone with Medusa’s head.
    I didn’t learn much from the zoo because we didn’t see a lion. I saw a bear and that helped a little. My favorite part was seeing the Okapis. They were very interesting. I also liked seeing some of the animals I saw in Africa. Petting the rays felt really weird.

  21. My favorite nature myth was the story of Persephone and the creation of the seasons.
    One day while Persephone was spending time with her mother, Demeter, Persephone was kidnaped by Hades. Demeter was so torn up over the loss of her daughter, she no longer had the desire to let anything grow.
    Zeus noticed how the mortals were suffering from Demeter’s unhappiness. He ordered Hades to let her go. Before she left she ate some pomegranate seeds, binding her to the Underworld.
    When Demeter saw her daughter again, the world grew back to life. Persephone told her mother about the seeds and she quickly saddened again. Demeter knew that Persephone would have to go back to Hades, so for part of the year Persephone spent with Hades the other part would be spent with Demeter. Creating the seasons. I liked to know about the fading of spring and birth of autumn.
    My favorite constellation myth was the myth of Callisto. I enjoyed learning the story of the constellations I often see in the sky.
    Callisto was a beautiful nymph and hunting partner of Artemis. Zeus took a fancy to Callisto, making Hera jealous. She became even more jealous when Callisto had her son, Arkas. Hera came down to earth and yearned Callisto into a bear. Many years later Arkas went out hunting and came across the bear that was his mother. He was about to strike her when Zeus intervened. He explained to Arkas who the bear was, then turned him into a bear so he could be with his mother. When they died Zeus placed them next to each other in the night sky.
    I had a great time at the zoo. I didn’t see the ponies, but I did get to see the fish and manatees. It was interesting to me that thou the manatees an the fish were fairly similar, they moved very differently.

  22. Persephone was a very happy fun person! One day when she was picking flowers she saw this beautiful flower and she picked it to go with her collection. The ground started to shake and Hades came up from the underworld. He picked up Persephone and took her down to the Underworld. Now Persephone’s mother was very sad and nothing pretty would grow. Everything was brown. Zeus asked Hermes to go down to the Underworld and bring Persephone back with him. So Hermes went down to the Underworld and told Persephone that it was time to go. Hades let her go but he tricked her into eating a few pomegranate seeds. When Persephone came back up to the regular world she told her mom that she had eaten some of Hades’ yummy pomegranate seeds. Her mother became sad again. Zeus came down and told them that she will only be gone for half a year or three months counting that she only ate a few seeds. Winter and spring were created because of this. In winter, Persephone’s mom was sad. When Persephone came back up from the underworld the flowers and all things pretty started to grow again.

    In the second video, there are two constellations, one is the Little Dipper and the Big Dipper. The two of them are really a part of other constellations. The Little Dipper is a small bear or Arkas and the Big Dipper is a big bear or Callisto. Callisto and Arkas weren’t always bears. Callisto was a beautiful nymph and her name means most beautiful. She didn’t really think about her beauty, she only thought about hunting. She was the hunting partner to Artemis. When Zeus saw Callisto, he saw great interest in her and his wife was very jealous. She paid a visit to Callisto. She turned her into a bear so she wouldn’t have beauty anymore and Zeus would start liking her again. Callisto wandered the woods for years still not getting used to being a bear. Her son Arkas grew into a fine hunter but under all of his tough exterior he still missed his mom. Then he found a big bear and Callisto tried to tell her son that it was her but she totally forgot she was a bear. Callisto’s son was frightened and was getting ready to spear his mom (well he didn’t know it was her) in her heart. Zeus came down to earth to stop Arkas from spearing her. Zeus told Arkas that this was his mom and he turned Arkas into a bear. They were reunited again! When they died, Zeus put them up into the sky as constellations. They became ursamajor and ursaminor.

    Even though I didn’t go to the zoo my favorite animals to see are the giraffes! The giraffes’ tongues are purple! Isn’t that weird? I also, like elephants and how they put their trunks into the water and spray water everywhere! Flamingoes are really cool, too. I like how they sleep on one leg and they are pink! Zebras are kind of related to horses. My mythological beast is a Pegasus. A Pegasus is kind of like a zebra if you get rid of the wings.

  23. My favorite constellation myth was The Apollo and Artemis myth. The reason that I liked this myth was because of the trickery. I thought that Apollo was very clever to trick Artemis to shot Orion. My favorite Nature myth was The Demeter and Presefeney. The reason that I liked this myth is because of the love that they hared. I liked that she go to come back to her mother at the end of the story.

    I took away seeing a taipan for the first time at the lowery park zoo. I had never seen one before and I thought it was really cool. I thought it looked like a hippo and an elephant. I had a great time at the zoo and I would love to go back there again

  24. My favorite myth was with personify and her mom aries the god of the under world wanted personify as his wife.So he grabbed her out of her mom and took her to the under world. Know personify was sad and then Zeus found out he send his message to go grab personify out of the under world.When he got there he got personify and and told aries the said “you will be hungry so take this pomegranate”.Little did she know that the pomegranate made her stay she had to stay there for every but Zeus made an a exception.Every time personify would come back her mom would make the flower bloom.That is were the sessions came from.That is why it is my favorite I love the different season.My other favorite myth was with artemis and the bow and arrow how she finally met a partner to shoot with and her twin brother was jealous and made her shoot him.She was all sad it was my favorite because know what can happen it you don’t think through.

    what I learned at the zoo is how many different types of animal and species there are. For my project I’m doing medusa for her hair I learned the different ways they move and what different color’s there are.I also learned a lot abut animals and how they clip the birds wings so they can’t fly away,and how it does not hurt.I remember that all of the monkeys are very smart they used cardboard boxes to cover there faces so the sun would not hurt there eyes.

  25. There are some cool animals at zoos. I went to a zoo and I want to tell you what I learned. That turtles have different marks on there shell. Also zebras roll around in the mud to cool off in hot weather. It was cool to learn that birds eat nectar, and some monkeys can hand in a pool for five minutes and then can get dressed. Mu favorite part was when I got to pet the sting rays.

    There are hundreds of myths in the world but I will talk about two. There was a girl named Persephone liked animals and made the flowers bloom. One day Hades wanted a queen, so he took Persephone to his castle. Then her mother missed her so much the leaves fell from the trees, the flowers died and snow fell. Hermes told Zeus that Hades took Persephone, so he sent Hermes to tell Hades to let her go. When Hades let her go he gave her seeds that kept her in the under world for a few mints a year. When she got back up to the surface Zeus told her that she had to go to the under world for three months a year. When she left it snowed, and when she came back it was worm. There fore that is how the sessions were created.

    The second tale begins with a hunter names Orion he calmed to be the greatest hunter of all time. When he faced a animal they ran away. His father was Poseidon so he could walk above water to far lands. One day Orion meet Artemis the goddess of the hunt. It would make sense that they worked together. Apollo Artemis brother didn’t like that a god was with a mortal. He went to the forest to hear Orion story. He said he could kill all the animals on the earth. He told Gaia the goddess of the earth. She sent Orion a beast he could snot kill. When Orion meet the beast he ran. He went to the water to get rid of the beast. When he was far our Apollo challenged Artemis to hit that little black dot, and she did. When Orion washed up on the shore Artemis held him over her head and he went in to the sky. So he will be there for ever.

  26. Before I watched the videos, I didn’t know much about Greek mythology. Now, I realize that they are actually very dramatic, complicated, and interesting. My favorite myth from the first video was the one about Demeter and Persephone. I thought it was very interesting how the Greeks thought of this story to explain the seasons. I learned that Hades captured Persephone and took her to the underworld. Before Zeus sent a messenger to save her, she ate the fruit Hades gave her. Whoever eats the fruit of the Underworld is trapped there forever. But, Zeus made an agreement with Hades that Persephone would go to the Underworld during Winter and come back to her mom during Spring. Every time she would leave, her mom would be sad and everything around her would stop growing. When she came back, her mom would be so happy that flowers and plants would grow.
    My favorite story from the second video was about Callisto and Arkas turning into bears and the formation of the Big and Little Dipper. Zeus was admiring Castillo, and Hera got very jealous. She went down to Earth and put a curse on Castillo, turning her into a bear. Poor Arkas had to grow up on his own, but one day, Arkas was hunting when he found a giant bear! Just before he speared her, Zeus interfered, told Arkas that this furry beast was his mother, and turned Arkas into a bear too. From then on, they lived in peace together. When their death came, he put them next to each other in the sky forming the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper.
    The zoo was a great experience for me, and it really helped me understand how the horses moved. My beast is Pegasus. The zebras, the horses, and the birds were my main focus. Before the trip, I was confused about the wings, but after closely watching the birds, I could see how they folded and moved. I almost didn’t get to go on he trip, but I’m glad I ended up going.

  27. I like the story about Echo because it was an interesting video. I have been to the mountains a lot of times, and I have heard an echo sometimes when I called or yelled. The Greeks made up this story or myth because they wanted to have a reason for everything. Echo liked to talk with- out stopping. When Hera came to earth and was in a hurry, she asked Echo where Zeus was; but Echo, as she liked to talk, started talking about other things so Hera got angry and did her god stuff. She said, ” From now on you can only repeat what other people have said.” Echo was sad and was walking in the forest when she saw Narcissus who was hunting. She wanted to say something to Narcissus, but she realized that she couldn’t talk so she followed him. When Narcissus came to the lake and looked at himself, he said,”Beautiful.” Echo (who was hiding behind the rock) repeated that, but Narcissus thought the water said that. Narcissus wanted to be closer to his reflection, so he dove into the water, Echo (who was hiding behind the rock) tried to save Narcissus, but she was too late and Narcissus died. Echo was sad and started walking again; she walked into the mountains. Nobody has ever seen her after that; but when you are in the mountains and you yell, you can hear her repeating that. On the place where Narcissus died a flower grew.

    I went with my advisory group to the zoo. Of all the animals I liked the penguins the best. I thought they were funny because of how they walked.

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