1. If I had to go the rest of my life with only 15 things, two of the things I would choose is definitely two shirts because I can’t only where one shirt for the rest of my life! I might also add a long-sleeve shirt for when it gets cold. Two pairs of shorts I would need as well. I would also buy a pair of sweats and jeans for when it is cold. Another thing I would buy is flip-flops and boots for foot protection so I don’t step on anything pointy. I might also want a pair of PJs for bed. My phone would be a great thing to bring in case something happens to me, and I need to call someone for help. In order to have a phone, I would need a charger in case it runs out of battery. I also need my make-up bag, so I can look good wherever I go. I would put eyeshadow, lipgloss, mascara, and blush in the make-up bag. I would also need a toiletry kit to stay clean. I would have soap, a hairbrush, my toothbrush and toothpaste, conditioner, shampoo, body wash, and anything else in a toiletry bag that I am forgetting. Lastly, I would need my sunglasses. I would need these so that if it is bright outside I can see, and also because they make me look stylish.

  2. Fifteen things is not that many for me. First I would have Footy Pajamas because then I have a pajama top, pajama bottom, and comfy shoes. Next I would bring a pair of Yoga pants because I dislike jean or other long pants and they are comfy. Third I would bring a Longsleeve shirt because when it gets cold I would need to cover myself. Next I would bring my phone because
    I need some form of communication and social media. I would also bring my phone charger that works for my phone and iPad. I would also need running shoes because I need a comfortable pair of shoes to wear around. I also would want to bring Uggs so I have cozy shoes to wear in the cold. I would also need to bring a backpack to carry all my items. Next, I would bring running shorts because I could swim in them with my Sports Bra. I would also ring my RayBan aviators because I would need protection from the UV rays from the sun. Following that I would bring a soccer ball to play with and as protection. Next, I would need my toiletries such as my hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, makeup bag, shampoo, and conditioner. I would need my sweatshirt too because I need to stay warm. Finally I would need my iPad to use for a book and music.

  3. Wow, I don’t know if I could live with owning only fifteen things. I mean, I love shopping. But, if I had to, I’d start with the obvious. I’d need a phone, an iPad, and a charger, because I need something to entertain me and a way to communicate with people. Next, I’d chose my makeup bag and toiletry bag, because I might as well look pretty with my fifteen things. Then, I’d bring one Abercrombie short-sleeve shirt, one long sleeve shirt, one pair of jean shorts, a pair of jeans, and a pair of shoes. So, we’re up to ten. What else do I need? Oh, and, I’d want earbuds, so I can listen to music. I’d also bring my earring stand, because I need them to complete my outfit. Last, but not least, I’d need my flat iron, hair brush, and hair products to deal with the frizz. Well, I guess I’m up to fifteen. Wait, I was going to pack my backpack. Whatever, who needs schoolwork anyways?

  4. Only fifteen things? Well, if I had to only own fifteen things, these would be it. I would definitely bring my phone because I need to be connected to my friends and family. I would bring my favorite shirt from Tilly’s and my favorite pair of shorts from Hippie Laundry in case the weather is hot. I would also bring my Vans sneakers because I would have to walk and run to places. I would bring my soccer ball because I need to play my favorite sport and exercise, and it could also be used as a weapon. One of my favorite things to bring would be all my nail polish because its my hobby and I need clean nails to eat. In case of cold weather I would bring my beanie from Wet Seal, my oversized sweater from Urban Outfitters, and my patterned leggings from Tilly’s. I really would bring my Uggs because there comfy and warm. To take pictures of my adventures, I would bring my polaroid camera. I would need my toiletries to make sure I’m clean. To get rid of the huge knots in my hair, I would definitely bring my hairbrush. For posting and editing all my amazing videos on youtube, I would need to bring a laptop. I’ll want a ride to somewhere, so I would need to bring my longboard. If I have all of that, I think I’ll be set!

  5. It would be really hard to pick only 15 things, but this is what I got:

    •I would bring jeans for the cold seasons, and jean shorts for the warmer season.

    •Of course, I would bring a large backpack to hold my stuff.

    • I would keep an iPad, so I won’t get bored, and a charger.

    •I would bring two short sleeved shirts, and a sweat shirt.

    • I would take a pair of sneakers and socks to protect my feet.

    • I would need toiletries that included my make up, tooth brush and sun screen.

    • I need a blanket to keep warm at night.

    • I would keep a bathing suit, so I can go swimming.

    • I would bring a picture book to keep pictures of me and my family.

    • Last, but definitely not the least, I would bring a stuffed animal to keep me company when I am lonely.

  6. If I had to live with only 15 things a backpack would be in my list. I would need this item to carry the rest of my 14 items. Also live without something comfortable to wear so I would bring 3 pairs of snuggies. Then I would have 4. My life would great except I couldn’t defend myself or eat. I had the perfect idea. I would bring a fork! I could use it to eat and stab someone when I need to. Now I have 5 items. I would also bring my toiletries, because I need to stay fresh. That leaves 6. If I would go travel I need to communicate with me peers so in that case I would pack my phone. With my phone I would have to pack my charger because if my phone isn’t charged what’s the use! Now I have dropped to 7 items. I figured that I would get board while my phone is charging and I don’t want to use up to much data so I would bring a camera. The unfortunate part of bringing a camera is it needs a charger and memory card and now I have 10. Lastly I would bring everything I need to play soccer, 1 pair of cleats and shin guards. 1 pair of socks, shorts and a t-shirt. That is all I need to satisfy my life.

  7. It would be really hard for me to keep only fifteen of my possessions, but if I had to do that, then one of the things I would keep is my iPad. I would keep my iPad to have photos of my family and friends. I would also be able to get many books if I still had my iPad. I would be able to contact people far away. I could also have apps on my iPad that could challenge my brain. Of course, my iPad battery wouldn’t last forever, so I need to bring the charger to be able to keep using my iPad. I love to draw and paint, so I would bring an art kit containing things like paint, pencils, paper, and the other things I need to be able to do the artwork I want to do. You never know when you’re going to get hurt, so I would bring a medical kit so I was prepared if anything happen to me or the people around me. Of course, I would need to take some clothes, so I would take a short sleeve shirt, one long sleeve shirt, tennis shoes, shorts, and some long, comfy pants. I love swimming, so I would have to bring my swimsuit. I don’t want to get skin cancer, so I would take sunscreen to prevent the UV rays from destroying my skin. I want my eyes to stay strong, so I would bring along some sunglasses to prevent damage of happening to my eyes. I absolutely love photography! Not bringing my camera is out of the question! But just like my iPad, my camera needs a charger, so I would bring that to. I know that my iPad has a camera on it, but the picture quality isn’t very good. I would bring my bag of toiletries, including my hair brush, toothbrush, deodorant, and the rest of the things that come in my toiletry bag. Those are the things that I would keep if I could only was able to have fifteen things.

  8. It would be very hard to pick only 15 things to live with, but these are what I would pick:
    – I would want my phone for when I need to communicate with other people, play games, and watch videos.
    – I would need a lot of clothes like jacket for when it is cold out.
    – Also, I would need a short sleeved shirt when it is a normal day.
    – An IPad would also be needed for apps, reading, and a lot more things.
    – I would need Nike shorts, because I could wear them on a normal day and they can get wet.
    – I would also need long jeans for when it is cold outside.
    – Also, boots would be good to have when it is cold outside.
    – I would need a toiletry bag with toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, shampoo, conditioner, hairbands, jewelry, and makeup.
    – My charger for my phone and IPad would be needed also.
    – I would need my Temperpedic pillow to sleep comfortably.
    – I also need a soccer ball to play soccer and have fun.
    – I would need sneakers to run around and play.
    – I would need flip flops for sunny days.
    – I would also need sunglasses for sunny days, so i don’t get blinded by the sun.
    – I would also need a bathing suit for when I go swimming or to the beach.

  9. Fifteen is a relatively small number, and that is how many things I can own.
    A toiletry bag is a necessity to keep groomed and hygienic. In it would be a brush, toothbrush and toothpaste (etc.).
    I’d also bring a pair of footsie pajamas to sleep in.
    I would also have three shirts. One tank top, one short sleeve tee and one long sleeve tee. When it gets cold I’d put on the tank, then the long sleeve tee and the the short sleeve on top.
    A GIGANTIC FUZZY BLANKET( that’s pretty self explanatory). It takes care of two things, warmth and fuzziness.
    Then I’d get one pair of jeans and two pairs of shorts.
    For rain I’d bring on long rain jacket.
    I know it’s bad for your feet to only wear one pair of shoes so I’ll bring three. Fist, boots for colder weather and two pairs of sneakers.
    Lastly I’d bring my phone to keep in touch with the people I care about.

  10. What would be my 15 things? Hmmm, this will be hard.
    If it were to get cold I would need a jacket. The jacket would need to have lots of pockets to contain tools.
    If I were to get board I would need a pencil. I love to draw and transporting a pencil is easy.
    But I can’t use a pencil on a tree so I would need a drawing pad. What’s the point of a pencil without paper?
    But holding a jacket, pencil, and notebook/ drawing pad would be difficult so I would need a bag. It would make moving around easier.
    But what if I find a stream? I would need something waterproof, that could hold water, and keep it fresh. I would need a water bottle. I may get thirsty and drinking with your hands only gives you so much water.
    But what if my pencil were to break or the tip became dull? How would I then draw or write? I would need a pencil sharpener to sharpen my pencil.
    But what if I were to loose my pencil on the road? Then I would need a replacement. I would bring an extra pack of pencils.
    Now with all the tools in my bag the bag may get heavy. Very heavy. So I would want to put the bag with all the tool inside on a rolling cart. The cart would make it easier to transport the bag everywhere. It would take the load off of my back.
    But what if I wanted to play games like apps? Then I would want to bring my iPad. I could play awesome app games.
    But I can’t download apps without wifi so I would need to bring a wifi box. It would create wifi at the touch of a button.
    What if my iPad’s battery were to shout down? I would need to charge. So then I would bring a a charger so I could charge my iPad in an outlet.
    But the wifi box needs to charge too. The I would bring a charger for the wifi box to charge it all up to work.
    I would want to keep my brain in check so I would bring a workbook. The workbook would keep my mind working with difficult riddles. It would be fun amend entertaining.
    But what if the shoes I was wearing started to get uncomfortable and small? I would then need to bring an extra pair of shoes a size bigger then to ones I’d be wearing.
    But what if all entertainment started to boa me? Then I would bring a book. A cliffhanger book that kept me on the edge just wanting to know what will happen. Those are the 15 things I would want to bring.

  11. I don’t think I could live if I only had 15 things but if had to this is what i would bring…
    I would bring my makeup bag because it has everything to keep me clean.
    I would also bring my ipad and iPhone with there charger just in case I need to contact someone.
    I would defiantly bring a fork for protection and to eat.
    I would bring a first aid kit because if i get hurt
    I would also bring a, dresses, two jeans, two shirts, and, a jacket.
    I would really need to bring my glasses.
    Of corse I need to have an umbrella with me just in case it rains.
    The last thing I would bring is my handbag to put my things in.

  12. I would have two short sleeve shirt’s for warm weather and two long sleeve shirt’s for cold weather. I would also have two pairs of jean’s for cold weather and two pairs of basketball short’s for warm weather. I would also have one hat to keep sun out of my eye’s and one beanie to keep my head warm in cold weather. I would also bring a camera,a watch, and a gps so I can take pictures of beautiful sights, to know what time it is, and to know where I’m going. I would also have a a tooth brush along with tooth paste so I can keep my teeth clean

  13. If needed to choose 15 things, I’d choose shoes because I don’t want cold toes, a jacket so my body stays warm, a phone so I don’t need to feel alone. Then I would choose shorts and long pants to not be naked. I have already 5 things, so 10 left. Also I would want a bike to have transportation, I also wanted a computer to have more connection with the world and to play games with my friends. I already have 7 things, so 8 more to go. Next I would want to have a soccer ball to be more outside and not play the whole day with my phone or computer. Then I want a fishing rod for the fun. Next I want a hair brush and gel so I can do my hair. Now I only need 4 more things. Next I’ll bring extra shorts, another shirt, shoes and a jacket so I have clean clothes every day.

  14. If I could only have fifteen things the fifteen things would number one I would want my iPhone,iPad,and most importantly my computer.To keep me warm I would want to bring some blankets.And to keep my teeth clean and fresh I would want to have tooth paste and a tooth brush.Since my hair gets in birds nets really easily I would take a hairbrush to keep it from being to be like that.For cheer I could not forget the bow, the spandex’s,and the shirt.So I could cheer.How could you live without shampoo,body wash and conditioner I know I could not.I would bring along my two favorite pictures the first one would be all of my friends on my old gymnastics gym in Connecticut.And my family photo with all of us on the beach smiling at the camera. Those are the fifteen thing I would bring.

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