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“The Fun Theory is a site that is dedicated to the thought that something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people’s behavior for the better. Be it for yourself, for the environment, or for something entirely different, the only thing that matters is that it’s change for the better.” (The Fun Theory)

Students, if you were given the chance to invent something that could change people’s behavior for the better and be fun to do, what would you invent? Click on the link and watch the five short videos and read their descriptions. Then get those creative juices flowing! (one paragraph)

The Fun Theory

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!


  1. If I where to invent something that where fun and can help the world it would be to make sure that people don’t run red lights. A fun way to do that could be that if you run the red light then a machine will take a picture of your car and post it on a website so people would know that you ran a red light. And if you waited for the green light then there would be another website that had the stoplight followers and you could have your name written down to win a lottery ticket or some other grand prize. And if you are not in the raffle you will have a good feeling that you did the right thing. And that idea could prevent more car accidents from running red lights.

    1. That was what was in the video but I still think that you did a good job at making the idea better and describing what you would do.

  2. When I walk my dog I never want to pick up after them. So many other people don’t either. If there is a way that is fun, then more people would do it. An invention that could make picking up after a dog is making many bags that have a sensor. The sensor would sense dog droppings. The sensor would then put your name in a lottery for any Apple made device of your choice. Once your name is in the lottery you will receive a letter if you one. For every lottery that is going on there can only be twenty-five contestants. That means you have a greater chance of winning. The best part about the invention is that you don’t have to pay any money. It is pretty munch a free device. All you have to do is pick up your dog’s droppings. That could make picking up after your pet fun. This is just another fun theory.

  3. Do you know what I absolutely hate doing? Taking the garbage out. So, what if you could make it fun? Well, one way to do it is make it a robot. Every time you go outside to throw out garbage, a big rectangular robot head pops up! You can talk to it, it would do things like dance and roll around, or maybe little feet would pop out and it would walk. Maybe it would talk and it could make an eating sound. Then it could say, “Oh yeah, that was good! Got any more?” Wouldn’t that be awesome? Well something around that anyway. Thanks for reading!

  4. People don’t turn out the lights regularly. If I created a game, in correlation with a pressure plate that looked like a mat next to the bottom of the door, this invention would save electricity. It keeps tracks of when someone goes In our out of the room (hence the pressure plate). Every time you turn out the light you get an extra life.what the game could be would very, but it would be more cost efficient if it were an old game like Galaga. It could not be 3d, and you could only move two ways, because the light switch has only on, and off.

  5. I always see people not throw their trash away. I have a fun way to do it though. What if you could play basketball or any ball sport while throwing away your trash? Picture this, a trashcan with a basket ball hoop that if you make it the trash will go in the trash can. Below that a board with a bulls eye that you pitch your trash at. Also if you do the task you win prizes like bouncy balls and other little arcade prizes and for adults coupons for stores, coupons for sport game tickets, and more. Also to make it even better the more points you get with the trash the bigger the prize. You could even win a iTunes gift card! This would defiantly be a fun thing to do. I know that If I saw this I would find as much trash as possible and play to win big.

  6. Normally, people don’t usually care if they miss the trash can when they throw away trash or if they just drop it out the window while they’re driving or just drop their trash while walking. A more fun way to throw away trash would be a talking trash can. When people don’t throw away their trash or miss the trash can the can could say “um excuse me but you missed” or “could you throw that away please.” More people would think that if a trash can is telling them to throw their trash away then hopefully the people in the world will listen to the trash can nearest to them, and throw away their trash. People need to start caring about the environment all around the world not just the environment in front of their home.

  7. A lot of people text and drive. One way I can help prevent this is giving the seat a vibrate when ever you get a text or call in the car. This is powered by Bluetooth, and your phone will not turn on in the car ever. The vibrate will indicate the driver they got a call or text, so when they get home they can answer back. I believe this will resolve this cause forever. I will try to find more problem solvers.

  8. One of the worst thing in the world right know is littering, and I would definitely invent something that would make throwing your trash away more fun. The way that this will work is that on top of every trash can there will be a mini basketball hoop and backboard, so you can have fun when your throwing your trash away. This will be fun for anyone, and it lets kids pick up trash to be able to shoot a basket. People could play a tiny one on one game, and every time you score you pick up a new piece of trash and keep playing. Even one little dunk or three pointer shot to the trash can help prevent people to litter.

  9. Whenever I go on walks with my family or with my dog I always see piles of dog poop sitting around in the grass. Its always makes you wan’t to leave that good spot that your dog just found to sniff or that nice open field for your children to play in. Some dog owners don’t care and they let their dogs go wherever they want without picking up the mess. I have a solution for that. If you pick up your dogs poop and place it into the Poop and Treat vending machine then the machine will spit out a MilkBone dog treat free of charge. The purpose of this is so dog owners can throw away their poop and the dogs can have fun snacking o a nice snack.

  10. My idea would be something that Apple could do(in correlation with companies like Publix or Walgreens). My idea is more general, so instead of focusing on a single problem, I plan on solving multiple problems. The idea is that if someone got paid for doing something, like throwing away their thrash or recycling, they would do it way more. A lot of people have iDevices, right? What if people could save on apps in the App Store, while doing something good for the community or the store. For example, if someone ate more healthy foods at Publix(which earns Publix money due to the fact that healthy foods are more expensive) then they could save money on apps in the App Store(Publix pays Apple to have people save money on apps or get free apps, so Apple earns money). The way to keep track of this would be the iSave. iSave would be a free app in the App Store that people could use to get the savings. Apple would know because of a barcode or series of numbers on the back of the receipt that people would scan or type in using the app. Then, the app user would create an account that would link up to the App Store account, and give the user ten dollar gift cards every time the user gets up to a certain balance on the account.

  11. Many people don’t recycle their soda cans but they really should. To persuade people to recycle their soda cans, I have invented a machine that gives away soda. You have to recycle at least one soda can into the machine at a time to get a free soda. In addition, you have to return to the machine to recycle a soda can at least ten times for a free soda. The last thing that you have to do to get a free soda is scan your fingerprint on the machine so it knows how many times you have recycled a soda can into the machine. Once you have done these steps, you are able to choose a soda that you would like. I hope my invention gets people to recycle their soda cans.

  12. Turing off lights it’s annoying and a lot of people forget to do it. I have a way to make it fun. Lets say if you have the lights on all day the will turn red. If you have them on for a short time they will be green. A normal amount of time the lights will be orange. So what do you get you may ask yourself. Tickets you just get tickets. Now what is good with these tickets are if you 10 you can pick a prize and so on and so on. To get more tickets you must have the lights in the green all day. Now you may thing how do I do this if I have an office or you need lights on.You can only use them when you are reading, zbut you could also Use our special lights they will reduce and reuse energy. I hope you now feel the need to turn of lights. Here are some of the prizes a free meal at any BJs, Ten bucks off your next purchase at Ks furniture. Ther are prize they cost 100,000 tickets, But if you do it right you will have no problem. The Best prize of all is than coast no tickets is you have a lower energy bill And you now that you made a difference in the world.

  13. Do you like taking out the trash? I highly doubt that, but I have a solution to that. I call it a Trash Run, you first get a timer(you usually can get one on a phone or iPad) time yourself taking out the trash. You can do all kinds of stuff with it like when ever you take out the trash again you can try to beat your previous times or try to beat your friends. It is simple and cheap and anyone can do it so try it and you might have a little bit more fun with the horrible job of taking out the trash.

  14. When people go to the grocery store they usually use the plastic bags the store offers. Those bags hurt the environment, and usually don’t get reused. If more people started using reusable and recyclable though, it would help the world. A fun way to do that would be every time someone uses one they’d get a ticket, and the first person to get forty would get ten buy one get one free coupons. The contest would restart every two months. The amount of people using reusable recyclable bags would increase, and help the world.

  15. One of my least favorite chores is taking the trash out. A way to make it more fun is if there was a water slide extending from my second story bedroom window out to the alley, where the garbage bin is. The way that it would work is that I would get on the water slide holding the trash bag. The next step would be to keep sliding, until you see the garbage bin, once you get near, drop it into the bin, and if you miss, you can try again until you get it. The next step is that the water slide would curve back around to my backyard, where it would end. You might be thinking that it’s cold in winter, but you can change it to a regular slide when it’s winter. That would be my favorite chore all year round!

  16. If I were to make a new fun system that was helpful it would be called the “Cycle Game”. In this game you plant seeds of a plant and when the seeds grows you take a picture of the plant. Then you will need to print the pictures and give them to a postoffice. Then you from there you will get a ticket to a concert. Of any singer that you like. You get ten tickets for family and friends. But the concert must be between these three types of music pop, country, and rap music. Or you can even get a ticket to a sports game in your home town football, baseball, soccer, or even a golf tournament. From there you will be up having fun just by helping your community. It saves the trees which gives you oxygen and food. Also wouldn’t it be so much fun caring, protecting, and watering a plant. Your basically keeping it alive. Then people might start to trust you and tell you secrets. That’s why the “Cycle Game” is really a great experience.

  17. I do not like to take the dog out at all. A way I could make it fun is that making a obstacle course where you and the dog can go in a bouncy house. After that once you bounce so high you can go to the front of the line if there are other people waiting. I hope my invention works and have fun bouncing.

  18. Tons of people do not like putting away their laundry, I would invent a laundry basketball hoop so that you can enjoy putting your laundry away. The way it works is that you ball up all your laundry, then you start the timer on the hoop and start shooting your laundry into the hoop. The laundry hoop then counts your score and, if your score is high enough, puts your score as the high score. The laundry is then collected in a laundry bag, ready to be taken away and cleaned. The laundry bad is detachable, so that you can detach it and take the bag to the laundry room to remove the clothes from inside. Afterwards you could just put the bag back on the hoop. The laundry basketball hoop could revolutionize laundry cleaning for the better!

  19. If I were to invent something for the better, I would make a trashcan that has a screen on it. Whenever somebody puts something on it, it will show a funny video. I think it will affect people’s behavior for the better because nobody will expect it to happen and usually funny videos get known fast by lots of people. That will make more and more people do it because they are curious to see what happens themselves. So wherever the trash can is, there won’t be trash on the ground and it will be a more pleasant place to be. And even better, the video will be short so people won’t stand around the trashcan for a while. I would also make the videos change every week. There would be 10 different videos every time it changes so people will continue to throw away trash instead of littering.

  20. A lot of people don’t like putting away the dishes, am I right? My invention will make people want to put the dishes away. It’s kind of like a game, when you open the dishwasher a clock starts counting up, and your goal is to put all the dishes away as fast as you can. When you close the dishwasher the clock stops, and on the dishwasher it tells you how long you took and how many dishes you put away. Every time you can try for a higher score or you can compete against your family. If this were real, I’d be putting the dishes away all day.

  21. Well, Most people don’t like to get exercise or to run, but that will change in a flash. Every time you run a mile or a long distance, you get a token or a ticket. Every time you beat your record, you write down you time and bring it to the nearest fast food restaurant or place that you like to eat that’s not the healthiest. If you beat the high score of that week, you get a free meal of what ever you want. But just to make sure that you are actually getting the mile that you write on the ticket, you have to get someone to video you or video yourself running. And remember the best runners video will be on an add for that restaurant, so either be funny to get people to laugh, or be serious to act like you run for fun or your not doing it for the food.

  22. Kids all around the world don’t like to clean their room. To try to make kids clean their room, we can make a basket closet. It is basically a closet with a huge net, and in front of the closet, there is a line where you shoot from. At the back of the closet, there is basket ball hoop. If you are able to throw an object into the hoop, then a radio will start playing music. You can also choose the music you want it to play. It will also keep track of how many baskets you get in one day, so you can try to beat your record another day.

  23. Sun screen is not my favorite thing to do, but if you don’t put it on you can get cancer. I invented a sun screen that changes color when you need to apply more. It starts as white and when the sun screen is waring off it changes to red when you need to apply more. People and kids would put on there sun screen because it is fun to use, and cool to watch. It would prevent lots of cancer that people can get. Know when I go to the beach or pool the first thing I do is put on my sun screen.

  24. An idea for how to get people to donate more to charity is by making a game like the one where you try to toss a ping-pong ball into a goldfish bowl and you want to get it in the higher and inner most bowls. The way it will work is that the players will first have to pay one dollar to get a play card or to renew it (it will look like a credit card except customized on the front) which is worth ten plays, and each play you use will be a minute long. The way they will play is by catapulting as many coins as they can within the time limit, to land in the cup for points. The cup will then scan the coin as it drops to see what type of coin it is. The bottom ring of cups will be big and worth 1x score, the second will be smaller 2x score etc. The coins worth in cents is the number of points the player gets multiplied by the score rate of the ring that it lands in. The player receives points on their play card based on their score they get in each play. When they save up enough points, they can choose a prize, and obviously the more points they save up, the bigger/better prize they can receive.

  25. Speeding is a a big problem. I’ve thought about an invention or device that helps people stay at the minumum speed. It works like a speedometer but is displayed for everyone to see and you try and make the high score which is the closest speed you can get to with out going over the speed limit. Then it will be displayed on a website that tracks the top 15 scores of the day. If you were to get the higest score or the closest to the speed of the day you will earn a $25 gift card and the tittle for the day.

  26. Everyone hates setting the table, am I right. I was thinking of a really fun way to do it, and this is what I thought of. It works like this. When you are ready you hit start. Your objective is to set the table as fast possible. when you are done, you hit stop. Everyday it saves your time and you try to break your record every night when you set the table. At the end of each week if you break your record you get rewarded with a ticket. Once you get five tickets, you can bring your tickets to a store and get any item you want below five dollars. This is a great idea because it is a fun, creative, and very helpful way to set the table. I hope you have fun setting the table, and getting new prizes.

  27. My invention is you throw your trash away by shooting it in a basket ball hoop. If you make it the trash can will spray you with a mist of water in the summer, and in the winter it blast a puff of warm air at you. This would help the invironment because if people are getting cold in the winter or hot in the summer they would want to throw there trash away and try to make in in the hoop. It would make throwing your trash away fun.

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