In honor of Halloween which was yesterday, please look at the image and tell a story. You are to write three short, descriptive paragraphs. First paragraph is the introduction to your story, the second paragraph has at least three details, and the last paragraph is the conclusion. Watch for run-on sentences, awkward sentences, comma splices, and apostrophes. Remember to begin with a creative lead and end with something that leaves the reader thinking. If you want, you may use a little dialog but don’t get carried away. Remember to always start a new line when someone new speaks.

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  1. Oh geez, what a hot day! Oh sorry, you must be wondering what I am talking about. I just got back from getting the biggest, baddest, heaviest pumpkin in the whole entire world. It was so bright and orange I would like to see someone hide it and have another person find it! Well, maybe not that orange. Anyway, I was about to carve this big pumpkin and make it so scary!

    I got out a bunch of newspaper, different sizes of knives, and even a pretzel (just in case I got hungry). Well, here goes nothing! I dive the knife (like a diver off of a diving board) right into the top of the pumpkin. I make the knife go around the whole pumpkin. I take off the top of the pumpkin and set it on the side. This is going great! Wait a second, I have to stick my perfectly smooth and manicured hand right into the mushy, gushy, slimy pumpkin gutty pumpkin! Yuck! I then quickly went to go wash my hands. When I got back I looked at the pumpkin strangely. Hum, I didn’t know I carved out the eyes, nose, and mouth. Then, in the split-second I blinked the huge pumpkin grew to be the size of my house! It grew arms and legs and was waving them all around and yelled “Feed Me!”

    I ran all threw out the house waving arms and screaming! Well, this was a big help. My parents left to go see my brother receive a certificate for a weight loss club! I kept looking for things to stop this big, bad monster. Suddenly with a small glance I saw the fire extinguisher out of the corner of my eye. I ripped it out of the wall and headed for the pumpkin. I ran into its mouth and dodged the seeds. Yuck. I sprayed the fire extinguisher all over the mouth and body. It slowly shrunk, I just had to keep spraying and spraying. It finally shrunk into its normal size. I put it on the counter And heard the door open. Uh oh. My parents and brother walked in of course my brother says “I lost five!”

  2. Thats my dad inside of the giant pumpkin. That was the night The Great Pumpkin tried to take over Hogs Hollow, my home town. My dad was the one who killed him. That was the night the town actually saw who he was.

    It was Halloween. I was dressed up as Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz, and my dog was Toto. We were about to leave when my dad came in, and he had to take a picture of us. My dad is like that. He is very funny but at the same time very weird. Once we got the picture done, we set out on our journey down the sidewalk. I love in a very big neighborhood, so I was hoping to get a lot of candy. After about an hour I decided to go into town to try and find my friends. Once I got to tow I heard a very loud high pitch scream. I ran to see what it was, and I saw The Great Pumpkin. I immediately called my dad. But after he hung up I asked myself why I called him? What could he do?

    When he got there he told me he loved me, and that he may never see me again. When I heard that I held in my tears. Once he left, I let loose like a propane tank after its nozzle broke off. I watched him kick and tear at the pumpkins legs. The Great Pumpkin saw him. I thought it was over when he grabbed my dad with his mouth. But then, I saw my dad push open his mouth. The Great Pumpkin was in shock of my dads strength, and so was I. My dad climbed on to his head, and punched him right in the eye. Ouch! When my dad was done he climbed down The Great Pumpkins legs, and ran to see me. I was so excited to see him alive. The only thing my dad said to me that night was the one thing that I will never forget. He whispered in to my ear, “I’ll let you take the next one.”

  3. My day started when a pumpkin tried to eat me. I had been carving my pumpkin for Halloween, and then I saw it. A giant, orange, angry pumpkin. I put my pumpkin down, and a few seconds later, I was in it’s jaws, trying to stay alive. I felt the hot, scorching, blazing flame burning my back as I held up the pumpkin’s massive jaws. I fell to my knees as it bit down farther. I couldn’t hold it any longer. My knee slipped, and I was falling into the fiery pumpkin stomach. I landed with a “splash” into the gooey pumpkin juice. The flames burned my eyes, and licked my face. I shielded my eyes from the bright light. I got up painfully and slowly. I was in a giant, flaming, orange pumpkin stomach. A perfect way to start off my Halloween.

    I felt the walls of the pumpkin to find a foothold, but I couldn’t find any. If I stayed in the pumpkin any longer, I would suffocate on the smoke, and then burn to death. I griped a slimy piece of pumpkin gut, and tried to pull myself up with no luck. The pumpkin gut broke off, and I fell onto my butt. I got up again, waving away the smoke from my face. I grabbed another pumpkin gut, and pulled. I pulled myself up, but the pumpkin’s mouth was closed.

    I kicked the pumpkin’s teeth with all my might. They did not budge, the teeth didn’t even move. I slid down into the stomach again. I knew what I had to do. I had to make the giant pumpkin sneeze. I got onto the slimy ground, and crawled forward, trying not to inhale the smoke. Once I got close enough to the fire of the candle, I blew out all the air I could. The flame flickered, and the ground began to shake. The fire went out, and I was in pitch black darkness. The ground rumbled so strongly I rolled onto my back. Then, I was shot into the air, and out of the pumpkin. The pumpkin made a loud “achoo!” noise, and I was soaring through the air. I landed with a “thud” on my front lawn. I lifted my slimy, pumpkin gut covered arms, and shook them dry. I looked at my porch, and saw my pumpkin I carved earlier sitting on the steps. I picked it up, and threw it in the garbage. “Never again, will I EVER get another pumpkin.” I said, and walked inside.

  4. My day was crazy, and crazy hot too. I was just walking into my sisters room and then all I remember was falling. Then the strangest thing happened, I was the size of a piece of grass! All that I could think about was trick or treating, because it was halloween! I ran out of my sisters room ( witch took pretty long now that I was the size of grass) and ran to the front door. My parents had just left to take my sister to a soccer game. I had know idea how I would be able to open the door. The knob was three feet taller then me. It turns out I was small enough to slide through a crack in the door.

    Then as soon as I thought that the worst was over, I see my moms van driving away. My one chance of getting help was over. I turn to see if anyone is near, and then standing about two feet in front of me is our neighbors dog, Roxy. She is not the nicest dog in the world, she is always using our yard as bathroom! If she where to wake up and see me she would definitely use me as a chew toy. I slowly turn and walked towards the grass hoping that I would blend in. An acorn fell on Roxy’s back, and she jumps up ready to fight. She looks around and out of all the squirrels the dog saw, she chose me to chase after.

    I ran into the mouth of my pumpkin that I carved and hoped the dog wouldn’t recognize me. After a very long time the candle in my pumpkin started to burn a lot! I was sweating in every spot on my body. The dog finally went away and thats when my parents got home. I hopped down from the pumpkin and ran to my sister. She bends down and starts to laugh. After teasing me for a while she finally changed me back to normal. That night I still went trick or treating, and after my sister had a very very very long talk with me about not going in her room. A couple days later I go into her room not thinking about what she told me and surely enough I was small, but not a human, this time I was a frog.

  5. It’s Halloween finally, and this year I was actually looking foward to Halloween. I was going to go trick or treating with my friends, get candy, and just have fun, but my mom had to ruin everything. Who wants to spend their Halloween trapped at a boring pumpkin carving contest? Apparently, my mom does. When we got there, I was bored, alone, and feeling miserable, when suddenly, something happened that made me feel even worse.

    A pumpkin ate me. No, I’m not kidding. A pumpkin literally ate me. I screamed for help, but I couldn’t get out. I started to get more and more scared. Then, after about an hour, I knew I was trapped and there was nothing I could do. I started to wonder what even happened. Could a pumpkin really be alive? I got really bored, until finally, I decided enough was enough. I climbed up the side of the pumpkin, and tried to get out. I finally jumped out, and I fell flat on my face. I tried to keep my eyes open, but slowly, everything turned black.

    I woke up, with people crowded around me. My mom had an ice pack on my forehead. I sat up and asked them what had happened. My mom said that I just tripped on a tree root, and fell. Nobody mentioned anything about a human-eating pumpkin. I decided not to either, because I didn’t want to look stupid. But to this day, I have no doubt that I had been eaten by a pumpkin.

  6. It’s bad enough that this strange man is carving my insides, but it’s worse that he is making me starve just standing there before my eyes. This man is removing all of the food I have left. I know that my usual meal contains pumpkin seeds but this is an exception. Every handful exiting my stomach makes the thought of food more mouthwatering. I try to bite down on his hand inside of me, but then I remember I am not made to move. I just can’t take it any longer.

    There was one piece in the back of me that “the man” was unable to reach. One hand after another followed by the head and soon the shoulders. He slipped on the food I ate yesterday and entered through my mouth. His entire body was overwhelming my taste buds. He tried to escape by pushing against my teeth but they wouldn’t budge. This man was stuck forever.

    Surprisingly he never gave up. At every slight sound of footsteps he screamed at the top of tiny lungs. On Halloween night he heard footsteps from multiple directions, and out came multiple five second screams. All of the kids figured it was just an effect for the holiday, so no one questioned it. The light inside of me got dim and the liveliness of the man faded away. Nobody ever looked for him or they just never thought to look inside of me. Whatever the case was everybody lived happily ever after, well everyone except for him.

  7. I could just feel the pumpkin’s chiseled teeth zooming toward my crippled body. I can remember this feeling like it was yesterday even though it just so happened to be 13 years ago. When I wore a young mans clothes in the year 1974 I was very interested by science. I had created this growth serum. What? You don’t believe me? Well maybe because I kept this all to myself for I didn’t want the publicity. I’m sure my small town of Laverbrook would not have taken it so lightly. On Halloween eve my family always carved pumpkins. No one else in Laverbrook carved there’s. I put a really weird face on mine, and took it back to my room. I decided to play ball in the house just like my mother always told me not to, and I hit my pumpkin. It rolled over right into the growth serum! Nothing happened. I had failed. I decided to just go to bed.

    The next morning I lifted my pumpkin off my desk. I placed it outside. It seemed heavier than before. I went inside and hit the television a few times, and it finally turned on. I watched a cartoon, and then went back to my room for the three hour broadcasting day was coming to a close. When it was getting dark, I dressed up in my ghost costume and grabbed my pillow case. I was prepping for a big night of chocolate, jelly beans, and candy corn. I walked outside and my pumpkin looked fifty pounds larger. I wondered about that. Maybe I was so hung over the design of the pumpkin that I didn’t pay attention to the size. I went on. I always went for candy all the way to the edge of Laverbrook and back. That wasn’t quite a trek for the town was quite small. When I reached the the town limit sign I turned and my pumpkin was right there. It was as big as a church! I started to run when it grabbed me.

    “Trick or treat!” The pumpkin said ” To late! Treat, for me!”

    I hit many buildings and started to feel light-headed. The pumpkin plopped me right in his mouth. Then I realized that it is a pumpkin. It rots! There was always a town bonfire on Halloween so I rolled into its mouth, making sure not to hit the pumpkin’s teeth, and pushed on his side knocking him over. He rolled right into the bonfire. I jumped right out of his mouth and looked back at the ball of flames. I felt bad, but it had to be done. Then was when I realized that my legs may have been broken from hitting all the buildings. I crawled my way back home and enjoyed the next few days. The first annual pumpkin pie festival was in town. I had to enjoy that.

  8. In a neighborhood, there is always that one house with that one family living in it. And of course that house just so happens to be my next door neighbor. On the weekends when I am tanning, they are always out in their backyard doing something strange, almost like building something. I wanted to know more about this family, but I was not sure how I was going to get the information that I needed. I decided to do the most basic thing I could think of: bake them cookies. They were fairly new to the neighborhood, so I figured they did not know that many people. That evening, I drove to the store and bought ingredients for chocolate chip cookies. Then as soon as I went home, I got to work baking cookies. When they came out of the oven, it smelled amazing. The aroma of the fresh chocolate chips, fresh eggs, and my special ingredient that I always add to my cookies: cinnamon and vanilla extract. Once the cookies cooled, I placed them on a plate, with some tinfoil over it.

    “I’m walking over to the neighbors house!” I called to my older sister/babysitter, Sarah. Sarah was already half asleep, so she just nodded her head, and closed her eyes. It was dark, and it was Halloween Eve, so everything, even the air seemed a little spooky to me. I knocked on the air and awkwardly waited on their doorstep. Finally, after a long five minutes (that felt like five hours,) someone opened the creaky door. A man that looked about my dad’s age came to the door.
    “My I help you?” He asked, and of course I was unable to read his expression.

    “Ummm… I….” I stammered. Think Meira, think! I thought to myself. I cleared my throat, “I am Meira. I live next door. I came to bring you cookies because I feel sort of bad that we haven’t really made an effort to get to know you.” The man smiled an awkward smile.

    “Thanks,” he said. “Come on in, I’ll give you a tour.” I wiped off my feet at the doorstep and stepped inside. It was a nice house, with many frames on the wall. Most of them were newspaper clippings of world records. Most of them were titled, World’s Biggest Dog, World’s Biggest Chocolate Bar, World’s Biggest Phone, and so on.
    “Is that you? Like did you break those records?” I asked, very curious.

    “No!” He said. The man motioned for me to sit down next to him as he poured some hot chocolate into a glass coffee mug. “Those are my older brothers, some are my uncles, one is my dad, one is my grandpa. I want to break a world record just like they did.”

    I looked into his eyes. “Do you actually want to?”

    “No,” he confessed. “Do you ever feel like you have to impress people just to maintain a certain image?” I nodded. “I feel like it is my duty to break a world record, so I can be like my dad, and everybody else in my family that has. But they all have interesting jobs, like cooks, fashion designers, a secret service agent, jobs like that.” I nodded again, unsure what to say.

    “What world record do you want to break?” I asked.

    “It’s not want I want, it’s what I should break. My grandpa decided that I should try to break a record for world’s biggest something. But I am not sure what that something is. My grandpa believes that bigger is better, so I have to be big to be better.” He said.
    “What is your job?” I asked.

    “I’m a farmer,” he said, sounding depressed.

    “That is a cool job!” I exclaimed, and truly I was not lying. I love animals, and the farm life. “I know!” I lit up with joy. “You should try to break the record for the world’s largest pumpkin! There is a contest tomorrow a couple towns over. You would have a good shot at winning that!”

    “I have been growing a pumpkin for years in my backyard! That is a good idea, I will get to work right now.” He exclaimed.

    “Okay, good luck. I am tired so I am going to go to bed.” I yawned, waved good-bye and left. That is a nice man. I thought.

    That night, when I was laying on my bed I saw the man and he was inside his pumpkin. The pumpkin was huge; it at least weighed a ton. He was inside of it, carving it, and trying to get out all at the same time. The carving showed it’s eyes looking at the man. It was very creative, and definitely winner.

    I looked in the newspaper a few days later, and he was sure enough on the front page and it said “World’s Largest Pumpkin, and World’s Largest Amount of Hope in a Farmer” right across the headlines. I mailed him a congratulations letter even though he lived right next door, and of course, I walked over and got him cookies.

  9. One day on the morning of Halloween my mother asked me if I wanted to go to the pumpkin pach. I to my mom yes and we hoped in the car. The car ride was really weird because people where running away from something but I couldn’t tell what it was, so we just drove on. When we got to the pumpkin pach their was this huge pumpkin and instantly I wanted it. But my mom told me to chose another one. I groaned and walked away. My mom and I picked out two medium sized pumpkins and out them in the wagon. We walked to the register and the lady who was checking us out said “Oh my, have you seen the big pumpkin, it’s like it’s been staring at me all day. It’s just scaring me!”

    I said “yeah I really wanted it but my mom said no.”After talking to the lady for a bit we left the pumpkin pach and took a nice slow ride home.

    “Ahhh screamed the lady at the pumpkin pach and she was gone.”

    When we got home we started carving. Then we heard the door bell. I walked out side and their it was the big pumpkin from the pach. But the pumpkin was carved with a happy smile. On the pumpkin their was a note that said “Happy Halloween you have been booed!” I stared a the pumpkin and it looked like its smile was getting bigger and bigger. I shut the door and left.

    “Where are you going?” I stopped and turned “where are you going, aren’t you going to bring me in?” Said the pumpkin. I walked out side. And screamed

    My mom started looking for me around the house. Anna, Anna, where are you, you need to finish your pumpkin.”
    “Mom, the pumpkin just talked to me.”

    “Don’t be silly fruits can’t talk.”

    “No it’s true come and see for you self.”

    So we walked out side and the pumpkin started talking to my mom and then my mom was gone. My mom was eaten by the pumpkin! I fell to the floor and started crying. Five minutes later I yelled at the pumpkin and toled him to give me my mom back. He syed, and then my mom was trying to open the pumpkins mouth and clime out but then his mouth shut and my mom was gone.

  10. Sit down. Now let me tell you a tale where two wrongs made an grave mistake, literally a grave mistake. A man was born, a hideous man, a dislikable, despicable, dangerous man. He was named Marvin but called The Mad Man, for short M. Mad He had gone mad with as they say ” one foot in the grave”, “he was crazy”, others say, and “the man was insane” more say but that’s their opinion what’s yours?

    “It real I tell you!” M. Marvin said, “A monster the size of a whale! With fire eyes and a black heart! I tell you it’s real.” Though M. Marvin was yelling no one payed attention nor even looked at him. M. Marvin was enraged the first time he actually tells the truth no one listens. But true he lied about seeing a vampire, ware wolf, a zombie, dragon, ogre, and so on, told the towns people to evacuate, then steel money and run away for a year, and then repeat the proses a gain he meant what he said about the great monster. “Fine I will find the beast. And KILL IT! Then you will all see!!!” M. Marvin hollered. “Go drink some bear you old hoot!” A young boy yelled. “Oh, oh, no, you will be sorry!!” M. Marvin screeched slightly cracking a glass window. M. Marvin ran to what was left of his home after he burned it down – but that’s another story- and grabbed anything that was left, which was a oil lamp. He set off down the road walking thinking about all the bear he will get when he kills the beast when suddenly he can’t see his own shadow ( the sun is setting behind him ). “Hey watchhhhhhhhh” he looked up slowly afraid to see who or what was in front of him because the thing was long with a fire surrounding the outer skin and a fire in his inner skin. “YOU COMING WITH ME!” The creature yelled grabbing M. Marvin and trying to put M. Marvin in his mouth. “NO! NO! NO!” M. Marvin screeched the giant creature put M. Marking to eye level. M. Marvin got a good look at the monster and grinned slightly. The monster was a giant, fire breathing, orange pumpkin. He was scared of a pumpkin. Unfortunately for M. Marvin he let his guard down and the pumpkin shoved M. Marvin in. M. Marvin struggled to get out but in the end he was overpowered and eaten. Nobody noticed in the village his absent and nobody cared. He died by himself lonely and crazy. No funeral, no ceremonies, no las words, nothing, no body knew.

    So in the end the man that was born, a hideous man, a dislikable, despicable,and dangerous man died. Once again, what was you opinion? Happy Halloween, or not.

  11. Last night was so crazy. I was sitting on my owner’s porch, just hanging out. There were kids running up the stair steps passing me by. There were a few kids who would take a glance at me, but most were just there for the candy. But, there was this one girl who was different then everyone else. She was the reason the night turned out how it did. The girl was about twelve years old with blue eyes, long blonde hair, and tall. She bent down and stared at me. A couple kids started to make fun of her because she was staring at a little pumpkin. The kids then pushed her into me. I closed my eyes, afraid of the damage.

    I opened my eyes and looked around for the girl. It was pitch black and I couldn’t see anything less that three feet away from me. She was nowhere to be found. I heard a faint voice saying something, but I couldn’t quite make out what she was saying. I listened a little closer and I heard what she said. I figured out that she was yelling for help, inside my body. I was a little disgusted that there was a person inside of me. Whenever she talked it tickled me. We discussed what needed to happen. Then we figured out the plan.

    She jumped up and grabbed my tooth and managed to pull herself up. She stood on my tooth. She was about to jump off. I closed my eyes too scared to see this. She counted to three and jumped. I opened my eyes and I was back in the same spot as before. This time different kids were running up the steps. I looked down at the road and saw the girl. She winked at me and ran off to another street. I watched her run away and thought about what happened. She changed my live and I don’t know what I would do without her.

  12. The crisp autumn air hit me hard and unexpected, like a punch. The air told me of my doom, and the wind taunted me of my much predicted death. I heard footsteps, and I erased all emotion that was on my orange face. He bounded outside, very loud, and very noisy. I have not yet learned his name, but I have decided to call him Annoying. Annoying smiled, and ran over to me.

    “Hello Jack! We are going to have so much fun tonight!” He spit on his hand and polished my eyelid, seemingly satisfied. Then Annoying ran away. If I was him, I would run away too. My face is frozen into a permanent grimace, and my eyes are glaring in every direction. In the spirit of Halloween, Annoying’s mother, (that I have nicknamed Bossy,) carved me with an angry face, and with very jagged motions. That’s why I look like I came out of food processor.

    Something that Annoying said made my brain do a little flip. “We are going to have so much fun tonight!” What does that mean? He’s already carved everything out of me, and made them into pie. What else can he do? Deprive a pumpkin of it’s right of watching all the kids come out to play on Halloween night?

    My mind raced as the hours ticked by. The fear of Annoying hallowed out my insides more than Bossy did. This kid is seriously ANNOYING! He came out with a piece of cake and rapidly chowed it down. Before he started to shrink. Annoying became smaller and smaller, until he became the size of their pet mouse. He threw a piece of string up onto my mouth, and then started to climb. He climbed until he reached my unevenly spaced teeth, then he took out a knife that had shrunk down with him. He took the knife and threw it up in the air. It soared and then made it’s way back to Annoying’s hand. He continued to repeat this action, until I felt comfortable he wasn’t going to carve my tooth into a bust of Abraham Lincoln.

    “This is not why I came here tonight Jack,” He said. I could feel his smile resonating through my lips, as he carved his name into the side of my tooth. I knew what he was writing, but I just couldn’t see it. I felt his feet soar away, as he leaped through the air and landed on the porch step. Now he is full size.

    He turned around and smiled as he ran away, off to get candy. I never knew his name, nor will I ever. But I will always remember him, and that cool day in October that I last saw my best friend.

  13. I’m one of those kids who isn’t like the others. I don’t own a TV, I make my own clothes, and I live on a farm. No, I’m not a hillbilly, and I’m not any Miley Cyrus either. I’m just a normal kid who lives on a normal farm. At least thats what I thought. It was a week before Halloween, and it was starting to get chilly out. When I heard the chickens, I got out of bed. I got up, put on a grey sweater thats oversized, and put on jeans and my favorite pair of boots. I decided to take a walk outside. Walking through the tall cornfields, I thought about what I would be for Halloween. Maybe I should be a pumpkin. Speaking of pumpkins, people should be arriving at our pumpkin patch now. Our pumpkin patch is famous for its beautiful pumpkins. I walked over to the pumpkin patch. There’s always been that one pumpkin, its a tiny bit bigger than the rest, that no one has ever bought. In fact, no one has even touched that pumpkin. I walked away when I saw that no customers had come yet, and I spent the rest of the day in the grape fields. For the next week, every night, I heard a rumbling noise outside. I always went outside to see what it was, but there was always nothing there. The pumpkin seemed to be bigger every time I looked at it. My eyes were probably deceiving me.

    It was the day before Halloween, and my eyes were definitely not playing tricks on me. The pumpkin was as big as my dad’s truck! I was elated! This would surely bring more customers to our farm. I grabbed my knife and started to carve the colossal pumpkin. I carved to round eyes, with eyebrows, and a big, toothy smile. I cared for the pumpkin all day, watering its dark spots and carving its stem until it was smooth. I went to bed that night really tired. I couldn’t wait for Halloween.

    I woke up early in the morning. I was so excited that I couldn’t get back to sleep. I walked outside to check on the pumpkin, and it wasn’t there! My heart dropped. I ran through all the fields looking for my pumpkin. I saw a big, orange lump right in the middle of the cornfields. A wave of relief washed over me. I ran up to my pumpkin to find out that it gotten bigger. It had gotten way bigger. The pumpkin moved. It turned around to face me. It’s toothy grin turned in to a gigantic smile. WHAT? How is that possible? The pumpkin picked me up and put me in its mouth. I was so scared. The pumpkin waddled toward the farm, my home. It was going to crush it! I had an idea. I started to pluck seeds out of the pumpkin. The pumpkin moaned, then it screeched. I plucked out the last seed and the pumpkin fell. I was tossed out of the pumpkin and landed in the soft cornfields. I looked around for the pumpkin’s remains, but all that it dropped were smaller pumpkins. I was confused, but I was relieved that Halloween was over.

  14. My pumpkin was looking amazing! Its triangle eyes were just staring at me. I was so proud of myself! I started heading upstairs for bed when I heard a tiny little peep. I turned around and nothing was there, except my pumpkin. Things just got strange. I stared at my tiny pumpkin. I was still so happy about how he turned out. “Feed me!” I was in shock. Had my tiny, cute little pumpkin just talked? I was flustered. “Feed me!” I was not imagining things. My pumpkin had just talked, and was asking me to feed him?

    “W-W-What should I feed you?” I stammered. The pumpkin started sniffing the blueberries that I had eaten earlier. I opened the container and popped a blueberry in his mouth. He gobbled it up so quickly. “Feed me!” I popped another blueberry in his mouth, and I kept doing that until all the blueberries were gone. He finished them all, and was still hungry. Luckily, I had another filled bag in the freezer. I dumped the whole bag in his mouth, for I wanted to keep my new pumpkin friend happy. He then quickly fell asleep. I ran upstairs, and fell asleep in an instant.

    When I woke up the next morning, the day just felt plain weird. I then remembered about my pumpkin, and I rushed downstairs. When I saw him, I almost passed out. He was as tall as the kitchen! “Feed me!” the pumpkin started yelling at me. I was the one who had fed him all of MY blueberries. I quickly shook my head no, not knowing what this pumpkin could do to me. Last night, he was a cute little Jack-O’-Lantern and today he was a man-eating fruit. He started getting impatient. “WHAT??? YOU WILL NOT FEED ME? WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE! I SAID FEED ME!!!!!!!!!!” Then the nonsense kept going on. The pumpkin started to move my way! The next minute I could not remember. I think I passed out with all this nonsense going on. When my eyes slowly opened, I could not see where I was. I didn’t remember anything that had happened or what was going on. I then slowly got a glimpse outside. I saw the dishwasher, the stove, the fridge, and the microwave. “HAHAHAHAHAHA!” the pumpkin shouted. Everything that had happened flooded back to my brain, and that’s when I realized where I was. I was inside of the pumpkin.

    “HELP!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. I don’t think anyone could hear me. I tried getting out but it was no use. That was the last moment I remembered. I then got smushed between the teeth of the pumpkin’s sharp teeth. I slowly glimpsed the light. My family was there, and so was my brother. We were in Hawaii, my favorite place in the world. Up ahead was the bright sun, blindingly bright. I was rushing toward the sun, and the closer I got the brighter everything was. Everything got brighter until it was so bright, everything was completely white. I then closed my eyes and never woke up. I was gone.

  15. Novia Wilkerson was twelve when she was finally allowed to Trick-or-Treat alone during Halloween. Novia lived on on Main Street North. She had heard the story of the Hubskin’s House, and she saw it every day when she went to school. The Hubskins’ are a family that had moved her summers ago, but never leave there house. Some say that they were eaten by the spirt that protected the creepy, old house, and that people who go in never return.There is no such thing as spirits and ghouls, Novia thought, she was sure of it. That night was Halloween Night, and Novia was going to get to the bottom of it.

    Novia walked out of her house that night, and she slowly crossed the street. Then she saw it, the house covered in spiderwebs and layers of dust. She looked in side one of the windows, and there was a faint light. What could that be? she asked her self, one way to find out. Novia knocked on the door. No answer, of course, she the door creaked open. Novia carefully stepped inside the house, and she saw stairs going down to the basement. She saw the glow at the bottom of the stairs, so she slowly walked down the stairs to check it out. The stairs creaked and bent threatening to crumble in to dust below her feet. Novia reached the bottom off the stairs alright. She heard laughing behind her, and she turned to see a giant Pumpkin. The Pumpkin was laughing as if it was real. Suddenly Novia realized it was real.

    The Pumpkin grow a vine at the top of its stem, and it reached out to grab her. Novia screamed and kicked, but it was no use the Pumpkin dragged the girl into its mouth. Novia stood and pushed the Pumpkins mouth open, and she managed to get the vine off of her. Novia jumped out and ran up the stairs and back to her house. That was the only time she would ever enter the Hubskin’s House again.

  16. If you’re looking for a scary Halloween story then keep looking. If you want advice on what not to do on Halloween then stay here. On Halloween, you would think that the only unusual experience would be seeing a dog in a butterfly costume, right? I beg to differ. There will always be that pumpkin with that face, that ridiculous face. Don’t say I didn’t warn you if you stumble upon him one year. He’ll always be looking for his own treats.

    I was walking down Royal Maple Road with tons of candy in my bag a big smile on my face. That smile wouldn’t be there for much longer. Susan and I hop up the stairs like little kids. Unfortunately, I didn’t see that there were five steps instead of four. On the fifth step I tripped, landing on the large pumpkin. I expected to hear a splat, to cringe in pain after landing on the pumpkin. I shut my eyes tight, falling fast.

    I waited for the the poor pumpkin to explode beneath me. Then I realize I’m sitting criss-cross. I open my eyes and scream as loud as can can. A squeaky voice left my mouth. I was standing on the pumpkin’s bottom tooth! I jumped out as quick as I could and ran. The pumpkin chased after me, hopping the steps faster than I though he could. We ran down to the final step, which was pretty far for a girl two inches tall. The pumpkin was catching up. In a final attempt to save myself, I threw a Tootsie Roll towards the pumpkin. He stopped in his tracks to run after the candy.

    The second he looked away, I felt my legs fall asleep as I grew five feet taller. The pumpkin popped the candy in his mouth and ran back to his step. I sighed in relief as Susan came down the walkway.”Where were you?” she asked with curious eyes.”They had full-sized candy bars!” She waves her Hershey bar in my face, then runs to the next house. If she knew the chase she had just missed, then she might’ve been happy to wait for me, but I just laughed and walked up the stairs again. This time I avoided the pumpkin with it’s glowing red eyes. I knocked on the door.


  17. The leaves started to turn orange and red, everyone’s houses were decorated. I could feel it, Halloween is coming. I told my dad before we decorate our house, we need a pumpkin. He took me to the pumpkin store. It has pumpkins all shapes and sizes. Tall ones, short ones, big ones, small ones, baby ones, and old ones. I picked out a baby one. It was white at that time, but it was perfect. We bought it and brought it home. The pumpkin was so special, I had to name it. I named it Autumn, because I love that name and it is actually autumn. Once it was big enough and orange enough, I carved it. I carved it with two eyes looked one way with eyebrows. I carved a mouth, and on the side the eyes are looking at was when the mouth got bigger. To make it that much better, I gave it teeth. Then my dad and I started to decorate our house. We put cobweb in the bushes and spiders everywhere. We also had skeletons and gravestones in the yard. At our front door I placed Autumn in a perfect spot, just like her.

    Each day Autumn grew bigger and bigger. I wondered if she was full grown or if this was supposed to happen. My dad told me some pumpkins were just big, but it was getting to the point she was as tall as me. The next day was halloween and now she was twelve feet tall! I was scared to walk by her, she was so big. Today is Halloween, I am dressed as a angel. I have a halo, white leggings, white sparkly dress, wings, and white shoes with wings on the side. I met up with my friends so we could start to go trick-or-treating.”Come back in an hour so I can check on you, have fun”, my dad said. “I will”, I said. Then me and my friends went off to trick-or-treat. My friends asked me about my pumpkin, and I just told them I didn’t know. We were having so much fun, until a kid dressed as a cowboy asked us if we knew about the pumpkin who ate a kid. He said, “Have you guys heard of the pumpkin who ate a kid”. I told him, “That’s my pumpkin, what are talking about”. “It’s like twenty feet tall”, he said. “No, it’s ten or twelve”, I said”. “Not anymore”, the kid said and ran to my house. My friends and I all looked at each other and started to run.

    When we got to my house, there were so many people crowded around my pumpkin, and it was twenty feet tall. I said I have to do something and bugged to the front. When I got to the front I could hear someone yelling help as loud as they could. I saw my dad standing there confused thinking of what to do. Then I screamed at the top of my lungs, “EVERYBODY SHUT UP!”, and they did. I said, “listen closely and you can hear the person”. Everyone listened closely and heard the person. I told them I was going to jump in then everyone told me not to, but it was to late. I jumped in and saw the person. It was a girl with red curly hair wearing a cinderella costume. I grabbed her and climbed to the top. Everyone cheered and yelled, “Go Anna, Go Anna”. I told my dad I was never going to get a pumpkin again.

  18. I told her that it would be fine. I said that it would do nothing. Oh! How I was wrong.

    It was Halloween night. My sister, May’s favorite time of the year. I helped her put the finishing touches on her costume. She was being a boy! I thought that was really clever. My costume was a little less original. I was a witch. I had one special part though. My mothers hat. It was extremely detailed with gemstone stars and moons. I was never supposed to touch it, but Mom was out of town, she’d never know.
    “Georgie,” said May, “I’m going to go do my hair now. Why don’t you get ready for the trick-or-treaters?”
    I went down the stairs to our ugly kitchen and grabbed the bowl of candy. As I was walking out of the kitchen I noticed a peculiar black bottle labeled “Essence of Pumpkin.” I don’t know why, but I picked it up. It had tons of warnings on the back, but I never read those. Today was no exception. May came downstairs an smiled.

    “I’m finished with my costume! What do you think?” she said.

    “Amazing! You look just like a boy!” I replied.

    She reached her hand out to me. I thought she was going to hug me, but instead she grabbed the bottle from my hands. I tried to stop her, but it was too late. She drank the entire thing in one huge gulp. May began to tremble, and then she shrank. I screamed. I screamed bloody murder. I screamed as if I had just watched the entire world get destroyed. I screamed until my lungs couldn’t take it any more. May just looked at me. Then she started to giggle. I was about to snap at her when the doorbell rang. I looked around the room for somewhere for May to hide.

    “Go in the pumpkin!” I whispered, sort of loudly.

    I took care of the trick-or-treaters before I went to deal with May. I knelt down I front of the pumpkin to talk to her. She was standing in its mouth, like it was eating her. I rolled my eyes, internally.

    “What do I do?” I whispered.

    “Look in the kitchen!” She shouted back! She sounded like a chipmunk.

    I rushed into the kitchen and completely tore it apart. Finally I found an identical bottle to the one labeled “Essence of Pumpkin”, only this one was labeled “Turn Around”. I ran over to the Pumpkin, and May. I uncorked the bottle and was about to dump it on her head when I seconded guessed myself. I turned the bottle around and read the back. Then I dumped it on her head. May began to grow. The Pumpkin quickly exploded. Now may was wet and covered in Pumpkin guts. At least she was big again. She most likely wasn’t going it talk to me for the rest of the year.

  19. I really wanted it, but now I’m kind of regretting it. There I was on my front porch with a small, grinning, very alive Jack-o’ lantern. When the sales women said that the pumpkin carving tools were magical, I did not think she would me telling the truth. I thought she was just being in the Halloween spirits. Now it was one day before the pumpkin carving competition and all I have is a squirming, biting ,slightly, annoying Jack-o’ lantern.

    It yelled at me. I didn’t even know what it was trying to say, but it just kept yelling and yelling.I thought and thought, what makes a baby be quiet. Food! I grabbed the Jack-o’ lantern and rand towards the kitchen. I looked around, I couldn’t feed it fruit, it felt wrong. So I grabbed some cereal and put it in a bowl and gave it to it. At first it looked at it and, then before a blink of an eye it was face first in the bowl. After about forty-five seconds the bowl was clean. I got it out of the bowl and it started to snore.

    After twenty-five minutes it started to yell. So I got it and went bake to the pantry this tome i placed it on the floor. When I finished poring the cereal I turned around and found the fridge, freezer, and pantry empty, and next to the mess was a six foot tall Jack-o’ lantern. It looked at me and grinned. I turned around and ran for the porch i grabbed the cutting knife and jumped in the Jack-o’ lantern I jabbed and pushed the Jack-o’ lantern fell on the ground with a splat.

  20. A long time ago on around Halloween it would be Glowing Pumpkin Day. But, the month of Glowing Pumpkin Day was when the great pumpkin came out and roamed the world like turkeys in the month of Thanks Giving. On Glowing Pumpkin day all the roaming pumpkins would start to glow and if the pumpkin was partially glowing or not glowing the pumpkin would killed and made into pumpkin pie just like what happens to a turkey on Thanks Giving. All they did to kill the pumpkin went in side the pumpkin and cut off the part that was not glowing ,and then the pumpkin would slowly fall over and and the killer would catch it in a pot and cook it.

    People said the pumpkin smelled honey flavored flowers and as the took every bite of the special pumpkin it felt peaceful as the sound o rain hitting the floor. Others said a bite of it would make there day the best ever. But, the pumpkins didn’t like it because they did not know that the people were killing the pumpkins to make the earth clean.

    Know one knows how the glowing pumpkin died out and does not live on earth any more. Some say that there was a virus killing all of them others ,and think that they all got killed and made into pumpkin pie.

  21. I storm into my house covered in pumpkin bits and seeds carrying a pumpkin and flop on to the couch tossing the pumpkin.wait you don’t even know what I’m talking about,we’ll let me tell you of the great pumpkin. I was walking into a farm to buy a pumpkin for Halloween.I asked the farmer where are the pumpkins.he said they were all gone,because the great pumpkin took them all the farmer had told me. I thought he was crazy,buy he was right about one thing the pumpkins were all gone.I knew I was going to get a pumpkin for my family and nothing would stop me! I walk around the farm and the noticing the farm which looked like it was hoping to explode,I open the barn door and splat! Pumpkin insides explode one my face but the barn still looked huge.When I look up a giant pumpkin with teeth carved in him and devil looking eves if he was looking through my soul.”hello.” I Squeaked out. Suddenly he sucks me in his mouth and into his hollow body! I wake up seeing a rotten old looking pumpkin in the center of the big one insides. I walk up to it and grasp old. It had a frown on his face and gloomy eyes. Poor little pumpkin I had said to it and I carry it to the mouth and notice the closer to the mouth the happier and younger it gets. When I walk right up to the mouth it opens and let’s me leave with the now ripe,fresh,pumpkin.

  22. One Halloween night there was this little pumpkin named, Jack-o. Jack-o loves Halloween. I mean who doesn’t? This year Jack-o got over 300 pieces of candy and he ate them all in one night.

    The next morning, Jack-o’s mouth didn’t feel very good. All of his teeth were vibrating in his mouth. He told his mom and she said that he had to go to the Pumpkin Dentist. Jack-o was really scared! He never had to go to the dentist before. When they walked into the dentist in smelled like toothpaste, not like candy! A nice nurse came out and called Jack-o’s name. Jack-o was really scared, but tried to act tough and followed her down the hall. She took him into a tiny room where the dentist was waiting. The dentist introduced himself and got started. When he looked into Jack-o’s mouth he let out a little yelp. It took him a couple of tries to clean out Jack-o’s bottom teeth. Now it was time for the top. The dentist tried and tried and tried to clean his mouth. Finally, he cleaned them. Before, he left the dentist told him to clean his teeth every morning and night.

    The next day Jack-o was so excited that his teeth were clean that he told all of his friends. The funny thing was all of Jack-o’s friends started to eat there candy so they could go to the dentist, too. After this experience Jack-o wanted to be a dentist when he grew up.

  23. No one saw the huge, spooky jack-o-lantern hiding in the shadows. The jack-o-lantern had a plan to attack and eat every living thing on Earth. He was bright orange, and his jagged pumpkin teeth shot out in every direction. While he was hiding in the shadows, he saw his first victim.

    A man in a blue suit was rushing home from work. He decided to take a short cut down a dark alley. The man didn’t know what was waiting in that spooky pathway. He walked in the alley, and a bright orange light shined in his eyes. The jack-o-lantern appeared before him. The man went from a walk to a sprint, but it was no use. The pumpkin was standing in his way. At last, the jack-o-lantern unhinged his jaws and swallowed the man in one bite.

    No one knows what happened to that poor man. They also don’t know that the jack-o-lantern is still in that alley waiting for his next victim. I hope nobody decides to take that short cut home.

  24. Zap! My little sister Sally had just zapped me with her shrink ray.
    “No Sally! Not in there,” I yelled as loud as I could. Sally gently placed me in her pumpkin she carved, it had a frowny face with razor blade teeth, two huge eyes, and pointy carrot nose. I remembered my dad saying that the teeth were on a battery that lasted twelve hours. Oh no, I’m going to be here for a while. Well it’s Halloween day and in twelve hours it’ll be November first. I can’t miss trick or treating! This year I’m going as ketchup and my best friend Candice is going as Mustard, and then my other friend Carly is Mayonnaise.

    It’s been three hours and I’m still trying too figure out how to get out of this pumpkin. Then, I remembered that my dad put hole in the back of the pumpkin. Finally, I figured out how to escape, but where is the hole? Oh my goodness! My sister never cleaned out her pumpkin, all thing gunk was getting stuck to me, yuck! The seeds got intertwined in my long brown hair. The gooey stuff covered my purple glasses, and everything else it seemed like I was taking a bath in it.

    There was the plug, two centimeters away from my reach. I reached out for it and pulled. Right as I climbed out there was little Sally giggling her head off. She pressed the normal size button and I was normal again. Then, up the steps came Candice and Carly dressed in their costumes ready to go. I ran to my room and put on my costume. When I got down stairs, there was Sally with the shrink gun. She shot me, here we go again.

  25. In the Netherlands we have one day where we use costumes, and that is Sinterklaas.
    The costume from the helper of Sinterklaas looks like this: black face, black legs and black hands. Then the clothes look like this: some times red,orange or purple with a feather on the head. The costume from Sinterklaas looks like this: white face wh a gold color staff and a white horse.

    This holiday happens on December 6; then the kids from 16 and older dress like the helpers of Sinterklaas, and one of them goes like Sinterklaas. On this holiday some people stay home or go to the center of the city to see Sinterklaas and his helpers.
    Also on this holiday the parents give presents to the kids and also to the people from the work or family, but to the small kids they say that it is from Sinterklaas.

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