What Color Are You?

Students, if you were to pick a color that describes or reflects you in some way, which color would that be and why?

Look at the color image and read the descriptions for each color. Pick one and tell how you fit that color with reasons that support your opinions. Remember to lead with a creative lead sentence, avoid repetition of sentences, sentences each beginning the same way, and end with a concluding sentence that wraps up your ideas. One paragraph.

When you have finished replying to this prompt, go back to last week’s conversation about a hero and read my reply to you: I took out one line from your writing that I thought was important. Take a few minutes to read yours and the stand-outs of your classmates.

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  1. Black, when I see the color black I think of myself. I think of myself because black represents being strong and being a leader. I think I show leadership and authority because on my soccer team I am the captain witch gives me the leadership to do everything. I am strong when I need to be strong. Some times to be strong would be in a wrestling match or in a sports games. The color black best describes who I am.

  2. I am always happy, and I think on the bright side of things. That is why I would be the color yellow. I would be yellow because I am always happy even when something bad happens. I would say that I am optimistic because I think of the glass half full not half empty. And when someone forgets their homework I don’t say really you are irresponsible I say thats ok do it next time though. And I feel that when you are happy it makes other people happy. Thats why when I am having a bad day I still try to be happy to make other people happy to. So I always remember that even if I am in a bad mood always be optimistic or happy it will make the other person happy to.

  3. Wow, if I had to chose a color I would be red. Red is a color of excitement and when it comes to me I am excited most of the time. Sure, I can get down some times but I will always try to stay excited. If I had to wait in a line for something amazing I may get bored, but I will always try to stay excited and positive. If you were to ask me, “Will do you love attention?” Well I love attention and I will always try to get it. With red its description is excited and demands attention, that is totally me. I always try to get attention that is one of the reasons I love baseball when I am batting I have everyone’s attention. Or in the dugout I have my team’s attention. I love excitement and attention, and I love the color red. Red fits me perfectly, and I hope it does for you.

  4. Have you’ve ever seen a place that was so pretty like a waterfall or a massive river, a giant plain to play around in, all green just like my color. I choose green as my color because all my life I’ve always wanted to explore the world. See sights so unique and beautiful. I love the landscape of the world, I play outside in my neighbor hood all the time. An example of me seeing a wonderful unique site was when I travel to Italy and went to the island below it Sicily. I climbed Mt. Edna and I reached the top and saw the whole island of Sicily. I found a giant crystal stuck in the side of the volcano, and a house too! I took the crystal back home and my best friend Adam thought it was awesome. It’s really fun to travel over the world I have and it’s great to see the worlds natural formations. You should try it too!

  5. Trust and loyalty definitely fits me the best, so blue fits me the best. Blue fits me because I’m trusted and loyal. I’m trusted with a lot of things like feeding my brother’s fish and taking care of weeds in my backyard. I also have trust in other people. I trust my friends to do a lot of important missions. They’re not exactly missions, but they are still important. I also am loyal. I always try my best to respect and take in everyones ideas. Even when I hate them. I respect what I’m given and try not to be greedy. Everyone should be loyal and trusted. Everyone should go blue.

  6. I would think of myself as yellow because I almost always think on the bright side and I won’t get mad at myself for doing something like for example if tried to score in hockey and I missed over 1000 times I would say I am the best passer in the world or something on the bright side.
    I am mostly happy and sometimes I am not, not everyone is always happy.

  7. Orange thats my color, i’m always joking around and craving attention. Its not good that I do it but even during class I talk and talk and talk. I crave attention and sometimes I get in trouble for it to. During math class i’m always laughing at Professor Burger. During social studies I’ll talk to people from across the room. I have a very talkative spirit and I know that. One other thing that I do a lot is laugh once I start laughing I can’t stop. I like being orange even though it might not be the best personality but like laughing a lot and drawing attention to my self.

  8. When I was put forward on this content grey seamed to fit me well. I have always pictured myself as a stone wall. Hard to get through or around stretching for mile. When I saw this assignment I went in my mind,nope done, hands down flat on the desk grey. As I said I felt like a wall In my mind. I also fell like I’m in one place forever but at the same time I feel like I’m everywhere at once for a short time. It’s weird because now that I have said that my life Seems like my life is molding behind me all at once. Like I said timeless. When I see my own wall I picture a regularly stone wall then see it burnt and scratches of war from the sins I’ve made in my so close melded together past. When I saw this I like said at first blue because the assignment said what color are you so I thought that it said ‘what’s your favorite color?’ and I thought blue because well it’s my favorite color. Well this is the end of the paragraph and it’s been 199 characters so good bye!

  9. Green, for me, is the way to go. I can never not like something that nature does, with an exception of a few things that is. But over all, I’m a nature kinda guy. it doesn’t matter If you give me the option of a beautiful cabin in the woods that has a bunch of spiders and bugs inside, or a well taken care of penthouse in the city, I’m still going with the cabin. Nature, ever since I was little, has appealed to me in some way. Whether it was the clouds rolling in the mountains, or a bird taking care of her little babies. I have once talked my mom into going to the mountains, instead of Disney Land. What kinda kid does that? Oh yeah, I do. To me, a stream rolling over the big, round, bulging rocks of North Carolina would beat a theme park any day. I love nature. I can spend all day outside in a big forest, reading a book, and not even notice the ants, the spiders, or the big bumble bees flying around my head. You know, the more I think about it, the more I realize how much I miss being up north in the mountains surrounded by green. I really do miss it, I really do.

  10. Look at me, I’m yellow. If there is one color to describe me, it would be the color of happiness and optimism, yellow. I always look on the bright side of things, for example, if my baseball team was losing by ten, I’d cheer my team up and tell them to try their hardest, or if people feel bad i would try to cheer them up. I’m also the type of person who no matter what happens I always try to stay happy by just smiling. Although I may be other colors, this color describes me best, because I’m always the the person who cheers people up or try’s to never put my self down and try harder. Yellow is a nice color to be, even if you may be a different color, I still think that yellow is the color for me.

  11. Hmmm…. Is this a trick question? I suppose I am the most like Violet, resembling prosperity and royalty. I am definitely not royalty, but I do prosper. Not financially, but mentally. I succeed most of the time when I want and try to do something. I solve problems pretty well as long as it has nothing to do with my emotions. While it may be something insignificant, I pride myself on being able to problem solve quickly and efficiently despite lacking emotional intelligence. Now I don’t know about you, but I’m off to go get some more math worksheets!

  12. Their are meany colors that describe people. The color that describes me is red. The color red stands for exiting and demands attention. I know that I am this color because I am always excited. When I am about to take a test I am exited, and I don’t know why. I have to have attention because when I was five or six my parents never payed attention to me. I hope you find out what your color is.

  13. Orange exactly describes me. I am a very active person and I’ll admit that I do sometimes like to get attention. Also, orange is my favorite color. Attention is a great thing to get. I really enjoy having people’s eyes on me. I really like when I say something funny and many people laugh. It make me feel special. I am very active, I play many sports and love playing them. I’d say that playing sports is my absolute favorite thing to do, especially with my friends. It’s always fun to have competition against one of your really good friends and be able to have fun together. Just talking about how much I love being active makes me want to go outside and play!

  14. I am looking like an apple, I am red. I always have fun. Hanging out with friends, playing sports, and riding my bike. I am not the kind of person who is quiet and shy. I am outgoing and fun. I am also ambitious because I love achieving goals. That is how I learn my soccer moves by practicing then achieving. I also will never give up. I keep trying until I am successful. For example when I grow up I want to be a professional golfer. I am really good and I practice a lot. I won’t give up, it was my goal sense I was three years old. That’s why I am red like an apple.

  15. My green is my color. I like lots of outdoor activities like paintball, airsoft, hunting, fishing and lots of other things. I like these things because they give me exercise and they are really fun. I also am good with money, like saving it and spending with in proportion.

  16. Red, blue, green, and grey so hard to pick, but yet I already knew what color I was. I am Grey. The reason I pick grey is because when I pitch in baseball I have to be mentally solid. Why? When a hitter get’s a hit I just have to forget about it. Not many people can do that are our age. I’m also timeless I don’t care what happens with things like the way my school has change what type of shorts guys can where on fridays, or how my favorite type of show is no longer sold bye Nikkei . Now going back to the solid thing about when a hitter gets a hit. Let’s say you are the on the mound and I hit a home run. What would you do? Tip your cap to the me and say nice hit, or hold back from ruining up to me and slapping me in the face. What I do is just say nice hit, but i’ll get you next time.

  17. My color is orange because I am a very fun-loving person. This color is also associated with action, and once, I went on a small adventure. My orange cat got out of the house, and I had to chase him all around the neighborhood! He is a very fast cat, but eventually I caught him, and I brought him back to my orange house. I think orange is definitely the color associated with me, based on my story, and my personality.

  18. Green. Green is a good color for me because I have fun outdoors. Things I like to do outdoors are play baseball, fish, and go hiking in North Carolina. One trip I will never forget is the first time I went fishing with my uncle. We went near Blinds Pass. I caught a forty pound king fish. It took me for ever to reel in. Once I pulled the fish in I was so happy. That was the biggest fish I caught back then. We took it home and ate it for dinner that night.

  19. The color green. The color that represents me the best. It relates to me and my love of nature. Nature is a beautiful thing, it’s very calming and soothing. It is a color that really reflect my soul, it’s not blue and it’s not yellow, it’s in between the two colors. I’m not extremely optimistic and i’m not extremely a leader sort of person. I’m a little of both colors. It also reflects me because I love seeing things grow, from my little cousins to the smallest plants. I may not have a so called “green thumb”, but I just love helping and seeing things grow. The color green. What a lovely color.

  20. The color orange reflects on me because it means fun and ambitious. The reason I chose that is because I have fun and take risks. When I went to wake boarding camp, I tried to really high jumps on my toe side and, heel side, and I tried to do a 180 on my toe side, which is harder to do. An example of me having fun is when I was at soccer practice and it was really boring, so I “Jazzed” it up by making people laugh and make the have fun.

  21. If I had to pick a color that resembles me then I would choose yellow. I am happy a lot and think on the bright side. I also would choose that color because I don’t get sad easily and I am optimistic when something bad happens. I like to play outside a lot and I think of yellow as the sun and the outdoors. Curious is also a good word describing yellow and I like to try new things to see if I like it. I play basketball but my dad likes soccer and sometimes I see a bright yellow jersey and it is always fun to say that Arsenal has better uniforms. I have seen lots of yellow stuff my whole life so that might have influenced my choice but yellow still resembles me.

  22. I am really fun, I don’t like to be sitting down doing nothing. I like to be doing something like playing a game, going to a amusement park, or at a friends house. I am ambitious because I am a hard worker and take risk, i’m always try my hardest, like in basketball practice. Thats why orange describes me. Orange represents fun and ambition.

  23. I see orange in a lot of places. That really makes me happy. It makes me happy because whenever I see orange, I think of myself. Orange means fun and ambition. Fun really does represent me, because whenever my family is in a bad mood, I try to make them laugh by making faces or telling funny stories. I also talk in funny voices to my friends. They all laugh back. Ambition is also a great word to describe me. Whenever I take any test or quiz, I always study for a long time. Some of my friends say I take way to much time to study, but I always drive for a 100%, and that is how you get it.

  24. The color orange. Orange represents me because I am fun. I like to do fun things, like go carting and laser tag etc. I’ m ambitious. I want to succeed, and so should everyone. I do a lot of things, like sports and academics etc. Succeeding would really do a lot if I could succeed in everything and not only some things. No one can really succeed every single time. When your learning to walk, your not going to be able to succeed right on your first try. You fall down, then you get right back up. I hope you find what color you are.

  25. My personality is a type of fruit and means fun and ambitious. If you thought it was orange then you got it right! A time when I am fun is when I go to peoples houses we play for hours on end then we eat then we play some more.Some things I am ambitious about is my grades and my family health.

  26. I’ve always been very ambitious to get good grades, but I’ve always left time for fun. Orange is the color that describes me (it also just happens to be my favorite color). I love hanging out with my friends, and doing whatever with them. I always have a great time. My friends find me smart, funny, and fun, and I love those qualities about myself. The only quality they don’t see is my ambition. I have sports every day, and I work hard for my grades. They think I’m really smart, but I’m not a genius. You just have to work really hard.

  27. I would say that I am orange because of four different reasons that I know of. The first reason that I think that I am orange is that when I am something associated with orange (e.g. on the orange team for something) I seem to do better and it makes me feel lucky. Secondly I do like to get attention sometimes but I never really demand it like it says for red in the prompt, although red is my favorite color, I don’t think that I am that crazy and wild. Next, I also notice that people almost always complement me when I am wearing orange. Finally, orange is very bright, and I am told frequently told that I am very bright.

  28. If I was to say that my color was blue, I would be straight out lying, for sure. I radiate orange, I do more than radiate it, I am it, (I think.) I really aspire to be the definition of orange: fun, ambitious. Accept, does the category of ambition only fall over climbing mountains? Or diving into the Amazon River to get up close and personal with a shark? Or is ambition of stepping out of your comfort zone, if only by a little? Because sometimes, my ambition level is about one percent when I choose Greek over Thai food, but it’s still there!

  29. Maybe red or orange are nice colors – I don’t know. But I think black describes me the best. Black is a strong color. First, I don’t like to speak out loud if we don’t need to do it, but when we can talk in the class or in P.E., I feel confident about talking to some one. Second, I always wear the right clothes for events; for example, when I go to a swimming pool, I bring swimming shorts and not a shirt and long pants. I feel comfortable in normal clothes because I don’t like to be the center of attention. This is not because I’m shy, but because I am reserved. I make my own decisions,but I’m strong enough to listen to other people. I compare the ideas and then decide for myself what is best. When I know what is best, I can lead others. English is a challenge for me right now because I can’t explain Ideas to others easily. However, it won’t be long before I can.

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