What Makes a Hero?

Students, this week we begin our journey into our hero unit. As you read The Hobbit, The Wizard of Oz, or Navigating Early, and journey with your character as he/she undertakes the quest that is meant for only him/her, you will begin to explore and question the qualities of a hero. This week I am asking you to think deeply and tell us who you consider to be a hero and why. I am not looking for you to talk about any family members, or silly superheroes (these comments will be deleted), but instead think back into history and current events. Miep Gies is someone I consider to be a hero for the giving of herself in the face of danger to do what she felt was right. You are not to use her.

What are the qualities of a hero? Who is a hero and how does he/she fit your qualities?

Comment on the video Boatlift with something specific that indicates you watched the video.

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  1. A hero doesn’t have to have magical powers or be famous, they can just have a helping hand. A hero to me is someone who goes out of their way to help people or taking risks for others. A hero is someone who does what they can. Victoria Soto is my hero because in the shooting of Sandy Hook Elementary she told her students to hide in the cabinets and when the shooter came she told him that they weren’t there. Some students ran from their hiding spots when the shooter came and he tried to shoot them. She threw herself in front of the bullets, she was shot and killed and risked her life for others. Her story touched my heart and she is my hero.

    In the 9/11 boat lift, the thing that touched me the most was when one of the boatmen called the other ferries, and in about twenty minutes all the ferries had come. I really loved that because even ferries that were from New Jersey came to help and they saved five hundred thousand people. People were jumping into the water and the boatmen helped them and evacuated a lot of the island. They saved so many lives because of the one man who tried.

  2. Hero’s to me aren’t always people who stand out and get recognized for everything they do sometimes they do little things that make a big impacted. Hero’s can be big or small but it is their personalty and what they believe is what counts. Some hero’s could be compassionate and brave. It doesn’t take a lot to become a hero. The hero will come out when it is needed the most. The person that comes to mind when I think of a hero is the lady in Newton, Connecticut. When the shooter came into the school she hid all of the kids in the closet and told the man that all of the kids had escaped the building. She died trying to save the kids lives. Even though most of kids died, she died doing the right thing.
    During the video the main thing that stood out to me was when the young man jumped off the docking area and onto the boats railings. He was only holding on with his hands if he let go he would have died. The boat man asked the younger man what he was doing and responded and said I am saving my life. The boat man couldn’t blame him and then the younger man he went down to the lower level and climbed onto the boat.

  3. I want my hero to be nice, kind, and fight for what she believes in. Pocahontas is my hero because she saved John Smith from being killed by her tribe. She put his head on top of John Smith’s when her father trided to kill him. Pocahontas believed that everybody could be nice if you reach in deep down including white people.

    In the video Boatlift, I learned that everybody has a hero deep down. It was so cool that one person made a call on his boat and thousands of people came on party boats, ferries, speed boats, or any type of boat. One of the boatmen said that only if he saved one person that he would have made a difference and it did.

  4. Standing up for yourself and others is a quality of hero’s. It is very important to stand up for what is right. You should never let someone push you around and tell you what to do. You can be a normal person and become a hero.

    Jackie Robinson has all of those qualities. He was the first ever African-American Major League Baseball Player. He played for the Dodgers. Because Jackie lived in a big, single parent, home he knew how to play lots of sports. During his first game playing as a Dodger, people in the stadium were throwing cups and food at him when he was playing and as he was up to bat. The people were telling him that he couldn’t do it, but he did. That was a very heroic day, and I wish I could have been there.

    The boat lift story was very touching. I loved the part when the coast guards were telling the captions to take everyone out of Manhattan. The coast guards were telling people to go as fast as you can. They took the sheets off of the beds and drew a map of where to go. That was the sad part. I loved seeing everyone help everyone.

  5. Life is a mystery. It’s full of taking risks, being brave, and staying true to yourself no matter what people say; that is Susan B. Anthony. She is kind, bold, daring, true to her opinions, thoughts and she never gives up. Heroes are determined, they always have a goal and don’t stop until that goal is full filled. Susan B. Anthony is a very brave woman. She was an American Civil Rights leader. She is the woman who helped get women’s rights into motion. That had to of had a lot of courage and bravery. She is the ultimate hero in my mind.
    I was so incredibly inspired when I watched the BoatLift video. It was absolutely amazing how all the people were helping each other get onto the boats safely. It was very surprising to me when the coast guard asked on his radio for boats to come and help them evacuate. Within a while so many boats going from party boats, to cruise boats, and even some privately owned boats. All these people were not forced to come, they chose to. Manhattan was fully evacuated within nine hours! That was a truly inspiring moment for me.

  6. Hero’s don’t have to be super or special,they don’t have to even stand out. They can be just normal people who do the right thing’s that make an impact in the world. Hero’s don’t have to be the strongest people they can be little but the little thing they do that counts. For example, There was a young man who worked at Dairy Queen it was just a normal day for him when a blind man came in .Who had gotten an ice cream when he was going to find a seat,and dropped twenty dollars. The man had been making the ice cream when a lady walked in a took the twenty dollars then the young man had saw her take it. He refused to take her order of what she had done. Then finally she left with the money. The young man had an option to take money out of the cash register. But instead he took twenty dollars out of his own money and told the man here you go you dropped this not saying a word about what had happened that is a true hero.

    The video of a heart warming story about 9\11. If you haven’t herd there was a story about many people on fairies and boats who helped save the tragedy of the twin towers. The hole world came together in just one call for help .It inspired me a lot because it means every one can have each other’s back even if you are not fond of them. The hole world had each other’s back through it and made history for the most boat’s saving the people who were in the building who died or survived.

  7. Martin Luther King Jr. is a hero to me. A hero is a citizen that does not sit back while wrong things are happening. They fight for what is right, and they don’t stop fighting until they get their way. They realize that they might not come out alive, but they are willing to try because it is the right thing. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream that everyone would be created equal. He fought for the rights of colored people. He sacrificed his freedom and life because he wanted to do the right thing. He didn’t stop until everyone thought about and acknowledged what he was saying. He changed the way our world thought, and we thank him for that. Not only is Martin Luther King Jr. a hero in my mind, but he is a hero in many other minds as well.

    No one will ever forget the boat lift. When the tug boats and ferries came to help with the evacuation out of Manhattan, I was very touched because it taught me that when something goes wrong, people always come together for the common good. Some citizens risked their lives to help others save theirs. The drivers of the boats would constantly stop to save more and more people instead of driving away to save themselves. I am very proud of these people, and I hope I can be like them one day.

  8. A heroic person doesn’t need to fly or have super powers. Even a homeless person on the street could be a hero. Even a person you see on the corner market could be a hero. A hero is actually someone who will literally give there life for someone else. That is what this person did. Liviu Librescu was a professor at Virginia Tech College. He is a hero because he gave up his life to save his students. But not only is this person a hero, he is a survivor. There was a trespasser on campus and Liviu was a Holocaust survivor. Professor Librescu was 76 years old. He stood in front of the door and let the bullets hit him. He opened up the windows and told students to flee. He was the reason no one got killed. This was especially hard for Professor Librescu”s son, Joe. Joe went to Virginia Tech as a student.

    There is a very inspiring video called BOATLIFT. If you watch you will tear up. It is probably the most inspiring video I have ever seen. The quotes and how everyone helped each other is totally amazing. If you watch this you will want to save someone.

  9. Brave as anybody could be, a leader in the heart, perseverance. To be a magnificent hero you need all those qualities. Hero’s don’t have to have the strongest personality, or the best speeches. They could maybe be the quietest ones that make the best personalities. One small idea could make a big impact in the world. A ordinary teenager knew that some people did not have enough money to buy new shoes every year for school. Some peoples shoes make their toes ache if they don’t get new ones. This young boy bought shoes, for all the people that needed some. More than 2,000 kids and people needed them from around the world. He bought so many pairs of shoes it filled his parents whole garage. He says he was just trying to do the right thing because he knew how privileged he was to even have his own pair. He was so young, yet had a big dream but didn’t give up. He had perseverance in his heart, and hope in others.

    It was so touching to my heart. Made my eyes water like a tank being filled to the top. One push of a button could save so many lives. The coast guard asked all the ships to come and help the people and visitors of Manhattan, New York. They all had an option to help all the innocent people. They all were so brave to come back and help all those people so they could live their life to the fullest. At the end when the boy got on the boat and then smiled, my tears dried and my heart lit up like a lightbulb. I will always remember the tiny little details that made me sad yet so happy. Imagine if the coast guard would have not called the other boats. What would have happened then?

    1. “This young boy bought shoes, for all the people that needed some. More than 2,000 kids and people needed them from around the world.”

  10. Not all heroes have super powers or are famous or sometimes even stand out in a crowd. My meaning of a superhero is someone who is brave, and risks something for someone else they may not even know, or even risking their lives just to have equal rights. My hero is Martin Luther King because he risked his life just to have equal rights for all African Americans. After his “I had a dream” speech Martin Luther King was murdered, just because someone disagreed with Martin Luther King wanting all African Americans to have freedom of speech, or be able to get an education, and even work places that they never could before. Martin Luther King is a hero to me because he was brave and he died because he wanted everyone to be free and have equal rights. In my mind Martin Luther King was born a hero and died a hero.

    1. Some men just didn’t know what to and then in the video “Boatlift” they men only knew what to do. Some men docked not to far away from Manhattan, New York, which is an island, hopped on their boat and sailed to the smoky island to help after the twin towers had been crashed into by some terrorist driving planes. These men show a great example of heroes. This touched my heart and also filled it with joy that people cared enough to help strangers that were in danger. I love this video because it shows how much people can care about random strangers.

  11. A hero doesn’t have to be someone famous. A hero is a person who did something that helped the world. A hero goes out of their way to do something for someone and takes the chance of having something happen to them. My hero is Victoria Soto. Victoria Soto was a 28 year old teacher who risked her life to save 20 others. When Adam Lanza went to Sandy Hook he killed 27 people. Victoria Soto risked her life and hid all of the kids in the cabinets. When Adam Lanza came in the classroom he asked where the kids were. She said that the kids were in P.E. Adam Lanza then shot her. She is a true hero.

    Boat lift is truly an inspirational piece of history. All the people who went out and saved those people are true heroes. I can’t believe that one radio call saved so many lives. So many boats came and that is amazing. Thinking about that 9/11 had the biggest amount of boats in one spot ever is amazing. At first I thought that 9/11 was all about tragedy, but it wasn’t all about that. It also was about all the lives being saved. All those men are a true inspiration to me.

  12. A hero doesn’t have to be a superhero nor do they have to have powers. They are just people with big hearts that want to help others. Martin Luther King Jr. was a man who spoke out to people. He didn’t believe that African American people were lower than a white person, he wanted civil rights, and he wanted justice for all. He was a hero to all African Americans. Without him the world would have been races for a longer time and more people would have suffered, and would have been looked upon as something found in a garbage. Martin Luther King Jr. was a hero and still is one, and because of him African American people can now drink out of the same fountain, eat at the same restaurant, and go to better schools with white people. Thanks to him African American people have equal rights.

  13. A true hero to me is someone that displays bravery as one of their character traits. For example; the firefighters in the 9/11. “When people rushed out- they rushed in.” -Unknown. When the Twin Towers collapsed, and people ran out for their lives; the firefighters rushed in to save the people who could not make it out; and they were crushed by rubble. The firefighters showed that they were so brave because there could have been bombs in the twin tower; they had no idea. I do not think that I will ever be a fire fighter, but I want to be brave. Before I die, I want to same one persons life. They were risking their lives for ours.

    The 9/11 Boat lift video was so sweet because there are ordinary heroes in the world today. It only took one radio call for all of those boats to come. A hero to me is someone that does something amazing to help a person, place, or thing and they do it for no reason. It is amazing to look at the world; and how much violence there is. There are people causing that violence. And then, you look at those people on their boats coming to help people that they do not even know. They painted on blankets to let people know where their destination was once they came to rescue them. I liked what one of the men said in the Boat lift video. He said, “I do what I can do. I try my best. I tell my kids to never go through life saying I should have. You did what you could do.” Also, he said, “My wife did not want me to rescue these people because she was afraid I would get injured or killed since we did not know what was going on. But I didn’t care- if I saved one persons life, that was enough for me.”

  14. A hero can be afraid, most people have fears. A hero is someone who stands up to help someone else. They stand for their beliefs, even at the cost of their life. A hero is willing to go outside the box, a hero is brave. Bravery is something every person has. They might not have a lot, but every one has some. Bravery can help people in need. I think Martin Luther King had a lot of bravery. He stood up for himself and others like him. He stood for his family, friends, and random people he didn’t even know! Martin Luther King knew the consequences, but he kept going. He was willing to take on the biggest consequence of all, death. He did die, but he died as a noble, brave,and strong hero. He will never be forgotten for what he did. He was a hero, and we respect him for it. We remember him for his bravery, for his strength, and passion in what he was doing. We don’t remember him as the man who stood up for his rights. We remember him as the hero who stood up for his rights. We remember him as a hero.

    Boatlift was really touching. I have always heard, that humans were greedy and selfish. I heard they destroy the earth and it’s animals. When I saw this, it really touched my heart. Not all people are the same, nobody is the same. Theses people had something in common though. They had bravery, kindness, and they were caring. They didn’t know what was going on. They could have been under attack, they could have died, but, they kept going. They knew what they were doing. They didn’t care if they only saved one person, they still made a difference. I think my favorite part was when one man said, “I tell this to my children every night. Don’t say, “Oh I should have done that, I should have done that.” Do it.” It really made me smile. I wanted to cry. This was the most amazing video I have ever seen.

  15. A hero is a person who is brave, kind, and will do the best things for others and themselves. They don’t need to crash through a window and sweep you off your feet. A hero just a regular person that cares about people and the things around them. Police officers are hero’s, they might just think they are doing there job, but they are actually very important. If we didn’t have police there would be robberies, attacks, and bad people would be running all over town!
    The police are always here to help whenever they can. They make our lives safer, and much more happier. Those brave police risk their life everyday just to make ours better. They wake up ready to make the world a better place, and that is why they are in our world. If you think about it they are just ordinary people, who have a goal to do the best thing for others no matter what it takes.
    After watching the video called ” BoatLift” I was inspired by the people who risked there lives for ours. Those men and women didn’t think they were hero’s they were just doing what they could to help those people in the 9/11 attack. The part that spoke to me was when one man made a call to all the other boats and to see all those boats it really made me feel good. All of those boats were all the people who cared and wanted to help. This was very sad, but these people saved thousands of lives. If it weren’t for them those people probably wouldn’t have had been here today.

  16. A hero is a person who sacrifices so many things like rescuing the Africans Americans, saving lives, making equal rights, and getting rid of slavery. That’s what makes a hero. Heroes don’t have to be people who fly, lift heavy objects, and shoot lasers out of their eyes. A hero can be young or old, it can be a random person you see in the world who walked by you. Marin Luther King risked lots of stuff to go on that podium and Speke about what he thinks should be right in the world. He thought it was wrong for non African Americans to have better stuff than African Americans. He didn’t like that he wasn’t able to sit, dink, or eat at the same place. So he took a stand, and spoke about what he thought was right. But sadly a little bit latter a man did. Not agree and he shot King down.

  17. A Hero has a different meaning than being able to fly. A hero is someone who changes life for the better. My hero is no other than Helen Keller. She is an inspirational hero because she saved so many people from not giving up. She saved people who are deaf, blind, both, or neither from wasting their life. She didn’t give up on achieving her goals. She is not just a hero in people like her but she is in my eyes. If she can do it anyone can.
    When you think of our community you might think of all the bad people or tragedies that happened but never of the good. Boatlift shows an example of how we come together as a community, nation, as a family. Every single one of those men are heroes. They didn’t plan to be heroes it just happens that way. You can’t predict to change lives.

  18. A hero is some one who goes out of their way to help some one else. A hero would risk their life to save others, and they are brave, unselfish, and very caring. People who fight in the military are hero’s, because they risk their life to fight for our country, and they keep us safe. People in the military are normally brave and willing to die to save the rest of us. Some times we need to step up, and let the hero’s out of ourselves. The people in the military did it, so can we. Everyone is a hero inside, we just need to know when to show it.

    During 9/11 I never knew of the Boat Lift, but after I watched the video on it I was touched. I wondered, why some one would risk their life to save strangers? I realized that the people were just doing what they thought was the right thing. Then when it was happening, the people thought they were being boomed, and going out in a boat would make you a big target to be boomed. I was happy that so many people helped out even though they were risking their lives. The video meant a lot to me.

  19. My hero does not have to be brave, strong, or fearless. All my hero needs is a big heart, and knowing how much one life makes a difference. My heroes are doctors. Doctors are heroes to me because they try their vary best to help anyone who asks for there help. Doctors also know how much there patients life is worth, and if something where to happen to the patient it would not only hurt the patient, but also everyone he or she knew.

    The video Boatlift really taught me a lot. I did not know vary much about 9/11 or about how important it was. Something I did not know is that people took matters into their own hands by bringing out there boats and saving people. I know that even though they did not get a lot of credit everybody who helped is a hero.

  20. You don’t have to be fearless to be a hero. You just have to listen to your gut and be brave. Never give up. Abraham Lincoln had all of these qualities. He always stood up for what he believed in. He did not like that America’s problems were resulting in bloodshed. Yet, still he was willing to fight to help the Union Army and free the slaves. That was what he believed in.

    Boatlift, to me was the story of average people, stepping up to do the right thing. It’s human nature to care, but it’s the little bit of hero in you that makes you take action. They knew their lives were in danger but they didn’t care, one life could make all the difference.

  21. What makes someone a hero isn’t their glamorous powers or cloak of darkness, it’s what made them want to help. If someone like a life guard saves someone from drowning, he’s a hero. He just saved their life, and that person’s family, who would have suffered if that hero hadn’t been there, even if it’s their job. I think a hero is humble, someone who claims not to be one, even if the deed they did was small, or large. Whatever they did, they left a mark on the person they helped.
    My hero was Benjamin Clark, who died on September 11, 2001. But he wasn’t a cop, or a firefighter, he was a chef. He had succeeded to help many people, but failed to save himself. He put others before himself, and that takes courage.

    When I watched Boatlift, I hurt. I hurt for the people who watched the twin towers fall down and I hurt for the people who were stuck on the island, without help in the middle of a terrorist attack. But some of that hurt went away when I saw all the boats coming to help. All those people left the comfort of their own home to help total strangers, who may even be jerks. But they helped them, from the bottom of their heart.

    1. “I think a hero is humble, someone who claims not to be one, even if the deed they did was small, or large. Whatever they did, they left a mark on the person they helped.”

  22. A hero to me is someone who is willing to go out of their way to help someone. A hero also is someone who wants to make a difference for somebody else, even if it takes up some of their time. A hero is not snobby or selfish. They don’t think only of themselves, but of everyone around them, even if it is their enemy. They are willing to help hundreds of strangers in need. A hero will do this because they know if they don’t, it will affect all of the victim’s family and friends.

    Harriet Tubman is a hero in my opinion. She saved thousands of slaves from being beaten to death. She went out of her way and helped people who were being hurt. She could have left them to be slaves, but she went out and helped them. She didn’t care if the person was short or tall, boy or girl. She wanted to make a difference in other people’s lives, and that’s what she did. She did a pretty good job at it too.

    The 9/11 Boatlift video was very sad but at the same time so inspirational. It really kills me to think that this stuff actually happened, and to thousands of innocent people. I never even knew about all the captains saving all those people until last night when I watched the video. Those captains should know that they were a hero to hundreds of families. They really made me think, “What can I do to make a difference?” It was so inspirational when one captain made the radio call that probably saved tons of stranded peopled on Manhattan. Hundreds of boats came to Manhattan to save all of those people, and not one captain said, “No, you can’t get on.” My dad was on the 17th floor when the Twin Towers got hit by an airplane. He used one of the boats to get out of Manhattan. If it weren’t for these heros, my dad might not be alive. He couldn’t of gotten out of Manhattan, and he would’ve been stranded there. These strangers saved by dad’s life, and if it weren’t for them thousands of more people, including my dad, could’ve died that day.

    1. “My dad was on the 17th floor when the Twin Towers got hit by an airplane. He used one of the boats to get out of Manhattan. If it weren’t for these heroes, my dad might not be alive.”

  23. The hero is kind to all, she taught us how to be forgiving, she has changed the world, she will stick up for what she believes in. This hero is Malala Yousafzai. She impacted our world like an asteroid. All Malala wanted ton do was go to school, but when she tried, she was shot. Malala survived, but there was more to the story. Malala stood up for herself, and she was punished. The beautiful thing about Malala, is that she toaught the world how to forgive. She says, “I forgive the Talib who shot me. Even if I had a gun in my hand, I would not shoot him.” There are so many reasons how Malala changed the world. Malala has sparked children’s education. There are now 57 million children in the world that are not educated. Vuk Jeremic, president of the General Assembly of the United Nations, stated that any child, no matter what the circumstances are, can attend school. Malala influenced this. Malala, at only 16 years old, has encouraged people to take a stand for a common cause. 3 million people have signed the Malala Petition. Malala’s braveness has inspired millions of people. She has showed us, that even at a young age, you can change the world. Malala Yousafzai is now the youngest person to ever be a nominee for a Nobel Peace Prize. She is truly a hero.

    The video “Boatlift” really proved something about who we are. When all of those people came together to help random citizens, it was beautiful. One thing that really touched me, was when the ferry boat driver spoke into his radio for people to come help, and more than 300 boats came to help. Even though they might have attacked us, we have something that they will never have. We have unity. We come together when the time is right. Their blows will never affect us, no matter how hard they try.

  24. When the word superhero comes to your mind, you probably think about Superman, or maybe Ironman. A hero, though, doesn’t have to have super speed or super strength. In my opinion, a hero is someone who steps out of their way to help someone else. They try to make things equal, enjoyable, and in some certain situations, safe for everyone. Abraham Lincoln was a hero for me. You may think that I’m pulling a random famous name from history, but when you think about it, things would be very different right now. It would’ve taken longer for people to realize that your skin color doesn’t make you a slave. Maybe there would’ve still been slaves when Martin Luther King Jr. was born, so he would have only solved the slave issue instead of the equal one, because that would have been going on when he was born. Abraham Lincoln knew people weren’t being human with others. Just because of skin. Unfortunately, he only solved the slave problem, not both the slave and unfairness problem. But still, he started that thought, that human thought that we are all the same people on the inside.

    I almost cried when I saw what had happened. The fire chasing, the people screaming, the ashes flying, and the boats soaring in. Since one person saw what was going on and decided to help, since one decided to make the call, hundreds of other boats came to save other peoples lives, even when they thought they might die in the process. I thought that it would take forever to save those people, to get them out, but when everyone worked together, they got over 50,000 people out in less than nine hours. I thought that it was amazing that even twenty boats would come out to save people when they risk their own lives to do so. I was amazed by those captains, amazing by those heroes.

  25. A hero is not necessarily someone who possesses magical powers or is radioactive. They are someone who is willing to do anything for others. Others they might not even know. They decide to put all of their troubles aside to help those that have more troubles then they could dream. Heroes are also very brave. They do whatever it takes in most situations. That can involve jumping into a fire to save a kitten. Or going under a car to save a man from getting crushed. They also must stand up for what they think is right. They inspire people to follow in their footsteps. And they will always be cerebrates in my mind. Even if they don’t want to be.

    Harriet Tubman is a hero of mine. She was one of the leaders for the Underground Railroad to help slaves get out of the south. She was a very strong and independent female. And I admire her for that. She risked her life to save people that she didn’t know. In fact for most of them they only were alike in two ways. They shared a dream, and a skin color. For many people the dream of being free was just a distant thought, a pipe dream even. For Harriet that “pipe dream” was no dream. It was to become reality.

    This week a watched a touching video about 9/11. 9/11 is a touchy subject but this video highlighted it perfectly. Boatlift was an excellent example of heroes. These people came out, on their own time, on their own boats, to save these people. These boat captains were great examples of heroes. I thought that this video was very uplifting and a great watch. I would suggest it. Get your tissues ready.

  26. Most people think a hero is brave, I think a hero needs to brave but that’s just a little bit about a hero. They need to be a little selfless, because heroic things are usually selfless things. A hero needs to be able to risk themselves for another, go out of there way to save another. I think a very heroic person would risk themselves for someone they don’t even know. A person you wouldn’t usually consider a hero, but than person can end up to be one. The person I consider a hero is someone I don’t know, I don’t know their name, I don’t know about their personality, I don’t know anything about him I just know a story. When I lived back in Tennessee, it would snow in the winter. The lakes would freeze, but not enough to go on them. My friend, her mom, and her little sister went out to go sledding down a hill with a lake at the bottom of it. My friends little sister sledded down the hill a little to far she went on the frozen lake, and the ice cracked. The water was cold, the ice would eventually start to freeze again, and she was to young to know how to swim. There was a man sledding near by with his kids and saw the situation. He ran over and jumped in the lake to save her. The mom called the police to save the girl before the man jumped in, so they were on their way. The little girl got out before the ambulance came, but the ambulance had to save him. He had to go to the hospitable because he had frostbite and he got lots of cuts.

    The video “Boatlift” was a very touching, sad, but happy all at the same time. One thing that really got to me was while it was going on and only a few boats were there, a captain sent a radio call out and just a few minutes later hundreds of boats were there. I also thought about all those people who owned boats went out not knowing what was happening, but still came risking their lives for others. Their was one quote in the video a man said. He said, “I tell my self, if you do it and you failed you tried, and if you did it and you succeed, better for you. I always tell my kids if you want to do it don’t sit there and say you want to, do it.

  27. A hero isn’t a person who has superpowers or even someone who saves the world. They are people who do what they can to help someone in need. A real hero will put someone else’s life before their own. A real hero will use all the courage and strength they have, and no matter how great the service, they will be modest. They will never brag or take credit for what happened. And, unlike Superman, they will say “I’m not a hero. I just did the right thing.” They will make a difference, no matter how small.Just like a Jewish quote says, “If you save one life, you save the world entire.” We might wonder, “Where could we find a person like that,” but what we don’t know, is they are right before our very eyes. Nineteen-year-old Joey Prusak works at a Dairy Queen in Minnesota. He was working, when a blind man walked in and dropped a twenty-dollar bill. A woman bent down to pick it up. Joey thought she would give it back to him, but she slipped it into her pocket. Joey was amazed at the unkindness, so he asked the woman to return the money. When she refused and stormed out of the building, Joey gave the blind man a new twenty-dollar bill. It wasn’t from the Dairy Queen cash register. The money came straight from his pocket. Joey insists he didn’t do anything special. He says that he did what any person would do. He may not look like Superman, but Joey Prusak is a hero.

    There are more heroes than one. I recently watched a touching video called “Boatlift.” I had no idea that people risked their lives on 9/11 for others. They took their boats to save people on the island of Manhattan. It scares me that they were stuck on the island, with the towers under attack. It gives me so much hope that one person made a radio call asking for help, and hundreds of boats showed up. People say it was the most boats they’ve ever seen. These people didn’t know if there would be more bombs that would go off, or another plane crashing in. All they knew was that this task would be dangerous, but they were going to do it anyways. One man said “Even if I save one life, I’ve made a difference.” And he did. This made me want to make a difference. It made me think, “If I were in that situation, would I do this?” Towards the end of the video, someone said, “Everyone has a hero inside of them. And it will come out when you need it.” This video inspired me and many others. And, every time I watch it, I remember that there really are heroes out there. They may not have super-strength or invisibility power, but in my mind, they are heroes.

    1. “Towards the end of the video, someone said, “Everyone has a hero inside of them. And it will come out when you need it.”

  28. Jasper Schuringa saved people in an airplane. A terrorist had a bomb in his shoe. The man tried to make a fire to explode the bomb. Jasper jumped on him and held him till the plane landed. There were more than 200 people on the airplane. The explosives were powerful. Because of Jasper, they didn’t die. He didn’t do it to be a hero, but after he did it, he had more than 3,500 fans on Facebook.

  29. To me a hero doesn’t have to have the ability to fly or super strength or any of those things, to me a hero is someone who does something good and does something that is right. A hero is a good person, does things that are right, corrects wrongs to make them right, and is a law bititng citizen. This traits relate to me because I always try to wat is right and I am always trying to right wrongs. I thought the video BoatLift was really inspirational. It will inspire anyone who watches it. In the video BoatLift, after the Twin Towers fell, the people on the island of Manhattan were jumping in the water becasue they had forgotten that Manhattan was indeed an island. The guy then went around the island picking people up with his boat and taking them where they needed to go. I thought what he did was indeed a heroic thing and the right thing to do. I would have done the same if I were him.

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