The Greatest Sandwich of All Time

We are nearing the end of September!

For this week’s prompt, we are working on adding those important details to our writing. Think of the books that you love…now think on why you love those stories. Without all the wonderful character descriptions, setting details, action details, etc. the writing would be boring, dull, uninteresting, and we just wouldn’t read. Think of the authors’ styles whose books you enjoy who bring those great stories to life….and how they write. You need to add the details to your writing, too. Whether it is for a creative write, a paper explaining a scientific procedure, or answers to a test, you must explain with details.

So, what is the greatest sandwich you have ever had? Explain it in detail, from top to bottom, using colorful and expressive adjectives and strong verbs. Make our mouths water! (Think of the mini lesson we have just had.)

Begin with a creative lead, add your descriptions and details, and end with a concluding sentence. One paragraph only. No story, no dialog. Make your points clearly and efficiently.

Be sure to show correct usage of the two comma rules we have learned so far: listing items in a series and connecting two independent clauses with a conjunction.

Also, do not restate the question in your first sentence: The greatest sandwich I have ever had is…do not do this!
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  1. A large sandwich sat over a thick plate with a tomato, a few pieces of turkey, and a wide pickle. On the top of the sandwich, the crispy and crunchy bread made a snapping sound every time that I bit into it. Next, comes the thick, bright red tomato slice that gleamed whenever it was at a strange angle from the light. Below the tomato, three stringy maple glazed pieces of turkey stood. At last, a rough, firm pickle was forced between bread and the turkey. The bottom half of the bread was flat on both sides and was full of moisture. All in all, I wanted to savor that moment, but I wanted to eat much more of those sandwiches that day.

  2. Mmmmmmmm I’m so hungry for a sandwich but which kind? I know a ham and cheese sandwich, those are good. White bread on top of three layers of cooked Canadian ham maybe some lettuce too and tomatoes and onions maybe. So much to choose! OH can’t forget some nice American cheese what’s a sandwich without the cheese? Should I get Italian bread instead? Yeah I’ll go with that. Now time to make that sandwich!

  3. Wow, imagine a perfect grilled cheese that is perfectly perfected. The top layer a soft white bread bun covered in butter baking perfectly on a stove. Then inside of that Swiss cheese slowly melting so it is so soft and tasty. On the bottom a white bread bun also covered in butter slowly getting crispier and crispier so it is soft yet a little crunchy. Then when its done baking you putting it on a plate and waiting to eat it. Then it’s time to eat it slowly eating it and you can taste the perfection. Well see you later I’m of to the stove to make a delicious and perfect grilled cheese.

  4. Imagine a toasted peanut butter and jelly sand which. With toasted white bread on the top. And the jelly softly coming out of the bottle directly on the sand which. And then my favorite part the peanut butter that I splatter all over the sand which. And then I put the bottom bread which is also white and toasted. I wish I made two I just finished my first.

  5. Ham sandwiches, the best sandwich of all time, simple but delicious. When you bight into that toasty Italian bread. That perfectly delicious ham it’s juicy and warm. That last layer of creamy white toasted to the middle bread. Ah, I can’t what to have it. (Looks down) where’s my sandwich?! (Looks to the left at brother with ham and bread crumbs around his face)BILLY! GET OVER HERE!!!

  6. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Gee I am so hungry.Yesterday I was watching my best friend eat the best samwich of all time. The sandwich had the biggest toasted white bread. After that it had the most ripe tomato I have ever seen.The pickles that were on his samwich were so big, round, and juicy. When I saw that lettuce on his sandwich my stomach rumbled so loud. The lettuce was the silkiest green topping that I have ever seen. The lettuce was followed by the turkey with the brightest shade of pink. Then another one of those big toasted whole wheat breads on the bottom of his samwich. Gee I almost forgot that my stomach was growling earlier. Got to go. Bye.

  7. Italian subs the juiciest most mouth watering sub in the world. I eat Italian subs with toasted, whole wheat bread, topped of with a fresh layer of salami, pepperoni, lettuce and provolone cheese. I get my Italian subs fresh from subway or from the publix deli on occasion. Are you teary eyed yet because I am, because I just took the first bight of my mouth watering Italian sub.

  8. Crispy, juicy, yet somehow soft bacon, layered on top of beautiful, moist, fresh green lettuce, stacked upon moist, juicy, freshly sliced, red tomatoes, sandwiched in between two pieces of crunchy, toasted, whole wheat bread. The yummy and delicious ingredients that make up my BLT, AKA, the best sandwich in the world. If you want one you better come and get it at your local deli or go to the store and bye the ingredients to make it yourself. However, you must Remember the toasted whole wheat bread or else you would just have a big pile of delicious foods that you aren’t gonna eat because there is no bread. just thinking about it right now makes me hungry, I wonder if i can have another one.

  9. Sweet, crunchy, sour, juicy, snapping, when I bite into it, the perfect sandwich. First, comes a toasted, crispy, rye bread top. Followed by a delicious slice of mayo-soaked, green, lettuces goodness. Below will be crispy, juicy, greasy, bacon bliss. With thin rye bread as the bottom of this masterpiece.

  10. Do u know what my favorite sandwich is a nice cold meat sandwich yummmmm.
    I love meat sandwiches because they have protine and the taste sooooo good. When I go to the deli I go crazy over them. I would die for a meat sandwich. Even talking about right now makes me really hungry. Do u know what would make it better I do if u put lemon juice on it yummm that would taste so good right now u know what I am gonna make one right now bye.

  11. Picture a juicy, incredible looking, delicious BLT, that’s the one thing that I always imagine when I think about a great looking sandwich. The “historic” BLT consists of delicious wheat bread that is so delicious and the greatest way to top of the greatest sandwich ever. In between that delicious bread is the freshly cut lettuce that is made in great gardens all around the world. Now comes the most delicious part of the sandwich, the bacon. The bacon is the juiciest and most crispy turkey bacon, and is the perfect type of bacon for this sandwich. Although I’m not very fond of tomatoes, they make the sandwich taste a lot better with its juiciness. Now comes the the last but definitely not least brown juicy meat. I’ve made that sound so good that I’ve got to go make one myself.

  12. Plain and crunchy, yet not lacking flavor, white bread, on top of tasty mayonnaise. Finely cut lettuce, and fresh American cheese delicately placed together. Juicy ham that makes your mouth water at the mere thought of the delicacy. Soft turkey, positioned in the middle of the awesome ham, and more lettuce that brings a grown man to tears. This incredible sandwich is then covered with the white bread that has made even the most manly man begging on their knees. If there were any leftovers, I would have given them to you.

  13. Can you even begin to think about weight bread ,and thick pieces juicy sliced ham. Then American cheese right from the cold freezer ,and under that is the most important part of the sandwich barbecue sauce. That is mouth watering. Then finished off with good old faction weight bread. Now please leave I have to enjoy this sandwich alone.

  14. Can you imagine the tastiest club sandwich after you haven’t eaten in twenty-four hours? I have. I just wouldn’t be able to wait to get my mouth around it! The taste of the fresh white bread towering over the thinly sliced turkey, the crunchy bacon, and the delicious American cheese. I lick my lips and am very desperate to eat that club. Then I find out that there’s more to the sandwich! Juicy tomato, watery lettuce, and creamy mayonnaise. Then, the moment I’ve been waiting for, I stretch my mouth as wide as it can go to wrap it around my club sandwich. My tastebuds or literally jumping with joy on my tongue. I have never had a tastier sandwich than the one that I just had!

  15. Imagine the delicious delights of a Cuban sandwich. The tenderness of smoked roast beef, and juicy, honey-glazed ham. The melted American cheese sliced perfectly, and the freshly sliced lettuce go together perfectly. Creamy white mayonnaise and yellow mustard smeared against the perfectly toasted piece of flatbread. All of this is wedged in between two crispy pieces of perfectly buttered, and toasted flatbread slices. You should try some, if their are any left.

  16. Mmmmmm,I am thinking about bologna sandwiches. I love the fresh great tasting bologna,the delicious American cheese with some mayonnaise and some hot Tobasco sauce. Speaking of sandwiches I’m going to have one myself.

  17. Don’t you love cheeseburgers with lettuce? When you bite one the soft poppyseed bread scrunches up, the crispy green lettuce crunches and snaps, the smooth Heinz Ketchup dribbles down the side, the moist American Cheese sizzling in your mouth, and the the juicy succulent meat covered by the bread. All these things make up a cheeseburger. Some people don’t count it as a sandwich, but I do.

  18. Ah don’t you just love those subway subs their so tasty. Especially when they have turkey, lettuce, tomato, and cheddar cheese.The turkey is the best part because it is very tasty and it will make you fell very good and healthy. The lettuce makes the bite a great combination with honey mustard. Even though it is two dollars for one six inch it makes the world fell like a better place. And if you are a person who likes sandwiches then you should go try a sub at subway. Personally I think the sub is way better when it is not cooked.

  19. Don’t you love roast beef and cheeses sandwiches ? The amazing layers all the cheeses layers whit roast beef. I put salt and pepper in mine. All of the layers the bread,the American cheeses,the salt and prepare,and the crispy bread.I love when my mom toasters the bread. It taste so good! My mom byes all of the bread at publicx. I can sometimes eat to day,and sometimes I mix up the cheese sometimes it’s American and sometimes it’s Swiss. Honey I’m Home. Time to make my sandwich.

  20. Mmm, so delicious! I have delicious, fresh, toasted, and golden sourdough bread on top. Then comes the crispy, crunchy, and mouthwatering bacon. Now there is the creamy, white cheddar cheese melted on top of more delicious sourdough bread. Mmm, I can’t wait until it’s finished, it smells so good. Ahh, it’s done! It is the best sandwich I’ve ever had, it’s warm, fresh, and delicious!

  21. The Cheesinator. I say it was a gift from the heavens. This sandwich was created by me. This sandwich is customized to my liking. First you start of with deliciously soft potato bread. You then put the cheesy, warm, and soft food we all know and love. The macaroni and cheese. Next comes the thin and juicy turkey sliced to perfection. You would then put the crispy, warm, deliciousness called bacon. Then to finish of the masterpiece you would add the last slice of the deliciously soft potato bread. Now if you’ll excuse me there’s a Cheesinator on the counter with my name on it.

  22. Yum there it is! A Subway sandwich with roost beef, lettuce, white American cheese, black olives, parmesan cheese, salt, pepper, and mustard. If I had a big stomach I would eat this every day If I could. Its so cold and yummy. I have to get to my sandwich before its to late.

  23. There is nothing better to do then sit down and eat a tuna sandwich. The celery is what makes the sandwich so good. It gives the sandwich a crunchy texture and the flatbread although, a soft texture. In most of the populations opinion, the tuna is awesome because it goes so well with the other ingredients. To lots of people, a tuna sandwich is the best kind to eat.

  24. Theirs nothing better than eating a delicious sandwich. The best sandwich i’ve ever had had crispy, toasted bread, fresh turkey, provolone cheese, dill pickles, and mustard. The key to the delicious sandwich is to have fresh products and toasted potato bread. Now it’s time to sink my teeth into my favorite sandwich.

  25. The wonderful aroma of bacon, melted cheese, and ham fills my nostrils every time I get the wonderful, toasted sub from Subway. Then when I take that first savory bite of my own personalized sub it’s like I’m in heaven, or the Bahamas, the two most wonderful paces on Earth. The italian bread that crunches in your mouth, and the melted cheese,heavenly tasting bacon,with juicy ham.If I had to pick out f every single sandwich the ham, cheese, and bacon on italian bread would win.

  26. There it is! My favorite sandwich toped with toasted wheat bread with a thin layer of grape jelly and a thin layer of peanut butter just like the way I like. The way it makes my mouth water with every bite with a burst of flavor the way it oozes out of the cracks in to your mouth. I think I will have one more.

  27. It’s lunch time. I grab my favorite white bread from the counter and grab the american cheese out of the fridge. Now all I need it a pan for the stove. I put the american cheese softly into the fluffy white bread. I turn the stove up to high and I hear the sweet sound of the bread and the cheese sizzling. The cheese started to oozing out from under the bread and the bread was the right brown and black color, so I knew that it was done. I smacked the sandwich on the plate and put my face right over it so I could smell the fried cheese and bread. I picked up the sandwich and took a huge bite. The american cheese was so creamy and warm and the white bread was so crisp. It was like a dream come true. Some cheese dripped out of the sandwich and on to the plate. This sandwich was cooked to perfection. I devoured the rest of the sandwich like nothing was in the way of me. Then I stood up and ran for the the white bread and the american cheese all over again.

  28. My sandwich, scattered in all different places around the kitchen. Ready, to be made into something delicious, that I call a sandwich. Grab the bread and throw it into the toaster, bullseye. Put the cheese on the sparkling grill. Take the bread from the toaster, knowing its done by its brown crispy sensation. Grab the delicious, american cheese once it starts bubbling out the sides. Put the cheese in between the crispy bread watching the cheese ooze out, then I take a bite.

  29. The buns tearing between my teeth. Each and every tomato juicily flowing into my mouth. With cheese melting down my throat. Its burger sizzling on my tongue, all the other condiments and lettuce, onions, and bacon just adding ‘that’ much more flavor to this great combination. I call this wonderful sandwich of mine, the BTCBLOBB, or the
    Bread Tomato Cheese Burger Lettuce Onion Bacon Bread Sandwich.

  30. The greatest sandwich that I have ever had was an Asiago Cheese bread with mayonnaise, ham, cheddar cheese, salami, and the sandwich is toasted. I love the melted cheddar cheese warming up my tastebuds, throat, and my whole body. Also, the warm salty salami, and the mouth-watering smoked ham. This is the best sandwich I’ve ever had because the delicious taste stays in your mouth for hours. But,if you don’t like it then you’ll have that taste that you hate in your mouth forever.

  31. To make the greatest sandwich ever, I begin with a toased hamburger bun.
    I put delicious ketchup from Spanish tomatoes, on top of that a juicy hamburger still pink inside, and next thin slices of cucumber, and Brazilian tomatoes. To make it extra healthy,
    I choose bananas, and I put them into a tall section of a smoll watermelon. The top is made from a pizza whit mushrooms and Italian cheese that I place up side down. Now anyonae can still eat it with clean hands.

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