What Would You Pack?

Hi students and welcome to your blog!

This blog prompt has to do with summer reading, so you will choose one of the two summer reading books to answer this prompt. Be sure to give the title of the book and the main character’s name. The title of the book should be capitalized and enclosed within quotation marks. (While answering to the prompt, please don’t give away any spoilers in case someone wants to read your book.)

Pretend that you have been invited to spend a week with the main character of your book. Of course, you want to be prepared for the journey. Knowing what you know about your character and the story, what would you pack in your suitcase?

Some ideas to think about as you pack:

Setting of the book, time, and place…weather? (If the story takes place in winter time, what would you need?

Anything needed for survival?

What do you know about the action?

Think outside the box and be creative (no silliness)

In addition to telling us the items you are bringing, you need to explain why you are putting these items into your suitcase in regards to what you know about your character and the story. For example, if you are packing a flashlight, you need to tell me why (from the story), you would need a flashlight.

Safe travels wherever you may go!




  1. Over the summer I read the book “Chomp.” Wahoo is one of the main characters in the
    book Wahoo is my favorite because he sounds like a down to earth person who is
    caring and funny. If I were to meet him and I had to Pack a suit case I would bring a a
    Tent because you never know when we could pick up and go for another TV star. I
    would also bring my headache medicine just incase me and Wahoo dad got a
    headache. I would also bring some treats for all the animals. I would bring a jacket just
    incase it gets cold.

    the most important thing I would have to bring is.I would bring a water just so we don’t
    get dehydrated. I would all so bring some hotdogs so we can eat and more food to last
    us through the week . Some good shoes so i don’t step in mud and get bite by
    snakes,alligators,bugs and more. I would also bring some bug spray so I don’t get
    eaten a live by bugs. also I would bring a flash light so I can see in the dark and read
    books or scripts. I would love to meet wahoo and with my suit case full of stuff I can be

  2. Over the summer I read the book “Chomp.” Wahoo Cray just invited me to go with him
    and his dad to the Everglades. I’m going to pack many pairs of shorts and t-shirts
    because it will be very hot. I will also pack an umbrella because it could rain. A tent and
    bug spray will be very important so I don’t get bitten by any bugs and so I have
    somewhere to rest.

    I am also going to bring sneakers so I don’t step on anything sharp. For food I’m
    bringing a pack of hot dogs, two giant bags of chips, four cans of soup, a twelve pack of
    water, a box of brownies, five apples, and one jug of coke. I’m bringing all of my food
    because I will need something to eat while I’m there. The last thing I am going to bring is
    a book and flashlight to do some night time reading. I am so exited to go to the
    Everglades because I have never been there before.

  3. The book I read over the summer was ” The Sisters Grimm.” If I were in the
    book with the main character Sabrina I would probably pack some clothes
    that I liked because when Mr. Cains ( the helper of the grandma who takes
    in the fostered kids) goes out to buy the girls Sabrina and Daphne
    ( Sabrina’s little sister) clothes they aren’t really the most styles clothes you
    would see at target. If I were going into the book I would also bring a sword
    because they go and fight a giant to get there grandma and Mr. Cains back
    from the giants pocket. I would also bring a journal to write everything that
    happens to them and their family.

    The story take place in many different scenes. First the girls were in foster
    care then they went into the woods and lastly into a giant castle. If I were
    going into the book I would also bring my phone so I could take pictures
    and call people in the emergencies the girls get them selfs into. This book
    was very good I would recommend it to people who like a mystery and and
    thrilling story

  4. Over the summer I read “The Sisters Grimm”, it was a great book. Sabrina one of the
    main characters in the book seemed so sweet. If I went to go meet her in the book I
    would have to be very prepared or else I would get harmed by all of the fairytale
    creatures there. I would pack lots of things that would protect me like a sword,a
    disguise, and a shield because of all of the giants and witches there. The disguise
    would be the most helpful because if I blended in with all of the other creatures I
    wouldn’t be so noticeable. I would also pack warm clothing because it is cold there and I
    wouldn’t want to be cold at night.

    One of the most important things to bring is really good food, because some of the
    creatures there are very mean but if I brought good food they will forget about you and
    eat the food. The food would also be helpful because Sabrina’s grandmother makes
    some really weird food and I don’t think I would like to eat it. I would bring a water bottle
    because I don’t know if they have a bunch of water. I would also bring a net because
    there are a bunch of pixies that hurt when they sting you and if I brought a net not as
    many pixies could sting me. I would love to go to meet Sabrina and if I did I think that I
    would be prepared and ready to fight some giants.

  5. Sabrina Grimm is the main character in the ” The Sisters Grimm”. She loves
    adventure. Sabrina and her sister Daphne Grimm, are on a mission to save their
    Granny, who got taken by a giant. If I were Sabrina, and I had to pack a suitcase I would
    pack, food, a pillow, some clothes,and gear supplies.

    I would bring these supplies because, Sabrina would need these items to try and
    save her Grandma. Sabrina could have used these items because, she fought crime.
    She dressed up in a bear suit with her little sister, Daphne to try and get into the party
    that Prince Charming hosted. She rode on a Magic Carpet with a giant dog, that was
    her granny’s dog named Elvis. Sabrina meet a lot of new friends on her adventure. They
    all related to characters in a show or movie. Sabrina Grimm has gone on dangerous

  6. Alex Rider is the main character in the novel ” Stormbreaker ” and he is full of
    excitement. I will need to pack many exciting things to match up with his excitement. I
    am so excited to meet Alex because he is very brave and daring.

    I will need to pack a lot of spy gear because I want him to teach me all of the spy tricks
    that he knows. Some of the spy gear that I will bring are walkie-talkies and a gadget that
    can sense traps. I will bring a notebook too, so I can get his autograph and take notes
    on everything he teaches me. I will definitely bring a warm coat because London is a lot
    colder than Florida. Another thing that I will bring is some pictures of St. Petersburg and
    Tampa to show Alex how much different London is from where I live. The last thing that I
    will bring is my phone because I want to get Alex’s phone number, so I can call him.

  7. The book I read was “The Sisters Grimm” and I’m joining Sabrina for a week and I haven’t even packed! The first thing that I will pack is a extra magic carpet because when they had Jack the Giant Killer, Daphne, Sabrina, and Elvis (a dog) on the magic carpet they all weighed too much so the carpet went very slow. So I would bring another magic carpet so that we could go faster with two magic carpets and evened out weight.

    The next thing I would pack would be clothes. I would pack clothes so that I could stay decently warm. A couple other things I would pack would be shoes and food. I would pack shoes so I wouldn’t be running around barefoot. Also, I would pack food because Mrs. Grimm makes some very weird foods. Lastly, I would pack a toothbrush and toothpaste. I would pack a toothbrush and toothpaste because if I ever did have to eat Mrs. Grimm’s food I would want to brush my teeth after.

  8. One of the books I read over the summer was “Hero’s Guide to Saving your Kingdom.” I am going on a trip with Gustav tomorrow and still need to finish packing. I will definitely need to packs sword because in the book Gustav does gets into a lot of fights and a sword will come in handy. I will also pack some armor so I will be protected if we get into a fight with something. I will bring sunscreen because in the book they are outside most of the time. I will need to pack some clothes so i can wear something. Gustav is letting me borrow his brother’s horse so I should pack some treats for him. I will bring a saddle to sit on the horse with. I will also bring a brush for the horse and reins. I would want to bring some hair ties and bobby pins because in the book they are always running away and I would want my hair in my face. If we get stuck in jail I could always use that bobby pin I have in my hair to sneak out. I can’t wait for this trip with Gustav, and now I have everything I need.

  9. Over this summer I read ” The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom.” Yesterday I was just invited to go with prince Gustav to help fight danger and I haven’t even packed yet! The things that I would bring in my suitcase would be an axe. Gustav loves to use his big axe. I would also bring armor, you could easily be either stepped on by a giant or have to fight an evil witch at any corner. I would definitely bring a fan, after walking in the woods for a while it will get pretty hot

    Clothes are very important to have extras of just in case you fall into a mud put or your close get full of thorns and itchy stuff. So I guess I would bring extra clothes. I might pack a tiny radio, because Gustav told me that we will be riding on horses will not much to do except sit, so I will bring music. I think every thing else Gustav would have. I am so excited to go.

  10. Over this summer I read the book “Middleworld. ” I have to take the plane to Puerto Muerto tomorrow to see a good friend of mine, Max. I just realized that I didn’t pack my suitcase. I’m not a very good packer so this may take awhile. So first due to Max’s love of cave travel, I think I’ll bring a flashlight and some extra batteries so we don’t have to walk in the dark. That would not be very fun.

    Next I’ll probably bring a rope just in case we get into some sticky situations. I’m pretty accident prone. Also I would probably bring an umbrella. Max does a lot of rain forest traveling and nothing says a bad day more that a soaking wet shirt. Next, I would bring a machete. I can be pretty hard to navigate there and I might just have to get myself out of some bad situation that might need a little chopping. I would definitely need water and food. We might be adventuring for days and I am always hungry. Lastly, I will need to bring clothes. I love to be clean and tidy and clean clothes always makes me feel nice and fresh. Oh! I almost forgot, I just might need my plane ticket.

  11. The book I read this summer is “Found.” I will be joining Jonah for a week.
    I probably should pack a basket ball because Jonah likes to play basket ball. I should probably through in a air pump for the basket ball. I need some close. Jonah lives in Ohio. I should bring a few short sleeve shirts and some jeans. Oh! I almost forgot! I need a tank top. I will need a bike helmet because Jonah rides his bike a lot because he can’t ride in a car with his mom or dad. I should probably bring my bike but I don’t think that will fit in this suitcase. I’ll think about that later. I should pack some snacks for the plain ride. Maybe something exotic like mexican beans since Jonah’s mom always makes exotic food for dinner. I hope this week she makes mexican food!

    Jonah will want me to bring a few water bottles since he rides his bike fast and it makes him thirsty. I should bring a back pack to hold the water bottle in and to hold any papers. I need to bring hair ties to hold my hair up while we are riding. I don’t know what else. OH! I need to bring a phone, just in case we get in trouble and need to call Jonah’s parents. I think i’m good. Ugh. I still need to get that bike in here. HMPH! Come on! Come on! There! All the stuff I need all packed in one bag. Well thats it!

  12. One of the books I read over the summer was “The City of Ember” by Jeanne DuPrau. If I were to join Lina and Doon from “The City of Ember” I would need to bring a lot of resources. Lina loves colored pencils and paper, but they are very rare and expensive in Ember so I would bring a bunch of colored pencils, paper, markers, and crayons. I think Lina would be very happy with that. I know that Doon likes bugs so I would also bring a butterfly net for him to catch things. With Ember being in the darkness, I think it would be very cold there so I would bring a jacket. I would also pack a lot of resources such as batteries, light bulbs, and flash lights because Ember’s lights are getting dimmer everyday and they will go out soon if they don’t have enough resources. I would also pack a bunch of foods and drinks that we have here today like hamburgers, apples, waffles, pasta, bananas, all kinds of juices and so on because they are running out of food quickly in Ember. I would bring all sorts of clothing and shoes so people don’t have to wear raggedy and tattered clothing. I don’t think cars are made in Ember, so I would bring blueprints of cars and I would bring supplies so people could have cars.

  13. My favorite summer reading book I read over the summer was “The Apothecary.”
    I’ve been invited to go on an adventure with Janie! What on earth should I pack?! I’m
    going to pack the warmest blankets and sweaters I have because in London 1952 the
    didn’t have heaters. I’m going to bring a paper clip, no, a bobby pin for when Janie gets
    stuck in the “jail” with Benjamin. I’m bringing hot chocolate for the trip to Nova Scotia.
    I’m bringing the warmest clothes I have for Nova Scotia too. I’m bringing a book cover
    to hide the Pharmacia safe from people who are looking for the particular title. I’m
    bringing the biggest notebook I have and pencils so I could learn and record more about
    the characters then I already do (when we aren’t doing anything exciting.) I’m also
    bringing a camera to see what the characters actually look like (If they let my take
    pictures of them.) I’m also taking a camera to see what the settings of the book look like
    exactly instead of guessing. I guess that’s enough. That is what I am bringing to 1952
    London, on my trip with Janie.

  14. Im going on a trip with my friend Jason from “The Lost Hero” for two weeks where going
    to try to find Percy and I know its not going to be easy but I owed Jason one so I agreed
    to go. I have to start packing my bag.

    I going to need to pack my sword and a small dagger (just in case something happens
    to my sword) because of all the monsters that are going to chase us. I’ll probably need a
    sleeping bag, matches, food, and water for when we camp out. I’ll also bring towels and
    extra clothing just in case I get messy. I’m going to bring a jacket, sweater, T-shirt,
    shorts, and pants. I have to bring a first aid kit that has bandages, ointment, medicine,
    and nectar just in case we get hurt. I think I’m all set I just hope I don’t forget anything

  15. Mika from the book “The Roar” invited me to join him for a week behind the Wall.
    I need to pack a bag and I have No idea what to bring! I think I may bring a bird or a
    small animal of some sort. I would like to show him a real animal because where he is
    from all animals were killed because of the Animal Plague. I would also bring real food
    because I know I don’t want to eat meat made in tanks, and food made out of mold. I
    will remember to bring a bone for his ”imaginary” dog, Awen. I would probaly bring a
    jacket and long pants so I don’t get sick from the mold that grows almost every where
    except some places where the rich people live.

  16. If I were to go on a trip with Miri from “Princess Academy” I would pack a pretty
    dress and nice shoes, because while she is in the academy they had to go to a ball. I
    would also pack a lot of books and even school books because she loves to read and
    she finds studying really important and on her free time she usually studies. I might’ve
    packed clothes that I wouldn’t care if they got dirty because when her and her
    classmates went back to the village they would go in the quarry,but Miri’s dad wouldn’t
    let her so i’m not sure if I would or not. I also would bring a mouse catcher for her and
    her and her friends because when they got locked in the closet there was a mouse in
    there and they were afraid of it.

    Another thing I would bring is medicine for Miri’s friend because right before the ball she
    started to feel sick so I could give that to her and she could go to the ball the first time. I
    would also bring a phone so that all the girls at the academy could call their parents,
    siblings, and friends because they didn’t get to see them for almost a year. I would bring
    a knife and blocks of wood so she could make carvings of things, and I would also bring
    some carvings that her friend from the village made for her because it was really special
    to her.

  17. Over the summer I read “The Alchemist,” and Scatty invited me to come with her for a week for some martial arts training. She is the best, after all her fighting style pretty much invented all martial arts.She perfected the early stages of camouflage as well. What do you expect? She is several thousands of years old.

    I want to pack smart for when I’m with her. I can’t know what I’ll encounter. I will definitely bring athletic clothing because I want to be comfy while she works me to the bone. Combat boots and camouflage clothing are a definite necessity. If I intend to do stealth training I will need to be inconspicuous. I will be punching and kicking, but I will also be using weapons so I will need a pair of nunchaku and a sword. Scatty is a vegetarian and I don’t like many vegetables so ill bring some microwaveable pizzas.

    I have also heard that she used to be the lead singer in an all girls punk rock band. I’ll bring my guitar and ask if she can teach me any tricks.

  18. I will be joining Cassandra from “The Name of This Book is Secret.” I know Cass is a survivalist. She loves to be prepared for everything that might happen, like tornadoes, tsunamis, or earthquakes. I’ll pack a backpack full of things I might need, such as granola bars, a compass, a pop-up tent, binoculars, water bottles, and a flashlight. Also, when Cass gets kidnapped at the Midnight Sun Spa, they take her phone, so I think I’ll also bring a cell pone in case we are in trouble. Cassandra can never prove to her principal that the Midnight Sun workers stole Benjamin, so I’m going to bring a camera, so we have proof. Cass’s friend loves jokes, so I will pack a joke book for him. Cassandra’s mom loves collecting information on vacation spots. I think I will put my report on Puerto Rico I did in my suitcase. Last, but not least, because I know she loves bringing a backpack with her everywhere she goes, I will bring Cassandra a new backpack to thank her for inviting me.

  19. If I were to join Jonah from the book “Found,” in his hometown in Ohio, I would stuff my suitcase full of things I would want to show him. I think I would bring him an extra phone, because he and his sister are always fighting over their shared flip phone. I would bring all the phone books from all the states so we could find the other kids that were receiving the spooky notes, together. I would pack a flashlight, for digging through Chip’s basement without his parent’s permission. We would be SUCH rebels! I would bring a bag of emergency essentials, in case we got lost while looking for Angela, JB, and Gary. It would include, a mini basket ball because he plays regular size basket ball a lot, the list from Mr. Reardon’s office because we would still have a lot of kids to find, and a snack in case if we can’t find our way back before dinner. Because I know Chip’s very precise about meals.

    To finish my long packing list, is Jonah’s school books, Memorize them, and help him study. Because he hasn’t been doing enough of that these days. Your welcome, Jonah!

  20. If I were to go on an adventure with Cass and Max-Earnest in “The Name of This Book
    Is Secret” then I would need to pack clothes. Cass is usually always prepared with
    flashlights, rope, batteries, and more, but a screwdriver set may come on handy when
    Cass and Max-Earnest get stuck in a cell. Then they could use the screwdriver to
    unscrew the bolts and an army knife to cut the ropes that bound their arms together. I
    would need to bring some peanuts because Cass used it all to trick Dr. L into thinking
    his brother was still alive. I could pack old things that are of no use and give it to Cass’s
    Grandparents. I may need to pack the usual, toothbrush, and tooth paste oh and I would
    need to bring my books and backpack for school, and while I’m at the school go to the
    library to check out a book on how to crack codes and the ability to read colors, but only
    if I were going to go with them on one of there adventures, but unfortunately I can’t
    because Mom would worry, my Dad would worry, and I am scared of Dr. L.

  21. The name of my book it Savvy, it is a short story but a big book and lots of stuff happen
    it that period of time. If I where to join Mibs Bowmonk, short for Mississippi Bowmonk,
    on her adventure I would pack in my suitcase a hair brush, an extra pare of close, and
    tooth brush and tooth paste. The hair brush my hair, an extra pare of close because we
    will be gone for more then one day, and the tooth brush and tooth paste to keep my
    teeth clean every day. I would also bring a few snacks for the long ride, a copal of hot
    chocolate paces because she rarely ever has it and an extra pen. I can’t tell you about
    the pen unless you read the book and you will find out.

  22. One of the books I read over the summer was called “Chains.” I’m going to spend a
    week with the main character, Isabel for a week. In the book, Isabel and her sister, Ruth,
    are both slaves and are sold when their previous master passed away. They are sold to
    the Locktons’. Madam Lockton, does a lot of horrible things to Isabel. I would tell you,
    but that would give it away. Look at the time, I better get packing!

    For the trip, I’m going to need to bring some of my favorite foods. I’m going to want to
    bring candy, steak, chicken, and a bunch of other foods. I’m going to need these things
    to the 1800s because when Isabel was a slave, she didn’t eat a lot. All she ate were
    moldy pieces of bread or cold oatmeal, and I wouldn’t want to eat that! I would also want
    to bring an old-looking dress or skirt. Even though I don’t like wearing big, poofy dresses
    and skirts, I would want to fit in with all the other girls and ladies. I would probably want
    to get one of those to clothing items with white flower designs on them because thats
    what I imagine all the ladies wearing. When I wear the dress, I would also want to pack
    a bonnet that you wear on your head. I also imagine that they wore those in the olden

    Probably in a separate suitcase, I would want to bring handle bars, two wheels, seat,
    and a wrench. I would try to build a bike while I was there. I would build a bike so I
    wouldn’t have to walk everywhere. In the book, it sounded like Isabel walked A LOT!
    Also in this suitcase, I would pack a bag of ice. I would pack a bag of ice for the part
    when Isabel got branded with an “I” on her face. Branding is where they put a steaming
    hot iron in the persons face. I would imagine it hurt a lot.

  23. If I was to join Kate in the book “The Mysterious Benedict Society” I would have to bring
    a lot of handy equipment. In the book Kate is very adventurous, bold and daring. So if I
    was going to join Kate, to start, I would bring a flashlight, a screw driver, rope, scissors,
    a telescope and a cellphone. In the book Kate is always getting into trouble, like
    climbing through dark tunnels; flashlight, unscrewing and climbing up vents; screwdriver
    and rope, spying on people; telescope and if she needs to contact Mr. Benedict,
    Number Two or Ronda; a cellphone.

    Then, I would also bring some warm cloths because it could get cold. I would also bring
    socks and sneakers for climbing up and down hills. Finally I would bring a backpack to
    hold all my trustworthy tools and anything else I find along the way

  24. The character I am joining is Lina from “The City of Ember” and we are going to be
    spending a whole week together. For this week I will be bringing a suitcase and in that
    suitcase I am going to be packing multiple things that would be important on this trip.
    The first thing I would bring would be two flashlights, I would bring two of them in case
    its going to get dark in Ember, also, in case one of them brakes. Another thing I would
    pack in my suitcase would be lots of batteries to go with the flashlights so they are
    always working.

    The third thing I would bring would be food, but not like chicken or something you would
    normally have for breakfast, lunch or dinner, I would bring canned food or snacks
    because not everyone has food for an extra person at there house. I would also bring
    baby food for Lina’s little sister, Poppy.I would also pack plenty of books so for the
    moments that I’m on my own I can read because I love to read. The final thing I would
    bring would be clothes, and for clothes I would pack two pairs of shorts, two pairs of
    pants, two short sleeve shirts, two long sleeve shirts, a jacket, socks, flip flops and
    sneakers, I would pack all of these things just in case the weather changes.

  25. Over the summer, I read Savvy. It was a very good book. I really enjoyed it and I would
    like to read the companion book, Scumble. I will be joining Mississippi also known as
    Mibbs, for a week. I am leaving tomorrow and I really have to pack.

    You see, The Boumant Family, is not ordinary at all. When each Boumant child turns
    thirteen, they get something called a Savvy. A savvy is something they are good at, for
    example, Mibbs’ older brother, Fish, whenever he gets mad, a storm brews. And of
    course, the one week that Mibbs invites me over for a whole entire week, her birthday
    just so happens to be in the middle of that week. And of course, it is her thirteenth
    birthday, the day she gets her Savvy. And who knows what will happen then! Each
    Boumant always has a crazy thirteenth birthday, that’s for sure.

    I have already contacted Mibbs, and she already has the whole week planned.
    Unfortunately, her father got in a car accident, and he is in a coma. Their mother and
    oldest son, Rocket are staying at Silina Hope Hospital, to be with their dad, Papa, when
    we wakes up. Mibbs is very upset, because it is right before her birthday, and her dad is
    in a coma, that he could possibly not get out of, which is very sad. Their grandfather
    lives with them, so he is watching them. Also, their pastor’s family brings them meals for

    Mibbs is determined that she can wake up her father as her savvy. Silina Hope Hospital
    is very far away, and they have no one to drive her there. And I have to go to, of course
    because I am staying with her. Mibbs always has a way to achieve her plans, though.
    So that means we will be going on a road trip. The pastor’s family is throwing a party for
    her at the church, and who knows when her savvy will take action that day. At the
    church, she is hoping to find a delivery bus, or something to go to Silina, and sneak
    away from the party.

    There will be many things in my suitcase. The first thing that I am going to pack is a first
    aid kit. There probably will not be any severe injuries but if we are riding a delivery truck,
    we might get smushed into boxes or something, so I want to be prepared. I am the type
    of person that gets bored very easily. I am packing magazines, my iPod for music, and
    my phone of course, so that I can contact my parents if they get worried that I am riding
    a delivery truck. I am also bringing headphones, and a few books. Also, a portable DVD
    player, and some CD’s so I can watch some movies. I just love comedies! And, my
    pillow! I need to sleep at some point. Also, a blanket if I get cold.

    When I am riding, even though I will not be very active, I am still going to be hungry and
    thirsty! We might stop for food, but probably not, because my guess is the truck driver
    will not know that we are in the truck with him. I am bringing some road trip snacks like
    chips, candy, popcorn, pretzels, some sandwiches, yogurt, granola bar, and more
    candy. For drinks I will bring some sodas like Fanta, Root Beer, Shirley Temple, and

    I will bring sweat pants, cozy shorts, and some t-shirts so that I can be comfortable. I
    will only need flip flops, and maybe some sandals.

  26. I was very lucky to be invited for a week to Jonah’s house from the book “Found”. I will need to pack a suitcase with a few things though. First I will need to pack shorts and tank tops because it is the middle of summer there and my sneakers too for running around. Sunscreen and sunglasses are a must, and my bike helmet in case we got biking. I’ll also bring my hairbrush, toothbrush, the basic stuff. Maybe my cell phone for communication between Chip, Jonah, Catherine and I. Also, just in case I should probably bring my flashlight because Jonah had told me things where getting pretty strange around there… Oh! I finished just in time because I gotta go catch my flight!

  27. I read the book “Found” and it was just my luck that I got the opportunity to spends a day with the main character Jonah! I better start packing. I should be prepared so I’m going to bring a basketball. I’m bringing a basketball because I know that Jonah likes to play. I think I’ll bring a flashlight as well just in case we unexpectedly get leaded into a cave I would be prepared. Lastly I’ll bring a some cozy clothes because its fall. Look at the time, I better get going!

  28. I read the book “Chomp”. If I was invited to spend a week with Waho We would be in the everglades. I would pack a tent, food, bug spray, and a flash light. We would probably be looking for snakes alligators and many other wiled animals. We would also go on an air boat to. At night We would sleep in a tent.

  29. This summer I read the book “Chomp”. If was invited to spend a week with Wahoo and his father I would need to pack a suitcase. In this suitcase I would pack bug spray to keep the mosquitoes away, some anti venom just in case I get bit by a poisonous animal, bandages just in case I get a wound and have to bandage it, a lighter to make a fire with, some marshmallows to roast over the fire, some water and sodas for refreshments, some chocolate to keep my blood sugar up, an animal identification book to identify some animals that I’d see, an idependent reading book for when I have some time to catch up on my reading, a sketch book to draw in when I want to, some drawing utensils to draw with, my phone to keep in touch with my friends and family, some medicine just in case I get sick, and my iPad to play games when I’d like to.

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