What’s On Your Bookshelf?

Students, this week’s blog prompt has to do with independent reading. Out of all the independent reading (no class novels) that you have read this year, which top four books would you put on this bookshelf?

Be sure to give the title (capitalized and within quotation marks) and author of each book.

Explain why each book made it in the top four for the year. Do not give summary! There are obvious reasons why you enjoyed these books so much. Think in terms of character development, plot/action, setting, and overall message or theme. How did the story make you feel? Why do you like this author’s style of writing?

Maybe you will inspire others to read! And that’s a very good thing! 🙂


  1. My four favorite books are “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” by J.K. Rowling, “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins, “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe: by C.S. Lewis, and “The Prophet of Yonwood” by Jeanne DuPrau. I actually like all of the Ember books! 🙂 All of these books have a certain level of reality to them that I really like. They all have adventure and you get to learn about the characters better in each one. “The Prophet of Yonwood” is one of my favorites because it is basically realistic fiction. It talks about the life of a person brfore a series of wars, and in the end, it ties all of the information you learned about the characters to make a cool twist. “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” is good because it is about magic and the life of a boy who stands out around everybody else. I like “The Hunger Games” becuase it has a similar theme to “The Prophet of Yonwood” becuase it is during/before a war and it has adventure and action. “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” is on my list becuase it is an awesome book that is actually pretty old, AND it has TONS of adventure. Perfect for me! 🙂

  2. Blog ( Scott) 4 favorite books!

    One of my favorite books is “Slathbog’s Gold”. I really like thisbook because the main characters are very cool, like Acroon and Alex . Also, because the plot is amazing. It started off with a normal kid who stumbles across a magic book store. Then he gets him self signed up for an adventure. It really a great book.

    Another book that I like is “The Maze Runner”. I thought that this book was really good, because the plot was great. It thought it was really good. A teen’s memory gets wipe and he is sent to survive a world called the glade but then something goes wrong ( NO Spoilers) !!!

    I also really like the second book of “The maze runner” series called “ The Scorch Trials”. The book was fantastic. The plot was also fantastic ( I am trying not to give anything away)

    The last book I am writing about is “The Heroes Guide To Saving Your Kingdom.” It was really a great book. Once again, the story was great. The book is about this , Did you know that there are more then just 1 Prince Charming. Yeah, there are 5, and their names are not Prince Charming. And now they all have to band together to fight there biggest enemy yet.

  3. If I had a bookshelf where I could fit four books I have read during the school year that I loved, I would place Wonder, Maximum Ride: the Angel Experiment, Witch and Wizard, and The Lost Hero. Wonder is written by R.J. Palacio and is a touching story about a boy named August (Auggie) who has a deformed face. It is about the experience of August going to school. It has a wonderful message and offers perspective of different characters throughout the book. The author writes with experience and engaged me into the story. There are parts in this book where I cried some were I laughed, and over all you felt like you were there next to August going through his troubles with him.

    Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment was written by James Patterson. It is an outstanding novel that I would gladly reread. The whole Maximum Ride series is amazing. The characters are all funny and the book is action packed with surprises around every corner. The main character is Maximum Ride, a girl with wings! She was a test-tube baby and her DNA was mixed with avian DNA. She is 98% human and 2% avian. She is hilarious and is very smart. There are others that were test-tube babies that are now part of her flock. The flock includes Max, Fang, Izzy, Nudge, Gasman, and Angel. Max, Fang, and Izzy are all 14 and Max is the only girl. Izzy is blind. Nudge is an 11 year old girl, and Gasman and Angel are siblings. Gasman is an 8 year old boy and Angel is a 6 year old girl. Each one of them has wings until one day Angel is swiped from them. Where did she go? Who took her?

    Witch and Wizard is another James Patterson novel about Whit and Wisty Allgood who are at their house when it is stormed by troops who arrest them for being a witch and a Wizard. Whit and Wisty are confused and separated from their parents while the world is being overrun by a man that goes by The One. James Patterson as an amazing author and has written many awesome novels. His characters are always individual and are always likable. This book has people you will love and people you will absolutely loathe. This book is funny and has a lot of hints towards Maximum Ride which you should read first. I laughed out loud so many times because of the author’s humor. This book is lovable and a great read.

    The Lost Hero was written by Rick Riordan and is the beginning of the Heroes of Olympus series. This series is a series that should be read after the Percy Jackson series because it includes the same characters and would ruin Percy Jackson for you. The author of this book has a visible individuality that separates him from your ordinary everyday author. This book includes humor, action, and you’ll learn many Greek gods. This book is action-packed and every character is comical. It gives you a new perspective on ancient Greece and Rome.

    It is guaranteed you’ll love these books because I absolutely 100% adored them. If these paragraphs haven’t hooked you then you need to try the books yourself. I loved these books and would reread each series and be just as happy every time.

  4. Well, if I had to pick 4 books I would start off with “Born to Play” an autobiography by the Boston red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia. It was a great book about Dustin’s struggles. I loved this because I was awed by his motivation and perseverance.

    Next, is “Wearing the C” by Ross Bernstein. This is about the NHL’s greatest captains. This made my top 4 because this shows how much it means to be a hockey captain and it is a bigger deal than any other captain in other sports. The leadership, pep talks, dealing with the press, standing up for your team mates, blocking shots. It is hard work.

    “Flying to the Moon” was another. This book was written by astronaut Michael Collins. I liked this book because it brought you into the life of an astronaut. From the training all the way to the actual mission. It is hard work. He wrote about studying and having to learn the spacecraft you were going to be in. Train underwater to simulate zero gravity. It is a 24/7 job and I loved to read about it.

    Finally “Moneyball” is written by Michael lewis is a true story about the broke and hopeless Oakland A’s baseball team and their GM Billy Beane turning it around and making the playoffs and setting a win streak record. I love this book and I learned a lot about what goes on in baseball meetings. Half the time you are debating whether or not this prospect has what it takes to play pro ball. It is a lot more than just drafting a random player.

  5. Four of my favorite books I read this year are “Blubber” by Judy Blume, “The Tales of Beedle the Bard” by J.K. Rowling, “11 Birthdays” by Wendy Mass, and “When You Reached Me” by Rebecca Stead. “Blubber” and “When You Reached Me” both have the same heart –warming story lines. “The Tales of Beedle the Bard” and “11 Birthdays” both have a mystery theme and are great adventure stories.

    “Blubber” is more of a girly book. It talks about friendships, bullies, and how to deal with them. In the book “Blubber,” the main character is Jill Brenner. I love how Jill learns to deal with her mean friends and appreciates her true friends. I feel the book is very relevant for girls my age and a fun and easy read.

    “The Tales of Beedle the Bard” is a fun adventurous book. There are short stories inside of this book that I like. Each story had a different main character. Sometimes the book was a little confusing when the author was switching characters.

    I liked “11 Birthdays” the most. It was a great read! It had a fun filled story line that kept you on the edge of your seat. Some of the parts in the book had a wild twist that caught me off guard. I loved not being able to predict what was going to happen. “11 Birthdays” was probably my favorite book out of all four of these books.

    “When You Reached Me” was one of the more heart felt books. More times than once the book made me tear up. The book isn’t very sad, but it has a great message that everyone loves.

  6. My four top books I read this year were: “The Land of Silver Apples” by Nancy Farmer, “The Isle of the Blessed” also by Nancy Farmer, “The Mark of Athena” by Rick Riordan, and “The Alchemyst” by Michael Scott.

    “The Land of Silver Apples” and “The Isle of the Blessed” were two great books in the same series. Both of the books fit right into my favorite category because they meet all of my requirements: Not boring, action packed, always on the edge of my seat, and has my emotions going like crazy through the whole book. I also liked the setting of the book, because it was back when there were still little villages, and pirates only had swords and not sub-machineguns. The setting also was on islands, so there was a lot of traveling by boat, and I like boats. The book had many messages in it, but one of the most important messages was something may not seem to be what it actually is. Both books have this same message.

    In the “The Alchemyst” the setting is based in the past where everything is old-timey and the story is based throughout all the world. This book is right up my alley because it has magic sorcerers and magicians, travel, and time traveling. My family and I go traveling at least twice in the summer and it’s fun to hear about all the places we’ve visited, and what they were like in the past. This book was really interesting because there was all this magical fighting and the bad guy becomes good and I wouldn’t expect that to happen. There is history, and the story always keeps me on the edge of my seat. I really like this book because of all those reasons. I like this author’s writing because he ties up all the loose ends at the end of the book, and he always has me saying, “Ohhh so that’s why that happened.”

    “The Mark of Athena” by Rick Riordan was a book about Percy Jackson and Olympians. I like Riordan’s writing because it’s based on mythology. He even connects demigod half god half human, gods, and mortals to our world as we know it now. “The Mark of Athena” was packed with action and had stunning twists and turns. This book was based in Manhattan then it moved to Greece and then it stayed in Greece for the main adventure. Then the book ended in North America moving down from Alaska. This author’s style of writing is very good and it is good because he always has action happening and keeps me on a cliffhanger at the end of every chapter. These would be my top book choices because they all have action, and strong characters that I will always remember.

  7. The four books that I chose to right about are “Savvy” by Ingrid Law, “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins, “Skeleton Creek” by Patrick Carman, and “The Raven” by Patrick Carman.

    The reason why I chose ” Savvy” as one of my top fours is because the book was so mysterious and interesting. That’s because in part of it the reader had to wait and see what Mibs special power was going to be, and when she found out it was REALLY surprising.

    “The Hunger Games” was chosen because it is a was such an action packed novel. There’s fighting, romance, and stuff to make you cry. The story gave me many different emotions. I thought it was cool how the author wrought the book as the thoughts of Katniss.

    “Skeleton Creek” we’re one of my favorite books this year. I just couldn’t put the book down. It may have been one scary book but it was sooooo good. I thought that it was pretty cool how the author wrought the book. The way he did it is that he wrought it to pull the reader in and make them want to finish the book. It’s kinda hard to explain.

    The last book to be written about is “The Raven”. It is the last book in the “Skeleton Creek” series. It was probualy the most intreegeing book in the series. That’s because in the last book you get to find out what the answer to the mystery is, and you gat to see how the characters end up. This book made me feel terrified, surprised, and happy. I suggest all of these wonderful books to any reader out there who enjoys reading.

  8. I have read al lot of great books this year. If I could pick four books to put on my bookshelf, I would choose “The Scorch Trials” by James Dashner (book two of “The Maze Runner” trilogy), “The Maze Runner” by James Dashner, “The Kill Order” by James Dashner (the prequel of “The Maze Runner” trilogy), and also “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins. All of these books are dystopian literature.

    “The Scorch Trials” was probably the second best book out of the top four from this year. I love James Dashner’s stile of writing, he always leaves you hanging at the end of every chapter. “The Scorch Trials” is a very adventurous book. There are groups of kids, boys and girls that are being tested on their wits with many series of trials that they must pass or die. The book is made up of many smart, and brave characters who have to survive all of the brutal challenges that are put in their way. This book is dystopian literature, which is a book about a society characterized by misery, or broken up by a disease. In this book, the world is crumbling because of a disease called the flare. The story made me feel bad for all of the people who have a deadly sickness, and don’t know how to treat it.

    “The Maze Runner” was my favorite book out of all of the books that I have read in the past year. I couldn’t put this book down, there is always something bad or exciting that makes your heart beat fast, and get your adrenaline pumping. The book has many gory parts. What I really love about this book is how totally unexpected it is. At the beginning of the book the main character Thomas is very shy and scared, by the end of the book he is very strong, smart, and he would do anything to keep himself and his friends alive. The story is set in a place called the glade, and there is only one way out, through the giant maze. This book made me feel lucky for the house I live in, and the things that I own.

    “The Kill Order” was probably third on the list of my top four favorite books from this year. This book is the exciting prequel to “The Maze Runner” trilogy. At first the book is very confusing, because the characters have different names, but you can come to a decent conclusion on who they turn out to be. There is a lot of gruesome action in the book, many people die during the story, but that is one of the things that makes the book so hard to put down. I really like this book, because of how the story talks about what was going on before the other stories. I like how you can tell who the characters are in their future (or the past books) because of their characteristics. I think that was a great way to end a series!

    I also liked “The Hunger Games”, it is a great book. “The Hunger Games” is my fourth favorite book that I have read throughout the past year. Also, in this book there is a lot of action, many tributes fight to the death in an arena, just for the capitals amusement! When I was reading, I could imagine myself in the lush jungles of the arena, only surviving off of animals that I kill and roots and berries that I find. By the end of the book, Katniss had developed in many different ways. She develop mentally and physically, she became very smart about what she should and shouldn’t say about the capital. Also, she became more strong by the end of the book, and she learned how to survive in the wilderness.

    I really like dystopian literature. I find it very easy to get hooked into dystopian novels, because you never know what challenging obstacles will come next for your character. I definitely would recommend these books to people who can stand reading about gruesome fights, and blood. The Full “Maze Runner” series is the best series that I have ever read. I hope many people read the four amazing books! 😉

  9. The top four books on my list this year are “I Am Number Four”, “The Maze Runner”, “The Eleventh Plague”, and “The Woods Runner”.

    My favorite book this year was “I Am Number Four”. It is about a kid named John Smith and his Cepan who are from another planet. They came to Earth with sixteen other people and as they got off the ship the kids were numbered one to nine. The magadorians who destroyed Lorien or the planet where John is from and they want to kill the rest of them but they can only kill them in order from one to nine. The story takes place when three are dead and john is number Four.

    My second favorite book this year is “The Maze Runner”. The book is about a kid named Thomas who was put in maze with other kids and they have to find there way out of the maze starting in the Glade where they stay. It was a very good book.

    My third favorite was “The Eleventh Plague”. The book was about a kid and his father who were some of the few hundred that survived the plague and they have to scavenge for food and trade things for food and bull its for their gun and his father gets seriously injured.

    My fourth favorite book is “The Woods runner it is about a boy who loves to hunt and one day while hunting his parents are taken hostage and he has to fend for himself and try to find his parents again.

  10. Oh man that’s a tough question. I have read so many great books this year I wish I could write them all. My favorite four books are: “The Maze Runner”, “The Scorch Trials”, “The Death Cure”, and “The Kill Order”. These Four Books are a series all written by James Dashner. James Dashner it one of my favorite authors by far. I’d say the Maze Runner Series is equal with The Hunger Games which is written by Suzanne Collins. The Maze Runner series is equal with the Hunger Games because Both Series make you be on the end of your chair and want you to read all night to see what happens. If I was allowed to, I would read The Maze Runner series out at dinner cause it was that great of a book.

    Okay, now I will tell you why these are my top four books. The first reason is because the way James Dashner described the characters actions was nothing I had never read before. Even though the book wasn’t a first person perspective, James Dashner made you feel like you were in a first person perspective of some people. James Dashner made you feel like you were switching to other first person perspectives of other people. The second reason why I liked the series is because of the feeling when you read James Dashner’s books. The feeling is so insane that I can’t describe it.

  11. The first book I’m going to talk about is “Chomp” by Carl Hiaasen. I liked this book a lot because it made me laugh at some parts. I thought this book was funny because the “tv superstar,” Derek Badger, is so concerned about his looks while he’s in the wild. It’s funny because he’s supposed to be a tough, not-afraid-to-get-dirty kind of guy, but instead, he is a superstar, drama king, and a diva. He always needs to look perfect and it’s driving everyone crazy (especially Wahoo’s dad). This book made it to the top four because it was funny and I enjoyed reading it as a part of my 2012 summer reading. Wahoo lives with his dad – who is an animal wrangler. Wahoo’s mother is always away on trips around the world for a job. Wahoo doesn’t really understand his dad sometimes, because he can be harsh (like Doug’s father from “Okay for Now”). Wahoo helps out this girl named Tuna (who’s dad is also harsh), because she doesn’t have a (decent) place to stay. She lives in an RV in a Walmart parking lot. Wahoo and Tuna remind me of Doug and Lil from “Okay for Now.” Anyway, I think people would like this book because it’s funny, entertaining, and action-packed.

    For some reason, I have been reading a bunch of biographies. It’s cool to learn about important people from the past who have changed the world. They are all very inspirational people in America’s history, and I sort of look up to them as an influence. The next three books I will be writing about are biographies of Rosa Parks, John F. Kennedy, and Abraham Lincoln.

    The second book I’m going to talk about is “Rosa Parks” by Eloise Greenfield. Rosa Parks was very inspirational to people around the world. I thought this book was inspirational because Parks knew something wasn’t right, and she changed it. She stood up for what’s right, and that’s a great part of the fifth and sixth grade social contract. She proved that just one act can make a big difference. What happened was she was very mad about how the whites and blacks had different water fountains, park benches, and just about everything. One day, a white man told Rosa to get up, and she refused. This was very brave of her, because if you said that back then, you would be arrested and then put an jail, and that’s just what happened. Very soon, she and the rest of the blacks stood up to make things right. After a long while, they made a big difference! I think this was a very cool story because it proved that just one little voice can make one big difference. This book made me feel inspired and proud, also, of what some of America’s women could and can do.

    The third book is “John F. Kennedy” by Howard S. Kaplan. I actually made a stop-motion animation video on this book. I used my brother’s toys, sticky tack, a few homemade props, and a lot more of mini props. I really like doing stop-motion animation, and it helped me comprehend what I read and learned about John F. Kennedy’s lifetime.

    The fourth book is “Amelia Earhart” by Tanya Lee Stone. I loved this book because it was very inspirational. I love the quote of hers, “I might be crazy, but I believe that little red airplane said something to me as it swished by.” I think this is a cute and inspirational quote. She said that the plane said something to her, and that is just the start. She had always loved airplanes, and I think it’s so awesome that she was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. It’s awesome that when she was just eleven years old, she knew she wanted to be a pilot. I just love it. 🙂

    I like reading biographies, because they are all inspirational and I look up to them as an influence. I also love “Chomp” and “Okay for Now” too! 🙂

  12. My bookshelf consists of my favorite four books of this year. The books that made the cut were “The Maze Runner”, “The Kill Order”, “The Son of Neptune”, and “Hatchet”. I loved “The Maze Runner” because it has plenty of action and suspense. James Dashner, the author of “The Maze Runner” always left every chapter off with a cliff-hanger, so you felt compelled to read more. The book is also sad at some points, and it makes you feel bad for the characters in the book. The author also leads you to believe some things at one point, but it turns out that those things aren’t what you thought they were. The story is based off of kids who are being used to find a cure for a large and lethal disease that will wipe the human race off of the earth in a short amount of time. Their memories have been wiped and they have to find their way out of a Maze that is constantly changing shape and is filled with deadly animals and machines. The way James Dashner writes makes you feel like you are in the setting with the other characters fighting your way for a cure of a disease that you don’t know exists.

    The second book on my shelf is “The Kill Order” by James Dashner. This book is the story of how the epidemic in “The Maze Runner” series came to be. It’s a great book to read after you read the Maze Runner trilogy. It’s a prequel and it introduces you to some of the characters in “The Maze Runner” and how they were chosen to find the cure to the lethal epidemic. This story makes you feel sorry for the people in the midst of the disease and makes you want to reach out to them and save them from this terrible disease.

    The third book on my list is “Hatchet” by Gary Paulson. I like this book because it shows that even when you believe that all hope is lost, there will always be a way to fight and survive no matter what the circumstances, whether you are trapped in a forever-changing maze or if you crash land into the wilderness. This book really lets you appreciate how lucky all of us have it in the world. Brian, the main character, had lived a good life for the most part, and one day that all changed. He never thought that he would have to survive in the wilderness all by himself until he found someone to rescue him, but he made it home and didn’t give up.

    The last book on my shelf is “The Lost Hero” by Rick Riordan. I have always been fascinated by Greek and Roman mythology, and Rick Riordan found an awesome way to fuse them together to make it onto my top four books of this year. I like reading about the courage and bravery of kids nearly my age (as you can tell from my other three books) so this book combines a couple of my favorite things. I am so fascinated by this book that I went on to read the second and the third book in the series because I loved this book so much.

  13. Well, I have read a lot of books this year, and almost all of them were great! The top four will have to be some of the greatest books in the world! My number one pick is probably “The Seventh Son”. It is the first book in a series of either 6 or 7. The first reason is the author, Orson Scott Card has a style of writing that’s really cool. I also think that he has a great way of describing intense moments, and that was very prominent in this book.

    In second is “The Sea of Trolls”. The author is Nancy Farmer. The reason I love this book so much is because of how in detail the mythical parts of this book are. It blends together Norse mythology and common sense.

    The book in third is “Ender’s Game” also by Orson Scott Card. The reason this book is in third is because of the reality of it. It shows what really happens in the world, not a fantasy land where everyone is happy. Also I like how the book makes a nice boy look malicious to other people.

    The last but not least book in fourth is “To Dream With the Dragons” by B.V. Larson. I like how this book has magic in it, without making it seem unrealistic. The storyline is great, and there are moments where you are scared for the character.

    These are my top 4 books, I hope you enjoyed!

  14. Ok so if I had to pick my top 4 books that I have read this year it would have to be “Caught”, “The Boy who Saved Baseball”, “Flush” and “Chomp”. Out of these four, I think I liked “Caught” the best. The reason for this is because I read all of the other books in the series so when I saw this I was very excited to read it. If you haven’t read the book it is about 2 characters named Jonah and Katherine that go back in time to save certain people from different things. I really enjoy the suspense it this book and it is a really good page turner. “The Boy who Saved Baseball” was also a good book. It was basically, just like the title says, a boy who saves baseball in his town. They needed to win the championship to have his team stay and his team won in the end. This book inspired me to realize that you can do pretty much whatever you want to do as long as you set your mind to it. “Flush” and “Chomp” are both books by Carl Hiaasen. These books are obviously written in a similar way and have very numerous parts in my opinion. Not only were they humorous, but they also had some parts that made you feel like you were actually there with the main character experiencing whatever he is experiencing or felling whatever he is feeling. I really enjoyed reading these books this year and suggest that you try them if you haven’t!

  15. If I could only pick four books to put on that bookshelf, they would have to be “Ender’s Game” (by Orson Scott Card), “Fearless” (by Cornelia Funke), “Code Orange” (I don’t know the author by heart), and last but not least “Slither” (by Joseph Delaney).
    “Ender’a Game” was a sci-fi novel about the future, and in the future Aliens called “Buggers”, have tried to destroy Earth, and humans. Now, Earth is training brilliant kids to fight the buggers, and command ships. The book tells the journey of a boy named Ender, who goes into one of these battle schools to possibly fight the buggers. Just to give you an idea of how smart these kids are, Ender is absolutely brilliant, and he’s only nine by the end of the book! This book gets you attached to the characters, and it also has a lot of action.
    The next book, “Fearless” is about a magic mirror that can transport you to another world. One without much technology, and a lot more magic. There are witches, princes, treasure hunters, dwarves, Djin, and many valuable magical items, for example a cloth that when rubbed, produces gold coins. I can’t tell you what happens in this book, because it would spoil the first book in the series called “Reckless”. This book will have you on edge, loving the characters, and it will make you wish that you too had a magic mirror.
    The book “Code Orange” is about the Yellow Fever. In this book, a young boy looks in a medical book for his project at school, and in it he finds a packet with something in it, he examines it and touches it – even smells it. He then finds out that the item was a scab from someone with yellow fever…….and that scab might still be contagious. This book is exciting, interesting, and of course you will be attached to the characters.
    This last book is called “Slither”. It’s about a different place with boggarts, whitches, the fiend, and old powerful gods. There are also other creatures that are unknown to most people. Slither is one of those creatures. Slither is kind of like a mix between a vampire, and a werewolf, but that’s not what he’s called, nor his origin. He drinks blood, and has a tail, and he’s even a Mage. This book is about his journey, and his choice to either protect, or use three human girls, even though to his kind, humans are considered property. This book is in the series “The Last Apprentice”, but you don’t need to read the other books to understand this one. This book is fast paced, extremely interesting, and it made me think of how simple minded humans are compared to other creatures like Slither.

  16. My favorite book I read this year for sure is “The Maze Runner” by James Dasher. This book was amazing because of all the action packed characters and thrill that takes place in this book. I enjoyed this book because every chapter something mind-blowing happend, making it hard for me to put this book down. This book is in my top four because I love the style of how the author writes. “The Maze Runner” is about a boy named Thomas who is sent into a place called the glade, and when Thomas enters the glade his memory is wiped. Thomas’s job is to find a way out of the glade, with a few other gladers. I recommend this book to any people who like books the involve thrill, action, and drama.

    My next book that would go on the shelf would be a book call “Found” by Margaret Peterson. This book is about a UFO plane filled with babies. I enjoyed this book because the characters really funny and practically normal kids just like us. Also This book was sometimes confusing because they talked about time travel, and its science behind it. This book was very interesting because it is based on a topic you would never think about, and how interesting it turns out to be. This book would be a good read is you like science and time travel.

    The next book that would go on my shelf is called “Wonder” by R.J Palacio. Wonder is a really sad and inspirational book because it talks about a boy named August and his face is deformed by birth. When I read this book it made me get teary eye because while I was reading it I always thought “what if that was me what would I do?” “Wonder” is a great book because the meaning of the book is, never give up on what you are aiming at. This book is a must read for kids 11 and up.

    Lastly, this next book is called “The lighting Thief” by Rick Riordan. This book is about greek mythology, and the demigods. “The lighting Thief” is an action packed book because it has battles, and and adventures in it. This book is about a demigod Percy Jackson, and he discovers he is a demi god. Percy is sent to camp Halfblood where all demigods go to learn to fight. This book is meant for people who like action and adventure!

  17. Before sixth grade, I wasn’t a big fan of reading. With independent reading I was introduced to books I wouldn’t ordinarily read. I discovered, with the right book, you’ll be hooked in an instant. This is how I felt when I read my top four books this year, “Runaway,” “My Fair Godmother,” “Fever 1973,” and “90 Miles to Havana.” Although these books are all very different, I was hooked and couldn’t stop reading! After I finished reading, some other crazy event would occur, and I had to read even more. After thinking about my favorite books this year, I noticed all of the main characters are all vey independent, and that is very inspiring. Each book had a special plot, character, or the style of writing that made me love the book.

    My favorite book I read this year was “Runaway.” This book made me feel for Holly, the main character. She took her happiness and destiny into her own hands, and ran away from her mean foster parents to change her life for the better. I enjoyed how Wendelin Van Draanen, the author of “Runaway,” made it seem like Holly was writing in her journal to the reader. It was nice to see the story in Holly’s point of view, rather than the author telling the story. This made me feel even worse for Holly because she wrote in detail exactly what happened, and she had no one to go to so she wrote in her journal.
    This book was my favorite because I loved the characters and learning how Holly lived on her own in such a big world.

    “My Fair Godmother,” was very different from “Runaway,” but has a similar theme. Any girl can relate to this book, especially one with a sister. Savannah has a rough time in high school, especially with having an older sister. Haven’t you wished to have a fairy godmother? Janette Rallison did a great job with making the book modern, and I really enjoyed that. The book was also written like a normal teenage girl might sound. Chrissy Everstar, Savannah’s fairy godmother, was one of my favorite parts about the book. She wasn’t an average fairy godmother, and her character was very comical. I felt the story was a comical light read and it made me smile. Every girl loves a modern fairy tale.

    “Fever 1973” on the other hand, did not make me smile. When Mattie’s life took a turn for the worst, she took matters into her own hands. Mattie was a very determined girl. I enjoyed Mattie’s determination because she never gave up and kept on going with the yellow fever going around. The author made me want to read and read. She would have an important event occur, and then end the chapter. This made me want to read more and more! I think Laurie Halse Anderson did a great job with writing “Fever.”

    “90 Miles to Havana” is similar to “Runaway.” Julian and his brothers are sent away to Miami and have to live by themselves, and Holly runs away and has to live by herself. Enrique Flores-Galbis did a good job with making me feel like I could be there in Miami. This book made me feel bad for Julian because he wasn’t ready to be by himself, and i can’t imagine leaving my parents forever. Julian was very brave and I admire that. Overall I felt this book was very sad, with a good ending.

    Sorry I’m posting so late Mrs. Cobb, I had a very late cheer practice tonight.

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