What Would You Teach the World in an Online Video?

Students, please read the article below first, watch the video, and then answer the questions below.

Have you ever watched an Internet video that teaches how to do something or explains an idea or problem? Have you ever considered making a video like that?

What talents or expertise would you want to share in your own Internet video? What would you want to teach the world? Explain fully. (Courtesy of NY Times Learning Network)

A Science Star Already, Tinkering With the Idea of Growing Up

May 4, 2013

Stephen Crowley/The New York Times

Sylvia Todd, 11, produced a robot-drawn watercolor painting for President Obama on Monday at the White House Science Fair.

Sylvia Todd’s desk is not tidy. It’s cluttered with small robots (including a solar-powered grasshopper), motors, wires, resistors, a soldering iron and an array of other gadgets and tools.

A maker, tinkerer and online celebrity, Sylvia has attracted more than 1.5 million YouTube views of the show she produces and hosts, the Web-based “Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Maker Show.” She is sought after for speaking engagements, visits maker fairs and even addresses TEDx conferences.

Last week she won a silver medal at an international robotics competition. And on Monday she took part in the White House Science Fair, where President Obama tested her latest project, a robot that paints.

Not bad for an 11-year-old.

With her father, James Todd, filming her, Sylvia uses puppetry, theme music and her home as a laboratory to demonstrate how things work. She makes science fun, mostly by having fun herself.

An audience of fellow makers, especially science-minded parents and children looking for projects, follow her D.I.Y. episodes — 19 so far — on circuit boards, sidewalk chalk, rocket ships and her favorite, an LED shield.

In one episode, Sylvia made dough that can conduct electricity. The salty dough, when mixed with water, acts like wire to allow electricity to flow through it, while a second batch of dough made with sugar acts like insulation and resists electricity. Sylvia used the conductive dough to light up LEDs, make noise and run motors.

Her most popular episode, on copper etching, attracted more than 200,000 views. Her fans learned how to create a circuit board and a copper pendant.

And her latest continuing project, though not yet a subject on her show, is a robot that can paint. She showed it off at the White House Science Fair, an invitation-only symposium for 100 students that is hosted by Mr. Obama, who views and comments on the students’ projects.

The president tried out her watercolor robot, doodling “Go STEM” — the acronym for the fields of science, technology, engineering and math — on an iPad. The robot painted his doodle, which Sylvia said she would frame.

“I shook his hand twice!” she said. “And he picked up a printed version of the White House logo that my robot did.”

Sylvia’s celebrity comes from her YouTube series, which she produces and hosts. It is a family collaboration — her mother, Christina, for instance, came up with the pendant idea — but is distinctly Sylvia. She can be age-appropriately silly, but she takes her projects seriously.

“Ever since I was really young I liked destroying stuff,” Sylvia said. “I’ve always been interested in making and doing things hands-on.”

The seeds for the show were planted when Sylvia was 5, and she and her father attended the Maker Faire in San Mateo, Calif., an annual event organized by Maker Magazine that celebrates makers and their projects. Two summers ago, Mr. Todd began videotaping Sylvia’s demonstrations, as a summer project. “We just wanted to do something fun,” Sylvia said.

The popular blog Boing Boing reported on their first episode. Then Tech Crunch, Jezebel and other sites followed with praise. Make Magazine hired Sylvia to produce some of her episodes for its Web site.

Mr. Todd, 29 and a high-school dropout and Web developer, shares a tinkerer’s spirit with his daughter. (“If you do the math, I was young,” Mr. Todd said of Sylvia’s birth. “Too young,” she chimed in.)

“There was no formal maker movement when I was a kid,” Mr. Todd said. “If there had been, I would have been part of it.”

He and Ms. Todd have three other children, ages 3, 6 and 8, and he is the family’s sole breadwinner. Money is tight, and most of the science kits that Sylvia uses in her videos are donated to her. She raises money online to pay for some of her trips.

For the White House Science Fair, for example, Sylvia and her father created a campaign on a site calledgofundme.com. Two dozen well-wishers donated, and Sylvia was able to raise close to $2,000 for her trip to Washington.

“I would say we spend maybe $100 a year,” Mr. Todd said of the episodes. “We don’t have a lot of money for this; really, it just takes time.”

This article has been revised to reflect the following correction:

Correction: April 23, 2013

An earlier version of this article misquoted Sylvia Todd at one point. She said, “Ever since I was really young I liked destroying stuff” — not “Ever since I was really young I liked distorting stuff.”


  1. As soon as i started reading the article, I thought of Luz from the “Kiki Strike” series. Serious and focused. When I saw the video, the impression changed completely! (Except for the focused part, she was very focused but was definitely having fun!) She seemed more like one of my friends because she was outgoing, and a little silly.
    I watch online tutorials all the time! I use the tutorials for everything from a math or science concept I don’t understand, to new crafts, to games to play with kids I babysit!
    If I made an online video, it might be about a really cool craft I just did or a super fun game to play at a party.

    1. In the first sentence I meant, “As soon as I….” and a comma instead of a period after the word series.

  2. No, I have Never thought about making a YouTube video that shows someone how to make or do something. One, because my mom always told me not to show your face on public videos, and never give out privet imformation, and two, because I have a different dream about becoming a famous doctor, like my father. Also, I’ve heard there are some side effects to becoming a famous vedio star, for example, never being able to escape the camera people. They are always stocking you!
    If I was to make a video, I’d probably make it convincing, and having to do with problems of the world (for example air pollution). This way I can make the world a better place, not have to show my face or give away any private imformation, and become famous. If I were to make a video that shows my talent. It would have to do at how good I am at playing the drums. The only exception to doing this is it would give away what I look like, where I live, and maybe even give bad people ideas about kidnapping me! This is why I choose not to post videos of my talents, or anything about me on the Internet.

  3. Yes, I have seen some videos. I want to have a youtube channel but same as Criss my parents think it is un-safe to have my face on the internet.

    If I were going to teach the world how to make natural medicine because now the world is using all of these pills that have a lot of side effects. I think people should start making natural medicine instead of medicine that contains artificial junk.

  4. I watched video tutorials. When I was little I would do crafts with my friends and we would always go on YouTube to see how to do different creative things. I have never considered making a tutorial but Sylvia makes it look like fun. If I ever did make a video like that I might make it on craft things like how to make a shadow box or how to make a collage. I would want to teach the world how to make cute fun things out of household object so you wouldn’t need to go out and get tools from the store. I would probably like to make a video on how to make a big collage of all your friends and memories so that you could put in a frame or that you could just make the collage on the actual wall.

  5. I have seen online YouTube videos on how to do things, be it use an app, play a game, or learn things that I learn at school. No I have never thought about creating my own video, for multiple reasons. One is privacy. I do not want any information, or any of my pictures on the Internet. Another is that most people who make teaching videos, are extremely skillful at what their teaching, and I mean that they are often one of the best. Also, I think that most of the videos people put online are for attention, and end up being pretty dumb. I would not make a video to teach the world, but if I had to, it would be about educating people about all of the awesome toys of the world. I do not mean “Xboxes”, or a game like “Hungry Hungry Hippos”. No, no, no. I would show people the toys like the new SeaDoo Sea Scooter. It is an above water and underwater diver, that you hold on to. Wearing a scuba suit and tank, you can hold on to this portable machine, and drive it. It is the new form of scuba diving. Another awesome toy is the Gyrocopter. It is a one man helicopter, that is very easy to fly, and is very small. No need for a pilot’s license, just Gyrocopter certification. My show would be all about telling people about cool, fun things they would not know about unless they were told. Things that do not go on commercial. Hopefully my videos would enhance people’s lives, with entertainment. These videos would share with the world things that go unnoticed. These videos would result in giving people lots of fun.

  6. Yes, I have wathched an internet video that explains how to make something. I have never considered making one though. The video I watched it on was how to make a robot. It is really cool what people can invent, and how they share it throught he internet. I don’t get much time to make a video though. Thursday and Saturday are the only two days that I don’t have to do something. This is why I never considered it. I also watched a video on global warming. It showed how the polar ice caps were melting and many animals were osing their habitat.

    My video would explain all the problems the word has from pollution to war. It would give ideas on how we can try to stop these problems. I would want to teach the world what they need to know. These would be important to making the world a better place. I would give history lessons because I know a lot about history. It would be getiing a lot of views. This is what I would talk about.

  7. Internet tutorials have taught me a lot! From how to do the cup song or how to whistle, YouTube has taught me probably half of what I know. I haven’t ever thought about having a video online, probably because of my parent’s Internet rules. My cousin, Ryan, posts many videos on YouTube. He shows how to make things on “Minecraft”, a computer game. I think its pretty cool that he is on the Internet, but I don’t know if I would want random people watching me. That video that Silvia made was awesome!! She is a genius. We should contact her. Since she is a child she would probably write back. Her video was cute and clever. I loved the music and her narration. The article said that she was silly, but serious. I guess she has to be pretty serious when she is working with things that can burn your skin! Sylvia is very inspirational also. Although I might not be as inspirational, I would love to have a YouTube video!

    There are so many things I could make videos about. My first video would be a video about organization. If you have been to my house more than once, then you may notice it is a little different each time. I am a neat freak! I can’t do any homework if there is clutter in my room. My video would be about getting a room organized and keeping it that way! One of my tips would be to keep everything easily accessible. Imagine this. You’re in a hurry, and you can’t find your folder. Instead of having to rip through you desk, you could keep your folder in a magazine holder. I could also show the viewers how to organize their jewelry with a DIY earing holder made of chicken wire! I’ve already made myself one. I also have a passion for history. Unlike most girls, I would rather spend a day at Colonial Williamsburg than Sephora. I could make videos about different times in history to help students on tests. I think this would be useful because learning from another student definitely helps students learn better. I could also make homework help videos or videos discussing my favorite books. I might also make a video showing how to make a craft I make every year for Relay for Life, clipboards. First, I purchase a clipboard and take the hardware off. Next, I spray paint the back of the clipboard with chalkboard paint. Then, I glue a piece of paper on the board with “Mod Podge”. This is an adhesive that is very much like glue. After I smooth out the air bubbles and let it dry, I coat the clipboard with a finish that makes it smooth and glossy or one that gives it a matte finish. Then I put the hardware back on and decorate it with ribbon. I would really enjoy having a YouTube or online video!

  8. If I could make a video to teach the world to do something, I would teach them how to ride a bicycle, because there are some kids out in the world that do not know how to ride a bike. If I taught them this it would give them another option to excersise. The video would just be me on a bike, riding it step by step, giving them pointers. I would also tell them to wear proper safety gear, such as helmets, and knee pads. As I am teaching them how to ride it, I would also give them tips and pointers. I think it would help kids, and make them happy.

  9. Yes I have seen many videos that teach me things. I usually watch the videos on YouTube. I actually have made a video before. I make them on how to do cool things with you hair like make a bow. And I have done one on how to tie-dye you nails. The videos I usually make on are on how to do hair or nails.

    1. Yes I have seen many videos that teach me things. I usually watch the videos on hair and nails so I got inspired to make so my own. I make them on how to do cool things with you hair, like make a bow, or waterfall braid. And I have done a tutorial on how to tie-dye, and splatter paint your nails. The videos I usually make are ones with my friends like comedy, and the rest on hair and nails.

  10. Sylvia is such a creative girl! I can’t believe that she’s only eleven. I have watched so many internet videos that have taught me how to do something. I have watched countless crafting videos because I am a visual learner, so when I want to do a craft I look up a video. The things I have learned on crafting videos include how to make friendship bracelets, sew bags, create headbands, make jewelry, and so many more crafts. I have the Ted Talk app, where I can watch Ted Talk videos whenever I want. Surprisingly, I actually have made a video like Sylvia’s before. It was called “So Can Kids Cook?” A couple years ago I made it with my friend. We wore chef hats and aprons when we were filming just like Sylvia wears her lab coat. We would go back and forth filming at each other’s house. The videos were about us making very simple foods. Sometimes we would make ants on a log, peanut butter and graham crackers in a ball, and smoothies. We hoped to upload the videos online, but we never got to it.

    I would make a video about crafting because I love to do crafts in my free time. Each season of the show would focus on a different type of craft. The first season would be on headbands and hair accessories, the second season would be on sewing, the third season would be clothes, bags, and shoes, and the fourth season would be making games. Those are all topics of crafts that I am good at and I enjoy. Each show would talk about safety precautions first, and then it would give instructions on how to do the crafts. In the first season I would make headbands out of fabric and ribbon. I would also show how to make bows using a Bowdabra. The second season would show me sewing bags, phone cases, pillows, stuffed animals, and blankets. In the third season I would sew clothes and bags. I would also show how to change old clothes and shoes into new ones. In the fourth season I would make board games and card games. We would make games like the ones we recently made in Spanish. I think it is important for kids to learn about crafting because kids should express their creativity. I would love to teach people about crafting because it’s something I love to do, and I love sharing my passion for crafting.

  11. I have seen videos like that. I watch videos on how to draw things, and how to do dances. These videos are cool because they aren’t just for entertainment, they teach you.
    Yes, I have thought about making an instructional video. I want to make a video that teaches people to draw manga and chibi. (They are Japanese cartooning styles.) I think it would be so fun to teach people these styles of drawing. It wouldn’t really help the world in any way, but it would be really cool. I think some people would like it, but most people don’t appreciate it.

  12. I have seen How-to Videos before, form how to do long division to how to make a model car, but i have only seen a few.I have considered making one before but I wouldn’t want to show my face for special reasons.If I were to make a video, I would make it about acting. Like How-to-be a good actor.I would explain how does Body mosin or Facial Expression. I would cover topics like, how to write a play or to direct a play

  13. I’m always on Youtube over the weekends. I like to watch videos on cooking, baking, style, makeup tutorials, and current Tags that are going around. I think it would be so much fun to have your own channel and have subscribers.

    If I ever did make a youtube channel it would be on fashion and makeup tricks. I would want to teach the world about ways you can enhance your own beauty and ways to keep up with current fashion. I think it would be more fun to do it with a friend though. You could share ideas and come up with new video ideas. My channel would have silly phrases. When we start the videos I would do something cheesy, not just a “Hey guys”. Something more on the lines of something I would do. I would also try and end with something cheesy a well. I think the best part of Youtube videos I watch are all the Tags that you coud be a part of. Theres food Tags, makeup Tags, and really silly ones ging around Youtube, such as $20 makeup challenge, salt & ice challenge, ext. I would really enjoy having my own channel and seeing how well I am doing as far as subscribers goes.

  14. I have seen videos on you tube teaching you how to make and do things. I have also seen some videos that help me review things I need to know for school. I have considered making a video that shows how to maybe make a type of art, or how to have a fun summer, or something like that. I love scrapbooking so if I was to create a video it would probably be on that. I would show them how you could use a book that nobody wants anymore or just an already made starter scrapbook. I would use some markers, doodle pens, stickers, photos, cool paper, glitter, glue, and some other fun, crafty materials. I would spread out my supplies and get started. I would take some colorful paper and put it into the scrapbook. Then I would decorate the page with photos and other decorations. I would show some different ways on how I decorated the covers of my scrapbooks. I would call the show ” Delaney’s Craft Show.” I would also show some of the other scrapbooks I’ve done in the past at camps. At the end of the show I would include credits with all the names of the people who helped me make the video. This would be a fun and crafty video to show people some creative ideas to do on a boring, rainy, or free day. It doesn’t take long to create a scrapbook it just involves people having fun and lots of great pictures and supplies. This girl has inspired me that even though you’re young that doesn’t mean you can’t do big things. She is incredible. Sylvia has both an artistic and scientific mind, and she learned how to use it the correct way. By having fun.

  15. When I was little, I loved making videos of myself to show to my family and friends, but I never tried posting them on the internet. I’ve seen many cool tutorials on the internet that teach people how to do things, but I’ve honestly never considered making one myself because I’ve always been told not to show my face to the world online . If I could make an internet video there would be a few things that I’d like to teach the world. The first thing that I would want to show the world wouldn’t have to do with my talents or ideas, instead I’d want it to be something that I would have found useful a long time ago. A few months ago, when I got my first real pet ,a Chinese hamster named Chubby, I had no idea how to handle or play with her. Chinese hamsters are very cute, but they’re a lot harder to train than other hamsters. I didn’t know what to do, so I went on youtube and looked it up. Sadly, I was unsuccessful and I couldn’t find any videos because Chinese hamsters are less common than the other hamsters and youtube only showed videos of more common breeds of hamsters. In the end I had to figure out my own technique and teach myself. That being said, my video would cover everything specifically about training Chinese hamsters. The first video would teach people how to get their hamster used to people. My second video would demonstrate how to safely hold a Chinese hamster. At the beginning of each video, I would discuss necessary supplies needed and then I would actually give a step by step explanation with visuals. I think that my video could help a lot of new Chinese hamster owners interact more with their pet. They may be surprised that with a lot of patience it is even possible to teach a hamster the same tricks you can teach a dog. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be known as the hamster whisperer.

  16. Yes, I have watched internet videos that teaches people how to do certain things. I have watched soccer videos of how to kick a soccer ball like Cristiano Ronaldo because he has a special technique. I have also watched math videos on Khan Academy that helps you learn skills in math class. Mrs. Kelly introduced that site to us.

    I have considered making a video that explains how to do something, but I never got around to it. I wouldn’t want to put out any personal information or photos of anyone I know or myself. If I were to make a video about my talents and abilities to help others, I would teach the viewers different techniques on how to shoot a soccer ball and which technique works the best in certain situations. Some situations may be penalty kicks, finishing off of corners, one on one with the keeper, and long free kicks. I would teach the video viewers what they need to know to score goals.

  17. I’ve seen a lot of how-to-videos, from history to games to building things, but, I never thought of making one. if I made one it would be about everything from games to history to food. I would call it “Steven’s how to do stuff” but, buller out my face and i would show the world everything I could. i would be really funny so people are temple to try different things I would cover fun thing, world problems and cool crafts.

  18. Sylvia Todd is amazing! I can’t believe she’s close to my age! I have watched videos on Kahn Academy to explain math concepts I’ve had trouble with. I’ve also watched some cooking videos to learn how to make tasty treats for parties.The most interesting how-to video I’ve watched was with my brother. He learned how and actually built a boat out of plywood that we paddled around in the water. I’m not really sure that at this time in my life I have any expertise to share. If I was going to make a how-to video it would be explaining everyday life to adults from a kids point of view. I would want them to know how we feel about school, chores, responsibilities and the future. It’s very inspiring to know that a girl our age can build such awesome inventions.

  19. Yes, I have watched a video that explained how to make something. In fact, I frequently watch videos that will explain how to build things to make my life a bit better. I have always wanted to make videos like Sylvia’s. I feel that people could use some of the things I have made.

    If I ever made a video, it would be about making things. I would like to have my friends in the video as well. The videos would range from long boards to rubber band motors. We would do a full explanation about the object including how to make it. These videos would teach the world that a little bit of work will go a long way. The videos won’t be that long so the viewer could get right to the good part. One idea is to make dog collars out of old backpack straps. After watching the videos, I hope the viewer could make the object without questions. All of the objects would have a purpose such as pleasure or helpfulness. I would try to make the video as interesting as possible. I would do this by showing my favorite failed invention of the day. Hopefully, none of my inventions will end up in this category. I know that people want to make their life easier and I want to show that I happen to know how.

  20. Sylvia Todd is an amazing scientist, especially for an eleven year old! I have watched a ton of Internet videos that explain how to do things! I’ve watched videos on how to do everything from duct tape crafts to ice-skating jumps to making cookies! I have learned a lot of things from the Internet! 🙂 I haven’t really considered Making DIY videos to put on the Internet. If I was going to make a video, it would be on fun, easy recipes and how to bake. I would want to teach the world that you can eat good food without going to a restaurant. Sylvia is definetely a good example that kids can do amazing things if they put their mind to it! 🙂

  21. I think it is so clever of Sylvia to teach everyone what she knows! She is helping many people not just by gaining the cool things they can make themselves, but also saving money so the don’t have to pay for jewelry or stuff like that at the store. I do watch internet videos, but not very commonly. I might watch one once in a while when I want to learn things such as a concept I’m having trouble on in school, or even how to paint cool designs on my nails. I definitely have considered making a video, but never had the time. It would be cool to be able to be like Sylvia, and share your knowledge and strengths throughout the country, that people might not know as much about.
    It would be fun to be able to share your hidden talents with everyone, but becoming famous has it’s consequences. If you did make a video, and have it become as viral as some of Sylvia’s videos are, you would always have people trying to take your picture or get your signature. It might be fun at first to be famous, but I personally think it would get a little bit annoying. If I could make a video, I would probably make it on studying tips. I always like to try different studying tips for the different tests I have, and I have found a few studying methods that work really well for me, such as studying a little bit each night, gaining studying time as you get closer to the test. Also, tapping your fingers together can help relieve stress. Of course, I haven’t forgotten Mrs. Kelly’s brain breaks. I find it is better to take a test after you have gotten a little bit of excercise, so you are not stressed or fidgety during the test. These tips might help people for when they are studying. I would definitely want to teach the world these tips because it would make a difference in the world by having an increased number of good grades throughout America!

  22. I have seen many videos of people teaching people how to do different skills. If I were to make an online video, it would base on being kind to people. I would choose this topic because there are a lot of unkind people in the world. In this video I would teach people how to be nice to others even when the other person is mean to you. I would choose this topic to do a video on because I thinnk I am good at being kind to people and being is not hard either (for me, at least).

  23. Sylvia Todd’s video was really cool! I can’t believe she’s only 11 and knows all that stuff. She definitely makes science look fun. I’ve seen many internet videos to learn how to do things. Some internet videos I watch to learn how to do things are mostly videos on how to work things, things to help me with my homework, or to help explain something to me. If I were to make a how to video that taught something to the world, it would probably be about making recycled things into something useful or art. For example, making paper mache animals, or making a water bottle into a plastic flower.

  24. I have watched many interesting YouTube videos that showed me how to do something. I have seen videos about how to make a fishing pole out of bamboo and string, how to draw a 3-D city (I didn’t succeed in that), and even how to do tricks on a skim board. I like to watch people make and do really cool things, but I have never really considered making a video. If I were to make a video, it might be about how to make a backwards video, or put something in slow motion. I have made many of those kinds of videos, they are very fun to make. To make a backwards movie, I use an app on my iPad called Backwards Cam HD to film. If you jumped off a wall, it would show you jumping backwards onto the wall. It is really cool, fun, and easy! For a slow motion movie, I use an app called SloPro HD. It works the best if you jump into a pool or a pile of leaves. You could put the splash in slow motion so you could see how the water goes up. I like to make those kinds of videos a lot! Maybe I will start to post some on YouTube.

  25. I really think Sylvia Todd’s video is awesome! She is really a talented eleven year old girl! I admire her ability to create things because I also enjoy arts and crafts.
    There are many things that I would enjoy putting on a video, like cooking, creating things, or even how to train your dog. But I think my favorite idea right now would be to invent different children songs with catchy tunes. I got this idea over the weekend when myself and four of my friends came up with a cute song. Our first creation is called “Musical Monorail” and that was a very nice way to teach little kids cute songs. First we would invent a catchy tune and add entertaining words to go along. Then, in the future if we have time, we might come up with a couple cute dance steps, to make it even more interesting. Hopefully a lot of children would enjoy these different songs, and I would have lots of fun making them with my friends.

  26. Wow, this is my favorite blog we had all year! I have watched many videos that have helped me learn new steps in dance and different techniques to study, and these videos have helped so much. I would never put a video online of me because I would be afraid too but if I did, I would do it on popularity and how that you don’t always have to be the most popular in your grade or school to have good friends. I would want to show the world the true me. I would want to teach the world that its okay to be different and to be random, weird, or whatever you want to be whenever you want to be. I would also want to teach the world to never put yourself down by saying mean things about yourself and to never make yourself or anyone else feel that way.

  27. Online videos always help me from topics I dont understand at school, to new moves to learn in basketball, or even something I would never think about learning before. All the How to Videos I watch always come from Youtube, and I never thought about making a video on teaching other people in the world how to do something. If I were to make a video it would be based on basketball, and I would make a video on drills you can do to improve certain areas in basketball.

    If I were to make a How-To video I would make it on basketball for sure, and teach other people how to get better, and drills they can do to achieve their goal. If I were to make a basketball video I would make it with my friends who I practically spend my life playing basketball with! We would make all our videos humorous, and still at the same time teach our audience something new to practice.

  28. I’ve watched plenty of videos that teach people how to create things, including the one about a nine-year old kid that made his own arcade out of cardboard boxes; we had a blog post on the story early in the year. It amazes me even more when I see kids my age and younger than me create these type of videos because they obviously learn a lot of stuff from an early age and they’re showing it in these kinds of videos. If I had the opportunity, I would love to make a video similar to these because people all around the world can learn great things from these videos. I would want to share the same kind of videos that the 9-year old boy and Sylvia Todd do on how to create fascinating items out of recycled objects and other small items. I would want to teach the world a lot of important lessons, but the most important lesson I want to teach is that anything is possible, you just have to start by trying.

  29. Start with you legs spread apart put one hand up, lean on to that hand, and make sure to tighten up. That is how you do a one-handed hip-hop freeze. That is what my video would be on. Sometimes people put things on the Internet to teach us something or show off their skill. Why not put it all in one video? I watch these type of videos all the time. They make me want to try what they are teaching me. Like I saw a tutorial teaching me how to do a chin stand, and I tried and did it. I watched it over and over again until I got it. I would make a tutorial on hip-hop freezes. First I would start with the easy ones then work my way up to the hard ones. This would be my topic because I once didn’t know how to do them so I worked on them a lot and my dance teacher taught them to me. I think this fits my personality perfectly I love hip-hop and I just think I would be good at explaining to people.

    The article and video are very inspiring I would love to try those things in the video, but I don’t think I could do it. Sylvia is a really good scientist and should totally be part of the irregulars. She reminds me of Luz. I think Sylvia has a lot of talent and is really funny. I loved how at the end of the video she barked and translated the bark to English like she knew how to speak dog. She has a great personality, and a great sense of humor.

  30. I have watched many videos on youtube. I especially watch baseball videos and coding videos. I usually watch baseball videos but, I sometimes watch coding videos. Here is what kind of videos I would make. If I were to make an internet video, it would be a baseball skills video. I would make my own channel on youtube and the make a series of videos. I would have a new video every week and each new video would be different. For example one week I would have a video on on fielding at shortstop and then the next week I would have a video on hitting.

  31. No, I have not seen a video that teaches me how to do something. I have always wanted to make something amazing, and then show it to the world on a video. If I were to make a video, it would be about chess pieces. I would teach people how to make chess pieces out of items around the house that they do not need. This project would take about an hour, and the materials would be 5 paper clips (to keep the pieces standing upright), paint (to paint the game pieces), card board (to make the game pieces, and plastic bags (to make the front shiny, and protected).

    I loved this video, and article. It is funny how she always loved destroying things. I have always wanted to be creative, and this girl has taken it one step further. I think that she is very talented. I would love to watch more videos, and read more articles about her! She inspired me to make amazing things! In the article, it says that the family does not have that much money. I would definitely donate money because she is helping the world with her amazing, and mini creations.

  32. I use Youtube all the time! Whenever I need to know how to put something together or how to make something I visit Youtube. I have several time seen videos and been like, “Hey, I can do that” or “I know how to do that better.” Each time I think about making a video I realize how much work it is just to get one video. I wish I had the time and determination to make a video because I think tutorial videos are very helpful.

    If I did make a video to post on Youtube I would make a video on how to improve your transition time(triathlons). Triathlon is a sport that consists of swimming, biking, and running. The time in between the three parts is called transition and is sometimes considered the fourth part of a triathlon. With my mom being a coach I have learned all of the tricks to getting a faster transition and know how to do most of them. I could honestly make a thirty minute tutorial on tricks to make your transition time faster. One trick I would make sure to include is how to do a ballerina. Another important trick I would show is how to run with your hand on your seat. I would also show how to correctly set up your transition in the video. The last few years I have been helping my mom coach the younger kids and have become a much better teacher. It makes me so happy when I am able to help the little kids become better. I would be super happy to hear that the video I made was helping kids(and adults) improve their transition time.

  33. I have seen many videos that explain about problems and ideas. I once saw a video about how to stop crime with good education and policy because even a spatula can be an assault weapon. I never thought about making a video about how to do something or an issue. I never made a video because I am a jack of all trades master but of none.

    I would probably make a video about how to throw and catch a Frisbee. I would show what kind of space you would need like to begin to play. Then I would show some techniques on stance, throwing, and catching. I would demonstrate all of the things previously mentioned in the video in slow motion. I would probably show the three methods of throwing like the tomahawk throw. I would have captions flash across the screen to make it easier to understand and to put hyperlinks to other helpful tips and videos. I might have soft music so that people would focus more on my talking. Another reason for the soft music is because Sylvia has background music and she seems to be successful with her videos. Throughout the video I would make it seem as fun as it was to be throwing the Frisbee in real life. To encourage people to keep trying I would be enthusiastic about throwing the Frisbee. Ultimate Frisbee Hall of fame here we come!

  34. Sylvia Todd is a very impressive eleven year-old. She seems very crafty and knows a lot about science. I can’t believe Sylvia is only eleven, and made her own water-coloring robot for the White House Science Fair. She even has her own youtube channel where she teaches the world how to make cool things. I have seen many other online video tutorials like Sylvia’s. I have seen videos that teach how to make origami and cool things out of paper. A few years ago, I learned how to make an origami ninja star from that type of video. It amazes me how precise the person in the video has to be in order to have clear instructions.

    I have never considered making a youtube how-to video. There are so many things to learn how to do, and youtube tutorials can help you learn how to do them. The only problem with making an instructional video is that it may not feel like you are really teaching somebody when you are just talking to a camera. If I was going to make a tutorial video, I would teach someone how to keep a baseball game scorecard. My grandfather learned this skill as a boy, and he taught me how to keep score a few years ago. Very few kids know how to do this, but my grandfather and I keep score every Rays game we go to together, and it makes the game more interesting. The first thing you have to learn in baseball score keeping are the player numbers and hit symbols. The scorecard has nine boxes for each player going horizontally and nine boxes down for each inning. The plays are classified by numbers, lines, and letters. For example, the pitcher is number one, the catcher is two, first base is three, and so on until lastly the right fielder is number nine. A single is one horizontal line in the bottom right hand corner of the box, and a double is the same except for that it’s two lines in the top right hand corner. A walk is classified as “BB,” a strikeout is a “K,” and a fielder’s choice is abbreviated to “FC.” Keeping score at a baseball game is a relatively unknown but good hobby. Besides making baseball games fun to watch, at the end of the game, you can have a full analysis of every inning.

  35. I have watched a video that teaches you how to make, or do things that are really cool but never like this video. I thought that the video was really cool how she made the jewelry. But another thing that I thought was amazing was how smart she is for her age. And how she could figure out how to do that. But I have never thought of making a video like that before. I never had anything that I thought I could show someone. But something that I would want to share is something that would be really cool to make. Something like that would be would be black and white photography. I think that it would be a really cool experience for the person who is watching and me to make a video. I think that videos that show people how to do, or make things are very helpful and useful in al ways. The videos can help you with anything that you desire and its cool for someone to show you in a way that he/she is speaking to you.

  36. I have watched how-to videos to help me with sports. Currently I am trying to build a robot and I have watched a lot of videos on wiring the robot. I have never thought of making a video because of two reasons. Privacy is the first because I wouldn’t want my face on the internet, and I really don’t know what I would make my video about. If I were to make a video it would probably an instructional video on making things. I would show how to do anything from how to correctly do the high jump technique to making your own mini motor. For any of the sports videos I would use an app called Coach’s Eye. It allows you to analyze, stop, and slow down the video. I would also make videos on shortcuts that are on devices nowadays. Hopefully all of my videos would help people and answer their questions.

  37. I have watched many online videos that taught me important skills and lessons. Some of the best educational videos I have seen are from https://www.khanacademy.org/ . These videos review math lessons such as doing traditional division and other more difficult topics. This year, I watched the videos on factors and ratios. They really helped me because if I didn’t remember something from class or was having trouble with my homework, I went home, looked up the topic on his website “traditional division” and a fully explained video popped up. What sets this website apart from other websites is that the man who is in the videos is really a good teacher. He goes into a very full and clear explanation about the subject.

    I have not considered making a video like the one the girl did, but that video definitely gives me inspiration to do so. The only reason I haven’t created an online video like that one is because I don’t have a YouTube account or any other online video account. If I did have an account I would really like to create a video to teach the world something.

    I think the first video I create would share how smoking really doesn’t help your body and decays your lungs. I participated in a Forensics competition earlier in the school year, and this was my topic. I have done lots of research and have a speech all prepared, but a video would be so much better because I could show people smoking’s effects on them rather than just tell them. I don’t think people know how bad it is for them to smoke, and I hope this video would help them. The video would show what it does to your lungs. I know that some people think that videos about smoking are graphic, but I would make sure it is fitting for every audience. I want to teach the world simply what smoking does to your body and how it shortens your life. I wouldn’t say “stop smoking” because everyone over 18 has the right to smoke, but I would educate people on what it does to your body. I would also provide the watchers with good ideas on how to quit and ways to help them through that process. I hope the online video I create would inspire people to quit smoking.

  38. I have actually watched an educational video, but it wasn’t outside of school. We have watched brain pop a lot in math that teaches us how to multiply decimals or tells us about the Pythagorean theorem. I don’t think that I would make a “How To” video unless I had to for some project. If I were ever to make a video like that then it would most likely be about basketball. I have a huge rang of expertise in defense, shooting posture, and even dribbling. If I had to choose I might want to teach about the basics of defense and what position you should be in. I would teach a about shuffling your feet and staying between the person you’re guarding and the hoop. Looking at the waist of your opponent is a key way to staying with your man that you’re guarding.

  39. Yes, I have seen many videos that teach you something. They all have varied from arts and crafts or either some techniques in tennis. I have seen videos to do arts and crafts like making duck tape pens. I have seen videos to help me with small tennis techniques that can make a big change in how I play. Sometimes if I need help in a math I can go to Khan academy that I was introduced to by Mrs.Kelly and my math class. I have thought about making a tutorial before may not be school related but I have thought about making a demonstration on the correct tennis stroke with my friends at practice. Of course we haven’t none of us have time during practice because all we have time for is for doing drills and competitions. I still would love to make a video on that or maybe on how to have the right grip for your first and second serve in tennis. I was very shocked to see that an eleven year old girl could have such a talent! I will definitely watch a few of her videos!

  40. I have watched many YouTube videos, and they usually help a lot. The ones I usually watch are on how to use computers, and use java. I’ve never wanted to make a YouTube video for two reasons, one is that I don’t have time, and another is that it’s not very safe. If I were to make a YouTube video, it would be on my opinions of things, for example; differ types of headphones, or cool toys/technology – even books. I think that this video series would really help people save money, and spend their free time doing the best things possible, because most of us don’t get much free time. Also, I think that my show could help the radio out of its “depression”. Lately, the radio has been playing really old songs, and it always takes them a few months to play new music, so that by the time they do play a good song, it’s area day old for some of us. Don’t even get me started on the terrible headphones out there that cost a ton of money, and that people buy just to say they have them! Also the toys that kids are buying are usually terrible, and are only bought because of good marketing, the sad part is that there are many amazing toys out there from shoes that make you jump a foot tall, to putty that’s attracted to magnets! I think my video series would really help people, too bad I don’t have the time, or the money to buy all the stuff I would want to show.

  41. I have watched a few videos on how to do things, but they weren’t the type of videos on how to make stuff. I watched nail polish tutorials, but that’s about it. I’ve never really considered making a video until this. If I could make a video, I don’t have any real talents so I’d probably make it about traveling because I feel that’s my passion. I would go to a lot of places and talk about what and what not to do there. I would want to teach the world to explore and to not be chained down to where you live. I’d want to show that there are so many types of culture and food and that people will never be limited.

  42. I watch how-to videos normally on the weekends, when I’m not doing anything or for school. An example of when I’ve watched a how-to video is for math, if I don’t under stand something. I have never considered making a how-to video, but if I did it would be on making cool thing out of ordinary objects. In my video something that I would show you is how to make a bow-and-arrow, out of a branch, some wood, and rope. I have actually made one before, and it is really cool. I would want to teach the world this because a lot of the time great things like, old cloths that don’t fit and you don’t want give away, you can turn them into something cool like a bag. Another useful thing that gets thrown away are magazines and news paper. You do a ton of stuff with magazines and news paper like using it as raping paper or making Christmas bows with it.

  43. When I was seven, I watched a video on origami. I wanted to know how to make one of those fortune teller things. I’ve never thought about making a video online… ever! I would make my video on how to make boring stuff fun (for girls that are 4-7)! When I was around four or five, I liked going around the house cleaning things like Cinderella. If I could teach people to make bring stuff fun, the would be a lot of little girls with dirty princess dresses and happy parents.

  44. This girl is very smart and seems like she knows what she’s doing! If I were to make an online video to teach the world something, I would teach the world how to play a few songs on the ukulele. I actually just taught myself how to play the ukulele in about a span of three days. I had gone on YouTube for some help on how to play some songs. I now know how to play two songs by Taylor Swift: “White Horse” and “Begin Again.” My brother also begged me to learn how to play the “Adventure Time theme song,” so I learned that too. I also taught myself the song “Hey There Delilah.” I can tell you this: that’s not all the songs I will learn! I will keep learning more! It was a little difficult at first, but I started to get the hang of all the chords. I looked up all the chords on Google, and played them. Then I listened to some songs on my iPod, and I listened for all the sounds like different chords. By then, I knew all of the chords, and I started playing songs on the ukulele! I was so proud of myself, and I kept playing it, and playing it, and I sort of got obsessed! Playing the ukulele looks really hard, but once you learn the chords, it’s so easy! Now I can play the ukulele without even looking at my notes or my hands. I love playing the ukulele, and I think it would be cool to teach people a few songs I can play in an online video. Just pick up a ukulele, and have some fun!

  45. I have watched a lot of how to videos. I have learned how to make ninja stars, how to draw things, how to complete levels in games and even how to never lose in a board game. I have been wanting to make a video that teaches you about something, so I did. It was cheats for monopoly. I did that when I was five. I also make videos like that now but most of them are not as cool as what Sylvia Todd does.
    I would want to show the world how I can do awesome things like catch a turtle, draw and make a bow and arrow. These things I have done, I had a video on how to build objects like a fishing pole just out of a stick, paper clips, fishing line, and a hook. I Would want to teach the world how to do things like that.
    I would also like to show the world pranks that I have done. I will tell you about one I did at a friends house. First, you will need a bottle of shaving cream, a paper clip, string, and a pointed screw driver. You have to take off the cap or lid. Then you will need to take off the little white thing that shoots out the shaving cream. Stick the needle in the hole (When the white thing is off) at the top hard enough for it to stay. Make a loop at the end of the string and rap it around the bent paper clip. Poke a hole in the lid or top of the shaving cream. Attach the string to that hole and when you take off the cap the shaving cream in side will fly everywhere. I hope you have fun, with this idea. I once used it at a birthday party, maybe you can think of more things to do with it.

  46. I have seen many videos that teach you how to do stuff. The videos I have seen are for video games, arts and crafts, and even sports. Strategies for video games and sports are my favorite. If I’m ever wondering how to do a certain play or do a special move I can just look it up and watch a video on how to do it.
    I’ve thought of doing a video series before, but Youtube said I was too young to do it, so I stopped. If I could make a video, it would be how to make your dog do tricks and have fun. It would be about the right toys and how to make your dog sit, stay, lay down, roll over, etc. I would enjoy making the videos and playing with my dog a bunch in the process. I think it is really cool that an eleven-year-old can be so successful with making videos.

  47. I thought the story of Sylvia Todd was very interesting. I’ve learned a lot from videos on YouTube. From music videos to videos just showing off some funny tricks, I’m always on YouTube. I have made videos in the past of funny things, cool tricks, and a few videos of my friends and I doing funny dares. If I were to make a video that would teach someone how to do something, I would make a video on how to skateboard and longboard. The main reason for this idea would be because you can do a lot of cool tricks on a skateboard, and you can cruise around on a longboard. The reason I think this would be an important video to make due to a lot of people don’t know how to use a skateboard or longboard. Another reason is because my neighborhood is full of kids and you can never be in my neighborhood without seeing a kid on a longboard or skateboard. I think making a video on something is always a good idea, because it will always teach someone something. Videos on can be inspiring to other people.

  48. I watch many instruction videos online. Mostly it is because I broke something and need to fix it or I don’t know how to do something. I have never really thought of making a video like this until this blog. If I could teach the world something it would be how to draw… This would be a series of videos teaching those less creative how to draw animals to cars or buildings. I have noticed in instruction videos the speaker never gives you enough time to accomplish what they ask of you. In my videos, I would give more time to allow people to actually make use of my video.

  49. I think instructional Internet videos can be very helpful demonstrations on how to do something. Personally, I have used YouTube videos to help me learn how to play Minecraft better. They were very useful, and I was able to make more progress in the game with their help. I have never considered making a video like this because I think it’s a bit dangerous, and creepy, to have myself out there on the Internet.

    If I were to make a You Tube video, however, I would make it about how to throw different kinds of pitches in baseball. This video would not only help people become better pitchers, but it’s also really fun just to learn how to throw a variety of pitches. I could teach different variations of a pitch, like a knuckle curve, or a 12-6 curve. I might have to research these two pitches before I try to make a video though… Someone could also learn more simple pitches from my video, like the 4-seam and 2-seam fastballs. By the way, my favorite pitch to throw is the 4-seam fastball!

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