Earth Day ~ What’s the Coolest Thing You’ve Ever Seen In Nature?

In honor of Earth Day, I pose this question to you. What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever seen in nature and where and under what circumstances did you see it?

What was the first thing that came to your mind when you read the question, “What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever seen in nature?”

  •  Where have you seen especially interesting natural vistas, creatures or phenomena? In your travels? In your own backyard? At zoos or aquariums?
  •  In general, how much do you pay attention to the natural world? What effect does it have on you?
  •  (Idea and questions courtesy of NY Times Learning Network)


  1. I have to say the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in nature was when I saw Niagara Falls, in the summer. Since Niagara Falls is on the border between New York and Canada, I saw it on the Canada side, And it was absolutely spectacular. I thought this because it was so large and wide. From far away it didn’t seem that big, but when you got closer you felt like an ant in comparesion to a large foot. The only downside was that my mother was scared of letting me to close because of what could happen when I fall, but after she told me what could happen, I was scared as well. This is why Niagara Falls is by far, the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in nature.
    The first thing that appeared in my mind when I read the question “what is the coolest thing you’ve ever seen in nature?” was Niagara Falls and a barred owl. I have already explained to you why Niagara Falls would pop into my head, but a barred owl did as well because of How I saw one with my Boy Scout troop. We saw it while hiking in the woods and I have to say, it was probably the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. It’s hoot reminded me of the movies. Speaking of interesting things, I saw a very weird looking stick bug in my backyard. The creature was incredibly thin and blended in so well that I would’ve never saw it unless my brother had accidentally slashed his flashlight upon it. I’ve also seen many interesting things in museums, aquariums and zoos, including stingrays, monkeys, giraffes, rhinos, elephants, zebras, piranhas, cockatoos, sharks, brightly colored fish, and apes. I pay much attention to the natural world, because it is always changing, and sometimes the information that does change can be very important. Nature definitely affects me in many ways. It gives me water, food, a place to live, necessities, and not to mention oxygen. There is so much we know about nature, but there’s many things to discover as well.

  2. The coolest thing in nature I have ever seen was a lake. It was a long day of backpacking when we reached our campsite. When we put our stuff down we came to the picnic table and started to heat up our MRE’s. I was just heating up my pocket rocket when I heard my friend Kai shout “Every one come here fast!” I turned off my stove and walked to where the voice was coming from I went through a bush and the I saw an amazing lake we gazed in amazement at the lake me and Kai turned to each other and said the same thing “Man hunt.” after we ate lunch as fast as we could we gathered the rest of my BSA troop and we started to play. We played until sunset, and then Kai’s dad told us we needed to get back to the site.

    I will never forget that day it was very fun.

    FYI: MRE stands for Meals Ready To Eat basically freeze dried food where you just add hot water, and BSA stands for Boy Scouts of America.

  3. I think the coolest thing I’ve seen in nature has to be the really big trees that can be found in Down Town St. Pete. When I see these trees the first thing I think is how can they grow in that shape and how can they be so big. I remember when I was little that was the only thing I wanted to do when I saw those trees was climb them. I have to say that the coolest place to see really cool things in nature would be the aquarium. All those sea creatures always fascinate me. I think the coolest place to find amazing creatures is the touch tank. To be honest I really don’t pay to much action to the nature around us. Every once and awhile I will look out my car window and see garbage on the street and think “really”! I think the way people litter and pollute the world is terrible. Most people come to visit Florida because of our beaches. If I were traveling to Florida I wouldn’t really want to go to the beach because of all the garbage on the sand and the gross water. I would want to go somewhere where the water is clear, so you can see all the way down to sea floor. That doesn’t really impact me as a single person because I don’t really enjoy going to the beach anyway. All I can say is think before you do something that might impact you later.

      1. The special thing about these trees is their size. If you remember those trees that we saw when we went to lunch after our tour at the Museum of Fine Arts? These are the trees I’m sharing about. Like I said in my blog you can find them in Down-town St.Pete. To be specific the ones by the Pier.

  4. “Mom are we at the top yet. It has been almost a hour and a half. I’m hungry.”

    When I was seven years old when my family took a vacation to North Carolina for Thanksgiving. I had never been to North Carolina and was excited to be in cool weather. Since we had never been to North Carolina before we had a long list of things to do, and at the top of that list was hikes. My family is very active and loves the outdoors so hiking was the perfect activity for us to do. On the first day we packed up our stuff to go on a hike to Chinquapin, which is a beautiful mountain. It was around the 50 degrees outside so we were all in a good mood with our jeans and long sleeve shirts. We started our hike on a good tone with everyone telling jokes and laughing. We marched on jumping over logs and hopping across creeks. The first interesting thing we came to was a place called the green wall. The green wall was a huge vertical stone with a flat surface, and covering every inch of the rock was green moss. We all stood by the green wall to get our pictures taken with the weird green moss. From there we hiked on another hour before we reached the top of the mountain. We all stood still and just looked at the beautiful landscape. From where we were standing we could see an enormous valley with rolling hills. We could see miles and miles away standing on just that one mountain. The view was breathtaking and made the four hour hike all worthwhile. Even now when I look at the pictures the whole scene seems photoshopped and fake because it is so beautiful. A memory like that only comes once in a lifetime so if you ever have a chance, I advise you take it.

  5. I have seen so many remarkable things in nature, but when I read the question I immediately thought of one thing. I thought of my time at Camp Merrie-Woode. I hiked up the mountain at my camp. When I got to the top of the mountain we reached the face. I remember looking up the face of the mountain and wondering how I would ever climb that. I tied the ropes, and started to climb. I was so scared, but it was the experience of a lifetime. When I reached the top, I saw the coolest thing I had ever seen in nature. I looked down below me and saw my whole camp. I remember that moment like it was yesterday. I saw the huge lake with white sails gliding across it, and the wood cabins lined up in rows. Below me was a beautiful waterfall with white water rushing quickly. It was astonishing to see something from a different point of view.

    There have many other experiences where I have seen interesting things in nature. When I traveled to Saint John I went snorkeling. I saw lobsters, crabs, fish, beautiful plants, and turtles. My favorite thing I saw was the giant turtle. I loved observing how it ate and swam. I had never really thought about the world under the sea before I went snorkeling. Another cool experience with nature was when I went to Lula Lake in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It is a natural park, so it is only open sometimes. At Lula Lake I went on a long hike with my family. We hiked to a huge waterfall. The waterfall was 100 feet high and falling onto a bunch of rocks. My family and I went under the waterfall because not very much water was falling. We were also able to slide down the rocks into a clear lake. It was amazing to think we were sliding down a natural waterslide and it was even more fun than a manmade one.

    I do not always pay much attention to the natural world. I try to, but I am not very observant. For example there is a huge tree by my street. One day as we were driving past it I asked my mom how long it had been there. She said it had been there for a couple years. I think that I don’t pay attention to nature in places I’m used to, like my neighborhood, but I do pay attention when I go on vacation or summer camp. I may not pay much attention to nature, but it does interest and have an effect on me. I love going on hikes in the woods or going to the beach because it makes me feel really relaxed. It’s cool to think about how other animals live.

  6. The coolest thing that I have probably seen in nature would be the mountains in different places like California, Colorado, North Karolina and many more. The first question that comes to mind when I think of mountains is how exactly are they formed? When I see mountains I always have the desire to either ski or hike. When I go to places I have never been to before I will see new nature like I recently just went to Paris and I saw flowers and animals some of which I had never seen before. I do not pay that much attention the the nature around me unless it is something like littering then I have something to say about it. I think that I should pay more attention to the things around me and if your someone like me I hope you will too.

  7. I forgot to add: I think people plus myself have an extreme impact on nature because one mistake could change everything.

  8. The coolest thing I have seen in nature were some really unique glaciers in Alaska. When I first looked at the question I thought to myself, “It has to be something in Alaska,” because I had so many good memories there. I have also seen some really cool natural views on my vacations. Two vacations that had amazing sights were Costa Rica and Alaska. I even saw a bald eagle blink at me in Alaska, I have a picture of it for proof ;). I loved seeing the monkeys in Costa Rica because they were really funny to watch sometimes. I don’t usually pay that much attention to the natural would, but sometimes on vacations I take the time to really observe my surroundings. That is how I saw the Bald eagle blink at me in the first place and how I saw it at the right time, so that I could take a picture of it.

    Watching the natural world effects me a lot sometimes. Sometimes, I am so wrapped up in the peacefulness, that I could just sit out there for an hour or two listening to the birds chirp, the water drizzling down creeks, and even hear the wolves howl at night. I wish I could just sit and listen to it all the time, but I only get to do that on summer vacations. Nature effects everyone in many different ways.

  9. “Molly’s finally back five months later!” yelled my younger brother, leaning over the dock.

    Last April, I was leaving Meredith’s house when my mom told us the story of a huge manatee she thought was pregnant, right off our dock. I crossed my fingers she would still be there by the time we arrived home, since she had already been there five hours. We arrived home and I saw the biggest manatee I had ever seen. Molly, which my mom and brother named her, was eight feet long! We kept the hose running and dropped lettuce and celery in the water for her. After seven hours of staying right by our dock, she decided to leave. In late September, she returned, and this time with her new born calf. Molly was very protective over her calf. About two hours later, she left. We made a very special bond with Molly and will never forget the hours we spent with her, it was a great experience. There are many other experiences that occur right in our backyard. There are very strange sea creatures that I’d never heard of before we’ve caught or seen them off our dock, like a lizard fish. I think we take advantage of the natural world, and usually don’t appreciate as much as we should. Living in a place like Florida, I think we should learn to look at the little details of nature.

  10. The coolest thing I’ve seen in nature was a flying squirrel. A few years ago, I was playing basketball in my driveway with my dad, and after we had been playing awhile, he suddenly stopped and looked up. In a tree was a small squirrel, lying on a branch. I also looked up just in time to see the little creature fly 50 feet across the street from one tree to another. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that. We continued to see that same squirrel for a few months. The first thing that came to mind after I read the question was animals. I’ve seen a lot of cool animals, but the squirrel tops all of the creatures I’ve seen.

    There is a tree in our backyard where a family of parrots come to live in spring and summer. I am guessing they will return again soon. They are bright green and make a lot of noise when anyone walks outside. I have also seen some weird looking fish in the Florida Aquarium. I like to be outside and to enjoy nature. I wish more people would do simple things like picking up trash and recycling so that our world remains beautiful.

    1. All around Mirror Lake are tons of green parrots!

      Austin, please do not input your email address when you post your comment.

  11. I really love and care about nature. I look around, and I am very amazed at how nature works. The first thing that popped into my mind when I saw the question was the beautiful underwater plants and creatures I saw in Atlantis, (in the Bahamas). It was really amazing. My favorite thing that I saw was the adorable dolphins. I even got to pet them and give one a hug. Their skin was so soft and silky. I also saw the jelly fish…their bodies are so interesting to look at. The scariest thing I’ve ever seen, was the sharks ! We shot down a big slide right through a tunnel and we were surrounded by huge great white sharks everywhere. (Don’t worry, they couldn’t hurt us because we were inside the see-through tunnel). I didn’t get to see whales though.

    The most amazing thing I think I’ve ever seen in nature would be when we got to go with the whole family on a safari in South Africa. There we were, in our jeep when we see two beautiful giraffes. All the sudden, one of them bends his long neck down and swings his head through the air and whacks the other one ! Then, the other giraffe did the same! I asked the guide why they were fighting. It looked like they were going to kill each other. He said that it was because they were two males that were fighting over a female. We even got it all on video. The guide said he hasn’t seen a fight like that in many years. They fought over 20 minutes until one of them finally fled.

    I seem to pay attention more often to nature when I’m on vacation because that’s when we are outside. It’s nice to have time to just relax and see the many things that live on this beautiful Earth. I think nature is the best treasure in the world. It does have an effect on me too because I’m curious to learn more about the living things that share this planet with us. I get sad when people pollute our Earth. Hopefully one day soon, everyone will care.

  12. The coolest thing I have ever seen in nature has to have been a rock formation and spring in North Carolina. The rock formation had multiple ledges from which you can jump off of, and into the spring. It was completely naturally formed, and very private. One of the coolest parts was the walk there. It was and unmarked and un-groomed trail made almost entirely out of rock, with small obstacles and hard-to-follow trails along the way. I loved jumping off the rocks and into the spring, and there was also a somewhat flat cliff to climb. Some other very cool places I have seen amazing things in nature are coral reefs in the Keys, an active volcano in Hawaii, waterfalls in Puerto Rico, an amazing view from the top of a mountain in Colorado, and even a green flash. I have seen some cool animals, like an elk, an eel, a sea turtle, and a monkey. The sea turtle may have even the coolest, because even though I couldn’t touch the turtle it was beyond amazing to swim with it. I have never really seen anything amazing in my backyard, but if you count Discovery Cove as an aquarium I had cool experience there. I got to ride and swim with a dolphin, and swim super close to a giant manta ray. That was fun. I suppose I do not pay much attention to the natural world, but it does have a huge affect on me. I do notice most of the incredible things in nature, even if I don’t think about it often. The part the natural world plays on my life is purely entertainment. I love climbing trees, playing in the waves in the ocean, and I also enjoy boating and sailing, which are all gifts of nature. I also enjoy just being outside. All in all, nature plays a huge role in my life. My life would not be the same without it.

  13. The coolest thing I’ve seen in nature are the manatees when they come over to your boat or dock. The manatees are so friendly and very smart because they know not to get too close. I have seen this animals in my own backyard drinking water from the pipes on our dock, I have also definitely seen manatees at zoos and aquariums, and I mostly see these creatures in Captiva which is in Sanibel. I like to look at all the different types of nature such as plants, animals, mammals, and even storms. I pay a lot of attention to the natural world and I love to look at different types and colors of flowers. I also love the smell of flowers and storms are so much fun to look at because you never know what’s going to happen next. The natural world is so important and many people in this world don’t notice anything in nature.

  14. This past summer my mom, and sister and I went on a road trip. We have a lot of friends in Georgia, Tennessee, and a couple in North Carolina, so thats where we were! On our way home, we stopped in Atlanta and visited the Georgia Aquarium and the new World of Coke. At the Georgia Aquarium the thing I loved the most was the Beluga Whales. They were so playful and adorable!
    The next thing was at the World of Coke. As soon as I walked in, above me, I saw a giant globe. It was about the size of the ball that drops in Times Square on New Years Eve! The best part was that it was made entirely out of water bottles! I thought that was the best way that I had ever seen something recycled.

  15. I have been to many stunning places. The coolest of them all for me though would definitely have to be the Grand Canyon. I was on vacation during Spring break when I saw the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is in Arizona. The first thing that came to mind when I read the question was that the Grand Canyon was one of my favorite places in the world and that it was huge, beautiful, and amazing. The colors were a vibrant red with pink and purple hues. When we were leaving the Canyon and driving to Sedona we saw a coyote running through the snow. It was so neat to see an animal like that in its natural environment instead of a zoo. I’ve seen many natural vistas in my travels. Another example of a natural vista that I’ve seen would be Niagara Falls. It was so amazing to take a boat down near the Falls and feel the coolness of the water splashing on my skin. At night time there were many different rainbow colors coming from the lights behind the falls. It truly makes you appreciate the world that something like that could be formed naturally.

    Many of my favorite animals I like, I have to go to a zoo or aquarium to find them. In Arizona I saw foxes, long-horned sheep, and some other animals too. The best zoo I’ve ever been to would definitely have to be the one in San Diego. When I’m driving in the car I usually look out the window. Sometimes I do watch movies in the car instead which I’ve noticed does kind of spoil the car ride. You miss a lot of things when you’re busy looking at something else. It makes me feel peaceful when I look out my window, or I am at the beach and I see birds flying, and I hear the ocean waves. The world is a very beautiful and wonderful place.

    1. Having lived in San Diego, I will agree that the zoo is fantastic, but the Wild Animal Park is still my absolute favorite.

  16. I’ve seen many amazing things in nature, but one of the most beautiful things I ever saw was a mom manatee swimming in the water with her baby. I was out on our dock waiting for my dad to get our boat ready to take out when suddenly two manatees appeared. I immediately turned on our hose because I know they love drinking from hoses. They came closer and closer to the dock and rolled over on their backs to take a drink and let my family and me pet them. The mother manatee even reached out to me with her fin and let me hold it while she drank. It was an amazing experience, because I knew that the manatees truly wanted to play with us and weren’t just trained animals like some of the ones at aquariums.

    Since I live on the water in Florida, I am surrounded by nature. Besides manatees, I have seen dolphins swimming by my dock and beautiful birds flying around us. Sometimes I take quick kayak rides to a huge bird retreat called Bird Island. Bird Island is a small piece of land filled with big trees and shrubs that pelicans and other birds nest in. Once, I visited Bird Island and was surprised to see tons of tiny baby pelicans. The babies were probably only a few weeks old and they were adorable. I watched the moms put chewed fish directly into their babies mouthes. Bird island is another example of nature right in my backyard.

    I’ve noticed that I do pay attention to nature. Recently I noticed a hawk that likes to hang out around our cove. The hawk always has a fish in its mouth and flies around until he finds the perfect spot to settle and eat his dinner. His newest spot is a nest he made in a tree in my neighbor’s yard. Paying attention to nature makes me feel closer to the environment and brings excitement to my life.

  17. When I saw this question The California Academy of Sciences instantly popped in my mind. I was on vacation with my brother and my mom visiting my aunt and my grandma. We go to The California Academy of Sciences for two reasons, one is because we want to see the new exhibits, and two there is a art museum next to the academy. Now the reason I picked this place is for two reasons, one it has one of the largest grass roofs in the world, and two it has a very rare albino alligator. I have to pay attention to nature because I am a Boy Scout and I can get requirements for rank advancement. The coolest thing I have seen on a Boy Scout outing is a barred owl, it makes a sound that sounds like it is saying “who cooks for you.” The California Academy of Sciences is located around San Francisco so next time you are there check up on my albino friend for me.

  18. I will notice butterflies and other things but I kind of just ignore the normal things in nature like shrubs and lizards. The coolest thing I have seen in nature was probably either and blue,red,and green salamander or the red wood trees in Big Sur, those things are huge. I have seen these on trips mostly. The red woods were California and the salamander was Bremuda. What first came to mind was the trees because that really stood out to me when I saw them. My favorite tree was a one that was split by lightning and black in the center but was still standing.

  19. Once upon a time, I went to the zoo and saw some very interesting unique animals that I hadn’t encountered in my backyard, petting zoo, or golf corse. There were giraffe, elephants, wolves, lions, and tigers. It was really interesting to see these animals in habitats that resembled there natural habitats. Unlike most zoos this one had air conditioning that made it more comfortable for so e of the animals with big coats like bears! I go swimming a lot and sometimes walking my dog but I really don’t do a lot of things outside because I live on a golf corse and one I don’t wat to get hit with little golf balls and two there really aren’t to many interesting things about a big grassy plain. Since where I live the nature is so darn boring with a craine here and there and the occasional alligator, life is pretty bleak. So I really don’t pay attention to nature. The one thing that was interesting in my yard once, apart from a golf ball, was a grey, white and brown owl! Down side it hooted all throught the gosh darn night and all I was thinking, was I wish my backward was boring again. Sorry I don’t have anything, I haven’t really interacted with nature a lot!

  20. The coolest thing that I saw in nature was the Man in the moutain located in Newhampshire. It actually looked like an head of a man. When I read the question the first thing that came tto mind was what should I piack there has bean so many cool things on my travels with my family but then this was the one that stould out. The coolest animal that I have seen was at my grandfarthers farm it is called a Qual it is like a bird but whe it fly t makes a weird noise like a plane coming in to land. Sometimes I will pay attention to nature it depends if I am in the moutians gig throught and see all the rocks then yesI will pay attention but if it is going on a normal walking path then no not as much. It has some affect on me when it very pretty or makes me feel diffrent emotions.

  21. The coolest thing I’ve ever seen in nature were the geysers in Wyoming at Yellowstone National park. My favorite geyser was Old Faithful because it was the biggest one we saw and the only on that went off at a certain time every day every single time. When I was in Costa Rica we had a lot of fun touring the rainforest and looking at all of the wildlife such as monkeys and sloths. Also when we were in Wyoming we went hiking a lot looking at all the wildlife and trying to spot moose and other cool animals. We even saw a baby bear. In general I think I pay attention to the wildlife around me a lot because it plays a huge roll in my life. We are surrounded by wildlife every where you go even in your own backyard.

  22. The coolest thing I’ve seen in nature was when I saw a hawk pick up a rake and almost take it to its nest. It was a cold night in St. Pete. My brother was playing a baseball game, and I was helping my Dad coach. First, we all noticed that the hawk’s nest on top of the light pole had blown down. The hawk was circling and didn’t seem to know what to do. All of a sudden, the giant hawk with huge claws swooped down and picked up a field rake in the middle of the game. Everyone stared at the hawk struggle to get it up to its nest on one of the light poles, but the hawk just couldn’t do it. The rake came crashing down, thus ruining the hawk’s idea of a rake in his nest. If the game hadn’t been stopped, a player could have been injured because of a rake falling from the sky. It was truly an amazing sight.

    The first thing that popped into my mind when I read the prompt was: animals. I always hear these amazing nature stories, and the most interesting to me always include animals. These are the ones I pay the most attention to. This can be anything from a rat learning how to flush a toilet to a tiger giving birth or anything else. Another idea that came to mind when I read the prompt was fascination. I am always amazed at the wide variety in nature. It seems that you never can believe a nature story until you see it for yourself, and when you see it for yourself you always think that it is fake. But what most people always say is, “that’s just nature.”

    Over the years I’ve had some interesting encounters with nature. About two years ago, a squirrel fell from a huge tree in our back yard and could barely walk. It was scared and stunned. We cornered it and took it to the hospital where it received treatment. Once I was on a ski trail and a deer was running right in front of me. It was amazing, and it seemed to be racing me. I let the deer win for safety reasons. I’ve also seen a moose on a ski trail as well. One of my favorite zoo memories is when my friend got pooped on by a monkey and then a bird the same day. It is so unusual that it is amazing to hear about it.

    I pay attention to the natural world a lot, but not as much as I would like to. The effect that it has on me is significant. I am worried that we as a country are not taking good care of our natural world. If we keep littering and producing fossil fuel energy (with pollution) the sky could turn from blue to gray. I am always careful that I don’t litter or do anything to hurt the natural world. I hope other people do to. My theory is it only takes five extra seconds to throw something away, so why not help the world by giving up five seconds of your time? Nature has affected me in many ways, and it is always the one thing that leaves people with their jaws dropped not believing what they see.

  23. The coolest thing I’ve ever seen in nature is the beautiful fish in the ocean in Mexico. The fish were so colorful and the underwater plants were beautiful and everywhere you looked you would see fish looking at you. My family was taking a cruise to Mexico and we went snorkeling and swimming with dolphins and manatee. Most of the pretty things in nature are seen when on vacation. Think about it. When you go on vacation that is usually when you’re taking pictures, and then you realize how pretty it is. I’ve been to so many zoos in so many places, but the fishes and dolphins had to be the prettiest. I always am looking at nature, I always seem to be hearing the birds outside my room, I love all animals and I’m not completely terrified of any of them. Some can be dangerous, but they are not terrifying.

  24. I automatically thought of Costa Rica when I read the blog question. The coolest thing I have ever seen in nature was when a monkey with her baby on her back was hanging on our shower head in Costa Rica. It was the first White-faced monkey I have ever seen. The baby could not have been over five inches tall. I saw the monkeys in Costa Rica during my summer vacation. The best part about it was it took me about 30 seconds to notice they were there. All around it is a great place with things you can only dream of here. There are snakes, massive insects, fantastic rain forests, and so many different mammals like monkeys and sloths. I feel that zoos can not match the natural beauty of a wild animal in its habitat. For instance, when I see a monkey playing on a concrete structure it makes me feel bad that it is not in a tree. I know some animals at zoos have been saved. Unfortunately, we humans are causing the problems with our selfish ways. I pay close attention to nature because I feel that we have already harmed it. All of the cities in Florida look like industry has done harm. We can still change this by planting, recycling, saving, and not harming animals. The natural world has a great effect on me due to the fact that I love the outdoors even when my allergies act up. The smell and feeling you get when you step into the woods is amazingly strong. This is another great example of what we could lose if we do not change our ways. A simple change in life style will give animals like the White-faced monkey a chance of survival.

  25. The coolest thing that I have ever seen in nature was definetly one time going to North Carolina when I was really young. Every year my family goes up to North Carolina because we have family up there. But last year when I was ten, we went up to North Carolina to rent a house and visit some of my family. And every year that we go here, we always go to a mountain called Big Bald, it is called this because the top of the mountain doesnt have any grass on it. From very far away, it looks bald since its just dirt on top. So last year on our almost last day there, it was really foggy and we didnt feel like even going up the mountain this year, but we did anyways. You cant drive a car up, so we always have to walk up which is like a three mile walk from the bottom to the top. When we finally got to the top, it turned out to be an amazing sight, and it was a lot of fun. It was cloudy, windy, and very foggy, but from the top of the mountain you can see almost everything even when the weather is like this. The best part about the weather like this was that it was also cold, so when you stand into the wind, you can get hit with tiny water droplets that stick to your eyelashes and makes your eyes feel really cold. The reason that this was so cool was the fact that you could see every mountain in North Carolina from where you are standing. The walk back down from the mountain wasnt as much fun since we were soaking wet though. I like to pay attention to things like this because I always like to remember things like this. So one day I can look back on it and say how much fun that was.

  26. The coolest thing I’ve ever seen in nature is when I was in Africa. There where so many countless things that where amazing. Some of my favorites are Victoria falls and the animals. They where stunning and mindblowing. There are also some cool animals I have seen in my back yard too, like stingrays. Nature is almost my life. I spend most of my days outsde. Nature is a key role in almost everyone’s life, like trees make paper, pencils, and some houses. Nature is very peaceful to me. It helps me get away in to my own land.

  27. Probably the coolest thing that I’ve seen in nature was a splashing dolphin. I know, what is it? Well, it happened a few years ago when I was out oin my seawall. I was just playing around, when suddenly a dolphin came out of nowhere and splashed me. Randomly, I clapped, and the dolphin splashed me even more! A few minutes later, the dolphin swam on its way up the inlet, and I went back inside to tell my parents about it.
    I pay pretty close attention to nature almost all of the time. Whenever I see something in nature that is new, I will most likely point it out. For example, today at break, I saw a chameleon, and I pointed it out to another student. Most other people would have not even noticed it because of its camouflage. Nature affects me because I use it for a lot of things, paper, wood, metal, glass, clay, water, food, and even pets. Without it, I would not be able to survive. The only problem is, noone realizes that without nature, they won’t survive. They’re too busy playing x-Bok and texting to look at the beauty and importantness of nature.

  28. I think the coolest thing I have seen in nature would be a National Park in Washington. The trees looked like they touched the clouds, and the fallen ones acted like bridges. The trail was right along a river with waterfalls and fish. I remember seeing a deer and it’s fawn ( baby deer ) across the river drinking out of it. They were so graceful and everything was peaceful. The setting seemed like one out of a movie, and I hope I can go back.
    The first thing I thought of was an animal, but then I realized that the National Park was way cooler than any animal.
    An awesome vista I have seen is looking down on Seattle from The Space Needle. It’s amazing to see it from a different view entirely. It seems like a completely different city because of the angle. If you ever go to Seattle, or any large city, you should get to a high place a see what it looks like from there.
    The natural world is very important to me because it can’t be replaced. Once they are gone, they’re gone for good. I think that it is important to save it. It has a massive effect on me because I need water and food to survive. I want to help make sure that no more animals go extinct

  29. The coolest thing I’ve seen in nature is Devil’s Millhopper. It has a quite a story to tell there was once a big hill in Gainesville, Florida. But the a sinkhole opened up in the centre of the hill and more than a thousand years latter another sinkhole opened up in the that sinkhole.then people built a walkway down to the top to the bottom. When I say the words “cool, things, nature,” I said “hole” as in sinkhole so I opened up the app “Pages” on my iPad and started typing. I think of nature when ever I see a tree. In real life or not. I think thinks like “how did this get here” and “how long did this take to grow”

  30. When I first thought of the question “What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever seen in nature?” I right away thought about the Grand Canyon. I remember one summer my grandparents and I were going on a trip to Arizona so that I could see the Grand Canyon. When I got there I remember sitting along the railing so I could get a better view. It was a magnificent sight. The reddish orange limestone and the light shining on it, was amazing. I pay a lot of attention to the nature around me, the flowers, animals, and everything else. Everywhere we go, we will see some sort of nature around us.

  31. The coolest thing I have ever seen in nature is probably my grandpa catching a black see bass. This was really cool because I had not seen a Black Sea bass before the one my grandpa caught. I was at the pier in St. Pete when my grandpa caught this fish. I normally do pay attention to the things in my environment. If there was a bird on a branch in a tree fifty yards away, I would probably notice it. Things in nature are normally really cool. I normally see birds, lizards, snakes, and raccoons in my backyard. I also see these cool things while I am riding on my bike or in a car. If I am at a nature park, I will see a lot of cool creatures, such as fish, birds, lizards, snakes, and bugs. I have been to the Yellowstone, the Yosemite, The Grand Canyon, and Weedon Island.

  32. The coolest thing that I have seen in nature is Thunderball cave in the Bahamas. This cave was a rock formation half out of the water. The cave looked a lot like a volcano because it had a hole in the top where sunlight shone through. Thunderball cave was surrounded by a coral reef teeming with the most beautiful fish. The way in Thunderball was an underwater archway that you swam under. When you swam a few feet you would come up and be in a breath taking cavern. This cavern was round and at the top was a big hole where the beautiful clear blue sky was visible. In this cavern, there is a natural bench on one side where you can look down into the water and gawk at the humongous reef full of the rarest fish. In this reef I saw a King angelfish and a Queen angelfish ruling over their kingdom. There was parrot fish, clownfish, starfish, squirrel fish, and an octopus. There were also many other unidentifiable fish that were marvelous to see. The guide we had fed the fish right out of his hands! Thunderball cave was exited out another archway where you could swim with the fish. A fish I learned about outside of Thunderball was a trumpet fish. This was a very peculiar looking fish with the shape of a trumpet! After we continued exploring the Bahamas encountering many other amazing things.

    When I read this blog, another thing also came to mind. I thought of pigs. Swimming pigs to be exact. These were also found in the Bahamas on the same day that we visited Thunderball. Our guide had pulled his boat up to an island and at the sound of his motor, pigs ran out and swam to our boat! These pigs were massive and obviously happy we were there. We fed these curious pigs their vegetables and moved out to a beach were the boat was pulled up to a dock and the parents went to a restaurant. Us kids were slow because right off the dock was a little baby duck. This duck was beyond adorable and fearless too. Under the duck was a bed of seaweed and stalking this baby duck was none other than a barracuda. We were all cheering for this clueless duck because he was also avoiding this barracuda with ease, unaware of the danger he was in. Eventually the duckling noticed and looked at us, obviously mad we hadn’t warned him. He jumped out of the water and he waddled away.

    Nature is something I look for. When I’m on a walk, I will look at the bushes and birds. Nature has a normal effect on me. Nature does make you feel calm though and will often sooth you when you are mad. Overall, amazing sights can be seen anywhere. They can be seen in your backyard, the zoo, and all over the world. You just need to look for it.

  33. The coolest thing I have ever seen in nature is when I went to on a cruise to Alaska. On the cruise we pass tons of beautiful mountains, and it was really cool. Also on the cruise we saw lots of different animals. The coolest part of nature, on the cruise, was when we went on a whale spoting boat and saw a lot of whales. This was the coolest thing in nature because I got to take many pictures and it was really fascinating. I really do not pay attention nature a lot , but when I see something cool I always point it out.

  34. When I first read this question what popped into my mind was Florida. Even though we live in Florida, there are still many cool things that people haven’t uncovered or seen yet. I have seen many remarkable things in nature, many of which are out of state, but this specific memory, has happened to take place in Florida. Many people in Florida see manatees, alligators, and of course dolphins! However, many people who see manatees, alligators, and dolphins see them at an exhibit in a zoo or park. In my opinion, I would rather see these native Floridian animals in nature and not set up in a zoo. I saw the most incredible thing in nature when I was in Captiva for my summer vacation. On one of the days we took a boat out into the Gulf of Mexico. We didn’t at all expect to see any animals, we were just going to enjoy the weather. The boat was fairly small and close to the water. While my parents were driving the boat, my sisters and I sat at the side of the boat feeling the water. All of a sudden I heard my sister scream, and quickly withdraw her hand from the cool water. Then, I also felt something on my hand, and freaked out. I then looked to see what it was, and abruptly stopped screaming, and started to laugh. The soft, gray, and slippery thing that snuck underneath our hands was a dolphin just looking for attention. This was so much more special than seeing any other dolphin because it wasn’t trained in zoo or park to come up and touch our hands like it knew us. Without thought, I stuck my hand back in, and it nudged me again. I really enjoyed this experience with the dolphin because it was so friendly. I realized that as our boat was moving, the dolphin was following close behind doing jumps and tricks. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen, especially because it wasn’t taught to do any of that stuff, it just loved humans. My sisters and I were sad that we had to leave our friend when my parents said we had to go. I will always miss that dolphin, and I will never forget him.

    In general, I don’t pay as much attention to nature as I should. I’m not as observant as Ananka Fishbeinn :), but when something catches my eye, I’ll usually pay more attention to it. The fact that I don’t always pay as much attention to nature effects me because I don’t look around and think about my atmosphere. If I’m not always paying attention to my surroundings and distinguishing important things from the normal things, I might miss something that could really be interesting and become a memory.

  35. I think the coolest thing I”ve ever seen in nature would be a zdonk. That’s the first thing that popped into my head. If you haven’t guessed what it was by the name, a zdonk is half zebra and half donkey. I saw it when I went to a Giraffe Ranch in Lakeland. Besides the zdonk, I also saw a camel named Forest (that followed us around and had foam coming out of it’s mouth), a hippo, a regular zebra, guinea pigs, lemurs, a jumbo porcupine (that was bigger than me), ostriches, hares, and so many more animals. I have definitely see other cool things in my travels. In general, I don’t really pay attention to the natural world too much. I recycle and try not to litter, but I don’t do much else. Nature doesn’t affect me too much, but I do get sad when I see animals dying and places dirty and decaying.

  36. When you asked the question the only thought I thought about was which moment to pick. With all the traveling I have done there are many things to chose from. Even though I’ve seen many cool moments in nature the coolest thing I’ve seen in nature would have to be a toucan on Spring Break in Costa Rica. My family and I saw the toucan while on a nature walk. We saw many cool things like spider monkeys, and sloths, but the toucan was the coolest, because it was rare in that time of year. There are two main types of toucans. One is the one you see in books and when you look up toucans, and the other one is the one we saw. The one we saw is red, black, and yellow, and on its stomach it has a black triangle. I pay close attention to the natural world because it calms me down and there are so many natural wonders to see even in your backyard. Nature is almost a part of me and almost everything I do has to do with nature, (hiking, camping, Boy Scouts, canoeing, kayaking, and many more) and I can’t wait to go in nature some more.

  37. The coolest thing that I have seen in nature was a huge female Sperm Whale. I was on a tour boat in Mexico that took us far out in the Gulf of Mexico. We even got to see the female’s baby calf. I instantly thought of the Sperm Whale when I heard, “What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever seen in nature?” First of all it has one of the largest brains in the world and they are humongous. When you see them in person you start to wonder if they will knock your boat over. And the worst part is when they splash you with their tail. You just get completely soaked. I don’t usually think about the natural world. I don’t pay it much attention. Although, it does annoying me when there are insects or something else in my house. I’ve had an incident where a mosquito flew in my ear. That is where it has a huge effect on me. But I have never had a pet so I don’t interact with animals that much either.

  38. The coolest thing I’ve ever seen in nature was when I was fishing in Key West. My family and I went into the gulf on a charter boat and a barracuda attacked a fish I was reeling in. It went away, but came back a little later and I hooked it on my line. The Barracuda swam deep down, back up, and under the boat. It was strong and my line eventually snapped. It was a really sunny day and the water was so clear that I could see twenty feet down, to the bottom. The first thing that came to mind with the question “What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever seen in nature?” was actually a few different things. I have never gone anywhere extremely special in nature, but I have gone to different places in Florida where I saw cool things. All of those came to mind with that question, but I chose the barracuda to talk about. I’ve seen interesting creatures at zoos, aquariums, Boyd Hill, Rainbow River, my backyard, and school. I look at nature quite often and I am actually someone who would love to spend a week in the middle of a forest and camp. I love climbing trees and running and jumping over obstacles. I enjoy seeing animals even just everyday ones. Overall I love nature and enjoy being a part of it.

  39. When I was at Bush Gardens on Sunday, I went in a tiger tunnel and a tiger was sitting right on top of the tunnel! This was by far the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in nature, because it made me really realize the size of these cats and how beautiful they actually are. This was the first thing that came to my mind, because it was only two days ago, and I thought it was really cool, because it was right above my head. Whenever I go to Utah I always see animals and interesting vistas that we wouldn’t usually see in Florida. When I am in Utah I see huge mountains, deers, and these really cool trees that have little circles as leaves. Since we have so much technology in our society we don’t think about going outside because we have everything inside. I try to go outside everyday and to also be aware of my surroundings, because later in my life we may not have the many things that we take for granted in nature. The natural world has a big affect on me because I am extremely allergic to pollen and grass, and I also love to play outside with my friends and if the weather is bad we are usually stuck inside wondering what to do.

  40. The coolest thing I’ve ever seen in nature was a Bald Eagle eating a fish. I was sitting in my kitchen and when I looked out the window, I saw a Bald Eagle sitting on the golf course eating a fish like it was perfectly normal to do that in the middle of Florida. The coolest part was, it was only 200 yards away from me! It was breathtaking! The first thing that popped into my mind when I read the question was beautiful trees with orange leaves, then I realized that those aren’t actually that cool. After a lot of thinking I remembered the majestic eagle. 🙂 I’ve seen really cool animals in the zoo, but the coolest would have to be right outside of my house. To me seeing an animal in captivity with a ton of other animals isn’t nearly as cool as seeing one in its natural habitat. In my neighborhood I’ve seen alligators, White Egrets, raccoons, foxes, manatees, Sandhill Crane families and snakes. I wish I could say I pay attention to the natural world, but I really don’t. I try to pay attention when I travel and when I’m on an airplane, but when I’m driving to school and back home I don’t pay attention to nature. From now on I’m going to try to be more observant to make sure that I don’t miss anything important. 🙂

  41. I think that the coolest thing that I have seen in nature was probably at Yellowstone national park. There were two things that I thought were very cool, the first was a mother and baby deer who wandered into the middle of the path, and the second was a bunch of buffalo that just stopped in the middle of a road near there. It was very cool to get to see those majestic beasts up close with the deer. It was also very funny to see the buffalo stop the traffic and stand in the middle of the road. I usually make a point whenever I am in an interesting nature area to look at the animals and wildlife.

  42. the most intresting thing I have seen is a fish in the Turks and Cacos. The resone that the fish was so intersting is that it had amazing patterns and colors. When it flexed it looked like the patters had moved! I was smiing at the beach when I saw it.

    I ussally pay attion to nature, and deffanilty on long car rides 🙂

  43. When I was in Hawaii, we went on a boat to go to a place where you can touch sting rays. The sting rays wernt trained but they are very friendly and they are used to the company. I stepped into the watter with five foot, huge sting rays surrounding me. You could feel their slimy fins toughing you. Once I got used to they, I went underwater and swam with one. It was the coolest, most extraordinary thing that I had experienced. The thing that makes it amazing is that you are encountering them in their real home unlike the aquarium. When I had that experience, I noticed that people who play video games, watch tv, and stay on their computers are missing out on a lot. People dont know that they can experience greater things with natural surroundings, then sitting on the couch doing nothing. After that moment I stopped watching tv as much and got more active outside.

  44. Have you ever seen a moose anywhere else besides an Abercrombie t-shirt? I am one of the few kids who have had the pleasure! When I was traveling in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, I saw a massive moose. After taking a swim in a pool that almost gave me hypothermia, I ran into my tent and changed clothes. I skipped back down to the mess tent, carefully dodging the rocks that dotted the Wyoming territory. My plan was to spend the rest of the evening in the mess tent, drinking hot chocolate and playing cards. A giant moose was never in the plans! I was playing cards, about to make the winning move, when my mom raised a finger to her lips. Setting down my drink, I half expected to see a wild bear barreling towards us. People have disappeared in the Grand Teton Mountains you know… I was paralyzed, unsure of my next move. I was so scared!!! Fear controlled my body. The moose stood at the fire pit, almost 20 feet away. That was where I had left my bathing suit to dry after my freezing swim! The beast’s brown hair hung in tangles off of his huge back. His muscular legs held him 9 feet above the ground. His giant antlers reminded me vaguely of a coat hanger. What would a giant moose be doing you ask? Believe it or not, he was sniffing my bathing suit. I thought it was so funny, but very cool. It felt cool to have this connection with nature. But, as soon as my bright blue eyes met is beady black eyes, he galloped back into the forest, almost taking my bathing suit with him! It was awesome to have a connection like that. In my trip, I also went to an awesome place called “Yellowstone Bear World.” This place had over 60 bears! It also had a rare albino moose. Families drove through a closed forest to get a very close view of the animals. It was so tiny; I saw all of the bears! They would walk right up to your car! Ah! At the end of the day, I got to bottle feed a baby bear. Although I saw wildlife, I did not feel really connected to nature. That is because the nature was in a confined area. Also, these wild animals did not seem very “wild”. One example of this was that at the place there was a special tour where you stood in a bus and threw donuts out of the window for the bears. In real nature, bears hunt for their food, they don’t eat expired hostess treats! I saw the most nature ever on a pack trip. I began my pack trip by climbing onto a horse and riding into Wyoming wilderness for three hours. The scaring, but breath-taking rides up the side of the mountain, beautiful fields and mountains, and the sight of the many aspen trees made the three hours go by fast. I really felt with nature because the sights were amazing. Because I knew that any second a bear could come out and maul me, I was not protected, (like at bear world) and I felt close to nature. It was riveting! After all, anything that is fun is usually dangerous! At Yellowstone Bear World, I was not afraid of the bears because anything fueled on donuts could not do much damage. On my pack trip, I also saw some big horn sheep! Looking through my dad’s binoculars, I could see tons of little sheep dotting the green hillsides! Sometimes, I would look into the darkened forest and see my moose friend half hidden behind a tree. Also, I felt close to nature because it was very rustic. Take no working plumbing for an example! Although I saw all of these great things, I also missed a lot too. There is so much nature to see! I also went to Yellowstone National Park! It had a lot of wildlife. The trip to the park was amazing and wonderful. I was surprised about how big the park was. I really love being close to nature, like camping. But, I would not like living on the wild. Seeing that moose scared me to death! What if next time it was a bear? Nature is bewitching. It is awesome and scary at the same time!! Overall, I do pay attention to the natural world. It is mysterious and interesting but helps humans a lot! Without nature, I could not eat, drink, or even breathe! So, this Earth day, I will do my best to respect the perplexing, and wonderful world we live in, our Earth!

  45. This is a hard question thinking about it because I have had so many wonderful experiences with nature such as snorkeling in turks and Caicos, snorkeling with turtles in Mexico, or snorkeling in Puerto Rico while surrounded by thousands of jellyfish. I would have to say the most coolest thing I have experienced with nature so far is swimming with all those jellyfish. It was this past summer I went to Puerto Rico to visit family and stay at a very nice resort. The resort had their own island called Palomino, and they had several boats that would transport you from the hotel to the populated island with water sports, beach volleyball, snorkeling, horse back riding, mountain hiking, swimming, and so many more things that I can think of. My mom, sister, and dad decided we should all go snorkeling, so of course being the youngest I had to listen and go with them. The water was freezing cold but Thea didn’t stop us from seeing all the beautiful sea life that was starting to die out from all the trash that people throw in the sea without realizing it. Not to far from the island their was a smaller sand bar that we wanted to get to but their was a very small trench you had to swim over to get their unless you wanted to kayak over their. My family and I I’d t want to take the easy way over so we snorkeled. We would swim over fields of seaweed, which at some points I would get scared and wanted to go back because I had heard of stories of barracudas, and other predators in the area. My sister and parents of course pushed me to go further, and at that point I did not want to go back. Their were tons of different sea creatures and coral of all sorts of colors. Their was one type of coral that is purple and has spikes on it and if you get poked with one it will inject poison inside of you. My dad being a rebel himself decided to pick one up and he got jabbed but not enough to harm him. My sister and dad went ahead further than me and my mom because they just wanted to get to the sandbar and not look at the nature surrounding us. So my mom and I paced ourself going against the current. Suddenly when we got halfway everything was so blurry I could not see anything clearly. As soon as I realized it my mom, dad, and sister were giving each other a signal to go back. They all looked at me and told me to go back but I wasn’t the only one. I rushed my way out of their in the meantime in my head I was singing “just keep swimming” from finding nemo to calm me down. All the jellyfish were clear and you could see right through them but I didn’t stay to get close looks at them. In the way back their were very big purple jellyfish about the size of a Easter basket. Again I would swim right past them and freak! As soon as I got to shore with my family I had the biggest relief and promised myself I wouldn’t get backing the water, but I broke that promise and looked at all the shells in the water. Speaking it was about 5 to 7 feet deep, thank goodness! I would love to see that again but from a far enough distance that I couldn’t get stung. I would never like to be stung by a jellyfish!

  46. The coolest animal I have seen in nature is a bear. I have seen other interesting animals in zoos and aquariums, like a fish with a transparent head. I saw that fish in a deep sea aquarium exhibit. Nature is very important to me because I like to hike, fish, camp and look around to find an adventure outdoors. If I didn’t have nature in my life I would probably not play outside as much. I would mostly stay inside and not go out looking for adventures. I have been on trips to some of the National Parks with my family and I enjoyed them a lot.
    I saw bears on my trip to Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park a few summers ago. The bears were big and strong. It was important to keep away from them. I saw mother bears with cubs and it is really important to stay away from these bears. My family went on a hike up to the glaciers at Glacier National Park. We hiked about 5 miles up into the mountains. The views were awesome from up there. I would like to go back there some day.
    Another place I have seen cool animals in nature is in my own neighborhood. I get to see otters in the ponds around my house. They are skinny, long and fast. They are fast swimmers and can hold their breath for a long time. They like to eat the fish they catch in the ponds. They are cute looking, but can be mean. It is best to watch them from a distance. It is important to keep our environment clean so that these animals are happy and satisfied with their homes. This will allow us to observe them for years.

    1. I meant to make new paragraph at, I saw bears on my trip to Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park a few summers ago.

  47. The coolest thing I have ever seen in nature was the tallest volcano in the Netherlands. Over the summer my family took a trip to the Caribbean and visited the island my family was originally from. The island is called Saba. This volcano was the coolest thing I have ever seen in nature because when you climb it you get to experience what it feels like to live in nature. My mother and I climbed this beautiful volcano to the top. On the way up we got a lot of sun, but it was all worth it because the view was amazing when we reached the top. When you reach the point where you can see the top it gets really hard. You realize if you don’t step on the rock correctly it will be hard getting back up. You will fall down the mountain, but you don’t have to take this route. When you are about three fourths of the way there is a bench you can take the scenic route or the non-scenic route. The non-scenic route is an easy way to reach the top, but you don’t get to soak in the nature around you. The scenic route is very muddy and hard to climb. The scenic route has caves and trees, but some of the trees or shrubs have thorns on them. Honestly I don’t think I pay enough attention, as I should to nature. The nature around us is important it gives us oxygen, and we need oxygen to survive. We have to take care of the nature around us or we will risk our lives.

  48. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of the coolest thing that I’ve ever seen in nature would be Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands. I’m not talking about the palm trees and beautiful flowers and things like that. I’m thinking of the world underwater. When your in Grand Cayman, you think that the water is normal from above. Well your very wrong. As soon as you put your goggles on and stick your head underwater you will see the hidden world that hides beneath us. Now there are many things that you will explore and see underwater. One of the most common things that you will see is the sea turtles and the spanish mackerel. Another rare thing that you will see is a nurse shark or a tarpon. There are so many more things you will see underwater in Grand Cayman. There is so many kinds of fish that I can’t think of all of them! I really like the ocean and nature.

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