Earth Day ~ What’s the Coolest Thing You’ve Ever Seen In Nature?

In honor of Earth Day, I pose this question to you. What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever seen in nature and where and under what circumstances did you see it?

What was the first thing that came to your mind when you read the question, “What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever seen in nature?”

  •  Where have you seen especially interesting natural vistas, creatures or phenomena? In your travels? In your own backyard? At zoos or aquariums?
  •  In general, how much do you pay attention to the natural world? What effect does it have on you?
  •  (Idea and questions courtesy of NY Times Learning Network)


  1. When I first read this question, I immediately knew what I was going to write about. Hands down, the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in nature was in Hawaii while on vacation, and that was an erupting volcano. I was on a helicopter tour of the Big Island (Hawaii) with my dad and my older brother. We flew over the volcano Kilauea. Kilauea is the most active volcano on Hawaii, and has been erupting for thirty years. We could see where the lava from the lava tubes emptied into the Pacific Ocean. This created an enormous cloud of steam as the boiling lava met with the cooler water. We flew right over the top of the volcano, and there was a lot of lava in the middle of the crater. I have many amazing pictures of this experience.

    In addition to the amazing Hawaii volcano experience, I saw some really interesting wildlife while on vacation in Palm Springs, CA. We went to a zoo called the Living Desert, and I saw many creatures (roadrunners, leopards, the Collared Peccary) that I had never seen before. I take for granted all of the unique wildlife we have here in Florida, like the lizards that run around everywhere, and I don’t pay that much attention to it. Perhaps this is because I see it everyday. My aunt and uncle were just here, and asked me what the large birds on the top of the light poles at my baseball field were. They had never seen an osprey before. I had the same reaction when I was in Palm Springs. Animals that people there took for granted were incredible to me. I guess that’s the beauty of nature. It’s so different everywhere you go.

  2. The coolest thing I have ever seen in nature is the water spout that went rights through my community. When this happend I was upstairs and all the sudden I see a huge white funnel shaped cloud with water and wind going really fast! When I saw this I never seen anything like it, but it was kinda frightening at the same time because five houses flipped over because of how fast the wind was. I thought this was pretty cool because I will always remember it, and what it looked like. The cause of the huge water spout led to a huge flood in our neighborhood, making so no cars could get in or out of the island. I thought the flood was cool to see because it was almost like a huge pool. I thought this was my coolest nature experience because it is something I will always look back to.

    I pay attention to nature just about everyday because I always been interested in the weather, especially when there is storms or even worse! you may be thinking why I like all this crazy weather, it’s because when I was little my uncle and I would always watch storms or even drive in them if they were major. I also pay attention to nature by looking at clouds, I think they are relaxing to look at when your board.

  3. The coolest thing I’ve ever seen in nature was probably in Canada, on a hiking trip in the Mountains. There were these mini squirrels that would run right up to you, and wait for food. They were so cute and would jump into your hands. They also followed us around while playing in the rocks. The scenery was also great in the Canadian Rockies. This was definitely the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in nature. Normally I pay a lot of attention to the natural world. I love to hear the different type of bird calls in the morning, and am trying to figure where one comes from that always happens around 5:00 PM, I can’t describe the sound but it is awesome. I live on the water so It’s also cool to see the osprey’s catch fish, and to see the manatees playing near our dock.

  4. I think the coolest thing I’ve seen in nature was one of my encounters with a manatee. I have seen many interesting animals in the wild. I usually find more sea creatures that surprise me. Last year, I did a Pathfinder camp where we did a bunch of water sports. We went to the Hillsborough River and saw many different spiders which scared me half to death. We also went kayaking through a path of mangroves, even though there were crabs climbing into our boat, it was a fun experience. I don’t remember the exact place where we went kayaking, but I will always remember that one amazing part. Once we came out of the winding path of mangroves, we saw something floating in the water. At first, we were all wondering what it was but once we got closer, we saw the big flat tail and the cute little muzzle and knew it was a manatee. We slowly rowed over to the big creature and touched his rough skin. He put his muzzle up to my hand and I knew then that I loved manatees. Even though they are big and rough, they are very sweet and do not try to hurt you. I think people should be more careful around manatees because they are very sweet creatures that can not harm you. This experience had a big effect on me because it made me realize that they can not hurt you and to be more cautious and watch out for them. I usually pay close attention to the outside world. The reason I pay close attention is because I love finding new things and exploring new habitats and different animals. I think every person should care about the nature around us because it is what keeps us alive and we should keep our world cleaner.

  5. The coolest thing I have ever seen in nature was probably a huge Magnolia flower. I saw it on my neighbors Magnolia tree. Although I didn’t see the flower in a rainforest or out in the woods, it was still a very beautiful flower. This Magnolia flower was about ten to twelve inches across and the bloom was fully open. It had perfectly smooth off-white oval petals and little orange dots surrounding the center stem. The stem on the flower was a bright pink color and the top of the stem was a yellowish color with little curls facing downward. It had a clean pleasant smell that was not too sweet. Magnolia trees usually grow in the southeastern United States, which is right where we live. I would say this flower looked surreal because it was the biggest and most perfect flower that I have ever seen!

    When I first heard the question “What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever seen in nature?” I had to think hard. I don’t really explore nature that often, not because I hate nature, but because I’m not and outdoorsy kind of person. When I read the blog prompt, I automatically thought about the giant flower.

  6. I think the coolest experience with nature that I have ever had was a few years ago at my old house. My old house was located in an area that had lots of trees and forests around it. One the first day we moved in, there were cows in our back yard. Cows! They were just eating our grass like it was in some plain in the wild. The irony about the whole situation was that it was the first day we moved in! When we saw them, we weren’t sure if they were going to be there every day and if we had to make sure there were no cows around before we went outside or if it was just a onetime thing that just happened to be on the day we moved in. It turned out to be a mix between the two as we also saw deer in our backyard and two alligators on a little pond at the end of our street. Even though I saw all of these things, the cows would probably be my coolest and weirdest just because we saw them on the first day we moved in!

  7. I think the coolest thing I’ve seen in nature was when i was in the state of North Carolina. I was camping in the woods and I was roaming up a mountain with some friends. Then out of the blue I spotted a raccoon!! When I saw it I wasn’t sure if it was a baby or a grown-up because I only had enough time to identify the species of animal. But I still thought it was AWESOME to see the raccoon because raccoon’s are like my third favorite animals. When I first read “What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever seen in nature?” I thought that it meant like what is the coolest animal that I have seen outside. I usually see really cool things that come from nature when I travel. That’s because I rarely ever travel and when I do it’s so that I can go camping. Sense people usually camp in the woods or outside you are more likely to see wildlife while camping. I feel like a bit of a mean person because I usually don’t pay to much attention to nature. I love the outside world and I think it’s a wonderful place and for now on I will try my best to pay more attention to nature. 🙂

  8. The one of the coolest things I’ve seen in nature was in my backyard. There are different breeds of birds in my backyard that gather around the bird feeder. My mom takes old food like bread that is not as fresh any more and will call the birds using a whistling tune. The birds know the tune and they come and gather around to be fed. My mom does this a couple times a week so it has become a habit for the birds to come and eat in my backyard. It’s an advantage for me because I get to see all the different types of birds. I don’t really pay much attention to the nature world. Like everyone else the cutting of the trees is an issue causing the wild animals to run off but besides the main topics I am not that much of a nature freak unlike my mom who loves gardening. Nature is beautiful and is great when you want to just relax as long as it is not so hot outside.

  9. The coolest thing I have ever seen in nature is not an animal, but rather a plant. Although I have seen many exciting and mind blowing creatures in my trips from state to state, my own backyard holds some of my greatest adventures. Behind my house I have a garden. For the holidays I wanted a greenhouse to protect my plants from animals, and to keep them warm in the winter. Watching my small plants unfold into delicious foods is an incredible site. I have learned a tremendous amount about myself and nature through my greenhouse. I’ve noticed that even if you can’t see something, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not there. My mom has always told me that good things come in small packages. Throughout my life I have tossed and turned with the true meaning of this. In my garden, I have tomato plants. A bud first forms on the stem, then a flower appears, and within a few weeks I have a small tomato. These tomatoes (and the rest of my plants in my garden) burst with incredible flavor. I compared a store bought tomato to the ones I grew, and the difference in flavor was unbelievable. When we compared the two fruits, my friends and family could taste the chemicals in the store bought tomatoes.

    I have to admit that I have always admired the natural world. I have always despised bugs, but I could never explain why. In my garden I have grown more than plants; I have grown an affection for certain bugs. For instance, spiders kill some of the harmful bugs in my greenhouse, while butterflies bring joy. I have developed a keen appreciation for going green, and hope more people would start a garden.

      1. Currently, in my greenhouse I am growing strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, and brussel sprouts. I was growing much more, but since the weather has changed, it is too hot for me to grow what I wish to grow. In September I will start growing potatoes, cabbage, sprouts, beats, carrots and much more food.

  10. My whole blog didn’t copy before.
    This is wha it should be:

    There are so many amazing phenomenas and fun sights in nature. The first thing that popped into my head when I thought about the coolest thing that I’ve seen in nature was a falconry tour that I went on in Ireland. We walked through a forest with a guide and his falcons, and got to see the amazing birds in their environment. It was awesome to watch the falcons weave in and out of the trees so gracefully and silently. It was unbelievable how they moved so swiftly and could catch a bird in midair and then return with it to their owner. One of the best parts was when I whistled for the falcon and then watched the massive, elegant bird soar down and sit on my hand. The falcons were beautiful and majestic creatures, and it was an amazing experience to interact with them.

    One very cool vista that I saw was Giant’s Causeway in Ireland. The cool thing about Giant’s Causeway is the strange rock formations. The rocky landscape is made out of over 40,000 interlocking hexagonal columns. The columns were formed as an result of an ancient volcanic eruption. The stones run up from along the sea and create huge stepping stone hills and formations. According to legend, Giant’s Causeway is the ruins of a bridge built by giants that were trying to get across the sea to fight each other. Not only was it breathtaking to see the amazing landscape, but it was also fun to explore and climb around the rock structures.

    When I was younger, I never thought much about nature and how wonderful it really is. Now, I know that even the smallest things can be amazing phenomenas. Nature affects me in simple ways ways, such as food, water, and shelter. I now appreciate how amazing animals, beautiful vistas, and how I can interact with nature.

  11. The first thing I thought of when I saw, “What is the coolest thing you’ve ever seen in nature?” was a mountain in North Carolina. Last summer my family took a vacation to North Carolina, we did many fun activities, saw a lot of amazing things and places, but the best place was the mountain called Big Bald. It takes a long time to hike the giant mountain. It is about 5,500 feet tall, and it is very cold at the top. Once you reach the top, you would be standing on the border of North Carolina and Tennessee. The top of the massive mountain is covered in flowers and grass as tall as a person (six feet). It is a magnificent sight to see. You can overlook the beautiful mountain ranges of North Carolina and Tennessee! You can see the cities bordering the two states. When I was there I stood in between the border of North Carolina and Tennessee, and it was one of the most amazing moments in my life. I could feel the cold breeze rushing through the tall grass, and the bright summer sun beating on my head, and everything seemed perfect.

  12. When I first saw the question – I immediately thought “snow.” I love Florida a lot, but I really wish we could have some snow! It would be so much fun to play and have fun in the snow. It’s probably not the COOLEST thing I have seen, but pretty COOL to me! Haha, yeah – bad joke. 😅 Anyway, the COOLEST thing is probably the park in my neighborhood. It’s called “Sawgrass Lake Park.” I run there every once awhile. I like to run there because it’s like a “scenic trail”, it’s fun to see all the nature and animals. Some animals I spot there are alligators, turtles, armadillos, frogs, toads, bugs, butterflies, ducks, other birds, and snakes! The snakes kind of freak me out sometimes. 😳 There’s a specific place in this park though, where I like it a lot. It’s a foresty place, and it’s the only spot of this park where there’s no boardwalk. That makes it a lot more fun because, it’s a bunch of sand and dirt, which can be fun if you have the right clothes on. 😉 I like this place though because there’s logs and trees to climb. We also do our Christmas pictures here. There’s a few “hidden little jungle trails” (that’s what I call them) in this place, so you can go on an adventure! I also like this place because it’s quiet and there’s fun vines to hang on. 😊 Anyway, I love nature a lot, and this is a certain place I like the most. 😜

  13. The coolist thing I’ve ever seen in nature is definity when my family and I went to a theme park called “Brownstone park” in Connecticut. It was my first time going with my cousins and the theme park had huge ziplines with different ropes and nets that you could climb or jump off of. But, the biggest zipline was the one my cousins wanted to go on. Although it was terrifying and what had only been about a one hundred fifty foot cliff it still apeared to look like a million feet above the ground. When we got to the top that’s when I really started to panick because I was next in line and the distance seemed endless to get to the bottom. Luckily it landed in water so you didn’t have to worry about the landing in the wrong place. When I finally stepped off the edge and zipped through through the air I knew it was all worth it. It almost felt as if you were flying through the air then gently gliding on the water’s surface. When I got off I wanted to do it again and again and I knew I was worring for nothing. But, my favorite part from this experience was looking at all the nature around me like the birds chirping in the treetops, and all of the giant trees that shaded us from the sun. This was also by far my favorite amuesment park ever.

  14. I’ve really seen a lot of interesting sites of nature throughout my travels. The coolest thing I’ve ever seen in nature was two summers ago when I went to Ecuador. In Ecuador my parents and I went on a six hour hike, where we saw giant mountains, swampy areas, and a river. The best part of the hike in Ecuador was when we went through this forest, but this wasn’t any normal forest. The trees were bloody red, and with fog the almost looked like arms trying to grab you. I really thought this was a cool thing in nature, because you don’t see trees that are red everyday so I thought that was cool to have seen. I pay attention to the natural world a lot. It affects me in the way that it gets me thinking how amazing nature is, and that we need take care of it more than we do now.

    1. I added a few things to my blog to give it some more detail.

      I’ve really seen a lot of interesting sites of nature throughout my travels. The coolest thing I’ve ever seen in nature was two summers ago when I went to Ecuador. It was interesting, because Ecuador has some parts in it that are 14,000 feet in the air approximately, and that since we were so high up the high altitude affected nature differently. We were in an area called Cajas National Park. In Ecuador my parents and I went on a six hour hike, where we saw giant mountains, swampy areas, a river, and a few other places. We went through five ecosystems in all. The best part of the hike in Ecuador was when we went through this forest called the Quinoa forest, but this wasn’t any normal forest. The trees were bloody red, and with fog the almost looked like arms trying to grab you. I really thought this was a cool thing in nature, because you don’t see trees that are red everyday so I thought that was cool to have seen. I pay attention to the natural world a lot. It affects me in the way that it gets me thinking how amazing nature is, and that we need take care of it more than we do now.

  15. The coolest thing that I have ever seen in nature was a bald eagle! I saw its nest in the tree in my back yard. It’s feathers were so pretty! When I read the question, I immediately knew that I would write about the eagle. I like nature a lot, so I am always out exploring. On my free time, I take nature walks outside! 🙂 They are very fascinating because I learn so much about my surroundings. Seeing this bald eagle changed me because it inspired me to learn about birds. I ended up making a scrap book with pictures of birds that I saw on my nature walks. I looked each bird up, and then wrote about it next to the picture. I love nature!

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