What Would Your Ideal Summer Camp Experience Be Like?

Students, if you could design the ideal summer camp experience, what would it be like and why?

  • What experiences do you already have with camp? What kinds have you been to, if any? What did you like about them, and what didn’t you like?
  • What would your ideal summer camp look like? Would it be a sleep-away camp, or a day camp? Would there be a variety of activities, or would it focus on just one or two? Where would it be located? What would the food, sleeping quarters, and physical location be like? Why?       (Image and idea courtesy of the New York Times Learning Network)


  1. I have been to lots of Summer camps. My favorite one was clay camp. I really liked this camp because we could pick what we wanted to make out of clay. If I could make a Summer camp, it would be a large camp ground with watersides, giant pools with waterfalls, chess, lots of amazing foods, tennis courts, ice skating rinks, etc. This is a sleep away camp. There are lots of activities, and we can choose which ones we want to do. It is located in Hawaii, so people can go night surfing. The food will be FANTASTIC! They will have lobster, a variety of amazing drinks, a table full of frozen yogurt and candy, and a chocolate fountain. In the rooms, there will be indoor hot tubs, a large TV in every room, and a comfy bed that massages your back. I can’t wait to go!

  2. I haven’t really gone to many summer camps in my life. The only ones I’ve been to are cheerleading and art camp, but that’s it. I like going to more athletic camp or a camp that you can have good memories in. My summer camp would be an outdoor sleep away camp with many activities. Some of the activities would be kayaking, horseback riding, archery, soccer, music, hiking, tennis, art, rock climing, dance, and zip lining. My camp would also be an all girls camp. There would be cabins that hold five girls and a councilor. It would be in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, on an amazing lake because it fits for our activities and its beautiful. All the meals would be home style. In my summer camp I want all my girls to feel welcome and always have fun.

  3. I have been to many different camps, I have been to art camps, outdoor camps, and sports camps. I liked most of the camps that I go to, but overall my favorite are the sports camps. Even though I love to do horseback riding and play volleyball, I absolutely love water sports. The ideal camp for me would be to go out on a boat and be able to go tubing, wake boarding, water skiing, and kneeboarding. We would eat lunch out on the boat, but come in an hour before dinner. My camp would be a sleep away camp for one week. For two of the days, we would also be able to go to the beach or go to a snorkeling site. We would sleep in nice cabins with four sets of bunk beds, a mini kitchen, a tv, and a fireplace. We would have to be in bed by one and asleep by two. For breakfast, there would be a buffet with a bunch of different options like fruit or eggs and pancakes. In the morning, there would also be a side cafe where you could order things you want for lunch. For dinner, it would be a sit down meal with different foods for each day. After dinner you would be allowed to go play on the tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball court, or play on one of the fields. This camp would be located on the water with a small beach area. I think this camp would be fun for ages ten to fifteen. Whoever has a passion for water sports, like I do, would definitely enjoy this camp.

  4. I have been to multiple summer camps but i’m only going to explain two. One of the summer camps I went to was Dance camp and it specialized in ballet. We learn the basics of ballet and then we had a short performance for the parents. I had to do a cartwheel and let me tell you, I am NOT good at cartwheels! I didn’t necessarily like this camp because at first I thought it was a hip-hop class because on the flyer it said “Dance Camp” so I wasn’t sure what kind of dance it would be I just wanted it to be hip-hop. I do not like ballet at all. Another camp I went to was the Recreation Fun Center. It was one of the best camps I had ever gone to! We got to play all these arcade games and they have a small zoo by the place so we got to see animals. Probably the only thing I did not like about the camp was the zoo because they scared me because I was little and they were bigger then me and making loud noises.

    My ideal summer camp would be a sleep-way volleyball camp. It would be in Hawaii on the beach because even though I have never been to Hawaii I now that they have great beaches. The camp would have multiple volleyball nets and little huts for resting. We would sleep in beds in the huts. They food would be mostly tropical food like burgers because for some resin when I think of the beach I think of barbecue, with smoothies and juices to drink. The activities would be volleyball games and lessons with free time in between. The physical location would be beaches and oceans and trees. I would love to go to this camp someday and I hope you would too.

  5. I have been to many summer camps. Including both shorecrest and Rays baseball camp, football camp (where I had peunomia) paddle camp, basketball camp, and so on. My favorite was probably golf camp. We would play a whole game then go to the pro shop to get something to eat or drink. We would watch the FIFA world cup or the US Open. It was really fun and Coach Every was awesome.

    My ideal summer camp would be a baseball camp held by a MLB or minor league team. ( yes I have been to the rays one) The one variation would be that it was run by the actual players not volunteers. We would get a picture nd an autograph from the players and get to learn some skills from the Majors. That would be AWESOME.

  6. Camp! Just the word makes me perk up in my seat, change to a happy mood, and put a smile on my face! Camp is a place I absolutely love! I have been to countless acting camps, waterskiing and marine biology camps, community service camp, sleep-away camp, and art camp (just to name a few). At camp, I love how you can be independent. You can make decisions for yourself. Independence is a great skill to have; it can shape a young person’s future. I also just have a lot of fun! At the end of the session, I take home such great friendships. I mean, you really get to know someone after two weeks of camp! After the camp, you can send them letters and create lasting friendships. Two years ago, I met a girl at a soccer camp, I gave her my address, and we have not stopped being pen pals! We have found that we have a lot in common! Although some things about camp are great, some are not. You never know whom you will be with! One year, I was in a cabin with two girls whose dads were competing against each other for mayor! This made both of their camp experiences bad because they did not like each other! If you were in a cabin with someone you don’t like then your experience would not be very fun…I also do not like all of the bugs at camp. This summer I’m looking forward to going to a new camp called,” Camp Merri Mac.” I’m so excited!

    “Hello! Welcome to Camp Do Re Mi.” This is what you would first hear when you enter my camp. This camp has many activities. But, it is based on singing. I chose this because even if you are good or not, singing helps unit people. A group of friendly staff members would greet you at the heart of the camp, “Melody.” The “Melody” is an outdoor theater. All of the camp members have a chance to perform on this stage. Before you leave your parents, every member of the camp will sing a song with their parents. This will work because it is a small camp of 100 members. With a small number, people can get “one on one” work. It will be a sleepover camp. Later, when your parents pick you up, you will sing the same song again. Then, your parents can see how much your singing voice has developed. Both boys and girls would come to this camp, but they would be on different sides of the camp. In a cabin, there would be two bunks, two people per bunk bed. The counselor would sleep in a regular bed. The cabin would have three rooms, in the main room; there would be wood floors. This would be where the children slept. They would have big windows and lockers for their stuff. The other rooms would be a small room for the counselor and a bathroom. The counselor would have their own room to let the kids be independent. You would wake to the sound of singing. Instead of an annoying bugle, a different cabin would sing a wake up song every morning. Then, you would march off too breakfast. You would eat apples, pears, peaches, melons, grapes, plums, bell peppers, and applesauce (along with amazing regular food) because they help your vocal chords. You would always carry a water bottle! Next you would sing a song before starting your day. The song would have something to do with your day, like at assemblies. At your first activity, you would pick between guitar, rock-climbing, crafts, dance, cooking, swimming, archery, backpacking, or kayaking. After going back to lunch, you would take a singing class. You can chose between rock, taught by Aerosmith, pop taught by Carly Rae Jepson, musical theater, taught by Idina Menzel, or country, taught by Taylor Swift. Then, you would have some free time before another activity and dinner. This would give you sometime to work on the song that your cabin will be performing at the camp’s cabin singing contest. The cabin that wins will get to perform the national anthem at a baseball game! My camp will be in North Carolina. This has plenty of mountains for the rock climbing activity and fresh air for singing. I wish this camp were real! It sounds really

  7. If I go to any camp It would be a type of baseball camp, particularly All-Star baseball school camp. I don’t like sleep away camps at all, instead I like just day camps. If I were to create a summer camp it would be called The Baseball Skills Academy (TBSA). It would be a day camp for two weeks straight. I would have all kinds of activities to help your baseball skills. The two main activities would be batting cage and fielding skills. In the batting cage you would learn how to hit to right field and learn the simplest things to improve your swing. For the fielding you would learn how properly field at any position and know where to throw in the situation.

    I would also include free lunch because in baseball you will get very hungry. The food would be healthy food so you can still run around the bases the next day. At the end of the day you will be able to swim because after a hard day of work and conditioning, you will need to cool down.

  8. From paddle boarding down the Crystal River, to exploring the wonders of the Dali Museum, my Summer always takes me on a new adventure every year.
    I adore spending time with my friends and watching the sun continuously rise and set in the magnificent sky. Most of the camps that I have been to were fun, but I had a few experiences that made me not want to go back to a camp. Over the summer I went to a theatrical camp that expressed writing and acting. I enjoyed the art of the camp, but found myself the first one to leave the door for the writing part. I was made fun of when my writing wasn’t as good as some of the others’. I had been going to that camp for two years and never experienced something bad.

    One of my favorite camps was Camp Kadima. I had a lot of friends there and Cole was in my group. We played soccer, swimming, basketball, kickball, rope climbing, and more. It was probably my favorite camp I had ever been to. The counselors were fun and made the camp worthwhile. Sadly this camp moved locations, and it was inconvenient for my family to go to anymore.

    My ideal summer camp experience would be in the mountains of North Carolina. At the bottom of the mountains there would a clear river. At this camp we would be able to swim, ride the rapids, and hike mountains, and explore nature. As you arrive to the camp site you would be able to see the protective log cabins. They would be “bug proof.” If you kept walking, and took the path farther down, you would see a big blown-up rectangle sitting in a lake. This is called the blob. One person sits on the far end of the blob. When someone around the same weight as you jumps off a diving board that is very high up and lands on the opposite side of the blob, the force sends you flying in the air. When you begin to fall back down, there would be cold and refreshing water to catch you.

    My ideal summer camp would be very versatile. From sports to art, each kid would have a chance to express their talent through their avocations. At this camp you would have a choice of staying a minimum of five days and four nights. Of course there would be longer amounts of time that you would be allowed to stay at this sleep-away camp. Bed time would be around ten, and wake-up would be around seven or eight o’clock. The kids would also be able to call their parents at night or write to them via e-mail. There would be six girls or six boys in each cabin. When it is time to wake-up, breakfast would be served twenty minutes later in the cafeteria. The cafeteria would be within walking distance from the cabins. In the cafeteria there would also be a buffet. On certain days the kids would be allowed to roam the campus alone. Every night there would be a bonfire and s’mores. This camp would allow kids of all ages to hang out with their friends and express their talents. This camp would take kids on unforgettable adventures.

  9. ​Camps… I’ve only been to one camp and it was pure torture. I was with Christopher at Boy Scout Camp, and it was pouring down rain. My Dad even said it was the most rain he’d ever seen! Not to mention the heat made everything humid. I can even list the bad things there: Sinkholes, tornado watches, tornados, evacuation, and the food was horrible. The only good thing about camp was going to the water park at the end.

    My ideal summer camp would be a sleep-away camp. The weather would be cold. (I’ve been to hot summer camps not good) The camp would be on the waterfront, and in the away from civilization. The activities would be anything to do with water like kayaking, motor boats, canoeing, and paddle boarding. Also there would be hiking and camping with only a few items and you have to make everything. (food, shelter etc.) The summer camp would be simple with only teepees for shelter. Hiking is a great way to get into the wild and you can see many cool things. On the hiking trip you would have to carry a large backpack with water bottles, and other important items. On the camping trip you are only aloud a pocket knife, water and a pan. You would need to get food by hunting and get water by the stream. These two activities would be fun because they would bring me closer to nature, and promote my survival skills. The camp would be located in Georgia because it’s cold and not hot. The food would be homemade and actually good. You would eat in the dining room where you can meet up with your friends after a hard day work. You would sleep on a cot, and if you forget your pillow, your doomed. The physical features of my camp would be dry and flat so you can walk easier. This would be the best summer camp because it has all the things I like.

  10. I have been to a giant variety of different kinds of camps such as sports, swimming, canoeing and kayaking, and much more. I often like all of the camps I go to, but I usually enjoy the sports camps better. I like them because I love sports, and it is fun to play around while learning and refreshing your memory. So, if I were to design an ideal summer camp I would choose a sports camp.

    In my camp, you could pick two sports that you would want to focus on and remain with them throughout the camp. You would do a little bit of training, play some mini games, and then you would scrimmage. This camp would be like the USF Soccer camp I go to, because it is very fun and I always look forward to it. Like USF, this camp would be a sleep-away camp, and you could choose between one week, two weeks, or one month. For your sport, you would get up at 8:00 a.m. and go for a good breakfast at the buffet. Then, you would go to the field and work on conditioning for ten or fifteen minutes, then you would work on skills and control. After, you would play mini games such as (in soccer) World Cup, or (in football) capture the flag. Then you would go back to the buffet and eat a healthy lunch, and go back to work on other skills and play games. After dinner, you would play a big game or scrimmage.

    The food would be delicious. For lunch and dinner, you would have a wide variety from pizza, salad, cheeseburgers, pasta, chicken and much more. For breakfast, campers could have a variety of french toast, cereal, pancakes, waffles, sausage, and more. The camp would be in some of the best colleges in this area, like Columbia University in New York, the University of Florida and Florida State University, and Emory University in Georgia. These are some of the best colleges in their locations.You would sleep in the dorms, just like you would if you went to college there. The rooms would be very big and beautiful. I have always wanted to sleep in a college dorm while at camp, and with this camp, I could.

  11. My past experiences with summer camps have not been great. It seems like every camp I go to I either get sick or hurt. I went to a camp when I was little and I ended up getting some weird bug bite that got infected and also sprained my ankle. I went to a football camp here at Shorecrest and was only there for one day before I got the flu and missed the next 4 days of the camp. So, even though my past experiences have not been great, I have the perfect idea that I would go to even if I got sick or sprained my ankle. It would be a baseball camp that takes you to every stadium to watch every team in the whole MLB. Also they would let you onto the field early and into the clubhouse so you can meet the players and get their autographs. Since there are thirty teams in the MLB, this would be about a 50-60 day camp to give time for traveling from city to city. I think this would be very cool not only for the baseball part of it but for the traveling part of it. Imagine going to almost every major town in the country in one camp! This camp would just be totally awesome!

  12. The most interesting camp I went to was a sleep away camp called camp Carolina in North Carolina. I loved this camp because they allowed you to make your own decisions about what you want to do each day. Some things that I did not like about it was that you had to wake up at 7:00 each morning, and you had to eat the terrible food each day. My ideal summer camp would be a lot like this except you would have a little more free time to do what you. The camp would be a sleep away that has a variety of activities ranging from sports to things like rock-climbing and caving. This camp would be located in a dense forest in a mild climate state. The people there could sleep however long they want and do whatever they wanted to.

  13. I have only been to one summer camp that was a sleep away camp in New York and it was really fun. It had different cabins and there was a huge lake outside. My perfect camp would be outdoors with a big river where you could go canoeing or swimming in. It would also have lots of different things combined into it and it would be open to anyone who wanted to sign up. You could also join whichever group you wanted depending on what hobbies or interests you have. This camp would be great for anyone who wanted to spend the summer doing what they love and have fun while doing it.

  14. I have a ton of experience with camps. I have been to a football camp, baseball camp, floor hockey, day camp, sea camp, water sports camp and many more. The best one out of all of them is the water camp. It is the best because it is fun and exciting. The reason it is so exciting is because when you are fishing you never know what giant fish will snag your line or if you will flip over in your kayak. I have experienced both of these things. I didn’t like how the fish sometimes bite you on the finger, and when you try to pry apart their mouths they sometimes squeeze harder. I also liked the huge boat house which is where you get to see friends and eat lunch. I liked football camp because they trained you to become a potential player. I felt motivated when I was at that camp, because when I made a good catch everyone would cheer. The floor hockey camp was very fun too, but there was something I really didn’t like, which was how the older boys would whip the puck right at you. When you get hit by that puck, you got a bruise for at least a week.

    If I could run my own summer camp, I would want it to be a sleep away camp in Glacier National Park. There will be many instructors to take kids hiking, tree climbing, fly fishing, fire starting, knife working and learn about the star constellations. The kids will stay in cabins near a giant field were they can play games like soccer and football. They will also have basketball courts where kids can play ball. I would want everyone to be outside all the time. The food will be things like hamburgers, hotdogs, fruit, vegetables, bread, pasta and good desserts. The physical location will have giant wood towers where you learn how to climb, it will be mountainous, tree covered and have open areas where you can rest in the sun. The reason for the location is to have as many activities as we can. I thought the location would be perfect for all the activities that are being held at the camp. I hope you enjoyed my review of the camp.

  15. My ideal summer camp would be one that’s full of actives and is sleep-away. I would want to take part in actives such as cooking classes and acting classes. Your day would go like this. Starting your day off, you would wake up at anywhere from 7-8 in the morning and would head to breakfast in your PJ’s. Breakfast would include a pancake bar with all kinds of toppings such as whip-cream and sprinkles (to give you energy for you fun day ahead of you). There would also be foods like bagels and eggs for brain power. All foods at my ideal summer camp would be made by the same chiefs that will teach us in our cooking classes.

    After breakfast the campers will be allowed to go back to their cabins for 30 minutes to take showers, get dressed or whatever they needed to do. Once that thirty minutes are through the campers would go to either they’re cooking class or they’re acting class for 1 and a half hours and then the campers will receive a 15 minute break before they start their next class. I think the break would be appreciated to the campers because kids my age like to take breaks to chat with friends.

    The classes that the campers will take part in are acting classes and cooking classes. During cooking campers will learn how to make gourmet meals that they can take with them through out their life. In acting classes campers will learn how to do all types of acting. Monologues, Duo Drama, Improve, ext. When learning acting it’s easiest learning it in games. I think this way of learning is very fun.

    When you finish both of your classes you go to have lunch which is made by the same by the same chiefs who make breakfast and dinner. Lunch will include sandwiches, salad bars, and pasta. On Fridays campers will be able to enjoy pizza that they get to make themselves which they will learn how to do in class. I think that, that would be a really fun experiences for the campers.

    After lunch campers will have time to show their fellow campers what they had learned all day. During this time students will be able to show other campers what they learned. They can play other acting games to also practice more and to have a “hang out” type time.

    Once the campers use up that extra practice time, they go straight into dinner, which includes mash potatoes, noodles, and soup. I would really enjoy this camp because of the high quality, food and fun! Right after dinner campers have 45 minutes to take showers, call home for a chance for to share with their parents about they’re exciting day. The sleeping arrangements will be different every night so campers have a chance to interact with different people. The beds will be Tempurpedic matrices for comfortable sleeping. I would really want to go to this ideal sleep-away summer camp.

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