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Slideshow of the Sixth Grade Mythological Zoo


This week’s post has to do with Greek mythology and your god or goddess. Pretend that a new amusement park is opening up in the Tampa Bay area, and you have been asked to design a ride or attraction for this new theme park called Mount Olympus World. Based on everything you have learned about your god or goddess, what type of ride or attraction (be it purely for fun like a carousel ride or an educational attraction like Disney’s The Land) would you design? Keep in mind that what you design must reflect all that you know about your god or goddess. Be creative and have fun, but make it somewhat plausible. I am not looking for anything silly. Please include the following guidelines in your description:

1. Give your ride or attraction a name.

2. Be specific in its purpose. (Think about why a ride or attraction is in a theme park and why you re-visit your favorites.)

3. Be detailed in your descriptions. We should be able to picture your ride in our minds.

4. Design something you would go on. (Think about what you like, but do not copy or take an idea from Disney World, Busch Gardens, etc.)

I am looking for a good paragraph or two with a clever introductory sentence and a clever closing sentence. Please do not re-state your first sentence as your last.

Since many of you share the same god or goddess, please be respectful and do not borrow anyone else’s ideas. Make it your own.

Above is the Flickr Mythological Zoo slideshow. Most of the photos were taken by Mrs. Darrow with some added by me. Check out the page at the top for the video put together by Mrs. Darrow.


  1. My god is Apollo

    If I had to make a ride for Apollo I would have it be a bow and arrow theme. You would ride in a big arrow and be shot out of a bow. You would go in a straight line but SUPER fast. You would end the ride by going into a big bullseye. In fact the ride would be called “Bullseye”. The reason that people would come back is that the gift shop would be full of bow and arrows. They would have an archery range where you could shoot bow and arrows. 

  2. My ride would be called “Sky High” because my god is Uranus, the god of the sky and stars. You would enter a star coved pod (there are two different kinds of pods, a single pod and a five person pod. In side the pod the wall look like stares too. So first you shoot off into a star coved room and look down and see earth below you. You are being held up by to long poles. Then you start to tilt a little and a little bit more. Then you go crashing down to earth (not real earth ,of course) at super high speeds. Then, right before you hit the ground you make a ninety degree angle a fly above a forest. Then lighting comes straight at you you make a sharp turn. Bam,more lightning. Then, the forest caches fire right behind you and it feel hot. You fly up fast to your kingdom fly though the huge doors, up the stair, into the sky, and return home. Then the pod’s door opens and you go to the arcade, gift shop, and photo shop. In the arcade you play “keep you balance” were you try to stay on top of the pillar ( the one you fell of in the ride) and “doge it” were you try to doge lighting (like in the ride). In the Gift shop you can buy stars, staffs, and T-shirts. In the Photo shop you can add you face to a photo of Atlas holding Uranus up in the air.

    I hope you enjoyed ” Sky High” and have a uplifting day at Mount Olympus World.

    See my pun?

  3. My god is Ares

    Welcome to The Masher! Since Ares is very harsh and crude, and also has a lust for battle, I chose to call this ride the Masher. In it there will be several close encounters in which you barely escape a giant urn dropping on you, to represent how ares was trapped in a giant urn. The Masher will also have lots of loopty-loops to add some appeal. At the end of the ride you will go into a large cave where you get off. In this cave whenever a new cart comes in, you hear a deep voice saying, “You’ve made it warriors, congratulations.” The Masher would also have a motto: Mash or be Mashed, to scare people. That is The Masher, goodbye, goodluck, and remember, Mash or be Mashed.

  4. If I were to make an attraction that had to do with Apollo it would be one of those cheap fortune teller machines that you find in the mall expect it would be an old oracle telling your fortune instead of a creepy old guy. This attraction would be called “Apollo’s Oracle” and it would create a new prophecy every time you inserted a mere 50 cents. These prophecies would be a foretelling of events to come in your life an example would be “you will find your purpose in the place where no one sleeps” or something that mortals could put in any situation. Like someone would think that the place where no one sleeps would be inside of a cave so they would think there purpose in life would be to explore caves or something like that. I would say this attraction would make millions.

  5. “Welcome to the new ride ,Pans: Wild Places,this ride has many different scenes , because this is more of a movie ride. This ride explains about the the dangers of the human rase, but between or during the scenes the ride will do corkscrews and flips thus fitting pans wild and awesome personality. One of the scenes will definitely bring you back if you saw it. It would be a big globe that when you look at it changes to show what the world would look like if we keep doing what we are right now.” Said the Advertisement.

  6. Sorry, I posted the wrong one, here it is.

    Run! That’s the name of my roller coaster. The ride would simulate Daphne being chased by Apollo. You would sit with your feet hanging and a safety bar over you that locked down like on most roller coasters. There would be people in a line of four or five and your seat would be decorated as a Laurel tree with no branches. First, you would strap in and there would be a lot of fog. You would go into a room with a big movie screen. You would watch a film where you would be in the perspective of Daphne and you would watch Apollo brag to Eos, then Eos would shoot you and Apollo. Apollo would start to chase after you right after that. When Apollo would start after you, you would jet forward acting as if you we’re breaking the movie screen and the roller coaster would start. The roller coaster would be bumpy, twirly, and very fast. The object is to act as if Apollo is chasing you and you are running away. There would be cool sound effects and music as if you where running. At the end of the ride, Daphne would say “Daddy help!” and you would jolt to a stop. When you are released, you would see branches growing from right above the head rest as if you got turned into a Laurel tree. I hope you visit the new ride!

  7. “Gaea’s Adventure” just opened! I can’t wait to ride it! I heard that it takes you all around the world! It goes from Brazil, to Canada, and even to China! And the best part about it is, that there are 15 elevators to get to the places, so it doesn’t take long before you get on the ride! The reason that it just opened, is because Gaea wants to look at the animal on earth, and she wants the humans to see them too! I can’t wait until I ride it! It looks like it will be one of my favorites! My favorite part about it is that it goes Super fast, so I will be able to put my hands out of the windows and go…WEEEEEEEEEEEE! I hope everyone likes fast rollercoasters, because this is a crazy, but super fun ride!

    “Gaea’s Adventure” is not in charge of any lost children who jumped out of the window during the ride or any heart induries from the fast ride. Thank you.

  8. We have finally arrived at Mount Olympus World! I scan the map to see which ride I want to do first. Then, suddenly, I see the most amazing ride yet! The ride is called The Daily Schedule of the Nectar Queen. When I arrive, I see the ride shaped as a huge calendar with a enormous cup of nectar next to it. I scurry over to the monstrous line which was a two hour wait. When, I finally made it to the front, I saw four people gather into a car that was shaped like a dresser and every person got to sit inside a drawer. I jumped into the drawer and the seat belts came down from our heads and squeezed us so tight I felt like my ribs were crushed. Suddenly, the dresser slowly creaked forward and then we went into a pitch black tunnel. On the side, I saw a figure that looked like Hebe getting ready in the morning. The car jerked forward and when I looked down all I could see was a never ending black hole. Next the car jolted forward and the dresser dropped down into the hole and as we were dropping, I could see Hebe walking in slow motion. When we got to the end of the drop, the car went around a corner and dumped us into a chariot where Hebe was helping Ares get ready for war. Next, I hear the pretend horses neighing and the chariot races around a corner and drops us into a throne chair. Hebe was then helping her harsh mother Hera get ready for another day of ruling. Our last stop was the restaurant and bar where Hebe worked her daily hours. The throne chair carefully flicked us into a cup of nectar and in a blink of an eye we were being carried by a huge figure of Hebe. The big Hebe sets us down when we are then picked up by Zeus and he gulps us down where we drop back into the dresser and make our way out to the exit. When I got out of the dresser, I see very young women selling honey and offering a free makeover. By the end of the ride I knew that the two hour wait was worth it because that was definitely a ride of a lifetime.

  9. Have you heard of the new ride at Mount Olympus Park? This new ride is called, “Atlas’s only rest.” The ride is named after the myth where Atlas gets Heracles to hold the sky for a short while. Its massive entrance will catch the attention of many people along with the fast pass line. Most people will like these features and would like to return over and over to ride it. I would make the ride start with a side-ways turn so the riders will feel tired like Atlas does from holding the sky. The hills that go up and down represent that Atlas’s friend Heracles is close. Then, there is a boost of speed when the sky is held by Heracles. I would imagine Atlas would be very happy. After five seconds of speed the cart goes through an amazing garden where there is a golden apple tree. The cart circles the tree at an elevation to prepare for the drop. The cart slows suddenly when the myth is at the part where Heracles tricks Atlas to hold the sky again. The ride then drops to the end of the track to represent Atlas being sad. The roller-coaster is small in space so it leaves room for another ride involving gods. I like it when there are two rides close to each other. Would you like to face your fears and take a ride with me?

  10. In Mount Olympus World, there is a ride like no other, called Escaping Tartarus. It is the steepest and fastest roller-coaster you will ever experience. You board the roller-coaster and go off into a dark hole, where you drop immediately down into Tartarus with intense speed. You will see all the souls that are in Tartarus floating around you. You will do twists and turns in the dark, and sooner or later you will have another unexpected plunge into the blackness of Tartarus. Soon the souls will chase you down into the dark, floating across you, yelling and screaming at you. You will feel a chill of fear crawl up your spine, and the hair on the back of your neck will stand on end. The souls will shove you off course in the wrong direction, and suddenly you start to fall. But then with a jerk, you start going backwards slowly with creaks and get back on track. This ride is now rated number one in Mount Olympus World, so come by and ride this extreme adventure ride. Let’s help Cronus escape Tartarus and free him from thousands of years locked up with a bunch of evil souls.

  11. My god is Poseidon.

    If I made a ride about him, it would be called “Poseidons Wave”. It would be called this because when you first get on the ride, you are in a little wooden boat, then you go on this long river. The farther that you get up the river, the rougher it gets and more waves come at you. Soon, when you get really far up the river, you ride into a really dark cave with no lights on. Then after a couple of minutes of darkness and very wavy water, it suddenly becomes flat. For the few minutes that are flat, you then see far off, a little sunlight at the end of the cave. You are then probobly thinking that it will be fun and flat for the rest of the ride, well you are wrong. At the end of the cave, you hit a giant drop that is straight down nonstop, that is when you realize that the whole time, you have been on one big wave. When you get to the bottom of the drop, if you look up behind you, all you will see is a huge wave towering over you. (This ride is not recommended for people that get sea sick).

  12. The name of my ride is called A Venture Through the Earth. This ride has been put into this theme park because it has to do with my Greek Goddess. Gaea, the god of the Earth, and is not an Olympian, but she is one of the most powerful gods because she is the savior of all the Olympians. The ride’s purpose is to thrill you. At the beginning of the ride you get into a small cart the size of a bathtub. It has rough bark on its wooden sides, and the front of the cart has plants growing out of its sides. The cart starts out slowly and gradually builds up speed. About 50 feet forward, you drop straight down into the ground. There are underground caves, and you decide which path to take. The wooden cart travels and in the middle of the ride animals that live in the Earth, like moles, bats, spiders, snakes, prairie dogs, ground hogs, and gophers start to follow you. The ground starts to rumble, and behind you the animals charge and the ground erupts with plant life, vines and tree roots and your cart starts to stop. Right as the vines reach your cart, the cart takes off and the animals continue to chase you. The cart burst from underground into the sunlight. The sunlight turned the animals and vines to ash, and the cart crashes back to where you started. Gaea is the goddess of the Earth and this would be a good ride to represent Gaea.

  13. “The Trajectory of Apollo” is the brand-new roller coaster at Mount Olympus World. The world’s most thrilling roller coaster keeps the riders safe with the divine powers of Apollo. This ride starts with the riders entering the cart, which is attached to a giant arrowhead. The riders then put on headphones built into the cart and listen to poetry written by Apollo, and read by Morgan Freeman. In the background of the poetry, a talented musician is playing the lyre. The ride begins when a gigantic metal Apollo pulls the arrow back, which is mounted onto an enormous bowstring, and lets you fly loose without any rails keeping your cart from falling. The arrow-cart is flying so that it narrowly enters the cart-sized hole placed in bulls-eye of a huge target. The cart then grabs the rails inside of the narrow hole, and leads you into a dark tunnel looping and barrel rolling through the target.

    This ride is thrilling because it leads you in and out of darkness, and leaves you wondering where you are and in which way you are headed next, leaving you surprised at every flip, turn, and corkscrew, while listening to Morgan Freeman’s soothing voice. The most amazing thrill to kick off the ride is you flying through the air into a gigantic target, when the thing keeping you safe is a lap bar and Apollo’s divine powers. This ride will be impossible to forget, and will be the most amazing ride you would ever dream of going on.

    The ride finally comes to an end when you fly out of an unfinished loop and fall 100 feet straight down into the face of the mechanical fire-breathing beast, Python, with the sharpest point of the arrowhead you are riding on as you dangle at a 90º angle. You breathe a sigh of relief as you come to a stop, and the poem read by Morgan Freeman ends, and the lyre player finishes his delightful tunes. But you begin to feel light-headed as the blood rushes to your head, and start to wonder how you’re supposed to exit the roller coaster. What you don’t realize is that there is a trapdoor located right underneath the point in which the arrowhead hit the Python. The trapdoor opens, and you begin your plummet down several hundred feet, and end the ride as your hair is flown way backwards, and you are equally terrified and amazed at what you just experienced on “The Trajectory of Apollo”. Don’t forget to pick up a magic 8 ball in the gift shop afterwards so there is always something to help you foresee the future, even if the prophecy god isn’t always there to help you out with that.

  14. My ride would be called moon catcher. It would be a simulation ride. You would be star and try to catch a moon. Half way threw the ride you catch the moon and take the moon on it’s journey. Once the ride is almost over Eos my sister will open the gates to my mansion and the ride will end. Of course there has to be a gift shop. The gift shop will look like the inside of my mansion so when you get of the ride you go into my mansion.

  15. A giant muti-colored waterslide, a huge rollercoaster that shoots you ten feet in the air and lots of stations to stop for more rainbow icecream, what more could you ask for! Welcome to the extreme amusement park that just opened a whole new section just devoted to a beautiful goddess named Iris. The first stop you would have to make would be at the “Rainbow Runner” which is a huge rollercoaster that takes you all the way up into the air and shoots you down in a half circle shape exactly like a rainbow. I also would not recommend this for people who are afraid of heights. All of the carts would be designed in perfect detail with large golden wings on the sides that spread out with gold and sliver jewels on each feather. The seconed must have to do on your list would be the water collecter because Iris always collected water from river Styx so when the gods took an oath she knew who was lying. In this ride you could also challenge other people to collect more water than you so all of the carts would have two small empty bowls and it was your job to collect water during the ride. At the beginning of the ride you would go down into cavern just like the underworld and there would be lots of fountains and secret bushes that would squirt water so you had lots of chances to collect water in your own bowl. Each bowl would be all tan with small painted envolopes on the rim because Iris is also known as the messanger godess. If I was Iris I would definitly take the oppertinity to visit this amazing place and I’m sure everyone would enjoy it.

  16. “Mommy, mommy can we please go on History Mystery! Not only is it fun, but I learn stuff. Please, it is only in Mount Olympus World. It is so fun and each time I learn something new. Last time I searched up Queen Elizabeth after I went on the ride. Please, oh please mommy!”

    “Welcome to History Mystery!” says a woman over the loudspeaker. First the ride starts by entering a small boat that can hold up to ten people. As it nears the first turn you see a young man working with clay. As the boat nears the man it is made possible to see the small things in which he is sculpting. Miniature men. Each man was individual and unlike any other that lay at the makers side whose name is Prometheus. Right before the boat passes by the scene you see that the clay men slowly rising and coming alive. Then the boat enter into another larger room where on both sides of the boat you can see the small men living in little caves. Each man is working in the caves farming, cooking, fishing, welding etc. and helping the others who struggle. Everyone seems happy and healthy with no signs of worry. Peculiarly enough there is not one woman in the village.

    The ride slowly rounds the corner and takes you to another scene. There stands the ruler of the gods, Zeus, with a small woman at his side and across from the is the god Epimetheus(the brother of Prometheus). Zeus gives the woman over to Epimetheus for a wife, but with one twist, she was carrying a jar with her which was never to be opened. No one knew what was in it so most people stayed clear of the jar. The boat makes a sharp left and in another scene you see the small woman open the jar with her husband Epimetheus. Out of the jar flies pain and torture, sickness and death, none of which were previously in the world. Then your boat vibrates and a rumbling sound can be heard over head. The world was no longer perfect.

    As the ride continues the scene of the little men reappeared, but this time all the men are huddling in the caves for warmth as others cough due to sickness. The men in this time period were called cavemen. The boat continues to move through the scene slowly picking up the pace. Next a scene of a Mesopotamian city appears, then an city in the Shang Dynasty which is swiftly left behind by the boat. The boat starts to speed past a Greek town, then a medieval city. The boat now moving at a very fast past flys by cities from the Elizabethan period, the 70’s, the 90’s, before it goes over a hill and heads down twenty feet. At the bottom, the boat passes mirrors on all sides where people can see their self because the newest part of history.

  17. My ride would be a ride called “Ares’s Flight Simulator” since my god is Ares, the god of war. What you would do is step into this giant human shaped machine with a screen in front of you. Once the machine started, you would gain full control of the machine. When you moved your leg, the machine moved its leg. When you mover your arm, it moved its arm. On the screen you would see targets that you would have to destroy. There are also simulated people that come at you on the screen. You have to defend yourself using your own real machine to block with your virtual shield and swing with your virtual sword. This is kind of related to a video game but instead of using a controller you have a huge robot. And of course, after you are finished with the ride there is a thrift shop where you can by wooden swords and shields and also Ares memorabilia like cups that have “Ares Fight Simulator” on them. My ride would be the next big ride like “The Hulk” at Universal Studios and “Ares Fight Simulator” would be a huge hit.

  18. My ride would be called the Under Water Adventcher because my god s Poseidon. I would have a tunnle with a moving floor and there are benches where you can get off and look at the animals that are above and on the sides of the tunnle. in the fish tank i would have all types of fish and sea animals there also would have corla sand sea weed rocks and other thing. The animals I would have is fish star fish crabs a whale shark. The kind of ride this is is not a fast pase roler coaster but a slow peaceful ride to relaxe you and see thing that you could have never seen befor. That is what the Under Water Adventcher would be like.

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