Someone’s Having A Birthday!

Hi Students!

This week’s post has to do with independent reading and the main character of your book. If you have just started a new book and don’t feel you know your character well enough yet to answer this prompt, then use the character from the book you just recently finished.

Pretend that it is your main character’s birthday, and he/she is having a party. Based on what you know about your character (either through descriptions and/or plot, storyline, or what other characters have told you) answer the following prompts:

1. What would be the theme of your character’s birthday party? The theme of something is the overall idea. Again this needs to relate to what you know about your character. Why this theme? If your character would choose to have a space themed party, for example, why do you know this from the reading of the book? Think outside the box.

2. What kinds of activities would your character have at his/her party? Why? (Based on what you know about your character from the reading)

3. What would be the perfect birthday present for your character? Remember…a present does not have to be a material thing. Think in terms of what you know about your character. What does your character want or need? Again be sure to tell the why based on your understanding of the content and how well you know your character.

Be sure to state the title of your book. (Capital Letters and within quotation marks here as you cannot underline or put in italics. And of course, be sure to tell us who your character is.)


  1. The title of this book is “The Invention Of Hugo Cabret”. This is one of my favorite books that I have read so far this year. The main character is a twelve year old boy named Hugo.
    You are invited to his very special birthday party. His best friend Isabelle and I, are trying to organize a surprise party for him. The theme will be on mechanical objects, so make sure you all dress up like a robot. Also, you know how he likes to fix things, so we will be having an activity on assembling a real live mechanical robot. We are looking for ideas on decorations for his party. For example, we can use a wrench for a fork and a screw driver for a knife when he cuts in to his giant cake shaped like a clock. So if you have any ideas, just give us a call. Remember, he loves anything to do with magic, so we will be having a great magician appear. Then, to finish off the surprise, we will be watching one of Papa Georges’ old movies. Hugo really enjoys watching movies because that reminds him of when he use to go with his father. Finally, there is no need to bring a present because Papa Georges and Mama Jeanne have come up with the perfect gift that he will love more than anything. They are going to ask him if he would like them to adopt him so that he can always be a special part of their lives and finally have a new family. Please remember to keep this party a surprise for Hugo! Looking forward to seeing you all next week! Your friend, Priscillia.

  2. “Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets”

    Wow! Harry Potter is actually having a birthday party? That is a shock considering the Dursleys hate him and they don’t even know what day his birthday is (except Dudley). Because Harry goes to Hogwarts, the theme of the party would be witchcraft and wizardry. This would be the theme because Harry has to use a lot of magic and knowledge of sorcery in the books when facing people like Malfoy and You-Know-Who. There would be a lot of activities at Harry’s party, like dueling, Quidditch, and wizard trivia. I would bet Oliver Wood would get a little too competitive during Quidditch since he’s the Gryffindor captain and wants to take down any Slytherins who dare to play. I think You-Know-Who would somehow hear about the party and try to kill Harry when he is least expecting it. The perfect birthday present for Harry would be a life without Voldemort. Voldemort has been tormenting Harry ever since he was born. He even killed Harry’s mother while she tried to protect Harry. It’s because of Voldemort that Harry has a scar shaped like a lightning bolt on his forehead. Harry would love a life of peace and happiness with his two best friends, Ron and Hermione. Therefore, in honor of his birthday, I would destroy Voldemort as my present to Harry.

  3. “The Maze Runner”

    If the main character, Thomas, what’s to have a birthday party, I think the theme would be the maze and how they completed it. I think this would be what the character would choose because this is a very triumphant theme and I think would remind the character of the happiness he felt after completing the maze. The party games\activities that the character would have at this party, I think would all have to do with what they did in the maze. I think this because they don’t know anything else but what they did in the maze because their memories were erased. So they don’t know games like pin the tail on the donkey. For the characters birthday, based on what I know about Thomas, I would get him the cure to the disease that he obtained while in the maze. I think this would be the best present because if he were to be given the cure to the disease, he would not have to go through the second stage of terror, similar to the pain and suffering he had to go through earlier.

  4. The title of the book I am reading is “Michael Vey Prisoner of Cell 25.” The main character is of course Michael Vey. He is an only child who didn’t get to know his father before he left. Michael has very few friends and is a nice person just so you understand him generally. With all the information I know about Michael, I think the theme of his party would be a small pizza party. In fact, he had a pizza party in the book. He is a little nerdy, but enjoys spending time with his mom and his friends. He only gets to spend a couple hours with his mom a day. The activities for his party will be video games and eating snack food. Michael has a lot of alone time without his mom. Playing video games makes the time fly. The snack food would be macaroni and waffles because these are his favorite foods. His friend, Ostin would like to have Michael use his electric powers on a voltage meter. Ostin is very smart and has been asking to test Michael’s power for a long time. A perfect present for Michael would be for him and his mom to spend more time with each other. Michael would love for his hard-working mom to have a better job because she is the last family he has. With bad guys after them, he doesn’t know how much longer he has with her.

  5. I just read the book “Wonder.” The main character in this book is August.

    If August were to have a birthday then his theme would probably be Star Wars. Everyone in his grade would be invited, even Julian, which his mom would probably have made him invite. He would have everybody dress up as their favorite Star Wars characters. The reason August would most likely chose a Star Wars theme is because he really likes the movies, although he doesn’t want to be known for really liking Star Wars he feels more comfortable expressing himself with his friends. His liking of Star Wars was mentioned many times in the book.

    At the party there would be blow up space ships, Star Wars mini figures, cake, balloons, and more decorations. There would be some activities. You could go into the “no Julian allowed, free area” or you could go on the Star Wars mini figure scavenger hunt. You could also play with some of August’s Legos or play some Star Wars video games on his X-Box 360.

    There is one really good present that August maybe wouldn’t wear, because he is over with those years, but would still love to have. I found August’s old helmet near the dump, and I thought it would be a great present for him. I would clean it up and repair it for him. I know he would love it, because he missed seeing it.

    I think August would have an awesome birthday.

  6. I am reading “Powerless”. The main character is Daniel.

    Come on over! The supers and I are hosting a detective theme party for Daniels birthday! We are going to wear detective costumes, and we are going to hide the presents in the house. We will leave Daniel with one clue per present. We will also hide the cake. On the cake we will be shaped like a magnifying glass.

    For activities we will play assassin. How you play is you get a photo of your self, and you need to take each others photos and the one person left wins (the photo represents your life). You can hide all over the neighborhood, but find a good place to hide because if someone finds you its kill or get killed.

    For a gift I would give Daniel the complete set of the “Sherlock Homes” books because he loves Sherlock Homes. I would not just give him the collection I would find an antique store and get him a classic set.

    I think that Daniel would have the time of his life.

  7. The title of my book is “The Raven” and the main character is Ryan. The party I think Ryan would have is a fly fishing party because Ryan and his dad have a fly fishing and fishing tour shop. One of Ryan’s favorite things to do is go out on the river to fish and have some fun with his dad. There would be activities like fly fishing, mountain biking, and having fun sitting out on the rocks with Sara and Fitz. He would have these activities because these are most his favorite things to do. I would get Ryan a new journal that Sara his best friend would bring to him. I would have Sara bring down the journal because she moved away and he has been dying to see her. I would get Ryan a new journal because in the series he said, multiple times, that he couldn’t live with out writing.

  8. I just finished the book “Chains” by Laurie Halse Anderson. The main character in the book is Isabel Gardener, but her master calls her Sal Lockton. Isabel and her sister Ruth have had a rough time all their life. Isabel is a slave, and just wants to be free. Her mom dies, so she goes to work for Miss Mary Finch. Miss Marry Finch dies and Isabel is sent to live with Master and Madam Lockton. “Chains” is an outstanding book that takes place during the Revolutionary War.

    Isabel would be so happy if she could have a birthday party. In the book she had never had a birthday party. No matter what kind of party Isabel would be ecstatic. I think that even though Isabel wouldn’t care about the theme she would like a book themed party the best. Everyone would come dressed as his or her favorite book character. The party would have books everywhere. There would also be big poster boards on the walls designed to look like books. Miss Mary Finch one of Isabel’s owners was very nice. She taught Isabel how to read and write, but at first Isabel never did either of those. Later in the book Isabel finds herself tempted to read the books in her Master’s house, but she resists the urge. Luckily the bookstore owner knows Isabel likes to read and gives her a book. Isabel loves reading the book even though it is a little confusing. Isabel is never allowed to read, so she always has to secretly do it. That’s why one of the activities at Isabel’s party would be reading. You could read for as long as you want, and then talk about it with your friends. The party would also have a huge feast. Isabel is a badly treated slave that never gets enough to eat. She is always complaining that she is hungry. That is why Isabel would love to have lots of food. Isabel would be fine with any food except for turtle soup because Isabel always says she hates that. There would also be games like pin the title on the book and name that character. For another activity each person would be given a blank journal so you can write your own book. For the birthday presents there are many things Isabel would want or need. Isabel would definitely want Ruth back. She thinks about Ruth everyday wondering about her. That would be the main thing, but she would also want new clothes. No one cared enough about Isabel to give her new clothes. She keeps taking out the seam and hoping her clothes don’t look too weird. One more thing Isabel would want would be new seeds from her mom. The only thing Isabel had left from her mom was seeds. Isabel planted the seeds to see what they would grow into, but she forgot to water them. The plants died, and Isabel never got to know what they grew into. Isabel was so sad because she felt like she let her mom down. If Isabel could just have one more chance to plant the seeds she would be so much happier. I wish Isabel could actually have a birthday party because I know how much she would love it.

  9. The theme of my character’s party would be “Cliffs”. My character is Edgar from “Atherton: Rivers of Fire”, and he loves climbing. Since he started out climbing the cliffs of Atherton I figure he would want to have a cliff themed party, almost in remembrance of those long gone cliffs. He cliffs sank, then sank, then sank and rose, and now they are submerged belo the water and Edgar will never be able to climb them again. My character would love to rock-climb at his birthday party. Though it would be nowhere near the challenge and danger found in the cliffs of Atherton, it would be some way for Edgar to climb again. He would beat anyone who tried to race him up the rock-climbing wall. I suppose he would also like to swim at his party, because Edgar got two opportunities to swim and loved it, but can do so no longer, for the water in Atherton is riddled with the dangerous food source, the Cleaners. Edgar may also like to have a fig throwing contest, because he loved making slings and throwing figs in Atherton, but a young girl, Isabel, always through a fig more accurately and farther than him, and I am sure he would like the chance to prove that he can throw a fig farther(He can’t). The present I would give Edgar is material, but I know he would want it. I would give him an incredibly strong cable and an incredibly strong automatic cable reeler. Edgar longs to climb the bottom of Atherton, but that is beyond even him, for the gravity at the bottom of Atherton is too strong, and it would pull him directly to the bottom of Atherton and never let him up. The cable would hold him and the reeler would pull him back in when he is done, and the gravity does not allow him to climb back up. If I was not able to give him that, I would give Edgar a super-drill so that he could drill inside of Atherton where the cliffs are amazing. The reason I would want to give Edgar the first gift first is because the inside of Atherton is quite perilous, due to the terrible beasts held inside. Regardless of how I would do it, I would give Edgar the gift of climbing again.

  10. I am almost done with “The Eleventh Plegue”. This book is about a boy named Stephen Quinn who is surviving a world apocalypse from a terrible desease called P11 or what most people call the eleventh plague. He roams whats left of the United States with only his father. Now his father is in a coma from an accident and Stephen and his dad are rescued from another group of people that take them into their town called Settlers Landing. But, Stephen doesn’t trust these people in the town. He plans to leave the little town after his dad is healed.

    I think the perfect theme for Stephen’s party would be a baseball theme. The reason why i chose that theme is because he played a lot of baseball in Settlers Landing. The activities at the party would be baseball (of course), a contest to see who can throw the baseball the farthest, and a batting contest to see who can hit the farthest. In the book, everyone would play these games after they got out of school. For a present I would give Stephen some new clothes because he only has one set of dirty clothes that survived the terrible apocalypse.

  11. The book that I just finished is called “Shell Game”, and the main character’s name is Finn. If he were to have a birthday party, it would probably be Disney themed. I think that it’d be Disney themed because his character works for the Disney Parks. Finn is a hologram tour guide in Disney World, and in the book Shell Game, they moved his projection to a Disney Cruise. The party wouldn’t have many people, maybe nine people would come. There wouldn’t be too many people because Finn doesn’t trust a lot of people and he has a very tight knit group of friends. I think an activity he would have at his party would be to play video games about defeating evil because is the series the Shell Game is in, Kingdom Keepers, they go to Disney Quest which is like an arcade and he tries to defeat villans called the Overtakers. I would get Finn another Return which is a remote that lets him cross back over to his human self when he is a hologram. I think he’d like it because there is only one Return, and if they don’t get to it on time, their human selfs are stuck in permanent sleep until they get the Return back.

  12. “The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie”

    The main character in this book is Flavia De Luce. She loves poisons and spends most of her laboring over a poison in her lab. She is also solving a mystery regarding a dead bird with a stamp on his beak. Flavia does not have many friends, or none have been introduced yet.Since her theme would be poisons, her sisters would not be invited. Ever since Flavia used Ophelia’s pearls in a experiment, they have not approved of her making poisons. I think one person she would invite was Mary Stoker, she helped Flavia explore a hotel room to look for clues. Instead of sending invitations, Flavia would ride her bike to each of her guest’s houses to invite them. She loves riding her bike, she even named it “Gladys” . The food at the party would be candy from Miss Cool’s sweet shop. Flavia would make rock candy using her chemistry skills. For the activities Flavia would play a long game of clue with her guests because she likes mysteries. Flavia lives in the fifties, and they can not swim in public pools because polio was going around. At the party, Flavia and her guests would go swimming in a inflatable pool. She would love it! Lastly, Flavia’s guest would enjoy some tea in the parlor while Flavia went to her lab to show her Dad all her chemistry. He never really is involved with Flavia’s life. He could be very proud of her work. Then, the guest would eat all of the candy and open presents. I would expect Flavia to get some more chemistry materials and maybe a new bike! I would get Flavia a puppy. She really needs a companion during the detecting. It would also give her a little cuteness in her life. I can’t wait to party with Flavia!

  13. I am reading Beautiful Darkness, the main character is Ethan Wate, if he were to have a party I think it would be an awesome gift for him to have his party outside Gatlin because as he puts it he is stuck in Gatlin along with everyone there. Everyone that lives in Gatlin is welcome, but outsiders are shunned and hated. The theme of his party would be places to travel, as Ethan wants to travel the world and leave Gatlin in his past. At his party, there would basketball and the famous Gatlin peach pie. The perfect birthday present for Ethan would be a Light Caster Lena. The whole book that is the problem and they are trying to keep Lena a light Caster.

  14. “Lucy in the sky”

    The main character in this book is Lucy. She is very wild and likes to party a lot. If she was having a party it would most likely be a beach theme. It would be a beach theme because every morning she goes to the beach to swim and watch her friend Ross surf. Lucky is pretty crazy, so at the party there would be a lot of her teen friends (btw she’s 16), and even thought its illegal for her age there would be drinking. I already know that because the book is about her and how she handles her drinking problem and how she ruined her life by drinking. I think the one thing Lucy wants for her birthday would be to find true love she has been looking really hard to find her true love and that would be perfect if her true love was at the party and she found him.

  15. In my book “The Warlock” Sophie is the main character. For Sophie’s birthday, I would give her a moonlight pond theme. She is one of the two twins of legend (along with her brother), the sun and moon. She has a silver aura witch has to do with the moon. Water magic is her specialty. She would most likely have this theme for her birthday party. At the party they would have water themed games. They would have dunking for apples. They would have water balloon fights and swimming.
    For Sophie’s birthday I would get her a normal life. She doesn’t like what magic has done to her and Josh. If she could, she would run away and go live with her parents. This would also mean that she would once again be with her brother which above all, is what she really wants.

  16. I am reading the book “The Son of Neptune”, and my main character is Percy Jackson, the son of Neptune, the Roman sea god. Percy only has a few friends, since he doesn’t remember many people since his memory was wiped, he would only invite those he remembered. He would invite the people who went on the quest with him, Frank and Hazel, since they have been right at his side since he entered Camp Jupiter a few days before the solstice. He would also invite Annabeth, his girlfriend, who is the only person he remembers since his memory was wiped. He would also invite Tyson, who Annabeth told him about in one of his dreams. Percy doesn’t remember this, but Tyson is his brother, who is also a Cyclopes. He also saw Tyson looking for him in California in his dream, so he would notice that he is a friend who deserves to celebrate his birthday with him.

    Percy’s birthday party theme would probably be Greek mythology and the ocean. Ever since he arrived at the Roman camp, Camp Jupiter, he has mistaken gods, goddesses, and monster’s Roman names with their Greek names, meaning he must have some connection with ancient Greeks. He has a hard time translating Latin in his head, but he easily translates ancient Greek in his head. He also can command the waters of the ocean, which is why his party would have an ocean theme. Percy always is the strongest when in the ocean, so it has become his favorite place.

    The perfect present for Percy Jackson would be a picture of all of his friends that he knew before his memory was wiped. Percy has a fear that he will forget who Annabeth is as he continues his journey to Alaska, so if he had a picture of her and all of his original friends before he forgot who they were, he would then remember home and his friends by their image. On his journey, he could pull out the picture to help him carry on with his journey. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that help the most. I highly doubt that Percy Jackson would need something fancy, like an iPhone, especially since the cellular signals sent from the iPhone would basically send out a flare to monsters saying, “Hey! I’m a demigod! Come and eat me!”. I really think that Percy would appreciate just a simple present like that.

  17. Right now I’m almost done with “The Raven”, the fourth book in the Skeleton Creek series. If I were to throw a party for Sarah and Ryan, it would be a ghost theme. They would go ghost hunting and they would read scary ghost stories. The reason their party would be ghost themed, would be because they go on adventures to haunted places and they spend most of their summers hunting ghosts and solving mysteries, like who the Raven is. For the big activity, they would go out to a haunted hotel and tell stories by a campfire and they would also go fishing during the day, because Ryan enjoys fishing. I think the perfect present for Ryan would be a new fishing pole or a new journal. I would give these to Ryan because he’s a great writer, and again, he loves to fish. Sarah on the other hand would be harder to get a present for. I think I would give her a new camera or I would give her a new mystery to solve. Sarah is great at filming and making movies, so the camera would be perfect for her. The mystery would be great for her, because she loves to go ghost hunting and she loves solving things, such as a new ghost mystery.

  18. I am reading “Schooled”. Capricorn Anderson is having a birthday party! I am so exited! I know exactly what I am going to get him! I am going to get him a new pair of shoes, because in the beginning of the book, a student from “C Average Middle School” took his shoes. I will also get him a true friend, because Hugh Winkleman (his best friend) is using him so he will not be the class president. His birthday party will be tie die themed, because Capricorn is a Hippy! He loves to meditate, so there will be a meditating game. He will be able to sit in a room with one other person and meditate. Who ever falls asleep, or gets bored/ annoyed will lose. He will also have an activity outside. He will plant trees with other people, and then take a picture of the plant every day, and send the picture to who ever planted the tree. I hope people will show up, they don’t seem to like him!

  19. Do not read if you don’t want to find out the ending of “The Death Cure”

    The book I am going to do this about is “The Death cure” and the character name is “Tomas.”

    My character birthday party would have a topical them because he is stuck and building a new place to live. But the thing is he won’t now when his birthday is unless another person told him about it because his memory was taking away from him.

    My character would have Arts and crafts, boat building, food scavenger hunt, and coconut milk jugging.

    The perfect birthday present would be a cure to the Flare. This is because he wants to save every one on earth.

  20. I am reading “Runaway”. The main character of the book is named Holly, and Holly loves dogs. She was separated from her parents at a very young age and went through many different foster homes. Because she loves dogs and doesn’t really have a true “home,” she loves strays. So I think I would give her an SPCA themed party, she could play with the dogs and other animals, too.
    I would have games such as “Run From the Cops.” Its like “Sharks and Minnows” except instead of being called sharks they are called cops. I would use that because she has to run from the cops a lot so she doesn’t get caught when she runs away from home.
    I think that the very best present for Holly would be a dog. She always hoped that she would end up in a foster home with dogs, and when she was running away, she would feed some of her food to strays that she met along her way.

  21. “John F. Kennedy”

    My character, John F. Kennedy, would have a classic and traditional American themed party. There would be an American flag hung up in the middle of all this. Everything, like – the plates, cups, and napkins would be American themed with an American flag print. I think this birthday party would be all American themed because he did almost everything, but there was always some American pride in him. The games that would be held there would be classic American-style games like – “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”, “Musical Chairs”, and the “Apple diver” game. A cool thing about John F. Kennedy is that he was inaugurated on my birthday!

      1. Kennedy’s gift would be medicine. At such a young age, John F. Kennedy suffered from scarlet fever. It is treatable now, but not back then. If he was still alive for his birthday, I would give him medicine to scare away his scarlet fever. I know that seems very weird and unpleasant to think about….. maybe I would make sure he gets to the doctor instead. Haha! If we could go back in time to when he was a little boy with scarlet fever, I would help his mom make sure he is comfortable and happy.

  22. The book I’m reading is titled, “The Weed That Strings the Hangman’s Bag”. In this book, the main character’s name is Flavia De Luce. Flavia is a unique girl with a strong passion for poison. I think her party would be held in her secret laboratory in the basement of her home, Buckshaw. In Flavia’s laboratory, the shelves are lined with numerous books instructing about poison, she has glass vials and tubes everywhere with different concoctions in each one, and all the tools you could ever need when studying chemistry. I think that Flavia would have a chemistry and poison party because she is always burrying her face in chemistry books, and doing many tests with poison. Chemistry and poison are her hobby and passion.
    Since Flavia isn’t fond of her sisters, at her party you would be able to make any concoction with their precious belongings such as their jewelery, makeup, and soap. You would also be able to test on Mrs. Mullet’s cooking. Mrs. Mullet is the chef for the De Luce’ family and everybody in that family dreads her awful cooking. At Flavia’s party you would be able to experiment and find out what is in the cooking that makes it taste so bad. Another activity you could do at Flavia’s party is go bike-riding. Flavia loves her trustworthy old bike that she named “Gladys”. Everybody would be asked to bring their bikes to go on a ride. The best thing at Flavia’s party would be a scavenger hunt. Flavia loves figuring out mysteries, and at her party their would be a staged mystery that the party crew would have to figure out. There would be cake (not Mrs/ Mullet’s), presents, and much more.
    For Flavia’s present I would probably bring her chemistry books, glass test tubes, or new tools that would be handy for her to use. She might also like the board game “Clue” or another mystery board game considering she loves mysteries. I might also get her a new bike since her bike is worn out from being used to much.

  23. A perfect party theme for Sarah from Skelton Creek would be a discovery theme. We would include actives such as camera recording lessons because she’s always recording her trips through Skelton Creek. During these lessons kids will learn things they may not have known about their camera and ways to make their pictures and video’s better. We will also have spy actives so Sarah can learn how to spy on who she thinks is “watching” her and her best friend Ryan. This theme will not only be fun but educational for Sarah and her friends.

    The best present for Sarah right now would be the knowledge to be able to decode the technology that her parents set up to not be able to contact her best friend Ryan. Because they got in trouble together they are not aloud to talk to one another and her parents blocked her computer and check t every night. If I give her the knowledge to know how to get rid of it then she wont have to worry about her parents. i don’t know about you, but this sounds like a party I want to go to!

  24. The last book I read it was a series and it was called “The White Giraffe” and “Dolphin Song”. This character would have an animal themed party that is in Africa because she lives with her grandmother on a South African game reserve. It would be about all types of animals from giraffes to hippos. At her school she didn’t have the most friends or really any except for one girl which I didn’t remember the name. She would spend the party with her, animals, her grandmother, and some friends that are kind of nice to her. She would have this theme because she spends her days going to school and then hanging out in the game reserve to see the animals that she is friends with. She loves every single one except the ones that are viscous such as lions. Some activities she would have at her party would be an animal scavenger hunt, pin the tail on the lion, and exotic petting zoo. She could take out one of the bigger animals with the help of the game reserve security guard who’s name is Tendai. I think the best present for her is to make sure every animal is safe and no harm will come their way. Also both her parents had died on the night of her eleventh birthday in a fire which she had escaped. It would change everything if the fire didn’t happen, because she caught illegal immigrants that we’re taking animals from that reserve and taking them to a country in Asia and killing them. She also found the White Giraffe. Instead of just wishing for her parents to come back I would also wish for them to live in Africa because that was a big step for Martine the main character to make!

  25. My book “The Devil’s Arithmetic” has a character in the book Hannah who is actually having a birthday. Were talking about a girl who doesn’t like her religion or her families rules and ideas. After what she has learned in the past she would want to have a jewish themed party, but at the beginning, probably not. After the book she would, because she learned more about how she knew what happened back then and she leared to respect her religion more than before at the beginning. Some activities would probably watching an old movie, because she respected the olden days more after her way back to the future, or Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief, because it is based on a camp that he had to fit in and knew more abrupt himself. She would also have everyone cook traditional jewish food. The perfect present would be a better memory of her family and her times before she went into time travel. She doesn’t remember very well of what happened before her adventure. It would be nice if she would, and i think that she wouldn’t ask for anything more.

  26. I Have just finished the “Adventures wanted, Slathbog’s Treasure”
    The theme of Alex Taylor birthday would be… adventures because he loves adventures and he can’t wait to do another Adventure. He would probably have pin the tail on the horse, because he likes horses and probably some sword-fighting games and magic games.
    The present I would give him would be a new adventure, because he loves adventuring and that he would love to do it with his friends.

  27. The title of my book is, “This Book Is Not Good For You.” One of the main characters is Cassandra or Cass. This book is by an anonymous author who goes by Pseudonymous Bosch. This book like the others in the series is fantastic. New characters were also introduced in this book, and I strongly suggest reading it.

    Cassandra is a survivalist so I think she would have a survivalists themed birthday party. In the book she always reminds people how she can protect herself from trouble. She always has her backpack with her, which has all her special survivalists tools inside of it. She has saved her and her friends many times by having rope, or knowing how to protect herself. Everybody would be told to bring a bag or backpack along to the party and come with extra clothes so that you can get dirty. I think the party would be fun if her guests brought items such as ropes, research books, locks, etc. so that they could have a true adventure. There would be fruit, trail mix, and water so they could keep up their energy for all of the events. Her friends Max-Ernest and Yogi would definitely be at her party. The activities would be rock climbing, how to survive an earthquake, how to get away from dangerous people, how to climb a roof with a rope, and other survivalists games. There would also be mysterious activities such as how to solve a mystery and what to be aware of once you discover it. Cassandra would choose these activities because in the book she was the one to get back her Mom, to get back the tuning fork twice, to save kids lives, and find out that she was the secret keeper. The perfect birthday present for Cassandra would be to be able to find out the secret quick, fast, and safer since she is the secret keeper. I am so excited to continue on in the series as I get closer and closer to finding out the secret.

    1. Sorry I forgot to add about what they would have in their goodie bags or as Cassandra would call it traveler’s star tools. They would get to pick items from a basket; two each and the options would be a rope, a flash light, a trail mix bag (which Cass always brings along with her in her backpack), a few books to do extra research in, and other small objects that would also be helpful in an emergency or adventure.

  28. “The Serpent’s Shadow”

    The main character in my book is Carter Kane and if he was having a birthday party then it would without a doubt be Egyptian themed. He loves Egypt and always went there with his parents before they passed away. Carter is homeschooled and knows everything there is to know about Egypt. An Egyptian birthday party would definetely be the perfect party for Carter!

    Some activities at Carter’s party would be pin the tail on the pharaoh, Egyptian trivia, Shabti smashing and spin the bottle. Carter would love playing pin the tail on the pharaoh with his friends because it would give him a chance to spend time with his friends and have fun doing what he loves. Egyptian trivia would be a blast for Carter because he would get to show off his knowledge of Egypt and probably learn something new. Shabti smashing would be a fun game for Carter because he always wants a chance to practice magic and he could practice his spells on Shabti and have enjoy himself at the same time! Carter has a huge crush on Zia Rashid and spin the bottle would be the perfect chance for Carter to get a special birthday kiss from her! 🙂

    The perfect birthday present for Carter would be his dad. As a child Carter spent his whole life traveling with his dad and they grew very attached to him. Carter was in the room when his dad died and saw him pass away, and there nothing he could do to help. Now Carter only gets to see his dad when he visits the Underworld, because he works there. This present and party would definetely make Carter Kane’s birthday a very memorable one!

  29. I am reading “The Cupcake Queen”, and is one of the most detailed books I’ve ever read in my entire life. The main character in this book would be Penny, and she is a shy girl who doesn’t have a lot of friends. I would imagine Penny having a small birthday party with only her closest friends invited, and the location of this party would be at her mother’s cupcake shop in town. The theme would obviously be cupcakes because she wants to take charge of the shop when she gets older. The kinds of party activities would include baking and decorating of cupcakes, freeze dance, hot potato, and musical chairs. Penny loves playing games and spending time with her closest friends, and these activities would let her do both at the same time. She loves to dance and is very athletic and these games would give her a chance to show her skills.

    The perfect present would be a cupcake recipe book or cookbook. Penny just started baking a few years ago, and doesn’t know about all the different flavors such as red velvet and lemon. I think Penny would love this and enjoy this book. She would definitely share this with her friends!

  30. The book I am reading is “The Necromancer” and one of the main characters is Sophie. The theme for her birthday party would be about being normal. Ever since she got her newfound powers she has never wanted to be a regular teenager than ever. The party would be simple with her friends and her just hanging out. She hasn’t been with anyone for the past week that she actually would want to hang out with except maybe for Josh, her brother. She would want a nice cake with her friends by her side, not scary monsters that would probably want to kill her.

    One thing that Sophie would want to do at her party would be just to talk with her friends. She hasn’t talked to any of them for a week, but it felt like forever. Shopping would be something that a typical girl would love. It is one of the most regular things that a girl would enjoy a lot. Just for one day she would wants one of the crowd. To wrap up her birthday Sophie would want to have a nice dinner with her parents. She has missed them for a whole week and she has felt so alone without them.

    The best birthday present in the world right now for Sophie would be to escape the world of magical beings and just have a normal day. Sophie would go to school with her friends like she always would and gossip on her phone with people. And to once be able to get a full night’s sleep without being woken up by an enchanted wolf.

  31. “I Am Number Four”

    John’s birthday party theme would include things related to outer space, like aliens and rockets. This is because he is from outer space and is getting chased down by another alien race. He himself is also an alien, but he left his planet and came to earth because the Mogadorians were invading Lorien, and he needed to get out and hide to survive. The activities at his party would include throwing knives at alien dummies, martial arts practice on dummies, a rocket flying simulation game and manhunt. These would be good games for him because he uses telekinesis to throw knives and has trained in martial arts. He would also need practice flying rockets and escaping from other aliens in order to survive. The perfect present for John would be to get all of his legacies or powers, so he can defend himself against his enemies the Mogadorians. Some of his powers include telekinesis and resistance to fire and heat. I believe that John’s human friends would also have fun at his party learning these skills and helping him train to fight the Mogadorians at the same time.

  32. If I got invited to my characters birthday party, that would be pretty cool! The theme for the party would be, probably an old English town, with cold weather, snowy, a cold wind, and dark skies. This is my kind of weather! This is also the setting in my independent reading book, and that is why that is the theme of my party. Not only will it have that kind of weather, but It will also have magicians, fortunetellers, and elephants. These are also parts that are included in the book.

    If I went to my characters (Peter Augustine Douchine) ‘s party, I would definitely expect to see a fortune telling booth, because in the beginning, Peter goes to a fortune telling booth, instead of buying what his leader needs. I think another activity would be soldier practice, because his leader Vilna Lutz, is a soldier, and Peter is a private. For soldier practice you could shoot at a shooting range, and do marching practice.

    If I were to get Peter his one great gift for his birthday, I would get him his long lost baby sister Adele. The fortune teller told Peter that she is alive, and Peter keeps dreaming about her. I think peter would love the gift!

  33. I am reading “Born To Play” by Dustin Pedroia

    The theme for this party would be baseball (I know it is not “outside the box” but that is all I’ve got from the book). Some activities would include and automatic batting cage where you could hit, a place to record your throw speed, and stations to play MLB 2K13. I would have all these because he loves to play baseball. The perfect gift to Dustin would be respect, he always talks about respect and when people doubt him he uses it as motivation. He has now gotten a lot of respect, but it really means a lot to him.

  34. I’m reading “Hoot” by Carl Hiaasen

    The theme for my characters party would be wildlife. Roy does some things that are against the law to help animals, the animals he is trying to save are Burrowing Owls. This makes me think that my character would have an animal themed party. He might have some small animals on exhibit for people to look at. He might have scavenger hunts to look for prizes. His activities might include stuff that he used to like to do in Montana. Maybe like bike ride or fish. He also likes being in the wild and looking at animals. The perfect present for Roy would be a field guide, something that reminds him of Montana, or a small pet. He is a little different than most kids my age. This might be what he likes to do at his birthday party.

  35. My book is “The Lord of The Rings” and my character is Frodo Baggins. Frodo and some brave companions set off on a journey to destroy the One Ring that Frodo’s uncle, Bilbo, gives him. This journey takes them through lands that have mostly never been traveled in. The theme of his birthday would most likely be the Shire. This is because Frodo misses his home and wants to have a break from his journey. Since most hobbit parties are very extravagant his party probably wouldn’t be that great since they’re in the middle of uncharted land. Some activities would be hide and seek tag because it kind of relates to his adventure when he’s running away from the evil that is chasing him. You have to hide until you are found and run until you get caught. The best present for Frodo would probably be a magical ‘one day rest and protect’. This would enable him to be protected from evil and allow him to rest for one day. This would be a the ideal gift because Frodo and his companions are always moving and almost never have any time to get a lot of rest.

  36. “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows”

    My character is Harry Potter. In the book, Harry goes to collect some things (Not to give too much away 😀 )and try to defeat Lord Voldemort. The party would be a surprise party because Harry would not be expecting it. There would be magic-practice dummies to aim spells at and knock apples off of their heads. There would also be a classic game of ‘Find The Hocrux’ and maybe some broom racing. The main event would be ‘Pin the Tail on the Voldemort :)’. There would have to be people from the Order of The Phoenix to stand guard in case some Death Eaters came to crash the party. The perfect present would be a portable, unplottable house so noone exept Harry, Ron, and Hermoine could enter and so they could have a safe shelter. This would be the perfect gift because no Death Eaters or even Voldemort could know where they are.

  37. I’m reading “Stranger with my Face.” Laurie Stratton is the main character and she found out she is adopted and has a twin sister who visits her sometimes. The theme of her party, though strange, would be her adoption. Her sister has already told her about her parents and what happened, but I think Laurie would want details and want to meet her parents, or her dad who is still alive (maybe). This would be the theme because so many things have happened in the last five months that have to do with her adoption. Everyone keeps seeing the twin everywhere. When she gets mad, she makes Laurie’s life harder. Laurie wants to know everything she can about her family before her adoption. Laurie would get to read her adoption papers, ask her sister stuff, meet her parents (no matter whether they’re alive or dead), and see where she’s from (Arizona/New Mexico). Laurie would get the best gift she has ever received. I would give her a week with her biological family. She would ask them anything and question her sister’s reasoning for messing up her relationships. What would be the answers?

  38. The title of my book is “Fever 1793”. The main character of this book is Mattie Cook. Matilda dreams of going to Paris, but she’s stuck at home working in her family coffee house. The theme of her birthday would be a Paris theme at Disney World. Mattie had been through a lot and had to grow up very fast at a young age. Disney is the happiest place on earth, and Mattie needs to enjoy the life of a kid.The best activity at the party would be riding all the rides and experiencing all the fun that comes with that. She also would meet other girls her age who had a normal childhood and showed her how to have fun like a kid. I imagine her taking pictures of herself with her new friends to remind herself later of the good times without all the responsibilities and suffering she had in her life.The perfect present for Mattie would be good health and her grandfather back from death. When the yellow fever was spreading through out Pennsylvania, Mattie had gotten it, but recovered quickly. Everyone around her was sick with yellow fever and some even died. Her grandfather was a general in the Army. He was a strong man who never gave up. When Mattie and her grandfather returned home after trying to go to a safe place with no fever, he died with Mattie watching him.

  39. You are formally invited to Frodo Baggins’s 34th birthday party! Frodo will be having a scavenger hunt themed birthday party because he is an adventurous, problem solving hobbit from “The Fellowship of the Ring.” There will be many great things to do at the party such as solving puzzles, playing games, and using clues to complete the ultimate hobbit scavenger hunt. The games include “Pin the Tail on the Black Rider” and “Hobbit Limbo.” We will have “Pin the Tail on the Black Rider” because in Frodo’s adventure, he tries to avoid the Black Riders and their horses it all cost. Hobbits should be good at limbo and enjoy the game because they are short creatures. There will also be a stone throwing challenge because Frodo is very good at throwing things, and can even hit a moving target from far away. Hobbits love to eat, so there will be a cake eating contest at the end of the party.

    The perfect present for Frodo would the Bracelet of Bravery. The bracelet would help Frodo overcome his lack of confidence and courage. Frodo won’t know that the bracelet doesn’t actually have powers. He will think that the bracelet is giving him bravery while he is actually doing everything by himself. It is similar to “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” when Ron thinks that Harry gave him the Felix Felicis, a luck potion. Ron performs amazingly at Quidditch, when really, Harry didn’t give him the potion. Since in “The Fellowship of the Ring,” Frodo is the bearer of the Ring of Power, it made sense to give him another piece of “powerful” jewelry. With the bracelet, Frodo will be more brave and courageous because he will think he has a special power.

  40. The book I am reading is “I Am Number Four”. The main character’s name is John Smith. If he were to have a birthday party then the theme would be a Lorien theme because he is from a different planet which is called Lorien and he doesn’t remember anything about Lorien. It would also probably be a suprise party because he doesn’t seem like he would let anyone throw a party for him. Also it would have to be a very, very, very small party becaue no one knows that he is from another planet other thann one person who came here with him. It would be a pretty boring party because there is really nothing for them to do they would probably just have some cake and talk about things that John doesn’t remember about Lorien and have Magadorian dummiesso he can practice fighting them just in case he is alone and has tto fight them alone. If I werento get him a present then the present would probably be his last legacy because he has been waiting for it for so long and is getting really excited and is staying up all night thinking about so if someone were to get it for him he would be over joyed.

  41. “The Infinity Ring”

    I am reading a great book called “The Infinity Ring”. The main character in my book is named Dak. Dak is what most people would call a “history geek”, he knows almost everything there is to know about history. Dak only has one real friend, Sera who travels back in-time with Dak later in the story. If he were to have a birthday party it would probably be history themed. It would be a history party, because Dak loves history. Also, because he has lived some of the most important events in history, like when Christopher Columbus discovered America! Dak’s parents created a time travel device that they call the Infinity Ring. While his parents are trying it out they disappear and Dak gets the ring. He gets kidnaped and is told he has to go back in time to fix all of the mistakes in the world that were not supposed to have happened. So he is able to go back and see many historical time periods and fix the breaks in time.

    At Dak’s party, there would most likely be time traveling, where you could go back in-time and see a lot of cool things. Dak loves cheese, so there might also be a cheese eating contest, seeing who could eat the most cheese. Dak is also very good at solving puzzles and riddles, so there might be a code cracking activity at his party. Because of his love for history Dak would probably have a history trivia game where he could show everyone how smart at history he is.

    The perfect birthday present would be a photo album of all of the places he has gone on his mission back in-time. In the story he mentioned how beautiful the views were, how awesome it was, and how he hopes he never forgets all of his memories of the past. This gift would remind him of his mission to save the world and find his parents. I really enjoy this book and I would suggest it to anyone who likes very interesting mystery books.

  42. If Will had a party, it would probably be a forest-themed party. It wold have a forest theme because Will is a ranger who does a lot of practicing in the forest. Also, it is the place where rangers are all the time, including when they are in war.

    At Will’s party, there would probably be a target to shoot at with an bow and arrow. There would be a shooting target because Will does a lot of shooting and aiming so that he can hit an enemy on his first attempt. There would also be fencing at his party. There would be fencing because Will’s dream is to be a knight just like his father. Will likes fencing and he would like if he could fence with his friends.This would let Will’s friends get a feeling of what Will does during the day and what his hobbies are.

    I would get Will a longbow because he uses a short bow, and he says it is not strong enough. If his bow is not strong enough, it means he will not be able to kill his opponents on his first try. I would have it be customized because I do not like things that are completely plain, plus I think he would like his bow to have his name on it. Who would forget the arrows? I would also give him quiver with arrows.

  43. The maze runner for sure is 5 stars because off all the action and drama that is taken place, but by far my favorite would be the “Maze Runner” because of what happens on Thomas’s journey to escape The Maze. If I was to host a birthday party for Thomas I would have a huge birthday party in the maze thomas had to escape the maze in “The Maze Runner”. Thomas would choose this theme because he seemed to me very interested in the maze when he learned about it. I would think he would like it more because you dont have to worry about dying in the maze without all the dangers that there was when he first entered the maze.

    When everyone arrives at Thomas’s birthday party we would all get started of Hide and Go Seek in the maze because everyday was a hide and go seek for the runners because of the grievers, and people going threw the change. The cake would be cooked by Frypan while we all gathered in the middle of the Glade eating cake. After our cake we would go home by exiting the glade from the griever hole Thomas went through when he left the maze.

    As a birthday gift I would give him a griever body, to remember all he went through with in The Glade. The Griever body would be a perfect gift because it is very unique, and tells thomas everyday that he survived the Maze!

  44. My book, or more like series is, The Alvin Maker series

    The main character is Alvin, and he’s six years old. If he had a birthday party, it would probably be a building one, maybe with lego blocks to build things. He would want this because he has a knack for building things, and an unknown force that he named the unmaker, is always breaking things down, so he dedicates his life to building things too big for the unmaker.

    The activities would probably be things like wrestling, because he likes to wrestle. Maybe some time to build things, but Alvin is much further on than legos, and would be building things like stone huts with his bare hands. There could also be something like hide and seek, because Alvin lived with Native Americans for almost a year and learned how to move with the land and for the land, so he is very fast and only seen when he wants to in the forest. (This takes place around 200 years after white men started settling in America, and Alvin’s family are settlers.)

    The perfect present for Alvin would probably be a book, any book because he loves to read and learn things. He would be super happy if it was a book about things he liked, maybe a building book, or a book about nature.

    These are the things Alvin would probably love best (in my opinion).

    1. I’m reading the same series! I’m on the first book. If you haven’t all ready read it, you should read the Ender’s Game series. It’s by the same author and better than the first book of the Alvin Maker series.

  45. The book that I’m doing this blog on is called “Ender’s Game”. If Ender had a birthday party, the theme would be battle school (battle school is in space), because that was where he was happiest. The activity would probably be the game in the battle room where you play mock battles. I think that would be the activity, because that was basically the whole point of battle school. The perfect birthday present would be the party itself, and also letting him come back to Earth to live with his family and close enough to his friends to visit. Ender can’t come back to Earth, because now that he is the best at battle strategy in the world at age 9, he has become the biggest target for enemy countries, and terrorists. That being said, he would definitely appreciate the gift!

  46. I recently finished reading the book “Wonder” and I have started reading “The Hobbit”. Since I feel like I don’t know that much information about Bilbo Baggins et, I will choose August from “Wonder”. If I had to choose one theme for August it would be a Star Wars theme because August likes everything from the Star Wars universe. I know that August would love to have a Star Wars theme party because in the book “Wonder” he mentions how he likes to play with Star Wars action figures, especially Darth Vader every day. For the activities of the birthday party I would have a lightsaber duel activity station. There would be two people and the first person to hit the other person would be the winner. The second station would be the Lego Star Wars game on the Xbox 360. There would be four people and there would be a time limit so everyone could get a chance to play. I think If August would get the perfect birthday present it would be friendship. The reason why is because throughout the book August said wherever he went people would stare at him and he would want to be able to say hello but he was to shy. That would be the best birthday for August.

  47. I have just finished my book today. It is called BRIANS HUNT. Sience Brians likes to be outide alot I figure that his birthday sould be about the outdoors maybe even have outdoors. The activites that would be held at the party could be an archy contest to see who can hit a bullseye first. If I had enough time we coud even havea canoe race and other orts of water activites. One thing that I think Brian should have but he dosen’t is a caming set like a tent and lantern or some form of protection so that he nd his companion dog can be safe from the environment. At one point in the book he used the caone to protect himself and his dog. I am sure that Brian and his dog would have a great time.

  48. My book is “Star Wars Trilogy: Return of the Jedi” and my character is Luke Skywalker.

    The theme of Luke’s birthday party would definitely be “Jedi Games,” because Luke is obsessed with Jedi knights and he wants to be one more than anything. In the book Luke learns to use a lightsaber, fights with the dark Lord Darth Vader, and studies Jedi secrets with the old master Yoda. To get into Luke’s party, you would have to say the magic phrase, “May the Force be with you,” which is a favorite Jedi saying, and then you would be handed a toy lightsaber. Yoda would be the guest of honor at Luke’s party, and he would help Luke blow out the candles without blowing. For activities, guests would compete to see who could lift the greatest weight without actually touching it. Before this, Yoda would give some quick Jedi lessons so everyone would know what to do! For gifts, Luke would like a new lightsaber of course, to replace the one he lost in his battle with Darth Vader, but he would also like the gift of receiving the Force more and more, so he could be the best Jedi ever.

  49. The Infinity Ring: The Trap Door
    The book I’m currently reading is called The Infinity: The Trap Door. The main character is named Dak. He is a history nerd so I would set up a a history party with of time lines and different units if history. For activities, in one corner I might have the time of Columbus and in another corner the war between the Frankish and the Vikings. there would be people dressed up in costumes of that time and there would be scavenger hunts in the sand. There might be pretend wars with water guns because in the book it takes place on the war. Dak knows everything and anything thats known about the history of the world. A perfect present for him I think would be a cell phone that worked in all different time points. I think this would be helpful because some times him and his friends are separated and they don’t have any communication. So with this cell phones everyone one of the three time travelers would get one to check up on each other.

  50. The book I am currently reading is called “The Roar” by Emma Clayton. The main character in the book is a girl named Ellie. If Ellie were to have a party, the theme would be about animals, as she really likes animals. An activity Ellie would most likely have at her party would be a slideshow of animals that have not been seen since the plague. In addition, she would also have a secret agenda to tell everyone at her party, the lies and secrets about the wall, and behind the wall. A great present for Ellie would be for her to be reunited with her parents and her brother, Mika. The reason why this would be the ideal present for Ellie is that she was kidnapped and separated from her family, and she strongly wishes to be reunited with her family again. This blog was a difficult blog, but I still enjoyed it because it made me think a lot.

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