Someone’s Having A Birthday!

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This week’s post has to do with independent reading and the main character of your book. If you have just started a new book and don’t feel you know your character well enough yet to answer this prompt, then use the character from the book you just recently finished.

Pretend that it is your main character’s birthday, and he/she is having a party. Based on what you know about your character (either through descriptions and/or plot, storyline, or what other characters have told you) answer the following prompts:

1. What would be the theme of your character’s birthday party? The theme of something is the overall idea. Again this needs to relate to what you know about your character. Why this theme? If your character would choose to have a space themed party, for example, why do you know this from the reading of the book? Think outside the box.

2. What kinds of activities would your character have at his/her party? Why? (Based on what you know about your character from the reading)

3. What would be the perfect birthday present for your character? Remember…a present does not have to be a material thing. Think in terms of what you know about your character. What does your character want or need? Again be sure to tell the why based on your understanding of the content and how well you know your character.

Be sure to state the title of your book. (Capital Letters and within quotation marks here as you cannot underline or put in italics. And of course, be sure to tell us who your character is.)


  1. In “Peter Starcatcher” the main character, Peter, would most likely have a boat theme because all of his adventures happened on a boat. When he got the magic powder to fly, when he was chased by The Wasp (a boat), and when he and his friends were going to die, he was on a boat. Some party games would be pin the tail on the rat, who can touch the sky first, and bumper boats. These would be some of his games, because he was stuck on a boat for weeks, and Peter and his friends had seen many rats and they were everywhere and they were very annoying. The “Who Can Touch the Sky” game because Peter can fly and he likes to show off his skills. The last game, “Bumper Boats” would be chosen because of all the battles between the ships were in his adventures. The gift for Peter would be a four story house with secret passageways, and he would share it with his friends. Peter and his friends have no place to live, and the house would be a safe and comfortable home. I think Peter would feel like there was much more to his adventures than he had realized if he was given such a birthday party.

  2. My book was Call of the Wild. The theme of Call of the Wild is a dog story mixed in with some adventure. The main character of my book is Buck. Buck is a giant St. Bernard that is four and a half. So for his birthday party his theme would be dog themed. I think dog themed because Buck is well… a dog. The games and activities at Bucks party would be pin the tail on my thief. I choose this game because Buck was kidnapped and sold so I think that he would want to get back at the man who kidnapped him. I believe that he perfect Birthday gift for Buck would be a rear view mirror because during the middle of the story Buck learns how to use his instincts so he can now react as fast as the person that is trying to hurt him or worse.

  3. “Wonderstruck”
    Ben’s perfect birthday party would be book themed because he finds reading books very interesting and really gets into a story. When Be goes into his mothers room he finds a book in his mothers draw and starts to read it but can’t put it down. In my book Ben’s mother has died and he would always go in her room and find a good hiding place in her closet and just sit there for awile until someone found him. One of the activites would be when you have 30 seconds to find the best hiding place in a closet, and whoever has he best hiding place wins. You can really improve on your hiding skills for when your mom asks you to clean your room😃.

    I think the perfect gift for Ben would be his mom because she was the one person who he could connect to. Wether there was something wrong or he had a strange thought, she would always be there for him. In the book I think that on his journey she was there when he needed to make a choice. He is a smart enough boy to do things on his own but its always nice to have someone with you that will be there by your side for the rest of your life and that is a present tat you could never replace.

  4. I am reading “Beautiful Redemption” which is the third book in the “Beautiful Creatures” book. The main character is a boy named Ethan Wate. Ethan likes to read and kind of likes basketball, so I might have a basketball themed party ( because a reading themed part doesn’t sound like the most party in the world). For the activities I’m sure there would be some basketball being played. Also the party is most likely to be outside on a really basketball court. The prefect birthday present would be to see to be able to live as a real person because he misses being a human.

  5. “Close to Famous”
    Happy Birthday! We all shouted as Foster walked into her surprise cooking party. Foster is an amazing cook and dreams to be on Food Network. Everybody decided to throw her a cooking party because one of her cupcakes could make somebody who is in a bad mood smile. Cooking is her passion and everybody could eat her cupcakes and muffins everyday. One of the activities would be making cupcakes where you can make chocolate or vanilla cupcakes and get cooking tips from the birthday girl. You even get to pick your color icing put sprinkles on top and enjoy your masterpiece! The cupcake making would be for beginners, but for the more advanced cooks a harder task, upside down pineapple cupcakes. The two gifts that I think Foster would need and want are a new bake and take that holds fifty cupcakes or muffins, so she can bake more cupcakes. The next gift that she would need would be a new book because Foster does not know how to read, so this book would help her so she will be able to read her next recipes.

  6. I am not very far into The Demon King so I will use the book I recently finished The Lost Stories. This book was a group of stories set after The Rangers Apprentice. The theme of Will’s party would be about great battles of the past. It would be about this because Will has fought in many battles that have been very important to each story. Some activities at the party would be archery pin the tail on the donkey, because Will is a gifted archer, and there would be athletic challenges of skill and ability because of Will’s many challenges he faces through the many stories. The perfect gift for Will would be a new bow with all of our new-fangled gadgets on it.

  7. My book that I am reading right now is called “Brians Return” witch is part of the series, “Hatchet”.

    The main character in this book is Brian, I think that if Brian had a birthday party, the setting of it would definetly be the woods since he was stuck in them for about a year. I think that a good game for Brians party would be to have a bunch of people (including Brian) get in a line with wood, stone, a knife, a rock, and some feathers in front of them. Then when they said go, it was a race to see who could build a bow and arrow that would work, the fastest out of just the items that they had in front of them, obviously Brian would win though.

    One thing that would be bad is the fact that Brian would probably go insane with all the noise of the party, Brian was in the woods for so long that he got used to having no noise, and he gets a headache when there is a lot of noise around him. One present that I think would be good for Brian is a promise from his parents that he was allowed to go to the woods at least once a month as long as he kept up his work for school. This would be an awesome present for Brian because he loves the woods more than he loves his life at the city, the only thing that he will miss are his parents. I would definetly recomend this book to everyone, but first you have to read “Hatchet”! 🙂

  8. In one of my favorite series called “Beautiful Creatures” the main character is Lena Dutchnames. It is a great book and I would recomend it to anyone who likes adventure and mystery.

    Her birthday would be very unique because she is never afraid to express herself. The theme would be in a forest or a medow because that’s the only place she could think to herself and that’s also where she was the happiest. In the book it talks about how Lena would always like to write poetry in her journal but she also didn’t show it to anyone. So for one of the activitys they could listen to poetry or name quotes from different authors.

    The perfect present for her would be a small piece of paper that said caster on it with a small hole at the top and a new neckalace. The hole would be made so she could put it on her new neckalace with all of the things that make her special. She also had an old neckalace with all of her charms on it but she lost it so this would be perfect to add and put more things on it. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series, and I hope everyone would like to read this book because it always keeps you reading on the edge of your seat, and there is lots of twists and turns that you will never see coming.

  9. The main character in “Oz The Great And Powerful” is well of corse Oz. The theme of his birthday party would be a gem finding party because he lives in the emerald city.He would have many different activities at his birthday party. They would mine for gems because it is a gem finding party, he would have circus games because in the beginning of the book his is watching the circus that is in town. Oz would love to have a navigation system. This is the perfect present because his balloon gets lost and that is how he finds out he is the wizard and crash lands in the emerald city. If he had a navigation system he wouldn’t have got lost.

  10. The main character in “Catching Fire” is Katniss. If I were going to arrange her birthday party, I think that a perfect theme for her party would be “The Great Outdoors”. I chose this theme because Katniss always seems happiest when she is in the woods. She loved to spend time with her father and Peeta in the woods hunting. After hunting she would go to the store to sell her killed prey. This made her happy because she was able to provide money for her poor family. Katniss has so many great memories from these times that I would want to make sure she remembered them on her birthday. This is the obvious theme of a Katniss birthday party.

    Katniss would have many different activities at her party. The first activity would be a bow and arrow shooting contest. She has always shown a love for bow and arrows particularly in the woods to hunt. Another activity would be a hunting game. She loves hunting and this would be a fun activity for her. Also, she cannot hunt any longer because the fence surrounding District 12 is electrified. Katniss is also a very serious and thoughtful girl, so the last activity would be a more personal activity. It would be a special memorial service for Rue and her Dad. These were people that she cared so much about. I know this because she shows so much emotion and has so many flashbacks to when they were alive. She is always so busy and active that a time to reflect and remember these people would be a wonderful activity for her and her party guests.

    Finally, the perfect birthday present for Katniss would be to have President Snow overthrown. Throughout the whole book President Snow has tormented Katniss. He questions and watches her every move. He even has video cameras inside The Victors Village to watch Katniss. This would be a dream come true if he was not in her life.

    I think Katniss would have a great birthday if she had everything above.

  11. My book title is “Blubber.”

    Jill’s birthday party theme would be all about fashion. She would invite her entire class, even Blubber. She would have a fashion birthday party theme because she seems to really care about her appearance and is considered to be in the “popular group.”

    Jill’s mean “friend,” Wendy is tormenting everyone at school including Jill. Wendy is the most popular girl in school and whatever she says goes. I’m not sure if Wendy is really popular, or everyone at school is just scared of her. Wendy seems to bully her classmates and has started bullying Linda Fisher, who is called Blubber because she is chubby and presented a report about whales.

    At the party, there would be lots of dancing, balloons, a cake, and a game called “Blubber”. The game would be Wendy’s idea and everyone would have to go along with it. Wendy would have Linda Fisher, a.k.a Blubber stand on a stool. People would make fun of her, put her in silly outfits, and try to push her over. Jill probably wouldn’t like having this game at her party, but since Wendy wanted it, she’ll do it. Also, Jill would probably want a bounce house just because she has a bubbly personality that makes people want to be around her.

    Jill’s perfect present would be a super power to make Wendy stop bullying her classmates. Jill would only use these powers to bring out the best in people. She wouldn’t make Wendy die, get expelled, or disappear because Jill always thinks of the brighter side.
    “Blubber” is a great book and is interesting to read. I think it appeals to girls more than boys. If you are looking for a shorter read that always leaves you hanging at the end of the chapter, then “Blubber” is the book for you.

  12. The book that I’m doing this blog on is “The Hunger Games.” If Katniss Everdeen ever had a birthday party the theme may be a forest/woods theme, because she has many great memories in the forest near her district. One good memory she has is when her father taught her how to shoot a bow and arrows. A activity they might play is Hide and Seek because when the tributes went into the games one of the main things the tributes had to do to survive was to hide. If I was to give Katniss a gift it would be to see Rue again and even though it is not humanly possible to bring back the dead it would be a fantastic gift. I would choose this because when Rue died Katniss was really super-duper sad and I think that her getting to see Rue again would make her feel less guilty because when Rue died she blamed herself for not saving her life. 🙂

  13. The book that I am reading is titled “The People of Sparks.”
    The main character in this book is Lina Mayfleet. She is a witty, funny, and very curious child. I really like her because I feel as though I can relate to her because of the obstacles she runs into, and she is around my age!

    Lina is having a very special birthday. It will be her first birthday out of Ember, and it will be unforgettable. Poppy and Doon are the only people who have responded so far, but the message got out only yesterday. The theme for Lina’s birthday party will be the beautiful and breath-taking scenery of the environment. She is from the City of Ember that has recently fallen to pieces. This city was underground, so there was no sun. Lina drew pictures of a new city that has “something green growing from the ground, a huge light that is coming from the sky, and many large buildings.” When Lina and her friend Doon led the people of Ember out of their destroyed city, they arrived in a not so perfect surrounding. A nuclear war had ended there and the land was practically torn to shreds. Lina longed for the city that she had imagined and drawn in her book. This is why her birthday theme would be her version of the “perfect” world.

    Lina is very keen on keeping the environment clean and green. An activity that will be held at the party will be gardening. Every party guest gets to plant a tree and place a wish under the roots. As the tree grows, their wish will blossom too. Since many trees got destroyed during the nuclear war, there has been a shortage of food. The few people that were left had to subsist on a little bit of vegetables, and if they were lucky, some bread. Planting more trees would allow the children to be happy and have a full stomach every night. Another activity that would be held at her party is foot races. Lina loves to run, and she is really fast!

    The perfect birthday gift for Lina is not a material, but instead a friend. Throughout the story, Lina struggles with difficult obstacles in life (her grandma dies, her sister is very sick, and her old friend is now really rude to her). If only Lina had a loyal friend, she would overcome her problems faster. Sometimes I feel that all Lina needs to do is get her thoughts and opinions out to someone who actually cares. The feeling of sharing to a close friend about whoever your crush is, or a secret, can be astonishing and make you feel happy. Since Lina longs for a trustworthy, forever friend, this would be the perfect birthday gift to her. This was a great book and I encourage anyone who read the thrilling “City of Ember,” and liked it, to read the second book of the series, “The People of Sparks.”

  14. I am reading the infinity ring book three ” The Trap Door”. The main character name sera and she loves science. So I would have would have a lot of science things I don’t know much about science but what i know I would use. I would use test tube as cup even though they are not very big. For the party hat they would have the hair like Albert insigne. The games you would try to make a certain color out of chemicals or building something that could make you travel through. The best thing that i can think of is that the SQ never existed, but if that happened there would not be a story. That is how the party for sera would go

  15. Clashing swords and blood at a birthday party? Sure! If you are Josh Newman, the main character from “The Warlock” a book that is a part of a great series of books called “The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel.” Based on what I have read, Josh would choose a Medieval theme for his birthday. He would choose a Medieval theme because in this book and series Josh fights many monsters with his sword named Clarent. Josh also surrounds himself in golden “aura” armor to protect himself in battle. In Medieval times knights and fighters also used swords and armor. So, Josh would be comfortable at a Medieval birthday party.

    Some of the activities at Josh’s Medieval theme party would be fun and one bloody! First, guests could play “Cut the Tail Off the Nindhog.” A Nindhog is a huge dinosaur like thing that was created in the “time before time.” They are fast, destructive and huge, but fun at parties! Whoever causes the most damage to the tail wins. Another party game would be “Reopen the Lygate.” Whichever team of two people could open the Lygate with their aura would win. A Lygate is a gate that allows you to travel to any other Lygate in the world. The last party game would be “Who Can Hold Off Niten the Longest.” Niten is a person who is the best swordsman in the world. A person who could fence Niten the longest without being stabbed would win. Josh would pick these games because they have to do with swords and some of the monsters and people he has fought in the past.

    The best birthday present Josh could have is the gift of his normal life back, one without magic. But that makes for boring reading because I like battles and not personal issues. Plus, there is no next book if everything is normal. So, instead, Josh might want to get as birthday gifts one thing that was stolen from him and one thing he dreams about controlling. These are his missing sword Clarent and its twin sword, Excalibur. Everyone has heard about Excalibur from King Arthur legends. Josh dueled against Excalibur in a previous book. Also in the same previous book, Clarent was stolen by Josh’s arch-enemy, “Dee.” Dee now has Excalibur and Clarent. So getting both swords for his birthday woul also mean that Josh would get a third present, the defeat of his arch-enemy. That is a great gift!

  16. Dear DHIs,

    Our friend Finn, from the “Kingdom Keepers”, has invited you to his birthday party . Finn’s mom left me in charge of planning Finn’s amazing party and I have great plans. Disney World and Disney characters is the theme. I chose this theme because Finn knows a lot about Disney since he spends every night there when he falls asleep. Please remember to come dressed as your favorite Disney character. Our goal is to try and blend in with the Disney characters that actually live in the park.

    There will be many adventurous activities at the party like riding roller coasters and playing hide and go seek. The game of hide and go seek will serve a very important purpose. During Finn’s nightly adventures, hiding spots are mandatory. Having a great hiding spot is crucial when he is being chased by a villain. The more places he finds to hide, the greater his chances of survival.

    Remember, presents are optional. Jess, my sister, happens to have witch powers and she is planning to give Finn the ability to sense when a villain is coming. This will help him, because during his adventures, he normally unexpectedly encounters villeins. If you decide you want to bring a gift, I would suggest bringing something that will help Finn protect himself against evil.

    Get ready for the time of your life! Please RSVP as soon as possible. I can’t wait to see you at the party!


  17. “The Sweetness at the Bottom of a Pie”

    The main character in my book is Flavia de Luce. Lies and secrets are Flavia’s specialty, but when it comes to her birthday party, it’s no secret she is excited. Flavia’s birthday theme would be poisons(Flavia is obviously not normal). She enjoys working with poisons since she was a young girl and even has her own laboratory in the west wing. Flavia spends many hours in her lab studying poisons and creating concoctions to irritate her sisters.

    Flavia had been working for weeks to make a poison to show the guest at her birthday party. Also, she had planned games for her party like,”Solve the Murder” and “What Poison is This”. Flavia only invited her relatives(if her sisters agreed to go), Dogger, and the few adults in Bishop’s Lacey who were close to her. The best place for the party was the small, artificial island on the west side of Buckshaw. It was made for parties and picnics, so what a better place to have her party!

    After all the games had been played and lunch had been eaten, it was time time for presents. Any normal girl living in England in the 1900’s would wish for presents such as a pony or a pretty new dress. Flavia asked to be respected as an adult and allowed to work with deadly poisons, did I mention she isn’t normal? Flavia always felt people didn’t respect her or pay much attention to her because she is just a twelve year old girl (let me tell you something, little girls can do big things!) When she is searching for clues, everyone assumes she is a boy because a girl couldn’t solve a murder. If Flavia was given more authority, she could do many things to help the country of England. She also wished to be allowed to work with deadly poisons so she could educate herself more. After Flavia received her presents everyone sat down for a piece of pie, but first they had to make sure there weren’t any Jack Snipes in it.

  18. “Ghost in the Machine”

    I don’t really know if Sarah or Ryan is the main character, but I think they’d both have the same birthday gift wish, to be able to spend time with each other. In the book Ryan’s parents won’t let Ryan hang out with Sarah because they think she’s just trouble because of an incident at the Dredge. There always secretly contacting each other through email, letter, or video, so this would be the present that they really want. I don’t really think ether of my characters would want a birthday part, they kind of stick with each other and that’s it. Not really people people! But if they had to have one, it would probably be in or somewhere near the Dredge, so that could slip out and take a look at the secret room in the Dredge.

    For the few people who are invited to this party, if you could find information on the New York Gold and Silver or information about the Dredge, it would be the perfect present. Not really the coolest party or the easiest presents but if you want to get them something easy, go for a new video camera for Sarah or another journal for Ryan. Can’t wait to see the few of you who were invited

  19. I am reading “Flush” and I think the theme of my main character, Wahoo’s birthday party would be about animals. I think this because he basically has a zoo in his back yard. His dad rescues animals from the wild that are hurt or he buys animals from other people. He then keeps them in their backyard and Wahoo takes care of them. At Wahoo’s birthday party, I think he would have some activity that has something to do with animals. Maybe he shows his friends all of his animals and shows them how to hold the snakes and how to feed the Alligators and things like that. If I had to give Wahoo one present, I would probably give him more money. His family is behind on their bills and they desperately need money. Mickey, Wahoo’s dad, got a call from one of the cockiest people around, Derek Badger [actually, it was his agent], asking if he could use Mickeys animals in the upcoming episode of Expedition Survival. Mickey is in no shape to help do a commercial, but since they are offering an outrageous amount of money he decides to do it anyway.

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