Is Google Glass For You?

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Since I had many requests to find a prompt/video similar to the blog post on coding, this week’s post will continue the technology trend. No doubt you have heard about Google Glass.

First, respond to the question on the image. Be sure to back up your opinions with reasoning.

Next, visit the video link below, which is the latest video released by Google on Glass, and share your thoughts.


How It Feels (through Glass)




  1. When Google Glass becomes common in everyday life, well I can’t really imagine that. It looks so cool and futuristic, but I honestly don’t know if I would want to have it. It would be so confusing to talk to your Google Glass talk to someone else at the same time. Besides do you have to have glasses to have Google Glass if so how would Google Glass work if you don’t have glasses? Other than that, this would be a fantastic invention. It would be very easy to FaceTime someone without having carry your phone or iPad. Also you can google photos and take photos without even touching anything! I really don’t know if I want Google Glass to come out, but when it does come out I hope they have perfected it.

  2. I had NO idea what Google Glass was until after I watched the video. When I did watch the video it was pretty clear that Google Glass was really AWESOME!! and then I blogged. I don’t think that it would really change peoples ordinary lives because it is a lot like the Sixth Sense Technology and the iPhone/iPad. I think that more people will start buying it when it comes out but I think that the iPhone will still be used more though because over time they may make different versions of the iPhone and iPad. I think that Google Glass is really interesting because it contains a camera, the ability to search on google, and has something similar to Siri. It is a lot like an iPhone. I think it will be one of the best inventions of the future, but there are a few things that may make it less wanted, such as does the Google Glass need wifi to search google. For example, say you’re walking down the street and you have the sudden urge to look up: Penguins wearing Hats. Well if you don’t have wifi how would you be able to search that? Also how expensive would it be because if it is too expensive then how would people afford it. Other than that it seems like an incredible invention I would definitely buy it. (At a reasonable price of course.)

  3. I actually haven’t herd of google glass until this blog post. The glasses look really cool. I would love to have it and I can’t wait until it comes out. There has been no technology that I have seen that is like this, so I am interested to see it. The google glass has a lot of intriguing features and because of that I think this device will go every far. I would use it for many different reasons like at school, from riding my horse, face time, to take pictures of things I like or if you go on a trip you can take pictures of monuments and other memorable things, and the best part is u don’t have to carry anything you can use your voice.The video is amazing, I had no idea that the Google Glass works like that. With just one vice command you can send a message, face time, take a picture, search on the Internet, find the temperature, and other really really cool things. It’s hard to imagine how far the human generation has come over the past fifty years, and now Google Glass has just taken the human generation one step further.

  4. Google Glass is amazing! Technology is becoming more and more advanced every day, and a major part in our daily lives. Before I watched this video I had never heard of Google Glass, and I am very surprised I hadn’t. When these glasses come out, I expect they will be used a lot. I believe these glasses would more likely be used on vacations or adventures rather than everyday life. When on vacation, you don’t use applications such as word or powerpoint, but you do take lots of pictures, videos, and use a GPS. Google Glass would come in handy when you can’t bring a camera with you or when it’s too inconvenient, dangerous, or impossible to hold a camera. Imagine the videos from your ride on your favorite roller coaster. Google Glass might also distract you, and lead to injury. Can you imagine if you were skiing down a dangerous hill, or driving with Google Glass distracting you? I think once Google Glass becomes more popular, they will add more features that contribute to our daily lives.

  5. I thought that this video was so cool. The way anything that you want to take a picture, or video of. Anyang you see it will take. I think it’s really helpful, because with the activities that you can do, sometimes you don’t have you phone with you or take that cool of pictures on time. I think that sometime the google glasses will become very difficult and confusing to use if they would keep upgrading it. The glasses are like talking to Siri, and Siri sometimes doesn’t work very well. People aren’t using Siri as much anymore then they did when it first came out. I think that they will happen to the glasses too. I think that they are very cool and helpful. But there are responsibilities to it. You have to keep it in shape, which means not to crack it or scratch it. And that happens a lot to normal glasses. It will also become very expensive. In the future I think that they will be another google glass that would fix those negatives.

  6. Google Glass seems really cool (technology wise), but I think the concept has a few problems. I can’t imagine wearing these daily while walking around. Not only would I run into people, or get run over, while checking the screen on the lens for weather or whatever, I feel like I would be further removing myself from personal interaction. If we added Google Glass to our collection of computers, tablets, and phones, we are further reducing our one-on-one direct human contact. Potentially, we could spend all of our free time on these gadgets, instead of playing with friends, and having real face-to-face conversations with people. Not only that, but they just look weird. Just imagine how we would all look wearing them – alien come to mind?

    After watching the video, Google Glass looks even worse than before. I think Google Glass presents a safety hazard while driving, perhaps even worse than texting while driving. One could be easily distracted by it, which would cause more wrecks. However, it is cool that you can talk to it, and tell it to take a picture or video instead of having to pull out your phone to do so. Google Glass seems best suited for intense action recording/pictures such as sky diving and roller coasters. I have seen skiers use a video recording device that is mounted on their ski helmets. I can’t imagine them wearing Google Glass while skiing. I for one would not want to be on the same run as someone wearing Google Glass!

  7. Wow! this video was really cool. I think that when this becomes common everywhere, it will be amazing! Its so cool to think about how you could wear a pair of glasses, and almost have a really small phone in the upper right corner of them. When I first saw this video and when I saw people just say stuff to the glasses, and it would do it, I immediately thought of glasses with Siri. I think that it is just amazing that you can say take a video, and it will start to take it right then! I cannot wait until these become common place, it will make life much easier for people to do things, I wish I could have these!

  8. When google glass becomes a common thing, the world will be a lot easier. You can always see the time take photos and videos without having to get out your camera. You can text and video chat too. When this comes out it will pretty much eliminate computers and phones. It is a computer, gps, camera, and phone all in one. It has voice commands so you don’t have to touch it . This is something that looks like it came out of Star Trek or something. The only worry would be losing it or it falling off and shattering.

    I was also reading Will F.’s post and he is right. This could cause less face-to-face human contact. Texting already causes accidents and less social contact. Imagine what this will do! Texting and driving is the #1 killer of teens today. On the other hand, it is pretty much just glasses. If you use it properly it really isn’t a distraction. It is in the corner of your eye and you can see the same if you didn’t have it on. I’m afraid that people will mistreat the privilege and advantage of Glass.

  9. When glass computers are worn as glasses is will change the world! Citizens will not need cameras or video cameras. All the Apple stores and many other technology businesses will probably stop selling cameras and video recorders on phones and they will just have communication left because video recorders and cameras will not be needed. The glasses would be much easier to carry around, but then everybody may want glasses who don’t need glasses.Then people might purposely hurt their eyes, or spend a gazillions of dollars on something we already have like cameras and glasses. The glasses also may look ugly so it may prevent people to get them. I think if you were on a quick ride, or you were having the time of you life glass would be great because you wouldn’t need to worry about holding the camera up. Glass would change the world, but I don’t like modern technology and I’d like to stay “Old Fashioned” because I’m use to the technology we have now. In the future every advance technology gets so much more complicated. I feel like we should just stay with what we have now.

  10. I think that the quote is right, that you can’t really tell how technology will shape how we live in the future. We just have to wait and see. I think when Google Glass becomes a common thing; computers won’t be used as much, but will still play a big role in human societies. The reason for that is that what would happen to work offices where computers are everywhere or in some schools that use computers, but we still can’t fully know until it happens. My thoughts on the Google Glass were overall amazing. This unique piece of technology seems sort of like a computer, but with a lot more. One thing that I thought that could be an issue is that the lenses of glasses can be small, making the screen a bit too tiny. I really liked this blog, and hope to see more like this in the future.

  11. The new technology is Google Glass, which lets you take a picture or video with your glasses. I think Google Glass is useful and interesting. Google Glass is a lot easier and faster. All you have to do for the Google Glass is say “glass picture” or “glass video” instead of getting your phone or camera out. This could replace video cameras and regular cameras. Some of the concerns are how they stay on when you are doing extreme activities, how much they cost, and if they are waterproof. I would definitely want to try these out someday!

  12. Soon enough, everyone will be carring around iPhone tens while taking pictures with google glasses. But this idea in technology is a huge leap to newer, better technology. I can’t even imagine living in a world with taking videos just by speaking in mid air. It would also seem as if you could take pictures just with your eyes. I can’t wait to see the finished product, but I also think they would be very expenisve and most people would’nt spend their money on a pair of glasses. I also wonder if they would ever fall off, or what would happen if it broke.

  13. Once Google glass is in everyday life the world will change. People can’t make up things like I need to watch a video because you will have the video right in front of you. It will be better than using video cameras because they have to be charged and google glass doesn’t or if it does probably not a long time. our world is durning into a completely different world than it was when our grandparents were kids. Know we can carry a computer with us all the time just by buying glasses. They are probably really expensive, but hopefully once people start buying them the price will go down. The video was so cool you just say glass take photo and it does it right away. These will be so cool once the price goes down.

  14. I asked my parents about the google glasses and they both said they knew about it, and of course I was like can I get them. My answer was no but I still think it’s amazing how they fit that into a pair of glasses. Look at the size of a computer or a iPad and they shrunk all that down into a pair of glasses! It’s amazing! The quote is so right I could never believe there would be a mini phone in your glasses, I’ve never been that into technology but now I see how much I’m missing out. I really can’t believe how much technology matures everyday!

  15. If people had google glass computers, I think they would spend more time playing games then socializing with friends. These glass computers would also help people in many ways, like having the option of opening the web in a blink of an eye, and even more. I think the more these items get commonplace, kids and others will be separated from personal relationships. I hope that everyone doesn’t become less friendly and antisocial as this technology becomes more available.
    I am dumfounded about the glasses. I thought that they could only do a limited number of things, but actually they can do a lot with just the sound of your voice. I have some positive feelings now that are opposite of what I felt in my first paragraph. I still think that the glass computer will affect the way we act around each other. I hope that this plan will be successful, because I know a lot of people would really benefit from using this technology in their work and using it for fun things like taking pictures and videos. I like this cool invention very much, but I am still in the middle with my opinion on if it is good or bad for all of us.

  16. I think that google glass is very similar to the sixth sense technology, but now you see through glasses. The whole idea of google glasses reminds me of in the Iron Man movies, when you see inside the helmet of Tony Stark’s and he has all of this information that he can see. I personally believe that google glasses will be one of the next greatest inventions, but there will be somethings that people won’t like. That means google glasses will not exactly replace our computers, tablets, and phones. I also think that google glasses will have a major impact on important jobs and your lifestyle. Even though it will be amazing to say “Okay google glasses record” and you will have a first person perspective of a video there will be downsides to google glasses. The first thing I noticed is that you can’t phone call anyone, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that google glasses will make a built in phone a few months before the google glasses will be released into the public. Another thing that wasn’t mentioned in the video is that you can’t write notes down and all the other things associated with that. The last thing I would like to mention is that I don’t think people will like to wear google glasses everywhere because they look stupid. I think it would bee a cool feature for google to make google glasses bluetooth with your phone. Overall I think that I will want some google glasses when they come out. I think that it is pretty amazing that the glasses can communicate back with you like Siri. I’ve already went on there website and made a subscription for any news when the google glasses will come out!

  17. If or when the google glass becomes a Comen thing then it be more tec world then there is now. I think it would change the would because would not do as much activate or really active because it right there on there eye. I think it would be really cool to see everyone have them. But some thing can be bad because you could be in class taking a test and have someone be looking up the answer or you could be taking vedieo of a techer. The video that we whatched made it look very cool the confusing the use to me because what they were showing on the main and the little screen got me confused on what was happening. I would love to have one if I new who to use it correctly.

  18. It is amazing how technology is evolving in our generation. When I was five I had a computer that took three minutes to search the simplest of things. I am currently typing on a Mac computer which only takes seconds to do the hardest tasks. It seems hard to imagine mini computers on your glasses that can do many functions as commanded by your voice. It seems so easy and very user friendly.
    I can imagine seeing the market for smart phones drop once the Google Glass prices have dropped to a reasonable amount. Many people purchase smart phones or iPhones for the perks like being able to search for information and being able to take pictures and video with good quality. If both those features are offered in the Google Glass, then Steve Job’s team better step up their game. I can also see many people acting staged in what they do and say because they don’t know if or when someone is recording a video of them. People may act differently if they thought they were being recorded and they may care more about their appearance.
    I believe if the Google Glass does ever make it to the market there would be people would not be as social. If someone can just send their friends a quick message or send them a photo, it may be easier than trying to get together.
    The main problem I have with the glasses is that the Google Glasses could easily be used to stalk or follow someone. Someone could take a video or a photo with just a whisper without even moving their hands. They can also search for information like directions and phone numbers to use against the person they are stalking.
    After watching that video a few of my opinions changed. I had not yet thought of all the positive aspects of the Google Glass in daily life. One thing I still believe is that we don’t need to be connected to technology at all times.

  19. Just from going of the picture, I can say that it looks very futuristic. It reminds me of something that came from a sci-fi movie. I have heard of Google Glass before but I have yet to learn anything about it so I am very excited to watch the video and see all of the features and abilities that it has.

    After watching the video I am amazed and disappointed at the same time. I am amazed because of how you can be doing something very exiting like riding a roller coaster or performing a dance or whatever you may be doing and you can just tell it to take a video of what it looks like from your own point of view from your own eyes. I think that is the part that is the coolest for me. You can also take a picture this way and instantly share it with somebody else. And then you can receive a text message from them and reply back all on that on device! The reason that I am somewhat disappointed is because everything that you can do on that you can do on a regular phone. Maybe it is not as futuristic-looking but when you think about it with the new phones they have out now like the iPhone you can do pretty much the same thing. The Google Glass makes things a whole lot easier and convenient, but the things that you can do on it are the same. I think the Google Glass is very cool and we should also keep in mind that that is just the prototype; imagine what it will be like 30 years from now after they tweak it and make adjustments to it. I am already amazed by Google Glass and hope that eventually it will be the new big thing.

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