What Does It Mean To Code?

Students, please watch the full video and then share you thoughts: Your comment should reflect something you learned that you didn’t know before, express an opinion with backup reasoning, a connection to something you already know, or any other personal comment. Would you be interested in learning how to code if a class were offered in school? And how about some of those cool working spaces?


  1. This video was really cool I didn’t know that it was that important. I would love to take a class on this it would be fun to be able to do that. The offices thta they worked in. After I write this I am going to the website they showed at the end to learn how to code.

  2. I thought this video was very interesting, and opened my mind to new things I could do. In this video I learned that coding is going to be very important someday in the future because computers will be everywhere you go. Also I learned that coding is what Marc Zuckerburg used to create Facebook, and I thought he hired someone to program the website for him. When I was watching the clip I was wondering how hard coding was to learn, or if it seemed hard but wasent. To be honest if our school was teaching coding I would not take it because if I did a job like that I would just hire someone to do it, or not have a job like that. Also I would not take it because im not a tech person. Although I would take it if code was commonly used, or something I would need to know if I am going into that field of job. Lastly I thought these offices were very cool, and would definitely love to work in one. I liked these offices because it had an all you can eat buffet, and I saw people rib sticking down the hallways

  3. At first it didn’t make a lot of sence to me then I finally had got it. When it really started to get to me was when they talked about the softwhere called scratch. We played with this tule before. It was also kind of neat to see how the coding works it seems very confusing to me. When they showed what a programmer’s office looks like it blew me away seeing all the modern features were intigrated into the office it was crazy.If I knew what I was doing then yes I woud take the job as a programmer but sence I don’t know what I am doing they probaly wouldn’t hire me.Overall I think the job of a programmer is challenging but rewarding.

  4. Something I learned from this video was that this job was in need of new recruits. I always thought that this field had plentiful amounts of new workers. I never knew it was in need of assistance. I knew that this was an important field but I never knew it was needed so much. If this was a class in school I think that it would be interesting to learn about because it would be fun to use scratch and make cool videos. I think that these work spaces would be very cool, but one thing that caught my eye was that they had free laundry and that would cost a lot.

  5. This video was very interesting. Who knew that so many people are learning code! I had no idea what computer programming was before. Who knew it was so important. If I knew how to code I would love technology more than I love it now. Also where the computer programmer worked, that was so cool. There offices are very so creative and fun and the programmers get free food! Plus the video talked about Scratch I remember doing a project on Scratch in the third or fourth grade, but I don’t remember what it was like. If Shorecrest had code classes I would totally take them.

  6. For as long as I have been alive, I have heard about technology. It’s always been something that I didn’t really understand. I mean, I knew that the iPad was really cool and so new and exciting, but technology is so much more than that. Now, we see it on every street corner and every home in the world, but my parents told me that at their first jobs, they had to share word processing programs!

    What this video taught me is that the basic meaning of “to code” is simply to understand a language that computers use to talk to each other. Before the video I knew just a little bit about code and computer programming and never really thought that much of it. After seeing this video my perception changed. I never knew that this is really how computer programs talk to each other. It is that simple! I always thought it would take years to learn how to do that stuff, but for me it took ten minutes to have my first coding lesson on code.org.

    I personally think that coding should be a required class for all schools to offer just like English and a foreign language. The reason is, if you know how to code, you can understand how computers communicate to each other. This is just like how people from Spain communicate with people from Mexico or another Spanish speaking country. It will make our lives at school and at home so much easier. No more raising your hand because you can’t get this program to work or this program to do something, just simply communicate with code. This would also be very good for something to do for Shorecrest because we’re required to have iPads next year. Imagine how much easier that would be. Before I watched this video computer programming and code were the last thing I was thinking about, but now I see that this could be the next real thing for the whole entire world.

  7. I liked this video, but to be honest I didn’t learn very much. I only learned that there were some celebrities like Will.I.Am learning to code. I have always been interested in coding, and have even experimented with some java programming tools a bit. I must say, I was ecstatic when I created my first calculator that could subtract, add, divide, and multiply. I thought the work places in the video was cool, and I know that’s true because I actually looked into some big companies that have to do with technology, like thinkgeek.com. Since I aim to be an entrepreneur when I’m older, I know that most of the job will have to do with technology, and I honestly can’t wait to see what I can come up with, and accomplish when I’m an adult, with the money to invest, no parental concent, and a car to drive myself places.

  8. I’ve never put any thought to computer programming before I watched this video, but now I see how important it is. Seeing all those famous people who started companies like Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter talk about how cool programming is really made me think. I guess it is like Will-I-Am said, that programmers are today’s rock stars, because a small number of rock stars make the music that millions of people can enjoy, and a small number of programmers make the computer applications and video games that millions of people enjoy. It seems like the difference is that only a few people have the talent to be rock stars, but lots of people can be computer programmers – at least that’s what they said in the video. I wonder if that’s really true, or if it’s just as hard to be a successful programmer as it is to be a successful rock star? Anyway, this video really made me want to learn how to program a computer, to make it say “Hello World”, and to work in one of those cool workspaces with the free food and snacks. Being able to skateboard through the office would be awesome. Most people would get fired for that! I know there is a Shorecrest Summer Camp about video game programming, and now I am interested in doing that so I can see for myself.

  9. When I grow up I don’t see myself as a computer programmer, because I couldn’t stand to look at a computer for a whole day. What I didn’t know is how many average people can program. When the video showed students my age working on Scratch, and already starting to program I thought that was just amazing. If a class in school offered code I would take the class. Coding would be fun because then I could invent new games. I just don’t see myself leading a lifetime of computer programming, because computers don’t attract me as much as law or baseball. The only reason I would work in computer programming is the offices I saw on the video. The programmers could get anything they wanted: food, music, quiet places, and plenty places to hang out with friends, but over all I don’t see myself ever becoming a professional programmer.

  10. It never occurred to me that a job could be so fun. Scooters, bikes, and ripsticks in the office seems amazing. To have little soundproof rooms where you can play music or just think, would make work much more fun and enjoyable. I never really thought about how cool computer programmers jobs actually are. To have the skill to tell a computer what to do or how to make something could help you in many ways throughout your life. After watching that video I was very intrigued by what programmers do, so I visited their website. I used the different programing examples on their page and really enjoyed playing on them. Programing seems like a really useful skill that is worth the time to learn about. Amazingly, coding has a part in almost every job in the world. Business, agriculture, and construction jobs all need programmers to work with the technology. Because so many businesses depend on technology, programmers can pick their job from a large amount of businesses. If our school offered a coding class I would go in a heartbeat because I believe it is a very useful skill. Being able to make an idea reality and share it with the whole world is an amazing concept.

    Before watching that video I did not know much about computer programmers. All I knew is that there are very smart people who know how to work with technology. I learned a lot from watching the video. One really interesting fact I learned was about the amount of jobs available for computer science. Over the next ten years there will be 1.4 million jobs in computer science but only 400,000 grads qualify for those jobs. That really made me wonder why there aren’t many computer programmers.

    I hope that my job will have cool office spaces like the one in the video. I believe that taking a little time off from your work can help you in the long run. Especially if there are so many fun things to do. It is amazing that they have an arcade room, bikes/scooters, and even free laundry. Typical office spaces only have little cubicles and boring decor. One of the people on the video stated “ We try to make the offices as awesome as possible.” They definitely accomplished that with their lounge, free food, and giant lawn!

  11. Believe it or not, I have taken computer programming into serious consideration on what I want to do when I grow up. I want to be a part of a cutting edge company, like IBM, Apple, and Microsoft. I learned about how computer coding and programming is going to be the new thing in the future. There will actually be a shortage on computer programmers in the future, if 1,000,000 more people get degrees in computer coding. It is really amazing how you can create something from nothing on a computer, and your limits are your imagination. There are no shortages in resources, and your possibilities are endless. If there were a coding class in school, I would probably be the first to sign up. I can’t wait to be able to take a class like that, and I know how much fun it would be to create things that you never thought you could create. The working spaces are extremely cool. You can do whatever you feel right in your office, and the individuality shown in the offices lets you appreciate how creative computer programmers or coders are.

  12. This video was very interesting, for many reasons. Such as I thought you have to be this genius who knew everything to do this, but really you have to show determination says some of the workers. Even younger kids that are in elementary school can do this with a simpler version called Scratch, which lets you move anything the way you want. I wouldn’t want to do this for a job because I would rather be running around a court and playing tennis matches than sitting down and staring at a screen. Of course the way they do their job with bikes, scooters, and lounges is nice but not a good job for someone who is older. I do not think coding should be required for schools. Only because I think kids and teenagers should focus more on academics than learning how to code things on the computer. I see how this is important as well such as it is used in everyday life, but it should not be required for school and should rather be a optional course to take in college when or if you decide you want coding to be your job, profession, hobby, or etc.

  13. If there was a computer coding class at school I would take it. I think it is an amazing skill to have in the computer age. When you think about it, if we didn’t have technology the world would be almost hopeless. We rely on technology to do almost everything form how our cars run to how we communicate by phones. In the next 10-20 years we will pretty much be relying on technology for everything. So to know how to code would be a huge advantage. The office spaces were awesome and it makes a lot of sense. Let’s say you had to come up with a new app. Sitting in a cubicle might not be very inspiring, but playing ping-pong or working on couches on the roof might. If I had an opportunity to work for a technology company I would most likely take it.

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