What’s The Most Memorable Thing You Ever Got In The Mail?

Students, this prompt comes courtesy of the New York Times Learning Network. The U.S. Postal Service made a recent announcement that it will stop delivering letters and other mail on Saturdays.

My question to you is this: What is the best, most interesting, most memorable thing you ever received in the mail? There are more questions to answer further down.

(From an article) Ron Nixon writes:

The Postal Service is expected to announce on Wednesday morning that it will stop delivering letters and other mail on Saturdays, but continue to handle packages, a move the financially struggling agency said would save about $2 billion annually as it looks for ways to cut cost.

…The Postal Service continues to see a decline in mail volume as more people shift to electronic forms of communication like e-mail and online bill paying services. Packaging is one of the few areas where the agency is seeing growth.

While many business and postal unions have generally opposed ending Saturday delivery, most Americans support the move.

A New York Times/CBS News poll last year found that about 7 in 10 Americans say they would favor the change as a way to help the post office deal with billions of dollars in debt.

– How do you feel about the Postal Service ending Saturday delivery?

–  What do you tend to get in the mail, if anything?

– What’s the best, most interesting thing you ever received in the mail? Why is it so memorable?

– What’s the most memorable thing you ever sent in the mail? Why?


  1. The most memerable thing that I have ever gotten in the mail was a letter from my cousins in Thailand! I really recieving letters and I would love to get more from my family. The letter was about how much they miss me! I miss them too, but I will see them in the summer! I think that the postal service ending on Saturdays could effect people who recieve important letters every day. I hardly ever get any mail. The mail that I get is an invitation to a party, a thank you card, a card for holiday, and National Geographic magazines. I have never sent anything memorable to anyone, but I have sent a post card to my friend when I was in Thailand. She got the letter two weeks after I sent it because it had to travel halfway around the world! She was so happy when she got it! I was very happy too! 🙂

  2. Well, like many others said, I don’t get mail very often, so I don’t really mind the postal service not delivering in Saturdays. The most memorable thing I have ever gotten in the mail is a giant is box of CDs from like the 90s. My aunt sent them to me because I told her I wanted to see what she listened to when she was a teenager. It was really fun going through the CDs and listening to old Britney Spears songs, and other artists like The Backstreet Boya, and Arron Carter. I really enjoyed getting a blast from the past.
    The most memorable thing I have ever sent in the mail was a letter to my step sister who was at summer camp. They weren’t aloud to have gum at the camp, but of course that didn’t stop friends and family from sending it. We just had to be sneaky. I was about eight at the time, and I was thinking of ways to hide a piece I’d Mike and Ike’s gum. I decided to roll it up in paper at the top, so the letter kind of looked like and open scroll. It was ridiculous enough, but I wanted to make sure my step sister knew there was gum inside. I wrote ‘mug’ in the rolled up part in big letters, hoping that my step sister would figure out that mug spelled backwards is gum. When I think back to that I laugh, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget that letter.

  3. I do not mind the postal service stopping statuary post. I don’t mind because I usably don’t receive many items in the mail. When I do receive mail I usually get sports illustrated. The most interesting thing I have revived in the mail was probably super smash bros 64 that I got for my birthday this was interesting because it was a fun game that I got for my birthday. The most memorable thing I have sent in the mail was probably a few packs of baseball cards that I sent to my brother when he was in college.

  4. The most memorable gift that I have recieved in the mail is goodys that my grandma got in Colorado, I got a hello kitty ring the was mine from when I was little. My grandma and I like to send things of ours to each other, keep them for awile but then send them back when we go on a trip together. It is memorable because it is very interesting to see when I will see the object again and what she will send me next. The most memorable thing that I have sent in the mail is a picture to my Aunt, because we don’t live close to each other we send pictures of our familys and send them back and forth. It is memorable because I always wonder what pistures will come in the mail next. What I usually tend to get in the mail are cards from my family members to wish me a happy birthday or happy valentine’s day. I do care that the postal service isn’t delivering on Saturdays because I wait for things to come in the mail and they already don’t do it on Sundays so why do they have to not do it on Saturdays.

  5. Probably, the best thing I have received in the mail was furniture for my room. The most memorable thing I received are the cards
    my grandmother sends me on holidays. When my older sister received her Cuddelupet in the mail, that was most interesting. Even
    though I didn’t get the Cuddelupet blanket, I was very curious to see if it lived up to the commercial. As for mail delivery, I don’t
    really have a preference when mail delivers on Saturday. I don’t get that many things in the mail and when I do I’m sure it doesn’t
    need to be delivered on Saturday. The most likely thing I receive in the mail is card and catalogs. The most memorable thing I’ve
    ever sent in the mail is, a sincere thank-you card from when I received a gift.

  6. The most interesting thing I have received in the mail is probably a statue of my dog, a few years ago which was set over her ashes. My grandpa, who builds things in his free time, made it for us to remember her. So at my house, every time I went to go play basketball, I would see the statue and remember her. It wasn’t a big statue though, just a little stone carving about 2 feet long and maybe 1 foot high to commemorate her life.

    I normally don’t receive many things in the mail except birthday party invites, sports illustrated, or holiday cards. Also I believe that the Postal office needs to save as much money as it can in the state it’s in. So no, I don’t care about no Saturday delivery.

    The most memorable thing I’ve sent in the mail is a book my friends and I made about 3 years ago to someone who was moving, with pictures of us with him and so on, I also received a similar book when I moved.

  7. Postal services ending delivery on Saturday is not a big deal to me because I rarely get mail. If anything I get birthday cards, party invites, and magazines and other small things and I usually get those things during the week. Actually once I got a lot of stuff in the mail because I had a pen pal but that’s it, so I do not really mind if I they stop delivering mail on Saturdays. I don’t really send stuff in the mail but, the most memorable thing I have ever gotten in the mail was a postcard. This postcard was very memorable because my aunt sent it to me from St. Petersburg, Russia This was very cool because I had never been to Russia.

  8. Emailing, texting, and Tumblr all take the place of mailing now. Personally I love getting mail because I am so used to texting. When I get mail I get super excited. The most memorable thing that I have ever gotten in the mail is still hanging up in my room. Do you know how it feels when your good friend moves to a different state or country? A girl named Anna moved to Florida in 4th grade. She actually joined my class in the middle of the year. When she was little she got diagnosed with a disease and has had to have surgery very often, affecting her appearance. When she first walked into my classroom she was petrified. Surgery had definitely changed her life. When I looked at her I saw a girl with a big heart. Since she had just moved from France, she only spoke French. I had been practicing my French with my dad so I would be able to speak to her. Over the months I helped her learn English and treated he as if we had had been friends forever. We were almost like sisters. I believe it was the summer of fourth grade that her father got a new job back in France. Her family had to move back. I was devastated. I knew my friend had to leave, but we promised that we would stay in touch and never forget each other. At the beginning of fifth grade I received a letter from her! Inside the envelope was a picture of us from the first day she came to Shorecrest. My heart was beating so fast that I thought it would surely pop right out of my chest. This was definitely the most memorable thing I have ever gotten in the mail. Although we don’t live close to each other anymore, our special friendship will last forever.

    I think it is a good idea to end Postal Service delivery Saturday because it will save a tremendous amount of money. Also if you really needed to tell someone something you could just call or text them. Most companies don’t work on the weekends either.

    I don’t really tend to get much from the mail anymore because stamps now cost forty-nine cents. It costs money to send mail, but it’s usually free to send a text, email, or even just call. It is also more convenient to use technology to communicate now. The only thing I might get in the mail is birthday or bar or bat mitzvah invitations, or holiday cards from my relatives who aren’t keen on texting.

    The most memorable thing I have ever sent in the mail was probably a letter to the author, Judith Viorst. My grandma’s uncle married her when my grandma was young. My grandma and her “Aunt Judy” became good friends. Judith Viorst and my grandma’s uncle later got divorced. In a way, I was once related to her! One day when I went over to my grandma’s house we decided to write to her. My grandma and Judith Viorst are still good friends, so she also signed her name at the bottom of the letter and wrote a post script. I asked her what got her into writing, and how she came up with the plots. Judith Viorst is now one of my favorite children’s book authors. Writing to her was a great experience!

  9. I don’t think the mail closing on Sunday will affect me that much since I don’t get a lot of it anyway. I don’t tend to get a lot.

    The most Inserting I’ve ever got is my iPod touch. Because my parents don’t like me having technology without them knowing and them not knowing what I’m doing.

    The most memorable I’ve got is a puzzle. I mean I walk in to my mail box tock out a letter thinking it was a bill and saw it was from my grandparents. Ok not new, but I heard some paper in it, I assumed it was money. I opened it on a table then saw paper and realized it was a homemade puzzle. Ok that was new. So, we and my bothers put it together and saw it said “taking you on a cruise for you birthday.” Wow I was so happy it was insane.

  10. The most memorable thing that I got in the mail was a huge package from a relative and it had so much basketball stuff in it it even came with its own little hoop to play with. It also had some signed basketball cards from lots of teams and all sorts of cool items. I think that will be be great that the mail service shall be ending on Saturday. It means the the postal service shall have more money to use then they do now. I really do not get anything on Saturday’s in the mail most of it is bills and college stuff for my brother. The most memorable thing that I have sent was three sign gulf photos to my uncle in Texas because he is a big sports fanatic.

  11. The most memorable thing in the mail that I have ever received is quite funny, but to understand the humor in it, I will have to explain the back story of this letter. You see, when I was six or seven years old, I had a teddy bear that I loved very much. His name was Joca. When I wanted to finally get my own Yahoo! Kids e-mail, I needed to register my name and address. I thought that I would use a fake name because I found it funny, with a seven-year-old sense of humor, and what name did I choose? You guessed it! Joca B. Berner (The “B.” stands for Bear). A few months later, I find a big manila enveloped to none other than Joca B. Berner. I was laughing hysterically, and my mother opened up Joca’s letter. It read, “Dear Mr. and Mrs. Berner, We have contacted your child’s teachers, and they have told us what an intellectually bright and amazing student he is. We have decided to offer your son, Joca, a trip to Greece with many other students like Joca to learn in Greece for 14 days. We hope you will consider this opportunity! For more information, go to the following website.” Obviously it was a scam, but we decided to see Joca’s online profile and what this crazy trip to Greece was about. Apparently, Joca B. Berner’s profile said that he was seven years old, and his profile picture was of my teddy bear on this website. They must have gotten that picture from my e-mail account. This trip to Greece was extremely expensive, and was totally a scam. We certainly weren’t paying that much to send a teddy bear to Greece for 14 days. This just goes to show that there are people out there scamming you.

    I personally feel that the Postal Service closing on Saturdays is a great idea, because most people don’t use the mail for urgent matters, since all bills and conversations are online now, so most can wait a day or two for a birthday card from their grandparents. If it means saving the Postal Service lots of money, then I am all for it. There is a downside, of course, and that is that people in the Postal Service won’t get paid as much to work for five days a week instead of six. Other than that, the Postal Service closing mail deliveries on Saturdays is fine by me.

    I tend to get social group notices in the mail, for example, I am in a social group in my Jewish Community for Middle School students called “Kadima” (kuh-DEEM-uh). Kadima is constantly planning social events, such as beach clean-ups, or, something that they have every year, “A Day at Disney”. I also get calendars from my sleep away camp, along with notices to make sure to sign up next year. Oh, and I also get a ton of colleges trying to recruit my teddy bear (just kidding). I also get party invitations, although people are starting to do “e-vites”. I also get birthday cards, thank-you notes, and lots of letters from my grandparents. When I am at sleep away camp, my parents and I are constantly writing letters to each other to keep in touch over the summer.

    Whenever I write thank-you notes, I always use an app that my mother uses on her iPhone called “Postagram”. It is very neat! The app lets you type a paragraph and insert a photo on your iPhone, then put in the address of the person you would like to send the mail to, and bam! You just sent them a postcard from your iPhone! Postagram is definitely one of the coolest things I ever used with modern technology, and using Postagram is the most memorable mail I have ever sent.

  12. There’s something special about getting a letter in the mail and it is alot more personal than someone sending you a text, picture or email. But, most people think it is alot easier to touch a couple of buttons instead of writing a whole paragrah by hand. I normally get little things in the mail like invatations, magazines and letters from some of my relatives. But, the best thing I have ever gotten was a box of chocolates from switzerland. My dad travels alot and he had a friend who mailed us a box of memento’s from his trip for work. I thought it was really cool how no matter where you are you can still get things from all over the world. Besides you also can’t get that over the internet or text. I don’t think the Postal Service not delivering mail on Saturday will affect me alot because I probably get about three or four things in the mail for me a week.

  13. I think this is a good idea but I love getting letters. I think this won’t affect me that much even though I don’t email or text at all. In the mail I usually get “Thank you” cards or Holiday cards. The weirdest thing I have gotten in the mail was a basketball hoop. It was in the Mailbox but it was next to it. The weirdest thing I have sent was a hat to San Francisco. My uncle left it and we sent it back.

  14. The most interesting thing I have received in the mail was probably a mini Bucs helmet that was signed be Carnell “Cadillac” Williams. The Buccaneers sent me for my 7th birthday. I don’t know why I got it but it was probably because my dad buys a lot of tickets to the Bucs games.

    The most interesting thing I have sent in the mail is probably either baseball cards to get signed or I once sent a mini-figurine of Tim Tebow to my cousin.

    My take on the stoppage of Saturday delivery is that on the one hand the postal service is saving money. On the other hand you have to wait twice as long to get your mail, which can be bad if there is medication you need or waiting to hear from someone special.

    What I usually get in the mail are greeting and thank you cards and every month I get Sports Illustrated.(which I have not gotten this month)

  15. Wow, I really don’t send or receive anything in the mail anymore. Birthday party invitations use to be a big one, now people email or use online e-vites. I think the most memorable thing I have gotten in the mail was books from my grandparents. (I know, it sounds pretty boring, but I was around six.) They lived in California at the time, so we didn’t see them as often as we do now. (They live here now.) So anything from my grandparents would really excite me. They always wrote notes in the front of the books, I thought that was much better than just on a piece of paper because then I would have a good reason to keep it! 😉
    Frankly, I haven’t sent anything in the mail in years, so I don’t really care that USPS isn’t making deliveries on Saturdays. In the twenty-first century people text, email, e-vite and use things of that sort to communicate, I’m pretty sure that most people are even paying their bills online now. Some things have to be sent in the mail, such as packages, and I don’t think that things materializing from your computer screen will be a feature coming in the near future.
    Like I said before, I don’t receive much in the mail, and when I do it’s normally not very exciting.
    I actually don’t think I’ve sent more than three pieces of mail in my life… If that. One of the only things, therefore the most exciting thing ;), I’ve sent in the mail was a letter to my cousins when they were at summer camp. I only see them around once a year (maybe twice) so it would have been exciting to send them a letter whether the were at camp at the time or not!

  16. The most memorable thing I got in the mail was from my sister in boston. She sent me a big flower bouquet and a bag full of little stuff. I think the Saturday mail getting cancelled is bad because people send stuff on Saturdays for birthdays or other occasions. I mail usually cards to family members on holidays but otherwise I really don’t send them. I always like receiving stuff from my older sister because I know she thinks about me. The biggest thing I’ve sent in the mail is a really big care package for my sister also. Full of stuff that she left at home and needs.

  17. Hello Mrs. Cobb. I felt bad about forgetting to do the blog, and I know I wont get any points, but I just wanted to show you that I care.

    Well I cannot believe that the postal services are closing on Saturday! I think it is good for the reason that the workers get a day off, but again I feel it can affect transportation through letters. But I do think that the letter possibly could wait until Monday, but it depends on the situation. When I get something in the mail, it is usually a post card from my friends up North where I used to live for a little while, or a birthday or a Christmas card. Well the best and most interesting thing I got in the mail was a big check to Disney World from my grandparents, saying that they would take us sometime soon. I think it was memorable because I can still remember my grandparents having fun with me there. The most memorable thing I ever sent in the mail was probably a post card from Colorado to my friend. I thought it was memorable because I liked to show my friend where I was and what it was like.

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