I Need A Hero

Hi Students!

A new museum is being opened, and it is solely dedicated to heroes who have shaped our world. Your task is to nominate one hero to be represented in this museum. Please answer the following questions in the direct order given and then nominate your hero. Your hero should reflect your answers to these questions. Please do not copy from another; I can tell.

1. What does it take to be a hero for you?

2. What are your qualifications to be a hero? This answer should support question one.

3. Are heroes born or made? Defend your answer.

4. Who is your hero that belongs in this museum?

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving! (Sixth graders will be on holiday the week of November 19. Please check back the following week for new posts!)


  1. If somebody has to be a hero for me they have to save someone and be brave. They have to risk their live for someone else. the person does not have to have any super abilities they have to stand up to someone smaller or bigger than them. The person has to not be lazy and always be on watch. They have to be inspiring to other people that are not like him. The hero has to be strong mentally and strong-hearted. He should know what to do when something is happening and should stand up to bad people that make him feel bad. I think heroes are made by someone else. The person could train hi or her to be good and strong. The hero could be a robot that was trained to be helpful and save people. My hero would be President Obama. He helps people all around the world especially america. He helps give people better education who don’t have enough money to pay for. He sends people into battle who defeat bad people around the world. he helps people in the economy and making better choices. President Obama would be my hero.


  2. A hero to me is someone who’s brave, trustworthy, kind, and inspirational. They should stand up for what they believe in, and never give up. I think heroes aren’t born, but are made. I think that, because you can’t be born a hero, because you haven’t done anything helpful or good. My hero that belongs in this museum is Martin Luther King Jr., because he believed that everyone should be equally treated, and he never gave up. He was also brave, because hundreds of people didn’t agree with him. That’s why I think Martin Luther King Jr. belongs in this museum.

  3. The one thing that makes someone a hero for me is leadership and being able to stick up for others who need help. A hero for me would also take on challenges throughout his life. The hero would have to go through bad times and prove everyone who said you will never do that, wrong. I think heros are made by wanting to do something that no one else would do. The hero would have the guts to do things that no one else would have the guts to do. My hero is my cousin Joe Whittaker who has been stationed in Afghanistan once and is going back this January as a helicopter pilot in the United States Marine Corps.

  4. You don’t have to be strong, tall, or smart to be a hero. I think that a hero is someone that did something, to help someone else. For example, a hero is someone that goes out of his or her way, sometimes risking their life just to help someone else. You are not usually just born a hero, you have to become one. The way that you would become a hero is by doing what I said before, you would have to do something very nice for someone, even if you don’t know them. The one person that I think is a hero is, Thomas Edison. I think that he is a hero because he tried to invent the light bulb for us millions of times over and over again and failed, but he did not stop trying, and one day he got it, and now he is famous for it. I think that Thomas Edison is a very important hero

  5. A hero is someone who stands out and makes a difference. He or she is trustworthy, hardworking, confident, and helpful, but anybody can be these things. A real hero is somebody who uses these qualities to do something extraordinary. A hero does what is right rather then what is easy. They will always sacrifice themselves for others. A hero is made, not born. Anyone can be born with great characteristics, but unless they use them to have a positive impact, they are not a true hero. If I had to elect a hero into a museum, I would elect Neil Armstrong. He is a hero because he was strong, confident, and brave, but he went beyond what any man had done before by being the first man to walk on the moon. He saw the significance of his “small step for man,” as “a giant leap in mankind.” Neil Armstrong used all of his great qualities to change the world.

  6. Ellen DeGeneres would be my hero because not only is she funny, but she helps many people. She does a great deal of charity work. In the month of October, Ellen raised so much money for breast cancer awareness. Also, she helps people that are down on there luck.

    I believe heroes are born. Heroes have qualities that they are born with, not taught. Some of the qualities a hero should have are kindness and bravery. Also a hero should be accepting of others and care for those in need.

  7. To be a hero, you have to be brave, confident, and caring. You must be committed and you have to be willing to give up everything for what you are fighting for. I also think that heroes are made, not born. Most heroes go through something hard, or something sad before becoming one. To qualify for a hero, you must be a kind person. You also need to be smart. I think that George Washington should be put in the museum. He was a great leader in the Revolution, and a good president. He wasn’t only in the war, but he lead the Americans to victory. He was looked up to, and was an American hero. George Washington was the first president, and he lead his country then too. He had all of the traits for a hero, and he was a obvious leader. That is why he should be put in a museum

  8. A hero has fearless and helpful.The qualifications of hero should be willing to help whenever needed and also have no fear what so ever.A hero should also be put through many test when he doesn’t know that he is being put to the test.Then at the very last molment something will happen like his freind died or many people died. I belive that heros are born because everyone is born and anyone can be a hero. This hero is Rulie Giuliani. A fomer mayor he had to rise to the acasion when nine eleven he had to make sure everone was safe eveyone was okay.

  9. The hero(s) that should be showed in this museum should either be Neil Armstrong or the military in general. Neil Armstrong because he was the first man on the moon but also that he knew he was also putting his life in danger by going into space in a capsule that could easily explode, being the first person every in a plae that a human has NEVER been before not knowing what he could run into. Which leads me to my next hero which is the military. I chose the military because everyone who ever served in the military is a hero. Putting everything on the line for us and their country.

    What it takes to be a hero in my perpective is someone who is brave and corageous. Brave can be putting your life in danger brave or standing up for someone brave. Also I believe that heros are made. Heros are made because I think that because heros do things when they SEE trouble or conflict, not 24/7. In WWII a lot of people joined the army after seeing the horrible pictures of the battles.

  10. If I were to nominate a hero be in the museum I would chose Crispus Attucks because he was a former slave who had the guts and the brains to run away from slavery. Even later in his life he was in the Boston Massacre. He even tried to grab one of the British guards guns to stop the shooting.

    I think a hero has to be a selfless being who stands up for what is right. I that a hero is made because if you were put in a fatal situation and
    someone you know could die won’t try to save them( I sure hope you would)!

  11. Well first off a hero to me is someone who is always by you side and never is against you. To me a hero must be honest, always by your side, and of course a nice person. I think someone can change anytime anywhere and to me heros are not born they are made. For example A kid is super mean to everyone at school and around them, but one day a really shy kid stood up one day to the mean kid, and to me the shy kid is considered as a hero for being on everyones side. Heros are only born if they have super powers or other magical gifts.

    If I could pick any heros to dedicate to the museum it would be the people who served the united states of america because they risked there life’s for ours and are always on our side. U.S soldiers are my heros because they keeping our country safe, and because thousands of people die everyday just for ours. You may think these people are just do this job for the money, but I bet you if you asked a U.S solider why they became what they are I bet you they would say “for the people of our country”. I think the museum should be unique and put a statue of U.S soldiers and saying “are beloved troops who fight for us everyday”.
    If you are reading this take a moment and think about what if you were the solider who was fighting in Afghanistan, and you were getting shot at how would you re act? If you thought that you would be nervous and scared then think about the people who go threw that every day how do you think they feel?

  12. You do not need to have bullets bounce of your chest to be my hero. I am looking for someone who is brave, loves a challenge, committed to his ideals, intellectually curious, and well-rounded academically, physically and mentally. If this hero is not willing to stick to his ground even in the face of outside pressure, then he is useless. He is also useless if he is like a showoff knight. That means he does big deeds for attention and usually has a bad personality. My hero is well-spoken, has a lot of energy about everything and saves not just people but thinks about big things like animals and the environment.

    A true hero is shaped by experience and environment. His experiences make him what he is and provide the framework for his actions later in life. Like in the movie Trading Places, when the Duke brothers did an experiment to see if you are born smart or if your environment makes you what you are. The answer in that movie was environment.

    My hero fits the bill for all of these traits and is definitely adventurous, he was even nicknamed the Rough Rider. If you have not guessed already, my hero is Teddy Roosevelt. He was a sick, small, weak child with asthma and and terrible eyesight. He overcame these early challenges to become the strong, well-spoken President of the USA. Teddy Roosevelt was also a family man, father, soldier, hunter, horseman, tennis player, explorer, author and great public speaker. Most important to me, he was a conservationist and when President he created the National Park system. Teddy had to fight hard for that, he stuck to his guns, even when others did not want him to move forward. He did it anyway. So, next time you visit a National Park or the new Hero Museum, thank Teddy!

  13. A hero must be strong (mentally) and be able to see peoples problems. I think someone becomes a hero when they encounter problems in life that they are willing to risk to solve. I think a hero is made and not born because if you have tons of muscle and go on a quest that does not make you a hero. I think a good hero would be Marten luther king because he went and protested even when he knew he might get killed.

  14. In my opinion, a hero is someone or something who does something that is extraordinary and something that not many other people if not anybody else could have done. But it must be for a good cause and not an evil one. A hero to me is also very strong and powerful. A strong and powerful person to me is not the person who can lift the most weights at the gym but the person who can endure negative effects of his journey both mentally and physically. To be a hero you must have the qualities I mentioned before but also have a passion or a reason to do whatever it is you are doing. In the book Gilgamesh the reason that Gilgamesh went on his journey was because his friend Enkidu died. If that had never happened then there would have been no reason for Gilgamesh to go on his quest for immortality. I think that heroes are a combination of born and made. You must be born with certain qualities like the will to accomplish something that you want to accomplish. But a hero can also be made as long as you have what I said above. You can be made into a different person due to unexpected events that can involve a person, place or thing. Following all of the guidelines above, I think that one person I define as a hero is my grandfather. He is a retired police man of the NYPD (Ney York Police Department) and I think that he possesses all of the qualities above. He did things in the police department that nobody else could do. One time he told me a story about a time when there was a man running from the police after a robbery. This man was very fast and he was traveling through an area that you could only reach on foot. The only person who was fast, strong and brave enough enough to catch him was my grandfather. This is just one example of when he displayed the work of a hero and I think that he is without a doubt a hero.

    1. “In my opinion, a hero is someone or something who does something that is extraordinary and something that not many other people if not anybody else could have done.”

  15. To me, a hero is someone who stands for what they believe is right, no matter what the cost is. Some qualifications of being a hero are that they help others that are less fortunate than they are. Also, you have to battle through all the tough times there might be in order to achieve your goal. I think heroes are made, not born. In order to become a hero, you have to do the right thing when nobody is looking.

    The hero I would put in this museum would be Pat Tillman. Pat Tillman was a professional football player who left his job, playing for the Arizona Cardinals, to fight in Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks. Even though he was killed in 2004, what he did was patriotic and courageous. Instead of staying at home and having nothing to do with all the intense war that was occurring back then, he joined the Army and became a soldier. He cared more for the safety of our country than for the safety of his own life.

  16. I hero for me I someone who does stuff for other poepele and try hard and nevers gives up I something that they beleav in. I think hero are made because some peope have diffrent thoughts about things so If someone beleav inn omething other people could be to scared to do it and to stand up for them selfs. The person I would put in the museum would be Martian Luther king jr because he stud up for what he bleached in and never gave up till it was over he just keeped pushing to get what he beleav was good for every one, and not for him self.

  17. To me what it takes to be a hero is you need to make an impact on history or change somebody’s life in a good way. My qualifications for bring a hero is, have a good attitude, be very helpful, help all classes: lower, middle, and or high class. I think heroes are born because some people are just born really nice. My hero is Amelia Earheart because she was the first woman known to fly around the world.

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