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Hi Students!

This week’s post is all about Halloween! (One good descriptive paragraph)

What is/was your best Halloween costume ever? Please describe.

Also, please tell your funniest or scariest Halloween story. (Must be something that really happened to you)

If you have never dressed up for Halloween, please tell about a time when you did wear a costume and the circumstances surrounding that.

Below is a picture of my children and our beloved Harvest (she loved to dress up, too) many years ago. One year, my husband dressed up as a scarecrow and lay in a wheelbarrow on our front porch. When children came up to the front door to ring the doorbell, he would suddenly spring to life! You could hear the screams a long way away! It was great fun!


  1. My best Halloween costume was last year when I dressed up as the Cookie Monster. My costume was made up of a blue fuzzy dress with a cookie belt. For the eyes I didn’t have to wear a mask, instead I wore a head-band with eyes on it. I liked this costume because my friend Piper and I did a themed costume together. I was the Cookie Monster and she was Elmo! Her costume was like mine but her dress was red and she had a fish bowl on her belt.

    The scariest Halloween I’ve ever had was when I was nine and we were Trick-or-Treating with my family and some of my friends. When we were going door to door we turned the street and saw this really scary looking house that was kinda creepy. There was a trash can full of bones, dead bodies peaking out of the grass, and a creepy man standing by the front door. At the time we didn’t know that the creepy man was actually alive, we thought he was just a really awesome piece of decoration. I remember asking my mom if she could go get the candy for us but she said that if we wanted the candy that we were gonna go have to go get it for ourselves. All of my friends and I walked up together and got up to the front door. We went to go grab the candy, but before we could the creepy man jumped out and we ended up with no candy!!!

    Happy Halloween Everybody!!! 🙂

  2. Hot! Hot! Hot! My favorite costume was when I was a chili pepper. I was around one or two when I was a chili pepper. When my mom brought home the chili pepper costume, I had a big grin spread across my face. This was my favorite costume because it had a bright red bottom and a little hat with a green curly stem on top. From then on that was my favorite costume but you never know maybe another one will take it’s place.
    We had just moved into our new house and we only had a couple friends but with with this story you may find there will be a new friend. One night when my whole family had went to bed I woke up from a nightmare. I went to look out my window and everybody’s lights were off except for one. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me because the light kept getting brighter and coming closer. I realized that something was moving in the water. It was a boat, that kept coming closer and closer to my house. For one quick second I thought I saw a glimpse of their face but, it was probably just an illusion. The person spinned the wheel so the bright light was pointing right into my face. You could hear the creak of the boat turning. Finally I saw the man jumping out of the boat on to my dock! He snatched a rope nearby and tied his boat up. My face was frozen with shock. I tried to call for help but nothing came out. At last I could see his face and it looked very familiar. I slowly opened the patio door and there was my neighbor asking if we had any flour he could borrow. I started laughing and feeling mad at our neighbor because he had scared me and I thought it was a stranger. I asked him why he came in the middle of the night and he replied “I just need some flour to make a cake”. From then on I made sure our neighbor had plenty of flour so he wouldn’t scare me out of my wits just because he wanted some flour.

  3. My best Halloween costume was two years ago when I was a sailor. I had an adorable little hat with a hole for my ponytail. I also had a blue vest with a red and white bow on it and a skirt to match. One funny Halloween story was that when I was five my dad took my brother and me trick or treating around our neighborhood in our golf cart. The only problem was that about three blocks from our house the battery died. My dad agreed to push us all the way home, but as toddler we wanted to keep trick or treating. After a long argument he agreed to let us stay out. As a five year old, having your dad push you around on Halloween while trick or treating as just about as good as it gets! Eventually my dad explained to us that it was getting late, and we had tons of candy, so it was time to head home. That was probably my most memorable Halloween so far!

  4. My best halloween costume ever was my ghillie suit. A ghillie suit is a suit that looks like a bush. It is made of strings that are colored brown, light green and green. It has cloth pieces that look like leaves or grass attached to the strings. These suits are used by soldiers and hunters to camouflage themselves in the terain.
    The funniest halloween story that I remember, would be the time I was dressed up in my suit sitting next to a bush, hiding. A group of kids came up and poked me in the back curiously with their glow sticks. They couldn’t tell if I was part of the bush or not. I got annoyed with the kids so I jumped up and scared them and I sent them screaming away. My friends started laughing at me, as we walked to the next house.

  5. My favorite Halloween costume was when I was a psycho murderer. I wore a gas mask and a shirt covered in fake blood. The gas mask was also covored in blood to. It looked very realistic. My scariest Halloween story was when I walked up to this teenager with these sticks of fire. He was throwing them up in the air catching them.I needed to see how he did it! I went up to him but not to close. Suddenly stoppes what he is doing and stares at me. He is shirtless and is he is wearing a creepy white mask. Then he grabs the sticks of fire and blows the flames at my face. I felt the heat come near my face. The fire looked fake, but real or not I screamed and ran to the next house. Now every Halloween, I never knock on that house or even go near it. I always think……almost got my facce burned off!

  6. The best and scariest Halloween experience I have ever had took place in the Old Northeast, just over the bridge from my house. This was a few years ago. There were two men, one dressed as an evil clown, and the other as the Grim Reaper. The Grim Reaper was on stilts, and the clown was right alongside him. They were so realistic because their make-up was expertly done. It was almost dark when they silently snuck up behind me and scared me to death while I was trick-or-treating. They did this to me multiple times. It’s almost as if they made me their target for the night! My favorite costume happened to come from the same year and night. I was dressed up as an army soldier. This was my favorite costume because my dad is really good at painting camouflaged faces. He was in the military, so he did a very professional job. I blended in with the trees around me! Somehow though, the stilt man and the clown still saw me! I’m not sure I will ever attend a circus again!

  7. I think my favorite Halloween costume will have to be the one I’m wearing this year. I’m going to be a Twix bar. If you’re reading this, you’ll probably laugh about me being a giant Twix bar, but I have my reasoning. You see, I think that since I am a Twix, I’ll get more Twix bars. After all, Twix is probably one of my favorite candies. I think a scary Halloween story I have is probably the time my dad scared me half to death. So I was sitting on the couch watching TV, eating my trick or treat candy and being lazy when all of a sudden, I hear something in down the hall. So I get up off the couch, ready to run up my stairs to my mom yelling there’s a ghost in the house when I think I’ve never seen a ghost before. At this time, I was pretty sure the only people in the house were me, my brother, my mom and the ghost. So there I am, in the middle of the steps prepared to run either down or up. My head pounds as I see the figure open the closed door to the other room, and out steps my dad. It turns out that my dad was just washing his hands in the bathroom and I didn’t hear him creep by.

  8. I think my favorite costume would be the one I’m wearing this year. I’m going to have a black morphsuit. I’m going to scare little kids. A funny story was last year my friend and I were scaring little kids. We saw a kid dressed up as a crayon so we hid in the bushes, and as he walked by we jumped out of the bushes. The kid screamed and stated throwing candy at.

  9. One of my favorite Halloween costume was when I was a skeleton in lower division. It was kinda cool because all you could see were a bunch of bones on my body. It came with a skull, and feet. My costume was not that good and I had to wear it because of fall festival which we used to have in the lower division. One funny, and spooky thing that happened to me was when my friend told me to download a game called “Slender Game”. We were at someones house and the owner allowed us to play it on his computer. So we downloaded it and started playing it. You have to collect 8 pages with only a flashlight in the woods.The game is really hard. My friend and I were playing and we got our 6 page when suddenley the screen gets all static and my friend says “slender man is close watch out”. I am panicing at the moment when I turn around and I see a tall man wearing a suit, and has no face. Someone else comes up from behind me and says BOO right when I see slender man and I quickly jump out of my chair screaming. And guess what my friend is doing, he is laughing so hard that his face red.

  10. When I was tree years old to six years old I always wore the same Halloween costume. It was my favorite cow girl outfit. I think that was my favorite costume, because one I had it for many years and had the same costume for Halloween for three years, but also because the costume was passed on from sister to sister. My favorite moment during Halloween was last year when I would ride in a golf cart with my next door neighbor’s friend around the neighborhood hiding in the bushes and scaring kids. But it was also fun, because we drove in a golf cart around the neighborhood and it was so much fun.

  11. There was no way that I would be able to chose to wear this costume, it was two sizes too big and on the night of Halloween it was hard to find a new costume! The problem wasn’t how it fit me, width wise, but the length. Impossible to believe for me! Well long story short we took out a pair of scissors and cut up the dress, in the end my bottom looked like a zombie and the top looked like witch. Well that wasn’t going to work so we shred it all up! Now I was ready to trick or treat and for the first part it was a lot of fun but then out of the corner of my eye I say a man dressed up like a corpse or something was standing at a tree I knew it was someone real because his eyes followed me and he stared at me for awhile. When I was walking down the street I say him again, following me! I broke into a sprint and ran to the next house and waited til he was gone. When I was almost home I heard him whisper,I’m watching you, in my ear and I freaked out and turned around about to attack him until I turned around and noticed it was one of my dads friends. In my shock I broke out laughing, so what turned out to be a scary trick or treating turned into a real fun time!

  12. This year for Halloween I am going to be Hello Kitty with Vampire fangs. I personally find this my favorite costume ever. My second favorite is when I was really little and I had a Dori costume and my little sister was Nemo but that is a totally different story. Anyways my Vampire Hello Kitty costume is super cute, it has a pink base headband with bright white ears with a ruby red bow with sparkles. It also has a bright white top with a picture of Hello Kitty’s face. The dress has a tutu that has a layer of a smooth almost silk white. Then on top of that there is a white fishnet, two layers of shinny silk like hot pink, and the second to last layer is another white fish net. The last top layer, the one people will see is a sparkly thin layer of hot pink fabric. The last piece that ties everything together is a hot pink shinny belt that has Velcro in the back so people will think it was built onto the dress.

    My scariest Halloween might be funny to some people but every year at Lowry Park zoo they have a Halloween theme. They have posters, and play cute little kid music. Last year they had about four to six haunted houses which where rated by skulls. One skull meant ages three and up and seven skulls meant super scary. I went into a three skull house and it had the theme of a shipwreck with the whole creaky floors. The skeletons were yelling in your face, some of the skeletons where behind bars like a jail cell so every time when people walk past it would yell and shake the bars. The whole time I was crying and screaming because I am not the type of person that would love to be scared. So when I was in the middle of walking through the haunted house, I got super scared and my Mom and little sister where walking through this without a problem at all. When I got really scared walking through it, I just gave up and sat on the floor with my head between my legs screaming out “MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY WHERE ARE YOU! HELP ME! HELP ME!” While I was having this “episode” people where just walking by me looking at me, and nobody bothered to check on me or ask “what’s wrong?” or “where are your parents?” After my Mom and sister realized I wasn’t with them they went back and for the rest of the time I was plugging my ears and screaming at the same time. Once it was over, I was still mad about what had happened. Now I never want to go to Zoo Boo ever again.

  13. Probably the best Halloween costume that I have ever had was when I was eight or nine, I was Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. This was the best Halloween costume ever because it came with all of the details from the movie, for example it had a wig that had beads in it and it was long hair, it came with a belt, a sword, these really cool pants, and this really cool shirt that felt almost like a cloth, and obviously, boots. One of the best and scariest moments of my life was two years ago at school when my grade took an overnight field trip to St. Augustine. It was really cool and really fun because a fact that our teacher told us was that everywhere you step you were stepping on a dead body. The scary part of this field trip was when we had a ghost tour around a bunch of different grave yards at midnight. The scary part was that if you had a camera at that time of night, and you were to take a picture, you would be able to see real ghosts. You might be thinking of the ghost that has two eyes, a nose and a mouth, well your wrong they look like little spots of light in the air. And this is easily the most scariest and coolest part of my life ever!

  14. Peacock, waitress, and witch are some of my best Halloween costumes, but my most favorite Halloween costume was last year. I was a Words With Friends board. It is an online Scrabble game for iPhones or iPads. I got my inspiration for this costume because I always play Words With Friends with my dad. The costume was very hard and stressful to make. It took me a long time, but the outcome was worth it. It was made up of two blue poster boards. They were taped to the front and back of me. I made rows and columns of four inch by four inch boxes. Inside the boxes there were dots of velcro. Also there were felt squares that you could take on and off the velcro. On the felt squares were letters, so you could move them on and off the board and spell out words. You could actually play Scrabble on my costume.

    I have many Halloween stories, but my favorite was when I was in kindergarten. I dressed up as a witch that year. I had just moved to Florida, so I didn’t know what Halloween would be like. On Halloween night I went trick or treating with my family in Old Northeast. Old Northeast goes crazy over Halloween. I was walking down the street to another trick or treating stop, when I saw the scariest thing ever at that time. It was a man on stilts. He was covered in red paint and juggling fire. At the time I was terrified of people on stilts and I still am. I was frightened that the guy was going to fall on me. I ran to my mom who took me home right away. I helped her pass out candy at my house for the rest of the night. That is one night I will never forget.

  15. My favorite costume would be last year, the reason is because I sort of forgot the rest of my costumes. Although from my memory it would be my favorite costume! I forgot what it was called, but it had black and white laces around a dress. It started to get uncomfortable so I changed into regular clothes that night!

    One of my favorite years that I went trick-or-treating was about 2 years ago. I went with Marielle and we first went to her neighborhood for about 30 minutes then we went to my neighborhood and stayed their until about 10 PM. At that time all other kids were in bed so houses left bowls out so then we would take the bowls and pour them into our pillow cases! We would only do that if their were no kids out, but if their were we would leave a little for them! 🙂

  16. My favorite costume is the costume that I am wearing this year. I will be a green man going on a vacation to Hawaii. It is a green morph suit (a one peace suit that covers you head to toe) with a big hat, sunglasses, and a lea (a Hawaiian necklace). The morph suit feels like silk and it is very light. It is very cool because it covers your face but you can see and breathe out of it. The scariest thing that has ever happened on Halloween was a man who every year would stand as still as a statue next to a statue that looked exactly alike him. When you would walk by he would jump out at you and scare you. Now I think it was funny, but then I never wanted to go back to that house.

  17. This is going to sound so dorky, but this is the first year that I trick or treated without my parents (just my friends) and it was really fun. I was with Sophie, Reagan, and Jordan. I was hanging out at the Camp’s house in old northeast where most of my friends were. As soon as Jordan got there, we left. We were walking towards our first house and a man walked next to us, we were just talking and all of a sudden the man goes “BAH” and laughed and ran away. We were obviously pretty startled, but then we just started laughing and the first thing out of Jordan’s mouth was “I’m so gullible” that made us laugh even harder.

    This year I was dresses up as a loofa. I’m not kidding. It was a bit annoying telling people I wasn’t cotton candy, or a ballerina *shrug shrug* …

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