Independent Reading ~ First Impressions

Hi Students!

By now you should be well enough into your first (or second) independent reading book for September and have some idea about the storyline and some initial opinions about your main character. (If you have just finished your first book and have not yet begun your second, answer this prompt based on your first book.)

Please tell what book you are reading and what impressions you have so far about the story. What do you like so far about your book? I don’t want a summary of the storyline, but rather how you feel about the story. What is it that keeps you reading? Is it the characters or the events or the setting? etc. Be specific with an example from the book.

1. You are telling the reader the title of your book and what it is about your book that you like so far.

2. You are giving an example from the book that shows why you like this story.

An example: You might be reading an adventure book and enjoy the thrilling action and of guessing what comes next. Give an example of an exciting part of the story so far. Maybe you love the book you are reading because the main character is a lot like you. Then you would give an example of how the two of you are alike. (These are just examples to get you thinking.) You are not copying the author’s words, but rather telling the reader using your own words.

Since you cannot underline or italicize a book title in a blog, please enclose the title within quotation marks and use capital letters like this: “The Red Pyramid”

Please don’t give away any spoilers about your book. Keep in mind that what you say might entice someone else to read this book. 🙂

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  1. Right now I am reading “What World Is Left”. I really like it because it just keeps you wanting to read more. It is about the Hoicost and I think is so interesting because there is one part when Anneke and Hannelore are walk and then Anneke thinks she see her fater and two other people surrounded by Natzi. The people that are surrounded by Natzi because they Did something wrong,but Anneke coulded think what here dad could have done wrong. The Natzi where taking them to be hanged. Hannelore told Anneke not to look,but it terned out that it was not Annekes father.

  2. I am reading the book “Hoot” by Carl Hiassen. I really like it because it is about a middle school student, just like us, who is really brave, and isn’t afraid of bullies. It has lots of suspense that keeps me on the edge of my seat. You never know what is going to happen next, whether a German rotwieler trainer that might demand a lawsuit for tripping over an owl hole, or someone realizing that there are alligators swimming in the toilet that they are using. If you are within the ages of nine through 100, you will enjoy this book very much.

  3. The book I have been reading in class is “Alex Rider Point Blank”. One thig that is keeping me reading this book is how Alex Rider is a fourteen year old boy and the government is letting take on these very dangerous missions. Another thing that keeps me reading this book is how he wants to do all this because his uncle was one and got killed. He could have just said no I don’t want to do all this but I guess he wants to make his uncle proud. One other thing that I liked is how much trouble he can get into and get away with I wonder if will get into some very serous trouble.

  4. If you’re someone like me that loves action packed mystery books, then “The Mysterious Benedict Society Perilous Journey” is the perfect book for you. It is the exciting third book in the Mysterious Benedict Society series. So far, I’m enjoying the book because many exciting mysteries keep evolving. It also has four amazingly different and funny main characters, and many puzzles for you to try to solve.

    One part of the book that made me want to keep reading was when Constance Contraire, one of the main characters, disappears. I absolutely had to find out what happened to her. Another thing that I like about the book is that you find out what happened to Constance before she came to Mr. Benedict. In the previous two books, her life was a mystery.

    Even though I think that the first book is the best, “The Mysterious Benedict Society Perilous Journey” is definitely worth reading. The whole Mysterious Benedict Society series is great and I highly recommend it to anyone that loves the challenge of solving complex puzzles and mysteries.

  5. I am reading a book called “Eleven” by Patricia Reilly Giff. If you enjoy mysteries, and exciting charters then this book is for you! When I first started reading the book it seemed to have a slow start, but as I got further I now really want to finish this book so I can find the conclusion to this weird but exciting story, and it’s twists. I’m only a little way through the book and I can’t wait to see what happens next! My favorite part so far is when Sam found the box in the attic. I’m always left wondering what will happen next!

  6. I am reading the book “The Serpents Shadow” In the Kane chronicle series. The reason I like this series is because it is filled with action! This book is filled with Egyptian magic and Gods. A great science-fiction book for any reader who liked the “Lighting Thief”.

    I can’t wait to see if the Kanes will be able to stop Apophis the Lord of Chaos!

  7. I am reading the last book of “The Alex Rider Series, Scorpia Rising”. It’s by Anthony Horrowitz. It’s about a fourteen year old boy who’s a spy for the M16 in England. In this book Alex is trying capture the leader of Scorpia, Zeljan Kurst. Scorpia, a huge terrorist organization is growing, but can Alex stop them? You should read this seris, because there’s alot of action.

  8. The man was walking down the hall being very aware of his surroundings, but just then he dropped dead, but who did it, and will he ever do it again. Wow, that really makes me want to read that book. I love mysteries, they are my favorite type of book ever! The reason that I like mysteries so much is because when you are reading them, you never want to put it down because you want to keep trying to get closer to figuring out who did what. Right now I am reading “The Westing Game” by Ellen Raskin, so far I really am enjoying this book, I never want to put it down which is great! This book is about this man named Sam Westing who got murdered by someone, but nobody knows who did it, right now where I am in this book, everyone is playing the Westing Game to figure out who murdered Sam Westing. I highly recommend this book to anyone that loves mysteries, just like me!

  9. Do you like time travel? Well if you said yes, the book Sent by Margaret Peterson is the perfect book for you! What I like about my book is that there is a huge mystery that keeps you thinking what’s going to happen. What I love about the book is that at the end of every chapter you want to read more and more. The characters in Sent are very interesting and always make the book 10x better. The characters in the book are very curious about how they were adopted and where they came from?

    The plot of Sent is very mysterious and full of action at some points of the book. What makes me keep reading Sent is, all of the things that keep you thinking about what’s going to happen next? The setting of my book now is in the fithteenth century, which is really cool in my opinion, because I have never seen a book that involves time traveling before. Lastly, in Sent there is sometimes really confusing thing about all the science behind time travel, those are the parts I don’t like.

    So if you like time travel and mysterious things the missing series is the right series for you!

  10. I am reading “Woods Runner” by Gary Paulsen. I like this book because It is set in the American revolution. The main character’s name is Samuel. Why I keep reading this book is because it is suspenseful and keeps making you want to read another chapter. Samuel is trying to get his parents from the red coats it sounds easy to get by a few red coats but imagine trying to get into new york the British base not so easy anymore. I cn wait to find out what happens.

  11. I am reading “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio. This is a great book, full of characters you will love. I love August “Auggie”. He is a great sport given the fact he was born with a deformed face. He is always looking up, even though a kid named Julian is giving him trouble at school. I love this book because of the characters and there accepting personality towards August even though it might turn the whole school against them. This book is full of twists and turns that are keeping me going and keeping my heart racing.

  12. I love “The Apothecary” because it wisps me away to the 1950s, and is full of magic! This book is exciting, and enchanting. I love the setting of the book, London, England. It is the perfect place for a mystery to unravel. I also can’t put the book down because of the magical potions and elixirs. I like how magic is incorporated without wands or wizards. My favorite potion so far is the one that turns you into a bird. While this book is very magical, it is also a historic novel. It takes place seven years after World War two. It is full of russian communists, and spies. In this book, you never know who could be one. I don’t like how some parts are a little confusing, especially the ones that have many characters. I like how there are so many surprises. So far, “The Apothecary” has keep me begging for more.

  13. Right now I am reading “Fever”. When I read fever I get so focused in the story that I never want to put the book down. The author keeps giving you important, interesting events that make you really think about Mattie’s life and what she is like. Another thing why I enjoy reading this book is because the character is someone that would be my remodel. Mattie is a girl who cares about her family and would do things for other people to make them feel happy. She also doesn’t give up which constantly give you something interesting to read about. In the story there’s always something that you don’t expect happening. This book is a book that you would love to read.

  14. March Madness, buzzer beaters and blackmail, this is what what kid reporter, Steven “Stevie” Thomas has gotten himself into when he is selected by the U.S. Basketball Writers Association to report at basketball’s Final Four. This character was created by John Feinstein in his compelling book, “Last Shot.” I finished this book quickly because of the page turning thrill. This book interested me because I am a big DUKE basketball fan! Both my parents and one grandparent went to Duke. “Last Shot” was even better because the author also attended Duke. This fact means that he gets Duke and Final Four references just right. I felt connected like a team mate with the main character, Stevie, but he is very different than I am. Stevie is older than I am, is a little more nosy and follows his hunches. It is up to you to figure out why these traits can help him figure out the mystery. I recommend “Last Shot” to everyone except UNC fans!

  15. If you like action and adventure then “The Maze Runer” is the right book for you. The Maze Runner is similiar to the “Hunger Games.” The thing that keeps me reading the most is the detail of the author James Dashner puts into the book. Let’s say James Dashner describes someone or something. The description of people or things has every possible detail that you could imagine. The main character Thomas has mysteriously ended up in this place called the Glade. The only way out is the 100 foot tall walls to the maze which no one has found the end of it. In the maze are these creatures called grievers and they kill the runners. Will Thomas survive the creatures in the maze?

  16. I am reading the book “The Maze Runner” by James Dashner. I usually don’t like to read books but when I picked up this book I loved it from the start. What keeps me reading is all of the questions that Thomas the main character in my book has especially when he first finds out where he is. So far I recommend this book for people who like adventurous books.

  17. I am reading ” Skeleton Creek” by Patrick Carman. I like this book because it has a lot of detail and because it is written as if the main character is speaking to me. For example, Ryan, the main character, tells me all about himself, like the fact he is dead and he tells the reader what happens before he dies. I like Ryan because he is descriptive and he has an interesting story. I am really enjoying this book and I cannot wait to finish it!

  18. Right now I am reading the book “Hoot” by Carl Hiaasen. If you liked “Chomped”, “Flush” or “Scat” you will love this book. I started reading this book because I loved “Chomped”, and it’s by the same author. I think that “Hoot” is even better. It’s an unpredictable mystery that keeps you wondering. I like how it’s something that could actually happen. It’s not a popular fantasy book. It’s about real life. I like how when I read the book I feel like I’m actually in the story because it’s so detailed and descriptive. Also I like how the book takes place in Florida so I can relate to some scenes. When I read this book it makes me feel anxious and excited to see what will happen next. This is an amazing book that I just can’t put down.

  19. “What? This pink blob is my twin sister? How am I going to tell her the biggest secret in the world? She just thinks about pulling twin tricks, but I have to tell her the biggest secret of all time. This isn’t normal, I’ve never been so excited and so terrified at the exacted same time!” Ivy thought as she ate her icky hamburger. She had just been informed that a super pink, super girly cheerleader is her twin sister. Ivy is a pale, goth, dark, dead looking thirteen year old. But she doesn’t just look dead, she is.

  20. I have read the book “Found” and it kept me on the edge of my seat. What I like about the book is it had exciting twists and turns. I kept reading this book because I wanted to figure out what was going to happen next. Everybody should read this book because it is an interesting mystery. One of my favorite parts is when they call for an adoption meeting but then they are searching for a certain group of kids. I was really surprised and scared when Jonah got the letter. I was very bewildered when they were going to the cave and they were suddenly trapped. What I was wondering during the book is who was sending the letters to Chip and Jonah. If I were Chip or Jonah I would be very scared and nervous because I would wonder who was sending the letters and why.

  21. I am reading scat I like it because there is alot to relate to like how it is in middle school just like us. It also keeps you wondering and waiting for what’s going to happen next. I also wanted to read chomp and since it was by the same author I decided to start with this one.I think there is lots of detail and it is very descriptive with different adjetives. I love this because it me at the edge of seat thinking about the mystery. I would really recommend this book for people who like mysteries.

  22. I am reading “The House of scorpion” by Nancy Famer .The reason I like this book is that I can’t stop reading it because I have to find out what happens next.

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