iPhonus and Pottermore

Students, there are nine prompts listed in this writing prompt. Please answer numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8. Short paragraph answers.


This is optional if you want to explore. The Pottermore site is now open, and it is unbelievable. You’ll need to register to access the site, but it is well worth the time.

J.K. Rowling adds some background history to many of the characters, places, and things from the novels that you would not know from just the reading.

For those of you not familiar with Harry Potter, the second prompt is for you. Choose one of the two questions to answer. Five quality paragraphs. Since you are writing a story, think in terms of intro, body paragraphs, and conclusion.


  1. Me being the head caretaker of the zoo of mythological creatures have obviously been very many stressful situations before such as the Pegasus escaping or the time when the magic mice escaped and started playing tricks on people. Today turned out to be one of the most stressful days ofnmy life.

    It all started kin the morning when the first visitors came although not all these people were who they seemed to be. Mixed in with thenceowd happen to be a few people who liked making boots out of rare magical animals such as the Pegasus or the magical dragonsnthat regular visitors love to see alive. These people were the most ruthless people I had ever met.

    These people started the attack at the Pegasus enclosure which they managed to get one before we started our chase through the magical zoo which as you can imagine didn’t go well. We were accidently letting strange animals out here and there. The other visitors were freaking out because of all the magical animals about. We eventually caught the Pegasus killer and took away all there Pegasus bootswhich I happen to be watering right now as a reminder of what crazy things can happen at a magical zoo.

  2. Imagine having the iPhonus for one day… Wow, what about the iPadus! I’m getting off track, I would start the day with Felix Felicis, good luck never hurt anyone, right? Marauder Map would probably be my favorite. It would be good for sneaking up on people. I think it’s really fun and hilarious when they don’t notice you! Also, my sense of direction is so bad, I need a GPS to get out of my driveway… Repairo would be amazing and I wish I had it now. I was arm wrestling with Parker and my hand slipped, knocking off my glasses and scratching them. Repairo would be very helpful right now! Stupify would be helpful too. I’m not totally sure what iElf would do, but maybe it would summon an elf! He would be my friend when all of my other friends are somewhere else. Also, it could help with my homework!

    The iPhonus is no replacement for a wand. It is simply for muggles. If it was the only magic in Harry Potter, there would be less action. If you needed to escape quickly, you probably wouldn’t because it would take time for iApperate to load. Harry probably wouldn’t survive. Plus, Voldemort would probably be a nerdy programmer.

    I would keep Reparo and iApperate. iApperate would be very good for transportation; I wouldn’t have to ask my mom for a ride to the library every other week! She wouldn’t have to drop me off at school or pick me up. I wouldn’t even need a car! With Reparo, I could fix my glasses every time they get broken, which is a lot. I could fix my binders at the end of the school year, and other people’s, too. I could fix every thing that breaks on my backpack. Whenever my computer freezes, I could fix that, too!

    If I had the iPhonus, my life would change so much, and for the better. I wouldn’t need a car, I could fix everything with no fee, I would have a portable friend, the helpfulness goes on and on. I would love to have one of these.

    The rules for the iPhonus would go on and on. There would be so many rules, that you’ll have to create a folder for apps that aren’t allowed at school. Students will need careful monitoring and some apps would be prohibited to even have installed. There would be no warning for a rule violation, it would just be simply whisked away.

    Pottermore is amazing! I was sorted into Ravenclaw with a hazel, unicorn hair wand. My username is EchoDragon30534.

  3. Finally! After counting down the days all month, our trip to the zoo is finally here. The day that I get to go to The Zoo of Magical and Mythological Creatures with my family. I have been anxiously waiting all month for this day to come, which seemed like an eternity. It was hard to focus on my school work, hard to fall asleep at night, and was just constantly on my mind. Ever since I was little, I had always dreamed of one day being able to see all these magical and mythological creatures that have only been in fairy tales. My favorite was a unicorn. I always admired them, and wondered if they really did exist, and if they did, would I ever be able to see one. “Well, today’s my lucky day,” I said, as I got out of bed and got ready for a day full of adventurous exploration, and memories that will last a lifetime.

    After I got out of bed, I quickly put on my best outfit, and hung my camera around my neck. I had not slept well, knowing that this was just around the corner, but I was not tired one little bit,and full of adrenaline. After I got dressed, I hurried downstairs to breakfast, where my mom had fixed us pancakes with smiles on them. My sister was already sitting at the table, scarfing her pancakes down, eating every last morsel and even scraping her plate. “Wow, you were hungry,” I said to her as I was enjoying my own pancakes, eating the eyes out first. I was so excited, but nervous at the same time, not knowing really what to expect. After I cleaned my plate,I drank all my milk, knowing that we should eat before we go on this all-day adventure. “Girls, did you eat all your breakfast?” Mom asked. “Yes, Mom,” my sister and I said in unison. After we had all satisfied our bellies, I heard Dad start the car. Then Dad poked his head in the door, and asked, “Is everyone ready?” “Yep, you bet we are,” I replied. So, after saying goodbye to Biscuit, our dog, Dad, Mom, my sister and I piled into the car, and started on the road to our awaiting adventure.

    After a two hour drive, we had finally made it to The Zoo of Magical and Mythological Creatures. “I can’t believe we are finally here,” I said, as we all got out of the car and stretched our legs. “Me neither”, my sister said. Then we walked to the gate where a staff member scanned all of our tickets. Then, we entered the gates. I couldn’t believe all the strange noises around me, some of which I have never heard. “Let’s get a map,” Dad said, as we walked to a little concession stand. “Good idea”, I replied. Looking at all of the different places and knowing that we had a map to not get lost, made me feel better. “Let’s see, where should we go first?” I said, looking at all of the different things to observe. “How about going to visit the Griffin Feeding Area?” “Sure, let’s do it,” Dad answered back. So, after a long, but interesting walk around the zoo, we made it to the Griffin Feeding Area. “Cool,” my sister said as we walked up to their cage. They looked like creatures in fairy tales, but they were actually alive, and I was looking right at them. They had the body of a lion, but the wings of an eagle. “It’s like two mixed together,” my sister observed, looking intensely at their structure. “Can we feed them dad?” I asked, eager for his reply. “I’m sorry honey, but they only accept cash, and I only brought my credit card”, Dad replied. Disappointed, I said, “It’s okay, we can do it another time, right?” “Of course,” Dad answered back. After that, we took an underground subway train, that transported us to the other side of the zoo, where we awaited our next encounter.

    When we got off the train, right there in front of me, were the dragons’ cages. From fire-breathing,icicle-covered, thorny big ones, to the smallest dragon that looked like a fat porcupine, we saw it all. “This is the biggest dragon collection I have ever seen”, I said, truly amazed at how many different species there were. Good thing I had my camera. “This is so cool,” my sister said, also amazed. Besides animals, we saw little tiny petal fairies that acted like butterflies carrying their pollen to their homes. Mom liked those the best, I think. We also saw gargoyles, hobbits, and trolls, which were very fascinating, considering that they are not very attractive. Sadly, our fun-filled day was drawing to a close, but we still hadn’t seen any unicorns yet. “Hey Dad, do you know if they have unicorns here?” I asked. “Um, actually that is where we are going right now, and then we have to start heading back home,” my dad answered. “Oh yea!” I exclaimed, happy to at last be able to see what I have been waiting for this whole time, but also sad to leave. We hopped back on the subway, which took us in the direction of the unicorns, but also in the direction we needed to go home. When we stepped off, we walked for a few minutes, and then, right before my eyes, I saw them, Pegasuses too, and I almost fainted from the fact that I am actually seeing them with my own eyes. They were so beautiful and flawless, and everything I ever hoped they would be, just like in fairy tales. They had the strong, sturdy body of a horse, and their horns were sparkling with glory. The Pegasuses were just the same. They had the most beautiful wings I have ever seen, with gold sparkling on the edges of their wings. I didn’t want to leave. I took pictures until my memory was full, still wishing I could take more. As we started to leave I still could not believe I saw one with my very own eyes, and walked away the luckiest girl in the world.

    My experience at The Zoo of Magical and Mythological Creatures was an experience that will stay with me for my lifetime. I will never forget those griffins, all the different kinds of dragons,the petal fairies, gargoyles, hobbits, trolls, and most of all, the unicorns and Pegasuses, with their silver horns, and gold-rimmed wings. I will continue to share my experience with all my friends and family, and hope one day that they too, will get to experience the wonderful sights and sounds of magical and mythological creatures that I did, and cherish it too.

  4. “I want to go to the zoo!” my little sister Molly exclaimed. She had just learned about animals in her first grade class, and she was excited to go see them up close and in person. Also, a new zoo opened up just a mile away from our house. It was a Sunday, I had all of my homework done, and there was nothing else better to do. I thought, why not? “Fine, Molly, I’ll take you, but only if you promise to behave,” I answered my sister.

    “Yay!” screamed Molly. I calmed myself by thinking that it would be just for a little while, and it might actually be fun. I hadn’t been to a zoo since I was Molly’s age. Little did I know what was yet to come.

    The zoo was called “The Zoo of MAMC”. I was not sure what MAMC stood for, but I found out soon enough. The minute we walked into the zoo, I could sense that something was not quite right. There was almost no one there except for the zookeepers. There were also no noises from any animals. Soon, what looked like the head zookeeper came up to my little sister and me and said, “Welcome to the zoo of magical and mythological creatures. What you see here is very real, not just an illusion. Follow me, and I’ll give you a free tour.” I knew that it was not real, though. How could it be real? I followed the man anyway because I did not want to disappoint my sister.

    I was wrong. When we came across the first animal enclosure, I was absolutely shocked; I could not believe my eyes! Right in front of me was a CENTAUR! I looked to see if the half-horse, half-man was fake, but it did not appear like it was at all. “Centaurs,” the zookeeper said, as the horse-man pranced behind us, “are half horse, half human.They have been around ever since Greek times.” Molly seemed fascinated. All I could do was stare. Finally, my sister peeled me away as we walked to the next enclosure. “In case you have not already figured this out, this area of the zoo is our equine area,” the zookeeper explained. A beautiful, silvery-white horse came up behind the zookeeper with a single horn on its head. A unicorn! I wondered to myself. In my childhood, unicorns had always been a fancy of mine. Now I was actually seeing one! “No one knows how long unicorns have been around, but they are famed creatures, although thought to be fake,” the keeper said. Am I dreaming? I thought to myself. It was as if I was in a storybook. We walked on.

    After walking quite a distance, we came to an enclosure secluded from the rest. It was quite large, and a swirl of smoke was rising out of the top of it. We walked to the window looking into the enclosure, and I realized where the smoke was coming from: a huge, sleeping dragon! It was breathing out smoke from its giant nostrils, and it was about twenty feet in length. Its green, scaly skin was speckled with red, and it looked ferocious. “Dragons have been mentioned in many tales and books, but most people have not seen an actual dragon. You are one of the lucky few,” the zookeeper enthused. After the dragon, we went on to many other cages, like the hydra (a monster with nine heads) and the griffin (half lion, half eagle), and other more docile creatures like enchanted mermaids and winged pegasi.

    After a while, Molly and I left, dazed and thinking about all the wonders that we had just seen. We have gone back to that zoo many times since then, and every time we go, there is a new surprise. I will never forget our first day to The Zoo of Magical and Mythological Creatures, though. And to think I almost did not go!

  5. The iPhonus is a amazing piece of technology. If I had it for just one day I would definitely use all the apps throughout the day. I would probably start with Stupify and iElf becasue the sound the most interesting. Wizard Chess would take up most of my time with it becasue that game looks very fun in the movies. The Marauders Map would be the best because you can see where everyone is at that time.

    The story would change dramatically if the iPhonus was the only magical tool. It would be a lot simpler because there is no words; just pressing an app and pushing a button. Also wands would be eliminated and the wand selecting its person would be eliminated along with that. Getting one would just require going to an Applus store and get an iPhonus. Most spells would be eliminated because there are too many to fit on the iPhonus.

    If I had to choose one app to keep I would keep Stupify because, in some cases, it can be the most useful. If I could only keep two I would keep Stupify and Marauders Map. Stupify because again it can be useful and Marauders Map because then I can locate people that I need to find easier. There are still many more uses for the map.

    My life would definitely change in numerous ways. One way would be I would have so much power to do almost everything. Secondly it would help with day to day things; such as, Owl Mail, to send messages; Wizard Chess, for when I have nothing to do; and Marauders Map, to find people and to use as a regular map. Finally it would allow me to talk to other people with an iPhonus or a regular phone with Extendable Ear.

    Schools would definitely have to make some rules for these. First of all no use of them in class for obvious reasons. Secondly no use of Stupify on another student or teachers during no class time. Next, no use of Time Turn. Finally no use of Expelliarmus to knock someone of there feet, because with enough power Expelliarmus can do that.

  6. One day would last forever with the new iphonus because of one special App – the Remberall App. With that App, I could document everything that I did during the day for future reference. The iphonus is way cooler than the iphone that I got this weekend. It has Apps that I could only dream about. For starters, I could spend the day doing the impossible. With the Extendable Ear App, I could listen to conversations that I can only imagine I hear today. With the Reparo App, I could fix everything that is broken, including my ihome, which isn’t working right now. I would use the Lumos App to light up every room instead of using electricity. And, I might use the TimeTurn App to sleep in and come to school late.

    In Harry Potter’s world, his wand and the magical potions and spells did just about everything the iphonus would allow. However, it would have been a lot less complicated. Instead of having to learn so many formulas for potions and the right words for the spells, the students could just use the Apps. It is kind of like students today who no longer have to remember any phone numbers because they are all in our phone contacts.

    Out of all the Apps on the iPhonus, I would keep the iFloo App. Because I’m still too young to drive, the iFloo would allow me to go any place I wanted. I could use the App to get to school or to go home. I also could use the App to go to the movies, the mall or to see the Tampa Bay Rays play baseball. I might even use the App to go to my favorite place in the world – New York City! I could visit my friends from summer camp, any time of the year. If the iFloo wasn’t enough, I would use the IApparate App to travel from one place to another in an instant.

    The iPhonus could make my life a lot more fun. The list of Apps would be great on a daily basis, making it easier to hear conversations, easier to go places and easier to repair things. But, it’s obvious the iPhonus Apps could cause problems. For one thing, I am not sure I want to hear all of the conversations going on around me. Also, if everyone was using the TimeTurn App, we would never have a decent day of school. The Remberall App has similar issues. I am not sure I want to remember everything that happens to me every day.

    If Shorecrest allowed the iPhonus, the rules about electronics would have to be even stricter. The TimeTurn App alone, would be a difficult problem. Students would have to be prevented from using that during the school day or during athletics. Students would have to be required to come to school by car, bus, bike or walking and not by Floo powder or Apparating because it would be too hard for teachers to figure out where and when students were arriving or leaving. The Howler App would have to be banned, for obvious reasons of noise!

  7.   Working at Magic, a zoo for magical and mythological creatures, takes up my whole life.  I don’t actually know how I got this job. I used to work in a pet shop. One day some one came in and told me I was recruited to a higher standard. The next thing I knew was working at Magic. Sometimes I miss my job at the little pet shop, but working at Magic is much more exciting. It’s hard at times, but overall it’s better than ever. Working at magic keeps me on my toes.

    My day starts at 4:00 a.m. By the time I get the uniform on, a purple shirt with the name on the right collar and khaki pants, it’s already 4:20. I grab the most important tool used for my job, my wand. My wand it the only way I could get through my job. My wand has everything I need to live through my job. I use the end of my wand as a broom. I zap annoying customers away so I don’t have to hear them complain. I wash the windows by making the end of my wand a hose. My wand is my everything. If I don’t show up with my wand one day, I might as well go back home. It takes me another twenty-five minutes to get to Magic. I usually open the zoo. Before I can open the zoo, I have to check all the animals to make sure nothing is wrong with them, feed the dragons, and clean up my section of the park. This usually takes an hour. After fifteen minutes of extra prep, we’re ready to open at six.

    Long lines await us everyday. People line up starting at 5 a.m. to see the creatures. The household favorite is probably the collections sirens that we have. The three winged bird-women attracts guests by their beautiful voice. People stay for hours looking and listening.My fellow women staff members, and I love the sphinx. The body of a lion shows hr tough and courageous side of women and the women head shows beauty. Together, we believe they’re a unstoppable force. The boys always flock to the Neman lion. The idea of it not being immune to weapons grabs their attention. Once, I had to take six knives out of the cage. Now, I think curiosity should’ve killed more than the cat. Little girls are always trying to ride the pegasus. You have no idea how many girls squeeze through the bars and try to ride it. In between all the madness of trying to watch the guests, I also have to monitor the animals. Working.

    Throughout the day I have to check on the animals. My first stop is the cyclopes exhibit. Magic created a poll a few weeks ago, most people prefer the cyclopes with blue eyes rather than green. In the morning’s, I have to put the blue contacts in. Sometimes, during the day they take them out. I have to check on them every so often to make sure there eyes are still blue. It really upsets some guests when they have one green eye and one blue eye. Usually, it’s just a flick of my wand and the contacts are in, but if they’re cranky, o r magic’s down, I have to put them in manually. I’ll tell you right now it’s not fun to wrestle something ten times bigger than you to the ground. Magic usually works though. Today was a breeze because they cyclopes decided to work with me. I feed all the animals and tend to their everyday needs.

    The day ends when the last customer goes home. That’s a big reason why Magic is a hit with its guests. As long as they’re in before six a.m., they can stay in. Some people come only to see the animals at night. I don’t get it though. Since I’ here just about everyday, the animals are the same to me. The play, eat, and sleep, no matter what time of day. Every few hours I walk around to make sure everything’s okay. The few night guests roam and so do I. After my required rounds, I head to the staff lounge. We usually watch the security cameras. The animals can be really funny when they think no one is watching. That does get boring after a while. Sometimes we sit on the couch and watch Harry Potter. We like to watch it because it reminds us that someone out there is going through the same thing; they’re using their wand for everything, fighting against aggravating animals, and overcoming obstacles in their way. The latest people stay is 2 a.m. and by then we’re already done with “ Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2”.

    My life is anything but ordinary, but I’m okay with that. The animals, the people, the staff are my life. I don’t know how I ever got by doing something normal. My friends all think I’m crazy, and maybe I am, but I’d rather have fun being crazy then be normal and boring. Magic is my home away from home. I will never give up this job. The crazy animals keep me young, the upbeat staff keeps me happy, and the guests keep me laughing. Magic is my very own lotto ticket. What more could I want? I have everything I need. I love waking up to the thing I love most, Magic.

  8. If i had this phone filled with these twenty amazing apps, I would deffinetly spend the whole day playing on this phone, and not give it up for anything. If I had one day with this phone, It could change my life forever, so I would also have to be very careful in what I pick because I want my life to be the same, but I just want that day that I have the phone to be the same. I would keep this only to myself, because I don’t want anyone knowing I have the phone,because they might steal it.

    The Harry Potter story would be very different because, there would be no magic spells, and that pretty much makes up the book. Without the spells the story wouldn’t be as great. When all the magic happens, in Harry Potter, It is usually with spells. The I phonus,in a way, could make the story more interesting.

    If I had only one app to choose from, It would be the time traveling App, because It would be so cool to go back in time. There has been so many situations, in which, I have wished to travel back in time. All the awesome moments in my life could be revisited by one click. If I had two apps,they would be the time traveling app, and the extended ear, because you could hear far away, and see what people are saying.

    My life would change so much, because you could do so many amazing things with this, and with one click It could make my world better,and all these tools and apps, could come in handy. I could listen to people’s conversations, and go back in time to great moments.

    How long would the I phonogus battery last?

    The battery never dies, because it is so important to have in your everyday life, and charging the phone would take time out of your life.

  9. If I had this phone for one day, I would definitely use the marauders map, wizard chess, and time turn. I could pull a bunch of pranks on my friends because I would know exactly where they are. Also I could avoid my enemies and I would be the ultimate seeker in hide and seek. I would use wizard chess to pass the time. I know I would enjoy it because I use to actually own a wizard chessboard. Also I could replay a day at Disneyland whenever I was sad, or I could retake a test with the time turner.

    Harry wouldn’t have struggled to get his acceptance letter from Hogwarts in the first book. He could have just used owlmail. Also Harry wouldn’t have truly met Hermione because she repairs his glasses. He could have fixed them with the reparo app. Also, if Harry every had to face Voldemort, he could just look up the scene in the movie where and how he defeated him with the app accio. It would make his life way easier. Also harry wouldn’t have to worry about Dudley beating him up because he could see him coming on the marauders map app.

    If I could only keep one app, it would be timeturn. It could make my life easier in so many ways. I could fix problems in my life and retry things that I messed up on. My life could become perfect without flaws. If I had to keep two apps, they would be extendable ear and wizard chess. I could stay in touch with friends and entertain myself with a game.

    My life would definitely be more magical. I would be using my iPhonus for everything. Everyday I would use iapparate to zap myself to school. But before that I would use the time turn to sleep longer before going to class. I would use the remberall app so that I wouldn’t forget anything. For example, if I forgot the answer on a test, I could just go to the remeberall app and look up the answer. During P.E. I would use the stupify app to prevent people from tagging me. If my binder every fell apart, I would use the reparo app to fix it right up. My life would definitely be more pleasant.

    If we could use the IPhonus in school, there would definitely be a lot of restrictions. For example you wouldn’t be able to use the apps that I just talked about. I wouldn’t be able to zap myself to school and I could use stupify on people or send peoples howlers. You wouldn’t be able to play wizard chess in class either. Also you couldn’t send owlmail to friends.

  10. Zoos are almost always happy places for people to go. To see all kinds of lions, birds, ocean animals and more. But there are some things people do not know about all zoos. All zoos have another under ground zoo. A more interesting, scary, and exiting zoo. Only a few people have been able to get to these underground zoos but when they, they take pictures and many videos to bring back evidence.

    The first creature that is always noticed first in these underground zoos is Hydras. The Hydras cage takes up almost one hundred feet in height and four hundred feet wide. Hydras are large dragons with many heads. Many people have attempted to kill the Hydras and take their heads home. Every time people try though one other heads burns them with fire to death.

    Now another thing that is in the underground zoo are unicorns. Unicorns are really just horses with horns. Many people have been able to ride these horses out of the underground. But whenever unicorns come above ground level they for some reason lose their horns. There have been many legitimate photos of unicorns before though before they lost their horns.

    The final animal that is also very abundant in these zoos and just normal dragons. There are many different types though. There are big and small ones; Fat and thin ones; colorful and dull ones; and lastly fast and slow ones. Man of these dragons have been brought to the surface but they easily escape their owners in a short time. It is said to be that they all fly to a golden mountain in the middle of Australia way above the clouds.

    Next time your at the zoo I highly in courage you to find the underground entrance because although I said these animals were in there they are not the only ones. There are also many more animals for you to discover. So go, have fun!

  11. Ah, back to another great day at the Narnia Zoo in New Zealand. The first thing I have to do is feed the Pegasus Unicorn. He eats rainbow poptarts, that’s what makes his tail blue. Then, I have to feed the griffin, which is a lot harder because he eats honey badgers and there very sticky. You may think I’m talking about those violent critters here on earth,  but in Narnia their sweat is honey and they sweat a lot. The griffins eat them easily, but I have to wear special gloves. 

    When we open, I set up the griffin tug-o-war. A lot of tourists that come, say that we copied Bush Gardens. Actually, they copied us. It is fun, but it’s a challenge. Only one person has won the griffin tug-o-war. He was a wrestler and it lasted 20 minutes. I was surprised because griffins are very strong and they can fly. If you ever come to the park you have to try tug-o-war with the griffins.

    We have a lot of species that roam freely like dwarves and centaurs because they’re part human. They’re very interesting to talk to, because they’ve had a lot of cool and odd things that have happened in Narnia. 

    After feeding all the animals and ani-men (half animal, half human), I lead tours
    on the train through the rhino and cheetah habitat; a replica of the battlefield where Aslan killed the White Witch.

     Then I teach people how ride the talking horses. It’s very humurous to hear the horses making smart remarks like they did in the movie. It’s easy, because there aren’t many people there because it’s pretty expensive. You need a deluxe pass. The regular one day pass is $150 the deluxe pass is $275 but kids under 14 are $50 dollars for deluxe and regular with an adult ticket purchase. The park is very expensive but it’s well worth it because no other zoo has talking a Pegasus Unicorn that eats rainbow poptarts. 

  12. If I had this type of iPhone for one day I would use it as much as I could. First I would try get a hang of the apps as best I could then I take it to school and use it for school work. Also, I would get like an extra battery life case so that I would never run out of battery. At school I would use the “Rememberall” app to take notes everything so I would get good grades on my test and quizzes. It would be so easy and when using owl mail I would always get the mail no matter what even when I don’t have service. For all the time I will be bored I can play wizard chess.

    Well, all the Harry Potter spells would be cast by click or activating an app. In the third movie the, “Prisoner of Azkaban,” Dumbledore would probably have told them about a new app and instead of a time turner amulet. In the deathly hallows part one when harry was caught at Draco Malfoy’s house and in the dungeon he could have pulled out his phone and clicked on iElf.

    If I could keep one app on my iPhonus I would keep the “Rememberall” app so that I would never forget anything. Most importantly, no one would ever get made at me for forgetting some thing. It would make life much easier. Along with that app another app I would keep is MarauderMap so that I would always nowhere my family and friends are.

    I would probably get so much more done in the day. Along with that I would probably have to charge it everyday because I would use it so much. Get rid of bullies and enemies easily.

    One type of rule they would make is no cast defensive or attacking spells during school or no using iPhonus on test. The second rule they make is that there is no using your iPhone on test or quizzes.

  13. If I could have this iphone for one day that day may be one of the coolest days ever. I would use the extendable ear to overhear conversations and hear what I got on my test from a teacher. Wizard chess would be fun and I would have matches with all my friends. Also getting owl mail would be fun. I would try it just to see what it is like to receive owl mail. Also I would time turn to go back in time and see what it was like with dinosaurs and I would how some wars really started and I would see the mayans make their famous calendars.

    If there was no magic except for the Iphonus the movies would not be that good. They would pull out the phone, type the passcode, and then load the app. If harry potter was running away from voldemort we would probably die. The books and movies would be a comedy without magic if the only magic was the Iphonus.

    If I could only keep one app I would keep time turn so I could go back in time and solve mysteries that scientists have been researching on for decades. If I could keep two I would keep Remember all because then when I study for a test I don’t forget a thing and I do great on it. All so I wouldn’t have to worry about getting all timers disease because I would never forget things.

    My life would be much more fun and exciting. I could have magic with the click of an app. I would use each app every day and get updates and make it even more fun. I could summon elves, Hear people whispering, never forget stuff, go back in time, see where people are at the exact moment, and play an exciting game of wizard chess. I don’t think your life could be cooler then that. But with power comes responsibility and I feel that I could handle The magic Iphone.

    The would make a rule that there is no hurting each other with spells or cheating on a test with an app. Also you shouldn’t be able to summon elves during school hours.

  14. On May 16, 2012, I visited the zoo at Busch Gardens. I had left school early, since it was such a lovely day outside. I thought the 55-degree weather would be perfect for a day at the zoo. I arrived around 1:30 p.m. to find the zoo empty. It was not nearly as busy as I thought it would be. Something very strange was happening, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I assumed people, especially parents, had some reason for not wanting to spend their time at the zoo.

    Finally, after an hour of wondering what was going on, I decided to look at a few different types of monkeys. To my surprise, the monkeys had fangs! It was as if someone had combined a vampire and a monkey into one! I was astonished at what I saw and said to myself, “Zoe, either this is really happening, or you’re just going crazy.” I chose to go with, “I’m just going crazy.”

    Next, I went to go see a zebra. Something was off about the zebra too. Instead of the zebra being black and white, the zebra was rainbow colored! At first I thought that was really cool and I took a picture of it. But then, I realized, this zoo was enchanted! The strangeness of it scared me so I started racing home.

    On the way home, I encountered the most magical, enormous creature in the whole entire world: a unicorn. I stopped running and was speechless at its beauty. The unicorn’s horn was sparkling, his hair was smooth and soft, and his eyes were like rubies. Since the zoo was empty, I took the unicorn into my care.

    When I got home with the magical unicorn, no one was home. I put the unicorn in the garage with a bag of carrots. I then headed to my room and feel asleep. Suddenly, I heard a really annoying buzzing noise. I woke up and realized it was my alarm clock. Nervous, I sprinted to the garage to see if the unicorn was still there. Sadly, the garage was empty. The whole zoo experience had been a dream that seemed insanely real. It was a magical dream I will never forget!

  15. Once upon a time, Zohan Miltwana was the zookeeper at Tatooah city zoo. Tatooah city zoo was located on the magical island of Kuwana. The zoo had 300 acres with a lake in the middle taking up 75 acres. The inhabitance of the zoo were some of the strangest creatures ever seen. Zohan had been there only a short time when the most bizzare thing happened.

    Of all the animals in the zoo, the Griffin held the highest position because he guarded the treasure that was believed to lie at the bottom of the lake. All the other creatures were jealous of his power. One night, the Yeti called all the other creatures to come to a meeting. In the meeting, he outlined his plan for overthrowing the Griffin. He promised that anyone who helped him would get a share of the treasure. The Abaia, the huge magical eel; The Aigikampoi, the fish tailed goat; The Miraj, the deadly yellow rabbit; The Hydra, serpent like water beast; and even Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster, agreed to help Yeti with his plan. The plan was scheduled to begin the next night, at the stroke of midnight.

    At the stroke of midnight, Nessie rose up from the depths of the lake and swing his tail in a gigantic circle. This created a giant whirlpool. The noise from the whirlpool woke up Zohan, the zookeeper who came running down to the lake. When he got there he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Once the whirlpool began, the Griffin came flying down to see what was happening. Abaia’s is flung out of the whirlpool and wraps himself around the Griffin’s neck. As he is strangling the Griffin, Aigikampoi knocks the Griffin down throwing him into the water, where he lands on the back of the Hydra. As he grabs the Hydras neck, the Hydra’s poisonous breath hits him in the face, knocking him unconscious.

    When the Griffin reached the shore, the Miraj was there waiting for him. The Miraj used his two foot long black horn to stab the Griffin. After he killed the Griffin, he proceeded to eat the Griffin whole. After that, Yeti gets all the animals to dive deep into the lake to find the treasure. As Zohan watched in a dazed fashion, piles of treasure came flying out of the lake, into Yeti’s hands. Yeti pulls several large black bags from under the rocks. He then proceeds to fill them with the treasure coming up to the surface. While all the other animals were still under water, Yeti took off running.

    Shocked and it total disbelief, Zohan didn’t know what to do. He watched Yeti disappear over the mountains. As the creatures surfaced, they too wondered what had happened. To this day no one has seen Yeti. The treasures are believed to be still with him. Now all the creatures know never to trust a Yeti!

  16. I’m very excited; I’ve been waiting for a week to go to the zoo. I have been counting down the days! I have never been to a zoo before. I hope to see some unique and weird types of animals. I hope the creatures will be interesting to watch and see because I have never encountered such species.

    My parents said that there would be a lot of people, so we will have to arrive pretty early if we want to get a good look at the animals. I know I don’t want to be standing behind others and not be able to see what is in the fenced in areas. I set my alarm clock for 8:00am. By 8:30 I have finished getting ready, eating my breakfast, and yelling for everyone to get into the car. Everyone is as excited as I am, so it was not difficult to be on the road within 5 minutes of my yelling.

    It takes us about thirty minutes to get to the zoo entrance. Once we parked the car all five of us jump out. My two brothers, my parents, and I were ready for an exciting and adventurous day. We went up to the ticket booth and it cost five dollars for each person. My dad paid the money and we all entered the zoo.

    I walked through the gate and I was shocked. I yelled at my mom, “Look at all the different animals!” There were so many types of animals, but they weren’t the normal animals that I thought I would see. I thought there would be giraffes, tigers, monkeys, and elephants. This is no ordinary zoo. These creatures are special. They have magical powers and are definitely unique. I saw Hydrides, Unicorns, and Dragons that would blow fire. I wouldn’t even consider going near the dragons for fear that I would get burned. The unicorns are amazing to watch. They are able to fly high above the ground. The many colors on their coat shine brightly in the sunlight.

    We spent the entire day at the zoo. My family had such a great time; we never got bored for the five hours we were there. I suggest checking out this amazing zoo and it’s special creatures. I bet you will have never seen animals like this before.

  17. It has been a very interesting year for me. Well, I am now the head caretaker of the best magical zoo ever. A lot of people ask me if my job is hard, all I tell them is yes, it is hard, but I love doing it. I get to feed all of the Goblins, ZaPenguins, Roloyolos, Elfoz, and the most magical of them all, the Ostridocalizamelion. It is the best job I could ever have.

    Many people come to the zoo everyday. Yesterday, we had 5,000 people. If there is a group of 4 people that want to come in, their tickets are $5 off. The animals that are most popular are: Goblins, Elfoz, and the Ostridocalizamelion. The Elfoz can pick up rocks and throw them; if anyone is hit by one of these rocks, they get a free “I got hit by a Elfoz,” t-shirt. There is also 24/7 paramedic services near the Elfoz exhibit.

    Everyday I get to the zoo at 5 a.m. I have 4 hours to get the zoo ready and to get dressed for my day. Also, I get to go into each of the animal’s cages and hand feed them. I’m very scared of doing this now, because last time the Goblins started to kick me in my shins. Because of this, I wear shinguards that I got from a bag at a soccer field. My whole uniform is blue because all of the animals cant see blue. The Goblins are very special though, so when their in the mood, they turn on blue vision and all of them can see me. I think that’s why they attacked me last time.

    There are season tickets to the park. They cost $300 for a whole year. Every time you visit you’ll get to go in free as long as you have your card. One time we saw Harry Potter here to try to take back some of his Goblins. He needed to get to his safe in the bank, and there were no Goblins to help him with that. I guess it was very important. While he was here, he did a signing of wands. In our gift shop, we have wands and Goblin ears. The kids love the Goblin ears.

    My life at the park is very fun. I get to see very many smiles when the Elfoz hits someone with a rock. I’m very excited to get this promotion, it is already going great. I think the Goblins are starting to like me. The Elfoz only hit people that want to be hit instead of what they used to do. Which was throw rocks at anything they see moving. The Ostridocalizamelion is still everyones favorite animal, the Elfoz is still the most dangerous, and the rest are happy animals having a great time at the zoo in their habitats.

  18. Today I went on a class trip to the zoo. I thought it was going to be really boring and we weren’t going to see much. So I didn’t want to go, I kept complaining to my parents that it would be boring and they made me go. I was really angry and tried to think of the positives. I realized I would be able to be with my friends and maybe see cool animals. So I wasn’t so mad.

    But when we got there, I was amazed and froze. It was like no other zoo I have ever seen or heard of. There were amazing creatures that I was told didn’t even exist. I saw dragons, unicorns, hydras, griffins, and many more mythical creatures. I was amazed. I was so glad my parents made me go because it was the best day ever. There was a little petting zoo and you could go and pet baby dragons and they couldn’t breath fire yet so it was safe. I got to ride a unicorn and play tug of war with a griffin. I thought it was a dream but when I touched the little dragons I knew it wasn’t.

    The whole time I was with my best friends Charley and Tony. We would talk and tell jokes and run around. A really cool feature they had in the zoo were the stores. They had chocolate dragons and life stuffed unicorns that were life size! They had really cool lollypops and this amazing bucket that whatever you wanted it to be it would fill up with that. It could be a food or drink. Also in the stores they were selling animals for pets. I really wanted to buy a baby dragon so I could raise it and ride it when it got older but my mom instantly said no.

    We were running around and we decided to play a trick on one of the animals. We later found out that was a bad idea but were children, what do you expect. I was squirting a baby dragon with water and it ran away as me and my friends laughed. A minute later the mother came and we sprinted as fast as we could so we wouldn’t get pulverized by it. We laughed about it after but at the moment it was the scariest thing I almost fainted.

    I think that my favorite part was riding the lifts all around the zoo. They would swoop down into the cage and let you see as close to 6 ft! I thought it was amazing and the best thing I have ever seen. I would go there every day if I could. My mom gave me 50 dollars to spend on cool things and I spent it on toys and candy. Me and my friends were so hyper we couldn’t stop moving and so we ran around until we came to the coolest thing I have ever seen. I saw a pegasus! I stared at it until it became blurry. I thought it couldn’t get any better when they announced that one person gets to ride the pegasus around the zoo. I entered and I won! I rode a pegasus that flew around the zoo stopping by everything. It was the best experience in my life.

  19. If I had this phone for one day, I would use it to experience the world of Harry Potter like only the magicians in the series can. They have extraordinary powers beyond the range of our beliefs and comprehension, and with this tool, I could experience that. I mean, think about it, I could fly with the quid ditch team, cast my own spells, and become one of the few ever accepted into this magical fraternity, and that is something that only the iPhonus could offer a “muggle” such as myself.

    I believe the story would be different for a few reasons, but the biggest would be that every person in the story would be on a level playing field. There would be no secret advantages, no hidden abilities; just magicians with this tool. People would know that they were facing.24/7, and this would prove invaluable to members of both factions. Also, spells would take mere seconds to learn, as they would be on our fingertips and used at your discretion. You wouldn’t have to learn it, you’d just have to search it.

    If I could only keep one app, it would be the spells app, because, with this app, I would have the whole world of Harry potter at my fingertips, and that would be something that I don’t think anyone would trade away. You would know how to turn someone into a frog (my brother), or anything under the sun. If I could keep another app, it would be the map app, because that’s another invaluable resource. You would know where everyone was, kind of like a Harry potter Facebook. You would know the movements of all that you knew; another terrific tool.

    Life would change in leaps and bounds with this phone in my pocket! I would experience the Harry potter world, be a part of something that every kid dreams about, and be connected to others in ways never thought possible. I would be master of myself and others in ways that only the fantasy world can offer, and that would be an unbelievable experience. I could see anything and everything at once! It would drastically change the way I think and see the world.

    Well, there would have to be many rules and regulations put into effect for schools with students using the iPhonus. First, to be safe, I would confiscate all phones at the beginning and end of each day, so as to avoid any nasty accidents, such as students disappearing or accidental vaporization. Also, the spells and wand apps could only be used during specialized classes with appropriate teacher supervision. Students would have to be on constant watch in classes which required the use of the iPhonus, something that might prove to be very difficult. Overall, this new and revolutionary piece of technology might prove to be more than some schools could handle, so, as a result, they must be kept under close supervision in the hands of students.

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