Be The Gamemaker

Students, with the release of the long awaited movie, I thought this prompt would be fun to do. Follow the directions and be sure to include all the details a prompt like this requires. (Two quality paragraphs)


  1. Being survival of the fist means a lot in the hunger games. Maybe you have the strength or maybe even the intellects, but you can’t prepare for everything. The arena in some cases determines if you live or die. For example if there was an arena in the desert and there was no water source, it would be the first one who doesn’t die of thirst in three days. My name is Mac the Head Gamemaker. This year I am giving a sneak peak to my new arena of the seventy-six Hunger Games. Stay tuned in two days and I will release the details of this very interesting arena.
    Standing at 215 feet in the middle of the arena is a wall. On top of the wall gleaming in the sunlight is the cornucopia with everything needed unlike then seventy-fifth Hunger Games. On the side of the wall stand only ten ladders. The first stage of what I call the death square is fighting to go up the ladders. Fortunately the ladders can’t be moved so there shouldn’t be any worries about other tributes swaying it, but there is no foul for pulling people off in front of you. On the left side of the wall stands the woods and on the right stands the lake the dam is holding back. The only problem that stands is that every few hours, the lake sways and waters pour down on to the ground 215 feet below instantly killing all tributes below. If there are any questions or suggestions to add or delete things in my arena, you can reach me on my mobile at 1234325789764.

  2. My arena would be a huge ruined city with skyscrapers that have partially fallen over and a pit in the middle, which at the bottom had magma. But over the giant hole rest the cornucopia, which has four bridges leading up on to it but the platform is small compared to the enormous hole, two football fields wide. The ruined buildings have food hidden in them and there are lots of bows and arrows so people can shoot at one another from higher in the buildings down to the ground or across to another building. Sometimes there will be magma surges where the magma rises and gets to higher ground so if you’re aren’t in the buildings you’re literally toast. There is also a great beast… a dragon.

    /// \`\
    _,-“\ /// “\`\
    \___^ | /// `\`\
    ) ) /// \`\`\
    / (__//.\_/\_/\_/\/
    ( ‘ `-._
    \ , ( \ _`-.__.-;%>
    /_`\ \ `\ \.” `-..-‘`
    “` /_/`”-=-‘`/_/ (supposed to be a dragon)
    “` “`

    It was hard to create genetically the main animals consisted in the making of the organism was bats and lizards to make the wings and have the reptile-like skin of a lizard. It emerges from the cave to go hunt prey either a tribute or other game. But in the cave there are weapons that have been enhanced with electroshk. Electroshk is when if you hit an enemy even if it’s just a scratch then the foe will be shocked by a 20-volt charge of electricity. But if the dragon finds you in its layer it will kill you with you having no chance of killing it. For its bigger than an elephant and has the strength to crush a car, with its face/maw.

  3. Welcome all to the official tour of the 76th Hunger Games arena! This year, we’re going to switch it up a little bit. In years past, we’ve had the games take place in a wilderness area, with wide expanses and dense forests. But this year, the 76th Hunger Games will take place inside a city! The tributes will all begin inside our City Hall, which doubles as our Cornucopia. As soon as the bell tolls, tributes must dash around the building, trying to find the items scattered in the many offices and hallways. After the tributes exit the building, they will be confronted by a series of confusing signs that will direct each tribute to their Instruction Box. After they find the box and identify themselves as the correct tribute, the box will open, and inside will be directions to their Residencies. The residences would be fully furnished apartments with all the amenities of modern apartments. Tributes would be supplied with a reasonable supply of money, which can be used to purchase food from the robot-stores, which supply food, and, if you’re willing to spend the money, a weapon. The system would drive contestants towards each other because there is a limited supply of money. Contestants, if running low, would have to get it from other contestants. Overall, the setting of this year’s Hunger Games is different from any other.

    There would be many surprises to shock and disturb the contestants. First, the “Police” that prowl the streets would be trained to kill any contestants they lay their eyes on. In the beginning of the games, they are lightly armed, but as more contestants die off, the “Police” will get stronger and better equipped. In addition to the “Police”, rabid dogs, simulating the strays that prowl modern city’s streets, would be rabid, and very, very hungry. Finally, there would be city disasters, like burst pipes, sidewalk cave-ins, and falling glass and debris that could kill upon impact. Overall, there would be many dangers, besides the other contestants, that would trouble the unwary competitor.

  4. If I were to design the next Hunger Games, I would pick a giant frozen village. Everything in the village would be made of ice. In the cornucopia, there would be clothes and other items to keep you warm and safe from frost-bite and other deadly diseases. There would be lots of fire-starters, with which the contestants would quickly learn that it melts the ice. There would be a struggle for clean water since the ice is made of virus-contaminated water, and the only clean water source is the giant waterfall in the middle of the arena. The spot is obvious throughout the arena, so it will be a huge risk to get fresh water because of the threat of revealing your location. Don’t tell the contestants, but there will be one day of extreme heat to add some spice to the games.

    As for the internal portion of the Games, there will be a whole new twist this year due to new advancements in technology. We can now make muttations out of inanimate objects and animals. There will be Oven-Frogs to melt the ice and randomly placed geysers that are set up to detect every other person to walk by them, and shoot a laser straight up to give away your location, and possibly make you have to build a new shelter. If the Games roll on for a while and start to bore the Capitol even after the heat flash day, we will let out our “Polar Swipers”. Disguised as cuddly harmless bears, these creatures work their way into your heart until you don’t want to leave them behind. Then, out of nowhere, the bond between the contestants and their furry pets break and all of your prized possessions are stripped from you, and you are forced to “start over” in the Games. All in all, my design for the Hunger Games Arena would be very interesting, and keep the crowd at the edge of their seats at every twist and turn.

  5. If I were chosen to be a Gamemaker, I would design the arena to be in the form of a swamp. There would be myriad of vegetation throughout the arena and a lot of water. The Cornucopia would be, as usual, in the middle of the arena, and it will be full of items that can help someone survive multiple things. The items include weapons, food, fresh water, and in one of the four backpacks, there is even a first-aid kit. The bad part about the water is that most of it is filled with a deadly poison that can only be cured by the Capitol’s hands. If someone drinks the water, they will be killed in less than twenty minutes. Another source of water is the rain, as it is completely harmless. As a source of protection, the tributes may take to the trees, but there are many surprises that await them. There are many tracker jacker nests, and most of the branches on the trees will have a very fatal type of poison ivy on them. There is also a fatal species of muttation that are roaming the ground as well, and this muttation is called the Biger, which is a cross between a tiger and a bee. If a tribute makes eye contact with this deadly beast, the Biger will immediately pounce on the tribute, and most likely, kill the tribute. If you weren’t lucky enough to get food from the Cornucopia, one source of food are the wild squirrel and deer that roam the swamp floor, but be careful, because some of these creatures are rabid. Another source of food are the crocodiles that are in almost every body of water.

    Along with the many treacherous challenges that are waiting for the tributes, there will be many events that will take place when a certain amount of tributes are remaining, or when a certain amount of nights have gone by. One of the events will occur on the first night, directly after the daily screening of how many deaths have taken place. All of a sudden, a giant tsunami will roll out, after forming from one of the many sources of water. Once this has come out, it will definitely kill a handful of tributes. Then, when twelve tributes remain, the whole population of tracker jackers that remain in the arena will, very suddenly, be commanded to attack the tributes. If a few tributes are stung multiple times with the venom, they will be killed within a moment. The next catastrophe will occur when six tributes remain. The tributes who have collected water throughout the Games so far will be lucky and probably thrive, because the next event is a major drought that will cause all of the natural sources of water in the arena to dry up. After this event that will take a day to fix, the remaining tributes will face a giant sandstorm that, unless they get caught up in it, will be forced to gather at the Cornucopia, where the ultimate battle to the death will take place. As always, the last tribute standing will be named victor, and will immediately be picked up by the hovercraft. Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor!

  6. My arena would be a flat plain with a forest off to the far side and mountains to another and the rest just a plain with scattered trees. The cornucopia would be directly in the middle of the arena. The only water sources would be on large lake about two hundred yards away from the cornucopia. A pond about the size of the one in the actual Hunger Games. In the mountains a river that goes most of the distance down the mountain range into a large pond. Many caves would be randomly dispersed throught the mountains. All supplies in the cornucopia would depend on the tributes and the disicion would be made after the private judging. Some trees scattered around the plain will be acatia trees and if the tributes are smart enough possibly could use the thorns to make a weapon.

    The game rules would not change and only one tribute would win. At the edges of the arena there would be various ways of making the tributes turn around. One would be like the last one, forest fire and fireballs. Another would be a land slide in the mountains. And the plain would have large sand storms that would blind a tribute if it was not avoided. When there are two tributes left the thing that makes them come closer would be either some mountain lions, cheatahs, or fire depending on the biome the tribute is currently in.

  7. Being a Gamemaker of the Hunger Games would be a very risky job. I would not want to be a Gamemaker. One wrong move and you would be killed. If I had to be a Gamemaker though, I would split the arena into four sections. The sections would be a mountain, a rainforest, an Arctic wasteland, and a desert. Each section would have special storms, mutants, and other surprises. There will be one lake in the middle and two other streams running through certain sections. I think this will be the hardest Hunger Games yet because the climate is constantly changing and the tributes aren’t going to know what hit them!

    The games would begin at the top of the mountain. As soon as the horn is blown, the tributes have to grab what they can and race to the bottom of the mountain toward either the Arctic wasteland or the rainforest. If they choose the rainforest they should beware of acid rain storms, killer ants that swarm in groups and eat their victims alive, and themselves. There will be certain plants in the forest that can drive oneself crazy causing them to kill anyone around them including them self. Next, the tributes will end up in the desert. There they will find raging, sand storms, scorpions that can grow to be 10 times their original size with lethal venom, and very little water. Although the tributes might think that they can just walk over to the lake in the middle, they are wrong. Once you go into a certain section, you have to stay there for one day. Once the first tribute enters a section, other tributes can only go in, not out. This will allow more deaths to happen faster. If someone tries to escape the section they are in, they will be zapped by the force field around it and most likely die. So if the tributes go into any section, they should make sure they have supplies with them. After the tributes get out of the desert, they will encounter the Arctic wasteland. In this section, there are freezing, snow storms, polar bears who can shoot lasers out of their eyes, and barely any sunlight. Hopefully, tributes still have their jacket, or they will die here. If a tribute is leaving one section, they won’t be able to see the next section which keeps them from turning around. When there are four tributes remaining, those four will be called to the top of the mountain where the winner will be decided right where they started. If I was a tribute, I would be scared because this Hunger Games is going to be crazy!

  8. For the 76th Hunger Games I would make the arena a mountainous place with no gravity. In the mountains there will be tunnels and caves (some filled with water) filled with goodies, but these will guarded by dragons, Megalatops (a combo of a Megaladon and a Triceratops), zombies, and motion sensitive machine guns. The Cornucopia will be on the center mountain while all the tributes are on the 24 mountains around it. The Cornucopia will be suspended in midair over the mountain with food, medicine, and some knives. The mountains will all have holes in the middle of them that shoots out lightning, fire, water, ice, wind, or a high piched sound that will destroy your eardrums every 5 minutes. The only source of water will be the mountain’s spray. The best goodies will be in there like rocket launchers with infinite ammo, machine guns with limited ammo, invisibility balls that make you invisible and undetectable, earplugs, jet packs, anti-everything suits that repel all things sent at you in the mountain’s holes, or sniper rifles with infinite ammo. There is a limit to how high tributes can go. If tributes go above this height tributes will be shot in the legs and sent plummeting down to their doom.

  9. My arena would be a representation of the ancient elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Magic. It seems easier that it actually is, because, naturally, all the tributes would gravitate to the water section. But anyone smart enough to figure out the arena would die within the day. Little would they know that there are deadly toxins hidden inside the water. The iodine inside one pack at the Cornucopia could determine who lives. The people who were too paranoid of going where the Careers go would also go far into the Games because in the Earth and Air sections, it still rains, and that water is not poisonous. In the fire section, it would be complete and utter hell, and as for the magic section, well, let’s just say you would have to have a good grip on reality and extreme focus not to get lost in its wonderland-like scenery.

    Each section of the arena would be a place of no return because once everyone left had entered their section, giant steel barriers would rise up from the ground and separate the tributes from those in other sections until there is one left from the Air, Earth, Water, and Magic. Boy, I would hate to be standing on the spot where the walls come from when it’s time for them to go up. When there is one tribute, or District tag-team left from each section, everything it that area related to its elemental theme would suddenly turn to boring old nature, and Claudius Templesmith would call the feast back at the Cornucopia. Did I mention the Cornucopia is on the top of a mountain? When each tribute/tag-team touches their bag on their seats, they will be pulled in and trapped in their chair/love seat until the rest of the tributes come, (but served plenty of food, so no one starved or died of thirst) specifically in order to make sure that no one pulls a Foxface. Once they are all trapped, a similar barrier to the ones separating the sections earlier would rise, trapping the finalists in to conclude the Games. I think that this arena would make for a very interesting Hunger Games.

  10. If I ended up being the designer for one year of the Hunger Games, my games would be on the top of a very high, rocky, tall, stone cliff. This would be like near the top of a mountain. You would have to find cracks in the huge rocks of all different sides to stay and it would not be as easy as you would think to find someone in the arena. The cornucopia would stay the same in the center of the arena and have everything you need to survive like food, water, sleeping supplies, backpacks, torches and many other things. There will be weather of all kinds in this arena, everyone should be prepared for all occasions. There would also be clothes in the cornucopia so that the contestants could survive extremely hot and cold weather.

    In the arena there would be many genetically altered animals. Some of these animals will look like stones themselves, others would blend in with the stones, and some relating to the tracker jakers that were in the actual Hunger Games. But hidden will also be large and dangerous predators so everyone should be on the lookout too.

  11. If I was a game maker in the 76th annual Hunger Games my arena would be an area of dense forest in a valley between mountains. There are streams that flow down the mountain and into lakes in the valley floor. Both the mountainsides and the valley are all densely wooded. There are meadows and a large field covered with a noxious flower. It is beautiful but if you stay too long the scent from the flowers puts you to sleep and if you sleep there too long will eventually kill you. The cornucopia is in this field and has all the normal weapons of a Hunger Game and some herbal remedies to counteract the “sleep” flower and other poisonous plants in the arena. There is also food, water and insect repellent. Along the shore of a lake there are booby traps. Step in the wrong spot and huge boulders are flung from the mountain, in other spots there is quicksand.

    The mountain would be the most dangerous of all the terrains and the one with the most edible vegetation so that tributes that stayed would have a reliable source of food but most likely to die from exposure, falls or the deadly mutant animals. It gets cold in the mountains and the terrain is steep and treacherous. The mountain goats genetically engineered to sneak up on you and head butt you flying are the most numerous and deadly. Unfortunately they are fast too so you don’t see them coming and can’t catch them for food. In addition there are stealthy cougars who sleep by day and hunt by night, so its hard to get rest. Most Tributes will be tempted to avoid the mountains and spend their time in the valley instead. Below the mountain in the forest there would be edible foods but they all cause a different potentially dangerous effect. For instance there are blueberries which we all know are edible but there are also “mock blueberries” which are almost identical but cause your throat to swell until you choke. For every edible plant there is an almost identical opposite that has a potentially deadly effect. In addition there are wolf packs and poisonous snakes in the valley.

  12. I would not like to be a gamemaker because if people weren’t amused by the arena you could get killed along with the twenty three tributes that would die in arena. That is another reason I would not be a gamemaker. If somehow I ended up being a gamemaker I would split the arena in three sections. The three sections would be a forest, a desert, and a glacier.

    There would also be many genetically altered animals. Some of them would be muts from the past games but some would be new. Some of the new animals would be viscous birds, and alligators that shoot their teeth out.

  13. If I were to be in the place of Seneca Crane, I would make the arena the ruins of a nuclear battlefield. I chose this because it’s nothing anybody would expect. Everyone is expecting something like a dessert or a tundra or a forest or some place in nature. An old city where people have died of nuclear warfare can be just as and sometimes more deadly. In order to make that happen, I would have to obviously have an atomic bomb be fired on the area before the games in order to do two things: shape the arena and give it the deadly radiation. Afterwards I would send in other Gamemakers to add in things such as cameras and traps. This years Games will be more brutal than ever before.

    Since the point of the Games is for someone to survive, there will be ways to survive the radiation. Inside the Cornicopia, there will be a special form of medicine that of you take it, you are immune to the radiation for about three days on one pill. The alternate way that nobody will find out is that if you take what looks like a land mine out in the middle of the open activate it and it will shoot out a spray that will make you immune for over three weeks which by then the Games will be over. So that’s definitely the more efficient way but you won’t know that it’s there. In terms of other traps and rewards, they will be completely unnoticeable. If there hasn’t been a death on 24 hours, then there will be a meteor shower over the arena that will surely kill at least everyone without proper shelter. Food and water will be quite scarce. Since the bomb in the arena killed all natural life, Some animal will be released so people can survive. The one source of water will be a river near the Cornicopia that the Career tributes will for sure take over. From there, the Games will play itself.

  14. The Hunger Games is hard, everything in it is hard and a challenge. And to survive you need great thinking skills, speed, and agility. This year thought the contestants would need that more than anything. Because this year the 239th Hunger Games will be held in a large swamp and desert arena. First all contestants will start three miles from the swamp in the desert. The arena spreads out ten miles in each direction and the swamp is three miles away in each direction. Now the desert has no water and no food, so your only choices are to head to the swamp and survive or climb up and eight-mile high ladder to the cornucopia.

    Also there is a big challenge this year because we are throwing in three new predators. Bulls, which if you get in with in fifty feet of them they will attack. Black mamba snakes that have been injected with a serum to make them even faster and make their venom kill you much more slowly and more painfully. Lastly Lions, which can run faster than cheetahs.

  15. If I were a gamemaker my hunger games would be something that everyone would remember. In the arena would be to volcanos surronding the volcano’s there would be a valley of molted lava and then on the outskirts a bunch of trees. The tributes would start right in front of the south volcano. Each volcano has its own twist. The south volcano looks like a normal volcano but erupts lava at insane speeds so if you are near the volcano when it erupts you are dead. In my games there would be 48 tributes instead of 24. Yes each district would have to send 4 tributes. When the games begin the tributes will see the giant cornucopia. The cornucopia contains: 2 swords, a triton, 2 bows and arrows, food, water, knives, a brick, and a couple of back packs. In each weapon except the brick are a melting device so when it comes down to the two tributes left there weapons will be melted and only a brick will be used for killing there enemy. After the blood bath the tributes will one off and find shelter. But there is a huge twist. At the north volcano there is a second cornucopia. At one point in every day of the games the cornucopia becomes poisonous and if you touch it you die. Tributes have to be smart if they want the food, water, and matches inside. The north volcano shoots out lava at insane speeds and clears all water near it. But there are also some hidden things in the arena. Near the north volcano there is a secret oasis filled with everything you need but the water is full of poison and harmful chemicals and the food is planted with explosive. Also if some tribute becomes attached to another one we will blow up the tribute it gets attached to.

    When there is 24 tributes left all the water will evaporate from the arnea.If you want water you have to beat a tribute from your own district to death and then we will deliver you in a silver parachute a bottle of water. That’s how you survive until everyone in your district is dead. Then you have to find a hidden puddle of water in the arena. Also there will be mutations. There will be TIgodiles. They are giant tigers with scales and an alligator’s tale. They will each target a district. There district that they a targeting will be branded on the fur. Since district twelve is so dearly loved by the capitol and the gamemakers we have two tigodiles targetting them. Also there will be Flame ants. They are army ants that if they bite you will experience extreme pain to the point that you can’t take it anymore or you die. Flame ants can be found near the south volcano and are deadly. Also there are a couple of landmines located in the arena and are secret weapon jabber jays. We will use they jabber jays to mimic the sounds of the people they dearly love screaming. This will be the most remembered hunger game ever. Let the odds be ever in your favor.

  16. Here is a brief description of the Hunger Games for this year. The environment of the arena is a field covered with snow and a large mountain in the middle. The contestants start out at the base of the mountain. The contestants must stand on a mine until the starting bell rings. If a contestant steps off of the mine before the bell rings, the mine will explode and kill them along with the other person from their district. Once the bell rings, everyone must climb the mountain to get supplies from the top. Supplies will be laid out around the mountain, each item being more useful the higher up it is located. The item at the very top is a box of matches that can melt ice into water. Around the matches there are also weapons. There are fifteen weapons total. There are spears, swords, shields, bows, knives and smoke pellets. Along with the weapons there are also tools. These tools can be used to make new weapons and create traps for enemies. Around the mountain there are also caves that the contestants can hide in. These caves have secret holes that can be used to ambush an enemy. Be careful though, some caves only have single way in and out so you can be trapped inside.

    The environment is not the only thing that contestants have to worry about though. There are also many wolves. Each wolf will only try to kill a certain contestant. If you kill your wolf, then you don’t have to worry about any of the others ones. However, wolves are not the only animals that contestants have to worry about. There is also a bear. The bear will be immune to any attacks unless the attacker has killed five or more people. On the first day, the temperature starts at zero degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature will drop an additional two degrees every night. For every day without a death, the temperature will drop another five degrees. If five or more contestants are killed in one day, then the temperature will go up ten degrees that day. This can also be bad for the contestants. If contestants are killed too quickly, then the ice will start to melt. If a contestant were to fall into the water, then a rope would wrap around their ankle and drag them down. These rules make sure that the Hunger Games will not end too quickly or too slowly.

  17. I think it is a great idea to be able to be a Gamemaker. I think it is a privilege to be able to make up how the Hunger Games will work. I would want to make the game a little more difficult for the tributes, so I would make the Hunger Games take place on a dry sandy desert. It would only rain five times in the Hunger Games, and it would last a maximum of five minutes each time. If the tributes are smart enough they will get water every time it rains, because there is only a small lake that is very dirty and you can’t get very much water out of it.

    On top of the water shortage there are not many animals you can capture for food because all of the animals have died because of lack of water. They may have to hunt and find as many animals as possible, so they can get the food they need to survive. The 80th Hunger Games is not one of the easiest Hunger Games, but is going to be a huge and different challenge.

  18. I have two arena ideas.
    A Meadow full of Thick shrubbery and willow trees. though, you would have to climb a tree, and Crawl across a giant Wooden beam across the a giant, mountain cave, there would be the cornucopia, Though there would be only 3 things. 5 Balls of Hard Clay, 16 wool blankets, and 5 Backpacks. (Inside the backpacks- A spile, A slab of Roasted lamp chop, one knife, and a rope) and one of the lucky backpacks has night vision Glasses. Why was there so little stuff in the cornucopia? Because you have to make everything else yourself. So Katniss would have to make her own bow. And there are three sectors, divided by creeks, they all wrap around a the Cornucopia Mountian. In one sector, there would be gator mutts, because that Section would be a tiny bit Swampish. In Sector two, there would be Owl mutts, they would be ten times bigger then normal owls, and Poison would shoot out of Their Talons. As sector two would be mostly Dense forest. In sector three, there would be Seal Bears. (mutts,) They would Have Agile, skinny bodies, but as their innocent eyes saw you, the tiny seals would transform, and Grow long teeth, and stand up on forepaws, and become bigger by the hunderdfold. They would then would Attack you, and Like a tracker jacker, it had venom, in it’s teeth though. it would target a part of your mind, and make you scream. that for give away your Location, and attract other tributes. Around the cornucopia, there would be Wolf mutts, they would look like wolves, But they would be bigger, have bigger teeth and have poison claws, and there teeth would spray embers onto you, burning you. And Scattered here and there would be Horses, some mutts, some real- and you could ride them. If u tried to ride a mutt, spikes would inclose it, and stab you. Then they would close back in, and it would look like a perfectly normal horse. though The mutt horses were Black, the normal horses were yellow, gray, or brown.

  19. sorry. i forgot to do my second one.

    The cornucopia would be a Tall building on a mountain top. The world around it would be A ruined city. Every morning, Magma would rise, and every Midnight, Poison would rain. There would be tracker jacket nests buried under ground. They would look like bumps of dirt, so if you stepped on one…… yeah. The magma would rise quite high. there would be 5 safe spots from the magma, the cornucopia, and four medium sized mountains that would lead to crumbling poles. each stone
    pole was 1 and a half feet apart. And when you jumped on a pole. it would start to crumble. you had to get across the 5 poles, and into the High mountain, and in the cave, before the magma rises. It would take 30 seconds for each pole to crumbles, but it would rebuild after 10 minutes. though each pole can only be used 3 times. On the third time, The pole won’t rebuild till after the magma storm. The magma rises 20 feet high. 1 minute per inch. When the Poison rained, then you had to go into 1 of four hidden bunkers, underground. There are Dust covered trap doors that lead to them. after there is 3 tributes left. Leech mutts come out of The Building, Females shoot embers, and Males shoot Poison. They Have weak gills, and Lungs, They also have Bat wings. They are very large. They are trained to Go away at the sound of one cannon. Which leaves the last two tributes to fight to the death with each other.

  20. If I was a game maker the games would be a floating village with everything that you would need far away from the ground. If you fell……… I hope you can fly. Also there would be heaps of food. It would be poisonous. The monsters would be people who look like your friends but aren’t. There would be spiders, snakes, dingos,wild dogs and furry kittens which like all kittens have very sharp claws, yeowch. Once there was 7 left then Claudius Templesmith would call a feast and once you were nearby, tribute sensors would pick you up and put you on a hover seat so you can’t do a fox face. Then you would try and push people off they’re hover seat.

  21. The Hunger Games Arena I would create would be the Cornucopia on a floating island, and five bridges leading to five mini-arenas. Mini-Arena One would be a desert with the desert worms from Beetlejuice and a constant sandstorm except with one square meter of oasis. Mini-Arena Two would be a rain forest and lethal plants are on the ground and if you climb up a tree vines will try to pull you limb to limb. And there’s creepers (like the ones in the study in the Jumanji movie that try to kill Peter). Mini-Arena Three would be an ocean with a tropical island in the very back. The water is shark-infested and the island sinks into the ocean one inch per hour. Mini-Arena Four would be a frozen tundra where it gets one degree colder whenever someone thinks it is cold. The wood is really plastic. Mini-Arena Five would be a mountain where slopes are 179 degrees and it rains daily. Only it rains rocks that could kill you. Every 48 hours one of the Mini-Arenas will give a ten-minute warning that it will be destroyed. Each’s diameter is a 15-minute run.

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