Visiting Shakespeare’s England

Students, pretend you are a travel agent preparing an itinerary for a client who wants to travel to Shakespeare’s England. Based on the reading you did on the Project Explorer website, what top three destinations would you recommend that your client see? In paragraph form, write up an itinerary highlighting the three places of interest. Be sure to include the reasons why you feel he/she would enjoy these destinations, what your client could expect to see and learn at each stop, and what you found to be most interesting. (Three short but detailed paragraphs)


  1. Welcome to London, England! A place where everything from Shakespeare to the Subway have come from. There are so many places to see. If you were to only see three of these amazing sites, go to the London Eye, Big Ben, and a London Underground station.

    The London Eye’s name speaks for itself. It allows you to see everything throughout the entire city. It also look like an eye because it is nothing more than a Ferris wheel. The biggest one in the world. It takes 30 minutes to make one full rotation because of its slow speed. But it never stops moving so don’t entering and exiting your pod\ or you might not get in or out in time.

    The next place to go is Big Ben. A 13 ton bell right outside of Parliament. Though everybody says the bell is called Big Ben, that’s not the real name. The proper name is the Great Bell of Westminster. The clock of Big Ben stands more than 300 feet tall. The minute hand is 14 feet long and the hour and is 9 feet long. During World War II, the Houses of Parliament were bombed. But Big Ben was unharmed and still tells time today.

    One thing that is a necessity to your experience is going on the London Underground. The first ever underground railroad in the world. This form of transportation is an easy, environmentally friendly way millions use every day. Make sure that when there isn’t a train that you ” mind the gap” so you dont fall on to the tracks.

  2. England, it is very interesting, yet there is so much London. There is the Tower London, it is very famous for the Bloody Tower. These towers would hold exotic animals to prisoners for the King. One day, two little boys were killed in the tower. This story is mentioned in one of Shakespeare’s great plays. They say his version is basically just what he has heard, but no one really knows exactly what happened. It also has ghosts, such as Anne Boleyn who was executed in the Tower Green. There have been sightings of her, but most claim not to have seen her. It is actually just one tower, it is very many that have been added on through different royalty.

    I would recommend the Holy Trinity Church. This church has so much history, from just being a very old church, to having Shakespeare be baptized and buried at this church. It also is said to have had inspired a part of Romeo & Juliet in the Charnel House. This church also has many visitors because of this. The church also has many signs of the battles it was fought in, because religion was very important and some people would be killed for their beliefs. The battles are also mentioned in his some of his writings and plays.

    Another place I would visit is Shakespeare’s old school house. This old school house only had boys, because girls weren’t allowed to attend school. Boys would have to bring their own candles if it got dark, they would also learn in age groups. The school hours were very long, and in the winter it would get dark before they got back. The school also taught Latin like schools do now. Latin was required to get in to college back then. Teaching was a little bit different now, there was two teachers. They would go around helping out the main teacher.

  3. Throughout my excursion to Shakespeare’s England, I learned how much history and interesting sites and landmarks exist there. If I had to narrow my favorites down to 3 sites for you to visit, my first one would be the Tower of London. The Tower of London is a huge set of towers that is very old and historic. Each gigantic tower served a different purpose and shares different stories. The White Tower is the oldest of the towers, with around 1000 years of stories and history jumbled up in it. The most memorable towers to me, however, would probably be the Bloody Tower. This tower will certainly interest you if you like mysteries and adventures. Many executions took place in the Bloody Tower, as well as some mysterious stories and events. The most exciting fact that I learned is that many people believe that the Tower of London is haunted with ghosts and monsters. This was a very intriguing stop, and a very memorable one that I strongly suggest you visit.

    Another one of my favorite stops was visiting Neal’s Yard, a delightful cheese shop. I had so much fun sampling all of the different times of cheese and learning how they are made. You will learn how different and similar cheese was back in Shakespeare’s time from nowadays. I am also strongly convinced that you will enjoy learning where the cheese you eat comes from, how it’s made, and certainly sampling some of the finest cheeses in the world.

    The final destination that I advise you to visit is the London Eye. The London Eye is basically a giant Ferris wheel, where you can view many important sites throughout your ride including Covent Garden, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Millennium Bridge, the British Museum, and the River Thames. I think you would have a great time at the London Eye because it is fun and educational at the same time. While riding a ride, you can see through the clear glass historical, famous, and beautiful sites throughout the city. I certainly grew particularly fond of this site for those reasons. This entire trip was a great experience and I hope it will be for you, too.

  4. If you are planning to travel to Shakespeare’s England, I have some great advice and destinations you should visit. First you should visit the London Eye, one of London’s most famous attractions. You would love the London Eye because it gives you a beautiful aerial view of the River Thames and many other attractions in London such as Big Ben, Covent Garden, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the Millennium Bridge. The London Eye is a great place to go on any kind of day. It is even fun to ride when it’s raining. One rotation on the London Eye takes about thirty minutes. My favorite part of the London Eye is the pods that you ride in. The London Eye isn’t like a normal Ferris wheel. Instead of people sitting in baskets, they stand in pods that allow them to see miles in any direction. Passengers are free to move about their pod also. I strongly suggest that you visit the London Eye during your trip.

    Another wonderful place to visit in London is the Tower of London. The Tower of London is very unique because it is not just one tower. It is actually made up of many towers. One of the towers is the White Tower. The White Tower was the first and is in the center of the fortress. This tower is about 1,000 years old. Another tower is the Bloody Tower. The guards that guard the Tower are called Yeoman Warders. These guards give tours of the Tower. You would enjoy the Tower of London because of its history. There are so many historical events that occurred at the Tower of London. My favorite part of the Tower of London is the ghost stories and hauntings. Many people believe that the Tower of London is haunted. One of the most famous ghost sightings is Anne Boleyn, who was executed on Tower Green. The Tower of London is a great place to visit.

    The final destination I would add to your trip is Shakespeare’s Globe. The original Shakespeare’s Globe is where many of Shakespeare’s plays were performed. The original Globe no longer exists, but a new theatre has been built a few hundred yards away from the site of the original. The new Globe is an open-air theatre. If you are a groundling, a person that paid a penny to stand and watch a play in a dirty, crowded area called the yard, and it rains, you are going to get wet. You will like Shakespeare’s Globe because it is the heart of all Shakespeare plays. My favorite part of the Globe is that each performance is unique. It can be very boring to watch the same exact thing over and over. Shakespeare’s Globe would be a really exciting place to visit. I hope you enjoyed this information on some places you should visit during your trip to Shakespeare’s England.

  5. Have you always dreamed of visiting London? Do you want to see the exotic buildings and people that live there? Come with us on our trip to London and see the highlights of this grand city. First we will visit the Falconry fields. This is where we will see birds of prey take flight. Falconry is the art of getting food from your bird. The most popular birds to use are Falcons and Hawks. Hawks like to kill their prey while they are on the ground. Falcons like to kill their prey while they are in the air. After your bird has killed the desired prey, it will return to the owner. Trainers use a leather pouch to train their birds. They will throw the pouch into the air and watch the bird hit it. If the bird hits is successfully, then the trainer will reward the bird with a piece of meat. We would like you to visit this place because you can learn how people in the old days caught their food using their birds. At this spot, you can expect to learn how certain birds kill their prey while in the air or on land. The most interesting things you can learn about are the birds themselves. You can find out how the Falcons kill their prey by breaking the neck. Make sure you don’t miss this exciting spot on our tour.

    The next spot you will visit is the house of the famous Shakespeare. You can see where he was born and grew up. Shakespeare was born in his mother’s bedroom. Children back then where almost always born in their mother’s room. His father had a store inside of their house. When the house was very busy, there could be many apprentices in it because Shakespeare’s dad taught many people at a time. The house is now set up as a museum so you can see it exactly how Shakespeare did. We would like you to visit this place because you can see his house exactly how it would be back when Shakespeare was alive. At Shakespeare’s house, be prepared to learn about all the rooms in the house and what they were used for. The most interesting part of you visit to Shakespeare’s house will be learning how they made their beds more comfortable.

    The last spot on our trip is the London Eye. It is a big wheel that you can ride in. You can see for 25 miles in every direction. The wheel never stops moving, even if you try to get on. The London Eye has small pods on the edges for people to stand in. The London Eye opened in 2000 and appears in almost every movie that is filmed in London. Make sure you visit this landmark on our tour so you can experience the trill and witness the height of this monument. You can learn about the surrounding area while on the London Eye. The most interesting fact about the London Eye is that it has more then 20 pods for people to ride in.

  6. Are you in London and have no places to go because you think that you have already been everywhere? A perfect place to go is Shakespeares England. There are so many good things to see and places to go in Shakespeares England. One of the places many people like best is the Bloody Tower. There are so many great stories to hear and myths about the tower and how it has gotten its name. Another good place to visit is the London Underground Subway but dont forget, mind the gap! This subway is cool because it is completely underground, and can take you long distances in a short time. Finally the last cool place to visit is The Whitechapel Bell Factory. Here you can learn all about how bells are made and what they are made of. Have a nice trip!

    You will hear the best murder and ghost stories ever in the Bloody Tower. The most famous ghost story is the one of Anne Boleyn. King Henry married Anne and was disappointed that she did not give birth to a boy and had her hed chopped off and she was pressed with the charges of adultery and treason. This story is one of the most famous and you will hear it right when you get to the tower but in more detail. It is rumored that her ghost still haunts the tower. Who knows? Why not go to the tower yourself and find out?

    The London Underground Subway is the fastest way to get around london at any time. One of the reasons is because there is only one subway, and there is no traffic underground. When you are getting off of the subway you will hear the driver say “mind the gap!” and this is because there is a gap between the subway and the ground and getting your foot stuck in there would be very bad. The subway can go long distances in a very short time and is very convenient. Why not go take a ride and see?

    Finally the Whitechapel Bell Factory is definitely one of the coolest places in England. It is very cool to see how all of the bells are made. First it takes several weeks to make even one bell. The bells are made with a very weird substance called loam. Loam is very stick and gross until it dries. These bells can ring very loud and sound very cool. he bells are heated at 2,000 degrees fahrenheit and get very hot. Go check it out!

    Have a nice time and safe travels!

  7. It’s hard to only choose only three places in Shakespeare’s England to visit. One of the places that is fascinating is the London Eye. The London Eye is a big ferris wheel that has a beautiful view of the whole city. While you are up in the London Eye you can see 25 miles in each direction on a clear day. The London Eye is twelve years old. It never stops moving. You just step on into the egg-shaped pods and they will take you in a full circle. On your trip, the London Eye you can see Buckingham Palace, Covent Garden, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Millennium Bridge, the British Museum, and the River Thames. The London Eye is truly incredible.

    London has public transportation systems that are one of the best in the whole world. You could either walk or take The Tube to get around the city. The Tube is a subway that goes very fast, and it’s convenient is you don’t like traffic or wasting money on cabs or gasoline. You purchase a ticket called Oyster Cards, and then you step on the Tube and go to your planned destination. The Tube is the best public transportation in London.

    If you love cheese, you need to visit Neal’s Yard. Neal’s Yard specializes in cheeses from the United Kingdom. The cheeses are made from a special kind of cow milk, sheep milk, and goat milk. These are original and delicious cheeses. All five senses make the cheeses so attracting. These three sites are quite amazing. You need to visit these sites if you visit England.

  8. There is so much to see and experience in England but there are only so many one person can get to. The first place you will see is The London Eye. The London Eye is just like a giant Ferris wheel, however it goes pretty slow, never and stops moving, and is super fun. It is a great way to see the city and you can see almost all of London. You can see places such as Covent Garden, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Millennium Bridge, the British Museum, and miles of the River Thames. The little pods are in enclosed and clear so you can even ride it it’s raining. Also lots of people can fit in one small pod so don’t worry about leaving anyone behind.

    The next stop you should make is at White Chapel Bell Foundry. It is an extraordinary place. You walk in and can see them pouring the bells, making molds, but it can get really hot so be careful. To make molds they use a recipe that has been used for years. In the mold there is hair, manure, different clays, and water. After it hardens it gets quite solid. White Chapel Bell Foundry has made bells for many famous places such as Big Ben and The Liberty Bell. The process is interesting and the bells are really cool. They make small and large bells so you can get any size you want.

    Lastly you need to visit Shakespeare’s house. It is an interesting place. His father had a shop because he was a glove maker. The house itself is very large having many rooms. Imagine walking the same floors as Shakespeare. Also even in Shakespeare’s time there were trundle beds for younger children to sleep near their parents. Clues in the house like hand-painted wall hangings suggest that Shakespeare’s father was quite prosperous. In the house along with family there would also be several apprentices to Shakespeare’s father living with them. Imagine that. Make sure when visiting all these places you take the tube, England’s easy to navigate subway, and enjoy England as well. Cheerio!

  9. Thank you for choosing Shakespeare’s England for your next travel destination. Your first stop should be Shakespeare’s home. You can learn about his family, and their day-to-day lives. You can see where his father worked as a glove maker, and even learn about what the rhyme, “Sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite” means. The house has been set up to look like what it did when Shakespeare was alive. Life when Shakespeare was a kid was far different than life today, so our next stop will be the school that Shakespeare attended.

    Shakespeare attended King Edward VI Grammar school. An interesting fact is how the main subject was not English or math, but Latin. This is because Latin was necessary to get into a university so that you could become a teacher, a doctor, or a lawyer. Only boys went to school, girls stayed home and learned how to be housewives. When you visit King Edward VI Grammar School, you can visit the classroom in which Shakespeare went to school.

    Our final stop is The London Eye. From it, you can see all over London. You can ride it in any weather, because you are in an enclosed pod. The London Eye may seem like a giant ferris wheel, but it moves very slowly, never stopping. It moves at such a slow speed, that it will take you an entire thirty minutes to complete an entire rotation. That may seem like a long time, but you will probably be having so much fun seeing London from the sky that it will seem like it ended before it begun.

  10. Come and visit Shakespeare’s England! There are many places to go and many things to see. One of the first places that you definitely need to visit is the London Eye. The London is more than just a Ferris wheel; it’s an amazing, birds-eye view of the city. You will board a glass bubble that will take you over four hundred feet in the air. From this height, you will Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the Thames River, and so much more. This is a breath-taking sight both during daylight, at night, and even in the rain. From the London Eye, you can see for about twenty-five miles on a clear day. Also, an amazing fact about the London Eye is that it never stops moving, but it moves slow enough so that you have time to get on and off. It moves so slowly that it takes thirty minutes just to get all the way around once.

    Another place that you should be sure to visit is the Holy Trinity Church. This is the place where Shakespeare attended church in his day. Also, Shakespeare was baptized here and buried here, and they have the records there to prove it. Also this church has a Charnel house, which may have been what Shakespeare got his inspiration from for a scene in one of his famous plays, Romeo an Juliet. Also in this church and in other churches in London, many people were persecuted for their religious beliefs.

    The last stop that you have to make sure to stop by in Shakespeare’s England is the King Edward VI Grammar School. This is thought to be the school that a young William Shakespeare would have attended. Also, in Shakespeare’s time at this school, there was no heating or lighting in the classroom, so students would have to bring their own candles. Also, school was primarily for boys in Shakespeare’s time, and forty would attend class in the same room. Also, within those forty boys was a very wide age range, with only one teacher. School in that day also focused around Latin, and if you had any hopes of getting into a college, you had to learn Latin. You have to check these places out if you ever find yourself in London, England.

  11. Their are many places in Shakespeare’s England to go to, their all so special in many ways even I can’t imagine, although if I had to pick one, it would definitely be the London Eye. The London Eye is a big circle, filled with individual pods that hold up to one hundred people at a time, maybe even more. It turns as slow as a snail, but the greatest way to view every spot in London, I heard it takes about thirty minutes, maybe longer, for the London Eye to take one turn around. I think of it as a long air born tour around the city, it’s the place to be and the place to see.

    Another spot in Shakespeare’s London is that their food, unlike our regular grocery store, has many varieties of unnatural meals and desserts. Well, to name one food they ate, the one that looked the most repulsive was the fact that they ate peacocks, an exotic animal usually served at feasts, but their traditional foods are chicken and lamb. They also had many desserts their, and by the way Shakespeare’s England came up with the term dessert with their magical sense of sugar, spice and everything nice. They used a lot of that just to make their regular cuisines.

    My last place I’m speaking about is the tower of London, if you look at pictures of it, it looks really big, and those pictures speak the truth. The tower of London is made up of tiny towers stacked high and it tells a story from an individual stacked point of view, that is how we know why it is important to us and London’s monarchy. This tower is about 1,000 years old and has sentimental value to Shakespeare’s England, it has been through rough times, and some people think its haunted but really its just a tall, old, and regular tower. It has been fun looking around London, preferably Shakespeare’s side of it, and checking out all the great and historical moments, this has been a great experience for me, I’m learning that Shakespeare is more than just a play, I really got through to him and his life off stage.

  12. Shakespeare’s England is an amazing place with so much to do! The Tower of London is a great place to go if you like mystery. The Tower of London is made up of many towers, actually. In the Bloody Tower (one of the many towers), it is believed that two princes under the age of 10 were murdered right before their coronations. They were in line for the throne, and Richard III was determined to be next instead of them. So, it is said that he killed the boys in the Bloody Tower. Also, Anne Boleyn, King Henry VIII’s second wife, was executed on the Tower green and is said to haunt the Bloody Tower.

    If you like entertainment, visit the Old Vic! Many of Shakespeare’s plays were performed there, but were altered. In Hamlet, instead of everyone dying at the end, the hero would marry his lover and live happily ever after. Why, you ask? Shakespeare’s true plays were not allowed to be performed anywhere other that the Globe Theater.

    Anne Hathaway’s cottage is a good place to learn of where Shakespeare got his inspiration for his romantic plays. Anne Hathaway (not the current actress) was Shakespeare’s wife. When they would see each other before they got married, Shakespeare would have come to her cottage to see her. There is a bench taken from the cottage that is thought to be the bench where Shakespeare might have courted Hathaway, thus it is called the courting bench.

  13. There are many great places to explore in Shakespeare’s England. For your first stop, I recommend going to the Tower of London because the history and stories behind it are very interesting. The Tower of London was built hundreds of years ago and was a castle that the early monarchs lived in. There is a lot of history behind the Tower. Today, it holds the royal jewels and is a great spot for tourism. There are thought to be some ghosts roaming the grounds of the Tower of London. Many of the ghosts are human, but there is a rumor that people have seen and heard a bear. The Tower used to have a place where bears were chained to a pole inside a cage and dogs were put in the cage to fight and kill the bear. Hopefully, you do not encounter any of these ghosts.

    The second place I recommend for you to visit on your trip is the London Eye. This ferris wheel that opened in 2000, is really popular for tourists, and it is a lot of fun! There are little pods that you sit in as it spins around and around. From the top, you can see 25 miles in each direction on a clear day. If you look closely, you can see Covent Garden, the Millennium Bridge, Buckingham Palace, the British Museum, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and miles of the River Thames.

    For your third and final stop, I recommend that you visit Anne Hathaway’s cottage because it is interesting to learn about the people involved in Shakespeare’s life. Her cottage is located 1 mile away from Shakespeare’s home. Anne’s family had some items that other families at the time didn’t have such as their own bread oven and a stone floor. At the time, most houses had a dirt floor. You can also see where Shakespeare and Anne may have talked and “hung out” together. Visiting these fascinating places will help you learn more about Shakespeare and England in a fun way.

  14. Although London is not considered a city of love or beaches or good weather, it is definitely still a city full of fun things to do! And, it is a city with a lot of Shakespearean memorabilia. One of the things you must do while in London is head to the London Eye. Situated right over the Thames River, it is a great way to see all of London (you can see over 25 miles from the top) on this massive Ferris wheel. Everyone is put into a large, closed-in, oval-shaped glass pod. A full cycle takes 30 minutes, and you can see all of the major landmarks in London: Parliament, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and much more. The London Eye is a highly suggested attraction for any tourist who is in London for the first time.

    Have you every wondered where the Liberty Bell or Big Ben were made? It was in London! Another great place to visit while in London is the Whitechapel Bell Foundry in East London. The Foundry has been making bells since 1570! Here, you can see the process people go through to create these huge musical “instruments.” It is so interesting to see a mold being put together using a mixture called loam and then to see molten metal being poured right into it. It is even possible to order your own bells from the Whitechapel Bell Foundry! I strongly advise anyone interested to book a tour there.

    People interested in gardening might want to go see the Chelsea Physic Garden. This amazing garden has been in London for a few hundred years and was originally a place for training apothecaries, which were like pharmacists or doctors. It is actually an excellent place to learn about herbal medicines and how illnesses were treated in Shakespeare’s time, which was by using different plants. The garden is also fun for children, who come on school tours often and like to have a look at the collection of carnivorous plants that trap insects. Chelsea Physic Garden is a great place for any family or person who is interested in having a good time outside in these beautiful botanical gardens. If you are traveling to or are in London, these three sites are must-sees!

  15. Heading to Shakespeare’s England’s England huh? In Shakespeare’s England you can learn all about what you would experience if you were alive during Shakespeare’s time. You can also see how things are today and compare to his time. Well you have to check out my three favorite places to go.

    The London eye is a must. Looking from a distance it looks like a big eye, in London. If you go on this fascinating Ferris wheel then you can see the whole entire city. It’s an amazing view from the very top. It’s a breath-taking sight. Once on the Ferris wheel, it takes a full thirty minutes to complete the rotation because of the speed it goes at. Even though it’s slow, you can still see Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and river Thames. It’ll be great if you’re traveling with children or young teens. You have to go to the London eye.

    After a whole thirty minutes on the London eye, you might work up an appetite. In London there are many Turkish places you can go to. Turkish food gives you a chance to try something new. You don’t want to go to London and eat McDonald’s, do you? An example of a good Turkish place to eat is Tas Pide restaurant. At Turkish places, they give you soup to prepare your stomach for the meal about to come. They also give you a Turkish coffee to help digestion. Tai places are also big in Shakespeare’s England. At Tai places they also give you many condiments like curry, chili, vinegar, and fish sauce. Weather Tai or Turkish, the food is really good.

    Since you’ve already had your afternoon meal, it’s time to get back to the excitement of London. To get yourself on your way to the action, you need to figure out how to get from point A to point B. In London, you’ll need to use the subway. Ditch the horse and carriage and hop on the subway. Of you want the fastest and most efficient way to get around you need to take the subway. The London subway system was really easy to use. You have to look at the map and figure out your stop then, buy your ticket, scan it, and then your done. Things were easy most of the times and things were smooth. The tube tickets good for a week were called Oyster Cards. Cool huh? If you go there you can see how it’s different from the subways in New York. Remember to mind the gap because some stations have gaps between the train and the platform.

  16. I recently explored Shakespeare’s England in London, England. Everything there was so exquisite. Some places that I would really recommend you to go to are Neal’s Yard Dairy, Holy Trinity Church, and the Theater. The Cheese factory was my favorite of them all. When I read about it on the Internet, I learned that the cheese is made with different kinds of milk and rennet. Also, I looked at the videos and looked inside the factory. I was dumbfounded at what I saw. There were multiple kinds of cheeses I saw. I would recommend this to people because when you get to Neal’s Yard Dairy, you can taste all the various kinds of cheeses.

    Another place that you should visit while you are in England is the Holy Trinity Church where Shakespeare was baptized and buried. While I was reading about this church, I read about the Charnel House that was located in the church. Some say that the house may have inspired a scene in Romeo & Juliet. The Church caused many problems in England. During the time the Church was built, many people were killed because of their religious beliefs. People should explore this place because you can see Shakespeare’s headstone at the Church. Also, the Church is very beautiful and breathe taking.

    Finally, I would suggest you visit the Old Vic. The Old Vic is located near the Thames River and many of Shakespeare’s plays were put on in that theater. Back then, the King and Queen of England changed Shakespeare’s plays. The rule that they said was that anyone who preformed there had to rearrange the play to make a happy ending.

  17. Let’s eat! Shakespeare had to eat so on our vacation through Shakespeare’s life, we are going to eat! Since Shakespeare lived around the time when people started exploring and trading and such, new spices were being introduced. On this vacation, you would learn how almost everything was preserved in salt, and what it would have been like to cook to in a real Tudor kitchen. Did you know that the word dessert came from Shakespeare’s time! I’m going to keep you hanging, if you want to know how the word came to be, you must book our website! (Yes, yes, I am blackmailing you! ☺)

    Since Shakespeare lived up in London, we think that if you are vacationing through Shakespeare’s life, you should at least know what London looks like! You’ll get to see London through the London Eye! It’s not like London is a person who has eyes, no, the London Eye is a towering Ferris well! It’s not just your run of the mill county fair wheel, no, this is a wheel with ports to carry passengers where in the pods, you can stand up, and move around. The pod’s walls are made of glass so you can see all around you! The views are breath taking, and there couldn’t be a better way to see the land that Shakespeare’s once lived upon.

    Our third stop on this tour of Shakespeare’s life is to see the school he was thought at. Parents, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Why on Earth would my children want to go to a school during their vacation time!?!?” Well, this would not be any regular school; this would not just be the school that Shakespeare went to. This would be a really, really, super old school. Shakespeare just happened to go to it. It’s OLD! It’s one of those one-room schoolhouses, and there’s no electricity! During the winter, Shakespeare would have to bring his own candle to keep him warm! And let me tell you something, their school day was much, much longer than six hours, the regular school day today for children. It is really an interesting site, and trust me, this will make your children grateful that they get to go the school they go today!

  18. William Shakespeare was an amazing English poet who changed the world of plays and the way they are viewed forever. He lived in England during the 15-1600’s, and England was a very interesting place to live back then, and still is a great place to live and visit. There are so many breathtaking places to go in England, but three must-see places to visit in Shakespeare’s England are the London Eye, Shakespeare’s Birthplace, and Anne Hathaway’s cottage. The London Eye is a place that you definitely do not want to miss when you travel to London. This amazing contraption looks like a Ferris wheel, but is more like a gigantic bicycle wheel. It has circular shaped pods that move around the bicycle wheel, and it lets you see about 25 miles in the distance. Any tourist would love to visit the London Eye because it is a very interesting place to go! You can see very beautiful sites from the top, such as Big Ben, Parliament, and St. Paul’s Cathedral, and it sits right on the Thames River. When you travel to London, you must ride on the London Eye!

    Another tourist attraction in London is Shakespeare’s Birthplace. Who wouldn’t want to go to the house where William Shakespeare, one of the most famous English poets, was born and grew up in? He was born in Stratford-upon-Avon, and lived in a large house with about 12 to 15 people! The house was also where William’s dad had his glove shop. The house had a parlor, the hall, the workshop, 3 bedrooms, and an attic area. Something interesting that my client could learn was the meaning of “Good night, sleep tight.” This phrase was dated back to Shakespeare’s time, and the meaning has to do with the trunkle bed. The beds hade rope, and the rope would be under the person sleeping on the bed. The rope supported their weight, but it would sink in as the person was sleeping. So, the person would have to tighten the bed to prevent them from sinking in. I thought that it was very interesting to learn that one of the most said goodnight sayings comes from Shakespeare’s time! Shakespeare’s Birthplace is a place that you do not want to miss when you go to London!

    Anne Hathaway was Shakespeare’s wife and longtime lover. Her house is located in Shottery, England, and is about a mile from Shakespeare’s home. It was a large farmhouse, and there were many gardens surrounding it. My client would definitely enjoy visiting her cottage because it has very interesting furniture inside of it. I learned about the Courting Bench, the place where William used to court her and read his poetry to her. I thought this was very interesting to learn about because at first glance, this bench just looks old and worthless, but it is very special in William and Anne’s relationship.

  19. William Shakespeare’s London is a beautiful place filled with history, culture, and landmarks. Many travelers would enjoy and be fascinated by the beautiful place. While traveling to William Shakespeare’s London there are three amazing places that you must visit. They include the London Bridge, The London eye and Anne Hathaway’s Cottage. To begin you must visit the London Bridge. This beautiful bridge towers above the beautiful River Thrames. This bridge has been located in the same stop or near that spot for nearly 200 years. The bridge has been rebuild several times but now stands presently the best it has ever looked.

    After visiting the London Bridge you must also visit The London Eye. This huge Ferris wheel over looks London for over 25 miles in each direction. While riding in one of the wheels egg shaped pods you will be ably to see many of the other famous landmarks London has to enjoy. The London Eye which was build in 2000, never stops moving and has also been featured in many movies.

    Anne Hathaway was the wife of William Shakespeare. They got married in 1582. Anne Hathaway’s cottage is still present in London and is open for visitors. This cottage is huge consisting of twelve rooms. Anne and her family lived here though out her childhood and it in includes many of the things featured in house of that time period.

  20. London, England is one of the most entertaining cities in the world. There is so much to do and so many historical places to visit. The Tower of London, or The Bloody Tower is a tower filled with secrets of murder and jealousy. It is also a place for haunting. Two young princes, Edward V and Richard, Duke of York, were sent to this tower in 1483. Now the tower had been built many years before in 1066. Another person who was moved to live in this tower was their vengeful uncle who would never become king. Strangely, the boys disappeared and their uncle, Richard, Duke of Gloucester was crowned king. It is said that he had his men suffocate one brother and stab the other. Another gruesome tale is Anne Boleyn, a queen of France. She had her head cut off on top of the Tower Green. The tower is about 1000 years old and over time, different towers were added to the structure. It is said that Anne Boleyn walks around the towers with her head tucked under her arms.

    The London Eye is also a very popular sight. It’s a high in the sky ferris wheel that gives you a bird’s eye view of all four corners of the city. It takes 30 minutes for an entire cycle, so you have plenty of time to look around and see all the sights. The Eye opened in 2000 and ever since has never stopped moving. To board the eye you step into little pill-shaped pods that carry you around. The Eye stands 443 ft in height and it’s a wheel of delight!

    The globe theater is a famous place filled with drama and art. It’s called the globe theater because it is a round-shaped theater with half of the circle as balcony seats and the other half is the stage. The theater was built in 1599 by Shakespeare’s playing company, the Lord Chamberlain’s Men. Shakespeare’s finest plays were preformed in the theater many centuries ago. However, the first theater built was burned to the ground on June 29, 1613. A second theater was built and still stands today. Unfortunately, the theaters actual use ended in 1642 when it just became a historical site.

  21. Hello, and welcome to England! While enjoying your stay in England, you might want to check out a few of the many, very interesting landmarks. This fine country was also the home of the famous man, Shakespeare, who changed the world for all of us. One stop that I would definitely say is very interesting is the London Eye. The London Eye is a ferris wheel, but not your typical ferris wheel. It has pods where the riders can look out to the world below. You can see some of London’s most famous landmarks, such as Buckingham Palace or the British Museum. It is a great attraction for traveling families. Although, most of the time, it is raining, it is still loads of fun for everyone.

    Your next destination should probably be the Tower of London. This tower is actually many towers that were built next to each other. The tower’s many different additions were created by many kings. Although the tower is very interesting to see, there are even rumors that it’s haunted. Since the tower is 1000 years old, it is known to have gone through many murders. One of the more known ghost story is the murder of Anne Boleyn. She was murdered in a section of the tower called the Tower Green.

    The last attraction that I would have to recommend is the Tas Pide Turkish Restaurant. This restaurant serves many different types of Turkish meals. There are seafood dishes, vegetarian meals, pizzas, and more. If you have a certain type of food that you would enjoy eating, this restaurant will fulfill your needs. The restaurant itself is very nice-looking. It’s an old-fashioned style restaurant. I hope you find that your trip to London very enjoyable.

  22. When you want an exciting adventure to Shakespeare’s England but don’t know where nor who anything nor anyone is, come find help at the Holly Hock travel agency! It has the detailed descriptions of amazing places that you couldn’t find yourself, and when you finish your vacation, you’ll be full of outstanding tall tell tales that not even the people who went with you will believe.

    The most popular destination is one of the tastiest ones, too. Neal’s Yard is a wonderful way to find the spirit of Shakespeare. Even though Shakespeare himself may not have gotten some of this delicious cheese, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t! Their staff is well educated, and make the cheese themselves, so it’s very fresh. Speaking of fresh, the cheese is made of cow’s, goat’s, and sheep’s milk. They give out samples and the counter and have the friendliest service there can be.

    For your second site, you can visit the bloody tower, where ghosts and ghouls come alive. There are tall tales and true fact that both give you goosebumps. If you have a taste for fright, take your cheese and come quick! The most famous ghost story is the Execution of Anne Boleyn, who was executed on the tower green. This tower has been around for nearly 1000 years, and may not stand for much longer!

    The final destination is one of the most famous, and may beat the Cheese yard’s popularity by just a smidgeon. The london eye is one of the highest points in England, and one of the busiest, too. But inside of the pod, all of the crowd, the loudness, and the whole world seems to mute as you journey into the clouds, and you can see twenty-five miles in each direction at the top of the wheel. When you finish your trip and you are an expert on London, you’ll be wondering how long it is till the next time you visit the most amazing place you have been.

  23. Welcome to Shakespeare’s England. There are three places I recommend you go in Shakespeare’s England. The first place I suggest is the Tower of London. It is made up of many towers. The White Tower was the first and it stands in the middle of the fortress. The Tower of London has about 1000 years of history. Some say that the Tower of London is haunted. The most famous ghost sighting is Anne Boleyn, who was executed on Tower Green. The Bloody Tower got its name because it is the sight of one of the most infamous climbs in the history of the tower.

    The next place I propose is the Chelsea Physic Garden. It has everything- from plants used as medicines to carnivorous plants that eat insects. The garden beds are organized and marked for medical purposes. The Garden has been around for a few hundred years and was originally designed to train apothecaries. Some of the plants from Shakespeare’s day are still used to day. There is a statue of Hans Sloane in the garden. Hans Sloane is a responsible for combining cocoa and milk to make a chocolate drink.

    And the last place I urge you to go is a classroom at the Kind Edward VI Grammar School. In the room there are old wooden desks that are marked with carvings from past students. Though the desks aren’t from Shakespeare’s time they are about 200 years old. Students in Shakespeare’s time had to bring candles for light and heat. Also, the school day was very long and education was a privilege for boys only. The girls were expected to stay home and do chores. About 40 boys would gone to school in a single room and their studies would have centered around Latin. Learning Latin was important because it got you into college. To be a lawyer or doctor you had to know Latin. Shakespeare’s education ended at the same school. He never went to college. Today, the King Edward VI Grammar School is still and all boys’ school, but there is now a girl’s school nearby.

  24. Welcome to Shakespeare’s England. To get around, you could walk or take the Tube. London has one of the best public transportation systems in the world. If you take the Tube, it’s not only one of the quickest ways to get around the city, but also saves on taxi cabs and gasoline. Before you get on, you have to purchase electronic tickets called Oyster Cards out of a machine that somewhat looks like an ATM machine. The Tube runs very smoothly. On the platform, there are electronic signs alerting passengers as to how many minutes it will be until the next train arrives. The stations are very clean, and be sure to “Mind the Gap”. It just means to watch your step when you get off the train, because sometimes there is a gap between the train and the platform, and you certainly do not want to get your foot caught. I feel that it will be interesting to be in an environment where there are trains, different noises and smells, and to just feel what it would be like to get on a train like the Tube. When you are on, you could see different cities go by as you zip through to your destination. You will learn about the different cities and their environment at each stop, and what I found to be the most interesting is the really cool ‘zip’ sound when the trains enter and leave the stations.

    Another place you could visit is the Tower of London. It is made up of many towers, and each tower and building has its own story. The White Tower was the first one, and stands in the center of the fortress. Some people think that the Tower of London is haunted because there was a ghost sighting, and her name is Anne Boleyn, who was executed on Tower Green. The Tower of London is most famous for its ghost stories, which would be the most interesting to learn about. You will also see how tall it is, and many other features of the building. You will enjoy taking a travel back through time, and viewing the interesting architecture.What I found to be intriguing was listening to all the ghost stories, and the history of The Bloody Tower.

    To get a birds-eye view of London, The London Eye would be it. You can see 25 miles in each direction. The London Eye looks like a gigantic ferris wheel or more like an oversized bicycle wheel. On the outside, it has egg-shaped pods to carry passengers. Even if it’s raining, it is still a lot of fun. The wheel never stops moving, so make sure that you step off carefully when getting in and out of your pod. The London Eye opened in 2000, and since then, it has become an icon for being featured in movies and television shows. I feel that it will be interesting to see the beautiful view. You will learn how the pods operate, and how to step on and off with caution. What I found to be most fascinating is the spectacular view from The London Eye.

  25. London is a fantastic place and there are many things to see and do there. One of those things is Shakespeare’s England. Shakespeare’s England is made of many tourist attractions, some of which are very well known, some of which are not. A perfect example of a well known attraction is The Tower of London, also known as the Bloody Tower. The London Tower is actually made up of several towers, the White Tower in the center being the oldest. It is over 1,000 years old, and is guarded by the Yeoman Warders, also known as the beefeaters because they were used to test food for the King or Queen to see if it was poisoned. The Tower of London is infamous for the fact that several murders and an execution took place here.

    The next stop on our London tour is the underground subway system, or, as they call it, the Tube. The Tube is a lot more organized than most other subway systems. Instead of paper tickets, they use something called an Oyster Card, which allows you to use the Tube for a full week! It is surprising how clean they keep each station because there are 275 stations and over 250 miles of track!

    Our final stop for today is the Whitechapel Bell Foundry, which has made many famous bells such as Big Ben and the Liberty Bell. It takes several weeks to make such a large bell. A material referred to as loam is used to mold bells, and is made of many things such as goat hair. To make bells, metal is poured into a mold made out of loam. The molten metal can be over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit! By the time you finish your trip, I hope that you know a lot more about London then you used to!

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