60’s Day Reflection ~ Choose One To Write On

Students, please write a one paragraph reflection on your 60’s Day experience. What were the highlights of the day for you?

What are some things that stood out for you from the sessions with Mr. Collins, Mr. Hodgson, and Mrs. Grau?


Choose one of the creative writing prompts to write on and follow the directions. Be detailed and creative. If you choose to write on the hipster princess prompt, just write a summary of what your story would be.






  1. ‘60’s Day was one of the most fun days of the year. I decided to dress up like a greaser, and got to be in my own “gang” with some of my friends who were also greasers. We got to splatter paint, and even got to dance like someone from the 60’s. Overall, each rotation was very fun, and each one taught me something new that I didn’t know. In Mr. Hodgson’s simulation, we learned how unfair segregation was. I was chosen to be on the side where everything was perfect. We got textbooks with color and no drawings inside of them, we got a sturdy building, and we each got our own desk. I cannot say that the other side had the same luxury. The other side had a leaky roof, drawings all over the textbooks, and people had to share seats. This showed what segregation was like and how the white schools had their perks. In Mr. Collins’ class, we learned what Peace Corp is and how it was created. Mr. Collins showed us how Malawi differs from where we live. There are many different languages, different foods, different types of markets, and different types of houses. The presentation helped me learn a lot more about the Peace Corp and how it works. In Mrs. Grau’s presentation, we got to learn how teenagers in the ‘60’s lived. There were many things that differed from today, such as, there were no girls on the swim team. Also, the uniforms for different sports were very different.

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Cinderella turned into a hipster? Cinderella was very unhappy at home and once she became a teenager, she became a hipster and went everywhere just to get away from her evil stepsisters and stepmother. One day, she was shopping at the mall. She had gone into her favorite stores, and even saw some of her hipster friends. It was getting late, and she decided to drive home. She was about to start the car, when she saw a bunch of people running and screaming. She got out of the car and caught up to them. She found one of her hipster friends in the group of people. Cinderella asked her friend where she was going, to which her friend explained that there was a party at a cool restaurant and that everybody was going. Cinderella decided to follow her friend and went to the party. When she got to the party, she saw the sheer amount of people dancing and went to join in. As she was about to start dancing, she saw a very cute guy, but Cinderella couldn’t come up to him, because she was very shy. All of a sudden, a slow song started and everybody found someone to dance with. Cinderella was pretty upset that she couldn’t dance with someone. When Cinderella was about to go and sit down, the guy that she had seen a few minutes before came up to her and asked if she would like to dance. She decided to dance with him. For three straight minutes, Cinderella was so excited. He told her that his name was John and she replied by saying that her name was Cinderella. They exchanged simple small talk while slow dancing. Suddenly, the song ended, and in its place came a fast song. Cinderella started dancing, but suddenly tripped and fell on her face. Cinderella was very embarrassed, and it took all of her might not to cry. When she got up, she noticed that one of her high heels was missing. She looked around, but her high heel was nowhere to be found. She was very embarrassed and very upset. She merely walked to the door in order to leave. As she was about to open the door, someone tapped her shoulder. When she turned around, she was very excited to see that it was John, and in his hand, Cinderella saw that he was holding her high heel. She thanked him and put the high heel on. She, immediately, became very attracted to him and just smiled.

  2. This will be one intense match folks! Today we have Italy vs. Brazil. There’s the whistle and Italy takes the ball to Brazil’s side. 22 passes to 17- wait! Number 8 from Brazil steals the ball from 17 and dribbles it to Italy’s side! How the heck did he even make it over that hill? Now that’s some real talent right there! He gently taps the ball and it’s rolling down the ramp-mountain-hill-thing picking up a lot of speed. The goalie is ready! But, it’s too fast! It rockets into the goal! The crowd goes wild! Wait a second, where even is the crowd? Where am I for that matter? Anyway, back to the game! The ref blows the whistle again! Italy takes the shot right away! Daring move number 22! Can you even hear me?! Oh, well. The ball misses the goal and flies off the field! The goalie is running to go get it. Wait, NOOOOOO!!! YOU’LL FALL OFF THE EDGE! *sigh* They still can’t hear me. Well another intensive injury to end the game. Maybe there’ll be a rematch… Well, see you next time! This is reporter guy signing off! This isn’t a news cast? Oh well, whatever!

  3. 60’s Day was really fun. I loved dressing up and teasing my hair! I loved the root beer floats! The highlight of the day for me was probably the dancing because I just thought that was really fun and I love Just Dance, also I’m pretty good at it. I also really thought that Mr. Hodgsons simulation on Segregation. Its not my favorite topic to talk about but it was fun the way he taught it to us, my favorite part was getting splashed with water because of the “leaky roof.” I had been so excited for 60’s da and I can’t believe it is already over.

    “Bob has the ball now and is bringing it over the hill and to the other teams goal!” just a few minuets ago the gold team kicked the ball too close to the edge and it fell straight down to who knows where, so the soccer mechanics had to fly in another ball, right after they dropped it in the green team immediately stole it. “Ohhhh too far to the right and bob misses!” Now Steve from the gold team has the ball and “Ooohhh!” he kicks it not hard enough and now it it rolling back down the hill right into his own teams goal! “Wooooooo! The green team wins!”

  4. 60’s day was so much fun! I had a great time doing everything! My favorite rotation would have to be the dancing, or the splatter paint. The splatter paint was a lot of fun because we got to create a work of art with our advisory, and it turned out great. The dancing was also fun because even if you weren’t up you were trying to get the right moves to the song. I think I learned a lot from Ms. Grau, Mr. Collins, and Mr. Hodgson. Ms. Grau showed us how different school was back then from now and it was really interesting to learn about her high school. Mr. Collins had some really interesting information about the Peace Corps. I had a lot of fun learning the native language of Malawi, and going on our imaginary car trip. In Mr. Hodgson’s class we learned how different schools had different atmospheres, and completely different learning environments. 60’s day was just great overall.

    If I could be a Spartan, Viking, Knight, or a Roman, I would definitely want to be a Knight. To be a Knight you have to be honorable, and skillful. You aren’t just born into Knighthood; you have to be chosen to be a Knight. Knights get to go on crazy adventures, doing whatever the King or Queen wants them to do. They could be out slaying a vicious beast, or hunting down the most wanted criminal. I think being a Knight would take a lot of work, but it would definitely be worth it in the end.

  5. I had lots of fun as sixties day. I was dressed as a greaser with my hair gelled back, jeans cuffed at the ankle, converse, and a really nice and heavy leather jacket witch was my grandfather’s father. I had a lot of fun in Mr. Hodgson’s desegregation simulation I learned that black people had a hard school life and they were lucky to get the smallest hint of education. Mr. Collins class was fun he told us what the peace corps was and what it was like to be one. They helped people in poor countries and built houses. He thought me a few words in there language one of the words was azungo, which means white person. Mrs. Grout told us what it was like to be a teen in the sixties. She was an upper class girl in the sixties she was a cheerleader. As she told us about the sixties we looked through her old yearbook.

    I am a knight in the castle of courage and strength. It was only a couple months ago that I was forced to become a Roman, Viking, Knight, or Spartan. It all happened when I was in history class and all of the sudden there was a bright blue light and then I was floating in space. There was a man in front of me saying “YOU WILL SPEND THE REST OF YOUR LIFE AS EITHER ROMAN, VIKING, KIGHT, OR SPARTIN CHOSE CARE FULLY.” Of course I chose knight other wise I wouldn’t be here any way. My life here is great I’ve been sent out to slay a dragon or two the only setback is I miss my iPod but I will have to do with out. Every day I awake from my bedroom in the knight’s hall and go to the dining room to eat. I usually eat some vegetables but some tines I have steak for breakfast. Then I go to the king who is usually upstairs in his special bedroom and go ask for some quests lately. I haven’t been very busy but today I have to capture a bandito in town its usually an easy job I capture him and I give back peoples belongings. Today’s bandito must be from the castle of wisdom and technique because he is good but I eventually catch him. As I’m about to go to bed when there is an emergency call all nights are needed the dragons of ice, fire, and dark are destroying the castle. It is a tuff job but we pull it off by getting the ice dragon to fly into fire dragons fire. They fight to the death and all that’s left is the dark dragon he is from the underworld he is cruel. The only way to beat him is to beat him with his own darkness. The king demands I go up to the sanctum of ten gods and get the shield. Only the purest of the pure can lift the shield there is a plaque on the rock that the shield is on that reads “only the chosen one can lift the shield, many have tried many have failed but when the black dragon surfaces so will the chosen one.” Now the moment of truth. I lift the shield and I hear a hiss as the rock drops I hear a voice that says “good luck chosen one” I run out on to the battle field and distract the monster Many of my friends are badly wounded. The dragon shots a fire ball at me and I reflect it and all of the sudden there is a loud boom and the ground shakes. I open my eyes to see I have won. I help my friends into the hospital. Every one lived and we all fix the town If you ask me if I liked this, your answer is a definitely yes.

    1. Mrs. Cobb the “good luck chosen one” is italicized and so is “only the chosen one can lift the shield, many have tried many have failed but when the black dragon surfaces so will the chosen one.” Instead of Black dragon its dark dragon sorry.

  6. 60’s day was filled with great memories! I really felt like I was living back in that time! My favorite part of the day was when we all went to P.E. I loved the music playing and all the 60’s related toys. The jump rope was very fun. I and a couple of other people made a game together with everyone in the grade and played a fun round of red rover. We also played a game where everyone lines up in a line holding hands and you have to try to get a hula hoop over you without letting go. I love P.E anyway but with a spin of 60’s theme it was very fun and intertaing. I also thought that the session with Mr. H was very educational. I liked the idea of how he showed us about the differences of students back then. But I really didn’t like getting sprayed by water all over me. Overall 60’s day was very fun and I hope that we could have it again one day!

    “it’s a tied game, whoever makes this last goal wins the big prize! Now it’s just up to are players! Who will make this last point.” In soccer 3000 it is completely different than regular soccer. You are trying to score on your own goal. The hill is their for a reason. This is how it works, a soccer player dribbles the ball to the hill and kicks it as hard as they can. If hit hard and controlled the best it will be hit somewhere in the goalie box. Then, another player can then kick the ball into the goal. If the ball is kicked off the field and not in the box that means you can not score it and you have to kick it again. On the opposite side of the field are your competitors. These are the people who you are trying to beat. Whoever makes the most amount of points in 30 minutes wins. But, at anytime the ball goes out of the field and off the edge your team loses a point and if you kick the ball up the hill and it goes over it the other team gains a point.” Here’s the last 20 seconds in the game, oh look! Left side of the field is making a move, a player just kicked the ball and it landed in the goalie box! Another team member is moving to the ball and is about to take a shot!” ” 10, 9 , 8,7,6 and…5, 4, 3 and.. 2′ he scores!” “What a great game here played today! Left side won!”

  7. After the initial shock of seeing some of my classmates so ridiculously dressed, 60’s day was a ton of fun, and also very informational. The outfits were, at first, a shock. The Greasers and Socs alike both got into their roles, and it was great to see my classmates take on different roles and characters. Some of the mini-sessions were also quite interesting. Mrs. Grau’s speech on what it was like to be a teenager in the 60’s was amazing, with all the great details that we all loved. Her yearbooks were very interesting, and it was fun to see the old-time uniforms and clothes that many of the student’s wore. In addition, I really liked Mr. Collin’s mini session on the Peace Corps. It was interesting to learn about the jobs and duties of the volunteers that went over to foreign countries and just helped out. It was interesting to learn the little of the native language that we did, and also to see the relative standards of life in Malawi and the United States. Finally, I liked how he said that the Peace Corps’ mission hasn’t changed since its birth, and that was an interesting note. Overall, 60’s day was a blast, and I learned so much in all of the mini-sessions.

    If I was stuck in character, I would want to be a knight. Knights are, as we see them, glamorous men-at-arms, who are the face of any kingdom. I believe that that would be an interesting experience, what with all the quests and battles and such. I would like to feel what it would have been like to be in armor, go into battle atop a horse, and also to joust, which I think would have been an interesting experience. Every day, I would be doing different things, like going to tournaments and jousting, guarding the keep, and fighting the kingdom’s wars. I feel that being a knight would be an interesting and fun experience. I mean, who doesn’t want to wear a suit of armor?

  8. For me, 60’s day was a great experience. I enjoyed being able to choose whether to dress up as a greaser or a Soc. It was also fun to see what others wore. I was a Soc, so i got to wear a polo and pants with a sweater around my neck. All of the stations were very fun and interesting. I’m glad I got to learn more about the 60’s with Mrs. Grau talking about her experience and how she saw the President. Mr.Hodgson’s room was a lot of fun too. We got to learn about how the blacks weren’t treated the same way the whites were. Also, how they were like the whites little brother, they would get every hand-me-down from the whites. The painting was interesting because we got to wisp paint onto the canvas, it might have been a little messy, but it was great. The dancing with the wii was a blast! It was tricky at first but I got the hang of it. Learning about the Peace Corps was interesting because we got to see what it was like to be in the Peace Corps, and what type of stuff you did, and what your day was like. Out of all of these my favorite would be the dancing, it was about competition between the people in your and seeing who could score the highest before the song was over.

    If I had to be a Spartan, Roman, Viking, or a Knight, I would be a Viking. Vikings are very cool and awesome. They own anything in their way and I want to be able to have hammer that I could swing around during battle. I would be very strong, so I could throw stuff really far, too. My life would be very hard and rough. I would have to learn how to said and steer a boat. I would have to learn how to fight and defeat my enemies. My day would be: I have to wake up early, go to training, more training, some more training, and then eat and go to bed. I would repeat that for the rest of my life. I’d train myself to accept pain and to forget about. I would enjoy it because my day would never be boring, and I would learn to live on my own when I’m in trouble, or something bad happens. Being a Viking is when little boys change to men.

  9. 60’s day was so much fun! I had a great time doing everything. My favorite rotation would have to be the dancing because it was fun to use a Wii, something new, to do something older. I’m glad I got to learn more about the 60′s with Mrs. Grau talking about her experiences. I like the part about meting the President and how easy it was to get near him. Mr. H’s simulation was fun too. It was cool to see the differences between the White schools and the Black schools.

    If I had to be a Spartan, Roman, Viking, or a Knight, I would be a Spartan. Spartans are very awesome.I would be very strong so I could throw stuff really far and heft a shield, a sword, and my armor. My life would be very hard. I would know how to fight and defeat my enemies. This would be my day: I have to wake up early and go for a jog. Then I go to do some training, more training, some more training, and then eat very little, repeat the process, then go to bed. I would repeat that for the rest of my life. I’d train myself to accept pain and to forget about it. It would be a hard life but I would take it.

  10. Sixties day was so much fun. I will always remember it as one of the best days I had in school. One of the highlights for me was getting to see everyone dressed up as a Soc or a Greaser. It actually felt like we were teens from the Sixties! Mr. Collin’s session on the Peace Corps was very interesting,I might even go myself (except I hate shots). One of the things that stood out to me was learning how to say a few phrases in one of the Malawi languages. Mr. H’s simulation on segregation was very eye-opening for me. I always knew that segregation was bad in the sixties, but I never realized how tough and horrific it was for African-American students. One of the things that stood out to me was how the textbooks for the segregated schools were in such bad condition, all ripped up and written on. I thought it was cool to learn about sixties teens from Mrs. Grau. I never really knew what they wore, how they acted, or what high school sports were like then. I thought it was amazing how close Mrs. Grau got to JFK when he came to Tampa.

    Welcome to the World Terrain Soccer Championships at High Hill Field! The countries that are competing for the big prize are the USA and Britain, and the big favorite is the USA, because Britain’s star player Bob Johns is injured. The game has begun. The teams are just trying to get off of the top of the hill right now, but the opposite team’s defense keeps stopping them. Now Alexander Red from the USA seems to be making a breakaway down the Hill. Oh! He slips and slides down the hill, will he be okay! Well, it doesn’t matter because Britain’s goalkeeper has possession of the ball… and he punts it… all the way over the hill! And Joe Sanders from Britain is waiting for the ball… and he receives it… he shoots… and score for Britain! It’s so surprising that Britain is leading halfway through the game. Now it is just a battle. For a while now, the teams have made no progress. But wait, here comes Alexander Red… he has the ball… can he make it down the hill? There he goes, lighting fast, and he makes it down the hill! He passes to teammate number 45, and he… scores! 1 to 1 is the score with 2 minutes left! The teams call a timeout… it is all or nothing now.Here we go. With a minute left, nothing has happened. Now, Britain has the ball… in a desperate measure… Britain attempts to kick the ball off the hill do its players near the goal. He kicks… and it is going towards… USA’s Ryan Gold! And he… heads it with a ton of force! It’s going over the hill… is it going to make it? Yes, it will!!! Straight to USA’s Mark Farg who receives it shoots… 3 seconds left… and he… scores!!!!!! USA wins! USA wins! USA is the champion team of Terrain Soccer! Amazing! Wow, this has really been a great game!

  11. Sixties day was a lot of fun in my opion. I learned some much about the sixties and had lots of fun while learning. I was interested in Mrs. Grau’s in formation about how skirts were below the knees. In Mr. Hodgson’s simulation it was awesome how the less fortunate school had leaks and water poured on them. I was very interested in becoming a member of the Peace Corp because of what Mr. Collins had showed us when he was in it. I loved sixties day because we got to dress up in what we thought we would be most like. Greasers and Socs, it didn’t matter weall still were friends. If we could do sixties day again I would and hope we will.

    Hello and welcome to Soccer Gold Cup or has it is better know SGC. We are now going to transport you to the final minutes of the final game in our championship. Fc Madrid VS. Real Barcelona and Barcelona is up three to two with the final minutes running down. Let’s transport you to Tim who will narrate the game live for us. Thanks Jon, right now Madrid has a free kick off of what we call the be obstacle. A hill rising 101 feet straight off the regular surface. If Madrid shoots this just right they will have a great chance of scoring. Tommy Jon runs up to kick the ball from Madrid, he chips it with much back spin. It is dropping like an penny of a big building. It is at an angle to hit the ground right in front of the goal. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe this amazing goal that just went in by Tommy Jon, to tie the game! Since of the wacky rules made up at the beginning, Fc Madrid gets the ball back because of the make it take it rule. All they have to do is drop it back to their star center mid Tiny Tyler, who can score from basically anywhere on the field, and he will take them straight to the win, but remember about the obstacle that could stand in their way for the win. What a perfect pass to Tyler by Tommy Jon. Tyler is taking it up the field, out running all of Real Barcelona’s midfielders and most defenders. Tyler extends his leg back to take a shot, he shoots going for the upper
    left corner and he makes it while time expirers!

  12. On sixties day my favorite sessions were the ones with Mr. Collins and the session with Mrs. Cobb and Mrs. Scoby In Mr. Collins was when we act like we were in the trolley and I also like when Mr. Collins ate the cricket and everyone went crazy. Another session I like was the one where we splattered the paint on the canvas it was really fun and I got paint all over my feet.

    “Hello, my name is Gordo Gordo and I’m here with Mark Key”
    “Welcome to dream mountain stadium today Barcelona is going to play Real Madrid for the Crazy Stadium trophy. And here is kickoff with Real Madrid with ball first.”
    “Ronaldo pass the ball to Pepe. Pepe plays a long ball over the hill back to Ronaldo. And Ronaldo pass the ball to kaka in the corner and then Kaka plays a beautiful ball to the right corner were Fernandez head the ball into the goal and it’s a Goal!”
    “Gordo this is a great start for Real Madrid Stay tuned. We will be right back after this break.”

  13. My parents actually visited Shorecrest last year on 60’s day. They decribed it as the girls loving it, but the guys being completely terrified. So I thought I would hate it. That was the exact opposite. It was not at all what it was thanks to having the Wii for the dancing to make it less corny. My favorite rotation was Mr. Collins on the Peace Corps. Everyone now keeps yelling “Azungu!” meaning white newcomer or white man. When I heard that Mr. Hodgson was doing a simulation on segregation I thought it would be something like the Jamestown game which I wasn’t very good at I thought I would hate it but it was really funny. I was in the black kid school and he spilled a water bottle to fake the roof leaking. After the day was over I went to the varsity track meet and something really exciting happened. Someone from Northside ran the 400 meters without drinking enough water so she passed out and they had to call an ambmulance. So just an overall eventful day.

    I would like to be a Roman. One reason is I take Latin so I have learned a lot about the culture. They were a culture that inspired our language, our form of government, and the architecture for the building of which our government operates out of. They also set standards on how our military is organized. So they play an important role in our modern civilization. Another reason is I would know how to truly pronounce Latin. We are using what we assume is right from what the Church of Rome knew from what had been passed on from past Popes that knew a lot about Latin. So knowing how Latin is truly pronounced would be a major change in history

  14. I thought 60’s Day was very fun. In the morning, I was very excited to see my friends with their hair slicked back. Almost everyone was wearing odd clothes. My favorite part of 60’s Day was when we danced with the Wii with Mrs. Idinge. I thought that it was a very clever idea to use the dancing game to teach some of us how to dance like people did in the 60’s. I really thought it was cool to know how kids my age danced back in the 60’s. It was a shock to me how much dancing has changed over the years. This was also fun because we got to separate into different groups and compete against each other. I also enjoyed learning about the Peace Corps with Mr. Collins. The presentation about the Peace Corps was very inspiring but also was sad. We learned about the hard life that some people have to go through. Even though some parts of the presentation were sad, it was good to know that there are people who care enough to go to a poor country and live there for years. These people make life easier for people in poor countries. I think I would like to join the Peace Corps because people in poor countries need help. I enjoyed learning about the segregated schools with Mr. Hodgson because it gave me a feel of how the times were back then and really made me feel like I was going to school in the segregated times. Mrs. Grau also taught me a lot about the segregated schools and what it was like to be a student growing up. She really explained in depth the troubles of the kids of that time and what they had to go through.

    If I had to choose between a Spartan, Viking, Knight or Roman, I would choose to be a Roman. Life of a Roman would be very difficult. First off, I would have to eat a diet of bread, porridge and vegetables. I would also get to drink wine. In battle, I would wear a tunic, breastplate, helmet, boots, and limb protectors. My limb protectors and breastplate would be made out of iron and leather. My tunic would be made from wool and probably be red or white. I would also wear a belt made of leather. My belt would hold my sword and dagger. My boots would be made of leather as well. Most of the time, I would not get paid for my efforts. If I disobeyed orders or tried to run away, I would either be beheaded or have my right hand cut off. Daily life would be very difficult even if I was not in battle. I would have to march around our outpost to make sure we wouldn’t be attacked. At night, we would dig a trench around our camp and take turns sleeping and guarding. In battle, we would march in rows. I would probably be one of the people in the middle row because the taller people were in the middle for formation. This formation is made by having the soldiers hold up their shields above them. The people in the front row would put their shields in front of them, making a giant dome. This dome would protect all of the soldiers from arrows and spears. We could also advance safely by having everyone move at the same pace to keep in formation. For the most part, my life would not be very fun. I would not get to see my family very often and I also would not get much sleep. Life would not be very sanitary and everyone would smell. I would also have to worry about dying constantly.

  15. Sixties day was very fun and everything we did was great. My favorite was playing Just Dance 2 with sixties dances. Mr. Collins’ rotation on the Peace Corps was very interesting, the part when we were in the van going to base camp was very cramped but we got a taste of what it was like there. Mr. Hodgson’s rotation on segregation was interesting, I was in the “good school” and had nice textbooks and pencils, I didn’t see much of the other side but from what I heard them saying and the noises of water and complaining I thought it was pretty rough there. Mrs. Grau’s rotation on her days in the sixties, in the yearbook of her sophomore year my table found her picture and learned a lot about the hair styles from the sixties.

    “England has the ball up one nil to the Brazilians. England brings it over the hill and down to scoring distance. Ohhhh and Brazil fouls on England and gives them a penalty shot! England is ready to kick and he shoots and ohhhh hits the cross bar missing by inches. Brazil gets the ball struggling to get it up the hill, and Brazil does a lob pass over the hill to another teammate. The Brazilians with a scoring chance and he shoot he scores!!!!!!!! Goal Brazil!!!!!!!! Now it is one one and regulation ends. Now overtime and England starts with the ball. He passes and brings it down the hill and gets in scoring distance. Shoots and misses by a foot! Goalie kick now, he does a short kick to a teammate and he does a long pass to a player on the hill. He gets scoring chance, shoots and is denied by the goalie! Overtime ends and they move on to a shootout. Now remember it is best of five it is not over until each team has kicked five times and if that results in a tie it is sudden death. Brazil shoots first, he is denied by the goalie! England takes a shot at it, he shoots he scores!!!!!! One nil England in the shootout! Brazil, misses! England, denied! Brazil, scores!!!!! one one in the shootout! England, misses. Brazil, off the cross bar! England, off the post! England, scores!!!!!!!! Brazil, if he misses England wins, if he makes it we continue. He shoots, he is denied!!!!!! England wins! England wins! They celebrate out in the field it has been a long game! Thanks for watching, and don’t forget to catch tomorrows game with Manchester United and USA kick off at eight o’clock! See you next time!”

  16. I really enjoyed sixties day. One of my favorite parts was when we learned learned about a sixties artist and got to try his style of painting. I also liked the sixties dances. The outfits everyone had on were really funny. Everyone was pretending to get in a rumble which was hilarious.

    If you have just tuned in to this soccer it has been absolutely boring because their has been a shift in tectonic plates which has caused a mountain in the middle of the field which has divided the two teams. Now the teams have been randomly punting the ball back and forth. Oh, wait somebody has made it over the wall with the ball. They shot but they and missed wait there goes the ball and that is the only one. Well, I guess the game is over.Bye.

  17. I really enjoyed 60’s day! Not only did I think that it was a very good day to learn about what went on during the 60’s but also a very fun day because we got to dress up and see all of our friends dressed up as well. My first class was Mr. H’s class and in that class we learned about how unfair segregation was in the 60’s. I was part of the black group and we were treated very poorly and given all of the white kids old things. Whenever the white richer kids got something new we got whatever they had had before. My second class was with Mrs. Grau. I thought that it was very interesting learning about what it would have been like to be a teenager during the 60’s and what things were in style during that time as well. It was very cool to learn about how she had seen president Kennedy only four days before he got assassinated. I really liked the pictures that she had of Kennedy and all of her yearbook pictures as well. My third and final class was with Mr. Collins and was by far my favorite class of all. He taught us about the Peace Corps and how he had served with them for two years! I found it very interesting to listen to all of his stories about while he was serving and what I thought was even cooler was looking at all of his pictures and videos from Malawi, a very poor city in Africa. He had some amazing shots and footage to go along with his stories. The last thing that he talked about was all the different kinds of foods that he tried and ate in Africa. He even let us try some crickets if we wanted. I tried one and to my surprise it tasted just like a sunflower seed, I felt like I could have eaten about a dozen more.

    We are here playing on the USA’s brand new field 800 ft. above the ground! This game will be USA against England. We will start at the peak. USA starts the game of by booting the ball off of the peak and it bounces once into the goal. Wow, well that was a fast start to the game and the score is already 1-0! This time it is England’s turn to start out with the ball. Rooney tries the same technique that the USA used to score their first goal. He shoots the ball off of the peak but this time the USA’s goalie saves it and kicks it right back over the hum in the field. As the USA’s offense runs after the ball one of England’s defenders tries to climb over the hump in the field and accidentally slips and falls off the edge. One player down and ten to go. As the USA scores their second goal the game comes to half time and we are left with a score of 2-0. Don’t leave folks we have a lot more to come!!

  18. I think 60’s day was a great experience for everyone in 7th grade to learn, have fun, and dress ridiculously. I learned a lot about what life was like for teenagers back then. In Mr. Hodgson’s simulation, I learned the unsettling truth about the reality of segregation and how what family you were born into could decide whether you would succeed in life or end up homeless. It made me realize how fortunate we are now that we all have the freedom to excel in life no matter what conditions we were born into. The simulation was also very fun with the water leaking from the ceiling and the torn-up textbooks. It made me feel like I actually was in the sixties. The second station I went to was Mrs. Grau and she gave us a very realistic and detailed explanation on what high school life was like and how she saw JFK ten days or so before he was shot. It’s amazing how unconcerned they were about the threat of an assassination. Now security is so tight you can’t get anywhere near the president without secret service pummeling and arresting you. The yearbooks were very interesting because, I got to see how the people dressed and what classes and clubs there were. Another rotation was the art with Mrs. Cobb and Mrs. Scoby. The splatter paint was very interesting because it was a different type of art then most detail oriented portraits or landscapes, but it was beautiful in its own way. After that was the dancing with Mrs. I and that was very fun. Competing to get first place with crazy dance moves was very exciting. Finally was Mr. Collins talking about the Peace Core. I enjoyed this because I realized that no matter who you are or what you do you can make a difference in peoples’ lives. Overall, 60’s day was a great learning experience, yet it was also a day to relax and have fun.

    “Welcome to Crazy Sports Network, where anything that is dangerous or life threatening is our thing. We take you to the last few minutes of this soccer game. Our hill has been modified to be five times more life-threatining and five times more fun. So let’s get this thing started. The red team has started off with the ball and is running up the 75 degree slope. The other team is charging up the other side of the hill and the two teams will definitely collide at the top resulting in even more injuries. Yay! Alright … Ohh and player forty-four just went flying off the edge. Turns out hidden trampolines was a very good idea. Don’t worry he will just fall into the giant mattress we installed below the field. Wait, hold on I’m just getting news that the giant mattress was never installed and that means I’m guessing that we didn’t drain the giant pool of lava underneath it either. Well, no one will miss him he was a weird one. Anyway back to the game. The red team is in control of the ball and they are rolling down the hill to the opponents’ goal. No literally, they tripped in the oiled down grass and are rolling towards the goal. Players are being pushed off each side into the, umm, mattress. Wait, what is this, player forty-five has used the hidden trampolines to his advantage and jumped into the air. In midair he kicks the ball and … GOAL. The red team wins the world championship. I’ll just press the button that releases the balloons and confetti. Oh god, why are there rabid weasels on the field? Kevin, did you switch the labels for the buttons? Well that’s it for this episode, we’ll see you next time on Crazy Sports Network!”

  19. My 60s day experience was very fun. I liked watching the movie with all of my friends. I also liked dancing on the Wii with my advisory. Our little four group won the dance contest. My favorite part was being able to dress up as a greaser or soc. I liked greasing my hair back and dressing in boots and a leather jacket. I really liked seeing how my other friends dressed up. My experience with Mr. Collins was very interesting and cool because im going to Haiti this summer and helping out there for a while.

    “Hello and welcome back, we are now about to start the second half with Barcelona taking the kick off. Now remember these teams are rivals and the score is 2-1 with Real Madrid in the lead. Here is the kick off and we are now off with the second half. Messi just stole the ball from Cristiano Ronaldo and is sprinting up the field. Messi just juked out Benzema and Pepe is coming up and slides into Messi. Messi falls down and grabs his ankle and cries of pain. On the other hand Casillas is just waiting in the goal and remember that he doesn’t even know what is going on right now because there is a large hill blocking his vision of the game. Messi gets a free kick and is blocked by Ozil. Ozil gets the ball and starts running toward the goal but trips over his feet and falls of the edge of the field. Kaka is taking the place of Ozil and Xavi takes the ball and starts heading up the hill. Real Madrid’s defenders are getting ready and…BOOM Varane is knocked down and is now violently rolling down the hill. There are only two minutes left in the game and Xavi passes it to Pedro and Pedro takes a shot. Oh!!! he scores in the last two minutes of the game. Thank you for watching, and join us tomorrow for basketball.”

  20. My 60’s day experience was good. I thought Mr. H’s segregation simulation was cool as we were divided up into two groups and got textbooks with graffiti on them. I thought everything else was fun as well. The painting with Mrs. Cobb and Mrs. Scoby was good, even though we got paint on ourselves. Mrs. I’s dancing was fun as well, as we were divided up into teams for a competition. I though Mrs. Grau’s presentation was interesting. It was interesting to compare how things were different from then to today. My favorite part of the day though, was The Outsiders movie. I liked how they put the movie together, even though they left out some details. I think it was a very meaningful book and movie.

    If I were being forced to spend the rest of my life either as a Spartan, a knight, a Viking, or a
    Roman, I would choose to be a knight. I would be a knight because knights are cool with their shiny armor, their swords, and their horses. Also, they are highly respected in society. My life would be cool. I would go around, ride my horse, and joust other people. Also, I would be the king’s head night and lead all the other nights in battle. I would win every joust and be loved and feared by all the villagers. I would enjoy it very much, as no one would dare to challenge my authority.

  21. The things that stood out for me on 60’s day beginning with Mr. Collins class were, first how crammed the buses and vans were in Malawi where Mr.Collins was and how their transportation wasn’t very efficient. The second thing that stood out was that they ate bugs. It turned out that they tasted like unsalted sunflower seeds and were good. The things that stood out for me in Mr. Hodgson’s class were that the black schools got the white schools old textbooks and that the black schools had to share everything. The things that stood out for me in Mrs. Grau’s class were how close you could get to the president without security and how greasers and socs were constantly teasing each other.

    Welcome to this exiting game on FSC (Frog Soccer Channel). This is the championship game Arsenic vs. Carcelona. This an exciting first half. Carcelona has the ball as they’re going up the hill, Messy has the ball. He trips because the ball is rolling to fast and now he’s rolling down with the ball tucked in between his knees bowling down everyone in his path. Oh! He knocks down the goalie and he’s in the net it’s 1-0 Carcelona! Arsenic isn’t too happy as the first half ends. Von Pricey has the ball at the top of the hill and he fires it at Carcelona’s goalie with insane top spin of the crossbar and in! It’s a tie! There going to do a shoot out. Messy is up first for Carcelona and he blasts it but it’s blocked by Scskensie. Von Pricey is up for Arsenic he blasts it so hard of the crossbar Valdez couldn’t see it and before anyone knew it the ball was rolling down the hill like a snowball gaining speed. Valdez thought Von Pricey was preparing for the shot when he saw in the corner of his eye the ball rolling in the goal slowly he dove and tried to stop it but it was too late, Arsenic had won 2-1 in a sudden death shoot out! They won the 2012 FYFA club world cup! Carcelona was still scratching their heads while the coach was looking through the rule book trying to find out something wrong with the goal. It was official though they had won!

  22. I love 60’s day! It was really fun! I loved dressing up like a greaser! I thought Mr. Hodgson’s simulation thing was cool. It’s not my favorite topic, but it really showed me what it was like back then and how segregation changed everything. I love watching the movie. The actor that plays Dally was REALLY cute!

    If I was forced to be a knight, Roman, Spartan, or Viking, I would pick Spartan. Spartans aren’t the friendliest people out of all, but they know what they are doing and the confident. They don’t back down to people and people wish they were a Spartan! It would be very difficult living like a Spartan, my life would be totally different. I’m not sure I would enjoy having to live like a Spartan, but I guess it’d be cool to see what happens in the daily life of a Spartan.

  23. 60’s day was a really fun day. We had five different stations to visit. We learned from Mr. Collins about the Peace Corps, Mrs. Grau’s about her teenage lives, Mr. Hodgson’s about segregation, Mrs. I about dancing, and Mrs. Cobb about painting. Mr. Collins’ stories were really amazing because he showed us stuff that happened and what he did in the Peace Corps, like when people offered you food you would eat it. One example was a cricket which people ate. They would also eat other insects too, like termites.

    The game between US and Chelsea has just started! A guy from Chelsea has begun kicking it down the hill. Now the ball rolled off the side, and the referee throws another ball over because they have a ton of balls just in case of this happening. They have over 100 soccer balls. The ball is now rolling down the big hill, it is reaching over 35 an hour. It is getting close to the goal! The ball is almost in the goal… score! Chelsea has just scored a goal, on the brand new field! That is an amazing start to this game. Now don’t leave because the game has just started.

  24. 60’s day was a lot of fun. We learned a lot more about the sixties by the little stations we did. We learned about the art, dances, segregation, and culture of the sixties. It was interesting to learn about and at the same time it was fun.

    “Oh my Gosh, Cristiano Ronaldo is taking the ball over the hill! Oh no,he fell down the hill! Aw, it looks like he has pulled a muscle and will be out for the rest of the game. The other team will now be given the ball. Lionel Messi receives the ball and is sprinting up the hill and it looks like the defenders don’t know he’s coming. Wow, the defenders are startled! Messi lets the ball roll down the hill while he slides down, that’s a great stadegy. I can’t believe my eyes, Messi just juked out the sweeper! Now he is one on one with the keeper. This is going to be interesting. No way! Messi just rain bowed the ball over the keeper! Goooooooooal. Messi just scored the first and last goal of the game because the 90 minutes are up. Have a good day every one. Come back later to watch a new game.

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