Creating A Fictional World

Students, this is a creative writing prompt for this week. Please read the directions carefully.

Pretend you are writing an ad for a fictional new world for a travel brochure. You want people to come to this new world of yours. Borrow the best elements (ten) from any of your favorite fictional worlds (book or movie) and write one quality, descriptive paragraph that sells this new place. Be sure to give your new world a name.

I would start your thinking by generating a list of elements. Pick the ten best you like and create a world (good or evil) highlighting all these elements. Only use up to two from the same source.

The examples in the box are examples only; you need to come up with your own. The elements you choose must be real ones and not made up ones. If someone should ask you what book or movie an element is from, you should be able to tell him/her.


  1. Come stop by at FicWorld, where all your favorite fictional characters come to life! Once you enter, make sure that you grab your complimentary magic wand and get in your flying car for an overview of the resort. After that, you will go to the dragon station. There, you will pick your dragon to take you wherever you want in the park. You will definitely want to make sure that you stop Games n’ Fun, where will meet Thing 1 and Thing 2 for a wonderful period of time of fun. Be careful though; don’t get caught by one of the Grievers running around the resort! After that, you’ll probably be hungry. Take your dragon and fly to the Fantasy Food Courts. Once there, take your hovercraft and go to all the food stops and restaurants you wish to go to. Make sure though that there are no nightlock berries hidden inside your food! Are you feeling down, then step right over to Better Memories, where our Givers of Memory will transfer any kind of memories you wish to see or feel. Looking for some entertainment, then come straight to King Kong’s Circus. There, you will be amazed by the stunts and acrobatics performed by our professionals and King Kong, himself. Wait, the fun isn’t over yet. Make sure you stop by at How to Wield a Lightning Bolt for Dummies. Here, you will learn how to wield the electrifying powers of a lightning a by our Olympus professionals. Have fun, and definitely make sure you stop by at FicWorld!

  2. Nocturnia is a magical place where day is night and night is day! In Nocturnia everything is backwards so the city literally comes alive at night! It’s like a giant New York City, but without all the smog and crimes! Transportation is the most efficient thing in Nocturnia. We use a system called Flat-trans. You just use a small wand that you get when you first arrive to make one appear, then you’re transported to anywhere in Nocturnia. The wands aren’t only used for that though. You can use them to make food appear or to play games, and much more! Keeping in touch with family and friends is so convenient with the micro card and your personal port. You just collect your friends and family member’s micro cards, and enter them into the port, and you can call them whenever you want! Don’t forget your personal servants the *drum roll* centaurs! These cross-breeds come in handy whenever you need a big job done. Have you ever seen a Leonopteryx? Well now is your chance because they are the city’s main pet! Everyone has them and you can have one too! Also our styling agency is very creative. We use our secret ingredient, pixie dust to give either your hair, or your outfit, that magical touch. Lastly the final amazing thing that will definitely draw you into this magical place is… the power of telepathy! It’s amazing you can download this power like an app, and bam you can use it! Nocturnia is truly an amazing place you should definitely stop by!

  3. Have you ever been in the middle of a dream and then you wake up and you can’t even remember it, well now you can stay in that dream for as long as you want in dream catcher mini world! This may sound crazy but you can live in any dream that you choose to stay in for as long as you want, all you have to do is ask your fairy dream mother. She will always be hovering over your bed ready to assist you. You can also create your own dream sharing club. You and any other friends that want to do it will get into a group and you can travel around their dreams along with yours! If you order your fairy dream mother soon, you get your own poster that says I’m a dreamer on it, and did I even mention that if you order now you don’t only get your dream catching fairy dream mother and the poster but a free manikin of yourself that will beep like an alarm clock whenever you have a bad dream and it will then immediately wake you up. My favorite part about the new dream catcher mini world is that if you want to dream a certain thing that night than as usual, all you have to do is ask your fairy dream mother! Than once you fall asleep she will put an image into your head which will than immediately make you dream that! I love living in this world and I love being able to stay in my good dreams as long as I want and getting out of my bad dreams as fast as possible. You will love it here!!

  4. Have you ever super punched something, flown on a magic carpet, thrown fire balls from your hands, rode on top of an airplane, breathed under water, jumped 50 feet high, said a spell that made you a frog, kicked a soccer ball very far, played football with no gravity, or played lacrosse in a snow storm, if you haven’t come for a stay at “funtastic fun resort”. It’s 5 star with all the features listed above. There are lessons and tickets sold at the front gate of the resort. All you have to do is drive to the resort, rent a room out, and start having fun. If you think I mean drive a car, then your wrong, you’ll be traveling by flytron 6000. The activities last from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. If there are any problems please tell the activities management. Next time you need a break, fly to the funtastic fun resort. Thank you and enjoy you stay.

  5. If you are looking for a vacation where epic battles of good and evil occur, you can certainly find it here because Action City is a cross of several different battles; some that are huge and fighting in the streets, and some that are in the shadows. In the streets, you may see giant robots fighting to the death only of each other. They sometimes knock down buildings and use next-generation technological weaponry against each other. You may see a man covered in red armor from head to toe, except his face has yellow armor, flying around who spends his time fighting the crime in this city that also have the similar types of weaponry as this man but use it for evil. A giant green muscly man sometimes runs through the streets and on to building yet again a good person fighting crime because surely no one can defeat him. What can occur in Action City is wanted people trying to get away with doing crimes and are too small for the big fighters to see, but they get tracked down by a group of four agents. As they must take the biggest risk ever just to complete the mission, and that can involve some destruction and fights, too. The last person who may be known in this action-packed city is a detective who predicts what will happen and what he will do, and he could beat down most anyone by planning the attack. This man tracks down the most sly and unsuspecting criminals that get away with an explosion or a disaster that they started. Action City not the safest vacation to stay, but it can still be a heck of a time when so many crazy things all happen at once. There have only been a couple of accidents of injury in this place, but doubtfully, it will ever happen to you.

  6. Imagine a place where fantasy becomes reality. Where any creature or persons ability can become yours. Fast as a cheetah, or stealthy as a ninja. You can fly with the wind soaring through the sky with other people and animals. You could do anything! The possibilities are endless! Just come down to Genesworld today! You can visit Genesworld for only $199.99 a month! Come down today and you can watch the sunset from a totally new view! Soaring high, or keeping it down low. So come to Genesworld today!

    Note: You do not get to keep your powers they are only temporary and you will only be able to use them while you are in Genesworld.

  7. Attention! The president of the evil dimension has just approved the opening of a new evil world. This world is not for the kind, nice, sincere, or happy people. This new world is called Eville. In Eville, you will find all of your favorite evil elements. There are even things you could never dream of, or have nightmares about. Just walking down the street in Eville will immediately have you packing your bags to live there. Eville has all the evil things there are. Rabid werewolves roam through alleys looking for something or someone to attack. Giant spiders climb overhead waiting for the right time to drop down and spin you into one of their webs. Watch out for vampires also. They don’t care who messes with them, they will eat anyone. Zombie-like creatures wander through parks. The zombie-like creatures love to scare people. Eville may sound great with all of these wonderfully terrible creatures, but there is always a down side. The down side to Eville is the government. The government is made up of terrible officials that despise all of the citizens. They fly around in hovercrafts called Bergs. These Bergs can fly over the city and pick up anyone in the giant claw. The giant claw only picks up people that do good things and are kind. The biggest rule in Eville is you can’t do anything good. There is no loving, being nice and kind, doing good deeds, etc. Anyone that breaks this rule is sent to prison forever. The government is the only down side to Eville. Everyone in Eville is issued a house. These houses contain enough living area for the amount of people staying in each of them. They also contain all the evil necessities of life. These houses also contain three miniature aliens that do anything you want. These aliens are very squeaky and they are afraid of the giant claw. Each citizen is allowed to have one pet. Pets include messenger owls, poisonous snakes, and black cats. To get around Eville, citizens use flying carpets, flying bicycles, or their own feet. The best part of Eville is the shops. There are many shops, but the best is the mirror shop. The mirror shop has all kinds of evil mirrors. These mirrors can do many things. They can let you see other people that are nowhere near you, they can transport you anywhere, and you can ask to see anyone and they will appear on the mirror. If all of these evil things don’t make you want to come live in Eville, I don’t know what will. So, come move to Eville today!

  8. Welcome to Edenville. You’ll always feel safe here, with the Camp Half-Blood Doors surrounding the world, no foreign intruders can penetrate the forcefield to get into this magical place. If the evil spies or monsters do catch a glimpse of life around here, we will simply click our Deneuralizers open and flash away their memories of the last couple minutes. You, however, are invited to enjoy a life filled with wondrous fantasies like Limitless Pills that give you the ability and courage to do or know literally anything you put your mind to. There are no mistakes here, since every citizen gets a free Delorean, equipped with a Flux-Capacitor to let them go back or forward in time whenever they feel the need to. Just in case your Delorean runs out of gas, you can fly around in your Iron Flight Suit that comes with some special laser-like powers. Along with the magical Flight Suits, everyone gets a personal servant, Number 7, who can do or prepare anything you ask it to in a matter of seconds. When and if you get bored, you can always go and visit Hogsmeade, the greatest candy shop in all of the universe. You can find any magical candy there, including some that will make you never want to leave. Additionally, a FLDSMDFR is always open for usage. Obviously, a FLDSMDFR is a secret contraption that allows you to order any food you wish and it will magically rain down from the sky. This is clearly a lot of new things to keep track of, so we suggest to use your Shrink Ray to make all of your possessions pocket-size. And don’t worry about losing them, because our Marauder’s Map is constantly searching and finding lost things every second. If this sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is. This is the most wonderful place anyone has ever imagined, and you are selected to pass through the Camp Half-Blood Doors into the incredulous world of Edenville.

  9. Do you need a vacation? Then come to Getaway Island. Getaway Island offeres flying on a broom through the city that floats through air Besbin. You also can try our maze where you can’t find the way out. It’s fun for the whole family! Check out the our survival games where you are forced to learn how to survive on your own. Don’t forget to come by and check out our challenging skull puzzle. If you think you are tuff enough to handle our Temple of Doom and steal the treasure, do it. That is fun for the whole family. If you are more of a relaxed sort of person, come enjoy the city-selector to see where you fit in on your trip. Check out our Utopia were you can receive memory’s of old times. Come swinging on spider webs through the amazing holographic New York City! Save the world from robots that transform. It s a huge thriller! Talk about a vacation. So, come to Getaway Island today. Rooms start at just $50.00 a night! To book a trip go to our website at Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus. So why not wait another day, get to Getaway Island today!

  10. Imagine taking a magic carpet to an ice castle and sharing a room with three blind mice and a little fairy named Tink. This can happen to you if you go to the magical world named Fantasy World. You can take a magic carpet to get there and you get dropped off in your own ice castle with three blind mice and Tink. Tink can give you a magical power where you can fly and explore around the beautiful city that has beautiful lights. It may sound uneventful with the three blind mice, but wait till you see where the adventures will take you. Although they may not be able to see they are able to use their other senses to make your dreams come true. You should come check out the beautiful world, Fantasy World!

  11. After consulting the gods on Mount Olympus, shadow-travel on your giant hellhound. from the Empire State Building to Camp Half-Blood, in about 45 seconds. Just beware it will need lots sleep afterwards for shadow travel. Battle with your friends in the training arena with your never-disappearing Celestial-Bronze sword.

    Don’t worry about cleaning, improving your cabin, or taking care of annoying campers, the harpies will do it for you.

  12. If you have ever wanted to relax. But also have fun whenever you feel like it. Well then come on down to Relaxafuntastic. In Relaxafuntastic you can sling spider webs to get you around the city. If that doesn’t suit your needs for transportation. Then you can try flying around if you would like. Anything you can imagine is in Relaxafuntastic. Like if you have ever wanted to jump off a building but not die. Then you can be indistuctable and accomplish almost anything. You could get shot and not die. You cold get hit bye a car and not die. It’s crazy fun. But if your feeling like you want to relax and just go up to our floating city that is made for relaxing. There are powers there that you get when you enter the floating city. You can choose between a few powers. You can get the power to appear anything so that if your tired and don’t want to move. You can appear a bed and a tv and I nice cold drink and music. Or you can get shape shifting so that if your tired of being so big you can just turn into a fly and go into a crack in the wall and fall asleep. Also if you have ever wanted to play with fire but be completely safe. Or play with ice and not be cold. Well you can here at Relaxafuntastic. You can have fire in your hands and throw fire balls and shoot fire. Or you can choose ice and shoot ice spikes or shoot ice. If your ever lost in the darkness somewhere don’t worry. Because you can create light with your hands. It is like having a flashlight but it’s a beam of light that comes right out of your palms. Whenever you want I get somewhere but don’t really want to sling webs or fly. Then you can always teleport and be there instantantaneously. It is amazing. You could get our of a kerfuffle or anything like that. now if you have always wanted I move something really heavy really easily. Or help someone bye doing something hard for them. Well you can with the power of super strength. You can lift anything you desire and you can throw something heavy very far. I really hope you come to Relaxafuntastic sometime. Please visit.

  13. Are you afraid of your room? If you are, don’t sleep in the guest room, come to Nap World. It is a place where you can just get away and sleep. Your helpful hosts are the three bears. There are three types of beds. One that is hard, one that is soft, and one that is just right. You, also, get porridge at just the right temperature so your stomach is full before you go to sleep. There are three big buildings in Nap World. One building is made of straw, one of sticks, and one of brick. I prefer the brick building because it’s the quietest. There are some wolves that rest in Nap World, but they mostly stay in the building made of sticks. The brick building has a fish tank in each room that is very relaxing. It has a clownfish named Nemo. Did I mention that the brick building in Nap World is on 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney? One of the best things about Nap World is that it only costs a quarter. Just inside the front door you place the quarter into a pig bank named Ham. Children under eight get to nap with their choice of a space ranger or a cowboy. WARNING! Eating red apples may cause you to sleep for a very long time, but the good thing is that when you wake up, you will meet your prince charming. I am looking forward to seeing you here in Nap World the next time you visit Australia.

  14. Hi, and welcome to Bay News 9. We have just received a story that there is a new vacation spot! It’s called Sophie Land. It’s a magical, fun place for anyone to enjoy. If you come to stay, you will be treated like royalty! Every person, or family, receives their very own Wallie. Wallie is a robot that has been created to pick up all your trash and messes. There is no need to clean anymore. Can’t you imagine? Have you ever flown before? I didn’t think so. But in Sophie Land magic carpets are the way to travel any far distances. But if you are just traveling a short distance, you have your own Segway. These Segways are very fast and fun to ride. Why walk when you are on vacation? If you have a magic carpet, then why not receive your very own wand? In Sophie Land everyone receives a personalized wand. This wand lets you do anything you put your mind to. Incredible! Don’t want to cook? Well there is no need to in Sophie Land. Every house, hotel room, apartment, etc., has a food service. All you need to do is set when you would like your meals to arrive, and then bam! Your meals appear just like that! There is no reason to stress in Sophie Land. Every tourist receives three pills: green, blue, and red. If you are ever stressed, then the green pill is the one to take. It will calm you immediately. What if you’re thirsty and can’t find any water? Just take the blue pill. It will quench your thirst within a blink of an eye. And lastly, the red pill. Have completely embarrassed yourself, and you want to forget? That’s when you are in need of the red pill. It will wipe your memory of the last twenty-four hours! Amazing, right? Sophie Land also has mini ports for every citizen or tourist. Mini ports allow you to video chat any of your friends wherever you are! Lastly, if you ever get bored, (which shouldn’t ever happen) there is Candy Forest to visit. Candy Forest is a forest of candy! Everything is edible! There is even a chocolate waterfall! Wow! Sophie Land seems like the place to be! Be sure to go to for more information. I’m Susan, and thanks for watching Bay News 9.

  15. Welcome to Hooterville! Enjoy the warm ocean breezes, the beautiful shade trees and the walking paths that lead through the owl sanctuary. Long docks carry visitors from each corner of the woods, often swinging back and forth in midair to reach one end or the other. Visit the Hooterville art gallery where owl pictures hang on the walls, float on the ceiling and in the mirrors. At the Hooterville library, the books read themselves aloud. The Hooterville Planetarium features real owls flying in the night. Visitors can get fresh rabbit meat, but no owl meat, at the Hooterville Grocery. Souvenirs are available at the Hooterville Exchange. Don’t forget to leave with a real owl or a fresh loaf of owl-shaped bread.

  16. In Piuma, you will no longer have to live in the smog of all of the cities above ground, for this is a new kind of under ground town, that has the latest in technology in architecture. The transportation to get here has eight wheels, and is the brightest pink we could fink, and at the training course, boulders as big as houses tumble down the sides of mountains. An if you apply for the special transformation, you too could have a power to control metal or read minds. In our luxury green house, we have big bugs and aleins for the boys, and the big bluish castle that hides the princesses of the future for your young girls. So what are you waiting for? come down to Piuma today!

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