Symbolism and Chocolate Cake For Breakfast

“All three of us like chocolate cake for breakfast. Mom had never allowed it with ham and eggs, but Darry let Soda and me talk him into it. We really didn’t have to twist his arm; Darry loves chocolate cake as much as we do. Sodapop always makes sure there’s some in the icebox every night and if there isn’t he cooks one up real quick. I like Darry’s cakes better; Sodapop always puts too much sugar in the icing” (Hinton 104-105).

Remember what symbolism is? A symbol is something that stands for something you can’t see. The American flag is a symbol of freedom, patriotism, liberty, etc. A heart is associated with love.

Based on what you have read on these pages, what do you think chocolate cake symbolizes? (one paragraph)

Students, what would you love to have for breakfast but are not allowed to have? (one paragraph)

What is your absolute favorite breakfast meal? (one paragraph)




  1. Chocolate cake is a very popular treat. At birthday parties it’s a Chuck e cheese you can eat, at family birthday parties its the thread that sews us together, but in the outsiders its the fuel that goes into their tank that starts their day. Cake (Especially chocolate) symbolizes sweetness and hospitality.

    1. (Sorry for the inconvenience Mrs. Cobb here is the last part)

      My mom says that I can’t have pizza for breakfast. I love pizza sometimes I make my own pizza and dough (which is really hard.) My favorite pizza would be a three way tie between my moms bagel pizza, my Boboli (brand name crust) pizza and the Pizzas I make from scratch.

      I have a lot of favorite breakfast meals but if I had to choose a favorite I would chose Hash browns and three eggs scrambled ever since I was ten I would love to go to bob Evans or the breadbasket (a restaurant that my grandparents take me to) to eat their golden hash browns and hot eggs with some milk It is really good and even better with some pepper.

  2. I think chocolate cake symbolizes the brotherhood of them, a little bit bitter on the outside but sweeter on the inside. In the gang, they act tough and tuff, but really on the inside they are just a gang to keep themselves protected, so they feel safer. I think the cake represents their brotherhood as they all love chocolate cake in the morning for breakfast, a time where they are close to the same, when they are peaceful and kind.

    I don’t really know what I would like at breakfast that I’m not allowed… Maybe soda instead of water? Or maybe I would try chocolate cake with chocolate milk for a morning.

    My favorite breakfast meal is probably grilled cheese with ham and excessive tobasco sauce with a hint of ketchup. Normally I have an ice water in the morning, I love the coolness of it and how refreshing it is. I like the bread browned on the grill, and I like cooking and grilling so not only does it taste good it’s fun to. Then I cover the bread in tobasco and Cayenne powder, and let that cook in. Then the cheese is melted in with more tobasco sauce, more spice makes it tastier in my opinion. I tend to season the ham with more tobasco of course, salt, pepper, a tiny bit of steak seasoning, and to top it off I season the sandwich with Italian herbs. It will take a bit but its delicious.

  3. Chocolate cake represents rebelliousness. Darry’s parents wouldn’t let them eat chocolate cake, and he is letting Sodapop and Ponyboy eat chocolate cake. Darry is a greaser, and he probably always will be. Greasers are rebellious, and Darry is saying even though I am in charge, we are still greasers and we are going to show people that we can do what we want.

    If I could have anything for breakfast it would probably be doughnuts. Doughnuts are not good for you and have lots of sugar. Sugar makes you really hyper for about an hour and then you crash. My mom always says to eat a balanced breakfast. She says you should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen, and dinner like a servant. Doughnuts do not give you a good head start to the day. Even though they taste so good and I could eat them all day, I know that they are not good for me.

    My favorite breakfast food would probably have to be cold pizza. Leftover pizza put in the fridge tastes the best. I don’t get to have it very often but it is so tasty. I like pizza hot, but in the morning it kind of gives me an extra boost so I’m ready to start my day fresh.

  4. At first glance, chocolate cake just looks purely delicious. If you look again, you see how mischievous it is. Chocolate cake is rich, and all you want to do is indulge in it. It might not seem it, but chocolate cake is extremely mischievous. It tries to lure you into taking one bite because once you have; you’re in too deep! Chocolate cake just smiles at you and temps you into the trap.

    I’m obsessed with cupcakes. If I could, I would eat cupcakes everyday for breakfast! I think that they’re the perfect breakfast meal! Cupcakes are so glamorous and delicious! Who doesn’t want a bite sized piece of cake for breakfast? Everyone does! I just have to convince my parents to letting me eat cupcakes for my morning nutrition!

    Two words. French toast. Whenever I have French toast, I take my time and indulge. I love the fact that it’s bread, the word “French” is in the name, and I drench it in syrup! There isn’t a better breakfast! I don’t know how it was created, but I’m so thankful for French toast! It makes my day when I have French toast in the morning!

  5. I think that the chocolate cake symbolizes their family. When they eat chocolate cake they all are a big happy family without a care in the world. It also symbolizes their brotherhood and togetherness because they all eat it together, and they all like it. It could also symbolize a sense of rebellion because before Darry, Soda, and Pony’s parents were dead they never let them have chocolate cake for breakfast. After they were killed they had chocolate cake for breakfast every day. It mostly symbolizes being carefree because when they eat chocolate cake they don’t really care about the things happening in their poor life.

    I would love to have freshly baked, homemade, chocolate cake for breakfast. It is sweet and delicious with a little bit of bitter to put a kick into your day. I’m probably not allowed to have it because it has too much sugar. It would be great to have chocolate cake for breakfast. A boy can dream, can’t he?

    My absolute favorite breakfast meal is my mom’s homemade pancakes. You can’t get enough of them. I eat them as fast as I can because I don’t want the flavor to escape. I would love to have them every single morning.

  6. I think the chocolate cake symbolizes comfort. It’s something they eat every morning because they all like it, and they were never allowed to have it when their mom was alive. It’s their way of finding a silver lining. They eat it everyday and if they don’t have it the night before, Sodapop makes a cake. That’s how important it is. It’s delicious and it helps the boys bond. Cake is comfort.

    I would love cupcakes for breakfast. My mom probably wouldn’t let me start my day off with one, but they’re so good! I think chocolate cupcakes would be the best. I’ve always preferred chocolate, and I love butter cream frosting. Yum!

    My favorite breakfast meal would probably be a fruit smoothie. They’re really tasty and they are healthy for you because they have fruit. I also really like starting the day off with something cold, not hot. My favorite kind of smoothie would be a strawberry and or mango smoothie. I especially like smoothies with croissants. They’re my favorite.

  7. In the book “The Outsiders”, chocolate cake symbolizes family togetherness. Ponyboy remembers his parents when he eats chocolate cake for breakfast, and Ponyboy, Sodapop, and Darry all love chocolate cake and love to eat it together.

    If I could have whatever I wanted to have for breakfast, I would have warm brownies with cool whip on top. I love this because the cool whip sort of melts into the brownie and tastes delicious.

    My absolute favorite breakfast would probably be at Cracker Barrel. I would have milk (unless I was with my grandparents, then I would have grape soda), a pancake, one egg, over hard, and some toast.

  8. I love chocolate cake, it’s also a source of sugar, covered in chocolate goodness that almost makes you melts when you look at it in a cook book, a magazine, etc. It’s a dessert served at birthdays and other kinds of parties, served in differently kinds of flavors. It definitely brings people together in a large table to eat their dessert worth waiting for. To me, chocolate cake symbolizes family, kind of like in the outsiders, it’s a popular treat and a real party starter, as I said before.

    I love cupcakes, but with all of the sugary sweetness inside it, it would be unhealthy to have for breakfast. I would have a cupcake for breakfast because it’s just like a muffin, but it has no chocolate chips and it has icing. Although, I would like to have chocolate cake for breakfast because just because it’s a dessert, doesn’t mean it’s not allowed to be your everyday breakfast.

    My favorite breakfast food would probably be pancakes I usually get pancakes every Sunday for brunch with my family. I usually get my pancakes with a side of sausage at either this place called El Tenampa, or McDonalds. It’s because it’s a really good restaurant and it’s almost right next to my house.

  9. I think chocolate cake symbolizes love, comfort, and family. It is a comfort food, something that tastes sweet and makes you feel good. Soda, Darry, Pony, and their mom and dad used to eat chocolate cake for breakfast. This memory is of family, love, and a sense of home. Chocolate cake is a symbol of the way they all loved each other and how much they loved each other and loved being a family. I find this comforting to think about. Imagine settling down with chocolate cake and remembering eating chocolate cake for breakfast with your loving family. This memory is comforting and therefore that is why it symbolizes comfort.

    I would probably have chocolate fondue that I could dip brownies, marshmallows, cake, strawberries, and cookies into. I love chocolate fondue. It has that cozy feeling to it. Chocolate fondue is like chocolate soup almost. It’s warm and delicious, perfect when it’s cold outside. Sadly, I don’t think my parents would ever let me it for breakfast, but it would be fun just for one day to eat chocolate fondue for breakfast.

    My favorite breakfast meal in the entire world is pancakes. I love pancakes. I actually like to make them myself too. My secret to pancakes and the way I like them is you add almond extract to the recipe. It makes them taste so good. I like my pancakes with bacon and orange juice. I remember when I was little I used to help my mom make pancakes every Saturday.

    1. I have to agree with you about the chocolate fondue…..and if I do say so myself……I make the best chocolate fondue! (original recipe from Switzerland!)

  10. I think the chocolate cake symbolizes their family bonding. All three of them like chocolate cake, so they bond while making or eating the cake. Before they were not allowed to have chocolate cake for breakfast, but with Darry they are allowed and that is how it makes the cake even more special. The chocolate cake brings the whole family together.

    I am not allowed to have ice cream for breakfast, but I would love to have it for breakfast. Ice cream is not too thick and has a soothing taste and texture to it. I love rocky road ice cream, so that would be the one I would choose to have at breakfast. Rocky Road has marshmallows, nuts, some vanilla and a lot of chocolate.

    I all time favorite breakfast food is hash browns. I do not like the hash brown chunks, but I like it when it is sliced up into shreds. Back in Tennessee, I would go to a diner called CK’s and their hash browns were the best in the world. Before we moved here CK’s closed down. Then, while our family was driving back home from a long weekend we stopped and Denny’s and I ordered hash browns and they tasted like the ones at CK’s.

  11. In the Outsiders, I think that chocolate cake symbolizes togetherness for Pony, Soda, and Darry. Even when Pony and Darry’s relationship was not that strong, the chocolate cake still brought them together. It also stands for how they have come together as a family even when their mom and dad died. It is a tradition for them that was made after their parents’ deaths. It really is amazing how the littlest traditions or things can heal people and bring them together.

    If I could have anything for breakfast that I’m not allowed to have, it would be gingersnap cookies with milk. I’m not a big fan of icing and cake (and I don’t think I ever will be), but I have always loved cookies, especially gingersnaps. It would be the perfect thing to have for breakfast! It might take a little convincing, though.

    My favorite thing for breakfast is toast or semi-homemade pancakes with crispy bacon and over-easy eggs. When my family can make it, we usually make it on Sunday mornings, sometimes without the bacon, or we go out someplace to get it. It is the perfect comfort breakfast, and I love when we make it ourselves. It is always a great start to the day.

  12. I think that chocolate cake is symbolic of comfort. To Darry, Soda, and Ponyboy, that comfort is consistency. Despite life’s ups and downs, this one tiny thing stays the same. It also reminds all of them of the life that they had before their parents died.

    If I could have anything for breakfast, I would have doughnut holes, especially vanilla glazed. Doughnuts are not a very good breakfast food though. They have too much sugar and not enough of the nutrients that you need.

    My favorite breakfast food is hash browns and cheese grits, or maybe chocolate chip pancakes. In Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island, there is a restaurant that has this. It is called Miss. Carolyn’s, and serves breakfast and dessert.

  13. Chocolate cake is a food that is loved by everyone. I think that it’s funny that Darry, Ponyboy, and Soda all like chocolate because they are all different. Even though they all act different, chocolate is one thing that they all enjoy. When their parents were alive the mother wouldn’t allow them to eat this. But when the parents sadly died this changed. With a lot of begging from Ponyboy and Soda, Darry soon allowed it. I think that this one small, chocolaty desert is kinda a big deal. This was the first time they all agreed on something since the death of their parents. The chocolate cake symbolizes the three of them making a decision by themselves without someone older than them saying no. It was a small thing, but was important.

    I don’t really eat a big breakfast in the school mornings. My mornings are very rushed because of school. I usually grab a banana or apple very quick before getting into the car. The weekends is when I have my breakfast’s. But if I had the time and could sit down and eat, I would have warm, chocolate pancakes with creamy, melty chocolate poured on top of it with a side of warm, chocolate milk. It would be a great, unique and a different way to start of my big, long day.

    My favorite breakfast is the good old scramble egg with crispy bacon strips. I love bacon so much I don’t know what I would do without it! Scrambled eggs are so easy to make, I can make them myself. I love the smell of bacon in the morning. That sweet, sizzling, smell can fill up the house in a heartbeat. Sunday is the day to tackle all of my homework, so breakfast is a way to wake you up and feel energized for the day. Good old eggs and bacon can get you a long way.

  14. You always eat chocolate cake with your family, and that is what the cake symbolizes. It symbolizes every aspect of a family: love, journeys, memories, and small little cracks where things have gone wrong. Eating a chocolate cake is a journey. You start at the top with the icing, make your way to the ooey-gooey center, and finally reach to the end of the cake. This represents a Pony, Soda, and Darry’s family journey. The icing of the chocolate cake represents love in their family. The icing is sweet and bitter at the same time, just like their family. They all love each other, but they can also get annoyed with each other. When you look at a chocolate cake, there are little cracks everywhere. This shows where things have gone wrong. These are small imperfections in their relationship. Lastly, memories. The chocolate cake brings back many memories. It reminds the boys of their parents and their earlier childhood.

    Cookies! Who doesn’t want a warm, soft, chocolate chip cookie for breakfast? I wish I could have a cookie everyday for breakfast, but they aren’t very healthy, and I don’t really have protein and all that good stuff you need to help you throughout the day.

    I would have to say my favorite breakfast food would either be crepes or scones. My dad makes crepes that are really good. I always load them up with strawberries and whip cream or cinnamon and sugar. They are really yummy when they are hot and first come of the stove. I also love homemade scones. My mom just recently made some for my brother’s birthday, and they were really good. They remind me of all the times I was in England with my family, and we sat outside with our scones with jam and whip cream. They are to die for! Crepes and scones are definitely my favorite!

  15. Chocolate Cake. It’s the best dessert you could ever think of. Chocolate Cake, for me, represents happiness, because whenever I get to eat this heavenly food, I am happy (and it’s usually eaten on a special occasion.) In “The Outsiders,” though, chocolate cake symbolizes Darry, Soda, and Pony’s togetherness. It represents family, and shows their strong bond. Even though Darry, Soda, and Pony like different things, chocolate cake is the one thing that unites them, and they can depend on the chocolate cake being in the freezer just like they can depend on each other.

    Chocolate Peppermint Crinkle Cookies, the most delicious cookies in the whole wide world. If I could choose one food that I would love to have for breakfast, but am not allowed to have, it would be the Chocolate Peppermint Crinkle Cookies. These cookies are sold at Panera Bread. The powdered sugar is lightly sprinkled across the dark minty cookie, which makes them taste mouthwatering and delectable. I am obviously not allowed to have these cookies for breakfast because they don’t have much nutrition, and since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, these wouldn’t get me off to a good start. These cookies taste amazing on a cool, winter’s night. No matter how much I love these cookies, it will not change the fact that I will never be able to eat these for breakfast!

    My absolute favorite breakfast food is a hard question to answer. There is such a large variety of breakfast foods, and breakfast is probably my favorite meal of the day. But if I had to choose, my favorite breakfast food would be a blueberry muffin. Blueberry muffins are good plain, but when they are warm, moist, and smothered with butter, they are to die for!

  16. When I read the paragraph about the three boys loving chocolate cake, it surprised me. The one thing that Darry and Soda and Pony agree on is cake. Cake! I actually found it kind of funny, too. These three brothers who almost never agree on anything all like to eat chocolate cake for breakfast. So, since it brings them together, I think the thing that the chocolate cake symbolizes is unity. When three brothers are living alone together with parents they have recently lost, they will disagree on a lot of things. It shows that even though not everyone agrees on things, one little thing (like cake) can unify them and make them closer than ever.

    If I could have anything for breakfast that I am not allowed to have, it would be a huge York peppermint patty. They sell the really big ones at CVS or at gas stations, and I LOVE them. I could eat Yorks all day. I think chocolate and mint is the best-tasting combination ever. I’m not allowed to have one for breakfast, though, because they aren’t filling at all, they are full of sugar, and have no protein or anything to keep me going for the day. As much as I would like to eat a giant York patty for breakfast, I think it is for the best that I don’t because when I do get one as a special treat, it would not be so special anymore.

    My favorite breakfast that I CAN have would be fluffy Belgian waffles with fresh, cut-up strawberries, topped with whipped cream, and drizzled with chocolate syrup. The best Belgian waffles come from the Saturday morning market downtown from this small booth called Sylvia’s Waffles. The thing that makes them so good is that they are light and fluffy (like any Belgian waffle should be), but they are also dense and moist inside. I’m pretty sure the lady who makes them, Sylvia, is from Belgium, so she obviously knows the secrets to a good Belgian waffle. It is definitely a special treat when I get Sylvia’s Belgian waffles!

  17. Based on these paragraphs, it seems that chocolate cake symbolizes good times and family. It shows family because back then Ponyboy, Darry, and Soda had a complete family, with their mom and dad and it seemed like it brought them together. Also, it shows personality. In the caption, it said that Sodapop always puts too much sugar in the icing. This caught my eye because Sodapop sounds like the sweetest person in the book, and would want things to be sweet, so I made a connection between the two. It can also symbolize happiness and good times because chocolate cake is sweet and usually, sweetness and sugar make people feel good.

    A food that I wouldn’t be allowed to have for breakfast would probably be ice cream. I love anything cold or frozen and I could live on frozen things, but sadly, frozen foods aren’t always healthy. Ice cream is really good, but breakfast is the starting meal of the day and my parents like me having breakfast foods for breakfast, not sugary things. I usually have granola bars instead. Also, I am only allowed to have juice for breakfast because it has lots of Vitamin C and proteins in it.

    I’m not a big fan of breakfast. I don’t like many breakfast foods and usually on weekends, I sleep right through breakfast, but if I had to pick my favorite breakfast meal, then I would pick pancakes. My mom makes these amazing pancakes with bananas in them and she serves them with nutella and lots of fruit, so that there are some healthy things included. They are really good, and I wish I had time to have them on weekdays.

  18. I think chocolate cake symbolizes family, friendship, and memories. Chocolate cake is the one thing that keeps the Curtis boys together. Well, not really. They have the gang of course, and they live together. These also keep them together, but chocolate cake is more than being in a gang and living together. They eat it every morning for breakfast. They always make sure that there is one in the fridge the night before, and if there isn’t one there, they make another. This seems like a great time for the boys to bond and talk to one another. Chocolate cake symbolizes friendship because if not created correctly, the whole thing could collapse. Making cake requires time and patience and friendship does also. You can’t just make a cake appear, and you can’t make friendship appear either. You have to build upon each until they are ready. In the Outsiders, chocolate cake can also symbolize memories. Ponyboy, Darry, and Soda have always loved to eat different things for breakfast, but the one thing they all love is chocolate cake. Their parents wouldn’t let them eat it when they were alive, but when they died, Soda and Ponyboy convinced Darry to let them eat it. Chocolate cake gave the boys memories of their parents.

    For breakfast I would love to eat a big milk chocolate bunny. Chocolate is one of my absolute favorite foods and if I could eat it for breakfast I would love it even more. My old school sells big chocolate bunnies around Easter and since my little sister, Nicole, still goes there we still get them. They are the best chocolate bunnies I have ever eaten. I haven’t had them in a long time, and I don’t think the school sells them anymore. I wish I could have a big chocolate bunny for breakfast, even though I might get sick. I love chocolate!

    I love my families Sunday breakfasts. We all get up on Sundays and help to cook breakfast. I make eggs or pancakes, my brother makes sausage, my mom makes bacon, and my sister gets everybody drinks. It is a lot of fun to cook with my family, but it can get a little crazy in the kitchen at times. When we are done cooking, we all sit at the dining table and eat. Some people may say that sitting and eating with their families is boring, but I love this family tradition. Lately, we haven’t been making Sunday breakfast, but I hope we can continue this wonderful tradition.

  19. Chocolate Cake. One of my least favorite things in the world, but ne of Pony, Darry, and Soda’s favorite things. Chocolate cake symbolizes so much in this book. One thing it symbolizes is freedom. It shows that they are all alone and no one is there to say no. It also shows that they are individuals. They do what they want to do, no matter what anyone says. It also symbolizes that they do things differently in front of adults. The boys probably did things very different when their parents were alive.

    Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. You’re supposed to eat healthy food, so I think the one food I want to eat, but I can’t, would be cupcakes. I would love to have this for breakfast because they are very sugary, and they are so fun to eat.

    My favorite breakfast food is obvious. If you asked anyone else what they thought my favorite breakfast food would be, they would have no trouble naming it. It’s bacon. But not any kind of bacon. It is extra thick, extra crispy, Oscar Mayer bacon. It has a crunch, but isn’t too filling, so you can eat a lot of it.

  20. The chocolate cake in “The Outsiders” symbolizes family, care, and love between the three brothers. The chocolate cake symbolizes care and love because even though they are rough, tough, and tuff greasers, they still take care of each other and make sure that they always have what they really want, even if it means that they have to make it themselves. It symbolizes family because it is something that they only do together as a family and something that they have adapted to their lifestyle ever since they lost their parents. Also, because they remember their mom not allowing them to have it, the cake is also a reminder of their life with their parents.

    I would love to have chocolate or pumpkin pie for breakfast. My great aunt made the best chocolate pie that I have ever tasted in my entire life, so I would have that chocolate pie and none other. Also, my friend and I made pumpkin pies together and they were delicious, so I guess you could say that I like homemade things. My mother would probably never allow me to have these for breakfast

    My absolute favorite breakfast meal of all time would have to be my homemade, chocolate chip waffles. My mom and I make them from this mix by Williams-Sonoma and they are so delicious. If I could eat these everyday for breakfast, I would.

  21. I think that chocolate symbolizes love, family, and brotherhood. Since their parent’s death, Ponyboy, Darry and Sodapop have been together helping each other out. The rule in the house is that the first person who wakes up makes breakfast for everyone and the others will do the dishes. Whoever gets up first doesn’t need to think about what they are going to cook for the three of them, it’s chocolate cake with eggs and ham. That is what they always have. Ponyboy likes his eggs hard, Darry likes them in a bacon-and-tomato sandwich, and Sodapop eats it with grape jelly. They are all crazy about chocolate. It is one thing that they all have in common. It is so delicious! I think that it means that they know each other well and that no matter what, they will always love each other.

    I hate breakfast. I don’t feel like eating when I wake up. I never have appetite for anything except one thing; crepes with nutella on them and a little whip cream. When my mom makes crepes, it is usually during the weekends. It takes too long to do it in the morning and I always wake up late, so I don’t have time to bake crepes. Crepes are delicious and they fill you up. One of the reasons I can’t have crepes every morning is because my mom says that its unhealthy for you.

    When I lived in the Philippines, I never had the idea of making eggs and bacon in the morning. Then I came here and went to a hotel and saw almost everyone have bacon and eggs in the morning. At first I thought it was gross but once I tried it, it was delicious. I do make scrambled eggs often. I eat them because they are yummy and fast to make. I don’t always eat bacon with them. And sometimes, I add tomatoes with the eggs.

  22. I think that the chocolate cake symbolizes the bonding between brothers and how even though they can be very different at times (Sodapop is funny and fun loving , Darry is hard working, and Ponyboy is a book worm and movie lover.) They all are the same in at least one aspect and love at least one thing, all together with all their stomachs.

    If there was only one breakfast that I wanted just once it would be Extreme Chocolate Lovers Cake, a large glass of milk, and about a ton of vanilla ice cream. I can’t have it though because it has too much sugar, calories, and I would have way too much and get a stomachache.

    My favorite breakfast ever would be 3 sizzling scrambled eggs with cheese spilling down the sides, bacon, hot sausages, milk, biscuits with butter melted through and through, hash browns that are lightly browned, pancakes, and lastly house potatoes that are cooked with Italian seasonings and cooked in bacon grease. After this breakfast I am ready to tackle the world, but after I lie down for a couple minutes to an hour to digest the food. Can you believe I can eat that much?

  23. In this passage, there are a lot of things that the chocolate cake could represent. But the main one that stood out to me was friendship with the three brothers. They all care about what the other boy likes. They want to make each other happy and satisfied. That’s why Darry allows them to eat it for breakfast. He understands Soda and Ponyboy. He likes the cake just as much as they do. The way I think of it as is that the icing represents their lives. It is usually pretty smooth but can also become very rough. The cake part of it is usually put together so that it is one big piece or pie. When it is whole, it sticks together just the way the brothers and the gang do. But, the cake also represents their hearts. The cake may sometimes fall apart just like the way greasers’ hearts do. They have so many emotions and have so much to worry about with all the Socs running around and invading their territory. So much goes on in their lives and it’s hard to keep up with it all. One minute Pony met a really pretty girl he likes, and the next he’s running away because his best friend murdered someone. A cake really does represent the boys lives perfectly.

    I love lasagna with a burning passion! It is like my favorite food. I think it tastes so good. But I am only aloud to have it for dinner. My parents like me eating proteins and healthy foods in the morning. They think it’s a good start to my day, which it is. But, I really love lasagna. I could live on it. So, maybe when I move out I will be able to eat it for whatever meal I want.

    My favorite breakfast is cinnamon buns. It is basically the only food that I eat in the morning that isn’t very healthy. I think they are just so good in every way. I love them with a lot of icing and cinnamon. They give me a good start to a busy work day. I wish I could have them everyday for breakfast. They are just so tasty. I love them!

  24. In the Outsiders, I think chocolate cake symbolizes quality and luck. Homemade chocolate cake is always of good quality, unless you make it wrong (like if you accidentally forget the chocolate) and the brothers are lucky that Darry lets them have cake for breakfast. I think that it is just fitting that while Pony, Soda, and Darry are stuffing their faces in cake, Two-Bit and Steve walk in, just to show what good, quality friends that the gang members are. Pony, Soda and Darry are lucky to have brothers that take care of each other.

    Something I would want for breakfast is a meal that fills you up really fast. Not fill you up fast like pancakes do, but something that you could take a small bite of and you were full. It would also be really nice if it was good for your teeth and gave you fresh breath, that way I don’t have to brush my teeth. Unfortunately these don’t exist.

    My favorite breakfast is made from the pancake dough that I have when I’m with my friends. My mom just takes the plastic off of the jug, shakes it up, and pours it into the pan and in thirty seconds or so, they’re done. I especially love them because you can put anything you want in them.

  25. When you eat chocolate you aren’t normally eating it by yourself. I think it symbolizes being with friends or family. It means a lot to all the boys because it’s part of their life now. They always eat it every morning. Each one of them likes him so much that they need to have it in the morning or just have it everyday. As it says on the pages, SodaPop always makes a cake if there isn’t any left, so that he can have it when he wakes up and to start his day. They use the cake as another way to stay close together by sharing it and all of them enjoying while having a good time. I think they also like it because, whenever they eat it or think of it, memories of the times they’ve all sat down to have a piece.

    I’m not allowed to have a brownie for breakfast. I understand why because they don’t help you to start your day and help you get going. They are good but don’t help you at all to wake up and go to school.

    My favorite breakfast meal would be waffles. I would put syrup on them and maybe some blueberries or strawberries. I like this because I know how to make it and it doesn’t take that long to make before I have to go to school. All I need is some pancake mix and I can make myself a waffle. Another breakfast would be scrambled eggs. I like them a lot because they very tasteful.

  26. Honestly I have never heard of chocolate cake for breakfast but I’m sure people do that a lot. I think in The Outsiders it symbolizes freedom from the control of their parents. They all like chocolate cake and Darry doesn’t care so they have it. Ponyboy said that they didn’t have to twist Darry’s arm about it and he liked cake anyway so they ate cake often.

    The one thing my mom won’t let me have for breakfast that I really like is nutella. She says it’s a dessert but I don’t agree. The only time of year that we ever get nutella is nutella day ( which was yesterday). I really like nutella and I eat it whenever I can but that’s not to often.

    My favorite breakfast meal is definately blueberry pancakes with sausages and maple syrup. I had it at my grandparents house and I really like it because the blueberries give the pancakes a nice flavor and no great breakfast is complete without sausages. The final reason is because I made it myself.

  27. I think chocolate cake symbolizes friendship and bonding with friends and family. Whenever you have chocolate cake, its a time for everyone to come together and spend time with each other. Its also a time to socialize. When you share chocolate cake it creates memories that last forever. Like when all the brothers in the Outsiders had chocolate cake, I think its definitely a time of bonding and growing friendship.

    What I would love to have for breakfast, but am not allowed, are fresh cupcakes with vanilla icing. Whenever there’s some in the house, I’m always begging my mom to let me have one. I really wish just once, to have one for breakfast to taste the wonderful flavor of a delicious, vanilla-iced cupcake in the morning. My mom’s answer is always no, because she says they have too much sugar and no nutrients.

    My absolute favorite breakfast meal is a freshly-made Belgian waffle with maple syrup. The best ones used to be at Cracker Barrel, and also they have really good ones at a restaurant called Tic-Tock. I would eat them anytime, with a little butter, lightly toasted, and drizzled over with fresh, maple syrup.

  28. The chocolate cake resembled something that they all liked and did (eat cake). The book also said that if they were out of cake someone would make some, I interpreted it as if they won’t give up, and will keep the tradition of cake eating going for thousands of years! It is also something they do as a family and the cake bonds them together.

    I’m allowed to have any thing for breakfast but the thing I would have would probably be a beef stew. I even know how to make one except for one part. First you take the chunks of beef and roll them in flour and then you cook them with oil in a pot but I don’t know what else to put in the pot to make the more liquid part of the stew.

    My favorite breakfast food is bacon and there are two reasons why. Number one: bacon is the best thing on earth, no wonder someone invented veggie bacon so vegetarians don’t get left out. It also consists of hearty proteins and the elements of Barium, carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen. If you want the exact formula here it is: Ba2C4O12N4 + pure awesomeness, there you have it the formula for the best thing ever.

  29. The brothers in “The Outsiders” all have at least one thing in common, their love of chocolate cake for breakfast! I think that the chocolate cake symbolizes the brothers bonding and how close they have gotten since their parents died.The boys said that their mother never let them have chocolate cake for breakfast, so now it’s kind of a thing they do together because they all love it.

    Honestly, my parents will let me eat anything I want for breakfast as long as I have something healthy during the day. I just choose to have regular breakfast food. If I had to choose something that my parents would rather me not eat, it would be my grandma’s homemade derby pie! It is one of my favorite foods in the whole world. It’s not very healthy, won’t keep me going all day, and it even has bourbon in it so it is not my parent’s favorite choice.

    My absolute favorite meal for breakfast is either crepes or belgian waffles with Abuelita’s Mexican Hot Chocolate (the best hot chocolate in the world). I love to fill and top my crepes and belgian waffles with chocolate sauce, whipped cream, strawberries, and, on my crepes, nutella. It is delicious although not very healthy. I wish I could eat crepes or belgian waffles everyday, but I guess it wouldn’t be as special that way.

  30. Chocolate cake symbolized a similarity in most people, which is being unable to resist chocolate cake. When your with a group of people who don’t exactly like each other, chocolate cake is one good thing to bring because everyone will want some (unless someone doesn’t like chocolate cake, which is rare among people). Chocolate cake can mean togetherness and happiness as you eat it, and that’s why Ponyboy, Sodapop, and Darry eat it for breakfast. Chocolate cake is usually offered at parties because it makes a perfect dessert for a place where your are suppose to have a good time.

    A breakfast meal that I wish I could have was peanut butter toast with Oreo crumbs on it because I have tasted for myself and thought it was so delicious. My parents say it is just too unhealthy of a breakfast for me to eat, but I’m allowed to have peanut butter toast, which still tastes good. It is just a good combination of peanut butter and chocolate that makes a great taste, but apparently, it’s just not an appropriate meal for breakfast.

    My favorite breakfast meal ever was when I had huevos rancheros because the way my father did it made the meal overall so good, plus, my dad makes very good eggs. He made it by take some tortilla chips and put refried beans, cilantro, jalapenos, red peppers, and two soft boiled eggs on it. It was a quick meal, but it was more filling and delicious than any other omelet, scrambled eggs, or an egg recipe called Grandma Bucket Eggs, which is just a blend of egg, bits of toast, cheese, and pepper and salt.

  31. Chocolate cake is a delicious sweet treat that you have on special occasions. In this context, I believe chocolate cake symbolizes protection. Chocolate cake makes people happy. It makes you comfortable. When you take a bite of chocolate cake you feel that nothing bad can go wrong. You feel protected.

    Out of all the food in the world, my favorite breakfast would have to be Macaroni and Cheese Balls. They are a combination of my two favorite foods, chicken fingers and macaroni and cheese. This delicious food has a chicken finger breading on the outside, and they also have macaroni and cheese stuffed inside. My dad makes them fresh and crispy for dinner sometimes, but I have never had them for breakfast.

    My favorite breakfast is obviously from my favorite restaurant, St. Pete Bagels. Their warm and crispy bagels with cream cheese are irresistible. I always get the bagel with cream cheese and a croissant. Their fast service and generous workers make it hard not to come back on the weekends. Even my dad says it is the best bagels he has ever tasted by far. I am getting excited because National Bagel Day is on Thursday, and they are giving out free bagels. We might go there before school starts and get one.

  32. To me, chocolate cake symbolizes a family tradition. Almost every day the three brothers will have it for breakfast. All three of the brothers love it, so no one ever objects to eating it. As long as no one has a problem with it, they will always eat it for breakfast, thus the tradition shall remain .

    Honestly, its hard to talk about what I want for breakfast after I just had a very filling dinner! Although, if I had to say something, it would probably be a hot fudge sundae with my favorite soda, cheerwine. Cheerwine is a cherry soda drink that was, until recently, exclusive to northern states like North Carolina. My parents would never let me have either of these things for breakfast, just because of the sheer amount of sugar content.

    My favorite breakfast meal is probably home made chocolate chip pancakes. Every Sunday my family gets together and we all have chocolate chip pancakes. They taste absolutely amazing when you put syrup on top. I always look forward to Sundays for this reason.

  33. The chocolate cake that Darry, Soda, and Pony boy ear for breakfast symbolizes the family bond and love that they share. When their parents were alive they never let them eat the chocolate cake with their ham and cheese in the morning. Since their parent are now gone, it gives them some way to stay close, an everyday tradition. This chocolate cake helps them stay together and grounded. This tradition keeps them close and gives them a sense of family.

    If I could have anything for breakfast and mu mother couldn’t interject, I would have cupcakes. I love cupcakes when they come straight out of the oven. My mom doesn’t like them because she thinks they have too much sugar but you know, that’s how moms are.

    A to die for breakfast includes fluffy blueberry pancakes and a slice of turkey bacon. In the morning I need something to give me energy and this sweet and salty breakfast does just the trick. Sweet blueberry and maple syrup compliment the crispy and saltiness of the bacon. This breakfast, or cupcakes, would really make my day.

  34. Chocolate cake symbolizes rebellion because when their mom and dad were alive they weren’t aloud to eat it for breakfast and now they eat it all the time. It also symbolizes how close they are as brothers because they all like it and that is their bonding time.

    If I could have anything for breakfast but I am not aloud to have it would be waffles with ice cream on top and whip cream. That, or crepes. I love both of these but I can only have them on special occasions like my birthday.

    My favorite breakfast is crepes. Although I can only eat them on my birthday and Christmas morning. They are delicious and I love them. I wish I could eat them all the time.

  35. When the Curtis brothers’ Mom was alive, she never let them eat chocolate cake in the morning. Chocolate is something all three boys love. I think after the parents died, the boys’ life totally changed. The boys were commited to keeping the bond between the three of them. I think that eating chocolate cake in the morning symbolizes the love and commitment of staying together. Just as Soda dropped out of high school to get a job to keep food on the table and have shelter and Darry took on two jobs, Soda always makes sure there is always chocolate cake in the refrigerator. If there isn’t one, he will make one up real quick. He didn’t want anything to break the bond between the brothers.

    I would really like to have peperoni pizza in the morning. I would like it because it’s spicy. Somehow it’s something my mother would never serve me for breakfast!

    My absolute favorite breakfast meal is bacon, scrambled eggs, sausage, and toast. Both of my parents make great scrambled eggs. I don’t care which one of them is cooking in the morning. I like it when I wake up to the smell of bacon and eggs cooking. Starting the day with all the foods I love, always keeps me happy for the rest of the day.

  36. I think chocolate cake symbolizes hope and togetherness for Ponyboy, Sodapop, and Darry. Since all of them like chocolate cake, and they can only stay together if they don’t get into any trouble. This cake symbolizes the hope that they get to stay together. They make sure there is always a cake in the fridge, that represents that they always make sure they don’t get into enough trouble to get separated and put into a boys home. Them baking represents that they do things they wouldn’t otherwise do to stay together.

    Something that I would love to have for breakfast but am not allowed to have is, chicken pot pie. For some reason I have always loved chicken pot pie but it’s not a breakfast food. I am not sure if I wouldn’t be allowed to eat it for breakfast, it just doesn’t sound like the type of thing you would eat for breakfast. My mom might let me eat it but I just think people would look at me weird if I eat chicken pot pie for breakfast.

    My absolute favorite breakfast meal is a traditional breakfast meal pancakes, bacon, sausage, and orange juice. But this is different it is something that my camp makes. It is the best sausage you will ever taste in your life. The bacon is not to soft but not to crisp it is perfect. The pancakes, they have syrup in them already and they are thicker than any pancake I have ever tried, but they are also in the perfect shape it is completely round. The orange juice I think is just plan but for some reason it just goes perfect with this meal.

  37. Even though it is a weird custom, I believe the cake for breakfast represents regularity and consistency. This was one thing that the boys were able to keep alive after their parents had died. The passage states that the boys always make sure there is a cake ready. I believe this furthers my view on the meal, because they try so hard to keep the tradition strong. It is a way for them to remember the way things were when the Curtises were a full family.

    One thing that I love to eat for breakfast but am not allowed to have is chocolaty, sugary cereal, specifically Cocoa Puffs and Reeses’ Puffs. The problem is not that they are not allowed in my household, but that my mother told me at a young age that these are bad for me. Ever since then, I have set boundaries for myself. After that, I have only eaten healthy cereals like Granola and Special K.

    My very favorite breakfast meal is one that I only have on special occasions. I absolutely love a ham and cheese omelet. I like the omelet very cheesy because it adds a good flavor to the egg, like putting it on scrambled eggs but on a different canvas. To go with it, I like hash browns with ketchup stirred in and a banana. All of this is best topped off with a glass of pulp-less orange juice. However, I would not have this meal every day if I could because then the magic of it all would fade.

  38. Chocolate cake in the book, “The Outsiders” mean togetherness and family bonding. Since, all of the brothers aren’t as close, chocolate cake helps them bond together and be a family. It was a tradition that was kept between the brothers after their parents died. I think it’s a way to remember their parents, and how a strong relationship with your siblings is always needed.

    I’m a bit obsessed with cupcakes. It is a little scary how my obsession is growing each and every day! I love cupcakes, they make my world go round! I love the cakes that Mrs. Lundy, Sammy Lundy’s mom, makes. They are amazing! I’m not allowed to have cupcakes for breakfast because it’s just a bad thing.

    My favorite breakfast meal would be crepes. I totally love crepes. I rarely eat them, but when I do eat them, they are like heaven in food form! There is this little place in Fort Lauderdale where my sisters live, and my and my siblings would go there for breakfast not very often. When we do go there, the crepes are to die for! Well, I wouldn’t die for them, but you know what I mean.

  39. Chocolate cake symbolizes very many things. Good times, birthdays, and many more are associated with it. But I think chocolate cake symbolizes peace. If you are have chocolate cake it means you aren’t arguing with anyone and are eating something tasty.
    I would love to have ice cream cake from caravel for breakfast. It starts your day off sweet and happy. I wonder if this would be “Oked” for weekends though.
    I love ice cream on blue-berry pancakes! It is the combination of my two favorite meals, breakfast and dessert. I am not necessarily restricted on the weekends to have this, but school has taken it from me on the weekdays.

  40. I think the chocolate cake symbolizes a change in their life that has united them. It talks about how before their Mom died, she wouldn’t let them have chocolate cake for breakfast… I wonder why! But then after she passed, and with Darry in charge, he let them all have chocolate cake for breakfast. It caused a change in their life, a change in their everyday routine. I think this united them because this way they all have a common interest. They all like their eggs different, but they all love chocolate cake. It unties them in a way. I also think that because they all like the cake, and eat it like every morning, it has helped them to be able to be more dependent on each other. They are able to trust each other to make sure they have chocolate cake for the morning. Ponyboy even talks about how he can rely on Sodapop or Darry to make the cake.

    Well, I really don’t normally eat breakfast. Eating in the morning makes me feel sick, so I don’t really like breakfast. On top of that, I don’t really like breakfast food. I don’t care for pancakes, and I don’t really like waffles either. I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I always eat something at break. So if I ever want to eat anything for breakfast, my Mom is happy enough to let me eat anything. I mean I can’t have ice cream or anything, but I can pizza or practically whatever. But if I did ever want breakfast, I’d want apple pie and with ice cream. It’s one of my favorite desserts, and it’s sort of like a tart, and it has fruit in it.

    So since I don’t really eat breakfast, or like breakfast, I don’t really have a favorite breakfast food. But I do really like crepes. I’ve had them at friends houses, and they’re really good. My mom has tried making them before but they didn’t turn out good at all, so I almost never have them. But I sure could eat them everyday. Not everyday for breakfast, maybe for dessert because I really can’t stand eating in the morning.

  41. Based on the quote from “The Outsiders”, I think chocolate cake symbolizes family love. Chocolate cake is something you would expect people to eat at a celebration like a birthday. When you celebrate, families are together and having fun. Darry, Soda and Ponyboy lost their parents at a young age, they are on their own. Having chocolate cake for breakfast is probably a way to remember the good times before they were alone. Every morning they can enjoy cake and feel good. It also symbolizes their brotherly unity because their parents certainly wouldn’t allow cake for breakfast but the brothers decided together that it is the perfect breakfast.

    I would like to have soda with my breakfast but I am not allowed. I usually drink water in the morning because I don’t like milk or orange juice. I think soda would give me a jump start but I can never convince my parents. Which doesn’t seem fair because I have seen both of them drink soda in the morning on occasion but I am not allowed.

    I love pancakes in the morning. I like pancakes on weekend mornings more than during the week because there isn’t a lot of time for breakfast during the week. I like them best when they are made from scratch. When I was younger I liked silver dollar pancakes but now I like regular sized pancakes. When pancakes are made from scratch I don’t even want maple syrup on them, a little butter will do. My very favorite way to eat pancakes is hot from the skillet so they don’t even have time to cool, yum!

  42. Having chocolate cake for breakfast symbolizes how they are united as brothers. The reason for that is because it’s not a common breakfast food (something likes pancakes being common). So having chocolate cake is what unites their brotherhood. It’s kind of their “handshake.”

    The one thing I have absolutely no memory of eating for breakfast is ice cream. I have had cake for breakfast, but not anything related to ice cream. So for my birthday I will make sure that on that morning I have a rootbeer float.

    The best thing to eat for breakfast is something I first had for dinner. Whenever I say the name of this food to someone they think I’m crazy. It’s a grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I first tried it at a restaurant in Breckinridge, Colorado. It is no.thing more then taking your ordinary PB&J that we all no of and putting it on the grill. It always wakes me up because of how runny the peanut butter is.

  43. In The Outsider’s, chocolate cake represents rebellion for the boys. When their parents were alive, they wanted to have cake for breakfast but were never allowed to. Now, they’ve made their own rules. The cake also represents the bond between the brothers and the new tradition they’ve started.

    One thing that I would love for breakfast but I can’t have is rice with butter and salt. Rice is amazing! I think it’s a rule for all asians to love rice. I also really like butter and salt together. I know it is bad for you but it tastes really good. I have butter and salt mostly on all hot foods.

    The best food in the whole entire world are crepes. They are French and are like thin pancakes. The ingredient to crepes are flour mixed with any topping! Personally, I have my crepes with Nutella chocolate. The toppings can be sweet, salty, cheesy, or anything else your heart desires. You can eat crepes in the morning, evening, and even dinner time! If crepes weren’t here today, then my life would be incomplete.

  44. Having chocolate cake for breakfast is a way for the brothers to show their independence. They may not like being in charge of themselves, but they are forced in the situation. Eating something they love for breakfast probably makes them feel good and brings them some comfort for having lost their parents. It may remind them of their parents, even though they weren’t allowed to eat it for breakfast when their parents were alive. The cake can’t replace their parents, but it gives them some sense of love and family.

    If I could eat anything for breakfast it would definitely be ice cream. Besides tasting great, ice cream has milk and some healthy ingredients. The cold chill would be a good boost in the morning as well. I would eat a huge bowl of chocolate ice cream to fill my morning hunger cravings, give me some sugared energy and please my taste buds.

    My absolute favorite breakfast meal is french toast. I love it. I will always love it no matter what mood I’m in. I love to add cinnamon because it makes it taste to much better, but without it it tastes good too. I wish I could have french toast every morning.

  45. I think chocolate cake stands for normality. Darry, Pony, and Sodapop are Greasers, which means they’re outsiders. They are different in the way of their hair, the way they dress, and many other things. To me them eating chocolate cake is a way for the author to show that they are just normal, regular, chocolate-loving people, who just come from a different social class.

    I have to agree with Sodapop, Pony, and Darry. Chocolate cake sounds like a pretty good breakfast. But, since I could probably never do that I would probably choose steak as my choice of breakfast foods I normally wouldn’t have. Steak is one of my favorite foods of all time. Although, I don’t think steak would taste very great with chocolate cake.

    My favorite breakfast meal is definitely bacon, eggs, and toast. That is the classic breakfast, yet it so good. I would never get tired off any of those foods and could probably live by only eating that same meal every single day.

  46. In the passage form page 104, Ponyboy discusses how he, Darry, and Sodapop eat chocolate cake for breakfast. I think that the chocolate cake symbolizes family and happiness. Based on all the trouble the gang gets into during the book, it is a rare occasion that they are all together. When they are able to eat chocolate cake, they are happy and together as a family.

    Every morning for breakfast, I want an ice cream sandwich. I think sugar would be such a good way to wake up, but other people disagree. Would’t it be nice to have sweet vanilla ice cream to wake up? I think so.

    My absolute favorite meal for breakfast is belgian waffles and whipped cream. I love the warm, rich taste of the waffles combined with the sweet and soft whipped cream. I think its even better if you add chocolate ice cream on top, but I’m not aloud to have that.

  47. Based on what I read on these pages I think that eating chocolate cake for breakfast symbolizes being different (an outsider, outgoing, or strange.) I think eating cake for breakfast symbolizes being an outsider because it is very different. It’s different because our country has a basic or normal for everything. And eating chocolate cake would be considered out of the ordinary and kind of strange.

    If there were anything I would have for breakfast but cannot have it would be steak with French fries. I can’t have this for breakfast ever. It’s not really because I’m not allowed to, it’s mainly that it would take way to much time for them to make it in the morning. It tends to be more of a dinner meal.

    My absolute favorite breakfast meal would either have t be my dad’s homade crepes with peanut butter, nutella, and raspberries or scrambled eggs, with white toast, sausage, and bacon.

  48. The cake is a symbol of their brotherly bond. It is something that they all like, one of the few similarities that they all share. It shows that even though they may seem different, they still love each other. It is something that anyone of them can do for the other two. It keeps them together as a family.

    I love pancakes, and, I admit it, chocolate. I would have pancakes every day. But not just any pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes with chocolate syrup. That would be so much sugar and cholesterol (if chocolate even has cholesterol) I would have a heart attack before I’m even driving!

    As I said earlier, I love pancakes. For pancakes, I would even wake up before 10:00(am)! I get the pancakes really hot and, before they cool down, I slather butter all over it. Once the butter has melted in, and the pancake’s cooled down a little, I put another layer of butter on, this time not melting. Personally, I think that’s worth getting up before 10:00 for!

  49. From the reading above, I believe chocolate cake symbolizes good beginnings. The boys have chocolate cake every morning to start out their day. If they don’t have it by the night, Sodapop would make some. That just shows how important it is for each day and it would not be good or fun day without it.

    If I could have anything for breakfast, I would have a rootbeer float. Rootbear floats contain two of my favorite things, rootbear and ice-cream. It’s not that I can’t have it, it’s more that it’s not healthy to have in the morning and if I really wanted it, it would take tons of convincing.

    My absolute favorite breakfast meal would be my moms sausage, eggs, and bacon with a fruit smoothie that I make with vanilla ice-cream, yogurt, and about every kind of fruit you can think of. This is my favorite because it tastes great and is very healthy.

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