Symbolism and Chocolate Cake For Breakfast

“All three of us like chocolate cake for breakfast. Mom had never allowed it with ham and eggs, but Darry let Soda and me talk him into it. We really didn’t have to twist his arm; Darry loves chocolate cake as much as we do. Sodapop always makes sure there’s some in the icebox every night and if there isn’t he cooks one up real quick. I like Darry’s cakes better; Sodapop always puts too much sugar in the icing” (Hinton 104-105).

Remember what symbolism is? A symbol is something that stands for something you can’t see. The American flag is a symbol of freedom, patriotism, liberty, etc. A heart is associated with love.

Based on what you have read on these pages, what do you think chocolate cake symbolizes? (one paragraph)

Students, what would you love to have for breakfast but are not allowed to have? (one paragraph)

What is your absolute favorite breakfast meal? (one paragraph)




  1. I think that chocolate cake symbolizes a bond between brothers, because they all like it. Chocolate cake also kind of makes them who they are, because not many people have chocolate cake for breakfast.

    If I could have anything for breakfeast it would be brownies with vanilla ice cream. My mom only lets me have browneys for desert or snack. Vanilla ice cream is my favorite and I love anything that has chocolate in it. I think that brownies and ice cream go well together, and I also love the sweet taste of brownies.

    My favorite thing to have for breakfast is a croissant with chocolate milk. When I lived in France we use to have croissants every sunday. Now that we are here we don’t buy them anymore, because they don’t taste the same way, but I still have chocolate milk for breakfast.

  2. Not many people don’t like chocolate cake. It’s chocolate, frosting, and sugar; what’s not to like? But for Darry, Sodapop, and Ponyboy, chocolate cake is more than just a dessert (In their case a breakfast). For them chocolate cake symbolizes the bond between brothers. Even though the boys don’t agree on some topics-especially Pony and Darry- it sort of brings them closer together since they all like it as much as the other.

    My favorite breakfast that I’m not allowed to have is vanilla frosted sprinkled donuts with ice coffee from Dunkin Donuts. The ice coffee would be hazelnut with some creams and sugars and the donuts would be warm and fresh.

    My overall favorite breakfast meal is cinnamon rolls with frosting over them. Even though they are not good for me, they are the best thing in the world. The rolls would be right out of the oven and I would have cold milk and strawberries to with the rolls.

  3. I think chocolate cake symbolizes comfort and love. I think it symbolizes comfort because the cake tastes sweet and makes you feel warm inside. Chocolate cake also symbolizes love. Love and chocolate are found to be important on Valentine’s Day. Darry, Sodapop, and Ponyboy love each other and love to eat their delicious breakfast, cake.

    If I could eat anything for breakfast I would probably eat cupcakes, because they are full of sugar and that is one ingredient I really like to eat. They aren’t healthy or nutritious, but they sure do taste great. Eating a cupcake each morning probably wouldn’t start my day off the right way. That’s probably why I can’ t eat them in the morning.

    I don’t really eat breakfast that often, so I don’t really have a favorite breakfast meal. I am more of a lunch or dinner person. So if I had to eat a meal for breakfast I may consider one of my favorite dinners.

  4. Chocolate is what they eat for breakfast but it’s not only there breakfast food. It sybolizes there love and pasion for each other as brothers. It shows that they love each other and will do anything to protect each other when the going gets tough.

    My favorite breakfast food that I am not allowed to have is Chocolate frosted donuts from dukin donuts. I am no allowed to have it because it is unheathy and gives some people stomach achs. Plus I usually only have them when i go to dukin’ donuts and we don’t go there often.

    my favorite breakfeast food is scrabbled eggs with cheese and bacon. It is great to have that in the morning on special occasions. It is a great tasting breakfast food. Also I love Chocolate milk so if i have that and Chocolate milk for breakfast then it will be the best day ever.

  5. I believe that the chocolate cake that the brothers eat for breakfast symbolizes unity and friendship. The chocolate cake is something that they all can agree on, and something that brings them together. In the beginning of the book, we saw some of the major differences that separate Darry, Ponyboy, and Soda. But, through chocolate cake, they all find something that they can agree on. More symbolically, it represents the coming together of a family, and it really is the thing that brings them together and unifies them as brothers, something that may be lost when your two other brothers work three jobs.

    If I could have one thing for breakfast that I am not allowed to have, it would probably be Thin Mints. I know, sounds a little weird, but Thin Mints are literally the best thing to ever happen to this planet. I understand completely why my mom doesn’t let me have them for breakfast, but that won’t stop me from wanting!

    My absolute favorite breakfast is a croissant smothered in butter. I love the warm, fluffy feeling and taste of a croissant, for they literally melt in your mouth. Also, with the added addition of a gallon of butter, they taste even better, for the butter seems to bring out certain hidden qualities that are only achieved by the application of butter. Sadly, I rarely have time during the week to eat such a meal, but, on the weekend, there is no such restriction.

  6. Chocolate cake seems to be liked by all the brothers, it is always in the icebox, and they all eat it. It symbolizes a bond between all of them, through the love of cake, something they share. Cake also symbolizes commitment, considering they all eat it, and it is always the icebox, and if there isn’t cake in the icebox, they make some.

    I’m not restricted at what I am allowed or not allowed to eat at my house, but I would like to eat zebra cakes for breakfast. I don’t usually like really sweet things, but ever since I was a kid I loved zebra cakes.

    I really like French toast with powdered sugar on it. I went to a diner a few weeks ago and the made it just the way I like it. Ever since then I try to get French toast on the weekends.

  7. I think that the chocolate cake for breakfast symbolizes an agreement. The brothers don’t always agree on things, but they did all agree on eating chocolate cake for breakfast. They tend to have different likings, but through the chocolate cake, there is a specially bond between the brothers, one of love and unity between Pony, Dally, and Soda. Although they all have their differences, they all can agree on the chocolate cake, and they all like it.

    I don’t really like the taste of sweets in the morning, so I don’t really want to eat anything like candy or any sweets, but I do love energy drinks. My mom doesn’t like me drinking them often. If I could drink any type of energy drink in the morning, I wouldn’t care which one it was. Since I’m not allowed to drink them, I would be thankful that I could drink any kind, especially red-bull.

    My favorite breakfast food is bacon. I will always eat bacon, no matter what time of day. Kendall and I are both obsessed with bacon and whenever we hang out, we always have bacon. Bacon brings back a lot of memories for me. My grandpa cooks the best bacon ever. We go on vacation a lot to Montana, where my grandparents have a vacation home. All of the cousins stay there, along with our parents and grandparents. In the morning we always eat bacon, eggs, and toast. It brings back memories of sitting in the dinning room as one big family eating breakfast.

  8. I think chocolate cake symbolizes family and memories. Chocolate cake is a memory that Darry, Sodapop, and Ponyboy will always have. From the time their mom didn’t allow them to eat it with ham and eggs, to the time they started baking it everyday. It symbolizes family and brotherhood. They associate this delicious goodness with their mother, who is dead. Chocolate cake is a have-to-have thing with Darry, Sodapop, and Ponyboy. If there is no chocolate cake left in the icebox, then Sodapop would whip up another one. I think it reminds them that things can still remain the same as before. It’s a feeling of safety, and remembrance of their mother.

    If I could eat anything for breakfast, I would eat pumpkin pie! I love pumpkin pie, and could eat it for every meal of the day. It’s very delicious. I would eat it for breakfast, but my parents would never allow me because it has no nutrition value. Pumpkin pie is to die for, when it is made the right way. It is not a very good breakfast meal, though, since it’s filled with sugar. I usually buy the pumpkin pie from Publix, but otherwise any kind is great!

    My absolute favorite breakfast meal is crepes. I love crepes! They are amazing. My mother makes whole wheat crepes with whole wheat four, milk, and eggs. I then add some delicious nutella inside, and fill it up with a load of strawberry’s (my favorite). I only add a little bit of nutella because it is very bad for you, and contains a lot of sugar. My mom makes crepes very often, since they are so easy to make. I usually eat them over the weekends, and probably once or twice over the weekdays. They are definitely my favorite breakfast food!

  9. Personally, I believe that, from the story, chocolate cake symbolizes togetherness between the three brothers. Usually, the three of them don’t seem to get along, but by what Ponyboy stated about how much the three of them love chocolate cake, it seems that chocolate cake is a source for them to all get along. They all contribute in making cake, also if there is none in the icebox. This even shows that the cake, to them, symbolizes teamwork, as they all put effort into creating some cake for each of them to enjoy. Although it seems strange that food is the only thing that they can agree on, it is definitely a good thing that they can at least agree on one thing altogether. When they cooperate, it shows that they can retain good results, such as a delicious masterpiece.

    There are a lot of things that I love to have for breakfast, since breakfast is my favorite meal of the whole day, although, if there was something that I wish that I could have, but know that my parents would never allow, it would have to be chocolate mousse cheesecake. This would probably make my day if I had this for breakfast, but it would probably be unhealthy. I love this dessert because of the sheer amounts of chocolate it holds, as I am very fond of chocolate. It also has a lot of whip cream that is usually very decorative. Even though this would probably be a great breakfast, it wouldn’t hold a lot of nutritional value, and this is what separates it from being a favorite breakfast meal for children, and instead being a creamy dessert.

    As said above, there are a lot of things that I enjoy eating for breakfast, but if I were to choose an absolute favorite meal under the breakfast category, it would have to be chocolate chip pancakes. I enjoy this meal for a couple of reasons. First, the individual pancakes are usually as soft as butter and are very tasty. Second, at certain restaurants, they put very thick chocolate syrup that, along with the decadent chocolate chips stored inside make chocolate chip pancakes what they are. The amount of chocolate, along with the soft pancake, create a great meal that makes breakfast enjoyable for me.

  10. In this case, I think chocolate cake symbolizes a bond that holds the friendship of the Curtis brothers together. They have to work together to plan out who makes the cake and when. Also, their love of chocolate cake is a similarity between Pony, Soda, and Darry–something that they don’t have many of. When a group of friends all have some in particular interest or fascination, it brings them closer to each other. With both of their parents gone, chocolate cake holds Ponyboy, Sodapop, and Darry Curtis together.

    I, personally, would love to have pie for breakfast. I am more of a pie than a cake person because pies tend to be less sweet, thinner, and overall taste better. I like most kinds of pie, but some of my favorites are the Chocolate Silk pies and Key Lime pies. Unfortunately yet totally reasonable, pies are not the ideal breakfast that my parents would approve of.

    One of my absolute favorite breakfasts is a ham and cheese omelet in a croissant. I could literally live on croissants. When my mom brings home a package of them, I normally will eat a ham and cheese omelet in them for breakfast, turkey and cheese in them for lunch, and dark chocolate candy in them for dessert until I have licked the box clean. If you have never tried an egg in a warm, fluffy croissant, I strongly suggest that you fix your life by putting one in your mouth.

  11. Chocolate cake seems to show the bond between them because they both like it. They all like it so much that they make it themselves so they have some in the morning. Also it shows their diversity because not a lot of people have chocolate cake for breakfast.

    One thing I would like in the morning that I’m not allowed is candy. Candy would be a good, sweet, and tasty treat in the morning. Also a soda because in the morning I’m really tired and soda would give me good energy boost in the morning. As well as pie, apple pie. Apple pie is my favorite desert and if I could have that in the morning it would be great!

    My favorite breakfast meal would be chocolate chip pancakes, apple juice, a clementine, and some bacon. I like these foods because they taste great together and are a good start to a day. I don’t have this everyday but when i have it I like it very much!

  12. I think the chocolate cake symbolizes being a family. They can all agree that chocolate cake for breakfast would make them all happy. This probably brings them closer because it’s something they share with one another. The chocolate cake also symbolizes memories because it reminds them of how much things have changed since their parents died, since they weren’t allowed to have chocolate cake for breakfast when their parents were still alive.

    If I could have anything for breakfast it would be key lime pie. I don’t like having super sweet things early in the morning, and key lime pie is more sour than sweet. I love key lime pie and I would eat it a lot more often than I do if I had the choice.

    My favorite breakfast meal is eggs and pancakes. But not just your ordinary eggs and pancakes. I like my eggs with cheese and turkey bits :), and my favorite kind of pancakes are blueberry! I love having this for breakfast and I always ask my mom to make it. It’s my absolute favorite!

  13. Because Ponyboy’s parents died in a crash and since they had to live life all by themselves I think the chocolate cake symbolizes freedom, but there are good things and bad things that come from that type of freedom. The bad thing that came from the freedom is that Darry and Soda now have to work and they have to take care of themselves. The good news is that they can do almost any thing with out their parent telling them “no” and so that were I got the idea that the cake represents freedom because the Curtsies’ can do what ever they want.

    About a year ago on one Wednesday morning my dad taught my sister and I how to make something called Cinna-bread it was toast with butter, sugar, and cinnamon on bread and then we would put it in the oven to toast the bread it was real good. After a while we started making it for breakfast everyday so then my mom banned it because it had no nutritional value. But that was my favorite breakfast meal and if I could have it for breakfast again I would.

    My favorite breakfast meal would probably be homade pancakes. Plain pancake with lots of maple syrup.

  14. Chocolate cake can mean more than just “a delicious dessert.” In the Outsiders, chocolate cake is the bond that all of the brothers have. It is the bond between the brothers. They show a weird bond, as you can see, through chocolate cake.

    I would LOVE to have some ice-cream, and candy for breakfast. I just wish my parents would allow me to. But, I mean having candy for breakfast can only put off the craving for a while, until I have candy later for dessert.

    Pancakes are a classic. These would have to be my favorite breakfast food. I love pancakes. My favorite type of pancakes are chocolate chip and banana pancakes. These are really good, but I can only have them on the weekends sometimes.

  15. I think that the chocolate cake symbolizes a part form their childhood because Ponyboy mentions that their mom never let them have chocolate cake no matter how much they asked. So, therefore they remember asking for it as kids and now they can have it as long as Darry agrees on it. I think that whenever they have chocolate cake now they think of their mom and how she never let them have it for breakfast.

    If I could have anything for breakfast I would probably have Doughnuts. Even though most people would think of doughnuts as a breakfast thing I never get to have them. The only times that I do get to have them is if my mom is in a really good mood on the weekend or if we are on vacation at Cape Cod. My grandparents always take us out for doughnuts when we visit them at Cape Cod at their local doughnut shack. They are always really good.

    My absolute favorite breakfast to have is probably my dads homemade waffles. He makes them once a week and always either on Saturday or Sunday. He always makes the batter for them from scratch and never uses a pre-made mix. They are always really good and my absolute favorite breakfast to have.

  16. Chocolate cake is something that everybody loves because of the moist, warm feeling you get when it enters your mouth. The icing is sweet and rich along with the soft, moist cake. Usually you eat cake when you are with family on happy occasions. I believe this is why the three brothers love chocolate cake so much. It reminds them of the good times they had with their parents before they died. It also makes them feel like they are a full family again. Whenever they don’t have a chocolate cake, someone makes one for the next morning. This shows even more how much it means to the brothers because they go out of their way to make one so they can feel like a family again.

    Something I would love to have for breakfast is a chocolate croissant from France. I would love to have one because they are fresh and moist. They melt in your mouth and fill you up easily. They also are a great source of sugar and starch. The only problem is I can’t fly to France every morning to get a croissant from France. I could get one from Publix but they are not the same.

    My favorite breakfast meal is pancakes and toast. They tastes very good but are still light and fluffy. They are good for you but also get the day started off right. I also like cheese and eggs. They are not as healthy and are also harder to make in my opinion. I always crack the eggs wrong and drop them. I also don’t know how to use a stove.

  17. I think that the chocolate cake symbolizes the relationship between the brothers. I think this because they all love chocolate cake and they all love eachother. It is something that all of them share and it is like a special thing they do. It is almost like a tradition they share. Most people wouldn’t have chocolate cake for breakfast.

    If could have anything for breakfast that my parents wouldn’t let me have I would definitly probably eat french silk pie. I love french silk pie and i would love to have it for breakfast

    My favorite breakfast is pancakes, bacon, eggs, amd a boost. I love all of these things and I love having them in the morning right before I go to a soccer game.

  18. Chocolate cake symbolizes many things. It symbolizes happiness, considering since that everyone is eating it for breakfast because they are all happy that Ponyboy is back. Chocolate cake also symbolizes sweetness, or love. They say that love is sweet, and Ponyboy’s family does love chocolate cake, which is sweet.

    If I could have anything for breakfast, it would be a Pakistani dish called Bihari Kabab. No said that I’m not allowed to have them for breakfast, but they are so heavy and are filled with a lot of masalas (Pakistan spices), that you just can’t start off your day with them. Though, they are so good and juicy, that whenever you go to a Pakistani restaurant, you have to try Bihari Kabab.

    My absolute favorite breakfast meal is a Pakistani style omelet with onions, red chili powder, cilantro, green peppers, and sometimes mushrooms, with a side of toasts or paratha (Pakistani type of flatbread). Every weekend after waking up, my mom and I start to make breakfast for everyone, and on the weekend when I’m home, there are always omelets cooking in the morning.

  19. I think that the chocolate cake symbolizes that even though all of these boys are in a tough gang, they still have a sweet side. They show that even though they have the ability to kill in the even of a life threatening situation, they can also get along, sit at a table(or not sit at all), and have a peaceful, happy, loving meal.

    I would love to eat Rice Krispe Treat in the morning, because I usually have the cereal kind. But I’m kind-of addicted to them, so my mom stopped buying them (and Now I’m feel the need for the even more).

    Even though I would absolutely love having a Rice Krispe for breakfast, my all-time favorite breakfast meal would have to be the apple cinnamon oatmeal from the Quaker Oats thing. I know that oatmeal isn’t the most appetizing thing to look at, but when my mom does it, it’s really good.

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