Exploring Theme in The Outsiders ~ Friendship

Students, this week we are exploring the theme of friendship and how it applies to The Outsiders.
Please listen to the lyrics in the above video.
What is the story in the song? Be specific and detailed.
Can you find an example of friendship between two characters in the story so far where a connection to this song can be made?
Pull some of the lyrics directly from this song and tell us how they relate to these characters in the story.

Be sure that the song title is capitalized and enclosed within quotation marks. Any lines from the song that you use for discussion must be within quotation marks.
Three quality paragraphs


  1. The song “Two of Us” deals with tow best friends who do everything together. From sunday driving to sending postcards, these friend do everything together while they are trying to get back home from wherever they came from. They are riding nowhere doing nothing on their way home.

    Ponyboy and Johnny also do everything together. They go everywhere together, and they both have lots of memories together.

    “Two of us riding nowhere, spending someones hard earned pay,” reminds me of the time that Ponyboy and Johnny killed Bob the soc, and they were technically riding nowhere because they didn’t know where they were going. “You and I have memories longer then the road that stretches longer than the road ahead,” also relates to Ponyboy and Johnny, because since they do nearly everything together, they have a lot of memories too. “You and me burning matches,” also reminds me of Johnny and Ponyboy because they always, “go for a smoke,” together.

  2. “The Two of Us” is a story about two people who seem to best friends. Well, thatʼs what I got from the first verse, “Two of us riding nowhere / Spending someoneʼs / Hard earned pay / Two of us Sunday driving / Not arriving” I think it means that these two people just enjoy seeing each other so much, they can just drive around to no particular place, and have a good time. They donʼt need to be entertained, they can entertain themselves. When the song goes into the chorus about how theyʼre “on their way home” I think this is a symbol for them just becoming closer, if you can imagine it. Then the songs goes into the second verse about them “sending postcards” and “writing letters.” To me if youʼre writing people letters and sending postcards, you arenʼt seeing them everyday, so this now means that the two of them have slit up, and are missing each other. Then the chorus comes around again, so even though they were separated, they have come back together and grown close again. Sometimes when people are separated, they grow apart, but it makes them stronger when they get back together. Next they go do some useless things, and are just enjoying being back together, and then get even closer.

    This song relates to Soda and Ponyboy. Before Ponyboy went into hiding with Johnny at the church, and had to leave Soda and everybody they loved behind. Ponyboy and Soda were pretty close. Ponyboy looks up to Soda, and they share a bedroom and everything. Thereʼs something about that brotherly bond that they have that made them so close. When their parents died, that probably made them come even closer and I know Ponyboy relies on Soda. If he wasnʼt Sodaʼs kid brother, Ponyboy may not even be the gang. But then the whole incident happened, and Ponyboy left Soda without even saying goodbye. I mean Ponyboy didnʼt really have a choice, but still, he left without saying so much as a farewell.

    In the line, “Two of us sending postcard, writing letters” I think this fits Soda and Ponyboyʼs relationship very well. When Dallas came to see Johnny and Ponyboy, he brought Ponyboy a letter from Soda. The letter was so sweet, and Soda explained how he missed him, and mentioned how he understood why Ponyboy had to leave. The next thing, Ponyboy and Johnny were on their way home. Even though the reason that Johnny and Ponyboy may be home isnʼt dependent on just the letter that Soda wrote, but still. Soda and Ponyboy were close, separated, writing letters, and now theyʼre “on their way home.”

  3. Despite the fact that I had to replay the song three times to really catch the lyrics I understood them. It was about two people doing somewhat romantic things like writing postcards and driving home. They also sang about how they had so many memories and that is what the song is about. At the end of every phrase they say we’re coming home for some crazy reason. I think it was another way of saying they were bonding and home was them being in a relationship.

    I think Ponyboy and Cherry have slowly bonded that night and became friends . It connects to the song when they were getting popcorn, watching a movie, and driving to her house. They had something going until they realized their differences like being from different class families and Cherry being two years older than Ponyboy.

    The lyrics “were driving home” relate to when their driving Cherry and Marcia home and they’re bonding. The lyrics “The two of us writing postcards” to me symbolizes
    them getting popcorn because they were telling stories and it’s the same idea.

  4. The song, “The Two of Us” basically tells the story of two people who do many things together while away from home, whether it being lighting matches together, or wearing raincoats and being next to each other. This song tells the story of two people who were obviously very close to each other. The song makes it apparent that there were many memories of different sorts that these two people shared. All of the memories shared seem to have some sentimental value.

    In The Outsiders, although there are many friendships that are made so far, I believe that Ponyboy and Johnny share the strongest bond. They seem to share the most memories among the many characters, and they both seem to like each other. An example of this is how Johnny chose Ponyboy to come with him to Jay Mountain once he knew that the police would be after him once they were informed that the Soc had been killed. They have had many memories together that made them become close, such as, laying in the lot together, Johnny saving Ponyboy from the Socs, and them both going into the burning church to save some children, and adapting to live together while staying at the church. Although there are even more memories that these two share, these few definitely show that there are connections between these two characters and the song. The song shows many memories between two close friends, and this fits the description between Ponyboy and Johnny.

    Some additional lyrics that I believe are important are, “You and I have memories,” and, “We’re going home.” These lines relate to the story because they can refer to the shared adventures between Ponyboy and Johnny. As said before, Johnny and Ponyboy have had many times that I believe are very important parts in the story.

  5. “Two of Us” is a great song by the Beatles. The story of the song is about a long distance relationship. This long distance relationship could be betweeen close friends or a boyfriend and girlfriend. What came to my mind as I heard this song was the troops around the world coming home to see their families. This strong and powerful song is about someone just anxiously waiting to come home. This song was very touching to me.

    I believe there is a great example of friendship between Ponyboy and Sodapop. Even though they are brothers they have a strong connection like a close friendship. Ponyboy and Sodapop are great examples of the people in this song. They always spend time with each other and have each others back. Ponyboy is far away from Sodapop, now, and he wants to come home to see his family and friends.

    “Writing letters
    On my wall
    You and me burning matches
    Lifting latches
    On our way back home”

    The first two words in quotes you see are “Writing Letters.” When Dally got to the church he gave Ponyboy a letter from Sodapop. Sodapop wanted Ponyboy to come home by writing a letter. “You and me burning matches” applies to Ponyboy and the fire in the church. They weren’t trying to burn the church, but they accidentally started a big fire. “On our way back home” is about Ponyboy wanting to come home. Ponyboy has a long journey to go, but he is still trying to find his way back home.

  6. The song “Two of Us” is about two people who have a really close bond. They go on many adventures together and make many great memories. The singer keeps saying that they are going back home so maybe the people who The Beatles are talking about are returning where they came from. Maybe they didn’t find what the were looking for, so they “go back home.”

    This song related to the book in many ways. The most obvious relationship that I saw that connected between the two were Johnny and Ponyboy’s relationship. The scene that this song reminds me of is when Johnny and Pony ran away from the murder to the church and the fire starts. After this, they deide to go back home and turn themselves in.

    Some examples from the lyrics are when The Beatles say “We’re lighting matches, lifting latches” really reminded me of the fire scene. This scene came to mind because the “lighting matches” part resembled the start of the fire because that’s what possibly started the fire. The lifting latches part reminded me of when Johnny and Pony try to help te children out of the window of the church.

    (this is the blog I would like to be graded)

  7. The song “Two of Us” is a song is a song about two very close friends. They do things like wearing raincoats and lifting latches, but as the song says they are still making memories in the process. For these friends it’s about being together rather then what they are actually doing. The two friends trust and care for one another because their friendship is so strong. They have a very strong bond and they always have each others back. The two friends say in the song they are going home meaning they may on a journey together, but they are getting nowhere and it also says they are making memories so that means even when times are hard they are making the most out of it and they are still trying to have fun. The song says you and I have memories longer than the road that stretches out ahead meaning they will always be together and will always have each other
    Johnny and Ponyboy share a special connection just like the people in the song do. They have memories about each other that they can always look back on during tough times. They share a connection where they understand each other even without the other person saying anything. They have trust in each other and they never let he other one down. Ponyboy is almost like a brother to Johnny because Johnny’s parents are never there for him, yet Pony always is. They have a long journey in front of them just like the two friends in the song did and I’m sure they will have memories that will always be with them from this experience. They have a special bond that only close friends have and I’m sure that throughout the book they will be friends till the end.
    I choose the part in the song “Two of us sending postcards, writing letters on my wall, you and me burning matches, lifting latches.” I can relate this part in the song to when Johnny and Pony are in the church with nothing much to do, besides smoking, playing cards, talking, or reading. The boys still had each other and I’m sure neither of them could have lasted going through that alone. They had nothing much to do, but they still made memories that would last a lifetime.

  8. This song was very interesting. At first glance it looks like Its a very sophisticated song about two friends always hanging out with each other. Sadly its more complicated than that Its about two people maybe a little more than friends looking at what they do together like “Wearing rain coats standing solo in the sun” and “Sunday driving not arriving On their way back home.” As you can tell just by listening to the son they have a lot of memories of being together.

    I think Johnny and Ponyboy have a great friendship but when Johnny killed the Soc they must have been more close than ever. When they are in the church they each help each other out by giving each other company,a shoulder to cry on, and 100% pure friendship.

    “the two of us lifting latches” is a perfect way of showing how they each help each other. this sentence from the song “The two of us wearing rain coats standing solo in the sun.” shows that their in sorrow but they have a bright future.

  9. “Two of Us” By The Beatles is a really sweet song when you listen to the lyrics. It’s about two friends on an adventure together, and they’re on their way back home. Lyrics like “You and I have memories, longer than the road that stretches out ahead,” and “Two of us Sunday driving, not arriving, on our way back home,” are lyrics that describe a deep friendship between two people. The first meaning they have a lot of memories, and the second meaning they were going somewhere but never showed up because they went on to do something together. Then after going to be with each other, they’re on their way home. It shows that they just need each other to have a good time.

    I think this song best describes the relationship between Ponyboy and Soda. Pony’s only 14, and is the youngest of the gang. Soda is his brother, and also his best friend. I can honestly picture Soda and Pony driving nowhere and having a great time. They would enjoy each other’s company, and not worry about a thing. That’s just how deep their relationship is. Soda takes care of Ponyboy more than anyone, and that’s the most important factor of their friendship. If they ran away together I could see them having a great time.

    “You and me burning matches, lifting latches, on our way back home.” These lyrics definitely fit Soda and Pony in my opinion. Soda and Pony are the type of teenagers who you would catch doing this to have a good time. It would be careless fun for them, and a way to spend some time with the other person. Ponyboy and Sodapop have such a close relationship that they don’t need anyone else to have a good time. Soda has a fun loving personality, and Pony admires him for that. They just have a great relationship, and I think this song really fits them well.

    1. Multy, didn’t quite prove your definition. You don’t say how the song lyrics apply to examples from the text. Pony and Soda are brothers first. Hard to match those lyrics to things they actually did.

  10. The Beatles song, “Two of us” are all about two friends. The things that gave this away for me, were, well the title, and two the lyrics, I took one part of the song out, this one, “Two of us sending postcards Writing letters On my wall You and me burning matches Lifting latches On our way back home We’re on our way home We’re on our way home We’re going home.” This line of the song says “The Two Of us” multiple times, which makes me think even more that this song is about two friends. Also it talks about them walking home, so it is either two friends or two brother or sisters, or a couple.

    I think that the song relates to Johnny And Ponyboy. I think this because, they would both do anything for each other, and because Johnny is the youngest one, that makes pony want to protect him more, sort of making a strong friendly bond.

    The line in the song that says, “You and I have longer memories than the road that stretches out ahead.” This relates to Johnny And Ponyboy because they have each had many memories with eachother.

  11. The song “Two of Us” is about two friends who have been through a lot together. They have always done things with each other but still have a lot more to go through. They just like to spend time with each other even if they don’t do anything. “Sunday driving” is saying that they are just driving so they can spend time together. “Wearing raincoats, standing solo, in the sun” means that they do odd things together just for laughs and to have a good time. The two friends don’t really get anything done while they are together, they just enjoy the company.

    An example of friendship between two characters in the book is the friendship between Johnny and Ponyboy. They always spend time together when they can and love to be together. They never get things done unless they are forced to and always have a good time together. “Writing letters on my wall” does not just mean that they are always writing letters. It means that the two friends always keep in touch and tell each other everything. Their friendship will always be there even if they are far away from each other. That is just like the friendship between Ponyboy and Johnny. They always stick together more then the rest of the gang. They are the closest of friends.

    “Lifting latches” means that they have overcome obstacles together. Ponyboy and Johnny have overcome many obstacles together. They both had to deal with killing a Soc and they both had to deal with Johnny getting beaten up. “You and I have memories, longer then the road that stretches out ahead” shows how the two friends have been through a lot together. Pony and Johnny have been through killing someone, saving kids from a fire, being pushed around and picked on by the Socs and having to deal with the hardships of growing up, along with being looked down on by society. They are just making memories together and have no idea where they are going in life.

  12. The song “Two of Us” is a song about two people finding their way back to where they were happy. They have been through a lot. You Know this by the line that repeats its self, “You and I have memories. Longer than the road that stretches out ahead.” These two people seem to be doing what ever they can to get back to their happy place.

    Johnny and Ponyboy have a relationship like the song. This line, “Two of us riding nowhere. Spending someone’s hard earned pay,” is like with Ponyboy and Johnny when they run away after the murder. They started to spend the fifty dollars that Dallas had given them. They have nowhere to go after they made it to the church.

    The quote from the song, “You and I have memories. Longer than the road that stretches out ahead,” is like Dallas and Darry. They both have seen a lot of stuff that they won’t be seeing again, like with Dallas and a the New York gangs. He has seen murder and things like that. Darry has grown up too quickly. He now has two brothers to take care of and he is under the age of twenty-five. He won’t be seeing much more than he has because all that he will do, till his old age gets the better of him, is work.

  13. To me, this song by The Beatles is about two friends who have many important memories. The song goes into detail about some of the memories: riding without a destination, communicating through mail, and the kind of things you can only do with true friends like wearing raincoats in the sun. I think that all of these things are deeper than they seem. For example, I think “riding nowhere” is just stalling to spend time with each other. Sending letters and postcards mean that they are separated and that they miss each other. Also, the verses always end with the friends “going back home.” This could be referring “home” to a place in time like going back to how things used to be. No matter how you interpret it, the song is most definitely talking about the relationship between two people that care about each other.

    I think the relationship between Ponyboy and Johnny resembles the one mentioned in the song. They, too, model true friends. They definitely enjoy spending time with each other, like when Ponyboy was reading to Johnny in the church. They may not be separated for very long, but they still do miss each other sometimes, and other times they need their comfort. When Darry hit Pony and Pony ran away, he immediately went to Johnny. Just being around each other gives them the consolation they need to move on, just like my interpretation of the relationship in the song.

    “You and me Sunday driving not arriving on our way back home.” This quote from the song reminds me of the part in the book when Pony and Johnny are riding in the freight train to Windrixville. They aren’t exactly sure where they are going, because they only place they are used to is their home town. I think they know that they can’t keep running, because they need to find their way back home anyways. At the beginning of chapter 6, Johnny admits to Pony and Dally that they need to turn themselves in. I think this supports my theory and relation to this Beatles song quite strongly. Also, I think that “You and I have memories longer than the road that stretches out ahead,” is like saying “we go way back” so they have many experiences and memories that they will never forget. Pony and Johnny have experienced more together than many people ever will. They have battled the Socs multiple times, committed a murder, hopped a freight train, and jumped into a fiery building to save some little kids. Like a said at the beginning, “going back home” could be a place in time instead of the area where they live. Pony and Johnny would most definitely want to go back to before the murder had been committed, knowing all of the troubles that it eventually led to.

  14. I think the story in the song “Two of Us” is about two older men that talk about their past. They would send letters to each other, remembering what all the crazy stuff they did when they were younger. It doesn’t matter where they go because they will always have a great time doing anything together. Also, because they would drive until they found something that was interesting and that they wanted to do or spend time there. I don’t think they have a home, because the lyrics say not arriving but going home; that’s why I think they were on a road trip to find a new home, while having a fun time with a friend.

    PonyBoy and Johnny are great friends and relate to this song. They do because, they don’t have a real home, and they like sticking together and dealing with whatever comes their way. Their friendship is probably the tightest because they like doing stuff together and always watch out for each other. No matter where they would go they’d always have a great time with just being with one another.

    “On our way back home, We’re on our way home,” fits Johnny and PonyBoy because they don’t have a home and are always moving on. They are mostly friends because of that, I think because they are like each other. They both don’t want to hurt anyone by choice and they are always looking out for each other. One day they will make it home, a real home.

  15. Going home can mean a lot of things to different people. It can mean physically going home. Or, it can mean thinking about going home. The Beatles’ song could be either one. The story describes more of a journey. It’s the story of two people that are close. It’s also the story of their journey to go back home to the home of their past.

    The friendship between Ponyboy and Johnny is an obvious comparison to the song. They are old friends with a past. They run off together with memories of bad and good times. They have sad memories of Johnny being abused by his parents and by the Soc’s who beat him up. They have bad memories of Ponyboy’s parents dying. But, they also have good memories about the Greasers taking care of Johnny and Ponyboy being raised by his brothers and being able to stay together as a family, even though Darry is working and cranky most of the time. They also share the memory of the bond they have in running away together.

    “Writing letters on my wall
    You and Me burning matches”

    These lyrics remind me of the time Johnny and Ponyboy spent alone hiding in the church. They were smoking, so obviously burning matches. Ponyboy got a letter from his brother when Dally came to help them.

  16. The story in the song is that there are two friends or partners that have been through thick and thin with each other. These two characters have gone somewhere far away and are just spending time with each other getting back home. They really don’t know where they’re going, but they know that they are going to get back home.
    A connection between two characters so far in this story is Johnny and pony boy. They have this special connection together because they have been through a lot like the two people in “The Two Of Us.” Johnny and Pony boy have been through a lot. They have been together for a while in their gang of greasers. They relate to this song because they have seen bad things happened to each other, they have been in bad situations with each other, and they want to go home. By saying they want to go home it is because they are on the run from they cops and all they want is to be home. Like the people in the story.
    In this song when the beetles say “Two of us wearing raincoats,
    Standing solo, In the sun, You and me chasing paper, Getting nowhere” This relates to Johnny and pony boy because they are both in a depressed place right now running from the cops, this is symbolized by the two of us wearing rain coats. This quote also relates to them because of were getting nowhere. This relates to them because they have nowhere to go now but they really want to go home.

  17. In the song “Two of Us” a couple are “riding nowhere”, “Two of us Sunday driving”, “Not Arriving”, “On our way back home”, “Getting nowhere…” From these phrases I kind of assumed that someone is riding or driving with friend, taking a long way back to home, but never really getting there. For all I know the song could just be about their lives, haven’t found a thing to do with life, sitting around basically.

    The couple I have in mind is more of two good friends – Ponyboy and Johnny.
    They first of all ran away together because Johnny had killed a Soc and Ponyboy was there too, and could’ve easily taken the same charges as Johnny, but the main point is they had to run away and get out of the city and off the radar of the police. Johnny was always the Gang pet, but in that week Johnny and Pony spent alone in the abandoned church they got to bond better – especially through reading Gone with the Wind.

    “You and I have memories” They had memories of what had happened, even though they wished it was just a dream. “You and me burning matches” It definitely isn’t the best thing to do but they did smoke quite often. “Getting nowhere” Johnny and Pony spent quite a long time in that church, doing nothing, and thats all they could do.
    “Standing so low” All they could do was keep a low profile.

  18. The song “Two of Us” is about two friends that are driving with each other on the way home but the only problem is that they can’t find the way home. They end u giving up on how to get home and just end up driving to wherever they end up. On their way to “wherever” they are sharing good memories that they have had with each other while growing up and just previous years in general. So what I think the story in the song is, is that they got lost on purpose so they could spend more time together, share stories with each other, and end up finding a very nice, calm, and relaxing place wherever their car may bring them.

    In The Outsiders so far I think that this particular song relates to when Johnny and Pony are at the Church and are not only trying to stay out of trouble but also they are just trying to relax and have fun with the little bit of chill time that they have with each other. The two friends in the car are like Johnny and Pony because even though Johnny and Pony didn’t get lost, they are trying to escape trouble. Even so, they are just having a good time being able to relax without anything to worry about, telling stories, and just talking without being under any real pressure.

    “Two of us sending postcards
    Writing letters on my wall
    You and me burning matches…
    We’re on our way home
    We’re going home”

    These are the lyrics that I thought were the most like Johnny and Pony while they are at the church in the book The Outsiders. I put these lyrics in because when Johnny and Pony are at the church they meet up with Dally and he gives them a postcard from Soda and this relates to the quote because it says, “Two of us sending postcards writing letters on the wall”. This is like Pony and Soda because Soda is so worried about him and Johnny that he is writing them letter and than giving them to Dally to deliver. The lyric “You and me burning matches” reminded me of the story because of how much Pony and Johnny smoked to get there stress away so I thought that this would be a interesting line to mention as well. Finally, the lines that say “We’re on our way home We’re going home.” This is like when Pony and Johnny meet up with Dally and he says that they are going to go back with him.

  19. “Two of us” by the Beatles is a song about two people driving home on Sunday. Two people sending postcards and writing letters. Also burning matches and lifting latches on their way home. Talking about him and someone else’s memories that are longer than the road. They are wearing raincoats in the sun. They are chasing paper and getting nowhere. I think the story of this song is about two people who are trying to find their way home but don’t want to get there quite yet so they are doing other things first.

    Two characters from the book The Outsiders are Johnny and Ponyboy. They are different from everyone else in the gang. They really don’t know where there home is. Ponyboy has no parents and Johnny’s parents beat him whenever they see him and fight all the time. You could say he has no parents. The gang is his family. Ponyboy and Johnny are always together and are the best of friends. They have many memories and always light matches. They have a very tight friendship and are best friends.

    “Two of us riding nowhere.” Ponyboy and Johnny were riding the train to the abandoned church because Johnny killed a Soc. They were riding to nowhere. “You and me burning matches.” They always burn matches to light a cigarette. They always do that together and it is a great way to calm them down and it gives them time to just lay back and feel free for once.

  20. The story in the song “Two of Us” by The Beatles is about two friends. It tells about the memories that they have. The song talks about how the friends wrote letters and stood outside in raincoats. It also talks about that the friends are “on their way home.” I am pretty sure that this means that the friends have gone on journey and are now coming home.

    This song relates to Ponyboy and Soda in the book. Ponyboy and Soda are brothers and also best buds. Like the song says, they share a lot of memories together. Both of them have been through good times and bad. Also, at this point in the book, Ponyboy does “come home.”

    The parts in the song that say “You and I have memories,” that is definitely true about Soda and Ponyboy. Both of them grew up with each other and have a lot of memoires to look back on. Also, when they say “We’re on our way home,” that part is true about Ponyboy because by this point in the book, Ponyboy is on his way home from the country. Also, the part where The Beatles sing “Two of us wearing raincoats, standing solo, in the sun” is true about Johnny and Ponyboy. Not the raincoat or the sun part, but the “standing solo” part is because when Johnny and Ponyboy were hiding in the church, it was like standing solo, because they were all alone.

    1. First you talk about Pony and Soda, then Pony and Johnny. Be careful about whom you are referring to if you are asked for only two characters.

  21. Mrs. Cobb, I’m submitting this late because I was sick and the computer got another virus– I swear this is true. We got the computer back again Friday afternoon.

    “Two of us” is a song that tells a story about a boy and girl who ran away from home. The two were hiding. They didn’t want to get back to their home too fast because they are enjoying their time together. They’re probably not allowed to see each other. They also must have ran far away.

    Johnny and Ponyboy are the two characters related to this song. They have both run away from home and are hiding. They also were both relentless not to go home. They both were very close friends. They also shared some memories and bonded more while they were away.

    “You and I have memories longer than the road stretches out ahead,” relates to the story because while Johnny and Ponyboy were stuck in the church they had some memories that you can’t really forget. “We’re going home,” relates to the story because Johnny and Ponyboy decided to turn themselves in. “Spending someones hard earned money,” was when Johnny and Ponyboy took Buck’s money.

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