Exploring Theme in The Outsiders ~ Forbidden Love

(From the movie Help!)

We are working our way towards the “What’s in your iDevice?” project with out first discussion on the theme of forbidden love in The Outsiders.

Can you tell me what your definition of forbidden love is?

Students please listen carefully to the lyrics in the above videos and then answer the following:
Why might the Greasers relate to Elvis Presley and the Socs to The Beatles?
Discuss how these two songs relate to the theme of forbidden love. What is each song about?
Can you explain the theme of forbidden love to two characters in the story so far?

Four quality paragraphs, please.


  1. Forbidden love is love that is not allowed. It may also be love that is hidden. If love is not working a lover might hid the love from the other lover. They may not show love towards the other lover. Two examples of hidden love are Romeo and Julliet or a couple going through fights. Forbidden love is affection that isn’t allowed or that can’t happen or affection that doesn’t want to be shown. Forbidden love does happen in every day live. Forbidden love is love that will find away.

    THe Greasers have many ways they can relate to Elvis. First the greasers are different and so is elvis. Also the Greasers are tough like the king of rock and role. Lastly the Greaser stand out like Elvis does. The Beatles are rich just like the Socs. They beatles also wear the same outfits as the Socs do. The Beatles are kind of soft like the Socs.

    The Beatles song is about how you have to hide your love away. This relates to my definition. Its love that doesn’t want to be shown. Love that must be hidden.”Heart brake hotel” is about many peoples hearts being broken because of love not being allowed or love that is hidden by the other lover.

    I think Cherry and Ponyboy. Cherry doesn’t want to be seen with a greaser. After all she is a Soc with fancy cars and money and he is a greaser with a dark leather jacket and greasy hair.

  2. I believe forbidden love can be defined in many ways. I think forbidden love is when two people love each other but can’t be together because of race, religion, parents not liking your boyfriend or girlfriend, and more. Forbidden love can be when people who are in love are not allowed to be together. An example of forbidden love is Romeo and Juliet.

    There are many similarities between The Greasers and Elvis Presley. Obviously, both have greased up hair and a special style of hair that is very important to them. Second, both are rough, tuff, and tough. They are bad people who don’t care about cops. The clothes they wear make them look mean. Now, The Beatles and The Socs are different. They are people who are nice to almost everybody. If something bad happens, they call the cops instead of being the people that the cops are chasing after. They dress nice and have nice cars. There are some interesting differences and similarities between these four groups.

    These two songs are related to forbidden love, because they are singing about getting their hearts broken. In these songs there was someone getting hurt by forbidden love. These songs are about girls who broke up with their boyfriends and how sad and lonely the boys feel.

    Forbidden love is obvious between Cherry and Ponyboy. Cherry and Ponyboy have forbidden love because one is a soc and one is a greaser. A soc and a greaser can never be together. They both are friends but I sense a connection between Cherry and Ponyboy. If they were both greasers or if they were both socs then they would be together. There may be more forbidden love connections throughout the book.

  3. Love. My definition of love is when two people truly and utterly care about each other. They would risk their lives for one another. A minute without the other is like losing your way. Forbidden love has those same emotions, but it also brings danger and trouble. Forbidden love is a very strong word. Nobody wants it in their relationship. Forbidden love is when a couple are together but can’t let others know because of the way people will react. Sometimes love is forbidden because of social rules like which “group” someone belongs to, family expectations, or other differences between two people that could cause tension, like religion.
    The Greaser’s are very similar to Elvis Presley and the Socs are very similar to the Beatles. The Greaser’s and Elvis have the same hair, slicked back and greasy. No one had ever seen anything like Elvis before. His style, hip gyrations, and his singing made him unique and an instant superstar. The Socs are very classy just like the Beatles.
    “Heartbreak Hotel,” by Elvis Presley is not really about a hotel, it’s about a state of absolute sadness and heartbreak. In the song, his girlfriend broke up with him and he is in a room all by himself and lonely, so lonely he could die. This song relates to the them “Forbidden Love,” because the girl in the song wants to be with him but can’t. “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away,” by the Beatles is about a girl who wants to fall in love with him but can’t because of other people’s judgment. This is also connected to the theme “Forbidden Love,” because the girl is afraid of what other people will say.
    Dally and Cherry are a great example of forbidden love. Even though they can’t be together because of their social class, they still can’t hide their love for each other. Back then, if you did not date someone in your class, your parents, friends, and mostly everyone would disapprove. In my opinion, I think that you should be allowed to choose who you love because it is your opinion no matter what anyone says.

  4. Forbidden love is love that is not allowed to happen. When the people around you don’t want it to happen. It really tests how much two people love and want to see each other. For example, Romeo and Juliet, their parents and community don’t allow them to see each other and love each other.

    Elvis and the Greasers remind me of each other in a few ways. Their appearance is a lot alike. Their hair are both slicked back and greased and they both where jeans and a jean jacket. The Socs and The Beatles have a different connection. The Beatles were the more “popular” band of their era just like the Socs. The Beatles also dressed in fancy suits and cloths just like the Socs do. Also, The Beatles could do anything they wanted and not get in trouble, just like the Socs. So its obvious to me why the Greasers are like Elvis and how the Socs are like The Beatles.

    “Heartbreak Hotel” by Elvis Presley, is about a man who got his heart broken by a girl. To recover, he goes to a hotel and stays there until he is ok. He talks about how lonely and sad he is just like what happens in forbidden love. Forbidden love is hard to overcome. It makes you sad, depressed, and lonely just like “Heartbreak Hotel” expressed. “You’ve got to hide your love away” by The Beatles is also about forbidden love. It describes a man who understands that he and the woman he loves can’t be together and tells her that she may not say that they love each other. Again, this describes Romeo and Juliet, they love each other but decide to keep it to themselves because they no it won’t work out if they do. Both of these songs express forbidden love. Forbidden love makes you do some crazy things just like these songs told us.

    Forbidden love occurred with two characters so far, Ponyboy and Cherry Valance. They both liked each other, but when it came down to it, they were from different groups and wouldn’t be excepted by one another’s groups. At the drive-in, Cherry and Ponyboy became friends. They talked about each other’s lives, and their similarities and differences. They clicked but it’s forbidden love.

  5. My definition of forbidden love would be like Romeo and Juliet. Two people that love each other but their families don’t like the other’s family. They would do anything they could to see each other. Everyday hoping that something would change with their families opinion of the other’s. When the both of them make excuses to see the other and meet out by the garbage can. I guess that could be forbidden love.

    Elvis Presley is someone that likes to do what he likes and doesn’t care what others think of it. He likes to do everything in his own way, like the way his hair is jelled and he wears the jacket. The greasers are like Elvis because they like doing whatever they want except violence. They wear a jacket and most of all, their hair, it’s all their pride and glory. Now, the Socs are like The Beatles because the Socs fit in and have no trouble with anything. They always had food, water, and a place to sleep that is clean. Everyone liked The Beatles when they came over to the United States because of how popular they were with music.
    That’s like the Socs because everyone likes them and they are popular.

    Heartbreak Hotel, By Elvis was about a woman or man that became heartbroken and thought life was pointless. This is just like Romeo and Juliet but instead everyone is dead at the start. One lover dies and the other loves that person so much that they wanted to die on them, and life without that person would be worthless. You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away, by The Beatles was about one person loving the other but that person is told to hide their love and not to show it. This happens when someone is shy and doesn’t want their friends to see them together.

    So far in the story, I think that Cherry and Pony Boy have forbidden love. I think so because Cherry is trying to deny the fact that she actually has feelings for Pony Boy but doesn’t want anyone to know that she likes someone younger than her. It’s like she’s trying to deny the fact that she like Pony Boy with saying she likes Dally. Also it could be because Cherry is a Soc, and Pony Boy is a Greaser.

  6. My definition of forbidden love is when two people love each other but they really aren’t allowed to. They are probably very different from each other and their parents don’t want them to be together. This makes it hard for them to see each other. Because they can’t see each other, they usually want to see each other even more then if they were allowed to see each other. The two lovers usually end up seeing each other even if they aren’t allowed to. Love finds a way.

    Greasers relate to Elvis Presley because Elvis was rejected by society because he danced and sang differently. People tried to hide him. The Greasers are also rejected by society because they are different and outsiders. They both don’t fit into society. Socs relate to The Beatles because they were both very popular and loved by society. Everybody loved them because they were the upper class of their time. The song “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” is about hiding your true feelings and that is exactly what the Socs do.

    “Heartbreak Hotel” by Elvis Presley is about Lonely Street. Lonely Street has a hotel called Heartbreak Hotel. This is where you are supposed to go if you are lonely. This song is about sadness, being alone and being rejected. This song relates to forbidden love because like I said before, love finds a way. This statement is not always true because the forbidden lovers may have to separate and find themselves in Heartbreak Hotel. “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” by The Beatles is about a guy who loves a girl and couldn’t live without her. He wants to be with her but he can’t. She even tells him that love will find a way. This song relates to forbidden love because he can’t be with the girl he loves and he has to hide the way he feels.

    Two characters that relate to forbidden love are Ponyboy and Cherry. Ponyboy loves Cherry because she is a nice girl and can relate to him. She doesn’t think about Greasers and Socs, she thinks about people. Ponyboy likes her because of that. He can’t be with her though, because he is a Greaser and she is a Soc. Her parents wouldn’t let them be together. Cherry also loves Dally but knows she can’t be with him because she is a Soc and he is a Greaser. She also might know that he would never love her back.

  7. Forbidden love to me means that two people love each other but are technically not allowed to. They also have to hide their love, and sometimes they are separated because they cannot be together. This reminds me of Romeo and Juliet. Although their families hated each other and they were not allowed to love one another, they broke the rules for love. I think that if you are not allowed to love someone, you love them stronger.

    The Greasers can relate to Elvis because both are wild, reckless, outgoing, and emotional. They act cool mentally and physically. The Socs can relate to the Beatles because both dress similarly, they both are preppy, and the nice Socs have a similar attitude as the Beatles.

    The song by the Beatles really relates to forbidden love because in the song it says that “you have to hide your love away”, and in my definition of forbidden love, it says “they also have to hide their love”. Elvis’s song relates to forbidden love because the song’s title is “Heartbreak Hotel”, and when people are in a forbidden love, they can get their heart broken because they are not allowed to see each other.

    I think that the theme of forbidden love comes across in The Outsiders with Dallas and Cherry (Sherri). I think Cherry loves Dallas but cannot be with him because she is a Soc and he is a greaser. This probably makes Cherry want him more.

  8. When I hear the words forbidden love I think of a love that is so strong because two people truly care about one another, but they are not allowed to be together. A love that can never be. Whether it’s because of race, religion, beliefs, or social class it is very sad. I think that because the two people are not allowed to be in love, they love each other even more.

    I feel that the Greasers relate more to Elvis because Elvis is more rough, tough, and a little less polished. He’s sharp, clever, and he seems more dangerous like the Greasers. Elvis’ hair is greased back and slick like the Greasers.The Socs relate more to the Beatles because the Beatles are very classy, well-dressed, and proper like the Socs.

    The song “Heartbreak Hotel” is about a figurative hotel where heartbroken lovers go when they are lonely. It is about a place of sadness and loneliness. It has to do with forbidden love because its saying that sometimes you have to break up with someone because your parents, friends, or other family members don’t like you dating them, and then you feel sad and lonely. The song “You’ve got to hide your love away” is about breaking up with a girl and then feeling really upset and like there is nothing you can do. People are telling you to stop whining about it and hide your love away. This song relates to forbidden love because it talks about a love that will never be again. The singer lost his girl and he knows he will never get her back so he has to hide his sadness away.

    An example of forbidden love in the story is Cherry Valance and Dally Winston. Dally was interested in Cherry for fifteen minutes before he became uninterested when she continued to ignore him. Cherry on the other hand, pretended to not like Dally at all, but really she was attracted to him the whole time. Cherry’s parents would never let her date such a dangerous Greaser. Even if Dally was still interested in Cherry, they could never be together because of their social statuses and Cherry’s parents.

  9. A forbidden love is a person who you have a forbidden relationship. To me a forbidden love is one that cannot be because of a certain reason. I would describe a forbidden love as one that is a secret because it could get you in trouble if some one found out you were seeing this person. So that no one knew you might meet this person at a secret place.

    Back in the 60s Elvis became so popular because he did crazy things that were never done before and greasers were kids that did different things. Elvis became popular by demonstrating his individuality. The Greaser didn’t care what anyone says they’re just going to do thing their own way no matter what. The Beatles were somewhat popular in England and like the Socs they needed some thing else to do.

    In the Beatles “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” the lyrics tell me that there might have been some type of accident were some people saw that person with their forbidden love and after that night everyone laughed and talked about you and because of this you were forced to break up with your forbidden love. The song definitely relates to the theme forbidden love because the song is saying you have to hide your love away because you were discovered and now you are trying to the gossip of the day a secret again. Elvis’ song is about how he just broke up with a girl and is trying to get back in the game. In the song he explains how he feels so lonely with out this girl that he thinks he will die.

    In the Outsiders I think that there would be a forbidden love between Two-bit and Marcia because number Two-bit is a greaser and Marcia is a Socs. Second they seem like the were starting to like each other but then the greasers found out that they all ready had boyfriend. As a result, it was a forbidden love that could never happen.

  10. My simple definition of forbidden love would be when two people love each other even though their family or friends don’t approve of it. A good example of forbidden love is of Cherry and Dally in the Outsiders. Cherry says that if she even were to see Dally again she would fall in love with him even though she is not supposed to. The reason that she is not supposed to love Dally is because Dally is a greaser and she is a Soc which in their opinion should never happen because the Soc’s and the greasers are too different to actually love each other and most Soc’s think that they are to good for greasers anyway. There are some countries that arrange marriages just so their son or daughter will marry who they want them to and they don’t give anyone in the country a choice of who they actually love and they don’t care about their opinion either! This is another very good example of forbidden love.

    The Soc’s are like the Beatles because the Beatles acted like anyone else in the sixties and also had all the new and in style clothes and fashion styles. They also had nice cars and could get plenty of girls. They fit in with the crowd and also never got left out because they were the cool ones and everybody liked them. The Soc’s were just like that because they also acted like any other person would in the sixties and were always in the fashion trend with their fancy shirts, shoes, pants, pretty girls, and even the nicest cars of that time! Elvis and the greasers were a lot the same as well. Elvis was new and at first no one really liked him because of his strange kind of singing and dancing. Instead of trying to stick to what people like he tried to take a new approach to dancing and the style that he tried was sexy. At first people thought that he was weird but than girls began to realize that he actually was really “hot” and “sexy” as well, this then started a new style of dancing and singing and also a new style of hair!! The greasers didn’t try to be sexy but they did try to impress girls and didn’t care about that times fashion and what everyone else was wearing. They stuck to what they liked, not to what everyone else liked and they also had their hair different just like Elvis, only theirs was greasy and not combed back and for that time just plain weird.

    Both songs represent the term “Forbidden Love” very well and are very much the same. In “Heartbreak Hotel” Elvis is trying to describe how he can love but he can’t always show all of his love to his fans and wishes he could. This is kind of like forbidden love because eve though he wants to show the crowd and all of his fans how much he loves them he in some way just can’t. He mainly wrote this song as a wish to his fans that they know that he tries but can’t always succeed in showing love and compassion. The song “You’ve got to Hide Your Love Away” is written after a band member that falls in love with a girl and doesn’t know how to tell her the truth about how he feels about her. This is another good example to the theme forbidden love because even though he wants desperately to tell this girl how he feels about her he just can’t find a way to. This is forbidden love because somewhere inside of him there is something telling him that he shouldn’t even tell her even though he really wants to!!

    I already kind of explained this in my first paragraph about what forbidden love really is but pretty much a good example throughout the book so far for forbidden love is Cherry and Dally. Cherry says that if she even were to see Dally again she would fall in love with him even though she is not supposed to. This is forbidden love because a greaser and a Soc are not supposed to fall in love, they really are not even supposed to hang out with each other but Cherry, Johnny, and Ponyboy do anyways. At first I thought that Cherry would end up falling in love with either Ponyboy or Johnny but instead she ends up falling in love with Dally. This surprised me because of how mean Dally was to her at first and I thought that ever since then they would always be enemies, but Cherry said it herself that if she were to see Dally again she would fall in love with him for sure!

    1. Nicely done, Jesse, while I understand your point, I don’t think the story in “Heartbreak Hotel” is about Elvis and his fans.

  11. Forbidden love is love that is not meant to be. Religious or cultural reason may be the cause of forbidin love. Family or relatives also may have a reason because they have had a bad experience or background with the family or person.

    Elvis and the Greasers have some relation. Elvis seems to grease his hair as seen in the video. Also Elvis does his work alone and some of the Greasers are alone. The way he acts and looks like make me think of Greasers. The Beatles are like the Socs in ways. The Beatles and Socs have clean and neat cloths. The Beatles look like they are wealthy like Socs.

    “Heartbreak Hotel” is what I think is someone can’t love someone from the cause of forbidden love and takes a walk down lonely street to Heartbreak Hotel. This song also shows that if you have been affected by forbidden love you still can go to Heartbreak Hotel. “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away” tells that someone loves someone but has to hide it because he is hit by forbidden love.

    Cherry and Dallas have shown forbidden love in the story so far. Cherry thinks she loves Dallas but because they are different they are not meant to be with each other. Cherry is a Soc and Dallas is a Greaser and they aren’t meant to be.

  12. What is forbidden love? Forbidden love is a love between two people that for some reason or circumstance cannot happen. In many situations, forbidden love is caused by difference in social groups. Sometimes forbidden love is caused by family barriers. Some families will not let a member of their family love someone in a specific family, so that love cannot happen. One of the most famous forbidden love stories is Romeo and Juliet. In this book, the forbidden love is caused by family problems.

    Elvis is very similar to the Greasers for may reasons.First, Elvis would always dress different and look different than what was normal. The Greasers also dress and look differently, with long, greasy hair and blue jeans. Second, Elvis didn’t mind being different. He just thought he looked good, and that was enough for him. The Greasers are also that way, they don’t change themselves to be Socs or normal, they just stay the way they are because they are okay with it.
    The Socs are a lot like The Beatles. In the early sixties (around the time of The Outsiders), the Beatles stuck to what they knew and dressed and looked normal, just as the Socs do.

    Heartbreak Hotel is about a place for people that are upset about a breakup and feel abandoned. This song relates to forbidden love because all of the people at the hotel cannot love anymore because they have been left and feel lonely.
    You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away is about a man who loves someone who other people laugh at. He can’t love her because everyone will always bother him because she is very different.

    In the story, there is the forbidden love of Cherry and Ponyboy. Ponyboy appears to have liked Cherry a lot, and was getting to know her very well. She then left him and said they couldn’t be friends because she was a Soc and he was a Greaser. This is a strong example of forbidden love because Cherry and Ponyboy are in two different social groups, which stops them from ever being together.

  13. Forbidden love: to love someone you can’t have. In my perspective forbidden love is when you love someone that you can’t have, yet you still chose to love them. A good example of forbidden love is the Greasers and the Socs. Their world are too far apart to be joined.

    When I think of a music figure that best matched the Greasers, I would think of Elvis. Elvis has the look that completely represents the Greasers. He also looks tuff but has a good heart, just like the Greasers. Elvis tells it just like it is like the Greasers. Elvis is a great role model for the Greasers because they are so connected. Elvis was also emotionally attached to the things he did like the Greasers were. The Beatles might be a better choice for the Socs. The Beatles are more contemporary . Like the Socs, the Beatles were known by everyone. The Beatles were also a simple kind of complex. They weren’t confusing but they had depth. If you really look there is a story behind everything they did, like the Socs (example: Cherry).

    “Heartbreak Hotel” is about a girl Elvis loved leaving him. The chorus of his song keeps saying how lonely he is without his girl. This relates to the theme of forbidden love because maybe his girl left him because she knew their love was forbidden so she just gave up or decided to love him from afar. “You’ve gotta hide you love away” is about a girl that left her boyfriend. In the song they said the girl said “love will find a way”.This helps me indicate that she had to leave him. They say “Hey you’ve got to hid you love away” after every verse. That means the the boy still has feeling for this girl but he has to store them away because they’re through. This relates to the theme of forbidden love because it seems like forbidden love stopped their relationship.

    Two people that are experiencing forbidden love in “The Outsiders” are Ponyboy and Cherry. Pony feels like he and Cherry really connect with each other and he likes her. They can never be together. Their personalities are similar enough, and Cherry feels like she can connect with Pony in ways she can’t with others but their lives are so different it can never be. Cherry has a forbidden love with Darry. She likes Darry. She thinks his bad boy act is cute. When he was bugging her at the movies she tries to flirt back a little. She and Darry are complete opposites. She’s nice, sweet, and polite and Darry’s reckless, daring, and a fugitive in training. Even thought Cheery knows (and states) her parents (or friends for that matter), wouldn’t like Darry, she’s still in love with him. The players of a game of forbidden love never win. That’s the true meaning of forbidden love.

  14. Forbidden love is a love that wants to happen but cannot due to certain reasons wether race, religion belief, or even other people. Forbidden love is sometimes the strongest sort of love because you yearn for that person more because you can’t have them. A perfect example of forbidden love is Romeo and Juliet. They couldn’t love each other because of Juliet’s parents, but their love for each other was stronger then other loves in books. Forbidden love only is another way to say a strong, but tragic love.
    I think that the greasers are more like Elvis and the socs are more like the Beatles because Elvis has the tuff look and greased up hair just like the greasers. They both have a kind of attitude that says that they don’t care about rules or normalities. They do things how they want to do things and could care less about the repercussions from their actions. The socs are more like the beetles because they are the courteous people, but they still know how to have a good time. They are the people that respect the authority and follow the normalities and rules. They have proper hair and nice things just like the socs too.
    Heartbreak Hotel by Elvis Presley is a song about how his girlfriend left him so he ended up in this place called Heartbreak Hotel. This hypothetical place was where people who were left by their lovers came to let out their sorrow. This relates to the forbidden love theme because Elvis wasn’t allowed to love his certain someone who left him and he probably still loves her. The Beetles’ song is about how someone left the singer and he can’t get over the fact that all she said was love will find a way. This means that she probably wants to love him but she can’t for some reason. This is why it relates to forbidden love. He also has to hide his sadness away because people tell him to quit whining about it.
    I think in the story the forbidden love is between Cherry and Ponyboy. I think this because she enjoyed talking to Ponyboy and he felt that it was easy to talk to him even though they are in two different gangs and social groups. I think she wants to cover up the fact that she likes Ponyboy because he is younger then her, so she says that she like Dally.

  15. The definition of forbidden love to me would be love that isn’t allowed or approved. An example of forbidden love would be two people from different families and different life styles. Forbidden love is love that isn’t supposed to happen, and you know it’s wrong too.

    One of the most obvious reasons I thought that Elvis and the Greasers were alike because Elvis’s hair was greased back just like the Greasers. I also noticed that Elvis is by himself he is not in a band, just like the Greasers, even though there were a lot of them they weren’t always together. Finally, Elvis was expressing his feelings about the Heartbreak Hotel and how his girlfriend left him. He seemed to be more emotional, just like what Cherry said to the Greasers are much more emotional then the Socs and have more feelings. The Beatles are pretty similar to the Socs. The Beatles are a group, not single singers. The Socs are always in little groups, but the Greasers sometimes are alone. The Socs are like The Beatles and The Greasers are like Elvis.

    The two songs relate to forbidden love in similar ways. Heartbreak Hotel has to do with forbidden love because Elvis is heartbroken but he still loves his partner. He wishes that he could see his old partner again someday.
    The two characters in the Outsiders that have forbidden love are Cherry and Ponyboy. Cherry is a beautiful Soc, and Ponyboy is a handsome Greaser. Ponyboy is really into Cherry, and Cherry is into Ponyboy but she is a Soc and he is a Greaser. The forbidden love is that Cherry is a Soc, and Ponyboy is a Greaser, and Socs and Greasers can’t be with each other.

  16. My definition of forbidden love is love that is forbidden. It is the love that cannot be no matter what. It can be because of many reasons, such as social class, status, wealth, etc. It can also be the simple fact the person you love just plain doesn’t like you and he/she probably never will.

    The Greasers can relate to Elvis Presley and the Socs can relate to the Beatles in many ways. The Greasers are more emotional, while the Socs are less emotional and things are not real to them. When Elvis sings, he sings with passion and emotion in his singing and his dancing, in this way, he can relate to the Greasers. In the video when the Beatles were singing, all of their expressions were blank and emotionless. You could tell from their faces that nothing really mattered for them. In this way, the Beatles relate to the Socs.

    These songs relate to forbidden love in many ways. “Heartbreak Hotel” is about heartbroken people that are heartbroken because of forbidden love. The love is not allowed, so the lovers are heartbroken. “You’ve got to hide your love away” is a song about having to hide away your love. This relates to forbidden love because the song says that you have to hide your love away because the love is forbidden, so the love shouldn’t show.

    Two characters in the story that I can relate forbidden love to are Ponyboy and Cherry. From the book, you can tell that Ponyboy likes Cherry, and you can also tell that Cherry might sort of like Ponyboy as well, but their love is forbidden. It is forbidden because Ponyboy is a Greaser and Cherry is a Soc, they are both different. Also, if all the other Socs find out that Cherry likes Ponyboy, then it will hurt her status and reputation, so Ponyboy and Cherry’s love cannot be.

  17. Forbidden love is when two people love each other with all their heart, but do to cultural differences they are not allowed to be together. These diffences may be social class, wealth, religion, home country, or two families may hate each other. (Romeo and Juliet) The lovers en up seeing each other anyway in secret. These relationships are normally reckless and amusing as the couple will do anything to stay together. Even if the couple cannot see each other anymore, they will be in love until the day they die.

    Elvis and Greasers seem to go hand in hand. They both are different. They have different greased up hair, strange ways of communicating, they are both reckless, and they have different styles of fashion. No wonder Greasers look up to Elvis. Socs and The Beatles both have a calmer demeanor. They seem to act nicer and more mannered (although we know Socs have done some pretty bad stuff.) They both wear cooler clothes and seem more classy. Both gangs like their styles and are proud of them.

    “Heartbreak Hotel” relates to forbidden love because it is about how a guy just went through a breakup. Forbidden love often ends this way as the relationship is hard to keep up with. This guy is very sad he broke up. He feels so lonly that he could die. Most couples of forbidden love still love each other after they break up. “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away” relates to forbidden love because it is about a couple who are going through forbidden love. They need to hide their love so the people who do not want the couple together don’t see their true feelings. Both of these show how determined people in forbidden love are and how hard it is to keep their love secret.

    Dally and Cherry are a good example of forbidden love. Cherry loves Dallas a lot even though Dallas may not love her back. ( I haven’t read that far into the story yet.) If Dally ends up wanting to date her, the road ahead is tough. They will have to see each other in secret because a Soc and a Greaser in public will draw eyes. It is not acceptable to even talk to Greasers by Soc parent standards. They may break up and have to live alone forever because in forbidden love, the love never fades.

  18. Forbidden love. Many things come to mind, but to me, forbidden love means when two people want to be in a relationship, but they are not allowed for some reason. There are many examples of this, but one that I think of is Romeo And Juliet. Also, I think forbidden love is just following your heart and loving the person that you love no matter what anyone thinks of it, or if they disapprove.

    This question really sparked for me. The socs like The Beatles because they are the rock band, and they haven’t really done anything new, and they are just the group that is “in” at the time, but on the other hand, Elvis Presley, has been dancing, singing, and doing a bunch of leg movements that nobody has done before. Elvis relates to the Greasers because he is on the “wild” side and he has been doing new things. Also, the socs relate to The Beatles because, The Beatles, are that regular band that everyone likes, not wild, but just good music.

    In heartbreak hotel, it talks about his “girl” leaving him because they could not go out with each other, and he is very lonely. This relates to forbidden love because his girl left him because they couldn’t date, not because they didn’t want to date.

    Now, the song you’ve got to hide your love away relates on a whole other scale. This song was about one person loving the other but the other person is told to hide their love away from the other person, just like the title of the song.

    So far in the story, I would have to say Pony and Cherry. I say this because Cherry is a rich soc, and Pony is a Greaser, and as you know from reading the book, greasers and socs do not get along well.

  19. My definition of forbidden love is when two people like each other, but everybody else thinks that they shouldn’t be together. They are normally from two different “groups,” like the Greasers and the Socs, or the Montagues and the Capulets. It is two people that know they can’t be together, but they still try, like Romeo and Juliet.

    The Greasers probably liked Elvis Presley because Elvis Presley was almost a Greaser himself, minus the fact that he had more money than most Greasers. He had greasy hair like the Greasers, and he didn’t do what was normal in those days. Rock and roll was new then, and Elvis Presley helped start it. Also, the Greasers don’t really care about being neat and organized, and neither does Elvis. The Socs probably like the Beatles because they both don’t grease their hair, and they both are more neat and organized than Elvis Presley or the Greasers.

    “Heartbreak Hotel” is about somebody who just broke up with someone else and is lonely. This relates to forbidden love because for some reason the two people couldn’t be together, so they had to break up. “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” is about a guy who likes a girl, but can’t say outright that he does, because he would be made fun of, or other people would disapprove of it. This has a lot to do with forbidden love, because it is forbidden for him to show that he likes the girl.

    One good example of forbidden love in the outsiders is Cherry Valance and Dallas Winston. Dally probably liked Cherry a little bit, because he was teasing her at the drive-in movie, and Cherry told Ponyboy that if she ever saw Dally again, she’d fall in love with him. They obviously couldn’t be together, because Cherry’s a Soc, and Dally’s a Greaser. Cherry’s parents would never let her be with a Greaser. They are forbidden to love each other.

  20. I think Forbidden Love is really a different type of love!It’s an emotion that you feel once in a while in your daily life!You start to fall in love with someone!You want to be with them forever but your parents won’t allow it!So you run far away from home so that you can be with them forever!

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