Muttations ~ If You Were A Tribute

A mockingjay.

They’re funny birds and something of a slap in the face to the Capitol. During the rebellion, the Capitol bred a series of genetically altered animals as weapons. The common term for them was muttations, or sometimes mutts for short. One was a special bird called a jabberjay that had the ability to memorize and repeat whole human conversations.

Eventually the jabberjays mated with female mockingbirds.

And a whole new species was created that could replicate both bird whistles and human melodies. Mockingjays had the ability to enunciate words but could still mimic a range of human vocal sounds and even recreate songs (Collins, 42-43).

Prompt 1: Students, this week I would like for you to create your own muttation or mutt by combining any two animal species you like. Be creative and imaginative!

Name your muttation and tell what its primary purpose would be. (1 paragraph) One example from last year: The Cheese (cheetah/horse

Prompt 2: Okay, pretend you are a tribute in The Hunger Games and answer the following two prompts:

What is the skill that you would be best at and why?

And what would be your strategy at the start of the games? Explain fully




  1. My secret mutation is a hummingbear. It is a mix of a humming bird and a bear. It is as big as a bear but has tiny wings like a humming bird. It can fly extremely high. Its purpose would be to ride into battle on it, and it can fly above the enemies. When the enemies look up they will be so freaked out that they panic. Then, you would start shooting with a bow and arrow at the enemies. It would take a while for the bows to run out because the hummnigbear can hold a large supply in a pack strapped to its back.

    My strategy would be exactly what Haymitch told Katniss and Peeta to do. The only reason I trust Haymitch is because he won himself in a past Hunger Game. The only thing I would do different is grab a few things first, like a backpack, and then run away. Then I would also find a source of water. But, I would not stay in the same place very long in case someone is tracking me.

    This strategy would be good for me because I have a lot of stamina when I am running. I can run for a pretty long time without needing a drink of water or rest. Running would help me because all the Career tributes would be slower than me because they are much bigger. They would have no chance trying to catch me. I would try to avoid the stronger tributes as much as I could until the end of the Games.

  2. Flamingos are quiet, tall, and distracting due to their color. Parrots are short, extremely loud, and distracting due to their way of biting ears. Imagine if the two mated to create the ultimate distraction of war bird. The paramingo will have long, knobby legs, and a long flamingo beak. It will also be bright pink. It will squawk and screech to no end and bite the enemy’s ears like parrot. This will distract the enemy and keep them unfocused, as these birds can fly and come from anywhere. Paramingos aren’t meant to be seen as threats, so the enemy will underestimate them and have a large surprise.

    As tribute in the Hunger Games, I would be best at throwing things at people to cause serious harm. All my life I have been throwing things for no apparent reason, but that would end up being useful. Rocks, spears, knives, and javelins would be my specialty for the game makers and I should earn high for that.

    In the games, I would rush to the Cornucopia and grab a few items before rushing to the woods to find water. Going to the Cornucopia gives me a slim chance of surviving, but my chances of survival are slim to none anyway. After finding water, I will hide from the career tributes and plan on attacking people with the weapons I have.

  3. My special “mutt” would be a zemeleon. A zemeleon is the mix between a zebra and a cameleon. It can run as fast as a zebra and hide as well as a cameleon. It’s purpose is to make quick escapes. If you are cornered and have nowhere to go, you would hop on the zemeleon and get out of there. And if you are being hunted, you would lay on the zemeleons back and appear invisible.

    At the sound of the gong, I would spot the best care package in the Cornucopia, grab it, and dash off. Next, I would find a source of water just as Haymitch suggested. I would fill up a container of water that I would hopefully have, then kill a wild animal and feed off the water and game for the next few days. After all that, I would find shelter and camp there until my food is gone or someone finds me.

    If someone finds me, I’d be happy. I think I’m pretty good at fighting, so I would kill the tribute then take their belongings. I would keep repeating that technique until I have a plentiful amount of supplies, then make a better camp. After I make the fort I would search for other tributes, especially the bigger ones, and kill them until the Games are over

  4. The Squorm. A mix of a squid and a worm. That is my special mutt to be used by the Capitol. The squorm would be very useful to the Capitol for two things. First, in the water its squid body would help it attack and spy on enemy ships and make it very agile and strong. When it uses its worm characteristics, it can travel quickly underground using its worm-like tentacles. When it is underground, it can easily spy on enemy headquarters and then surprise attack at the right time. The squorm would be about 4 feet long, the size of a large dog. It would have a squid’s body and then its tentacles would be large worms.

    In the Hunger Games, my most valuable trait would be my speed. I can run very fast, and change direction quickly. If I were being chased by an opponent, I could keep switching directions to trick them, but also keep up my speed. A lot of the Hunger Games is close, near-death fights and i could escape that easily with my great speed.

    As soon as the gong rings, I would bolt away from the ring area and towards the Cornucopia. I would pick up whatever slides I could and be careful before getting involved with other tributes. Once I have at least one useful supply, I would turn around and sprint as fast as I could away from the Cornucopia, slowing down as I get farther away. I would find a tree far away and fall asleep. At night, I would hunt other tributes and move from location to location. I would always sleep-well camouflaged- in the day. Hopefully this strategy would work, and keep me from killing the least amount of people I can.

  5. A muttation I would make would be a butter gorilla. It would be the combination of a butterfly and a gorilla. Its purpose would be for travel, for the army, and for the fire department. If you wanted travel somewhere, then you could fly your butter gorilla to wherever you wanted. Also, the army could use it to attack enemies from the sky. The fire department could switch to butter gorillas instead of planes to help put out fires.

    If I were a tribute in the Hunger Games, the skill I would be best at would be close combat, such as hand to hand combat, knunchuks, and swords and knives. I would be best at these things because I am a good fighter, and I have been trained with knunchaks through Tae Kwon Do. Also, I am good on sneaking up on people.

    My strategy for the start of the Hunger Games would be to grab everything that I think would be useful to me. After that, I would go find water and shelter. I would find good hiding spot and hide out there. I would find things that would make good camouflage. After that, I would use my weapons to hunt for meat during the day and eliminate my fellow tributes after evening.

  6. I would do a pit-bull and a cheetah. It would make Pittah (pee-tah). It sounds like the characters name; this animal would be aggressive and ferocious. It would kill you if you aren’t careful, but if you are then it will kill for you and be like a hunting dog. It’s main purpose is to send the tributes running which will make it mad, causing it to chase you down and kill you.

    If I were a tribute in The Hunger Games I would be ok at just being stealthy and then I would sneak up and go super assassin mode, basically I would choke them. I would also be good at hand to hand fighting.

    I would pick up anything good and kill anyone in my path, and then I would run for the trees. I would probably be successful. I would save food and water until I absolutely need it, and then go hunting for other tributes.

  7. The Fail. This animal is super small and has a super bite. A fish (Piranha) and a snail would be what is in the Muttation. This animal can breathe on land and water. It can be used to protect things, and deliver small messages. The Fail is not too slow, considering a fish is very fast.
    The skill I would be best at in The Hunger Games is the bow and arrow. Since I shoot bow and arrow at home, and I am pretty good, I think I will be good at it in the Hunger Games. I would need a pretty good bow and if it were possible, certain arrows. I would want bronze head, field points, and MA16’s arrowheads. The arrows would have to be balanced out, (with feathers).
    Depending on who I am against, i would dart full speed, or head on, at the cornucopia. I would go for the silver tipped arrows and the bow just as Katniss did. If I got the bow and arrows I would pick them up, string the bow, and fend others away from the cornucopia. When I kill enough people I would dart on out of there.

  8. Deer’s are fast, strong, and agility-type animals, and on the other hand, sheep are not fast, not strong, and mostly are used for their wool and their meat, but when you combine these two animals, you get something much different, The “derp”. The derp is a fast, energetic, smart, and it grows wool three times faster than a normal sheep.
    The derp is used for many things, but its main resource is for its wool. Since the “derp” can grow wool extremely fast, it is used for getting wool. It can also be used as a camouflage helper. You can put different materials on the “derp” to make it appeal more to the environment.

    If I was in the hunger games, I would probably be best at camouflage. I would be best at this because when my dad and I go up to West Virginia, we have to dress up in camouflage so that the deer will not run away from us.

    At the beginning of the hunger games, I would definitely grab a bag and run. I would take the bag, and wouldn’t stop running until I hear the cannons blast at the end of the day. I would also do what Katniss did and try to find water. I would also look for a place to hide/sleep. Because if you go to a place that does not have good covering, then you could be killed in your sleep.

  9. A chorse that’s the name. A combination of a cheetah and a horse. The special purpose for this pair is that it has many defenses. The chorse would be a great animal to have in battle because you can ride on it. Also, this creature has a very powerful kick, that of a horse, and a deadly bite of a cheetah. For example, if you were surrounded by a group of tributes, then you would be able to kick and bite at the same time. This creature also possesses great stamina, speed,strength, endurance, and is just a perfect war buddy.

    One great skill that I have is speed, because I am very fast sprinter. This would help when there is a tight situation and I am being followed very closely. Also, it would be useful to dart through parts in the woods where it is a tight space; I can sprint fast through those places to get away from my enemy.

    My strategy at the beginning of the games would probably be what Katniss and Peeta did. I would search for things closest to me first, and then see if I can get a pack of items such as weapons, food,and medicines, and definitely get water. I wouldn’t go to the cornucopia right away because that would put me at a higher risk of getting killed.

  10. In the war between the capitol and the districts the capitol use muttations. Muttations were mixes of two animals. The best muttation I thought of was a Cheeno. A Cheeno is a cross between a rhino and a cheetah. This idea of a muttation would be great because this animal would have the strength and amour of a rhino along with the speed and hunting skills of a cheetah. The purpose of the Cheeno species would be to attack and hunt people from the districts. The animal would be used as a powerful weapon. As you can see this muttation has great potential.

    One thing that I was always able to do was climb a tree and when shot arrows with bows in P.E., I was not bad. I also probably could learn how to throw a knife. I guess you could say my strategy would be long range attacks, but don’t under estimate me in close combat because I may have a knife up my sleeve or something that I can use to kill brutally, and I’m very good at sneaking up on people. So, watch your back.

    I’m fast so, at the beginning of the games when the gong sound I can sprint to get a backpack, knifes, and try to get a bow and arrow, a sword, or spear. After I pick up what ever I need I will be brave and attack some people. Maybe I’ll decide to make an alliance with three other kids. I would stay at the cornucopia and wait for someone to come back some my group can ambush his or her. After the first day I will make my way to a water source near the woods so I can hunt and set traps. I’ll let you in one a little secert olf mine before we get down to the last seven the rest of my team will be dead.

  11. My muttation would be called the Doeetah. It would be a mix of a dog and a cheetah. It would have the head of a dog and body of a cheetah. Its primary reason would be for its speed and sense of smell and hearing. A Doeetah would be used for searching bombs and be able to hear long distances and also be very fast and very agile to avoid predators or hunters. It would be fifty to fifty-five inches long and two and a half feet tall from foot to shoulder.

    In the arena my best skill would be bow and arrow because I’m not the best a close combat melee and long range fighting would most likely be the best for me. At a camp I took Archery and I had a lot of bulls eyes and I didn’t have to aim for a long time.

    My first thing in the arena would be to get some form of a weapon that can be throne, shot, or some long spear at least three feet long would be my first thing to do. After getting weapons I would look for camp supplies, some form of armor, or something to keep my hidden and warm at night. Then to try to get some form of water holding container and try to fill it up. After that if possible i would get a carrying case for all of the supplies like a backpack and hold my weapon and go for cover in the woods, tall grass, or some form of cover and may the best tribute win.

  12. My mutation would be a Tigodile. This is a mix of a tiger and a crocodile. My animal would have the massive body of a tiger and the head of a tiger. On its body there would be spikes down its neck and back. Then the Tigodile would have the tail of a crocodile. It would be able to swim and catch fish as fast as a Crocodile. Also it would be able to be sneaky on land. It would have overpowering strength and could win a fight with a human in a second. The capitol would use these animals to destroy districts like district 13. Also if the capitol was losing a battle they could send out two of these creatures and the attacking army would be destroyed. This animal could only be tamed from birth and if someone the animal didn’t know attacked it the Tigodile would simply swipe its paw and the person would be dead.

    If I were a tribute in the hunger games My skill would be to be able to use a bow or cross bow. If I had a crossbow in the games I would win. I hunt and can shoot a crossbow and bow and arrow really accurately. I shoot a bow and arrow better but would rather a crossbow because I can shoot from a far distance. Another skill would be my observant. I would be able to notice if someone was coming because I am watchful and observant. My last skill would be to handle a sword or knife. I can swing like crazy and shock the opponent. Then I could jab at them and they would be defeated in a minute tops.

    My strategy at the beginning of the games would be to start killing my opponents at the cornucopia. I would tackle a carrier tribute and pin them to the ground. Next I would tell his friends to give me their weapons. Then I would kill all of them right there. If that doesn’t work I would start punching randomly, Grab everything near me, and go for a swim in the lake. Once I swam to the other side of it I would get in a tree and camp. Then I would send arrows flying or if I didn’t get that throw a backpack at someone’s head. I would find the largest tree and start throwing random things at people. When they looked up I would jump on them and then steal there weapons and kill them. I would run as fast as I could and get out of there. I would try to find an open field. I know it sounds weird but that would be my camp. I would lie on the grass when people came by. It would be so obvious that no one would know I was there. Then I would make alliances and break them. Lastly If A person and I were the only to left I would take everything I had and start hitting the person with it.

  13. If I were to have the opportunity to create a mutation, I would create the Hish, a cross between a Hippo and a Fish. It would be as small as a medium sized fish, have a fish head and gills, but the body would be that of a Hippo’s. It would be able to swim extremely long distances, like from America to Europe, and would be amphibious because of the hippo legs. The Hish could swim very fast, which would enable it to get to where it’s needed in a short amount of time. It could also carry messages over long distances that couldn’t be trusted to the telephone or other electric means, because they might be tapped and intercepted. The Hish would have an apparatus like a guide dog, with two long cylinders on the sides for the messages. Overall, the Capitol would be, in my opinion, enamored with the Hish and it’s amazing abilities. \

    If I were a tribute in the Hunger Games, my strategy, when starting out, would be to just go for it. I’m not the strongest, not the most suited for the wild, and definitely not the most skilled with weapons, so I believe that I would just put it all on the line, but be careful and try to avoid other tributes. I don’t really have a chance of winning, so best to go down in a blaze of glory. If, by the slim chance, I survive, then I think I would just keep running and try to find the edge of the arena. I would Camp out near there, as far away from the others as I could get, and try to out hide and outlast the other tributes. I hope that I have a decent weapon after my mad dash, but I’ll probably be dead before I can find a weapon!

    The skill that would help me the most is my ability to act sensibly under pressure. I am good at making quick decisions, something that would serve me well if I ever had to play the deadly game that is The Hunger Games. I think that my intelligence and light footed mind under pressure would be an invaluable asset inside that arena of death.

  14. The mutation that I would make would be a wispfin. It would be the combination of a wasp and a dolphin. I would create this mutt because it would be the size of a wasp so that it could fit though small areas, and also it would have a deadly stinger. It would also be half dolphin so that when it is not using its wings it will be able to breath in the water and could swim. It would be great for traveling though water so that people would have a hard time seeing it and it could people with a deadly sting.

    If I were in the hunger games the best stategy that I would have is running. I would run thought the forest and could be able to escape from anything. I’m a very fast runner and can keep up a fast speed for a pretty long time. I am tall and have long legs this makes we able to run faster.

    At the sound of the starting sound I would be so scared. The first thing I would do is sprint into the cornucopia and grab the first thing that my hands can grab. Like katniss I would not be able to leave into the woods empty handed. Once I got my two things I would run out of the cornucopia and keep on running as far as I could go. Once I was way to tiered to keep going, I would find a bush to hide in or close to and begin to look though my items.

  15. The two animals that I would like to make into a mutation would be a bluehound. This animal is a mix of a dachshund and a blue jay. This Interesting animal will have the flying ability of a blue jay and the agile ability of a dachshund. Its main purpose would be for hunting. When hunting if you cant find any animals you ask the bluehound “find (and then you say what you want it to find) a deer.” Then it starts to run really fast to order to fly when it is in the air it will use its Arial view to track down the animal you wanted. When it finds your requested animal it will howl but it will have a happier ring to it.

    I think that my best skill would be survival. When I was younger I used to go camping with my cub scouts den and each year we whet camping. Even though I had my parents with me I loved to go out and explore on my own.

    My strategy for the hunger games would be to grab the nearest weapon and utility and make a run for the woods my first priority would be to run as far as I could and not stop. Then I would find a body of water and get some shelter in the trees and finally I would keep low for a couple of days then when most of the other tributes are dead I will finish the rest off.

  16. If I could mix two of my favorite animals together, I would mix a zebra and a ladybug. It is called the zebug. Since a zebra is fast on land and a ladybug can fly swiftly, then the zebug is a small zebra with polka dots, that is fast and can fly. The zebug’s primary purpose is to protect people and animals from mosquitoes so they won’t get sick. Also, it would control the sky when it’s flying, and it would control the ground when it is running. This ensures that nothing is out of place.

    If I was a tribute to the Hunger Games, my skill would be that I could climb trees quickly. I have the skill and talent to climb trees with the greatest of ease. I feel comfortable taking chances leaping from limb to limb. I would also be good at coming up with ways to hunt down animals for food. I would also create new weapons that make it easier to kill the animals for me.

    At the start of the Hunger Games, my strategy would be to get a weapon or a backpack as quickly as possible and get out of the area before someone could kill me. At the beginning of the Games it is the most dangerous time because you are close to everyone. Everyone is in search of a possession that will help them to survive. I would run away quickly once I grab a possession and try to find a place to hide. Next I would set up many traps to kill or lure the animals toward me. If I lure them to me, but can’t kill them in enough time I will follow them because they know their environment better. My hiding places would be in trees.

  17. This new muttation could be used for secret missions, friendly games, or just for amusement. The Gechameleon perfectly blends the gecko’s small, familiar body and sticky hands and feet with the chameleon’s color changing scheme, long, sticky, and stretchy tongue, and great peripheral vision. Gechameleons are less than six inches, with a narrow head like a gecko with eyes on each side of its head like a chameleon. It changes colors according to its surroundings and uses its sticky hands and feet easily maneuver up and down objects. To grab objects, Gechameleons shoot out their long, sticky tongues at things and bring them back in to themselves. Because people are so used to seeing geckos and lizards, a Gechameleon walks around unnoticeably, even without using its color-changing skin, because it so closely resembles the gecko and lizard from the outside. Gechameleons can be pets for people, (especially blind people which need help grabbing objects), to play some hide-and-seek tag with friends, but mainly to be brought on top secret missions and secretly run inside a building unnoticed and bring things back with its tongue. It is not a threat to people because it doesn’t have any teeth, and lives off of small insects.

    I think that I would be best at camouflage if I were to participate in the Games. I am small so I can fit into smaller places than some people, decent at climbing trees, and good at disguising myself and finding a place to stay unnoticed. My initial approach to the Games would be to be nice to everyone, being careful to make alliances rather than enemies, but not show off in front of anyone. It is much easier to take someone down if you know his or her strengths and weaknesses. However, I would not try to act all innocent and quiet and then come out as a killing machine like past contestants. I could only hope for a great stylist like Cinna and prep team like Katniss’s, but I would try to become recognizable and get good sponsors without making a big deal of it so other tributes wouldn’t get mad. I would definitely take Haymitch’s advice to not rush toward the cornucopia. It is like dodge ball because I know not to rush to the center to get the balls because I am not outstandingly fast. I would find a good supply of water and food, some weapons, decent, hidden shelter, and hopefully an alliance that I can trust to tag along close, but not together all of the time. I am good at thinking quickly under pressure, so that would come in handy, too. Additionally, people tend to underestimate me because of my size, but when it’s a fight to the death, I can rise up and bring a fight when I need to. I am pretty good at making weapons from basic materials. I made a slingshot from PVC pipes that I can use to shoot rocks through a wooden fence. That could easily kill someone if I got the chance.

  18. Sneagles are born of snakes and eagles. They can slither along the ground in night or day and hide easily when they want to. They can also fly high in the sky and see things and people from very far away with their “eagle” eyes. They are great hunters and they never go hungry. The Sneagles’ primary job would be spotting other tributes and keeping a watchful eye on where they go. Once they settle in, the Sneagle can slither close to them and observe them even more closely. Like eagles, Sneagles are very smart and they can defend themselves well if they are spotted.

    My strategy in the hunger games would be to outsmart my competitors by listening, watching and following them. I would try to predict their next moves and get ahead of them. I would try to beat them at their own games. My strategy would involve hiding and using a lot of branches and other things to cover myself. I also would move at night if possible and stay silent during the days.

    Since I am not much of a warrior or hunter, I would worry most at the start of the games about getting supplies like food and water. I also would try to get things to cover myself while I am hiding from the other tributes. Instead of fighting for the supplies at the cornucopia, or running fast, I would try to sneak past some of the bigger, faster and stronger tributes and grab supplies before they notice me. I might try to distract them by pointing out someone else or something like that, so that I can get what I need and get out of there.

  19. My secret animal is the Cine. It is a cross between a Porcupine and a Chameleon. It can move quickly by using a long, sticky tongue. The Cine would change himself to blend into his surroundings. Then, it would watch for enemy activity and record data. When an enemy walked by, it would open up all of his spines and injure his enemy. Then, it would camouflage the person so nobody would know what happened.

    If I was in the Hunger Games my best skill would be sword fighting. I am very good with swords and can attack very quickly and silently. Unlike bows and knives, if I use a sword, I don’t have to retrieve it. Arrows would have to be picked up and knives would have to be picked up as well. The only bad part about a sword is you have to sharpen it often. Rocks would not be very hard to find but heat can be rare.

    My strategy would be to hide in a tree and wait for someone to walk below me. I would then hurt them and put them hanging from the lowest branch to attract other people. I would then hide close by so they don’t realize that I am still close. They may think that I thought I killed the person and left but then I would attack them. My strategy would be repeating with each person and soon I will have killed everyone in the games.

  20. The “mutt” for me would be the chenkey. The animal is a monkey and and a cheetah combined. It can swing from tree to tree or it can run very fast out of the way so the person the chenkey collected data from wouldn’t be spotted. The chenkey would sneak up behind the enemy very slowly by swinging from tree to tree. Then when the enemy would make a run for it, the chinkey would take off running and follow the enemy until it collects data and injures the enemy.

    If I was in “The Hunger Games”, I would be a “sniper” with a bow and arrow. I would hide behind bushes or climb trees waiting for somebody to walk by at the wrong time. I am very good with aim and I think the skill would fit me.

    My strategy in the games would be to find as much food and water as possible. This is smart because once you eat a bunch of food, you get fat and since I’m a sniper, we don’t really move much, then, you would be fat and your body will live off this fat until you have to hunt again when you’re not fat. To survive in the games this is the smartest strategy.

  21. If I were to create a muttation then I would make the dobbit. The dobbit is a mixture of the rabbit and the dog. I would create this muttation over all the other possible choices because the dog has a great smell an hearing. The rabbit can be good camiflouge and is very fast and difficult to catch. That makes it a very good defensive animal. On the offensive animal the dobbit can sniff out its prey and hear very quie sound most animals might not be able to hear. It can also creep up with its small character and surprise attack it’s prey. The dobbit would also be a very cool pet to have. I say this because I have a dog and I think tha if he hopped around really fast it would be very humorous and cool.

    If I were a tribute in The Hunger Games. Then I would want to be quick and agile. I chose this because if you are trying to escape from an opponent you could outrun them and get away without giving them the opportunity to kill you. Also if you are very quick then when the gong goes off then you can be the first to get the supplies that would help you survive longer than anyone else an also help you kill other people faster than usual. Another think that speed would help you with us that you could fine water an food faster than others and also find other supplies.

    My strategy as a tribute would be to get the weapon that I am best with and the backpack and run for my life. I would find water first thing and fill up the water bottles that are in the backpack. I would sleep in a bush completely covered so I couldnt be sighted or bitten by any bugs or anything. I would continue to travel away eating and drinking when I think necessary. If I ever saw someone I would try to be stealth so it could be an easier kill then running out in the middle of nothing giving myself up to be killed. I would be patient for the people to come to me. I would be close to a water source so I could refill my water bottles when I ran out. Of I was ever spotted I would try to throw something behind them to distract them like someone else is behind them about to kill them and then go kill them while I had the time. If that didnt work then I would have to fight for my life and try to get lucky.

  22. My muttation would be an Ell-hound. An Ell-hound would be used for tracking fugitives because it has the hearing of and elephant and the sense of smell that a bloodhound has.

    My strategy in the hunger games would be to run, hide and camouflage. since I’m not very good at fighting, I’d run and hide until the other tributes have died of hunger. My food supply would be mostly berries and nuts because I can track animals, and when animals are in one area, there is food nearby.

  23. My muttation would be called a Sywren. A Sywren is a mix of a siren and a larger version of a wren (a bird). They travel in small or large packs and perch anywhere possible when a victim is in sight. They would begin whistle, chirp and sing an entrancing bird song, which would lure the victim towards them. Then suddenly it would pounce and devour the victim.

    If I was a tribute, I’d mostly stick to running, climbing and hiding, because I’m pretty fast and could outrun the meaty Careers. Also, I climb just about every time I can; up trees, rocks-anything, so it would be a great advantage for me. I’d also try to get a bow and some arrows as I would never survive hand-to-hand combat and would prefer to kill my enemies away from me.

    My strategy would be to run and take the nearest couple of supplies. If I had the chance, I might go for the cornucopia, but normally I’d just run away with the nearest supplies. From then on I’d try to find water and food, and maybe talk to Panem from the arena to earn some sponsors and a gift package. I’d also stick to sleeping in trees and travelling/hiding through the day and try to outlast the others till the end. Oh, and one main idea would be to (if i got a gift package) use the container, chuck in a few nightlock berries and drop them down from trees to unsuspecting tributes. Thought you were getting a nice gift? Think again! Bam! You’re dead!

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