The Hunger Games ~ The Meaning of Names ~ What Does Yours Mean?

Students, as we begin The Hunger Games, I would like for you to pay special attention to the names of characters, places, and food eaten. All mean something and symbolize various themes in the book. Suzanne Collins is a masterful writer, nothing is left to chance.

Primrose Everdeen: Prim is Latin and means “first.” A primrose is a pale, yellow flower.

Gale Hawthorn: Gale is Hebrew for” wave of God” and a strong force or wind.” Hawthorn is a type of rosebush, thorny with flowering blooms.

Effie Trinket: Effie means “fair speech” Euphemia (her formal name) was a young Christian girl martyred because of her faith. She refused to take part in sacrifices and was tortured.

Haymitch Abernathy: Ralph Abernathy was a famous civil rights leader.

Peeta Mellark: Greek, means cake or pie. Peeta is the baker’s son (pita bread), also PETA is the acronym for the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals

Madge: Greek for pearl This is interesting: a pearl is a symbol of God as there is no beginning or end. It is known to represent love and knowledge and is a symbol of wisdom. The twelve gates of new Jerusalem are each apparently made of pearl=twelve districts?

Venia: Latin, the legendary mother of the Roman people

Octavia: eighth character in a Shakespeare play

Cinna: poet in one of Shakespeare’s plays

Portia: Latin, means “pig” also a character in Shakespeare’s plays

Flavius: Latin “golden” golden lipstick is his trademark along with his orange-ish curls

Katniss Everdeen: Katniss plant is a broadleaf plant with arrowhead shaped leaves. Coincidence that arrows are her thing? I think not.







What does your name mean? You’ll need to look it up. You just may be surprised!

Does its meaning describe you?

In reference to Katniss and Peeta laughing about Haymitch: “You know your mentor is your lifeline to the world in these Games. The one who advises you, lines up your sponsors, and dictates the presentation of any gifts. Haymitch can well be the difference between your life and your death.” (Effie)

Just then, Haymitch staggers into the compartment. “I miss supper?” he says in a slurred voice. Then he vomits all over the expensive carpet and falls in the mess.

“So laugh away!” says Effie Trinket. She hops in her pointy shoes around the pool of vomit and flees the room.


What particular part of the reading so far stands out for you?




  1. My name is Joshua. The name is biblical and from Hebrew origin. The name Joshua means “God rescues.” In the Old Testament, Joshua was appointed by God to lead the Israelites after Moses’ death. The Greek form of Joshua is Jesus. The name Joshua means leader and savior.

    My parents named me after Joshua Slocum. At the turn of the century he built a 37 foot sailboat, named the Spray. He was the first person to sail around the world, and he did it with no crew. He was definitely a leader. I do agree with the meaning of my name, because I have always been a leader and I like to be the first one to try new things.

    One part of the Hunger Games that stands out for me, is when Prim gets chosen to go to be a tribute in the Hunger Games, and Katniss stands up and volunteers to take her place. That part stands out for me because it shows how much Katniss really cares for her sister. Katniss could not stand the thought of Prim going to the Hunger Games. Prim is just a little girl and she does not have the skills she would need to outsmart the other tributes. Katniss would rather risk her own life than watch her sister die.

  2. My name is Charlotte. The name has an English origin. It means free or free man. It’s feminine for Charles. My parents specifically named me Charlotte for two reasons. One, it was the name of the street they lived on before I was born, and two; they named me after Charlotte Bronte, a famous fictional writer. I’m very good at writing stories, I am a free person, and, I wouldn’t be a bad street sign either. Yes. I think the meaning of my name describes me.

    I couldn’t believe when Katniss took Prim’s space as tribute. It showed how far Katniss would go, just to save her sister. It doesn’t matter if she died, as long as Prim was safe, Katniss was willing. It also shows how much Katniss loves Prim. I don’t think it’s very fair to put a Prim’s name in the drawing anyway. She’s only twelve! Prim would’ve died for sure.

  3. My name is Olivia. Which is a very popular name all over the world. My parents have a reason why they were going to name me this. If I was a boy, they were going to call me Oliver, which was my grandpa’s name. The word Olivia in Latin means “ an olive tree or branch.” Olivia is a symbol of fruitfulness, dignity and beauty. The word Olivia is also derived from the early Italian name, meaning olive. Olivia is also many names of famous actress’s and singers. For example, Olivia Newton-John who was a singer and actress. I think my name fits me well because I like to sing, act and I am productive and I have dignity.

    The part in the book that stands out to me is when Madge gave Katniss the gold pin. It was very sweet and nice of her to give it to Katniss. When Madge gave it to her she said that they let you wear one thing from your district in the arena. One thing to remind you of home and told her to wear it while in the arena. This pin was special to her because this was when she really knew that she had a friend all along. Then she started to think about that the pin had a small mockingbird in it. This reminded her of her father because he was fond of mockingbirds. While hunting he would sing or whistle something to them and they would repeat it back to him. This pin really comforted her because it was like having a small piece of her father.

  4. Sophie. That’s my name. It’s origin is Greek. Sophie means wisdom. I think wisdom means smart. I also think it means that you have experience in something and because of that you can give advice to someone. I think wisdom does describe me. I work hard to be smart or wise. I like to help people and give them advice when I can. It makes me feel good when I know that I can help other people. Sophie is a popular name in England but not in America. That’s partially why I was named Sophie. My dad is from England and my parents wanted to pick a popular name in England but not a very popular name in America.

    One part in the Hunger Games that stood out to me was when Peeta Mellark was picked for the Hunger Games. A memory was brought back to Katniss when Peeta was picked. She remembered the night when she was starving and looking through people’s trash cans. She couldn’t find anything to bring home for her family. She sat on the floor next to the baker’s house. She was desperate. Then she saw the baker’s son pick up two loafs of bread and walk outside. Peeta’s mother was yelling at him the whole time he did this. He threw the two loafs of bread at Katniss, and she caught them and brought them home. I thought what Peeta did was very nice. He saw that Katniss was starving, and he helped her out. Peeta was willing to help Katniss out even though it meant he would get in trouble.

  5. My name, Matthew, originates from the Hebrew name Matityahu. The name Matthew was first given to Saint Matthew, who was the author of the first Gospel in the New Testament and one of the twelve disciples. There are many different forms of the English name Matthew in other languages. The meaning of the Hebrew name Matityahu is “Gift of God.” I was named after Saint Matthew. I think my name describes me because I believe that I was put into this world for a reason. I believe that I am going to do something big in my life, and that thing will seem like a gift from God to whomever it affects.

  6. The name Samantha was supposedly derived from the male name Samuel and the Greek word anthos meaning flower. It supposedly originated in the 18th century but it’s origin is unknown. It is defined as a female given name from an Aramaic word meaning listener. Sammy which is the name I go by is a nickname for sandwiches supposedly.

    My name means listener and that’s partly true but sometimes I don’t listen to a word someone is saying. Also Sammy is a nickname for sandwiches and I hate sandwiches. It makes sense that it came from the male name Samuel and anthos which means flower and I really like flowers.

    In the Hunger Games what really stands out to me is how Katniss would take Prim’s place. This almost made me cry because that showed how much Katniss cared for Prim. It’s probably some sisterly bond that they have but it was really brave for Katniss to do that. From what I’ve read so far I notice Katniss is always protecting Prim probably because the mom can’t take care of them. Katniss is willing to endure the Hunger Games, be brave, take risks, and do just do about anything to protect her sister.

  7. My name is Neha. It’s a common Indian female name originating from the Sanskrit language. Neha means love and affection in Sanskrit, but can also be translated to mean rain. I would definitely describe myself as affectionate. I love to help people, and give money to the poor. In India, I would give money to every single beggar I would see. My mom would have to pull me away because all the beggars would be following us asking for more money. It’s just so sad! I would definitely also say that I love rain. I don’t mind getting drenched, or slipping and hurting my knee, because it’s just so much fun.

    The part in the reading that definitely stands out to me is of how nice the accommodations are before the Hunger Games. The train ride to the Capitol was amazing, and so are the rooms. It’s weird because I would expect the Capitol to put the tributes in horrible rooms, like a prison cell. Instead, they are put in 7- star hotel rooms where they can eat whatever they want, have hot water whenever they want, 24-7 electricity, and a closet programmed to their dressing styles. They have been living in luxury for almost two days. It’s almost surprising because soon they will be thrown into an arena with nothing!

  8. “God’s promise.” That’s what my name Isabel means. The name Isabel first gained its status in Spain in the Middle Ages, and it later spread to England and France. My name has been the name of many powerful people. That includes St. Isabel from France who was the daughter of the French King Louis VIII, and Princess Imperial of Brazil was named Isabel, and she destroyed slavery there.

    My name couldn’t be a better fit for me. My name means “God’s promise.” When I make a promise, it’s always kept. I can be trusted with my life, and I would take a secret to the grave.

    So far, I’m in love with The Hunger Games! The part that I really love is when Katniss and Gale go out hunting. That just shows how devoted they both are to their families, even though they are both in lousy situations. When it comes down to it, family is the only thing that you have.

  9. My name, Amy, has both French and Latin origins. It means “beloved.” Enough said.

    When I was born, my name was spelled Aimee (French), but my mother thought that would be too hard for me to learn to write so she shortened it up to Amy.

  10. The name Courtney means short-nosed and courteous. Courtney is also of French and English origin. The name’s English origin is where it got the meaning of short nose. Oddly, both of these things are true about me; I don’t have a large nose and people have called me courteous before. Courtney looks and sounds like courteous, but I have no idea how it relates to short-nosed, other than it’s English origin.

    The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins has had me hooked from page one. So far my favorite part was when Katniss volunteered to become a tribute in place of her sister Prim. I thought that this was so touching that Katniss cared enough about her younger sister to risk dying in the Hunger Games so that Prim could be safe. This makes me wonder if my brother would do that for me. I have had several other favorite moments in the book, but this is my favorite by far.

  11. My name, Shannon, is of Celtic/Gaelic origin. Shannon means “Little Wise Owl”, but my parents named me after the Shannon River in Ireland. I think that these meanings suit me because I try to make the right decisions, and my friends say that I give good advice. Also, I always try to “go with the flow”.

    The part of the book that stands out to me the most, so far, is when Madge gives Katniss her golden mockingjay pin. This is a significant part in the book, I’m guessing, because the cover of the book depicts the pin. I’m wondering why, on the cover, there is an arrow in the bird’s mouth, because from the description of the pin, it doesn’t sound like the mockingjay is holding an arrow in its mouth when Madge gives it to Katniss. Also, the pin is important because when Katniss wears it, it will be egg on the Capitol’s face because of the mockingjay incident, and it will be like Katniss has a little piece of her father with her because he loved mockingjays. The mockingjay incident happened when the Districts rebelled against the Capitol, so the Capitol sent out genetically-made birds called jabberjays (male birds that could repeat what humans say) to repeat what people in the Districts were saying. Once the District people found out about this, whenever they saw a jabberjay, they would speak lies. The jabberjays would repeat the lies back to the people of the Capitol, and the people of the Capitol would think they were truths. After the Capitol found out that they were lies, they released the jabberjays into the woods, thinking that they would become extinct. Instead, the jabberjays mated with female mockingbirds, creating a new species, the mockingjay. Katniss’s father loved mockingjays because whenever he sang around them, they would sing the same song back to him.

  12. My name is Riley. Riley is an Irish and english origin name meaning wood or clearing. It also derives from Irish rye and the names of some Irish bars in Ireland. It’s also an adjective meaning turbid, roily, angry or vexed. It’s a unisex name, yet a lot of famous people named Riley are more boys than girls, it is also a last name.

    Man, I love the Hunger Games, I can’t wait till it comes into theaters. What I especially love is Gale. He’s always getting himself into tight situations, especially when he hunts and sometimes aims for something else. He is a very colorful local character.

  13. The name Owen originates from Gaelic and also has roots in English, Welsh, and Celtic. The name Owen means fortunate, well born or young warrior. Evan, Ewen and Eugene are variants of the name Owen.

    My parents named me after my great grandfather Owen McLaughlin. My mom liked the name and my father liked his grandfather. My great grandfather was born in county Donegal Ireland and immigrated to America. The majority of my ancestors besides Owen are Irishmen originally from England. At some point my ancestors were sworn enemies. I think my name fits because instead of being a young warrior in Ireland I was born the “fortunate son of an expert sailor” (Owen McLaughlin) a lucky Irishmen!.

    What stands out for me in the Hunger Games is how Katniss volunteered to take Prim’s place in the Hunger Games. I think Katniss knows that if Prim is a contestant in the Hunger Games she will die. It is likely Katiniss will die now that she is in the Hunger Games. I admire Katniss’s devotion to her sister Prim, she is very brave.

  14. The origin of the name Kofi is African and it means born on Friday. Kofi is also a radio station licensed to serve Kalispell, Montana. This radio is owned by KOFI, inc. the meaning of my name doesn’t describe me because I was not born on Friday, I was born on Sunday.
    The part that stood out to me is when Katniss studies the pin Madge gave her. Katniss described it as a golden bird with a ring around it and she called it a mocking jay. She said it was the product of a jabberjay mating with a mockingbird. I believe this symbol has a large role in the series.

  15. The name Christopher translates in Greeks to “bearing Christ.” This seems to be fitting because I am of the Roman Catholic religion. Also, I was born just two days before Christmas. This reference is also possible for my middle name, Nicholas. Saint Nicholas is the real name for Santa Claus, also known as “Kris” Kringle. There is also a Saint Christopher in the Catholic religion. It seems as though many things tie together in my namesake. Nicholas literally is a combination of Greeks words for “people” and “victory.” I am moderately sociable, tend to take a leadership position when I see one open, and can be competitive at times, so I can see where these apply as well. Interesting…

    One thing about The Hunger Games that stands out to me so far is the inconsistent tension shared between Katniss and Peeta. She cannot decide if he is sincere to her or just plotting his victory. I feel as though Katniss is also having a hard time keeping Gale as her main man over Peeta, because she continues to notice him in different ways each time she studies him closely. At the end of chapter five, Katniss kisses Peeta in an attempt to gain his trust and play the same act she believes he is pulling. I predict a lot of trouble ahead between these two.

  16. My name, Naomi, means “pleasant” or “delightful.” It is a name of Hebrew origin. Naomi is a character in a biblical story called Naomi and Ruth. In the story, Ruth is Naomi’s mother-in-law. Coincidentally, my parents named me Naomi with the middle name of Ruth. They actually didn’t know about the story when they named me! I was named Naomi because my parents just liked names with a lot of vowels (mine has 3), and it was uncommon and pretty. I think my name definitely describes me. I think I am a pleasant and delightful person to be around.

    In The Hunger Games so far, many things stand out to me. I think the thing that stands out the most is the living conditions in Panem/District 12. After the war and the Capitol took over, everything is supposedly peaceful and prospering, but its just the opposite. The people can barely feed themselves, and the ones who can aren’t willing to do anything to help the people who can’t. Then, in the Capitol, everyone is rich, and no one has ever missed a meal. Everyone is glamorous and glitzy, and no one cares about the poor people of the other districts. To feed themselves in the Seam, sometimes they have to eat squirrel stew or bird eggs. It is sort of like “every man for himself,” but instead it’s every family for themselves. It is obviously a dystopian society!

  17. The meaning of my name (Taylor) is tailor. The meaning of Taylor has an Old French origin. Tailor means that your occupation is to make fitted clothes for individuals. This does not describe me at all, my hobby is to play soccer, not to make clothes for people. The name Taylor comes from a few people, The 12th American President Zachary Taylor, The film director Taylor Hackford, the football player Lawrence Taylor, and the singers James and Livingston Taylor.

    A part in the book that stood out to me was the part when Peeta and Katniss were in the parade and what their outfits were and what they were doing. Cinna created an outfit that was very unique and stood out to the crowd over all the others. She had made something that was a black suit like thing that went all the way down to her ankles. She wore long leather boots that went up to her knees. She had a headdress type of thing that had yellow, orange, and red stripes on it. Those colors were also on a cape that she had. When they were ready to go on the chariot, Cinna would light the headdress and the cape on fire with fake fire so it wouldn’t burn. Cinna made Katniss and Peeta hold hands to connect.

  18. The name Laura comes from the Latin origin and means “laurel.” In classical times they made crowns out of the leaves of the bay laurel plant for heroes and victors. It was a symbol of honor and victory. The name Laura was borne by the 9th-century Spanish martyr Saint Laura.

    I think this meaning does suit me. Some of my friends call me laurel so it fits perfectly. I don’t know if I am a saint but I am honored to have the name. I like my name and am proud to have it.

    My favorite part of “The Hunger Games” is the reaping. I like this part because it shows how much Katniss cares for her sister Primrose. It is so nice how she volunteers herself to be in the games. No one else would have been brave enough to stand up to a challenge like that. Katniss is a tough, kind, and upbeat girl who I think has a chance in these rough games.

  19. My name, Zoe, originates from Greece and it translates as “life.” In Japanese my name means “Uniquely different.” My parents named me Zoe because in French, Zoe means hope. When I looked up the definition of “Zoe” in the urban dictionary, it came up as a brunette, brown eyed girl who is always hipped up and looking for some fun. I think that Zoe does fit me because I love to play around and have fun with my friends. Also, I am a brunette and brown eyed.

    One thing that really stood out for me in The Hunger Games is when Katniss intensely tells her mom that she can’t leave again and that she has to protect Prim. This really got to me because instead of her mom being the parent, Katniss takes responsibility for her family and makes the big sacrifice for them. This message inspired me to believe that you need to take charge and not depend on your mother all the time.

  20. My name, Kaylee, of Old English origin means “slender”. Other American meanings are “crown of laurels” and “pasture by the spring”. My name has increased in popularity over the past ten to twenty years. My parents named me that because they liked the way it’s spelled, and the way it sounds. The meanings don’t really describe a whole lot about me, except for that I am slender. Also, I love pastures that horses graze in, and I think a crown of laurels would be pretty. My parents gave me the middle name Marie, after my Aunt Maria.

    One particular part in the Hunger Games that really stands out to me the most is when Katniss decides to take Prim’s place so that she will not have to suffer the pain and harsh treatment of the Hunger Games. I really thought that was so unselfish of her to sacrifice herself for her sister. Since I have a younger sister too, I can relate to that part of the story.

  21. Jack, means John or Jackson. John my real name means God is gracious, it is Hebrew. This does relate to me because I think and believe that God is gracious. I have had many people in church tell me this name suits me. John is a character in the bible he is a disciple.

    A part in the Hunger Games that stood out to me so far was when Katness was walking into the Games on fire, actually on fire. She was with Petta, but nobody noticed him they only noticed Katness. The crowd was screaming here name and she was hoping that they wouldn’t forget it when it was time for the Games

  22. I would not have picked the name “Kendall” as my name. Kendall means “Valley of the River Kent.” I have no idea what so ever what this means. I think it has something to do with a river, and a river is water. I love water, so that might be a factor in my life. The River Kent sounds very serene and peaceful. When I am happy, I get into a peaceful mind.

    On another note, The Hunger Games has been very interesting to me. One of my favorite scenes was the morning of the reaping. I love how Gale and Katniss are so close friends. They share food, and feelings. I wish they had more romance though. Katniss is kind of a tomboy, so Gale must think of her as one of the guys. I also love that Gale is two years older then her. It just shows that Gale is a man enough man to hang out with a girl two years younger then him. I also love that their families are so close. They can provide for each other’s families and that’s what friendship is about.

  23. Hi, my name is Camille. The meaning of my name is “perfect” or “pretty and fun”. I don’t really agree with that. First of all no one is perfect, and I am certainly not perfect. My friends say I am fun so the meaning “fun” does describe me. The name Camille is from a French origin. My parents chose this name because they liked the sound of it and I am French.

    I really like the book we are reading. It seems very interesting. One of my favorite parts of the book is when Katniss, Prim, and their mom are on the couch saying goodbye to each other. Katniss is telling them what to do in order to survive. I think it was a very sweet moment when Prim said to her sister “I don’t care if we’re rich. I just want you to come home,” I thought that was really sweet. I can feel that Prim is very worried. When Katniss said, “I love you. I love you both,” it made me smile. At the beginning of the book, Katniss said that she only loved Prim, but now she says she loves her mom. It shows that Katniss is going to miss Prim, and her mom. It was a very sad part. I can’t believe that Katniss is going to go away.

  24. My full name – Multazem- means commitment or the committed. I guess you could say that this describes me because I’ve always been committed to doing things that I love, or have been told to do. I was named after the golden door of Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The door is made or pure gold and is the only entrance into the Kaaba.

    “The idea pulls me up short. A kind Peeta Mellark is far more dangerous to me that an unkind one.” I found it interesting how Katniss said this about Peeta. She made it seem as though she wanted him to be mean so she wouldn’t have a problem with killing him in the game. So Katniss decides to distance herself from him, which I also found interesting.

  25. My name is Max. Max comes from a Latin origin, meaning greatest. It is the female form of Maxine, which also means greatest. Not to brag or anything, but I agree with this.I would consider myself great and very nice. Many people named Max are very great, such as,the character Max from “Where the Wild Things Are”. The Max from that movie and book is very courageous and great in leading the wild things. Max has also been the baby name for many celebrities.

    My favorite part of “The Hunger Games” so far is when Madge gives Katniss the mockingjay pin. I can tell that this will be a very important part of the book, for the mockingjay literally mocks the capital. I also liked Collin’s detailed description of the pin and the mockingjay’s origin.

  26. The name Olivia is a very popular name in the U.S., and it means olive or olive tree. The name Olivia is of Latin origin. Shakespeare was the the first to use this name in his play “Twelfth Night.” An olive branch is a sign of peace, fruitfulness, beauty, and dignity. I think my name fits me well because I don’t like arguments, and I always try to maintain peace. Also I have dignity.

    There have been many parts that have stood out to me in the Hunger Games so far. One part that has stood out to me is the part where Katniss and Peeta are riding in the chariot of District 12, and their headdresses and capes are on fire. Katniss looks breathtakingly gorgeous, and the cameras filming the event won’t take their lens’ off of her. This shows how from the beginning, all attention is on Katniss and District 12.

  27. My name Zack or Zachary supposedly means that I am remembered by God. Also, I am creative, imaginative, independent, individual, original, but become worried when one of these qualities becomes threatened. Surprisingly, most of these characteristics seem to be true about me, as far as I know. Obviously, the definitions of names aren’t specifically designed for people with that name, but I continue to be shocked about how realistic some of the definitions are. Most of the traits that I’ve seen about my name seem to fit my personality—except for the one that threatened that I am frustrated, unhealthy, and tend to have accidents to my head (I’m not quite sure where they came up with that one.) I was originally named after Zacky, my dad’s dog growing up. He apparently had a great personality—one that my parents wanted me to resemble.

    I continue to enjoy reading the Hunger Games because it is intriguing. Personally, I had a strong feeling that Katniss, the protagonist, would not let her sister be sentenced to death. I assumed that she would step up in front, so that point was not very surprising to me. However, I did not expect the District 12 costumes to be so clever. They really stood out as one that would be remembered, and that resembled what the district is known for. Coal outfits would definitely not be nearly as exciting as live fire. Suzanne Collins throws in a lot of hidden meanings and symbolism that is interesting when you think about it.

  28. Nicole. It has a Greek origin. It means “victory” or “victorious people.” My parents didn’t name me after anyone and didn’t really name me because of its meaning. They just really liked the name. But my parents did say that they partly named me Nicole because they felt victory and victorious after having a girl that they always wanted. So they named me this.

    I have to say, I think my name suits me pretty well. The main thing that makes me think this is because I always feel victorious. I feel like victory is mine. I set goals for myself, and they are usually achieved. From sports to school work, I can always count on myself to achieve my own goals. I feel like I can make someone else’s day as good as mine. And after doing so, I feel victorious. Nicole. Pretty good fit for me I think.

    I have really enjoyed The Hunger Games so far. I actually laughed out loud at the end of chapter 5 on page 72. I really like the way Katniss acts and thinks. I like the way she plays and sticks up for people. She kind of reminds me of myself in a way. I love how Peeta is complimenting her on her outfit and everything at the opening ceremonies. She soon remembers that he is just planning how to kill her. “The more likable he is, the more deadly he is.” Katniss is so right. And since two can play at that game, Katniss plays along. She ends by kissing him on the cheek. I can’t wait to find out what else will happen in this book.

  29. My name is Thomas. Thomas means that I am a very smart man and a noble man. I love my wife and only treat my parents with respect. Also I have organization skill and is very successful quickly. It means you like touring around the world and reading books.

    Now most of these fit me but some don’t. The ones that fit me are how I respect my parents, but more than my parents my friends. I’m smart and noble. I don’t think I’m very successful quickly or liking to read or tour around the world.

    So far in “The Hunger Games” my favorite part that stands out to me would have to be how Katniss stands up for her family and plays the role of the father. She gets all of the food, and looks out for Prim and her mom. Even though she is very mad at her mom for taking away her childhood and for not helping her children survive; she still loves her deep down.

  30. When you hear the name “Kyle,” not a lot of words immediately come to your mind. Yet Kyle does have plenty of meaning and describes me pretty well. A Kyle is a skinny straight of water between two islands or an island and the mainland. This describes me because I love the water and I am skinny. Kyle is also the name of a district in Scotland and was the 10th most popular name there in 2006.

    One part of the book that stands out for me is the insane designs of the capital people. The pink and green hair, gold and blue makeup, and bountiful tattoos make the people of the capital not look like people at all.

  31. Remy has an English, but mostly French origin. It doesn’t have a big meaning, for it is not a very common name. It’s the name is a city in northern France. Since my name is the name of a city, and not an adjective or a describing word, I wouldn’t know how it describes me.

    Many parts of The Hunger Games stand out to me. It is one of those types of books that when I start reading, I don’t have any intention of stopping. I predicted that Katniss or her sister were going to get picked. That is what makes the book exciting. I knew that when Prim was called, Katniss would do anything to prevent her sister from getting hurt. A part that confuses me a bit is Peeta. I don’t know whether he is actually plotting to kill Katniss, like Katniss thinks, or just trying to be kind. I think Katniss has trouble trusting anybody because of the people in the district she lives in. I think that Katniss will end up liking Peeta, but I’ll just have to wait and find out.

  32. I looked up my name on a ton of websites and the meaning I found most was sheltered town that comes from English. I don’t really know what this is supposed to mean. I know that sheltered town doesn’t really describe me, but I searched “sheltered town,” and it said that kingdoms used to be surrounded my walls and ruled by a king so they called it sheltered but over time sheltered turned into Shelby, Its pretty strange. Maybe in my brain there is a king who rules so maybe it does describe me.

    My favorite part in the book so far is when Katniss is in the room where people can visit her before she has to leave to go on the train and Gale comes in and is talking to Katniss and says goodbye, but it really hooked me when the people were dragging him out and he said” Katniss, Remember I….” and then they took him out. I really want to know what he was going to say. I hope and bet it was I love you! I really want to just read the whole book and figure out what Katniss does if it is either gale or Peeta she falls inlove with.

  33. My name is Skyler and the traditional spelling of my name is Schuyler. The meaning of my name is “scholar” or student. The origin of my name is Dutch. My name can be a boy’s name or a girl’s name. In the year 2010, Skyler was the 262nd most popular name for boys in the U.S. out of the thousand most popular names. I don’t think the name fits me based on the definition since I would consider myself an average student.

    My favorite thing so far in “The Hunger Games” is when Katniss sees the Mockingjay and gasps in awe because it was the first Mockinjay of the year. I also think it is interesting that the Panem government used Jabberjays for spying on people in the districts. Then the Jabberjays would tell the Panem government what the people said. Then, the people figured out what the Jabberjays were doing so the people started telling lies to the Jabberjays. Then, the Panem government basically let them “die out” but it didn’t work so the male Jabberjays mated with the female Mockingjays. It also interests me that the name of the third book is called “Mockingjay”.

  34. My real middle name is Clayton, Clay is just a nickname. The meaning of “Clayton” is clay settlement. Well, this doesn’t literally describe me, because I am obviously not a settlement. However it kind of does figuratively describe me because I like exploring the woods out back of my uncle’s house, finding cool clearings, and setting up a “camp/base” there. I guess I should mention my first name, (I hate it, so PLEASE don’t call me it) Rocco. It means relaxed. That suits me because I’m a relaxing kind of person.

    So far, the part that stood out to me was when Peeta mentioned that Katniss can hit a rabbit or squirrel in the eye with an arrow. It’s pretty impressive to hit a squirrel at all, considering how small and fast they are. I have a pretty good shot, but nothing compared to this, nothing at all.

  35. Chisom is not the most common name. The meaning of Chisom is related to the bible. Chisom means god’s own. My parents named me this because they wanted to make sure god was a part of my life. I don’t really know how god’s own would describe anyone. You can’t find Chisom on a key chain.

    My favorite part of The Hunger Games when Katniss and Peeta go out in the parade fir all the tributes/ districts. I liked how they initially decided to help each other by ripping each others cape off so they wouldn’t get burned to death by the fire. I could imagine them steeling the show because they were on fire. Having everyone look at them because of the fire opposed to them being in the boring mining outfits gave me hope that one of them might win (more sponsors and supporters). After they get off the “float” I loved how Peeta complemented Katniss by telling her she should wear more fire because it looks good one her. I think I relationship. Or an alliance at the least, is starting.

  36. My name Channing means “wise one.” I wouldn’t consider myself a wise one; I would consider myself smart, but not a wise one that knows everything. When I think of a wise one I think of someone who knows everything, someone that could be asked random questions and they could answer it correctly in seconds. My parents didn’t name me after anyone or the meaning; they heard the name and liked it from the beginning.

    A part of The Hunger Games that stands out to me is when Madge gave Katniss the pin of the mockingjay just before Katniss left on the train. I thought that was very lovely and nice of her. The pin reminded Katniss of her dad because he use to whistle to the birds and they would reply back. This pin will help Katniss along the way. It will help her succeeded with hunting and staying alive. The pin will represent her dad and the pin will continue to protect her along the way.

  37. My name, Shahana, has a lot of meanings. One of the meanings comes from the Hebrew origin. It means “flower.” Another meaning comes from the Indian origin. It mean “queen of the home,” which means that a Shahana will do anything to please her husband. The final meaning comes from the Persian origin. It meana “royal.” I think most of these meaning descrive because I guess I have a flower like personality, and I guess I am a royal flower! I am totally not a person who would do anything in her power to please her husband!

    What stood out for me was when Katniss took Prim’s place. I thought that was very brave of katness. It shows you how much Katniss loves her sister. I love this book! I love Gale, I love how Gale wants the best for Katniss. I can’t wait for the movie!

  38. My name is Katherine. It is not a nickname, but my real name. If I was to be a boy I would either have been named Drew or Ryan. The name Katherine is of Greek origin. Katherine is derived from the Greek name “Aikateriñe.” It is also a theory that Katherine is from Hecate who is the Greek goddess of magic. The meaning of Katherine is “pure”. Pure means that is it not a mix of more than one thing. I am not pure because I am part Swedish, English, Irish, and German. My parents picked the name Katherine because when my mom was pregnant with me they saw the movie, “The English Patient.” One of the main characters in the movie was name Katharine (which was a more popular way of spelling it in the past) and they both decided on that name but spelling it with an “e” instead of an “a.” The only thing that they were worried about was that it would a popular name and I would have a bunch of people named Katherine in my grade. So far I have not had a person with the same name as me in my grade. One cool thing was that back in Tennessee there was a girl in the grade above me named Kathryn and her last name was Peterson.

    One of the things that really stood out to me was after Katniss had volunteered as tribute for her little sister, Primrose, then when Peeta was called his brother did not volunteer for him. Another bad thing that happened to Peeta was that his mom beat him up the day he tossed the bread to Katniss. Peeta must not have a very good relationship with his family.

  39. If you look up my name, Mac, you will find a bunch of websites either selling or advertising the products and company Mac. If you look up my real name, Patrick, you will find out it means nobleman. I don’t think this fits just yet. If you really try to find out the meaning of Mac, you will come to know it means “son of.” This fits me amazingly because, in fact, I am a son of! I am a son of my Dad and my Mom.
    The Hunger Games is part of my petite pile of favorite books. It is so well written and interesting. Unfortunately it was so interesting I finished it, but let’s not dwell on that. I think it is amazing how Katniss would kill her game by shooting it straight through the eye. This seems impossible to me considering this happens rarely with high tech bow and arrows. Not only did she not have a expensive bow that professional person who does archery, but she still is able to shoot the animal through the eye! The Hunter Games great book and I recommend everybody to read it.

  40. I found out that a ‘Jimmy’ is a short crowbar used by thugs do pry open something. I would of never predicted it because it doesn’t relate to me at all nor I bet it would to other people I know. Although, there may be a thug named Jimmy, and in verb form, ‘jimmy’ means to hack or pry open.

    In the Hunger Games so far, I really like the rivalry between Katniss and Peeta because of how what would seem like friendship that would eventually turn into affection is not happening. Peeta has, indeed, done some nice things for Katniss like giving her food when her family is starving. Although, Katniss thinks that Peeta is trying to trick her to become friends giving him the perfect opportunity to betray and kill her in the upcoming Hunger Games against each other. So far, I’m not sure if Peeta is trying to trick Katniss or is just being nice because he is a nice person, but that’s what I really want to find out, especially in the Hunger Games when they must fight till the end of one’s life.

  41. On many websites it says Joshua means generous. A lot of things say that Joshua is a leader and was supposed to take on after Moses died. The name Joshua comes from Hebrew and takes on after Moses to the Promised Land. In the dictionary it says that Joshua is a successor of Moses as a leader of the Israelites. I’m a leader too, so, is this a coincidence or meant to be?

  42. My name, Brooke, means “brook” or “stream.” It kind of describes me, because brooks make a lot of noise, and I talk a lot. Some other names my parents were thinking about naming me were Darby or Waikahe. Waikahe means “brook” or “stream” in Hawaiian, and it’s also my name in Hawaiian. They thought about naming me that because they lived in Hawaii by the water before I was born.

    The confusion about Peeta stands out for me in “The Hunger Games”, because I keep wondering whether he’s trying to Katniss’s guard down by acting nice, meanwhile planning to kill her, or just being genuinely nice. If he is just being genuinely nice, I feel bad for him, because Katniss keeps rejecting his offers of kindness.

  43. The name Courtney is of English origin, and it means snub-nosed or short. The name Courtney has also been linked with the French nickname “court nez,” which means short or snub-nosed. Lastly, it can also mean courteous, as well as “of the court.” There are many places in Northern France named Courtenay, and the Courtenay family was an important dynasty during the Middle Ages in France and England.

    Even though I am tall, not short, and do not have a snub-nose, the name Courtney mostly does describe me. I have ancestors from both England and France, and I am courteous. Most interestingly, both of my parents are lawyers and they like to call me “the little lawyer” because I can think fast on my feet. I am technically “of the court” because both of my parents are lawyers.

    So far, there are many parts in “The Hunger Games” that stand out for me; it is just such an exciting read! The part of the book that stands out the most for me is when the Mayor’s daughter, Madge, gives Katniss the gold pin. Since each tribute is allowed to wear one thing from their district in the arena, to remind them of home, Madge gives Katniss the pin to wear. Katniss had seen it on Madge’s dress earlier, and hadn’t really paid attention to it, but then realized that it has a small bird flying in it. In that moment, Katniss finally realized that Madge had been her friend all along. Later, Katniss noticed that the bird was no ordinary bird, it was a mockingjay. This pin made her feel safe because her father loved mockinjays, and she felt as if there was a little piece of her father comforting her.

  44. My real name is Juan Carlos. Many men on my mom’s side of the family have been named this, and I am one of those people. In English, Juan Carlos translates into John Charles. John means God is Gracious. This reflects me because I am Christian and believe and worship God. Charles means manly and farmer. This part of the name does and doesn’t reflect me because I am not a farmer, but I am a man.

    So far, the part that has stood out to me most was when Effie Trinket had just called up Catnip and Peeta for the Reaping. She says “Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor.” Why I chose this was because she is trying to make Katniss and Peeta feel happy, but they can’t be happy because they are going to fight to the death in an arena. She is basically saying cheerfully “Have fun dying.”

  45. My name, Holly, was ranked in 2010 the 421st most popular girls name. My name is the name of a Christmas bush. When I looked it up, the meaning of it said bush or flower. This fits me only a little bit because of the flower part. When I think of flowers, I think of different, bright colors, and happiness. This fits me because I am a happy person, and I love to smile and laugh. I love my name, and I think it fits me well, although I’m not a Christmas bush, or a flower.

    There are many highlights of this book for me, but there are only a couple that really made me laugh. One of them, and probably my favorite one was when Peeta and Katniss are talking about ripping off each other’s capes, and they were wondering where Haymitch was, and Katniss said, “With all that alcohol in him, it’s probably not advisable to have in around an open flame.” I like this quote because this book has been very serious so far, and I think this quote shows that Katniss and Peeta are just kids still, and they do have a humorous side, because they tell jokes, and they laugh. That’s why I chose this quote as my favorite because it basically shows that no matter what situation you’re in, you can still have fun, and laugh.

  46. My name, Cameron, means crooked nose. This comes from the Irish words Gaelic ‘cam’ (crooked) and ‘srón’ (nose). I found this very interesting and very hilarious because I always see my nose in the mirror and this is the first this I notice, my nose. I think this relates to very well because my nose is crooked. I really do not like this and I always grew up having my grandpa and dad tell me Cameron meant brave, sadly they were wrong.

    A particular part in the book that really stood out to me was when Katniss and Peeta were doing down the street in the carriage and they were wearing the costumes with the flaming capes. This was interesting for me because I thought it was very cool how they had flaming capes on because this is very original and I didn’t think they could pull it off without catching on fire. Also I thought theirs was the most creative because no one else had fire on theirs.

  47. My name is not a common name. It is mainly used in Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. My name is Hebrew and means bitter, king-ruler.

    Some people might think that part of my name describes me, but I don’t really think that any part of it has anything to do with my personality. What really means something to me is that I’m named after both of my grandfathers. Mario, my Dad’s dad, was a good and proud man and my other grandfather, Anthony, is a kind and good man.

    I”m enjoying the suspense of the book. I also enjoy seeing a version of our future.

  48. The name Kevin means lovable and attractive. This meaning does fit my name. i couldnt find anymore information

    The part of the book that stands out is that Peetah and Katnis being drawn for the Hunger Games. That was my favorite part so far, and I know it will get better. When the judges were not paying attention when Katnis made all of those shots. That part was mean on the judges

  49. The name Jesse has a Hebrew origin and it means Gods gracious gift. That is what it means in the Hebrew language and in the English language it just means gift. I don’t really get how that applies to me but I guess that it must mean something to me.

    I don’t really get how this name and meaning applies to me but my mom is always saying that I was a gift of some sort so it must have some meaning to me.

    I really like the suspense in the book The Hunger Games so far and I really look forward to reading more because I am just now getting to the really good parts and they are about to get going into the games so I can’t wait to keep reading. Some people may say that this book leaves you hanging on a cliff of suspence but I would say that this book leaves you hanging on a cliff by just your pinkie!!

  50. My name is Anthony William. Everyone knows me as Will (from William), but I will describe the name Anthony because it is my real name. Anthony comes from the Roman name Antonius. It is commonly shortened to Tony in the United States. (Like my grand father.) Saint Anthony was the father of medicine and there are other Anthony’s said to be the first doctors.

    This name fits me because my parents are both doctors. Although I have not chosen what I want to do in life, doctor is certainly an option. I am also named after my grand father, his grand father, and so on.

    My favorite part of “The Hunger Games” so far is the part where Katniss gets her individual work out. I think it is interesting how a serious job is taken so lightly by the Gamemakers. I am very excited to find out what grade Katniss gets and how it will effect her sponsorship and her performance in the games.

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