The Hunger Games ~ The Meaning of Names ~ What Does Yours Mean?

Students, as we begin The Hunger Games, I would like for you to pay special attention to the names of characters, places, and food eaten. All mean something and symbolize various themes in the book. Suzanne Collins is a masterful writer, nothing is left to chance.

Primrose Everdeen: Prim is Latin and means “first.” A primrose is a pale, yellow flower.

Gale Hawthorn: Gale is Hebrew for” wave of God” and a strong force or wind.” Hawthorn is a type of rosebush, thorny with flowering blooms.

Effie Trinket: Effie means “fair speech” Euphemia (her formal name) was a young Christian girl martyred because of her faith. She refused to take part in sacrifices and was tortured.

Haymitch Abernathy: Ralph Abernathy was a famous civil rights leader.

Peeta Mellark: Greek, means cake or pie. Peeta is the baker’s son (pita bread), also PETA is the acronym for the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals

Madge: Greek for pearl This is interesting: a pearl is a symbol of God as there is no beginning or end. It is known to represent love and knowledge and is a symbol of wisdom. The twelve gates of new Jerusalem are each apparently made of pearl=twelve districts?

Venia: Latin, the legendary mother of the Roman people

Octavia: eighth character in a Shakespeare play

Cinna: poet in one of Shakespeare’s plays

Portia: Latin, means “pig” also a character in Shakespeare’s plays

Flavius: Latin “golden” golden lipstick is his trademark along with his orange-ish curls

Katniss Everdeen: Katniss plant is a broadleaf plant with arrowhead shaped leaves. Coincidence that arrows are her thing? I think not.







What does your name mean? You’ll need to look it up. You just may be surprised!

Does its meaning describe you?

In reference to Katniss and Peeta laughing about Haymitch: “You know your mentor is your lifeline to the world in these Games. The one who advises you, lines up your sponsors, and dictates the presentation of any gifts. Haymitch can well be the difference between your life and your death.” (Effie)

Just then, Haymitch staggers into the compartment. “I miss supper?” he says in a slurred voice. Then he vomits all over the expensive carpet and falls in the mess.

“So laugh away!” says Effie Trinket. She hops in her pointy shoes around the pool of vomit and flees the room.


What particular part of the reading so far stands out for you?




  1. My name is of Hebrew descent. It has several meanings. One meaning is “to flow down the river,” and the other is “the river that marks the border between Jordan and Israel.” When I ask my parents if this is why they named me Jordan, they said no, and that they had never heard of this meaning. They said that they just liked the name. But for all purposes, I will think that this is why my name is Jordan. My mom said that the only name that actually has a meaning behind it is my Hebrew name (Chayeel Tov). It is the masculine form of the Hebrew name of my mother and father’s best friend, who tragically died in a car crash related to drunk driving. The drunk driver walked away without a scratch.

    I think that my name describes me because I am of Israeli descent, and I am always moving, like the river. It is almost like I can’t stop. I often also find myself between people. And I always like things to be separated.

    My favorite part in the book so far is when it explains the mockingjays. I think it really expresses the fact that the Capitol thinks that they are so much smarter than the districts, but they underestimate their power. Separating the citizens into districts only made the people mentally stronger, especially from the poorer areas. If the districts tried to rebel again, there is no question in the fact that they would win, and I think it would be funny if they then separated the Capitol into districts.

    1. My Hebrew name is Avielle. I personally love names with Jewish meanings because it makes such a connection to the primary source of where so many religions were founded.

  2. Lib-a-dib-dib. Liborachi. Libothy. Roby. Lib-a-dib-dib with a side of Pib. Whatever my nickname is, they’re all short for Libby. Libby means several things including the United States chemist who developed a method of radiocarbon dating (1908-1980)…that’s not me. Although it’s relevent to what we are learning in science, that’s not me. According to Libby also means consecrated to God. That translated means to be solemnly dedicated to the Lord. I’d like to believe that that meaning is true for me. It’s hard for me to describe, but I at least hope that meaning is true. If it isn’t, then I am not worthy of the beautiful nickname my parents have given me. The name Libby comes from Hebrew, and is short for Elizabeth, my legal name.

    Urban Dictionary says that Libby means: a super fun girl to hang out with that’s pretty and popular, with tons of friends. She is smart and out going and tends to be in dramatic situations, however her friends help her get through it. I don’t know if this is true, but I hope it is. I know I have great and amazing friends that will always be there to help me, although I tend to not be in too many dramatic situations, disreguarding my life recently because I have been experienceing very painful muscle spasms, but just as Urban Dictionary says, my friends have been very caring.

    Another interesing thing I learned about my name, Libby, is that apperently it can be a verb! You can Libby, to Libby, or Libbyed someone, according to Urban Dictionary. To Libby someone means to uncover somebody’s role. For instance if Jerry was pretending to be Alice, and Gary pointed out that Jerry wasn’t being himself, he was pretending to be Alice, you could say that Gary Libbeyed Jerry. I’m not sure how reliable this is, but I think it’s pretty interesting.

    So far in The Hunger Games, my favorite part has been when Katniss gets “stylized” by Cinna and his assistants.. I think it’s so funny when Flavius says, “Exellent! You almost look like a human being now!” Then when he later said, “We promise! You know, now that we’ve gotten rid of all the hair and filth, you’re not horrible at all!” I almost actually laughed out loud. The stylists remind me of Stacy and Clinton on What Not to Wear. I really do feel bad for Katniss because it’s not like she’s been able to ever take a shower except for when it rains she’s able to stand in the water and try to clean herself. It’s pretty sad. But even though the stylists were quite mean and harsh, I sort of couldn’t help liking them. They all had very interesting personalities.

  3. Henry, a name to which I am tied to, has a meaning that I am not very sure of. It means, “Ruler of the enclosure.” This name can also mean ruler of the house. I don’t really know that this name describes me yet. I am very quiet at home, and don’t really talk a whole lot at home. Also, I live with my parents, which means that I don’t exactly “rule the house” just yet. Now, if you were to name my brother Henry, then that’s a different story. But, overall, I really don’t see myself as the “ruler of the enclosure” just yet. Talk to me again when I’m out of college.

    My favorite part of the Hunger Games as of late is the part in which Haymitch, so drunk and intoxicated, staggers into breakfast and Peeta and Katniss confront him. I think the part in which Peeta slugs him, and then Haymitch immediately lands his punch right on the jaw was a funny part of the book so far. I also think that this is a major turning point in the book for a few reasons. Firstly, this shows Haymitch that he has two fighters this year, not the usual crew that District 12 usually sends to the Hunger Games. Also, this snaps Haymitch back into reality, showing him that these two aren’t content to lay down and die, and that if he’s to do the most with his tributes, then he should stop drinking, and start focusing. Overall, I thought that this was one of the funnier moments in the book so far, and also that this is a major turning point at which Katniss first believes that she can do this.

  4. I got my name from a Saint named Brendan. The saint was also called the voyager because he had sailed to many places. The latin meaning of mine name is Prince. I don’t think this fits me because I like being outdoors and playing sports which is not the first thing that comes to mind when I think of the word prince. The Irish meaning is raven while the German one is flame. I think the German meaning fits me because to me flame represents hope and I think of myself of being hopeful. The Irish meaning is odd and I don’t think it fits me because I think of ravens as dark animals that are spooky.

    A part in the book that stood out to me is how nice of a place the capitol is and how brutal they are to the districts. I think they did a little too much of a punishment for what the community did. In district twelve it is common for people to die of starvation and the capitol doesn’t do anything. They are not even allowed to go out in the woods hunt. If they get caught in the woods they will get shot in the head.

  5. My name Parker is a name deriving from English origin, meaning the keeper of a park. Truthfully, this name does not fit me in any way, shape, or form because I have never been employed at a park. Personally, I find it ironic that just because my name has park in it, it means keeper of the park. My parents named me Parker because they thought it was a very unique and clever name.

    Currently my favorite part in “The Hunger Games” is when Katniss shoots the apple out of the pig’s mouth. I could only imagine the looks on the Gamemakers’ faces. It serves them right for ignoring someone just because of their own greed.I actually laughed the first time I read that part because I could only imagine what they were thinking. Eating out of their pork roast when suddenly an arrow comes out and lands right in the apple. This proves that Katniss’ arrow skills are extremely good.

  6. My name is Julia. I was named after my grandpa, Julius. Julia is the girl form of the name Julius. Some people call me Jules or big J, but Julia is my real name. Julia means sweet, loyal, kind-hearted, competitive, and laid-back. I think I am sweet, loyal, kind-hearted and maybe a little competitive, but I am not laid-back. I am a very hyper person and I cannot keep my mouth shut. That is sometimes a problem! I think my names meaning describes me pretty well. If it said energetic instead of laid back, it would be a perfect fit!

    I love The Hunger Games so far. It is so interesting and I am so excited that they are making a movie of it. I can’t wait to see it. So far my favorite part of the reading was when Peeta covered for Katniss. He did this when Katniss announced that she knew the Avox. He covered for her and said, “Oh your thinking of Delly Cartright!” He said this because she could have got the Avox or herself in trouble by knowing the Avox. It really showed that Peeta cared about Katniss. I think they would be the best couple in the world. I am very excited to continue reading and see what happens. Happy Hunger Games!

  7. Holly: a plant with red berries and a serrated leaf edge. It is also associated with Chistmas. My name to me means fun and love, The way you feel when you are having a winter holiday with you family.

    My favorite part in the Hunger Games so far is when Cinna is signaling for Peeta and Katniss to hold hands before they leave. I thought it was ironic that they have to listen and obey their mentors, but the message that their mentors and sending is to rebel!
    Ohhh, the irony! I find that hilarious.

  8. ”Jack” means God is gracious. I think it describes me a little. I think God is gracious to have me. There are so many nicknames for Jack. I have about 1,000 nicknames so I’m glad I know what it means now.

    My favorite part of the book so far is when Katniss stands up for Prim in the reaping. It shows how close they are how much Katniss cares about Prim. It was interesting the way the Districts respected her, the three middle fingers touching the lips. It leaves me wondering what would have happened if Prim went to the Hunger Games.

  9. My name “Hans” means God is gracious. This might suit me in the fact that I’m courteous I believe in being kind towards people, so therefore I guess I am courteous. Some might say I’m godly, but I’m not to sure.

    The part that truly stands out for me, only because it made me laugh a little, is when Katniss and Peeta are at dinner and Effie Trinket starts talking about how they have manners unlike other tributes from District 12, so Katniss on purposely eats like a savage. It just shows how much they hate the capitol and how little Katniss likes Effie Trinket.

  10. My name has a English origin and is derived from a surname and place name based on the Old English for hill covered with Broom. Broom is a prolific weed. Also, from the beacon hill. I don’t think the meaning describes me because I am not a hill.

    The part where Katniss saves Prim from going through the games and basically risking her life for Prim. I fell that all Katniss wants is to keep Prim and her Mother alive.

  11. The meaning of Taimur is strong. Yes the meaning of my name describes me because I am strong. I am strong mentally and physically.

    A particular part in the reading that so far stands out to me would be the part at the end of chapter eight on page 113. It is the part where Haymitch tells Katniss that Peeta had asked to be coached separately. I was stunned a little at first, but then, when I thought about it, I could sort of see it coming. Considering how mean Katniss was to him and how she didn’t trust him, it wasn’t that much of a surprise.

  12. My name “Raphael” means healing god.When I was about to being born, my parents did not know what name to give me.They could only come up with weird names.One day my aunt came to our house and said that they should name me after an archangel.My parents thought that it was a good and named me “Raphael.”I do not think that my name describes me because I canot heal people.I can only make them feel better by massaging them.

    There were many good parts in The Hunger Games.One of my favorite was when Katniss and Peeta went on the roof and Peeta touched the electrical wall.I found it funny because I imagined Peeta being pushed back and falling on the ground.

  13. My name Jake has more then one meaning. My name is Hebrew. The first meaning is head by the heel. This references Achilles who was held by his heal and dipped in the river Styx. This is meaning that I am vulnerable. This is the meaning for Jacob and Jake. My real name is Jake not Jacob. I would not consider myself vulnerable. The second meaning of my name is god is gracious. I would relate this to myself because I am a roman catholic and I believe this. My middle name David means beloved. I can relate this to myself because I am beloved be my family and friends. My last name is Moore. I found to meanings. In France Moore with the spelling Moor means dark skinned. In Ireland Moore means surname.

    I enjoy reading the Hunger games. I am always excited to read it and it got me hooked. My favorite part is when Gale and Katniss mock the capital and say “District 12 where you can starve to death in safety.” I also liked when the mayor’s daughter gave katniss the pin and the author explained how the capital released jabbing jays and the Districts spread lies and the capital became confused. I love the book and enjoy reading it.

  14. My name is very special to me. It means “ A ruling, commanding, coming down” ( I really don’t under stand what it means. Right now though I don’t think I matches me at all. In my past searches I saw people saying that Jared means kind-hearted, friendly, and sometimes a limit risker. I think these traits suit me more here is why. Whenever I am exercising I push myself far beyond my limit and many people have told me I am very friendly and kind-hearted.

    In the book the part that really caught my attention was when Katniss volunteered to take Prims place in the games. That tells me that Katniss really cares about her family and their well-being. I think Katniss is responsible and reliable.

  15. Chase is an amazing name to me now. Chase has many meanings according to My name means, a hunter and having a talent that will save humanity. Chase also means someone who has a tendency to assume too heavy a burden for others. People with problems are drawn to me not only because I have sympathy and comfort people, but because I give constructive advise or assistance. I never give more then I receive. I also have an urge to be reliable and responsible.

    My name describes me perfectly. I love to hunt, I care deeply about others and I help people with problems with advice and assistance. Sadly, I don’t give more then I receive and I do my best to be responsible and reliable. I was taken back by how perfect my name is for me. I showed it to my parents and they too were surprised by how well my name fits me.

    My favorite part of the Hunger Games is when Katniss and Peeta wear the cloths that are on fire. I like this part because it is the first part where the other districts really notice District 12. Most of the other kids are very big and for the first time, they “lose” an event to Katniss and Peeta. Katniss does not expect Peeta to make it very far in the games. Katniss is the only person out of the 24 kids that should try to help Peeta because they are from the same district. The other kids are a little bit scared of Peeta because of his grand entrance.

  16. My name, Sara, means princess. I do not think that this name describes me. My hebrew name is Sara Shaina Leah. Shaina means beautiful, and Leah means weary. I was named this because Shaina was my grandmother’s hebrew name, and Leah was my great-grandmother’s hebrew name.

    I was surprised and worried when Katniss shot an arrow at the judges table, shooting an apple. This part surprised me, scared me, and made me laugh. I was surprised that Katniss would do this, knowing what the Capitol could do to her and her family. I was scared, because I thought that she would be severely punished by the Capitol. I laughed when the Gamemaker fell into the punch bowl. It will be exciting to find out what the consequences of what Katniss did will be.

  17. My name is Julie. The meaning of the name Julie is youthful. I do think that youthful describes me a little because I am young and still like to act like a kid. I also do think the youth describes me because I like to get out and play with my friends and I still have that child like energy and behavior that all kids have.

    So far I have really enjoyed reading The Hunger Games and I’m excited that there is a movie comeing out about the book. My favorite part of The Hunger Games so far is when Katniss volunteers for Prim in the reaping. This part in the book really surprised me because I would have never thought that Prim would be called. I also liked this part in the book because it really showed what a great older sister Katniss is and, how she is willing to do anything for her family.

  18. My name, Collin, has many meanings. The name Collin was popular in the Latin Era, and it is short for Nicholas, which comes from the greek Nikolaos meaning “to conquer people” in Irish, it means “young creature” and in Gaelic it means “dove”. The name that probably describes me the most is to conquer people, because I will always rain supreme over everybody.

    I have many parts of The Hunger Games that I like, but most of them are in future chapters. My favorite part so far was when they were discussing jabberjays and how they ended up being used against the Capitol. The way they are described is interesting for me. How they were at first one of the Capitol’s best weapons, but then turned bad due to lies being fed through them was interesting.

  19. “Steep hill.” These two words are what Brent truly means. When I think of a steep hill, it reminds me of working hard to reach my goals. It is difficult to climb a steep hill without any effort. And, it is difficult to reach an important goal without giving it your all.

    I have enjoyed the book so far. There have been many parts that have been interesting to me. My favorite part had to be when Primrose Everdeen was called. I shook my head thinking how she will play this game with people who are six years older and smarter then her? This is when I had trouble putting the book down. I am looking forward to reading the rest of The Hunger Games. Hopefully Katniss will be the third ever District Twelve champion.

  20. Isabella, this is the name that stands for me. I have recently found out that it means, “My God is my vow.” My name, I also found out, is of Italian descent. My name, I believe, describes me. It is appropriate for me because it also shows the qualities of loyalty, faithful, and honest to others, good qualities to have. I, personally, agree with what my name stands for, and it seems to fit.

    So far, the Hunger Games is an excellent book! Although I have many favorite parts of the story, the one part that stands out to me is when Katniss and Peeta are all dressed up in their special ceremonial outfits that have a fake form of fire on them. Katniss, at first, thinks that she will burn at the hands of the artificial flame, but it doesn’t give her the slightest form of pain. Her and Peeta go through the opening ceremonies, and give the crowd the surprise of their lives. The girl on fire gives them an unforgettable experience that nobody could overlook.

  21. I never really have done much research on my name, but what I found, was pretty interesting if I may say so myself. What I found was that my name comes from Armenia. I was not very shocked about this part, but the next part I found very interesting.

    Also, many times my dad has told me that my name comes from Armenian descent, but I never really researched.

    Aram, can also be a girl name, but is mostly a boy name. It means “high king”. It also said that the name “aram” means “KingAra’s father” in Armenian.

    And, as much as I would love to say this describes me, I am neither a high king, nor “KingAra’s Father”
    So far, while reading the hunger games, the part that stuck out the most in my head was

    the part of the book when Katniss is in his private lesson, and when the game-makers
    were focusing on the roasted pig with an apple in its mouth, and then Katniss shoots and arrow and it hits the apple and flies past the game-makers. In my opinion, that is the most memorable moment in the hunger games so far.

  22. My first name, Carter, has quite an obvious meaning. It means someone that drives a cart.
    My last name is Italian. The Latin root, “viv” means to be alive.

    My last name makes since for me. Sometimes I wonder why I alive in this form. I as well wonder it would be like not being in such a form.

    The part that stands out for me most so far, is the reaction Katniss had at her demonstration for the Gamemakers. It does show her talents as well, but makes her look very rude. Will her temper be a positive, or a negative thing later in the games?

  23. My first name, Carter, has quite an obvious meaning. It means someone that drives a cart.
    My last name is Italian. The Latin root, “viv” means to be alive.

    My last name makes since for me. Sometimes I wonder why I alive in this form. I as well wonder what it would be like not being in such a form.

    The part that stands out for me most so far, is the reaction Katniss had at her demonstration for the Gamemakers. It does show her talents as well, but makes her look very rude. Will her temper be a positive, or a negative thing later in the games?

    1. My favourite parts would probably also when Katniss shoots the arrow through the apple, when she tells Buttercup about Prim and they help each other (that is where I cried), when Katniss volunteers, when it explains the jabberjays, when the wedding dress gets burned and so, so many more parts!! Also please can someone tell me what is so bad about bots? I am not one, but im just confused!

      1. My real name, Emma, means “Nurse” in German and I love caring for people, and my biggest weaknesses are little ones upset, and people upset in general or in pain. That makes me cry. If you type Emma in the online translator, it won’t come up as nurse but it means it, because Verity is Latin for truth, but type Verity up on online translator, it will come up as Verity.

      2. If I have the right understanding of what you mean by bots, i will explain what’s so bad about them. There are robots all over the web called ‘hacker bots’. There are seven kinds of them. I cant remember off of the top of my head what they are, but they are bad. Some can make complete duplicates of websites, some can take information off of websites. So, websites use CAPTCHAs to keep them away. See, bots cant read the distorted letters and numbers in the picture like humans can. Also, if this helps, CAPTCHA means ‘Completely Automated turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart’. Hope this helped!

  24. My first name, Samuel, is from a Hebrew decent and means “God is Head”

    My first middle name, Jordan, is also from a. hebrew decent and means “to flow” or the “river that separates Israel and Jordan”

    My secon middle name is 博俊 (Bo Jun is the ping ying [pronounced bou jing] and is Chinese. 博 (Bo) means broad, wide, rich, abundant and plentiful. 俊 (Jun) means handsome, talented and capable.

    My Last name, 王 (Ping Ying is Wáng, Pronounced Wong not WAAANG [Wong is a common spelling for people of Guandong, Shenzhen and Hong Kong] is Chinese, too. 王 means “King” in Mandarin (Which I speak)

    What part of the reading stands out the most? Hmmm…

    I’d have to say it must be the private training, where Katniss fires and arrow into the apple in the roasted pig’s mouth, sending it flying out. Then Katniss dismissed herself and left.

    I thought that part was pretty funny… Great way to end a chapter!

  25. My name, Samuel Eugene Kenneth, means God’s word, well born, handsome, angel, the second. My name in Greek, Sotiris Kirreakos Angelides II, which means savior, the Lord, angel, and directly translates to Salvador Kenneth Angelides II. I was named after my father, Sotiris Kirreakos, who was named after his great uncle, Sotiris Neoklis I, which also makes me the third Sotiris. I think my name fits me very well.

    What stands out for me in the book is how well the Capitol treats the tributes before they kill each other. It’s kind of ironic, because instead of doing nothing to everyone and letting them live their lives, they send them to the Capitol, treat them like royalty, and put them in an arena to fight until one person is left. Even though the government watches for entertainment, they must spend a fortune on people who are going to die a week later. This really symbolizes how odd the Capitol’s methods are.

  26. My Name, Nina, has different meanings. Derived from the greek name “Katharina” it means “pure” and “free of sins”. With an Italian descent it means “child”, in spanish “little girl”. Some other meanings are “fire” and “blaze”. But because my mother has russian origins and always told me my name would be russian, I looked for information about the russian meaning of Nina. I found out that it means “beautiful”. I’m not quite sure if all the meanings really fit to me. I think nobody is really free of sins, I’m not really a child anymore and I also don’t burn. I don’t even have much temper. And even the russian meaning doesn’t really fit because though I’m not that ugly, I’m also not extraordinary beautiful. But I still like my name and wouldn’t prefer another one.

    My favourite part of the book is the scene after Katniss was demonstrating for the Gamemakers, when she is totally down because she thinks she has done everything wrong and lost every chance to win the games. I really like this part because it shows how much her team supports her, and it also gives a little insight about the mentality of everyone in her team: That they all are a little bit rebellious.

  27. My Name is Reuben it is of Jewish descent, yet i am not Jewish, It means first born son, I am the first born son in my family when I asked my parents if this was why they named me they said no they just liked the name. So that’s kind of creepy

    My favorite part of the book is right after rue dies and Katniss is laying down next to her and decorates her body in flowers and sings her to death.

  28. My name is Lydia… from the Bible meaning seller of purple and she was also possessed with demons though thats not part of the definition. It also means woman from Lydia. In Spanish Lidia means bullfight.

  29. My name means odd, peculiar, different, unusual, funny, curious, abnormal etc., because that’s what rum means. Rum is also an alcoholic spirit or in North American it means intoxicating drink but that’s irrelevant. There is also a flower called Rumdul. It also means ‘roman girl’ in Arabic, but I’m not Arabic.

  30. My name is Emma. Emma is Germanic, and means “universal”. I don’t think it describes me because I am slightly shy and don’t like talking to strangers. Although, I have a lot of non-strangers to talk to and be merry with, and I’m quite friendly. But still. 😉

  31. My name means to strive or ruler. My name fits me well because I am a hard worker and I strive to meet my goals. I also love to be the one giving directions instead of being told what to do. My name is spelled differently then most people. My name is Emilie with an -ie not Emily with a -y. Emily with a -y means hard working. Either way I think my name spelled how it is or not goes hand in hand with me. My parents named me well.

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