Strange and Magical

Students, please follow the directions in the photo, but choose only three (3) items to write about. You should have three paragraphs and remember to skip spaces between paragraphs.

Give each item a new name and describe in detail its magical properties. (I am not looking for a description of what each item really is as we know it.)

Now this is magical!

Now this is scary! Happy Halloween!!


  1. This strange new item known as Batteroles is a new and magical thing to our world. This amazing device let’s you be extra speedy. The Batteroles can be inserted into a pocket or clipped on your body and you immediately have lightning speed. You can do everything fast with this and have lots of spare time. On the back of the Batteroles there is a clip that you clip on to your pants shirt, like a pedometer, and wait two minutes then instantly you can travel at the speed of light.

    Another new magical device is the Flash Alightis. The Flash Alightis is the most magical cameras yet, it doesn’t just take pictures in any condition including, underwater, snow, rain, and even outer space, when the pictures are stored on the flash Alightis and then viewed you can literally step into the moment. Also the flash Alightis can be dropped up to one hundred feet! When you take picture with it you must aim the bigger side at the thing being photographed and press the button on the side and immediately the moment will be captured. If you would like to view these and step into it you must press the button twice look at the picture at the larger end then hold the button down. After words will scroll across the screen asking if you would like to go to this moment and you will click yes and be swallowed back into that exact moment. When you are done you go through the same procedure and go back to the present.

    The most amazing magical and strange thing is the Remotessss. The Remotessss can control your whole entire house with a few clicks. This device is hooked up to your house and can control the whole. It will be able to control the T.V., garage door, kitchen, computers, lights, fans, pool, stereo and sprinklers. There are a few simple buttons to control all this with the Remotessss. To hook it up to your house you connect it with your computer and instantly you can control your house. This device is amazing and also talks to you when you are low on groceries. All this from one small remote.

    1. Sammy L.

      I really like how you explained what the objects do. I like that you used the same type of name but i a different name. It’s really good when you explain nice, fun, and clearly what the objects do and look like!! My favorite object will probably have to be the batteroles!

      Thank you, Tish (:

  2. Spot Flashers are the new magical creation that everyone will enjoy. Spot Flashers will allow you to transport to any place in the world! You won’t need a cell phone any more because you can instantly transport to the person you wish to talk to. The process is fairly simple: press the button near the larger end of the Spot Flashers, shine the light above your head, say the person or place you want to go to, and within ten seconds you will have arrived at your destination. You will never miss a Christmas, birthday, or other special event again.

    Panteries are the best thing since sliced bread. Panteries are the magical, unique device that will make your house or any object float/levitate in mid air! Just point the bristles at the object, move the Panteries up and down for fifteen seconds, and your object will float right off the ground with out floating away. Panteries work on houses, people, dogs, cats, other objects, and almost every land animal.

    Munchie Chewer G is another magical invention. Munchie Chewer G transforms the ordinary person into a crime-fighting super hero. Pop the delicious strip into your mouth, chew for a minute, and in no time you will be a super human. The best part is that your heroic powers are based on your personality: having an airy personality gives you the ability; if you have an easy-going personality you will be able to stretch out over many distances. Superman and Spidey are also users of Munchie Chewer G!

    1. Also where it says, “having an airy personality gives you the ability;” is actually supposed to say, “having an airy personality gives you the ability to soar through the air.” Sorry for this other issue.

  3. A strange, new magical item is the Tripower. It comes in three different flavors. Each flavor gives you a different ability. The ability wears out after 48 hours, but there are 12 strips in each Tripower packet. The first flavor is Hot and Spicy. Hot and Spicy gives you the ability to warm up anything by touching it. The next flavor is called Blast of Air. Blast of Air gives you the ability to control the weather. It does not allow you to make hazardous storms like tornadoes, earthquakes, or hurricanes. The last flavor is Sour Punch. Sour Punch gives you the strength of a full grown gorilla. When you run out of Tripower strips all you have to do is go get some more.

    Color Bristles are a new invention that can change anybody’s life, for the better. Color Bristles is a tool that you slide across your hair and say the color of hair that you want. The colors are unlimited. If you do not like your hair color then this the answer to your prayers. Color Bristles can be found in any busty section of a store or at your salon. You can change your hair color in the comfort of your own home.

    Bat-Charge is a new invention that can give you all the energy you need to get you thought the day. Unscrew the cap and you see a series of pills. Take a pill and wa-la, you are ready to start your day. It is a substitute for coffee, because coffee can stunt your growth and it is unhealthy for you, if you drink too much. You do not even taste it, so you are not reluctant to take it.

  4. The Magic Beam is the newest invention out there! It allows you to travel to other places. It’s extremely simple but absolutely amazing! First, press the button on the handle to turn it on. It should then have a beam of light coming from it. Then, point the Magic Beam anywhere, and hold it there for a few seconds. Next, click the button again to turn it off. As soon as you turn it off, you will magically be transported to wherever you pointed the Magic Beam. Amazing, right? The Magic Beam will save you so much time. No more walking!

    The new Color Bubble will change your life! It’s a crazy invention just discovered! The Color Bubbles come in small packs in many different colors. Open the package, and take one Color Bubble out. Pop it into your mouth and chew. After you chew for a while, the Color Bubble should start to work. The Color Bubble will start to change the way you look. It will make your body look like your surroundings. You will become camouflaged! It’s great to use for hide and seek! You will certainly not be found.

    The last of our discoveries is the Control Mouse. It’s a white, hand-held mouse with many colorful buttons. It will allow you to control where and how other people move. The fist step is to point the Control Mouse and your first victim. Then, find the buttons that move around by your touch. Use those to control where your victim moves. The person should move wherever you move the button. Use the B button to bring up a menu on whether you want your victim to run, walk, jump, skip, etc. Scroll over which action you wish the moveable buttons. Lastly, press the A button to set the action. The Control Mouse is simply outrageous!

  5. Children love playing with fire. Now, they can keep it in their back pockets! The Fire Stick is the hottest new toy around. Kids everywhere adore it. When turned on, the Fire Stick has a flare that turns into fire! It’s a marvelous tool that is fun, and it keeps kids safe if someone is trying to hurt them. Everyone recommends that kids all over get the Fire Stick.

    All people want ageless skin. Now, they can have it in the blink of an eye! A&S is the new, healthy tool to get ageless skin. All you have to do is put the A&S in your mouth, chew, and put it over your skin! Gently smooth A&S over the parts where it’s needed. Leave it on for one hour. BAM! When you take A&S off, you will look like your twenty! A&S can be found at all drugstores in the skin care isle.

    After a few years, some people like to reconnect with old collage or childhood friends. Sadly, the costs of flights are a constant issue. Also, weather can get in the way, too. The Trans Fans can fix all of your problems. You simply turn on the device, type in who you would like to see, and press enter. In a flash, you will be side by side that special someone! The Trans Fans instantly takes you to that person! Now, you can see all of your loved ones without a trouble.

    1. Good post, Isabel. I liked how you said that children loved to play with fire. Really Funny! Is the Fire Stick the flashlight?

  6. Strange means unusual or surprising in a way that is unsettling or hard to understand. Magical means resembling magic; produced or working as if by magic. These two adjectives describe three, mystical items that have just been discovered, including the Change-A-Licious, the iTravel, and the Bye-Bye-Brush. All of these outstanding items have contrasting properties. The Change-A-Licous has the ability to change a person’s form! These thin, stretchy, fuchsia pink strips enable you to change into a different person, from a person into an animal, and/or from an animal into a plant! Once you place a strip into your mouth and chew for one minute while thinking of your new form, you change your form. Once you spit it out, you are back to normal. You can change form from these breathtaking, and minty, strips!

    Another enchanted object is the iTravel, and this enables you to travel forward and backward in time! It is a sleek, rectangular, touch screen time machine. The touch screen has five different columns, one each for the year, month, day, place, and time. Once you enter the desired year, month, day, place, and time, you press ENTER, and you will be at your selected year, month, day, place, and time! If you want to visit your great-great-great grandmother, you can with the iTravel!

    The last of the miraculous items is the Bye-Bye-Brush. With this amazing object, you can turn invisible! This object has a wooden handle with many bristles at the top. To turn invisible, you brush your body with the bristles, and in one second, no one will be able to spot you! However, the Bye-Bye-Brush only enables you to be invisible for two hours at a time. To be invisible for a longer period of time, you have to reapply the bristles. This item is truly remarkable, and with your invisibility, you can say bye bye to the world with the Bye-Bye-Brush!

  7. My name is Josh and I am a researcher for the local Magical Museum. Someone brought in three new magical items, which I will be logging in to the museum today. The first item is called the Happy Pad. It looks just like an iPad, but it has special powers. With the Happy Pad, you can choose a background on the screen and the Happy Pad will take you to wherever your happy place is. You can choose from a list of backgrounds or select one that you have loaded in yourself. Basically, you can transport yourself anywhere you want to go without getting in a car or plane. You can take yourself to the beach or to the mountains with a click of a button. This invention is magnificent. It’s a vacation without having to go anywhere!

    The next item someone brought in is what appears to be an ordinary bubble gum case. After doing a lot of research, I have come to the conclusion that this is not just an ordinary bubble gum case. This item is actually called the Ultimate Shrinking Pouch. The Ultimate Shrinking Pouch can be very dangerous because if anything touches the inside of the pouch, it will shrink. Anything that shrinks is stored on the inside of the pouch until it is removed and restored to it’s normal size. The item will shrink so small, that you can barely see it. The Ultimate Shrinking Pouch can be great, because you could bring anything you want anywhere you want. You could even put a car in it by touching the inside of the pouch to the car. Pull the item out and it will be normal again. I find this item to be very useful.

    The last item I will log in today is what you would normally think of as an XBox controller. In fact, this is no ordinary controller. This particular controller is called The Time Controller 9,000. This time controller can take you back in time. There are many various controls to operate, depending how far back in time you want to go. This controller is very powerful and should only be used by someone who knows what they are doing. This machine can change the world because people can go back in time to change things that happened in the past. Some people might use this to travel back in time to do great things, but if the wrong person gets this controller, they can change the way things happened in the past, which would change the present and the future. All of these magical items are very exciting additions to the Magical Museum.

  8. The Flash Away is and invention that has just been discovered. It will help all those people who just want to get those annoying people out of their way. It is as simple as switching a switch form off to on. A light will then appear. You point the light at your target and poof! It’s gone! It’s that simple! That person will then be gone for an hour! And you don’t have to be near them! And when they come back, you can just flash them away again! Now you can finally get those annoying, bad, or weird people away from you whenever you want. This device is so easy and portable!

    Control and Go is a perfect device for lazy and annoyed people! This device enables you to control people! Whenever you are feeling a bit lazy, take the Control and Go out! Then, find a person, point the device at them, and move them with the controllers. You can make them walk, talk, and move their arms and hands! You can make them get anything for you at anytime! When you are annoyed at someone, you can make them walk away as well! Just point the device at the person, and the controllers will control were they go. You can also have people walk to you! This device is so easy and simple!

    The Little Reader is an amazing device that makes your thoughts come alive. It is the last discovery. You think of something, rub the side of the little device, and it will come alive! It will be right there in front of you! If you are thinking about how nice it would be to have an ice cream, it will appear in your hand after rubbing the device. It is such a little, easy, portable thing that will help in your everyday life. It is perfect for someone who is always busy and doesn’t have time to do errands. This Little Reader can change your life. Mind reading is so helpful. Now it’s possible.

  9. The famous researcher, Naomi, has just cataloged three new “magical” items! The first of the three is called the Change-a-Mood. It is a fat cylindrical object with a + sign at one end and a – sign at the other end. If you are feeling blue and sad, and you are sick of feeling this way but just can’t seem to turn your frown upside down, use the Change-a-Mood. All you have to do is rub it in-between your hands with + sign facing up for a few seconds, and you will feel better and happier than ever! If for any reason you are too happy, and you need to feel sad, just rub it in your hands with the – sign up, and your mood will go from happy to sad and blue.

    The second object is called the Boo-Boo-Brush. This object looks like a paintbrush, but it doesn’t just paint things. If you have a minor injury (a cut, scrape, bruise), the Boo-Boo-Brush can help heal it! All that you have to do is brush the Boo-Boo-Brush over your injured body part, and within one hour, it will be gone. Not only will you not be able to see the injury, you will also not be able to feel any pain. It is as if the injury was never there. Unfortunately, the product does not work on more major injuries such as broken bones or sprains.

    The last object is called the Flash-n-Find. It is a flashlight that when turned on will automatically point to the nearest person to it. The Flash-n-Find can also be programmed to find a certain person. All you have to do is say their full name and when they were born into the built in speaker, and the light will point in the direction that the person is located in. The Flash-n-Find is great for finding lost children, locating a friend in a large crowd, or playing hide-and-seek! Naomi Miller feels that these magical products are going to be a revolution in inventions.

  10. The Home Decor and Cleaning Saber (HDACS) is the most magical item ever! It works like a light saber! You just flip the switch, and, when the magical long beam of light forms, you can tell it what to do! The HDACS has three main settings of what you can tell it to do: air freshener, maid, or furniture changer. On the air freshener setting, you can choose from mango-pineapple, clean linen, fresh lemon, winter evergreen, peppermint, vanilla and ginger, lilac, crisp apple, eau de sweet parfume, or honeysuckle. For the air freshener setting, you can say, for example, “Air freshener: winter evergreen,” and wave the saber around so that your whole house smells like the scent you picked. On the maid setting, you can tell the saber to mop, dust, take out trash, scrub, dry, or wipe. To use the maid setting, you say, for example, “Maid: dust,” and touch the saber to the area you want it to dust! It is amazing that you can just touch something and it is immediately done! On the furniture changer setting, you can pick from any fabric that you desire, like linen, velvet, cotton, velour, satin, silk, and lace, just to name a few. Then you can choose from any color(s) in any pattern. For example, you could say, “Furniture changer: velour; maroon and beige horizontal stripes,” and touch the saber to the piece of furniture you want to change, and it changes it! For wood, you can pick from any stain or varnish. For wood you would say, for example, “Furniture changer: wood; white stain,” and touch the saber to the piece of wood that you want to stain or varnish, and it is done!

    Wish Strips are the newest invention. Wish Strips are tasty and they make all of your wishes come true! You just pop a strip in your mouth, chew, and wish! Your wish will happen thirty seconds after you have wished it. There are thirty different Wish Strips flavors including, but not limited to, Very Berry Mint, Peppermint, Spearmint, Wintermint, Cinnamon, Bubblegum, Lemon-Lime, Smoka-Cola, Menthol Mint (for a stuffy nose and a hurting throat), Grape, Mango, Milky Way Bar, Pumpkin Pie, My Chihuahua Bites, London Apple, Lightning Mint, and Princess Mint. This is truly a magical item!

    The Mind Reader is another magical invention. It is an object that lets you think what you want to write instead of writing it down! Say you are doing an essay on Christopher Columbus. You have a great sentence or paragraph in your head, but it is too long to write down without your hand getting tired. Place the Mind Reader’s bristles against your head, and think of what you want to write down. When you are done, brush the Mind Reader’s bristles against the paper or computer that you are working on, and what you were thinking will be written on the piece of paper or computer! With the Mind Reader, there will be no more hand injuries or carpal tunnel! It is an amazing object!

  11. This brand new magic device was just discovered yesterday! It is called “paint your dreams come true.” It is truly amazing. With this hand-held object, you can paint anything anywhere, and you can step into it like it is right in front of you. Say you painted a castle. All you would have to do is walk right into the wall. Don’t worry, you won’t bump into anything. Close your eyes when you walk through and when you reopen them, you would be in that castle. No more having to travel long distance when you can just paint it and be transported there instantly! These amazing things are only available in certain stores.

    The new TriThis is now available in every grocery or pharmacy store worldwide. You can chew it, and even though it looks plain and tasteless, imagine what you want to eat, and the TriThis will transform into whatever food you want! Your days of being hungry are now over! And TriThis also will solve most financial problems, now that most trips to the food store are over. This brand new chewable food is a favorite of many people.

    Fire Beam is a newly discovered device. You just turn it on, point it at somewhere, and then a fire will be created. This is extremely helpful when using a fireplace or using fire to light candles. Instead of having to go out and buy matches, then having to blow them out or try many times to get then to light up, you can just use the Fire Beam and create an instant, safe fire. It also prevents getting burned. This amazing object is safe and easy!

  12. T-Tired is the ultimate energy booster. Are you too tired and lazy to go to a café and buy a coffee? Or buy a coffee machine? Buying coffee in the morning can really add up to a lot of money! Also, buying a coffee machine is great! But you are constantly going back to the stores and getting coffee beans! Why would you waste so much time and money when you can just get T-Tired? The flavor tastes just like an expensive and delicious coffee but it will last up to one hour’s or more, of flavor! By thirty minutes, your coffee will be gone. The flavor of coffee is not only delicious but it is full of energy. While you are chewing this wonderful invention you could be thinking of all the money you are saving and time. T-Tired can be found at all grocery stores, gas stations, and markets. You will notice that T-Tired will be your favorite treat!

    Fashion is a very big thing in schools and out of schools! Most people love the same cloths and shop at the same stores so when someone is wherein the same outfit as you it’s a big deal. Having the same dress at a party as someone else is a girls worst nightmare. It is mine. But if you go to a party and notice that someone else is wearing the same dress you wish that you had the Outfit Zapper! The Outfit Zapper works fast and easy. All you do is shine the light on your outfit that your wearing and it incredibly flashes on you. So you can have fun with people gasping at your awesome and unique dress or clothes.

    Annoyed with your boring hair? Is it getting old? Don’t like the color? Use the Hairdo Changer. Going to school is pretty much an everyday thing. Everyday a girl has to do her hair! Doing this take a lot of time and patience. The Hairdo Changer can get the job done in a sweep of the brush. The brush can add color, volume, and a great hairdo! You will always use it everyday! It is the best invention in the world and makes your hair look fabulous. You can find this inexpensive brush at all salons and stores. The Hairdo Changer will and is a girl’s best friend.

  13. Today a commercial popped up on the screen with three, new, magical items. Flash, Charge, and Ucontrol Wireless. These three items look so unbelievable incredible so I decided to look them up online to see what they do. Flash is a game where you stand on the device and do your best dance moves and it rates you. It will give you some new moves that you can practice. Then you come back when you think you’ve got it and it tells you whether it’s perfect or if you need to try again.

    I couldn’t believe what the Charge did. First you hook it up to your computer and download a picture or slide show. Then, you put it up on your roof for any special holiday and it will cast the hologram of what you uploaded into the sky. For example, for Halloween you could upload a picture of a pumpkin and it would display it for all your friends.

    Finally the Ucontrol Wireless. It is a wireless steering wheel for you car. The buttons are used to change the volume of the music, the music channel, the AC, and Bluetooth. The others are for which way you want to drive, forwards or backwards. To turn left and right you just tilt it. Obviously you wouldn’t be able to text and drive but that would mean a safer road.

  14. E-Z Painter is the newest and coolest contraption for instantly painting anything! All you have to do is touch the middle section between the bristles and the handle until it lights up with the color you want, place the bristles lightly on the surface you want to paint, so the paint can soak in, and press down hard. E-Z Painter works on people, hair, houses, clothes, and most animals.

    Voice-Changer is perfect for Halloween, costume parties, or any other time you want to disguise your voice. To activate it, push the button on the side to select the voice you want, and shine it at your throat. Now, every time you speak for the next fifteen to ninety minutes, depending on the variety you buy (each lasts for a different amount of time), your voice can sound like a robot, a ghost, a witch, an alien, or a chipmunk.

    Balloon Chew is the one and only gum that blows you away. Literally! Pop a piece in your mouth, chew for a little while, then blow a bubble. It will start out looking like an ordinary bubble, but after five minutes, it grows big enough for you to sit in, and super pop-resistant! Climb inside, and start running. It functions like a giant, floating hamster ball. The bubble will last for up to one hour. After an hour, it will gently float to the ground and pop. Then you can pick it up like a regular piece of gum and throw it away.

  15. Trident is a name for a weapon used in stories. A box of Trident is very expensive, and exclusive. Only the richest of the rich can get a box of Trident. Trident makes you as strong as a superhero. When you receive a box of Trident, you do a special dance when you get it. Because it is so powerful, you spin around in a circle twice, then jump up and down for three minutes. When that dance is over, you can use the Trident. You take a small rectangle out of the box and put it in your mouth. When the Trident is in your mouth, you will feel a tingling sensation on your tongue and will be instantly stronger. When you eat Trident, you will be a superhero; or at least as strong as one.

    When you are hoping to get the present you are dreaming of, most people turn to the Wonder Cylinder. The Wonder Cylinder is a cylinder of metal that has a light inside of it. When you want a certain thing for your birthday or Christmas, you can use a Wonder Cylinder. Just three easy steps, and then you are ready to enjoy what you want. Just push a button to turn on the light, say what gift you want, and then point the light of the Wonder Cylinder to the sky, and your wish will come true. If you are ready to enjoy your dream gift, get the Wonder Cylinder.

    The String Thing is a magnificent invention that people everywhere are using. The String Thing is a set of strings on top of a wooden stick. The String Thing is used to tickle a friend, or make your face very shinny. You simply wipe the String Thing across your face and your face is instantly shinny. And when your friends are going to do something funny to you, you wipe the String Thing across your body, and they will be laughing in second. The String Thing is either used for fun, or fashion.

  16. Changing yourself into an animal can be fun and tasty! With Animalia Transforming Chews, you can become any animal. Simply place the chew in your mouth, after clearly stating what type of animal you want to be, and chew until the flavor is gone. You will have turned into an animal, while still having all of your memories and knowledge. After exactly one hour you will change back into yourself.

    The next new object is the Homework Painter. Touch someone with the bristles of the Homework Painter, and they will have a sudden desire to do their homework. This homework obsession will last one hour, long enough for a kid to do one night’s homework. Don’t get too excited, each Painter only has one use. After this, the Painter cannot be used again on any child; a new one will have to be bought. If your kids never do their homework, the Homework Painter could be a perfect tool for you!

    The Flashbright will help you make a quick escape! Whether you are preventing a murder, keeping someone from robbing a bank, or trying to avoid doing your chores, the Flashbright can be of assistance. Push the small button on the side, and a bright light will shine. If you shine the light on somebody, they will be frozen for one hour. Say the code word that can be found on the packaging (each Flashbright has a special word), and their memory will be wiped. As this is a very dangerous object, identification is required for purchase.

  17. Introducing the new thing, a thing that will literally blow out the existence of flashlights for good. It is called blow- flash, the flashlight that can do anything you ask it. What I mean by that is you tell you speak into it’s mic, say what kind of flash, color of flash, and how bright. Did I mention that it is a real, touchable flashlight but the main contols are digital, when you want to turn it off you literally blow it out, without having an off button like I’ve said in the beginning.

    Bubbles are great to blow, but don’t you want to literally make things with bubbles like horses you can ride, and burgers you can eat, that literally taste like burgers. Impossible you say, then introducing bubble crafts, crafts you can make with bubbles, without them going out with needles. Although, if you want it to go out, it comes with a pump you put the pump it in then it will explode with water. It also comes with colors you can make with bubbles, you can even mix them. It comes with a bubble wand, of course, but it’s advanced with an instruction for how to make it. If this is too confusing, then their also is a trainee bubble wand for beginners.

    At last, your very own tv show, a remote control, purposely for the consumer, is advanced iMovie you can use with your tv, making your own show without all the try-outs, scripts, and rehersals. It may come in a tiny remote, but this tiny remote has more purposes than an iPad, Mac, or your regular tv remote. It’s a once in a lifetime chance to have a tv show you deserve that you’ve made, on tv.

  18. Gossip gum is the new thing. If there’s a friend who’s not telling you secrets, this is a way to get it out of them. Gossip gum is a very flavorful, colorful, tempting trick. Ask a friend to try your gum, and before you know it, they will be telling you things that you have never known. Once they put it in their mouth, and chew it, they will start talking uncontrollably, spilling their most precious secrets. So if you are one of those people who are desperate to know, gossip gum is the way to go!

    Futuristic flash is the name. It is a fun way to view your future. Futuristic flash works with only the person that is using it. By the press of a button, when the light flashes, you will be able to see your future. You will also be able to see what you look like, what your profession is, and much more. This device can be found in a appliance store, and comes in a variety of colors: blue, pink, purple, green, and turquoise.

    Magical masterpiece is surely magical. Paint anything you like, whether it be your favorite things, foods, animals ,or places you like to go or visit- different dimensions and much more. When you paint something on a wall or anywhere else and when you’re done, you can grab it, step into the wall, or see a friend or two.

  19. The most destructive weapon of all time is the wand of Zevic. The small cylinder looks like it’s harmless but when pointed and the specific zevic words are spoken it emits a beam of condenses gamma rays that tear through any material. This may sound menacing but it can help with tunnels and carving kingdom out of rock. The ÜβÅŘ people, also known as “Sky People”, used this device. They would build kingdoms using these tools to create their kingdom. Because after a while they found out how to not just take materials away but to put them down somewhere else.

    The ÜβÅŘ also had a book of Zevic that would keep track of all of their history and magical rituals. The reson it is a marvel is because the ÜβÅŘ people were so far ahead in technology that it scared the modern people. Anyway the book of Zevic is a magical glowing thin book that is run by what seems to be the spirit of the ÜβÅŘ.

    The last item that was interesting enough to take from the ÜβÅŘ was the Token of Yubica. This was a piece of metal and plastic that would be carried around on the amour of warriors. It resembled one year in the service of the ÜβÅŘ’s empire. The most found was on the coffin of a female general. The ÜβÅŘ were unlike most kingdoms and were one of the first to give women as much freedom as men. So, there were many women in the military. But the most tokens found were 45 tokens which in those days was an extremely long life.

  20. This strange magical item that goes into your hands. The item is called Remoter. It is used to control the entire TV system. It can the channel from Icarly to ESPN or even more. It also can put in DVDs for you without getting out of your comfy chair. This remoter can also control the garage door. So when you get home say, ‘’REMOTER GARAGE’’ and it opens the garage for you. This is a very smart remoter. All this for a remote that fits into your hands.

    Their is a unknown item that flashes. It is used by your hands so you can snapshot something. It is called a,’’Snapshot that flashes invention.’’ Some scientist still don’t know how to use it and I have been the first to discover it. I will teach the scientist for once. But, you have to be careful because if you drop it, it will break. The Snapshot that flashes invention is new and almost the most populist item known to man. This will have to be charged a lot so we the people can have money for diapers and various items that we need in our life. This is worth the money.

    The new ipado is very popular in the little/big town. It is used to scan your hand so you can open doors. Without the ipado we could never get through doors. It only takes a few seconds to scan your eye and hand. When you are late to a meeting the ipado won’t double it, 5 seconds and your in the conference room for your meeting. This ipado is a good use for humans. But, it will take a month or two to get a couple million out in the stores. So save up your money for the ipado. This will be a great experience for us to have with a new technology.

  21. One of the most amazing devices in the world can now fit in your back pocket. The new “Transformgum” will allow you to transform into many different objects. Just start chewing the gum and you will be able to choose whether or not you want to transform into that object. Different flavors turn you into different objects. Mint turns you into a tree, watermelon into a table, or regular flavor to turn into a chair. New flavors and new objects are still being discovered. You can choose whether or not to transform just by thinking it, and if you do turn into an object, to become human again, just imagine yourself a human again. It’s that simple!

    Another fascinating invention is the forget-me-light. The forget-me-light will erase the memory of the person being shined upon with the person shining it for that day only. These effects only last for about a week, however. The forget-me-light does have possible side effects: dizziness, temporary blindness, and lack of common knowledge. The forget-me-light is still peculiar and considered mildly dangerous.

    One final magical item is the Rememberer. This device lets you recall memories like you are right there again. The four buttons in the top right corner are your favorites and atomically take you to that memory. The big button at the top takes you to your library of memories. From there, you can select any memory and your preferences. Once you are in the memory, you use the joysticks and arrow pad to view the memory at different places then you were. Finally, you use the buttons on the front side to play and pause the memory as it is happening.

  22. Researchers have recently discovered three magical items. The first has been named the Swisharoo. The Swisharoo has a very unique design. It is thin at one end and thick with bristles at the other. The thin end is a handle while the thick end is where the magic happens. With a wave of the hand or a flick of the wrist, the user of the Swisharoo can do just about anything. The Swisharoo has many different motions and functions. Each hand motion has a different function. The motions can levitate and move objects, change things such as color and shape, and control the elements to name a few. The Swisharoo is scheduled for cloning and then will be sold in stores.

    Another magical discovery is the Flickeroni. The Flickeroni is similar to the Swisharoo in shape. It has a thin end used for a handle and a thick end that is used for other purposes. The thick end is activated by the flick of a switch. All the user has to do is imagine what he or she wants or needs and flick the switch on. There is a flash of light and then the item appears. The Flickeroni comes in handy in many situations. If a person was stranded on a deserted island all they would need is a Flickeroni and they would have everything. Also, if someone forgot something all they would need to do is whip out their Flickeroni.

    The final item that was discovered is known as the Duricelergy. The Duricelergy has a round, cylinder shape with a small bump at one end. The ends are labeled with plus and minus symbols. The end with the plus symbol is a copper color and the end with the minus symbol is black. A shiny blue stripe separates the two ends. There is strange writing across the body of the Duricelergy that says “Duracell Ultra.” These words have been completely disregarded. The purpose of the Duricelergy is to control a person’s energy levels. To increase a person’s energy level that person must chew on the plus end of the Duricelergy. After about a minute of chewing the person will have an instant increase in energy. To decrease a person’s energy level that person must chew on the minus end of the Duricelergy. The same thing happens, except the person’s energy is decreased.

  23. Item 1: Memory Storer

    There was an ancient tale about a device similar to this. It was called a “LashDrive.” But today, in the year 5770, MEES (Magical Excavation Experts Society) has finally figured out what this “LashDrive” is. I call it “The Memory Storer.” With the simple push of a button, one can shine the magical beam at their temple, think of something, and it will be saved on this miracle machine. Once saved, this memory can be played on the computer, projected onto a wall, or even shown in the mind of another person! No one is actually sure how it works because when it is opened, there is just a small box-like device with a circle on the end, and some dust. That leads me to my next item.

    Item 2: Magic Drive

    The box-like device found in the memory storer fits into many different magical devices. This means only one thing. That this item holds the magic that runs every device that has magical powers. This discovery is especially important because now we can control the magical devices, and that takes away the thought that the magic will someday overthrow the human race. MEES is currently doing testing to see if they have any magical value when put inside of us, but we are lacking results because our first subject died of alkaline poisoning.

    Item 3: Alternate Dimension Portal

    This tablet at first seemed like nothing that we do not already have an advancement of. It can play movies, take pictures, play games, all of the things that our civilization does best. MEES studied it tirelessly and could find no magical value. We had just officially given up when out of the corner of our eye we saw a screen pop up. It said, “New FaceTime™ Software is now available”. Out of curiosity, we had previously used our atomic copiers to make twenty duplicates. They all had the same pop-up screen appear at the same time, so we decided that this was no coincidence. We followed the instructions found with the tablet and learned how to “call” duplicates of our friends in another dimension. We named it appropriately, fixed some bugs, did some other top-secret things that we are legally forbidden to say, and two months later, here we are. This tablet acts as a window to alternate worlds, along with a shortcut in order to see friends at a closer distance. We are currently researching to see if there is any damage to the space-time continuum by wrinkling the atmosphere in such a manner, but until then, we will not be releasing this to the public.

    We trust that you will be responsible with this information, and not tease the media about how smart that MEES has been in finding these 3 breakthrough items.

    1. I also did not mean to say “how smart that MEES has been” in the last 2 lines. I meant “how smart MEES has been”

  24. Don’t you hate dusting? You wipe and you wipe with your regular feather duster, but nothing happens. The dust just gets moved around! Well, now with the Paint-Away-Dust-O, (PADO) dusting can be easy! You simply take the PADO, and wipe over the dusty area, and the dust magically disappears. PADO comes with black bristles so you can see all the dust that you’re collecting, a golden band to hold the bristles together, and a black handle to compliment the bristles.

    Do you love ping pong? Well, now you can play ping pong with a whole new perspective. Just use the new ping pong paddle called Zing Oing. It’s the new fun ping pong paddle that makes fun sound effects whenever the ball hits the Zing Oing buttons that are placed all over the paddle. You’ll have many hours of laughs with the Zing Oing ping pong paddle!

    Paper cuts! Paper cuts! Ouch, ouch, ouch! Don’t hate it when you’re in the middle of a really good book, and you turn the page when all of a sudden you cut yourself? With the new Paper Corner Laser, that’ll never happen again! You simply flick on the switch and a laser beam shoots out. Then all you have to do is shine the beam on your fingers, and then they become paper cut proof. The Laser should be reapplied every day you read because it wares off after 24 hours.

  25. Every kid hates getting a cut. Cuts hurt, and sometimes take a while to heel. Even after putting a band-aid over it, the band-aid still falls off. Now there is Brush Away. When using Brush Away, you just take your brusher and brush over the cut and it heels in a matter of seconds. It is easy to use and heels cuts faster then ever. Now you will have to keep replacing your band-aids and waiting for your cut to heel.

    Nobody likes hot water. But now there is Cool Drop. Cool Drops is simply and small tablets that you drop into your water to make it cold. Cool Drops doesn’t just work on water, but can be uses on any beverage. Cool Drops will evaporate it to your beverage as if it was never there, leavening your drink with a cool, and refeshing temperature.

    Everyone hates when his or her hair color begins to get dull. But now there is the Color Beam. The Color Been brightens the color of your hair and can ever make it a different color. With the Color Been you just set it to the color you want your hair to be and then turn the Color Beam on and flash it on your hair. With the Color Been it only takes a few minutes to change your hair color, and it is easy to use. Now you will never have to keep on going back to the salon.

  26. The X of Amusement is the most amazing looking item, it is white and has a green X in the middle, and The Xtreme Gun Company brands this object. Lets say that you are playing NCAA 12 and your bored so you want to play with those guys right on the field. Yes that’s right just press the X and you are viewing/playing right there like it’s real life. This object may seem impossible, but with the enchanted potions of the Wizard Hans anything is possible.

    The Magical Slab of Wood with Fur is now back and it is more magical than ever, this object will pick stuff up. Just say Wingardium Levoisa and BOOM you just picked that item up. This is very helpful, especially if you’re a senior and fell, this works better than Life Alert. It works by using its fur on the end to send out non-gravitational waves, causing it to not fall. It even has enough power to pick up your neighbor and throw him far away.

    Sometimes when the average person gets bored they want to use some dumb item to erase all the boringness out of them, that’s right we’ve got something that works. Its called the Tridente, this piece of pink, chewy thing is so amazing, it will teleport you to where ever your taste buds tell it to take you. This product has been used all over the world, so people can see loved ones and even teleport soldiers different places. If this doesn’t work well your taste buds don’t work because this is 100% fool proof.

  27. Chewable wings? Not possible! Oh, but it is. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could fly just by chewing something? Well, that dream is about to come true. Chewable wings are great! They come in a little pack and are small rectangular strips that you can chew. As long as you keep chewing, you will stay airborne. These magical chew strips seem too good to be true, but they aren’t. As soon as you start chewing a piece of chewable wings, you will start to levitate higher, and higher enabling you to fly wherever you want to go. This magical product comes in handy often.

    This next object is a universal controller, but not just any controller; it’s a controller for everything. The magic intertwined in this controller enables it to control anything you want it to. You just aim the controller at what you want to manipulate then move the knobs around. Each knob has a special quality. The right knob levitates the object, and the left knob does the opposite. The top knob shakes the object, and the bottom knob spins it around. There are endless possibilities of what you could do with the universal controller, and you would never get bored!

    Ever want to see inside of something without actually going through the trouble of opening, or disassembling it? Well now u can with the X-ray scanner. Flip the switch on this magical device, aim it at a closed object, (such as a purse or machine) and BAM! You can see the insides of this object. The light bores right through the outer surface of the object without disturbing it. You could use this if you had something stuck inside your vents and you didn’t want to have to go on a wild goose chase. You would just shine the light around until you found it, then climb in there and get it, simple as that.

  28. This magical new item called the Unibeam is life-changing. The Unibeam is the first ever unicorn signaling device. When the beam is glowing, it sends out a magical light that only unicorns can see. When the first unicorn sees the light it will instantly appear. To send the unicorn back home, simply turn off the light. With the Unibeam, you can have a magical friend whenever you’re feeling lonely.

    The next magical item is the amazing Chew n’ Do. With this magical gum, you can be the super hero you always have dreamed to be. Just pop in a piece of this gum and it will give you any single power of your choice. The affects of the gum last for up to 24 hours and disappear once you spit the gum out. This product is very rare and you can only buy this in New Mexico.

    I hate when I can’t get bad memories out of my head. But now I’ve found a solution to the problem! It is a device called the Memory Brush. The brush can sweep away your pain and make you feel at ease. You can only use this item every six months. When you’re ready to use the brush, rub the bristles over your heart. The brush will gently erase the bad thought and replace it with a positive feeling. When you are not using the brush, keep it in its special glass container to preserve the magic.

  29. Hello! Everyone a new invention has just come out and is now being sold at fishy contraptions. This device can be help with two hands, with many buttons to push on it. Have you ever walked through a busy street or been in a traffic jam. Well this tool will make those problems go away forever. All you have to do is charge it for 2 min., 34.3 seconds. How amazing is that. So back to what it can do. If you press buttons everything the technology is pointed at will make the object go straight up in the air. While it is in the air, the thing to the left of it is called the “make it go wherever you want it to.” So when you press on one direction it car or person will go in that direction and out of your way. This will make you day faster by 3.2133423213 seconds. Thank you and buy.

    Have you ever wanted to make someone teleport from one spot to another, just by the press of one button. Well now you can. This is called the “move people to other spot.” What you do is point the reflection plastic on the person and where they’re standing, and then press the button. Ohh, forgot to say if you don’t press the button again in the next 10 hours the person would be stuck in the teleporter forever. There will be no coming back or anything! So you can’t have a record of disliking anyone. But even if you have a perfect record and you do keep someone in there you’ll go to JAIL! By the way after you get the person in the teleporter, then press the button again in any spot. The person will land perfect right there in that spot.

    Is it possible to turn to fire? Yes, it is actually. You see this new product called the chew_da_manic. All you do is chew the gum in your mouth. There will be no scars or burnt spots on your skin. All that you’ll see is light that doesn’t go out until you stop chewing the gum. This product is very flammable to anyone or anything within the range of the fire, except for the person chewing it. This will help you not get robbed as easily. So whenever there is danger with you or someone else, just chew the gum and run down your street making weird noises that everyone can hear. Everyone will get very scared and run away with no hesitation. It’s as easy as that.

  30. The vizz is an incredible new invention, it is a invention that can allow you to fly. All you have to do is turn the top of the head and when a white light comes on all you have to do is steer. It is amazing the things you can do when you are in the air flying. The vizz also allows you to look at other people flying and allows you to talk to other people with a vizz. The vizz can also take hylofans, those are videos that pop out.

    The Zaztoid is brown and black and can take you around to anywhere you want. If you are in America and you want to go to China it will transport you in under four seconds. Also it lets you transport out of this world literally, If you are on Earth and you want to go to Mars it would take under four seconds. All you have to do is think where you want to go while holding the zaztoid. The zaztoid will never take you to a place that is unsafe without warning you first, so it is extremely safe.

    The Wacontrolro can control your life. With all of the options that this invention gives you. There are up and down buttons that control if you want to fast forward through life or if you want to rewind. Also you can pause and play with the touch of buttons. The wacontrolo allows you to record the best moments or the worst moments what ever moments you want to remember. This will change your life it can do so many things who wouldn’t want one.

  31. When you are in situation like a mafia at night, and someone just died the night before, you get scared and worried that you will be the next victim, but that will not happen anymore. Use what looks like a flashlight and partially works like a flashlight to to keep yourself alive. This will not only illuminate the area around you, but it will also help you get out of the situation and fight back if you want. On the same night, the murderer is creeping up on you with a bowie knife in his hand. After you turn around and finally notice him usually the last second of your life, you press a simple button which will turn what looks like a flashlight into a broom-looking weapon that very quickly pushes the killer back if pressed in front of him. Not only is it a stainless steel weapon, but the rear of the flashlight extends to because there is a button on the back that lets you fly above the murderer along with four directional stirring buttons. I think the killer is going to be quite overwhelmed by that.

    What everyone thinks is an ipad is actually a transporter so anyone can literally jump into the screen so you are on the ipad whenever there is a picture in it. Of course, the screen is 2-D, but when you’re in the picture, it’s actually 3-D so you can walk around in the photo. The picture will show the ipad entrance wherever the point of view of the ipad screen shot the picture. Warning, when you lock or turn off the ipad with a person inside, the person will be in a black floating area doing nothing except being conscious, so make sure you take anyone out of the ipad before you lock it!

    The final object what everyone would think is impossible, is the paint brush it not so used for painting your walls, but used as a portal to go anywhere in the world. You just dip the paint in water and draw small features, and the paint brush usually knows what you want to draw because energy flows up from the paint brush into your mind and brings back mostly what it looks like and where it is. The drawing can mess up if you have anything else distracting you from thinking about the picture. What’s very cool is that you erase with one side of the brush (the darker side) and draw with the other (the lighter side). So it’s perfect for both teleporting anywhere and pretending there was nothing there.

  32. The first magical item is called Smackerooni; it is the must-have hiking equipment of the century! Smacekerooni is a little square of chewy material that you chew on. If you’re lost in the mountains and you have no food, just take out a square of Smackerooni and chew on it for a couple of minutes. You will have a delicious, filling meal delivered to your stomach. It gives you all the nutrients your body needs, and tastes like a fruit smoothie. Each pack can keep you alive for about a week without food or water.

    Another magical item is the Organizing Brush. If you are writing a paper for your English teacher, you could write a really sloppy paper, and make it extremely neat. Write you paper and then swipe the Organizing Brush over the paper and, voila! A paper so well written, Mrs. Cobb will have to give you an A. It can also organize your notes in the easiest way to read them. Write down all the facts in whatever way they come to you. Then brush over the notes and they become organized into a way so that it only take 10 seconds to find a specific note.

    The last magical item is called a Fryer. The Fryer can set anything a flame that it’s beam touches. If you’re in need of a campfire, and you forgot matches, just shine the beam of the Fryer on the wood and you’ve got a hearty campfire. Or if it’s nighttime and you’re scared, you can use the Fryer to see in front of you, just avoid contact with humans while shining the beam.

  33. In this current economy, many people don’t have a lot of money to buy the necessities of life. Dr. Olivia has discovered some new magical items that will help people get the things that they need. With a pack of Transforgum, people can have whatever their heart desires. Just stick a piece of Transforgum on your forehead and think about what you want. When the Transforgum falls off, it will transform into whatever object or creature you were thinking of! Only one piece of Transforgum can be used to make each object. This magical creation will help people all over the world!

    Are you tired of lifting and moving heavy furniture or household items? With the Save-A-Back controller you won’t have to. Just hold the Save-A-Back controller over the piece of furniture you want to move. Then press the up button to lift the furniture up in the air, the down button to make the furniture move down, the right button to move the furniture to the right, and the left button to move the furniture to the left. There are certain buttons you can hit in a row to move the furniture diagonal. Many peoples’ backs will be saved by using the Save-A-Back controller.

    The iSave is the new, efficient way to carry around an inflatable boat. If your boat is sinking or someone is drowning, toss the black, rectangular object of iSave into the water, and it will automatically turn into a 16 foot boat. This is very helpful for lifeguards, coastguards, and ship captains. iSave should be brought to the beach as well as your usual items for a safe, enjoyable experience.

  34. The first object is called a Changer. It is the newest, most modern, and best invention of the century! The Changer is battery operated. It is a cylinder shaped object. What you do is pick out an outfit, shine this thing on the object, and in seconds, that outfit is on your body. This will help if you are ever in a rush and you don’t have the time to put on new clothes. Another situation in which this would help is if you are changing for a sport such as soccer or football, where you have to put on a bunch of clothing, it will only take seconds. The Changer is a great magical item that will help you with everyday life, and save some time while your at it!

    The second object is called Popper. The Popper is a small and squishy object, which you eat. When you eat a Popper, you instantly feel full. If you have a busy schedule, and you don’t have time to stop and eat, the Popper would come in handy. This is how a Popper works. There are many different brands and flavors. You pick your flavor, which taste like certain foods, and you pop it in your mouth, and bam, you feel like you have just eaten a full meal. The Popper is a really great thing to keep nearby just incase your ever in a rush.

    The last object is called Nohka. A Nohka has a wooden stick with hairs at the bottom. With the Nohka, you can make your bed, or clean any mess. What happens is if you have a mess, and you mom asks you to clean it up, as usual, you just simply brush the Nohka over the mess lightly and the mess will automatically clean itself up. This takes almost no manual work, and it is a very helpful object. Next time you leave your bed unmade, or your mom gets mad because you and your friend made a mess, just use the Nohka to clean it up. The Nohka is an amazing new invention, and it is very helpful, and will come to use very often.

  35. Ever wish you could be invisible just by chewing? Think it’s impossible? WEll, don’t think that anymore! With the new Chewbi, you can be invisible anytime you want! All you have to do is put a Chewbi in your mouth, chew it six times, and you will instantly be invisible. You have to keep on chewing to be invisible. It’s that easy!

    Always wanted to turn into an animal, but never knew how? With the Light Stick, anything is possible. Using the Light Stick is easy! All you have to do is turn the button on, and you will see a beam of light come out. SHine the light on your face and say what animal you want to be. Wait five seconds and you will be the animal you want t0 be! It’s just that awesome!

    Everyone wants to fly! Everyone wants to soar through the air and just have a good time in the sky, and with the Flying Block, you can! It’s very easy to get it started. Put the Flying Block on the ground and step on it hard with your foot. Say “Nuppie, Guppie, Tuppie,” and close your eyes shut for eight seconds. After that, you will get all tingly. After you get all tingly, walk five steps and bounce. You will float! After that, get in your flying position and fly!

  36. The O-Mute Away is an amazing, magical creation. Say you’re trying to study, but you can’t because there I so much noise in the house, or you’re talking to someone on the phone, and your children are fighting in the back seat. Well, O-Mute Away can solve all of these problems plus many more! Just swipe, squeeze, and lift. First, swipe the O-Mute Away over the person who has been talking, then squeeze and lift that person’s cheeks. With squeezing and lifting the person’s cheeks, it will prevent them from talking, creating silence. It’s magic! Now you can study, and talk on the phone with complete silence!

    Next we have the Dixie Controller. The Dixie Controller is a long, black thing with a light coming out at the end. The Dixie Controller is for finding missing items. At the end of the Dixie Controller is a microphone for a person to record of what they want to find. For example, if you are missing your phone then record the word phone in the back of the microphone.The Dixie Controller will point its light to the item, and the item will be found. It’s magical! With the Dixie Controller, people will be able to find their sunglasses or car key quicker.

    The third item is the Batter Now. The Batter Now is a special device to help predict the winner of a professional sports game. The battery will be placed on the television in which the professional game is being watched on. If the battery gets hot then it means that the person/team on the left is winning, if it’s cold, then it means that the person/team is on the right. For example, if the battery were to become hot while watching a tennis court, then that would mean that the person on the left will win. If someone were to own the Batter Now, then they could win lots of money. The Batter Now can be very useful for anyone, even if they don’t want to watch the whole entire game/match.

  37. This is an amazing discovery. This is the first “Ghost-portal 9000” ever to be found since the Ghostbusters incident with the fridge in 1984. The long black compartment chamber is activated when the button is pushed, and the portal comes out the light beam. The light beam can transport anyone or anything to and fro the ghost dimension. This could be one of the most amazing discoveries since instant messaging. This will change the way the world looks at reality. I have to tweet this to all my friends.

    There has also been a time control device discovered in the ruins of what we think is a ancient temple mound. It was proclaimed to control the fabrics of time as we know it. This device had tiny buttons that we think would be able to start, go back, forward, up, down, through time. There was also a symbol that we think means stop all time forever! This new amazing discovery is called “The Remote of Control.” It seems like it was molded to fit into a person’s hand, strange.

    Also buried in the ruins are what we think to have been “Soul Fuel.” This amazing contraption is four centimeters long and is shaped like a cylinder. Soul Fuel gives anybody extra years to their life, making them immortal if they desire. You had to put the Soul Fuel in the right way or the process would reverse, and you would be born all over again. The only trouble is that nobody knows where it fits into. Some have tried swallowing it, but that is a story I will have to save for a later date.

  38. the magical sticky substance that you use for sticking things together is called tridential pro. if your having trouble with glue or tape, try the tridential pro.

    The qauk pod is a coaster that you put drninks on. if you hate messy drinks, then try using the quak pod coaster. you wont spill another drinkk again.

    The light ball is a sport called light and you use the light ball to pass it to another player. It is just like football but the ball lights up so it is easier to see in the dark

  39. This is the Ancient Research Firm reporting on our new finds:

    Our first item to be presented is the Ooomplash . This is a special type of item. As shown by the bubbles on the cover, this item is an automatic bubble maker. Ancient people would simply say a code word an the device world open, shooting out dumbfounding bubbles. Though we have not figured out the code word to make it work, we are close on the track to it.

    Next we have the SpreaderAcrosser. This is a strange tool that we don’t know much about. Though, we believe it was used in the ancient people’s traditions. They would use its small bristles to give young people such powers such as elasticity and flying. We wish we could figure out to use this device so we could be super-stretchy and fly.

    Our final object is the Blacstikoffmagic. This long, slender object with a clear top is used to give power to young ancient people. They would put the stick to the baby’s side and chant a secret hymn. After the bay receives this treatment, they have the ability to talk and walk. If we could use this object, our young could be developing much faster.

  40. Behold, the circle flash! The new way of showing light on things that you can’t see. This unique object shines a circle of light on anything that you are having a hard seeing or when you can’t see at all. You can use this object when you are in the dark or if you are reading and you have trouble seeing. As you can see the circle flash is one of the most useful objects you will ever use.

    The next new object that you will be learning about is called the cube of energy. This mythical cylinder helps power up items that you would not normally be able to use for a long period of time. Some of these are even rechargeable! You will love this new object just as much as the circle flash.

    The next brand new abject is called a touch slab! This object can take pictures, send emails, and you can even download games, books, movies, and even magazines. This new “toy” is the absolute best of all because of all the things that you can do with this object. Your kids will enjoy this so much that you will be buying them for them and yourselves as well!

  41. Here at the National Cataloging Facility, we do very interesting work, like counting the number of books in America, or seeing how many pieces of gum were stuck to someone’s shoe on the fifth hour of the twentieth day of October. But lately, we have been receiving some very strange and magical items.

    The first one, the “Controller of People,” is a very simple and easy tool to use. Quite simply, it lets you control people. All the buttons and knobs tell someone, who is under the control of the machine, to do or perform specific actions. Simply aim the controller at anyone, hit the center button, and they are instantly under your control. Commercial versions wear off after five minutes, because we can’t have someone controlling someone for eternity, but military controllers have been found, and are used by armed forces to control your enemies and some robots for as long as the controller wishes. Overall, this is a truly magical piece of equipment and helps save the lives of our troops.

    The second magical object, the “Insta-Meal” is used by families everywhere. In my family, everyone wants something different for dinner. I want chicken, my brother wants pasta, Mom and Dad want steak, so this item solves the problem and provides easy and affordable sustenance for all. Simply think of the food you want, hit the one sole button, which allows the machine to select your choice. Your choice then appears on the screen, and, using the knobs on the side, you select the temperature of the meal. Then, you hit the button once more, and the meal appears instantly on a plate before you. It’s real, and has the same nutrients and minerals that real food has. In the end, the “Insta-Meal” eliminates the time wasted in cooking, the expensive ingredients, and lets everyone have what they want that night.

    Finally, the third magical item that has come into our possession is the “Medicinal Chewing Tablets.” These chewable tablets come in a variety of flavors, and when chewed, instantly cure the user of all ailments whatsoever. This is a very useful and completely magical item which will prevent people from suffering from injuries. There is a vast quantity of it stored inside of the trees in the Amazon Rainforest, so as a result, it is very cheap and widely available. Overall, the National Cataloging Facility has received some spectacular magical items, and will alert the general populous of their existence as soon as possible.

  42. Three never before seen objects have dumbfounded many scientists over the last couple of days. Their names are foodafoox, Golden Painter, and Padicis. Foodafoox is the most useful of all the items. It allows you to store any food you want and it magically turns it really small which allows you to store up to 100 pounds of food. The foodafoox is so magical that even if you put 100 pounds in it, it would feel like nothing. You have two options when you want to have it give you food back. It can ether give you it in a strip like pieces or in the way you put it in. It is very small so you could fit it easily into your pocket.

    Another magical object is the Golden Painter. This object has fur of an unknown animal on it and a wooden handle. The fur and the handle are separated by a beautifully carved piece of gold. The purpose of this item is to be able to paint any pattern you want without being a skilled artist. All you have do is pick the pattern you want and program it with some few easy steps. After you program it you can start brushing and the pattern will show up.

    The Padicis can be used for almost anything. It can transform into anything. All you have to do is download the item of an online store called Iobjects and then pick the item on the touchscreen of the Padicis. After you pick it, it will automatically transform within seconds. To transform this item rearranges atoms to make the object. This feature has made scientists go mad because they have never been able to make atoms into anything.

  43. Everyone hates studying. Now, you’re done with the hassle with ChewIQ. ChewIQ is the latest technology that makes you instantly smarter. It will raise your IQ. Just chew for a full sixty seconds and your done, your instantly smarter. Although this new invention is great, there is a catch. ChewIQ only lasts up to twenty-four hours. Side effect for swallowing ChewIQ are nausea, stomach pain, and headache. This special gum comes in seven flavors: biology (red), math (blue), English (green), Spanish (purple), Latin (yellow), French (pink), history (orange). Studying is now none of you worries.

    Live out you dreams with Paint Me. Paint Me is a highly developed paint brush use to help people live their dreams. With Paint Me you can paint a picture and jump inside. You can do whatever you want with this paint brush. Even though you can only be in the Paint Me picture for forty-eight hours, this could be your chance to do something you really want to. If you stay in longer than forty-eight hours your situation might be permanent. Paint Me, with its yellow bristles and blue handles is a magical device that could really improve people’s living experience (life).

    Control your life with Click. Click is a remote that can control your whole life. If something is about to happen you can counteract with Click. Click has a variety of buttons . Among the buttons are: pause, play, fast forward, rewind, slow motion, skip, and silence. If your mom is giving you a lecture on how you should clean your room more you can just skip it. Click come in orange, blue, green, black, grey, purple, pink, red, yellow, and white. Finally, you can change your destiny. The future is up to you. With Click people can make things better for themselves. They can look back on mistakes and change things for others and themselves. Fate is in your hands with Click.

  44. As I traveled through the dusty cavern, I began to find a series of items. There were three in total, but none were familiar in any way. I began with the largest, or as we now know it, the Finger Artist Flat Cube. It was a thin black rectangle that surrounded several more rectangles. I scanned the surface with my finger, looking for a switch. Then, as I pressed a tiny square near the bottom, it sprung to life. It was like the world’s coolest television. Colors burst to life across the screen. I touched the surface once more. The whole screen moved with my hand! I pressed what seemed to be yet another tiny rectangle, and new colors erupted, this time mainly white. I swept my fingers across the Cube, making designs beyond my own belief. I was quite entranced, but there was more to be found.

    I continued to the next item: a small brown and black cylinder with an operation symbol on either end of it. In large white print read the letter D. There was only one possible use for this item; it seemed so blatantly obvious. This little object was a Math Box. In the past, it could add and subtract, and the grade of the assignment (in this case, a D) was written right by the top. So simple it was, yet it was so brilliant. Though I was somewhat intrigued, math was never an interest of mine. I moved down the row of items to the final object.

    The last piece was a cylindrical container with a white end. When I shook the thing, a harder shaking and banging seemed to occur inside of it. I found a lid and unscrewed the top. One would not believe what happened next; it was so magical, no single human being could comprehend. Inside the container sat a Math Box on little silver springs! A magical find, I thought to myself. I screwed the lid back onto the Math Box Container. A moment later, my hand slid over a bumpy switch, and a bright flash of sun appeared on the ceiling of the cavern. Not only was it a Math Box Container, it was a Mini Sun Container! It was by far the most wonderful discovery in my career. I packed the Dual-Container, the Math Box, and the Finger Artist Flat Cube into my satchel and headed off to communicate my findings across the world.

  45. The Popaliver (pop-alive-er not pop-a-liver) is an amazing tool. Simply hold its handle and draw with it on any surface. No paint or ink is needed, and it reads your mind for what ever color you would like! When you have finished drawing, simply tap your drawing with the base of the handle and it will come to life! For example, let’s say that your in the desert and very thirsty, you can draw a water bottle and tap it. Amazing! You are now holding a bottle of water! What if you want a dog but your parents won’t let you have one, well, I’ll draw a dog and tap it. Here we go… and… poof! Whoops, technical difficulties, that’s not a LIVE dog. Give me a second… here we go. Now, let’s try again. Wallah! A brand new beagle! “Ruff ruff!” And that is the Popaliver! (Only $999,999,999,999,999,999 USD)

    Next on the list is Insta-breath! Pop this little pink tablet in your mouth, chew, and instant oxygen! Say “goodbye” to snorkels and scuba gear, and “hello” to
    Insta-breath! It comes in bubblegum, bubblegum, and bubblegum flavors! (Note: We are not responsible for misuse or failure of Insta-breath. Any sues will be disregarded.)

    Finally, it is the X-Controller. It controls Time and Space! The four colored buttons are for quickly teleporting directly to a certain year the yellow button is for the firs digit of the year, then blue, red, and the last digit is green. Press the button one time for one, twice for two, and so on. The left trigger is for slowing down time and, after it’s paused, it will rewind time! The right trigger is for speeding up time. If you press both triggers, time will freeze! the joy sticks and + pad are for flying around. Whichever way you move the joy sticks, that’s the way you’ll fly! (Currently unavailable, does not currently exist.)

  46. Paint Brush:

    MY magic paint brush would be very spectacular. My paint brush would have a very nice and wide purple wooden handle. With about as much room that it is as wide as a table and as tall as a small bed. There is edges that keep you from falling off. Its edges would be as tall as a chair. This magical “object isn’t just a thing. It as a huge monster brush. This brush is used for monster to take their enemies and bring them to their “chamber” This is a very useful object and I love it. So if you ever need a way to bring a giant some where call and you can use my huge monster brush.

    Video Game Controller:
    Have you ever needed a time were you want to run away? Or a time that you want to go back and change a time you messed something up? Well that’s not a problem with the problem away! The problem away helps you erase or go back and fix your mistakes in a press of a button. This little item is about 7 inches wide and about 4 inches tall. It has one big button in the middle for the time machine. There are 4 buttons in the shape of the diamond on the right side. Those buttons are made for mind erasers. So if you ever made a huge mistake get the problem away, when you have a problem get problem away!!!

    Bubble Gum:

    Have you ever had a time when your breath smelt like a steaming ball of garbage? Well no problem Because we have a solution with… rose breath. This object helps you have the freshest smelling breath in a matter of seconds. This little piece of pink rectangle helps your breath smell like a dozen roses. You put the little pink rectangle in your mouth and chew till it gets all nice and soft. It looks like a small flexible piece of paper and it is pink with a little bit of powder on it. So if you ever have the worst smelling breath you need to get rose breath!!!!

  47. Alkas Magic Or Robotic Items

    1) The Sun Light is a light that shines up a pitch black room and when you are out side with my cousins and playing hiding-o-seek I could find my cousins easy because the flash light has a sound of my dad saying “Come on boy get in the house!” When we are playing hiding-o-seek and when they get in the house I would say I found you.

    2) A Controller for my robot that means that when my family and I gets hurt they could press x or a and it would get them a drink a or a snack for my family or I and it could find anything we lost by pressing y or b.

    3) The super painting machine is super it is a machine that can paint your room with out touching it you just have to say the words and it will do it and it even got s all your favorite songs and it could fix or clean rooms and out side on the front or backyard yard.

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