Strange and Magical

Students, please follow the directions in the photo, but choose only three (3) items to write about. You should have three paragraphs and remember to skip spaces between paragraphs.

Give each item a new name and describe in detail its magical properties. (I am not looking for a description of what each item really is as we know it.)

Now this is magical!

Now this is scary! Happy Halloween!!


  1. My name is Owen and I’ve been hired as a researcher to catalog strange and magical items that were found in a locked capsule twenty feet below the desert floor of Las Vegas. I’ve written some notes below on three of the most interesting items I’ve catalogued so far.

    Whisk Wisher (paint brush):
    The Whisk Wisher is a very powerful tool. It can “whisk away” anything you want the chance to do-over. For example, you can whisk away a bad test score by holding the handle of the Whisk Wisher and brushing the paper with the bristles of hair and say “Whisk Wisher, please whisk away this test score so I can start over again.” The test paper will become blank and the user has exactly 24 hours to re-do it otherwise the results remain the same.

    Babble Stick (flash light):
    The Babble Stick is a solar powered translation device. You hold the flared end of the Babble Stick to your mouth to speak in another language. Not only do you speak the target language but the tone, inflection and “voice” that comes out is your own. When you need translation of a language non-native to you, hold the flared end to your ear and presto perfect understanding. Inside the Babble Stick is the translation device, two round cylinder’s one creates translation from your native tongue to the target language. The other cylinder is to perform the opposite translation from the target language to your native tongue. The black button on the side is to increase volume, down for “whisper mode” and up for “talking voice”. A very powerful and useful device that has made language study a thing of the past.

    News Nuggets (chewing gum):
    News Nuggets are the brain-child of McDonald’s. This was back when McDonald’s was a private “for profit” company before they merged with the U.S. government. The company found a way to mix just the right chemicals to stimulate your brain to allow “oral” absorption of news. You chew the News Nugget and your brain receives images, video and news stories. Each stick lasts about 5 minutes and the stories unfold as you chew the News Nugget like a cow chews it’s cud. There are 5 sticks per package, each stick covers a different area, like World News, Local News, Sports, Weather and Business. You can buy bigger packs with more content covered or single sticks for a single topic. The News Nuggets were wrapped in paper to prevent slow absorption of the news through the skin and blood stream. News Nuggets were only available in participating McDonald’s with a qualified purchase. I know you are thinking “how archaic” now that we receive our news through “smell-o vision”, piped to our brains through personal smell dispensers. Of course back then you never caught a whiff of other people’s “smell-o vision” like you do now, which must have been nice?

  2. This is one special tool (THC) for short. You can use this tool to control the actions of other people. This remote is the key to the universe. If you want a person to walk away from you just point the remote at them and move the joystick away from you. If someone wants to control you at the same time you want to control them, the first person to point their remote at the other person gets full control. When you are controlling another person they can still see, unless you press the button with the X on it which turns off their sight.
    This special piece of technology is called the frag. There are fifteen pieces to a pack, and it is used as a weapon. This tool can blow up anything in a small range of an area. You just take a piece out of the package, open the wrapper, and throw it where you want it to blow up. Right when you throw it the first thing it touches it will blow up. That is how it is activated.
    This is called the tablet. The Tablet is flat, light, and affordable. The tablet is a secret audio and video device. When you put it down it acts like a chameleon and blends in with its
    surroundings. Only the person who puts it down can still see it. To start audio, click the round button with a square in it at the bottom twice. To start video, click the round button at the bottom once. To start both, click the round button at the bottom three times.

  3. Finally boys it’s here, the Boomerang-X, you can buy the Boomerang –X at any store near you. The Boomerang-X is a heavy duty boomerang. For it to work you need AA batteries and a friend. The Boomerang-X has few buttons in which you use to make the boomerang got where you want it to go. To turn the Boomerang-X on you press the green X in the middle but you have to let it warm up for at least ten minutes. Once have typed in were you want it to go then you throw it as hard as you can and watch it fly. Attention, this product is for children ages ten and up.

    For all those men that like to work on projects in their garage have you ever had a problem with sticky glue? If yes you will not any more with a tool called stick glue. Here how it works you take a one package out of the box and put it in your mouth then chew for three minutes then it’s ready to use. After you have chewed for exactly three minutes then you put the stick glue in between the two objects you want to stick together. It like magic—Warning this product is not for children—finds this tool at any Home Depot near you.

    Have you ever wanted a massage but it just cost too much at a company building? Well now there is something in the world called the massage stick. This is how it works, you stroke along your back, but if that’s not satisfying then you can stroke the stick in place in which you’re ticklish. This product is not for small kids to play with it can be very dangerous; one of the kids could poke another in the eye with this wonderful but that why it not for kids.

  4. The second thing to the right is called a lightning container. The magical properties it has are that it can capture lightning and dispense it into another device. The lightning goes in through the top, brown part and comes out through the bottom, black part. With this device in your possession, your enemies will fear you at your amazing ability to capture lightning.

    The second to last thing to the right is called a light vaporizer. The magic with this is that at the top, there is a button that you press. Once the button is pressed, vaporizing light comes out through the transparent end and vaporizes anything in its path. This could be useful for dealing your foes. Everyone you know will fear you once you have this magical device.

    Inside the small pink and white package under the lightning container is poison. It is called Poison-62. This device’s magic is that once you open it, there will be many small, individual packets, each containing poison gas. You open the packet, and then quickly throw what is inside somewhere. Once the packet is released, it will send out a poison aroma, which will affect anyone within a five hundred inch radius. With all these futuristic weapons, each having their own unique magical powers, anyone will think twice before messing with you.

  5. Laughers are my personal favorite. They come in a small package that fits in your pocket. When you eat one, it changes your voice. Each piece has a different flavor and taste. There is also a special one that comes in each package. That one changes the color of your eyes and voice. The different flavors are cherry, sour apple and peach. You r voice can be changed into a train, dog, cat, horse or elephant. Your eyes will change into red when you eat the special one. All changes last only one hour.

    There are also Invisi-Os that change a person into being invisible. They have a wooden handle with special bristles that have a secret formula on them. When you throw an Invisi-O at someone, they turn invisible. There are also some special Invisi-Os that turn things different colors. The different colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, brown and grey. All changes last for an hour.

    People Person is a gadget that really will get you laughing. It has dials and buttons that are used to control people and their actions. If someone wants to stop being controlled, they just say stop. You can control their hands, feet and head. There are no adverse reactions.

  6. Gravitational Gum! When you blow a bubble with your gum you have no gravity. You can float five feet or higher off the ground. You are able to move and walk at the height of where you have floated up to. You can buy the gum in all different colors and flavors. Each flavor determines the height off the ground you will float. The only way you can come back down is when it pops.

    The Life Saver is a little brown and black circular object about two inches in height. If you put it next to your right arm it will give you an extra year of life. You can only use it once. After that one use you have to get rid of it. You can buy as many Life Savers as you would like to use. The only catch is that the Life Savers’ are extremely expensive. This would definitely come in handy when you get old so you have more time to live.

    This object is really amazing to use. It is called a Color Changer. When you turn it on you can shine it against any object you desire, next you say a color aloud, and BOOM the object shows up in that color. You should definitely use this Color Changer when you are redoing your room. What a great way to see what color walls you would like to paint your room.

  7. The little, tiny pink box with strips of tiny pieces of flavor is called the Stretcher. What the Stretcher does is when you eat one of the pieces it briefly turns you into a stretched out, flexible person. When the gum is still in effect you can almost slip through any hole or barrier wherever you are. The Stretcher is great if you are trying to break into a high maintenance security facility or you just want to freak out your friends.

    The long black cylinder with a fat end is called the Heat Ray. This Heat Ray can heat up food faster and more efficiently than a microwave. You can also use the freeze setting to turn your drinks cold. This handy tool eliminates time spent on heating and cooling food. The Heat Ray is also inexpensive and portable.

    The short, fat cylinder with a plus on it is a TV in a box. It does exactly what the title says. It is a TV in a small box. Whenever or wherever you are you can simply push the little plus sign and it will magically appear into a TV. Then when you are done using it you can press the plus again and it will turn back into a regular, portable-sized cylinder that can be kept in your pocket or purse.

  8. The newest magical object is the blaster wand. This is only used in the army. There are different buttons located on the object and there is also a switch. It is really easy to work this object.The buttons symbolize different weapons. You can mix and match weapons as you wish. One you got your weapon or weapons you flip the switch and you use them through this device.

    The second object is square-storm. This object lets you control a thunderstorm. So say if you want to prank someone you can press the call thunderstorm button and slip this object in you bag. Then the person will think you are a thunder god. The will either worship you are run away screaming. This square also comes with a hammer to make you look like Thor and look awesome when you prank a person. Are company is not responsible for any of the actions you wish to use with this device. If someone is struck from lightning please press the return charge button and the person will not feel a thing.

    The chameleon. This amazing object lets you change the color of the shirt someone is wearing.Say you want your friend to be wearing a pink shirt. You press pink and point the chameleon at them. Also if you don’t like the uniform you are wearing you can change the color. The chameleon and also return any object to its origin color. Say you want your normal cat to have the skin of a jaguar, you want pools to be the color purple, or you want your shoes to be green this object works in any circumstance.

  9. The one all way to the left is called face place. You press on specific place on the surface and it shows your face. It is a portable mirror that is light weight and you can zoom in and out with it.

    The one just to the right on the top is called the awakenator. It shocks you when you put your tongue on one side and a finger on the other. This is for heavy sleepers and come in smaller sizes.

    The one just below it is called air pop. You put it on your tongue and it bursts with flavor. They also make it so you can have great breath. Your old breath is gone.

  10. The Blow Sticks have been the hottest things on the market as of late. It is quite an interesting device. It has the power to see one thousand years back and forward in time. Here is how it works; first you take a stick of The Blow Sticks, unwrap it, and then say the year and date of the event you want to see. Then put it in your mouth and blow a bubble and you will be able to see what happened on that particular date.

    Power ups are a new and interesting new item. It has the ability to increase all human attributes by ten. In other words it increases strength; speed, acrobatics, tuque, breath, the five senses, and how smart you are. Plus it gets rid of your fears. But in order for this object to work it has to be charged for one day. But it won’t need to charge again for a week.

    The final object is called the master of control. This truly amazing object will have an impact on how humans live in there everyday life. You can use this all over the house to control any thing and everything that the controller is synced to right at the touch of your fingertips. It can brew your coffee and bring it to you while it turns on the T.V to the channel you requested so you can kick back and relax.

  11. Skin Healer:
    I was looking through an old garage and I spotted a skin moisturizer. It was obviously used to make skin better. You put skin cream on the non-wood part and rub it up and down your skin. You would rub it mostly on your legs and on your face. You would get healthy skin in no time.

    Garage Clicker:
    I, also, found a garage clicker to open and close garages. I was examining it as it had the letters A, B, Y, and X. I was thinking and I came up with these observations. I believe the A button was to open a garage. I think the B button was for the garage door to go back down. I am pretty sure the Y button is when you press it, it will call a garage specialist and he will tell you “Y” your garage isn’t working. The X button is for when you put an alarm on your garage for no one to come in.

    Fix It Up:
    The last thing I spotted was a box with the word Trident. I have done some research and I have concluded that it is a product that you can find at stores. If you have a can or special item that has three dents on it, then, you take the sticky substances out of the box. You are supposed to put the sticky substance on the dents and the dents will magically turn to normal. I will continue my research to find more items. If you find anything let me know.

  12. (batteries)Water-Sticks:Now you can have the thing that you want most right at your finger tips! Write your desire on a slip of paper and wrap it around the water-stick. Dip the item in a glass of water, take it out and place it into the sun. After two hours, you will have that desire come true.

    (flash-light)Color Wand: With this magical item, you can change the color of any person or thing. It is especially useful for the army because you can change the colors of skin. If you don’t like the color of your outfit, you could change it.

    (i-pad)Thought Mover:This object strapped to your head can speak you thoughts that you was to transmit. This can help aid the deaf and assist people who cannot speak your language. The Thought Mover has a variety of languages that can be bought for this magical item.

  13. Hi I’m Parker reporting to you some of the newest and most useful magical gadgets you can find anywhere on the market. Our first discovery can take us anywhere we want, literally.

    This new device is called the ” I-Transport”. This tablet has many downloadable destinations that will cost anywhere from $20-$200,000,000. Once you have downloaded the destination with just a tap of your finger your molecules will be scattered all throughout another dimension until you have reached your target. Every so often some countries may offer a one way ticket there and back to see if you are interested in the full unlimited pass. This is every traveler’s dream. (Warning – molecules have been known to disintegrate during travel. The company is not responsible for any lost limbs or internal organs.)

    The next object is any handyman’s best tool. It’s called the “Flash Restorer”. When you turn on this restoring device and point it at a damaged object, the nano-bots housed inside the bulb shape inside the device will be attracted to the light at the end and they will immediately begin to repair the damaged materials at the end of the light. In an instant, the nano-bots will finish there jobs and return to the bulb. Great for a Christmas gift for any special handyman or hobbyist in your life. (Warning -not a toy. Nano-Bots have been known to injure people who cross into the light.)

    The final object will really blow your mind! Remember the days when kids could not chew gum in school, and they may have received punishment if they were caught with it. Now, since the recent invention of the “Sticky Brain Gum”, students have been encouraged to chew this gum during school. This makes your brain 20% more absorbent to information so you won’t forget homework or things to study for. In a study, children that do chew brain gum score 50% better on tests and quizzes and they remember their homework 75% more than children that don’t chew brain gum. “Sticky Brain Gum” can be found at any convenient stores near you.

  14. Everybody wants to have the “latest and greatest” thing, but, unfortunately, not everyone can afford them. With this “latest and greatest” thing, you can “swipe away” those pesky high prices. Disguised as an every-day brush, the Price Slasher comes in all different colors and sizes in order to make your price reduction as easy and unnoticeable as possible. Simply run the bristles of the Price Slasher over the object, and customize the new price. Nobody will ever remember the original price until you check out, then it will return to normal. No batteries are required, just some good old magic.

    This next object defies the laws of physics for good. Recent advancements in magic discovered the first ever Power Cell. Simply roll this small cylindrical accessory in front of you, run, and jump on it. Suddenly, whoever stepped on it gains remarkable speed and strength. Also, the Power Cell conveniently fits in most objects that require power. This creation adds a whole new world of possibilities.

    From the makers of the Power Cell, an all-new high-tech piece of equipment emerges into our world. The Heal Stick, a revolutionary tiny and mushy rectangular device, instantly heals wounds. Simply remove a Stick from the container, crush in your fists, add water, and insert on the damage to quickly make it vanish. Heal Sticks are only to be used for healing as of now, but further improvements are being made. Carry a Heal Stick around in your pocket wherever you go, in case you get into some trouble. At the rate our world’s magic is headed, there is no telling what to expect next.

  15. I am Julia and I have been hired as a researcher to catalog some strange magical items. The invisabrush, the jumping pill, and the flying chewie. These items are unique and very new.

    The first magical item is called the invisabrush! It looks like an ordinary paintbrush, but you don’t need paint or any sort of color or liquid. You just brush it across the item you want to turn invisible, but make sure you don’t miss a spot or else it won’t work! If you get every spot the item will turn invisible. But the best part is that you can make a human invisible! You can spy on anyone you want, anytime you want! It is such an amazing invention!

    The next magical invention is the jumping pill! This item looks like a battery, but that is just a disguise. The “battery” is a pill and it is half the size of a penny. When you swallow it, ten minutes after you will be able to jump like you are on a trampoline. It is so much fun. You can jump up to five feet in the air. It is better than a trampoline! How magical.

    The last, but definitely not least, great and magical invention is the flying chewy. The flying chewy is a type of gum. If you chew it and blow a bubble your bubble will be one-hundred times the size of an original bubble. This means the bubble will be close to five feet wide and high. Soon, when it gets to full size, you will start to go up in the air at a speed of one mile per hour. If you are worried about going to high, don’t. The special gum has a safety feature and it will stop going up once you reach five feet. How great. To pop the bubble all you do is touch it. It is so much fun, and very safe.

  16. An amazing, new item has just been invented, called the iHuman. The iHuman allows you to take the annoying people you don’t like, away. All you do is point it at someone and press A, and you control them. You can make them jump, walk, run, or anything you want. The iHuman is a break-through in history.

    A second item that has been invented is the iCharge. The iCharge allows you to transport yourself anywhere you want. All you do is hook it on to your clothing and say where you want to go and you will appear there. The iCharge will help reduce gas and help global warming.

    Finally, the last item is the iChew. The iChew allows you to have temporary powers. Depending on the pack you choose, the different powers you get. You can fly, get invisibility, or get super strength. All you do is eat the tablet, and you get the power shortly after.

  17. The Ultimate Controller (X-Box 360 Controller) :
    A strange device with an interesting function. If you point the controller at someone and press the green button in the center, then the person you are pointing at is now under your control. You could use this in a practical joke, or in everyday life. You could even use it to get someone to get something for you when you are to lazy to get up.

    Element Packets (Battery):
    These are truly intriguing objects indeed. Each packet is full of an element that can be accessed by the user to freely use that element to aid them. Some of the packets include fire, water, earth, air, electricity, plants, and storms. Useful if you just want to have a sunny day, or if your computer needs to be charged and there is no outlet nearby. These could also be used to help keep up a garden of you don’t have a green thumb.

    Taste Changer (Paint Brush):
    Perhaps the most interesting thing was the Taste Changer. By putting a special substance on the fur like side and whispering what you would like to taste, it will automatically make any food taste just like it! This is done by simply brushing the substance on the food you would like o change the taste of. It is perfect for changing the taste of a food you would not like to eat, such as asparagus.

  18. Have you ever, oh, I don’t know, gotten a present that you didn’t like, and you wish that you could exchange it?Well say no more, because with iChange, you can do it all! This works with any object. All you do is take a picture of the object that you want to change, then you use the screen and type in the object that you want instead, and POOF, the object is right in front of you. Do you ever not want to eat food that your mom made for dinner? Here you go, a perfect solution. That way, you don’t have to give a gift back and hurt someone’s feelings. The iChange is $800, but, of course, you could always change it!

    Has someone ever tried to beat you up, and you are to scrawny to dodge and fight? Well, don’t go and join that expensive karate class, because now there’s Controlfreak, a wireless remote control that can control any living thing. All you have to do is point the controller at the object you want move and hit the A button. Then, at last, you have all-around control of the object. You use the controlling sticks to move the object around. This Controlfreak is around $200.

    Have you ever wanted to pull a hair-brained scheme of a prank, but it seemed like you had to disappear to pull it off? Well complain no more, because now there’s Invisalight, the all new light source that turns you invisible. All you do is turn on the light from the machine, point it at the object that you want to disappear, and, right before your very eyes, its gone! Now its priced at a mere $300, buy it, before it disappears!

  19. Mac is a major contributor to the archeology finds of a so called twenty-first century store: Best Buy. In the year 2234, Mac has been called to figure out what three new items found in the archeology site: Best Buy. “The three items have very special powers” he said. I am Jon dubetcha I will now turn it over to Mac’s personal recordings.
    Item one is a small white m shaped figure with several buttons on it. When pressing the middle button the surrounding of the middle button light up in a pattern. The item also has a packet of mysterious cylinder shaped objects. The amazing object is indeed the main way for twenty-first century people to contact with the dead. Although this way seems like the long way to us, it was expected to be the most efficient way. The cylinder object has a mysterious sign + on one end and on the other is another odd sign -. Both cylinder objects have the same design and odd features. The cylinder objects are still under speciation for what they might have been used for. There has been no evidence found for a name.
    The cylinder object has a use! The cylinder object with the mysterious signs on both ends was used for several things. The most common is used to put in to a ball to make a certain noise for each bounce inside the ball. It was also used for communication with the aliens. By plugging the side with the mysterious symbol – into your ear, you could hear aliens and with the mysterious + side you can talk to the aliens. This was the easiest and smallest way to talk to aliens on the go. The mysterious cylinder object was pronounced bate-ry.
    The mysterious rectangular prism has a use! This mysterious object was pronounce trid-ent and was used for many uses. The most common use was to teleport. If one piece of the contents of the trid-ent pack would be chewed and in the mouth and while chewing you would imagine where you wanted to be. If two pieces at the same time were chewed it would make you invisible. Unfortunately, if the contents were swallowed the person would die. The objects have sentimental value and cannot be used outside of testing labs. If any items similar to this are spotted on the ground, report the local authorities immediately.

  20. The ultimate test of creativity, recreating objects in your own way uniquely as possible.
    But, as a professor at “Stanford University” I take creativity to a whole new level and make everything as unique as possible.

    iPad (Moon Tablet)
    This mechanism is a very state of the art and durable item. It is heat resistant up to five hundred degrees Fahrenheit, and can withstand pressures underwater up to one mile deep! It can hold up to 500gb! But its purpose is not what it seems. It can actually read your mind and make it appear on the screen! It takes the virtual thoughts and images that you think of in your brain and it uses state of the art technology that makes the thoughts appear on the screen and then it becomes like a lucid dream and you can warp it and control it. You can also do it with other peoples thoughts.

    Paintbrush (Multi-colored painter)
    This amazing and unique paintbrush is not like any other. You can change the color of the paintbrush to any color and with the new technology it never runs out of paint. It also can add new patterns, and you can blend colors to make new ones to paint with. Also, if you hook it up through USB to your computer you can go to their website and download new colors and patterns by the community. Also, there is a feature that lets you change the shape and size of the brush so that you could be more wide or precise.

    Xbox controller (Universal Everything Controller)
    This object may look like a usual X-box controller to you but in all reality anything that can use a controller this thing can sync up to. But that’s not even the good part! The good thing about this controller is that it can change around the functions of what that thing does. So If you sync it up to a flashbulb, then you use the remote to turn it on super-high mode, then it can be used to cook up food and to keep it warm. Also, for the things that don’t use a remote, you can go to their website and manually program the controller to have the function to connect to it and control it.

    Well, this was Professor Aram giving you the update on the worlds most interesting and unique items, hope you enjoyed, and I am now signing off.

  21. ecently some scientists have been doing a lot of tests on objects to see if they had magical powers. However very recently some of the scientists’ kids dug up four objects, three of which had magical powers.

    The first one is an object the scientists named the X-fly. I know your thinking this sounds a lot like and X-box but they only called it X-fly because they look almost the same. The only difference is that the X-fly has special hatches on the sides. Scientists realized if you press all four back triggers the X-fly goes over your head and lands on your back. Then the hatches open and wings come out with small tanks on them. Once you press the X key you start being able to fly, and then you maneuver by turning your head.

    The second object is great for pulling pranks on people or if you work for any type of government. It is called the gone-stick (flashlight). The gone-sticks power is that whatever you shine it on it causes that object to be completely invisible for five hours. Also if you click the button on it twice the light becomes red. When you shine the red light on something you can then say an other thing and the object that has the red light on ill change into that.

    The last object was interesting it is called pink mold (gum). Pink molds special ability is that after chewing it for two minutes you are able to take it out and cover and body part with it. Once you cover the body part you can mold it to change is shape. Then you leave it untouched for thirty seconds, and it will take your skin color. You can cover larger areas of body by chewing and applying more pink mold. Lastly though an important thing is that whatever mold you chose to take it will stay like that for twenty-four hours. Then it will return to your regular body part shape.

  22. I am Skyler and I have been hired by ABC Marketing to tell you about three new cool products that are now available on the market. The three new items are called the Futuresee, Bouncyflavor, and Controlright.

    Futuresee is a new way to see the future. Just dial whatever place you want to see and what year you would like to see in the future! Then, simply point Futuresee at the wall and you will be able to see the future projected in your very own room!

    Bouncyflavor is a new gum that will make you jump up, down, forward and backward. It will do this very slowly so you are in the air for about thirty seconds per jump almost like in slow motion! Bounce away!

    Controlright is a controller for anything! Your car, your computer, your wife, your kids, your boss, your T.V., anything. The best part is that it stops when you want it to with just the press of a button!

  23. (Flashlight) The U View is an interesting invention that can be used to three dimensionally see and talk to someone. It’s fairly simple to use, you just hold the button and say the contact’s name. If they’re not a contact than say “New contact” and then say they’re U View i.d. number. You can talk to them sort of like Skype, Face Time, or any other video chat, but you see a three dimensional view of them. The best part about it is you can do stuff with them, like play board games and charades.

    (Battery) The Ultra Accelerator is a small device that can give you constant energy and speed. All you have to do is attach it to the body piece. The body piece wraps around your arms and legs and gives you constant energy from the Ultra Accelerator in the center and helps you go faster. You can also attach it to your car when your in a race by attaching it to your engine using the engine piece. The best part about the Ultra Accelerator is you don’t have to recharge it, it holds abundant power inside.

    (Paintbrush) The Paint 2 Create is a fascinating creation that is used to create actual things. You paint something and then the brush searches for what it is then it creates an actual object of what it is. If you painted a fish, it would create a living breathing fish, if you painted a tv you would get a fully functional tv. The coolest thing is that you can create anything, but the brush only has a certain amount of power and each item uses a certain amount of power so you have to use it responsibly.

  24. The wooden object with feathery like strings at the end of it. There is a golden band around the wood. The special power for my new object called the golden feather. If you use the golden feather than wherever you paint it. It turns to gold. Anything you want can be golden.

    A cylinder object with black and brown that has a smaller cylinder bump at one end and a flat part at the other. This new object is called the electric cylinder. This object can shoot electricity when you point it at something or someone.

    There is a big object that is kind of round and big. It is very technological and it is very futuristic. It is called the torture pad. It can do whatever. if you triple click the home button then you get a list of objects and if you click on one then you get that object. There are many many objects.

  25. You should have three paragraphs and remember to skip spaces between paragraphs.
    HI, my name is Camille and I am a scientist. I have discovered three magical and amazing objects. They can fly, make someone appear, or even make you float.

    The Flashzoom is a very unique and awesome tool. Instead of using your phone to call people and talk to them, you can just dial the number the number of the person and the person will appear right in front of you. There is a keyboard and a button on the Flashzoom. You dial the number and they appear. It is a new way of communicating.

    The other object is Superbubble. It comes in a package of six. It can be any flavor or color. You just put it in your mouth and chew it. Then you put it on the ground and it forms a big bubble around you. You they float into the air and when you move your arms and your feet, you can move anywhere you want. It comes in small portable packages so you can bring it anywhere.

    The last object I found is the Bat. It is a circular object that is kind of heavy. You put it in to your radio station and a screen pops up. You say the music you want to listen to out loud and the music will come on with the video. You can carry the Bat around anywhere and just find the radio. It is smaller than a computer, so now you don’t need to go on your computer. Instead, you carry around the Bat.

  26. Sorry, Mrs. Cobb. I did not want the sentence “You should have three paragraphs and remember to skip spaces between paragraphs. to be in there. Sorry

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