Halloween Memories

Students, since we have been talking about memory the last few days in regards to our reading of The Giver, and since Halloween is right around the corner, I thought it would be fun if we shared favorite Halloween memories. This was a fun blog post last year, too. Please answer the prompts below:

Looking back on past Halloweens, what was your favorite Halloween costume and why? Please describe.

Did anything funny or scary ever happen to you on Halloween?

What are your plans for this year?

This Halloween picture is of my children many years ago with Harvest, one of our beloved Goldens. She loved to dress up and go trick-or-treating, too!





  1. I have dressed up as many animals and people for Halloween. When I was in lower school I loved dressing up so much. I was usually wore two different costumes on Halloween. One for the school parade, and one for trick-or-treating. My favorite costume was when I dressed up as Mr. Poppers Penguin from the book Mr. Poppers Penguin! I loved being a penguin because I had the full body costume. You could only see my face! My brother was in the 3rd grade at the time and he was in a book club, and Mrs. Smay gave me that costume while they were reading the book (during Halloween) and I went to book club with him! The costume was all black with a white stomach, had a yellow beak on the face sticking out, and had a red ribbon around the neck. It was also my favorite costume because I got to go to book club with my brother on Halloween when I was dressed as the penguin. It was cool for me to do that because I was in Kindergarden and I thought my big brother was really cool. I have second thoughts on that now.

    Nothing really scary has ever happened to me on halloween, but something kind of funny has. My brother used to be really into costumes when he was my age, so my mom would come up with ideas for him. One year my mom told him to dress as an email. So he put on a shirt that had a big E on it. And that was his email costume. Get it? He was wearing an E, and he was a male. I told all my friends at school and they laughed and thought it was the worst idea. I guess my brother didn’t. It was funny to see what people said when they opened the door to him. One person said “Um, what are you?” I started laughing really hard and he gave me a mean look. That was a funny Halloween.

    I am very excited for this Halloween. I think it will be really fun. Laura is going to come over. We are dressing up as white bunnies. We bought bushy tails, bunny ears, long eyelashes, and face paint. It may not be as good as the penguin, but it will be close!

  2. Halloween has always been fun because my Mom’s birthday is on Halloween. When I was two I went trick-or-treating for the first time. I was a red crayon with my brother. When I was three I was a pink Princess, and that was the year we moved to Florida. It was only my second time going trick-or-treating, and my neighborhood gets really dressed up on Halloween, they get the streets blocked off and everything. Well, since I was only three and we didn’t know anything about my neighborhood getting so into Halloween, I started crying and I remember my mom had to take me back home while my brother stayed out and got to trick-or-treat with my dad. Since I didn’t get any candy, I got to eat all the candy we had to pass to other kids. When I was four I was Aerial from The Little Mermaid. I remember I had this horrible red wig that was so itchy I complained every other second and for the next few years I always wanted to be something with a wig, but my mom wouldn’t let me have another one.

    When I was five I was Bell from Beauty and the Beast. I had the little yellow crown and everything. I tried to get my brother to be the Beast, but he wouldn’t. When I was six, I was Mulan from Disney’s Mulan. I have this picture of me in my that costume, from the neck down, I look great, but from my neck up, my face is painted completely white with little black circles drawn around my eyes. I don’t even know what that has to do with Mulan. I remember being scared of the movie Mulan. Wonder why I choose to be her. When I was seven, I don’t remember what on Earth I was, but I remember that after we went trick-or-treating with my parents, one of my neighbor’s parents took me trick-or-treating to the other half of my neighborhood, and I got double the candy than all of my other friends.

    When I was eight, I wore a fifties poodle skirt from a dance that I did in a tap recital when I was younger. We did the hand jive. When I was nine, I wore another dance costume for Halloween. It was this strange futuristic costume that I did for a modern dance class I took. It was silver and black with a bowl like tutu, I don’t know what I thinking. When I was ten, I wasn’t really interested in Halloween, so I decided to be myself. I was “Libby.” Since I had such a bad costume when I was ten, when I was eleven, I wanted a really cool costume. I decided to be a lamp. I don’t really know why, but all I know is that I was one. When I was twelve, I was a flapper girl and I had these really long fake eye lashes that were probably about two inches long. It was really cute.

    One year I remember one year one of my best friends that lived down the street from us, her dad had a “fun house.” He had all of these common house hold items but put them in hidden boxes with a sign that said they were something scary. You’d reach your hand in and then feel all the stuff. I remember being so grossed out! Out of all of my costumes that I was, I think my favorite one was the year I was Bell. I have this really cute picture of me and all of my neighbors in my friends house. I remember have a really good time that year, and the picture is just so cute! I have the biggest smile on my face.

    This year I am going to be Thing One, my friend Olivia R is going to be Thing Two, and our friend Naomi is going to be The Cat in the Hat. We have these really cute blue afros that we are going to wear and these little signs that say Thing One, and Thing Two. Naomi has this really cute Cat in the Hat costume. It’ll be really fun.

  3. Looking back on many of my costumes my favorite was when I was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. It was really fun. I was in second grade and I looked very similar to Dorothy in that costume. The costume was blue and white small-checkered dress with a white shirt under it and it had two little white buttons at the straps. I wore sparkly red shoes that year and I never wanted to take them off even though they really hurt my feet. I carried around a little basket with a little stuffed animal dog in it too. I wore my hair in braids with little ribbons at the ends. This was my favorite costume because I used to really like the Wizard of Oz and the costume wasn’t itchy or hot like my past ones. Also my mom was the wicked witch of the west that year.

    One year when I was little my friend Rachel and her mom brought over a graveyard cake with dirt and worms and headstones. I thought the dirt and worms were real so I didn’t eat any and everybody else, which made me sick to my stomach. However later I was told how it was fake and I ate some anyways. Every year at my house I have apple bobbing and one time someone got soaked. Another friend of mine literally fell in in and I remember laughing so hard.

    This year for Halloween I’m going to be a cowgirl. Also my friend Lydia is having a party with a haunted house and it’s going to be really fun. On Halloween I also might dress up my dog too.

    1. Love the Dorothy costume! I was a witch once when I was a little girl. Since my mother was an artist, my costume was made entirely out of black crepe paper……it was really cool.

  4. I have dressed up as many things for Halloween: a hippy, a fairy, Tinker bell (I could never get the wings right), Minnie Mouse, and a gnome. Minnie had to be one of my favorites because my mom and I were both dressed up together. We had the cutest little red polka dot dresses that came down to our knees. Also to complete the outfit we wore the Minnie Mouse ears with a big red polka dot bow between the ears. I loved this outfit because my mom and I went together: everyone thought that we were so cute! I also loved this costume because it was so comfortable. I did not have to adjust my costume once because it hurt. That year my brother and dad also dressed up as pirates together.

    Not many funny things have ever happened to me on Halloween, but the year that I was a fairy, something pretty funny happened. During the Lower Division costume parade, my fairy wings kept getting in the way of everything. They were hitting other people and I could barely fit through most doors. It was awful and a lot of people kept laughing at me. It was a hilarious disaster and I couldn’t even sit down most times.

    This year I am planning to do something with my dog. So far I have come up with the ideas of being a cowgirl or milkmaid and dress my dog up as a cow or Dorothy and have my dog be Toto. I am leaning more towards the cowgirl because to carry a ten-pound dog in a basket for a long time would get really heavy. Also, I think that I am going to go trick-or-treating with some of my friends in their neighborhood; my neighborhood isn’t very in to trick-or-treating. I think that this year is going to be great and I can’t wait.

  5. Halloween is one of the best holidays for me, because we always go to our neighbor’s house. We have a big cook out and have hot dogs, hamburgers, and chili. The kids get to hang around and throw the football or something like that until it gets dark, and then the fun begins.
    Looking back at all of the years I have been going trick-or-treating, I have to say, my favorite costume was when I dressed as a vampire at a haunted house which was created by another one of my neighbors. I think that was the best Halloween I’ve had because I was in the haunted house and I scared a lot of people. I like the vampire costume because it was a lot of fun being part of the haunted house. I was lying down in a homemade coffin box, and when people walked by, I would sit up and scream. The rest of the haunted house was pretty scary as well. There was a big jail with a scary clown. Two of the dads from our street also dressed up as Freddie and Jason with a chainsaw. It was a lot of fun messing around with my friends and scaring people who came through our haunted house.
    This year for Halloween, I am just going to hang out with some friends around the neighborhood. I don’t have any plans to dress up, but I may decide to wear a scary mask that I have left over from last year. I’m just looking forward to visiting with my friends.

  6. Halloween has always been a fun holiday. Actually, I think last year was my favorite Halloween. Julie and I dressed up as pumpkins. It was really cute. We got together and made our own costumes. First, we got orange t-shirts and black puffy paint. We took the puffy paint and made a pumpkin face on the shirts. Then we bought orange and black striped socks that were knee length. As our shorts we used our black spandex from volleyball. And to make the stem on a pumpkin, we put our hair up really high and tied a green bow around our pony tail. We even stuffed our shirts with the cotton used in pillows! Julie came to my house for Halloween and we trick-or-treated together with other friends. It was really great because I live in the Old North East. My neighborhood goes all out on Halloween which makes things very entertaining. My block, especially, goes all out. Every year for the past three or four years, my block sets up big cemetery-like gates at the end of the street to block off the road. Also, every house decorates their yards with tombstones and ghosts. One year, we had a stage on someone’s yard and professional dances came and danced to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Last year, we had fire breathers and amazing acrobats do crazy things on the roof of someone’s house. It was amazing!

    Since my neighborhood has a lot going on at Halloween, it’s normally very crowded and popular. About two years ago, something scary happened. It was getting late, and I was about ready to head inside my house. I was sitting on my porch with my family and friends when we heard a lot screams and shattering of glass. Then we saw a lot people start running over to the side of the block where my house is. We asked someone what was going on, and they said that there was a fight. Apparently, a teenager had accidentally pushed another teenager. The teenager pushed the other boy back. As people saw what happened, they dropped their glasses and ran. It was all an accident, but it didn’t end that well. One funny that happened was also a couple years ago. My neighbor had ghosts made of sheets hanging from a tree. They were attached by fish wire. I was holding the fish wire in my hand waiting to let go of it so the ghost would drop. I saw a group of people start to walk over. As soon as they were under the tree, I released the wire out of my hand. The ghost dropped on them, and they screamed and ran away. It was a little mean to do, but everyone thought it was very funny.

    Julie and I are going to be something together again this year. We decided on being “swag”. Swag is an adjective meaning cool. I know what you are thinking. How could someone be an adjective for Halloween? Well, because “swag” means cool, we think it resembles the color gold. We bought gold t-shirts and silver puffy paint. With the puffy paint, we wrote “swag” in big letters on the front. On the back, my shirt says “Swaggy,” and on the back of Julie’s shirt it says “Swagmeister.” Swaggy is my nickname, and Swagmeister is Julie’s nickname. We have gold socks that are knee length and shorts that we spray painted with gold glitter. We also have gold ribbon we are going to wear in our hair. Lastly, we have “Swag Glasses.” The front frame of the glasses is silver glitter, and the frames that go across our temples are gold glitter. On the lenses it spells out “swag.” Our costume is definitely unique, that’s for sure.

  7. My favorite Halloween costume was the one I wore last year. I wanted to be this magical creature called a catbus. It was literally a cat that was a bus! My dad got a large box from the post office and painted it with windows and used a stuffed pillowcase for the head. Then he cut a hole on the top and bottom, so that I could crawl into it and hoist it up by straps like those cute cardboard cars the Alpha kids wear.

    My other favorite Halloween costume was the one I wore in fourth grade. At the time, I was very fond of the story The Little Prince. I asked my mom about a month in advance to sew the coat. My mom found an old coat pattern and made it smaller to fit me. It took her a whole month to finish it. I was so pretty. I also carried around a rose when I trick-or-treated because the little prince had a common rose. I still have that coat today.

    My worst or scary experience was when I was six years old and I was going up to this house. It was very dark, and there weren’t any lights on. I was so scared I decided not to go up. As I was running back to my dad across the yard I tripped and landed in a pile of sand spurs. I cried all the way home in my stroller as my sister picked sand spurs from my legs.

    This year I’m either going as the Greek goddess Athena, or I’m going as a spider. I’m probably going to be Athena though because my sister, her boyfriend, my sister’s friend, my other sister’s friend, and my other sister’s friend’s boyfriend are going as Apollo, Artemis, Nike, Aphrodite, and Poseidon. We usually do something together as a group. Also I’m inviting a friend over this year, and I’m going to Mickey’s Halloween Bash this year because I haven’t been to Disney in a while.

    1. Ooh Athena sounds great! I remember the year Alice went as “dead” Alice in Wonderland with “blood” down the front of her costume and a sorry looking stuffed rabbit to match.

  8. Halloween was never my favorite holiday. It all started on my little brother’s first Halloween.

    (dramatic flashback noises)

    We found the perfect costume for my brother. Last year we couldn’t go trick-or-treating because my brother was born 15 days before. This time, he was 1 and ready to go. He was very little, and he was going to be a Hershey’s Kiss. I was going to be a football player (for the 3rd year running) and we would just go around to all of our grumpy neighbor’s houses, and take from their bowl. The only people to ever answer their doors back then were Collin and Jake A. We walked out and the second we stepped out of the door my brother started crying. That second I knew something was wrong. We walked back in the house. It turned out that Eric was sick. He started vomiting and I was the one to pass out candy. There was one little boy to come to our house. I was about 4 and felt really sad.

    On my street, we used to close down the block and have a party. Collin, Jake and I were playing hide-and-seek with our mini-flashlights. On second thought, we probably shouldn’t have been, it was dark and Halloween. Anyway, I was seeking and my flashlight went out. I called for help and no one heard me. I started running. I was around nine, and was really scared. Apparently, my neighbors have a metal archway in their gardens, and in a full sprint, my forehead smashed into it. I fell and got back up, hysterically crying. By the time I found my way out, the game was over, I had a bruise on my head, and had stopped crying. The rest was all a blur. I wonder where they were hiding…

    I hope that I am allowed to go to Max’s house this year. Then we will go to Old Northeast, where they go nuts with decorations. I still haven’t found a costume yet, and am contemplating dressing up at all. Last year I did not dress up, and the year before I was a hot dog. I hope this year will be better than some of those of the past.

  9. Halloween has always been a fun day for me. My favorite part is getting gobs of candy. In the second or third grade, I dressed up as Cleopatra. I adored my costume. I wore a white long tunic with this headpiece. The headpiece was gold with jewels, and it had a snake on it! It was so unique! I was also very pleased because no one else had that costume. You never want someone to have the same costume as you.

    I hate watching scary movies. I’m the easiest and most gullible person to scare. One Halloween, I was watching the movie Scream 3. Personally, I have no clue why I was watching it. There is something about scary movies that just compel you to watch. It was the scariest movie ever! I was screaming and hiding under the blanket. Finally, around midnight, I went to bed. That night, I had a horrible nightmare about that movie! My nightmare was that I was in the gym, and the murderer was chasing me! I was terrified, and I still am to this day.

    I’m really pumped up for this year. Nicole, Courtney, and I are going as skateboarding guys. We’re going to wear skinny jeans, a sporty t-shirt, hats, and we’re going to carry our skateboards around. We’re going to clean out all of the neighborhoods. Later, we’re going to watch a scary movie! I just hope that I won’t have nightmares like I did last time!

    1. Don’t take all the candy! Many years ago when we were living in Virginia, we put a basket of candy on the front porch, just before we left the house. In one fell swoop, a bunch of teenage skateboarders came and emptied the entire basket……before we even left the house! We never did that again!

  10. Halloween always gets me excited! I always get my Halloween costume on the first week of October. October is always a busy month for me. There are so many festivals that I go to and my sisters birthday is also in October. I love the feeling of October. October is when the air starts to cool down and I get to wear my UGG’s! The feeling of walking into Party City is always fun. I walk past the scary monsters, spiders, skeletons and zombie decorations first to see how different they are from the year before. After that I walk to wall of costumes. This is the best part! I love to see all the options like witches, vampires, ladybugs, pop stars, cheerleaders and so many more! Each costumes are better then the last. After several costumes I pick the one I love the most and add on accessories. Five years ago I was a half angle half devil! It was the cutest costume ever. I was a dress that was half white half red. The costume included the dress, angle half devil wings and a headband that had a halo and a devil horn. It fit my personality perfectly back then because I was sweet and kind but if something made me made I would snap into a fit. But I grew out of that stage.

    I love everything about Halloween except those freaky masks. I was terrified whenever somebody passed me with a mask on. They people or things on the mask were so scary. It had monsters, zombies, murders, and really scary creatures. One year I was coming back from trick or treating around my block. I was so exhausted and was really tired. But I had a strange feeling that someone was following me. I looked behind me and there was a person that had a mask on of the scream. The scream mask always scared me. It was so weird and as a little girl that mask could have scared anyone. Well the person was still following me so I started moving into a fast walk. The person was still following so then I started to run. I ran inside my house and shut my front door with a loud thud. I have no idea why but those masks just freak me out. I have been scared of those scream faces ever since.

    I’m so excited for this Halloween. Of course my costume is already picked out. MY favorite singer of all times in Katy Perry! I love her music so much! I loved her from the beginning when she sang Hot and Cold. Her music makes perfect sense. Firework is also a great song. So in her music video California girls, the theme was candy. So I’m wearing this dress that was fake candy popping out of it. I’m also wearing a lavender wig with a purple shaped heart headband that goes on top of the wig. My costume also included candy necklaces and bracelets. I am so excited. This year I’m going with Holly Mo. and I think we are going to have so much fun!

      1. Oh ya, I got that at the Katy Perry concert but the headband that in wearing for my costume is made out of hair and its heart shaped!!!

  11. Come to think of it, Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, as I am known to have quite a sweet tooth. Looking at my costumes from over the years, I know that my favorite costume was the one from last year, where I was a spider countess. The costume consisted of a dress, long I might add. My mom had done my makeup, making my face a ghostly white. She also put a spray in my hair to making it have a glimmer of white, along with my natural honey brown color. Around my neck was a big mesh that stood up and was made to have a design on it to make it look like a spiderweb. At the end of the long sleeves, they draped down to look rather creepy and evil-like. At the end of the mesh stood a spider-shaped emblem, hence spider countess. I liked this costume the best because it fit one of the many Halloween traditions, which is to wear something scary, as it can be very creepy-looking. Also, since you trick-or-treat at night, it casts a dark, creepy glow in the night.

    I can recall one thing that was creepy from one Halloween night. I had just gotten back to my friend’s uncle’s house after a night well done of trick-or-treating. We had been sitting, relaxing, eating candy when the doorbell had rung. We had gone to get the door when we realized that the trick-or-treaters weren’t children, but people in their, maybe, twenties. We were a bit surprised and decided to ask if they were a bit too old to be asking for candy, to which they replied no. We decided to give them candy and move on, but we were still a bit, shall I say, surprised.

    As of now, I have no known plans for Halloween.

  12. I don’t really remember Halloween, but I remember my mom took me trick-or-treating with my brother and friednd, and they would ask “What are you dressed up as”
    “sixth-grade student” I would say. I actually got the most candy. Maybe because it envoi Ed school or something.

    I remember one Halloween some drunk guy with a 9mm and a pillow on his head said “gimme da candy! Blaaaaaah!!!”

    This year I’m gonna dress up as 7th grade student.

  13. Halloween. The second I hear it, I think of candy! Candy is the one thing that can brighten up my day. It tastes so good! Since I love candy so much, my favorite costume would be the Candy Corn Witch. I was nine at the time. I was so excited for the night to come. I looked so cute. I wore black leggings with a dress that looked like a candy corn. It had a black bow on it. I wore a tall hat with orange, yellow, and black on it. My shoes were black flats. I had little candy corns painted on my cheeks. That night, I ripsticked around the neighborhood with a bag filled with candy. I got so many compliments on my costume. I have had many cute and awesome costumes, but this one was probably the best.

    The year I was a Rays fan was one of my favorite Halloween experiences. I went with my friend, Josie, around the whole neighborhood. We were having a great night together. It was just the two of us walking around and getting candy. We came to a haunted house that was set up in our neighbors garage. We decided to go in it. We were almost out when a man with blood all over his face jumped out at us. We weren’t expecting it at all. Josie ended up sprinting back. Running away from the guy. But, the exit was 4 feet in front away. She ended up getting trapped in there. The people took advantage of her being scared so they came from every direction at her. She pushed them away and sprinted out of the place, never coming back. I had to run after her. She didn’t stop running until we were halfway around the block. She was completely out of breath and she declared she would never go back again. We spent the rest of the night getting candy and staying far away from the house. It seemed we got candy from every house in the neighborhood besides the haunted house. Josie did run a few more times because she was scared, but nothing like before. We went home and ate half our candy and passed out after the long night. We had a blast together.

    This year will be a great year. I can feel it. Isabel, Courtney, and I are going to be skateboarding dudes. We are planning on wearing skinny jeans, Hurley t-shirts, basketball shoes, and hats. We will ride around on our skateboards. We are going to look awesome! We will have a great night together!

  14. Looking back on Halloweens past, I’ve had many different costumes: Minnie Mouse, Ariel, a witch, a hippie, Susan from The Chronicles of Narnia, a pumpkin (my first Halloween costume), and Madeline. My favorite of all of my Halloween costumes, though, was the black cat costume. I loved it so much that I wore it for two years in a row! Even though it wasn’t a store-bought costume, it came together very nicely. It consisted of a black sweater, black leggings, and black ballet flats. The finishing touches were a black mask, ears, and a cat tail from Party City. We even drew whiskers and a black nose on my face.

    The funniest thing that ever happened on Halloween was when we dressed my dog up as Superman. Tidbit is a white Maltese that weighs about seven pounds. For Halloween that year, he had a blue body suit that had the Superman “S” on it and a red cape. It was so adorable, but I don’t think that he liked it. It was funny, though, when his cape whipped in the wind, just like Superman.

    This year, I don’t know what I’m going to dress up as, but I know what I’m going to do. Every year for Halloween, I go trick-or-treating in my neighborhood with my dad, and sometimes, afterward, I hang out or go trick-or-treating with a friend. I always end up having a great time. There is no doubt that this Halloween is going to be the same way.

  15. Looking back on my past Halloween costumes, I really couldn’t pick which one is my favorite because I loved all of them. But if I had to pick one, it would be when I dressed up as a cowgirl last year. It wasn’t really a costume, it was a pink shirt with light pink stripes and buttons down the front, and a jean skirt with a belt. I had a cowgirl hat, boots and a little horse in the pocket of my shirt. I loved that costume because I love horses (of course) and ride them, and I also went with a friend who dressed up as the same thing.

    One thing scary that happened to me on Halloween was when I six or seven. I went to my neighbor’s house, walked up to the door, rang their doorbell, and as I waited I saw a something that looked like a statue standing next to the door. I just assumed that it was one, and was just minding my own business when suddenly, what I thought was a statue, was actually a person dressed in the scariest costume ever! He was kind of dressed like a zombie and vampire mixed together and jumped out at me and made a kind of roaring sound. It frightened me a lot, so I ran down their driveway and never went back to their house for the rest of the night. I don’t remember if I actually got any candy or not.

    My plans for Halloween this year are that I really don’t know what I want to be. I do have some ideas, like a cowgirl, a horse rider, or a Greek goddess. My sister is going to be Cleopatra, and my cousin is going to be a cowgirl. Maybe I’ll try to get my dog in a costume, but he will probably end up biting it off.

    1. Kaylee, my husband did something similar years ago. He dressed as a scarecrow sitting in a wheelbarrow on our front porch. He didn’t look real. Every time kids came up the porch he sat up and scared the daylights out of them. It was great!

  16. My favorite Halloween costume ever was my plain-old Spiderman suit. That costume was my life for about three years. I wore it to multiple Halloweens and on a regular basis in the days soon before and after October 31. Spiderman was my favorite movie back then, because I loved superheroes. That was an awesome suit.

    The scariest thing to happen to me on Halloween was in Old Northeast with my friends. I wore a homemade rapper costume, with a silver chain, fake muscle suit, and pants hanging low. However, it was over ninety degrees that night, even with the sun down, and the costume was a little toasty. Also, I get very claustrophobic very quickly, and Old Northeast is always packed. We entered a little tent with bubbles and strobe lights, but by the time I reached the exit end, I was dangerously close to fainting. I had to call it a night way too early, and it was not fun. Zero candy, man. Zero candy.

    This year I am going to go to hand out candy to little children. However, in my neighborhood, we have to turn off all of the lights in my house so as to keep away the creepers that emerge around 9:30. Yep, school-night Halloweens really stink.

  17. I love Halloween. I live in one of the best neighborhoods to trick-or-treat, the Old Northeast. Houses and streets decorate their houses to the extremes. We have to fill up a huge tub of candy for all the trick-or-treaters every year, and it always runs out before the night is done. I love dressing up, too. Usually, Olivia Rovin and I do something together. One year we were crayons, and one year we were Harry Potter characters together, but my favorite was our Jelly Belly costumes in 5th grade. We got clear trash bags, and we cut holes for our arms and legs and heads. On the night of Halloween, we blew up colored balloons so that they were small but still had air in them. We put on our trash bags and stuffed them with balloons. Then we taped Jelly Belly logo signs onto the front and back so we looked like bags of jelly beans! They got hot after a while, and some balloons popped, but everyone loved our costumes, and we did, too!

    Nothing too funny or scary has happened to me on Halloween. It is always crazy busy in my neighborhood. There are literally hundreds (maybe thousands) of people. I remember one year, at one house, there was a man in a fake coffin. When trick-or-treaters came by it, he would pop out and scream in your face. It was extremely scary! When he did it to me, I freaked out, and I think I ran away. Later, we came back and I opened the coffin and yelled in his face something like, “You don’t scare me! Ha!” It was a good moment for me.

    This year, I am going as the Cat in the Hat from the Dr. Seuss books and the movie. Olivia Rovin and Libby Houston are going as Thing One and Thing Two with me. I am really excited! My costume has a tall red and white striped hat, an oversized red bow tie, and white gloves. I will go around my neighborhood as usual, and hopefully it will be as fun as past years.

  18. My favorite costume was when I went as a laundry basket and Brooke went as a dryer. I cut a hole in the bottom of a laundry basket and put old towels in it. I used string to make straps to go over my shoulders. Some people even liked it so much that they gave us extra candy. Also, Alfie, my dachshund, wore a bandana that fit around his collar and barked at people because he was scared.

    Every year we either have way too much candy or not enough, and one year we had bags of extra candy. When this happens, I take care of the extra candy that is left over from handing out to people. Shannon and I started yelling,”Candy! Candy! Extra candy! Come get your free candy! Candy!”. Whenever someone came, we gave them handfuls of candy, whether they wanted it or not. Another Halloween, when I was little, someone had one of those things that makes spooky noises, and I was so scared that I would not go get candy from them. Also, in lower division, when we do the costume parade, someone made a costume out of a cardboard box and had trouble walking in it. I’m sure that the fact that they kept falling down was less funny to them than it was to me.

    This year I am going as one of the Wendron Witches from the books in the Septimus Heap series. Alfie is going as a bumble bee and will probably bark at everyone again (not that he doesn’t bark when it is not Halloween). I haven’t made any plans for how to carve the pumpkin, which is strange, because I usually start making pumpkin carving designs around the end of summer vacation.

  19. I have a hate/love situation with Halloween. I love getting candy. I love dressing up, but I hate what usually happens to every Halloween. What I hate about Halloween falls under the scary category and I will get back to it. My favorite costume I ever wore was the Grim Reaper. I think it is my favorite costume because I have worn it about four out of my twelve Halloweens. It was an awesome costume because I was in full black and I had a scythe that I usually used as a weapon. I would blend in with my surroundings and scary people to death. The Grim Reaper costume brings back a lot of good memories.
    As mentioned earlier, I hate Halloween because of what I usually receive when I am trick or treating. I have about six different stories about Halloween that are very bad. When I was six, my first Halloween in Florida was one I will never forget. Maybe it was because I got ran over by a golf cart that night. I also was hung on a tree by the hood of my costume. I was also robbed of my eight pounds of candy. That was the first of the worst Halloweens for me. Next Halloween, I was a football again. The first house I go to, I am hit with at least ten water balloons and silly string. I was also beaten up by a kid that night after changing in to my Grim Reaper costume. Halloween is now one of my least favorite times of the year. I think my bad luck was all caused by the unlucky Grim Reaper costume, but I might never find out.
    I have one plan this year. It is to go trick or treating with some people in Northeast. I will most likely be something obvious like a bottle of soda. I hope I won’t have any more mistakes this Halloween, but I would still stay tuned.

  20. Halloween is a fun holiday, especially when you are little. I think it gets less exciting as you get older. Maybe it’s because I am not a very big fan of costumes or dressing up. As I thought about what I would write for this post, I realized I couldn’t really remember any Halloween’s except for last year. My mom had to remind me about the many different costumes I wore over the years. I guess when I think of Halloween, I remember the Halloween Parade and Fall Festival each year in the Lower Division. This was just a huge festival at school with a bunch of games and food. I do remember when I was somewhere around four years old I dressed up as a fireman for the school parade. When I was little I wanted to be a fireman so that was a big deal to me.

    I never had anything real scary or funny happen on Halloween, but I did get lost once. We were in my grandmother’s neighborhood (right across the street from my house). I was with my neighbor, Jake, and we sprinted away from my Dad. Next thing we knew, my Dad was out of sight. So we went to my grandmother’s house and called my dad to see where he was. This was when I nine years old. Now that I remember it, it was kind of funny.

    My plans for this year are not to go trick-or-treating. My neighborhood always has a Halloween Party near the entrance in one of the driveways. Every family brings food and drinks to share. Then, everyone tricks-or-treats together in the neighborhood across the street. This year, I hope my friend will bring his golf cart like in the past. If he does, we can just drive around the neighborhood and have a good time. I do not plan to dress up this year. I’ll just steal candy from my sister when she isn’t looking.

  21. I love Halloween. It’s a time when I get to roam around the streets of the Old Northeast with my friends surrounded by kids in costumes and eat as much candy as I want. I’ve been many different costumes over the years. My first costume was a flower. I had a little flower headband and I wore all pink. It was adorable. I’ve also been a black cat, a butterfly, a rabbit, and a belly dancing genie. With my friend Naomi, I have been a pink crayon, a character from Harry Potter, and my favorite, a bag of jelly beans. We wore a tank top and Soffes underneath a clear garbage bag filled with multicolored mini balloons. There were holes for our arms, feet, and heads. It was extremely hot that year so we were sweating and some balloons popped, but overall we had a really good time.

    I remember when I was three we were giving out candy because it was late and I had finished my trick or treating earlier. A boy wearing a really scary mask came up to the door. I, being three, screamed as loud as I could and ran to my mom crying. I didn’t give out any more candy for the rest of the night. Another time I got scared at Halloween was about one or two years ago. I ran up to a house to get candy with my friends. After we got our candy, we walked to the main sidewalk where we took a break to look at our candy and talk. I looked to my right and saw what looked like a silver statue of a man holding a chainsaw. It scared me but I thought,”Oh, it’s fake.” Boy, was I wrong. The “statue” suddenly turned the chainsaw on and freaked my friends and me out so much that we ran two blocks before we stopped. That was probably the scariest thing that has ever happened to me!

    This year Libby and I are going to be Thing 1 and Thing 2. Naomi is going to be the Cat in the Hat. We have matching blue wigs, red shirts with the words Thing 1 and Thing 2 on the front, blue Soffes, and red leggings. Naomi is going to wear a red and white striped hat, a big red bow tie and huge white gloves. The costumes are all adorable! Hopefully, it will be a fun Halloween!

  22. Usually, on Halloween, I go to my friend in Sarasota’s house. We always dress up together and then take golf carts around her neighborhood and trick-or-treat. It is the most fun thing ever! I’ve been going to her house for about four or five years, and we always have the coolest costume ideas! My favorite was probably the pinata. My friend’s mom hand- made a pinata costume with tissue paper and a cardboard box. They were so cool. She also made us matching hats made of the same material. That was probably my favorite costume idea ever. They were kind of hard to walk in, and I remember tripping and falling down a hill in the costume. It was also impossible to clap your hands because you were in a cardboard box. Despite the small flaws, I loved that costume, and I still have it.

    I have many fun memories from my friend’s house. I remember once, we were walking down her street, and I saw this fake (or what I thought was fake) scarecrow. It was sitting in a chair, and looked totally unreal. I went up to it and yelled, “You don’t scare me!” As soon as I said that, the scarecrow yelled and jumped out at me. It was very scary. Another fun memory is the costume contest. We always to to her country club, and it is always decorated very cooly. We have dinner there, dance, and there is a costume contest. We usually don’t win, I don’t know why, but it is still very fun.

    Sadly, this year I can’t go to her house because I have plans. I didn’t know that I wouldn’t be able to attend until recently, so I am not aware how I will be spending my Halloween this year or what I will be dressing up as.

  23. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It makes me really happy. I have been so many different things for Halloween. I have two favorite Halloween costumes. The first one is a Belle costume, like Belle from Beauty and The Beast. when I was little, I used to love Belle, and I wanted to be just like her. I had the costume, and I wore it three Halloweens in a row. I wouldn’t get rid of that costume until my mom made me. I would even wear it when it wasn’t Halloween. My other favorite Halloween costume is from when I was a baby. It is a pumpkin costume. Every kid in my family has worn it at least once. We have had it for a really long time, and we still have it. My mom brings it out every Halloween, and tells the same story over and over again. That costume brings back a lot of memories for my mom, and I think it’s really cool how every kid in my family has worn it, and probably all of our kids will wear it too.

    I have so many memories from Halloween, and I know there are many more to come. I think the funniest memory that I remember from Halloween was in my old neighborhood. My old neighborhood used to go crazy during Halloween. I remember so vividly going up to a house and there was a big, fake, red, scary monster sitting by the door. I ran up to the doorbell with my friend and rang it. About three seconds later, the scary monster stood up out of the chair and yelled and chased us down the driveway. My friend and I were only about five so we got so scared, and started crying. Another memory is the pumpkin patch. As little kids, my siblings and I would always go to the pumpkin patch in North Carolina and we would each pick out our own pumpkin, and bring it back to the house. We would all take an hour just to find our pumpkins, but I remember we would always get so excited about it, and we couldn’t wait to go. We would always have a blast at the pumpkin patch, and we would never want to leave.

    I’m really excited for Halloween this year. I am going as Lady Gaga and Olivia Dannenmiller is going as Katy Perry. We are going trick-or-treating together. We went last year together, and it was a lot of fun, so I’m looking forward to this year. I’m sure this year will be just as much fun as it was last year, and I can’t wait for Halloween. I love Halloween.

  24. My favorite Halloween costume would have to be when I was a fairy. I think I was five and I was so cute. I had a long sleeve black shirt on with black pants and these beautiful wings! My mom and I went together as fairies and now when I look back at the pictures she looks really funny. And then there is me looking cuter than ever!

    Something really scary that happened on Halloween was when this person ( Zack Quilty ) was wearing a hunting outfit. He was hiding in the bushes and when I walked by he jumped out and scared me half to death. I was so scared I was shaking! This was acctually just last year.

    This year I am going over to Julia Saunder’s house. We are going to dress up as bunnies. We are going to wear black spandex, a black tank top, and white bunny ears and tail. It will besotted much fun. Every year I have gone with some friends in the Old NE so this year will be something new!

  25. Halloween is so much fun. It’s always fun to think that you get free candy, and a night to hang out with your friends. Although it can be scary at times, it’s always fun. My best friend is named Erin. We have been friends for about twelve years and we are still best buds. We have trick or treated together many times. The first time I went trick or treating with her was when I was two. We were peas in a pod. Another time we went together was when we were Elvis. My first Halloween, I dressed up as a pumpkin.

    Last year, I went trick-or-treating with Neha. We were having so much fun until we came to a house that had a haunted house. Neha was all in and was halfway in the door until she saw me outside. I was so scared. I had heard screams, and was not budging. But then, someone familiar came out of the haunted house. It was Brandon. Brandon reassured me that everything was going to be ok, so I went into the house and had a lot of fun.

    This year for Halloween I am going over to Channing’s house. We are going to be colors. I am going to be the color yellow, and she is going to be the color red. We will have either jean shorts, or black spandex and I will have a yellow T-Shirt and she will have a red T-Shirt. It’s going to be great.

  26. Halloween was fun, and then I turned nine. I used to decorate, dress up, and trick-or-treat with my family until I turned nine. My sister became the prime age for Halloween and I got bored. Now I just hand out candy and watch football. (Hard to do at the same time.) My last costume I wore was a banana suit. I kind of figured it would be my last Halloween, so I picked out something as a joke. It was yellow with a black hat on top to wear. It was shaped like a banana, except it was a one size fits all and it looked funny on a nine-year-old. I got a ton of compliments for it, and I got twice as much candy as usual. That was my best Halloween because I got to go by myself and hit a ton of houses. I definitely started eating more bananas for good luck after that. This year, I will probably do the same as last year and watch football until I need to hand out candy. I might not hand out candy because last year it disappeared in minutes while my parents were out with my sister. My parents never wondered why I was sick that night. “Wink wink” I do enjoy Halloween and will look forward to stuffing my face again.

  27. I have always loved Halloween. Now that I think about it, all of my family loves Halloween. I think my mom likes it the most, because it’s the only holiday she decorates for early. My mom and brother definitely have the creative gene swirling around inside of them waiting to be set free. Every Halloween they have thought of really cool ideas. Once, my brother was a Publix grocery bag (It was paper not plastic. Go Green!). It was so awesome! This year my sister wanted to be crayons with her friends, and my mom had a great suggestion for how to make the costumes. I wouldn’t say I lack the creativeness that my mom and brother have, but it is a lot weaker than theirs. My most creative costume was a doctor, which wasn’t very unique. I looked like a plain, stereotypical doctor. My favorite costume is my Dalmatian costume. My aunt made my brother and I Dalmatian costumes. They were white with black spots. We even wore red collars. I love these costumes because my brother and I got to dress up together, and I love that my aunt made them for us.

    The scariest experience I ever had on Halloween happened while I was trick-or-treating with my friends. We were walking up to one house and I stopped. On the porch, there was a body. It was just sitting limp in a chair. I don’t know what I was thinking about this body, but I knew that something was going to happen when we got to the porch. My friends kept walking, and I caught up to them. We reached the porch and saw a bowl of candy next to the body. My friends grabbed some candy from the bowl, but I stayed at the front of the porch. I refused to get any candy. My friends dared me to do it, and I couldn’t say no. I slowly walked to the bowl. I reached my hand out to grab the candy. I soon as I got a piece, I was going to dash away from that house. I was so close to getting the candy when I heard a scream and something jumped up next to me. It was the body! I jumped back and started to run. I looked back and saw the body standing with my friends. I then realized what had happened. It was just a guy in a costume. I went back with my friends, and we continued trick-or-treating. That was the scariest Halloween I ever had. You may be thinking I’m a wimp, but I was really young at the time.

    In my opinion you can never be too old for candy, so this year I am going trick-or-treating with my friends. We usually go around their neighborhood, because their neighbors have the best treats. We always get cotton candy, soda, candy, and one time we got hot dogs, which was a little strange. This year I really want to dress up as a boy riding an ostrich. You step into the costume and you are half ostrich and half boy. Your legs become the ostrich legs and your top half becomes part of the boy while fake legs dangle off the sides and the body of the ostrich surrounds you. I’m so excited to wear this costume!

  28. My favorite Halloween is when I wore a costume that had something to do with American idol super star. I really like it because at the time their was American idol show, when it was popular, I really like that show a lot, and also the people on it. The scaryest thing that happened to me one time was when I was trick or treating with my friend and we went to this one house to get candy. Then this lady, who didn’t really come out just peeked through the window of her door. Said that she didn’t have any candy and shut the door quickly, that was scary because she looked a little freaky too.

    I don’t have that big of plans this year. Although, I would like to walk to my cousins old house and make it all scary and haunted.

  29. Halloween is one of my most favorite holidays of the year. You get you spend time with your friends and get, my most favorite thing about Halloween, FREE CANDY! Looking back on all my Halloween costumes, my favorite one would be when I wore a twister outfit. All my other costumes were plain and not fun, but my twister outfit was cool, funky, fun, and unusual. I loved my twister costume so much that I wore it two years in a row! My twister costume was made out of a towel that was printed to look like the twister board and it has a round hoop at the bottom. The towel was the dress part and the spinney part was my hat. I will also where white go-go boots.

    Last year, my mom arranged a hay ride for my friends and me. When we were driving down Bayshore, the cops made us pull over. The cop talked to our driver and gave us a ticket. He told him to slow down and take us home where we could be safe. When the cop left, my friends and I started cracking up because we thought it was funny how the cops pulled us over.

    This year, I am going to my friend’s Halloween party. I am so obsessed with Asians so I decided to be a Ninja or an Asian this year. It was a hard decision but I decided to dress up as an Asian. I will have a cool Asian wig that is pink and a dress that is one of the traditional Asian dresses. I have a good feeling about this year’s Halloween.

  30. I always look forward to Halloween. It’s so much fun! I get plenty of candy, and whenever I get home, I always dump it out in the living room. I love going trick- or- treating with my friends. It never gets old. My favorite Halloween costume is of when I was three, and was dressed up as Po, a teletubbie. This was my favorite costume because my grandma made it for me. She bought cloth at a store, and stitched it together to fit me. It was red, the color of Po, and had a piece of rolled up cloth sticking up at the top. It was adorable, and I still have many pictures. I loved teletubbies at that age, so why not become one.

    The year that I was a teletubbie was very funny. So, it all started with my brother and I walking to a house to get candy. We used to live in Ohio. I was only three, and my brother was seven, so we used to go with our parents. Once we reached the house, the lady gave us candy and said Happy Halloween with a large smile. My brother and I ran to my mom to show her what great candy we got. When we were running to my mom, he grabbed the stick attached to my head, and pulled it off. When he pulled the stick my whole costume tore, and I was left crying. I was so mad at him, at the time, but now once I look back on it, I start laughing.

    This year I will be going trick- or – treating with Camille. We’ll probably stay in the Venetion Isles. Camille and I have not planned a costume together, but I’m being a tie-die hippie, and am not exactly sure what Camille is. My costume includes a tie-die shirt, black shorts, tie-die long socks, and many accessories. She will be coming over and hopefully staying for a sleepover. I cant’ wait for Halloween!

  31. my favorite past costume was was when I went with Sara as a vampire, because on that Halloween, my brother dressed as scream and handed out candy. when I got home, there was this last person walking up to get candy. This person was about 13-14 years old and was going to steal the whole bowl of candy resting on Brian’s(my brother’s)lap-did I mention that nobody could see that the real person underneath the costume “wasn’t”(sorry, no italics)moving. Of course Brian didn’t make a sound until the very last second, and then…
    The explosion of a scream from this fourteen~year~old boy made me flinch even though I was thirty feet away. yes, my brother had scared the pants off of that kid and plans to do the same thing again this year to some unsuspecting victims. I wouldn’t come to my house even though we’ve got like two tons of candy. I’ll try not to die of candy.

  32. Not to brag or anything, but I, without a doubt, have the most unique halloween costume, ever! When I was six, I wanted to be a pizza. When we went to get the the foam for the pizza, all they had was green colored foam. While my mom and I were walking out I asked my mom,”What does a “toxic” symbol look like?” She replied why do I ask? I had the amazing idea to be a toxic pizza! We went back, got the foam, and got to work. We went to Partycity and got fake bugs, cutouts of pizza topping (pepperoni and mushrooms), and gold and red spraypaint. We cut out the green foam into a pizza shape. Then we sprayed it a little gold. Then we added the toppings, sprayed with gold and red, and put them on the pizza. Finally, we put the bugs on, and put them next to the toppings so it looked like they were eating them. And in the middle, we put a lamanaited “toxic waste” symbol! I used this for two years it was so good!

    At my old house, when I was little, our neighbors always set up their front lawn like a graveyard/haunted field. I was always a little creeped out because they have a recording of spooky laughter replaying over and over.

    For the past two years, my family has always gone to Woodlawn to trick-or-treat with some friends from church. We always have a BBQ and then go out for candy.

  33. My Halloween costumes from past years haven’t always been a success. One year I dressed up as a sleepy guy. I wore a navy blue robe, navy blue slippers, a glass from a rays game that had water insulated in it, and then I had my walking cane. I tried it and it just wouldn’t work people called me Harry Potter so I just went with that. Another time the first time I dressed up, I was a red crayon with Libby. I have a picture of us standing under the fire pit as a crayon.

    I think my favorite halloween costume was when I was a three-eyed alien thing for toy story when I was little. I had a beam that was green that just shout out of my head. I had three huge eyes spread across my face. I was wearing a blue alien type suit that had a very soft feeling to it. On the suit there was a alien symbol at the top left side of the suit. I think my favorite part about the costume was It had alien feet also. I wore my shoes then I slipped a cover with three-toes that looked like an aliens foot. It was a very memorable costume.

    The only thing scary that has ever happened to me on Halloween is when I was walking down a street with only one person not including my dad and me. We went to the one house with the one person and got candy. The next thing I know was I heard a guy making scary noises like “leave, get out of here and such.” My dad and I just walked away though even though it scared me nothing happened.

    I don’t have any plans for this Halloween yet, and I also don’t know what I am dressing up as. I might go trick or treat a little bit. But, I like to stay at home and hand out candy to other people and see what they are dressed up as. Also it is my moms birthday so I think we might do something for that.

  34. Now that I think about it, I never really had any amazing Halloween costume that I really still like right now. But, when I was about 4 years old, I dressed up as Sorcerer Mickey Mouse, and-at the time- I loved it. I went around pretending to be a magician and kept the costume and wore it again and again. Even though it doesn’t sound that great now, when I was little that costume was the best costume I ever had.

    Nothing has ever really happened to me on Halloween that stood out. I’ve always had the same Halloween, when I go trick-or-treating with my friends then go home and eat candy. Maybe something interesting will happen this year!

    This year for Halloween I’m having a few friends over at my house. Then, we’re going to the Old Northeast because they have the coolest decorations and houses there. I’m dressing up in a morphsuit (a full-body suit that covers everywhere fro your feet over your head) ,that is black and wearing a big gold afro wig and yellow sunglasses.

  35. I have had many different interesting ideas for Halloween costumes, but this one had to be my best. I was a boxer when I was in forth grade. I looked really cute. I wore a tight blue undershirt. I also wore almost like a robe, it was a boxing suit. Around my waist was a championship belt. I , also, wore boxing gloves to match my undershirt. The best part about that Halloween costume was my “black eye.” I didn’t really have a black eye, it was just paint. But it looked so much like a black eye, that whenever someone walked by me they said, what happened to your eye?

    I’m sure I got extra candy the night that I dressed up as a boxer, but I don’t remember anything that stood out. I do remember another year when I went to a house, and there was a man laying on the grass in front of the house. I didn’t know if he was real or not real. So I stood right over him and looked at his face. That’s when he jumped up and scared me like I‘ve never been scared before. I fell backward on the grass taking deep breathes. He was laughing, but he said I can have extra candy because he scared me.

    This year I’m not yet sure what I will do. I’m not sure if I will go Trick or Treating this year. I might stay home, or I might go Trick or Treating with my friends. If I do go Trick or Treating, I’m not sure what I will be. If you have any suggestions please comment your thoughts. I have always had a good Halloween, but hopefully better ones are yet to come.

  36. I would have to say my favorite Halloween costume was when I was in Alpha at Shorecrest. I wore a red power rangers costume. I also had a mask with it. So what I would do because I guess I was having fun with the fact that I thought I was a power ranger, I would jump on tables and chairs and would start rolling around on the ground. That would have to be my favorite memory.

    When I was seven years-old, I had a neighbor across the street. He has a house that has polls near his front door. So when I went to go ring the doorbell he jumped out of no where. I was so scared that I ran all the way to my house. It was one scary night for me!

    This year for Halloween I am planing to pass out candy at the front door. It might be fun but it probably won’t be fun, but I don’t know yet. But, if I did go trick-or-treating then I would be dress as a ninja with a ninja star. I think I would be quite the ninja. When I would knock on doors, no one would answer because of how scary I am. After all I’ve said I going to say Halloween is not one of my favorites for a holiday. But, that’s my opinion.

  37. When I was in lower division I loved the fall festival. I loved all the fun and games. I would look forward to the fall festival all year. Every year I would always think my costume was the best. My third grade costume, I think, was the best. As a third graders, I dressed up as a (high school musical) cheerleader. I had the pom poms and everything. The red and white skirt and HSM top and pom poms made up my favorite costume. At the time, I was most excited about it. Also, I got the most candy that year, a good and bad thing.

    One year my cousin came to town to trick-or-treat with me. We started by, for the first thirty minutes, handing out candy to kids. After handing out candy for the thirty minutes and seeing kids with, well, not the best costumes we were ready to leave. We see one last kid approach the incline our house. At first glance, we thought we just saw another “large” kid coming for candy. When we got a closer look we realized it was a skinny boy in a sumo wrestler costume. My cousin was rushing to leave so he just handed him a leftover butterfingers. The kid got very upset and said “I WANTED A HERSHYS!”. My cousin wasn’t in the mood for this so he just said
    “Well this is what your getting.” The kid simply replied
    “Fine, never mind. I don’t want it.” As he turned around, he tripped (remember my house was built on a slope so the ground gets steeper as you walk up and falls straight down). He started rolling down the hill until he hit the road.
    “You wish you just took the butterfingers huh,” my cousin said and with that he left. We laughed all the way to our first house.

    I’m not really sure what I’ going to be this year. My friend Ciara and I might go trick-or treating together. We usually go to the neighborhoods where they are to lazy to answer their doors and leave them out. This way we get more candy.

  38. Last year for Halloween I went to Hans’s house as a Hot dog with a few friends. We stayed at his for about an hour then we started to trick or treat. We went to a few houses but then we got bored so we decide to go to the street that is always closed off in Old Northeast. After we went down that street we saw some friends from school. This year for Halloween I was going to go to a party, but my mom said no because it is a school night. So, instead where just going to stay home and hand out candy maybe we will go out to eat who knows. Halloween will just be a regular school night for me. Nothing scary or fun has really happen to me on Halloween.

  39. I remember a Halloween 2 years ago, I was 10 years old. I was still into trick-or-treating but thought it would be really cool to have a scary costume for once. So I dressed as the Grim Reaper. I had a really scary white mask frozen in a scream of terror. I had a black robe and some gauzy grey cloth to go over my head. I thought is was a pretty good costume. Before going out with my friends, I decided to scare the trick-or-treater’s. I stood outside my door like a statue. Some kids came up the walk to knock and I yelled “boo”. They were really scared. That was the first time I ever wore a scary costume and someone was actually scared.

    I think I might have got the idea for the grim reaper from something that scared me on a previous Halloween. My friend Isaac and I were trick-or-treating together and a kid was in a coffin dressed up as a demon. When kids went to the door he jumped out of the coffin and said “boo”. That was scary but he took it too far. The demon-kid followed us to every house we went to and when we came down the sidewalk he’d jump out of a bush and try to scare us. It worked twice and then it was just annoying.

    This year I’m planning to to dress but I don’t know what I will be yet. I want to get their adrenaline pumping by scaring them on my front walk. I will hide in the bushes in front of our house and literally jump out at them. I am not going to do it in a mean way, just catch them unaware and yell “boo”. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.

  40. Halloween, the time of year when children dress up in various costumes and go from door to door hoping to receive yummy treats! I’ve celebrated Halloween for almost my whole life, and I have so many wonderful memories with lots of my friends! My favorite Halloween was when I went trick-or-treating with my best friend Meredith. I’ve known Meredith since I was born! On this particular Halloween, I was seven and she was eight. She and her family were moving to North Carolina around Thanksgiving, so we decided to spend her last Halloween in Florida together. We decided to dress up as black cats! The costume was absolutely adorable, and my favorite costume of all time! It contained sparkly black cat ears, a long black tail with a piece of white fluff at the end of it, and a sparkly black jumpsuit with white fur at the wrists, around the neck, and around the ankles. It was my favorite Halloween memory because I got to spend it with one of my best friends, and it was our last Halloween together. We had so much fun, and it was a “purrfect” Halloween!

    Even though Halloween is supposed to be a spooky holiday, nothing scary has ever happened to me on Halloween! However, something funny has occurred on Halloween night! One year, my family and I went to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Disney World. Obviously, nothing scary happened at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party! I thought it was very funny how all the Disney characters were dressed up in different costumes! Also, when my family and I went on the ride “It’s a Small World,” the family in the boat with us were all dressed up as the Incredibles! There was Mr. Incredible, Mrs. Incredible, Violet, Dash, and Jack Jack! I had a great time that Halloween!

    This year for Halloween, I am going trick-or-treating with Nicole L. and Isabel M. We are all going to dress up as “Skater Dudes!” We are going to wear skinny jeans, a sporty t-shirt, jacket, and baseball caps! I’m excited to make a “homemade costume” this year, and go trick-or-treating with my friends! I can’t wait for Halloween…it’s going to be wicked awesome!

  41. My favorite costume? It would have to be my punk rock chick costume. It was so much fun dressing up like this because I got to put on insane makeup that made me look totally different. I also got to carry around my friend’s electric guitar, and start randomly playing in the middle of the street. I definitely turned the heads of some people when I tried to power slide on the asphalt… but it was completely worth the humiliation :).

    I’ve had many funny Halloweens but one out shone the others. My friend Alex and I were putting on the finishing touches of our costume when my brother jumped up and scared us causing me to smear my face paint-witch was temporarily permanent- so I got to go trick-or-treating as a bunny with a whisker that took up almost all of my face. Then, when we actually went trick-or-treating my bag ripped, and all my candy fell out. Causing me to have to share my brother’s bag, this gave him the opportunity to stealing my candy. And if that wasn’t enough, later on, at a haunted house in our neighborhood, we reached the end and it was time to get our candy, so I reached for a piece and got squirted with “blood” (food coloring).

    This year I’m going to be a black cat. It’s really simple and probably done by a lot of people but I like the idea. I’m sure I’ll have a lot of fun going trick-or-treating in my neighborhood with my brother and maybe a couple friends.

  42. My favorite Halloween costume was probably when I was spider-man. I had the red everything and the string shooting wrist bracelet. I loved him growing up; I had him be special guest at my fifth birthday. He was always an inspiration. Anyway I had the mask and the jumpsuit and I was ready to swing from house to house to retrieve my candy. It was a fun year. I remember when I moved here I still had that big bag full of candy.

    I was to little to remember, but I remember the room. I was three and we were living in Miami, I was taking my nap right before we were about to go trick or treating. I was told that I was so quiet that evening my parents forgot me. I was still sleeping. My sister, parents, and their friends were all having a great time trick or treating up the street when they noticed I wasn’t in the stroller. This makes me laugh every time I think of it, its just one of those woops moments.

    I’m rather boring on Halloween now so I’ll just hand out candy with my friends. I have fun doing and I can easily sneak a few Twix bars here and there. I will enjoy that a lot this year, plus I don’t cheat the kids, because I hated when people didn’t pay up. So I figured I should be a role model and give them chocolate, lollipop, and then a chewy candy.

  43. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! It is really fun because you get candy, but you can also hang out with friends. I have not really celebrated Halloween in the past. I only started going trick-or-treating when I arrived here – three years ago. In France, Ireland, and in the Philippines, they didn’t celebrate it. My first year here, I was a little devil. I really liked the costume. It had a red headband with two built in devil ears. There was an attachable tail. Black gloves were also included. There was a red and black dress. It is my favorite costume because it was my first one.

    Nothing funny or scary really happened to me on Halloween. There was just this one year, when I was walking to my car. There was a mom with a child in her arms and another girl that was my age. They were walking down the street, when two boys came out of the bush and yelled” AHHHHHH,”. The girl sprinted the other way yelling. I thought it was really funny, but it was really mean.

    This year I will be going trick-or-treating with Neha. Neha and I will be Hippies. It is going to be very fun! We will go trick-or-treating in Venetian Isle or Old North East. I am looking forward to Halloween!

  44. For my Halloweens I have been many different things from black cats and Alice (from Alice and Wonderland) to vampires and witches. My favorite Halloween was two years ago. That year I went with a few of my friends around the neighborhood. I dressed up as a pajama girl. It was awesome because I got to trick-or-treat in my pajamas! My friend was a ladybug and my other friend was a bumblebee. When I got home I did not have to change out of my costume to go to bed.

    When I was two years old and something funny happened. I knocked on the door and said, “trick-or-treat.” The person at the door gave me candy and I went to the next house. I knocked on the door and said, “trick-or-treat.” This time I gave the candy, that the person at the last house had given me, to the person at this house. I thought that they were giving me candy and then I was supposed to give candy, too. I learned how to trick-or-treat on my third Halloween. My mom tells me that story sometimes before we go out for trick-or-treating. I was wearing a black cat costume and I was carrying a black cat. I will never forget that Halloween.

    This year I will be trick-or-treating in Venetian Isles because that is where I am moving. My family and I are going to learn our way around by trick-or-treating. I am thinking of wearing a snoopy costume (the dog from Charlie Brown) or being Flo (the girl from the progressive commercials). Wish me luck!

  45. I have had many halloween costumes. So far my best costume was when I was Michael Jackson.I had a black afro, a white glove, a black hat,black pants and a red jacket.I went trick-or-treating with Mac G. It was really fun because we had our bikes and took a pillowcase to put all the candy.

    Nothing funny or scary ever happened to me on halloween.

    As I got older, I lost my interest in halloween.This year I am going to stay at home,do my hoework, watch T.V, and hand out candy.

    1. I love the idea of Michael Jackson. I do agree that you lose interest in Halloween, but I still think that you should go trick-or-treating.

  46. My favorite costume had to be when Sophie and I dressed up as pumpkins last year. We went shopping together to get our costumes. First, we bought orange t-shirts and black paint. With the black paint we both drew jack-o-lantern faces on the front of our t-shirts. We used our black spandex from volleyball for shorts. We also bought black and orange stripped knee socks. For the stem of the pumpkin we put our hair up in potty tails right on top of our heads and rapped them with a green ribbon. Lastly, we stuffed our t-shirts with cotton balls you would find in pillows! The costumes were such a hit!! Best of all the costumes were such a steal, considering we all ready had much of the material we needed to make them, all we had to do was buy t-shirts, paint and socks! We went to Sophie’s house to trick-or-treat and it was a blast!

    When I was younger I use to go and trick-or treat with my friend Emma. Emma, her brother and sister, and my brothers and I would all go around her neighborhood and trick-or-treat. One Halloween while we were trick-or-treating in her neighborhood Emma and I decided to go into this haunted house someone had decided to set up in his or her own garage. We were thinking that the haunter house would be really lame. But when we went in we were so scared. The people who had decorated it did a better job then we though they would have. It was so scary we had to run out of it.

    This year Sophie and I are going to be the best costume yet! We are gong to be “swag”! Swag is an adjective and it means cool. Some people say “the more swag you have the cooler you are.” This year Sophie and I made our own costumes again. We took yellow t-shirts and wrote “SWAG” in gold paint across the front of the t-shirts, when in black paint on the back of the t-shirts we are going to write or nicknames “Swaggy” and “Swagmeister”. We are even going to weir yellow knee socks! The best part is Sophie made us both “swag glasses”. The glasses have silver glitter glue all around the front frame and then they have gold glitter on the side parts of the glasses that you would put on the side on your ears to weir. But what really makes these glasses have so much swag is that they have the word swag written across the front, on the shades of the glasses! Sophie and I will defiantly have the costume with the most swag this year!

  47. My favorite costume would have to have been a Black knight. Mostly because the other knights and I would have huge battles, I got a lot of people to dress up as nights. There were two groups and one backyard. The battle had twelve people on each side. I was being fought over on both sides because I had a huge sword it was four feet long and half a foot wide. The battle started and I also had full armor and no one else did. The costume came with surprisingly hard plastic and I made the rest out of PVC pipes that I cut in half (well my dad cut the pipe). Then everybody couldn’t stop me I was the tank nothing got in my way. Then to fair it up I took off my helmet, which didn’t end well. Someone tried to launch them selves at me but they just hit all my armor and chipped a tooth. So, he went home and I led my team to victory. Mostly because the other team just quit because the were sore losers.

    I was chasing my brother and he went into the street and I chased after him but he kept going for a log time through the street really fast and I could hardly keep up with him. So I chased him all the way down the road and he went into someone’s house. I thought he was just totally intruding in someone’s house, but it turns out the kid I was chasing wasn’t my brother they had the same costume.

    This year I’m going to just run around the neighborhood and goof off. Mostly because I’m to old for trick or treating.

  48. If I had to choose, my favorite Halloween costume would have to be last year’s, a dryer. I went with Sara, in her neighborhood, because nobody trick-or-treats or gets candy to give out in my neighborhood. Sara was a laundry basket. I like this costume the best, because we got a lot of comments from people, like “nice costume” or “that’s unique, I’ve never seen that before.”

    I’ve never had a really scary Halloween experience, but last year I had a funny one. We came up to one driveway dressed as the dryer and the laundry basket, and got some candy from the guy giving it out. As we were leaving, some of his friends came dressed as themselves. The guy refused to give them any candy, and said “Why don’t you get an actual costume, like them?” and pointed to Sara and me. “Actually,” he continued, “I’m going to give them your candy!” So Sara and I got extra candy, and the guy gave his friends some candy, anyway.

    This year, I haven’t decided what I’m going to be yet. I have so many ideas, and I can’t choose one. I might be the mouse in The Chronicles of Narnia, Reepicheep; or an iPod.

  49. Halloween is a great time to dress up as something you like, and get a lot of candy, sweets, and chocolate. Looking back on past Halloween costumes my favorite one had to be about when I was six and I dressed up as Darth Vader. This was my favorite Halloween costume because I love being able to wear a cape and a helmet, it made me feel really cool. Also I loved this costume because when I was growing up, until I was about nine, my dad, sister Francesca, and I all loved the star wars series. We found it a great way to bond.

    My next favorite Halloween memory was two years ago. I went out to Old North East to go trick or treating with a couple of friends. Later as we walking a long we met up with a bunch of guys from our grade such as: Chris j, Jake m, Brent etc. It was really fun hanging out with all of them. Then we went to one of their friend’s houses who had a zip line in their backyard. As Thomas was going down I popped out of the bushes and scared him vey much. Actually I scared him so much he jumped off and kicked me back in the bushes, not knowing it was me. I found this funny because of how scared he got but it was scary because I knew it was going to hurt when he kicked me. Sadly this year though my plans for Halloween are just to stay at home and handout candy. But hey you can stop by if you want. We have great candy.

  50. I cannot remember some of my halloweens that well, but I do remember two year ago I was Scream, and I thought I like that costume the most because I looked more realistic than I usually am. The costume felt sweaty hot because it was all black, but I got a lot of good comments from people I trick-or-treated. When I went up to someone, occasionally, they would say that I have a great costume, and what’s even better is that they don’t even know who I am.

    Last year, I remember on halloween my friend, who lives in my neighbor hood, dressed in a ghillie suit, an army camotphloage suit that snipers wear, and he kept on sneaking up to people and scaring them. Then, while I was heading home, I saw him hide behind a palm tree, and once I got closer, he jumped out in front of me attempting to scare me which didn’t work. I was actually kind of funny which was ironic because that’s wasn’t what he was trying to do.

    My plans for this year is probably not to dress up in anything because I usually just walk around the neighbor hood with my friends. Unfortunately, Halloween falls on a Monday, so I’m probably not going to walk around for very long unless I have light homework on that day. After a while, I could just go over to a friend’s house for a short period of time, and I could watch the acrobat performance on 18th Avenue that happens every year. I hope I have a wonderful halloween this year, and I hope you do too!

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