We Need More Fun

Students, please watch the following videos and answer the prompts at the end.

The Fun Theory: Something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people’s behavior for the better. (An initiative of Volkswagen)

Students, your challenge is to come up with something that when a fun element is added will change people’s behavior for the better. Think in terms of something you would like to see people do more often that isn’t done enough now, maybe because people don’t think it is fun to do. (Like picking up trash, for example)

What is this new fun thing called?
Describe its purpose
How does it work?
Who is the target audience?
Where is it?

Students, you need to be very specific with details. Separate your answers into paragraphs, please. What does your idea look like? Where specifically is it located?

And since we are talking about fun……draw a stickman.….have fun!


  1. Are you trying to make bike rides more fun? Well you should try the Re-Cycling Game. As you ride, gather trash and recyclable items along the way. Then, every 1/2 mile, drop your items in the special Re-Cycling bins. The bins are 4 feet tall and have three different slots: cans/bottles, trash, and plastic bags. You’ll earn 5 points for every item you drop, and once you earn 100 points, you get to pick a $10 gift card from a participating sponsor! Sponsors include Target, Publix, and Walmart. You’ll be helping yourself while you help your community. This is a great game for bike riders, runners and skaters of all ages. Families are encouraged to participate!

  2. Want to teach your baby to learn how to use a sippie cup instead of a bottle? How can moms and dads help their children to put down the bottle and pick up a sippie cup? Then try the new “Dazzle Drinker”! For babies ages 6 months to 3 years old that still want to drink from a bottle, this cup provides entertainment as well as encouragement.

    It lights up, plays music, and has a bubble dispenser. When a child tips the cup to his or her mouth, lights placed between the inside and outside layers of the cup flash like the lights on a Christmas tree. The cup plays the song, “Rockin’Robin”, when it is picked up. As an added feature, there is a bubble dispenser at the bottom of the cup that blows bubbles when the child drinks out of it. The bottom of the cup unscrews, so that it can be refilled with non-toxic bubble solution.

    The “Dazzle Drinker” is available in the following colors: baby blue, pretty pink, perfect purple, and gecko green. This product can soon be found in your local department store.

  3. Most people drive to places that are just around the corner for something like a Starbucks or Wendy’s. Funwalks would make walking fun. You wear sunglasses that are customized to your liking. The sunglasses have powerful motors at the top of the lenses and one on each stem. (The things that hook behind your ears.) These turn small but powerful fans that cool you down on a hot day. Also on the stems would be an MP3 player so you can listen to your favorite music when you walk. The glasses would also track how many miles you walk and for every five miles you can get a free song from the Funwalks site. The glasses will sync to the site so you can’t cheat it. This feature will be free. This would be used to get people fit and let them have a great time.

    The intended audience would be everyone. Everyone likes to be fit, listen to music, stay cool, and look good the entire time.

    This could be found at Wal-Mart and on line at the Funwalks site. They would be available to everyone this way.

  4. Introducing the newest fun theory breakthrough…
    The Game Tread!

    The purpose of the Game Tread is to get people up, moving, and exercising, whilst having lots of fun. Only 49.6% percent of Americans get enough exercise (Web MD, Caroline Wilbert), which in my opinion is very bad. With The Game Tread, this number would skyrocket as more people are encouraged to exercise through this fun initiative.

    How does it work? Well, The Game Tread is very simple. At any location, a user must sign up, where they will receive a username and password. The next time they visit a location, they log in on a computer at the location. Then it’s simple, they just begin running or walking on a treadmill. Every time you use Game Tread, the computer automatically records your workout for that day. Now comes the fun part. In the computer, there are certain goals set for the user (ex. walk 2 miles, run 3 miles, run an 8:00 min. mile). Every time the user reaches a goal, they receive a surprise gift in the mail. This initiative will keep people exercising every day.

    The Game Tread is targeted to anyone who wants to exercise! There is no cost, so anyone can join and get healthier. It will be very convenient to reach a location, and soon it will become part of every one’s daily routine.

    Game Treads will be located in common places such as markets, Wal-Mart, restaurants, beaches, etc. You can also purchase your own game tread unit for your house. For a first trial, The Game Tread would be located in front of Publix at The Old Northeast Shopping Center, because a lot of people visit there frequently.

  5. No one likes to take the house trash out to the street. If you get the Comedy Can installed you will enjoy taking out the trash.

    The purpose of this invention is help people find a way to exercise, get outside to breathe the fresh air, and take out the trash at the same time.

    When people find it tiring and boring to take out the trash from their homes you can install the Comedy Can in your large purple industrial garbage can that sits next to the curb of your street. Everyone argues who should take out the trash next. When taking out the house trash you lift the lid of your large garbage can and throw the trash away. Once the trash enters the can a joke is told. There is a small grey device that is found on the top of the inside of the lid that tells a joke when trash is thrown in the can.

    The target audience is any person that doesn’t like to take out the trash. This can include kids and adults. Everyone knows who has a Comedy Can because the can is purple with Channing’s face on the top of the lid.

  6. Everyone tells you that recycling is good. But what motivation do we have to do it? Well here is that motivation. Introducing the Recycle+ machine! You start the process by registering on the Recycle+ website. After you register you get your Recycle+ pin number. Now you can go to any nearby Recycle+ machine and enter your pin number. Now you can put each of your recyclable object in its respective slot. Each recyclable item is worth a certain amount of “Recycle+ Points!” Recycle+ Points can be used for many different purposes. You can redeem points to get certain items from the Recycle+ website. You can also donate points to friends, perfect if you don’t know what to get them for a birthday present! You could also use them as point markers in friendly competitions to see who can recycle more. You can find these fantastic machines located on most street corners. This will motivate many more people to recycle then the amount that does so now. People who already love to recycle will enjoy that they get rewards for doing what they do every day. The machines themselves would be solar powered, so you can save even more energy. They would look like medium sized machines that have been painted green, and would have a touch screen in the center. Thank you for your time.

  7. Most people drive their cars for everything and to eliminate that people would get a system attaches to their bike and it would calculate the distance they traveled on their bike. The device would be attached under the seat and turned on every time the person goes and would count the miles and for every mile it converts it into points. It would be installed solid and couldn’t get opened and hacked so every mile is real miles. There would be a heavy duty mountain biker one, a regular sidewalk biker type, and a light weight one for racers.

    The purpose would be to get people to ride their bikes more often and help the environment by cutting car usage down. More people use there bike the more they get in shape. Less car usage means less harmful gasses released into the world from car engines.

    There is a global positioning system inside that tracks the miles ridden. The unit must be activated and a code put in to activate the mile counter to make sure its the right person using the bike. Every mile is a point and every point is five dollars on a Visa gift card that is good for anything. The points can be saved up and when you are ready to cash them in you must go to a bike shop that sells the devices and is opened by the code being entered and a special key to open a USB port. It is plugged in to a computer with special software to calculate the money earned. After trading in the points the system is reset and is ready for use again.

    The target audience would be everybody because everyone likes earning money while having fun. Anyone that has a bike and can go to a place that sells them is eligible.

    It would be sold at any well known bike shops, Wal-mart, any well know outdoor equipment stores, and Target.

  8. What ever happened to going to the library to researching school projects and reading books for fun not just for homework. With this fun new program you will discover the joy of reading all over again. My innovation is called “The Book Worm”. With the bookworm you will be rewarded for your time spent reading.

    When you sign up for our free program you receive an updated library card that is registered for the book worm program. Whenever you finish a book that you were reading you can log onto the the official Book Worm site using a code on the the back of the card. Once you are logged on you are directed to your personal book worm site. On this site you can personalize the books that you have read, make suggestions to friends who visit your site as guests, or even have a discussion about your favorite chapter in a book your reading. Also for each book there is an online quiz you can opt to take on recent books you have read and earn trophies for them. Also if you have enough trophies you can turn them in for a prize of your choice, such as a gift card, a new book, or a t-shirt of a book of their choice.

    My target audience would be everyone one who enjoys reading as in general. Even if you just pick up a small book every once in awhile book worm would be a smart resource due to the fact that it’s free, it’s fun, and most of all it lets you discover the joy of reading all over again. Signing up for an account is easy. Just inquire about book worm at any library or bookstore and an employee will set you up on the track your account. You can access book worm on any computer or online enabled device.

  9. I think that a device that attaches to your leg and tells how many paces you have walked, ran, or jogged would be cool except, there would be a sound that goes off when you are running or jogging. When you are running the device may say, “Go! Go! Go!” and when you jog, the device may say, “Alright your doing good, keep pushing it, don’t stop!” The device will, of course, vary upon different phrases, and can be set to different languages. The will be like a guide for you to keep pushing the limits of your running, and it can be a stopwatch to race yourself if you want.

    The device is suppose to get people to do some running and not just walking because it like making the boring stuff into something interesting. There are all the cool sound and things you can do with the device all strapped on your shin or ankle. Anyone who runs or jogs may want this device because it will come in great use with all of its unique features. This device is can simply be bought like all other items that come from stores and on the Internet. You put the device on either of you legs usually on your ankle. The device will become very interesting and influential to others that may not run much or to make runners run more often.

  10. This one of a kind invention is called Give One Get One Machine. Let’s say you have an empty bottle of water. If you put this empty bottle of water in the Give One Get One Machine you would get a bottle of water. It’s a full, clean, cold bottle of water. So if you are jogging along the sidewalk and you are out water put your water in this machine and you would get a refreshing bottle of water. Are you thirsty for recycling? Stop by my house 2141 Brent Street. See you there.

  11. My idea to get all people to do more of something is running. I think that there should be a timer on your waist that shows how fast your running and how long it will take to run a mile at your speed. People can reset it if they want because there would be a memory system. Also, you would put your favorite music into it so whenever you run with it, it plays your music you like. It is moved towards people that like listening to music while they run. So, anyone could really use it if they wanted to. The product would be called making running a lot more fun. The product would work by when the runner hits the ground with each step it will play the songs. Also, the song will only play for 3 seconds after each step, so that if someone stopped running it would stop playing. But, if there are non-stop steps then there will be no stops in the music. I think many more people would like to run.

  12. Every time you swipe your credit card, the machine say “buy, buy, spend, spend”. This is funny by the way of people laughing. It makes people laugh which is the best. Then people will want to buy more stuff, because they are having such a fun time at the mall.

  13. Imagine. Imagine making buckling seats fun. Well that is what my new idea is going to do. Sounds are always fun, there are many interesting sounds. My idea is to make a sound chip that is put into the seat belt so when someone buckles up it makes a new sound every time. This is great because it now makes buckling up fun because you can hear a new sound every time. Maybe it might even make a sound that someone has never heard before and creates thoughts or ideas. This will be located inside a buckle of a seat belt. It will be called Buckle Me. This is targeted for everyone because grown ups might here a sound that will remind them of a memories and kids it is fun to listen to.

  14. Obviously, our world is not perfect. There are many aspects that can be improved, and they can be improved so easily by just adding fun. About 1,500 people are expected to die from cancer each day this year. Scientists are working feverishly to find a cure. Donations will help the cure come faster, and there should be more people donating to help find a cure. My solution is the revolutionary “Cancer Exchange.” Located by the cashier of all fast food restaurants in Florida, this giant, purple cylinder with a hole in the middle will make people around the state beg for money to donate. The target audience is anyone from 2 and up. The game starts when you press the giant button at the top. The timer will begin to count down from 30 seconds down to zero. You have 30 seconds to put as much change in the machine as possible. When the time is up, the door to that the money goes in closes shut and locks from the inside, not to be opened until the next customer arrives. After the game is over, you enter your name and address that cannot be seen by anyone from the outside of the game. The top five high-scores will be kept track of until the end of the month, when the winner receives a free iPad. The invention will bring money to a cure for cancer, a free iPad to the winner, and attract customers to the participating restaurants.

  15. Everyone needs exercise but what is fun about it. This new invention called the “Razzle Runner” will help you get motivated to run.

    It goes on your shoe and counts how many miles you run. Every six months we will award a prize to the top three people who got the most miles. If the prize was an Ipad would this motivate you to run? You can even track your scores online. This design is almost perfect it makes you healthier and gives you a chance to win a Ipad.

    This product is for anyone who just thinks they need to run more or just wants to win an ipad.

  16. I would make a fun theory object called the “Recyclobot.” This object would help and pesuade people into recycling. What it would do would be it would be talking like. “please recycle”, “recycling helps the environment”, “recycling is good” and stuff like that. It would be like a trash can but a recycling bin. It would have a sensor on it so everytime someone put something in there it would say something. It would also move around to get peoples attention. I think that the people this would help the most would be the people who always forget to recycle. I do sometimes and I this would encourage and remind me to do it. The “Recyclobot” would be located around parks.

  17. In our modern world there are many things that we don’t like to do, but one thing that tops them all is exercise. Introducing, the Endless Treadmill.

    The purpose of the Endless Treadmill is to make exercise fun, but also to get everyone up and moving. We don’t get nearly enough exercise, and this would be a tremendous help, in my opinion. People would be encouraged to exercise because of this fun and reliable option, and hopefully, the percent of Americans getting a good amount of exercise would skyrocket.

    Endless Treadmill is very simple to operate and use. There would be gyms and Endless Treadmill locations around the country, and all you have to do is go in, and start walking. Firstly, join Endless Treadmill. Simply go to a location and register. You would have to enter a name, password, and email address. Then, you could start walking. By the end of your workout, you would have walked a ways on the treadmill, but instead of forgetting, the machine automatically saves the distance walked to your account, and the total miles walked so far is sent to your email. Then, you come back tomorrow, and literally start up right where you left off. Then, after the workout, your total distance is sent to your email again. Now, in addition to racking up the personal miles, you could go online and enter a competition to see who could walk or run the farthest in a set period of time. If you win, your membership is free for the next month, so the prizes motivate and encourage people to exercise more, and improve your overall health. Overall, Endless Treadmill is an easy and simple way to get moving.

    The target audience for Endless Treadmill is simple and very broad. The answer, everybody. Everybody could compete and walk, from the youngest kids, to the oldest seniors. Endless Treadmill would establish good habits for young children, as they would know the importance of exercise through the service. In addition to being branded for kids, it’s an easy and effective way to exercise as an adult, because not all of us love the treadmill, but this way, it’s fun and competitive. So, Endless Treadmill is simply for everybody who wants to play.

    Endless Treadmill, ideally, would be located in thousands of places. It would be in New York, Hong Kong, London, everywhere. It could be in offices , and you could have inter-office competitions, or international competitions. People would be competing against everyone everywhere, and that would provide an incentive to walk. And since it’s everywhere, everyone would be doing it. You could have an Endless Treadmill in a specific neighborhood, and everyone in the area would have a fun and healthy competition. It would be everywhere, so you could walk wherever and whenever you wanted to.

  18. Are you ready for game that’s sweeping the nation? Recycling can be more fun and with “Recycle Points”, it’s never been more fun! An app, downloadable on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, that has a new task or objective every day so that you can earn points. Each day, a new objective comes up on the app and tells you the quantity and brand you need to recycle that day to earn points. For instance, one task could be ”Recycle 5 Sprite cans today to earn 50 points.” The app also gives the week’s tasks in advance so you can start saving up. To be able to let the app know you did the task, you have to go to a registered dump or recycling plant and tell the people on duty your username so that the dump at the end of the day can tell “Recycle Points” who gets to collect the points.

    There are many prizes available from gift cards, small pieces of furniture, and even a brand new TV. The targeted audience is anyone with anyone with a device that can download the app. Children or adults; everybody can enjoy this game while helping the earth at the same time! Registered dumps are in many major cities and we’re still adding more! Get this app and both you and the earth will be happy!

  19. Do you want to make our earth less polluted? Here is one fun game you can do: Garbage Three Point Shootout! (Basketball). In Garbage Three Point Shootout there are three different baskets: A Garbage Basket, a Recycle basket, and a Cans basket. There is a Three Point line that you shoot your trash from, and a big box on the ground that stretches very far so that if you miss, or make your trash goes into the boxes. You can shoot on the basket, and challenge your friends to a game of Garbage Shootout!

    This game will be located in every third neighborhood in every fifth state in the United States.

    The purpose of this game is to help people recycle, and pick up, and throw away trash.

    The garbage shootout is for anyone of all ages, because even if they don’t make the shot, the trash will still go in the box.

  20. Don’t you just hate it when you have to go to the gym and you favorite T.V. show is on but not on their T.V? Well now you can release all of that hatred because you don’t have to miss it at all with the exercise bike T.V. version now the gym is at home and the T.V. is right in front of you.

    The exercise bike T.V version is a fantastic aerobic work out while still getting to watch T.V. This amazing device works by cables that are connect to the T.V that plug in to the bike. It has a conveyor belt underneath the bike so when you move it creates electricity. The faster you petal your bike the better the pixilation is and if you pedal real fast you get more channels.

    The target audience is couch potatoes from ages ten to one hundred. This special object looks like a regular exercise and takes up the same space. You can find this product at all major retailers.

  21. Does your electric bill get so high that it causes you to stress out? Well, know I can assure you, there’s a solution to that issue, and it’s called the Pool-O-Rama. The Pool-O-Rama attaches to your arm, like an odometer, but it is attached to a big turbine. As you swim, it calculates how many miles you have swam, and while you swim, it causes the turbine to turn. This generates electricity, so you can use that for electricity instead of paying for it because this is absolutely free, no lie! The intended audience, I believe, can be anyone, all ages, who can swim well and wants to stay or get in shape.

  22. Are you tired of having to look around for recycling bins and decide to just throw that bottle in the trash? Well, now you don’t have to look anymore with the Cap Trap.

    This machine will make you want to buy bottles just so you can recycle them. Now, recycling is fun, easy and fast.

    It works by placing your cap into a hole. Then, you place your bottle into a different hole. Once a bottle and cap are placed inside their right holes, your cap will do a series of loops and swirls as you watch in amazement.

    Our target audience is anyone who has a bottle and really cares about their environment.

    Cap Traps are located on almost any street corner and can also be found in your local convenience store.

  23. My New fun thing is called “The Playground Of Power.” The Reason it is called this is because the playground toys are specially designed to produce power, so while the kids are having fun while playing on the playground, they are also generating electricity! You may be asking how this works, but I’m about to tell you. The playground equipment are swingsets, a marry go round, a seesaw, and a little cylinder that you can run on and it spins around. The swing set works when someone swings, and when it goes back and forth, it pushes a turbine in the top of the swing, creating electricity, the same thing works with all of the things at the playground, but in different ways. The marry go round works by when it goes around, it pushes the turbine around, also, the seesaw works when the people use it, when one side goes down, it takes the pressure to turn a turbine, and vice versa with the other side of the seesaw. And finally, the “River Log” this works by when somebody runs, the sides also turn a turbine creating energy. This playground can be used by anyone, but is mostly intended for children under the age of fourteen. This playground would be in a park a suburban area.

  24. Since a lot of people roller blade, bike, skateboard, scooter or ride anything else that you should wear a helmet with. We need to be more safe and this is a great way of doing it. The super helmet has arrived! It plays music, massages your head and even gives you directions to places. It’s also a wallet
    and you can hook it up to your cell phone so you can call someone by simply saying, “Call (whatever the persons name is)”. You can also sync it to your ipod and listen to music that way. It’s super protective and ultra comfortable. You’re probably saying to yourself “What’s next, a weather forecast and xm radio?” If you are, you’re right, it has all that too and no, it’s not $1,000, the super helmet’s free and supplied by the government. I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone wore them everywhere and they also prompt you to go outside and move, because it’s solar powered and because it only works when it feels your vibrations. It’s the way to get people safe, moving and outside.

  25. I think a big problem is eating junk food. Introducing, the Health-o-Matic. This app keeps track of what you eat and adds up health points that you receive for eating healthier. This app is used to teach people to eat healthier, so they will be healthier and live longer. If you take something like fries or a soda, it will deduct points. Healthy foods like salads and water or juice add points, and once a month, you receive a check with the amount of money you earned with the 75 cent points. For security to make sure no one cheats, the store, lunch providers’s or restaurant’s computer is hooked up to Health-o-Matic’s headquarters and each person’s account is protected by a key code.

    The intended audience is anyone, but especially kids so they can learn to eat healthy.

    If you are interested in the Health-o-Matic, stop by your local supermarket, restaurant or food service to sign up and get in shape while having fun and earning money。

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