The Reason Behind The Rhyme And Zebra Wink

Students, this week I want you to get your creative juices flowing!

Jack and Jill went up the hill

To fetch a pail of water.

Jack fell down and broke his crown,

And Jill came tumbling after.

1. In paragraph form:

Who are Jack and Jill?

Why are they going up the hill to get water? Can’t they just turn on the faucet?

What happened to Jack that made him fall down the hill? Broke his crown?

What was Jill’s reason for tumbling down after him?


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  1. Jack and Jill were orphans, in a small town. They lived at an orphanage near the well. One day their orphan mother asked them to fetch some water for her plants. Since this was a poor town, they had to use an old well to get water instead of a faucet. So they went up the hill to get the water. Silly jack thought Jill wasn’t pulling up the bucket fast enough so he started telling her to pull faster. Jill got annoyed and pushed Jack of the hill. Then when she saw him break his head- or crown, – she felt guilty so she tumbled down after him.

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  2. Jack and Jill are two in love. The went up a hil for water because there water bill wasn’t paid and their faucet didnt work. When jack was going down the hill he was looking at a bird and wasn’t paying attention and tripped on a rock. Jill fell because she was watching jack fall and tripped on the same rock and tumbled with Jack.


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  3. The story behind the really Jack and Jill story is that, Jack and Jill had just gotten married and had just bought a new house far away in the forest. The water in their house was not working so they had to go up the hill to the river on the other side. On their way to the river Jack had been wearing his favorite crown that had been his great, great grandfathers, who had been the king of Britburg which was a far away village. While walking up the hill Jack tripped on a turtle and lost his balance. Jack had begun to fall and grabbed on to Jill. Since Jack was a lot bigger then Jill she fell also and landed on Jacks crown and broke it. Both Jack and Jill fell down the hill but both were okay.

  4. Jack and Jill are two joyful, happy children who are siblings. They lived in 1900’s, and their mom asked them to get some water from the well at the top of the hill next to their house. They couldn’t afford running water in their house because it was expensive at the time. After Jill got their water from the well up the hill, Jack tripped on his shoelace and fell down the hill breaking his favorite crown that he always wore on his head. Of course, the crown wasn’t real so it could be broken easily. As Jill saw Jack rolling down the hill, she put the bucket of water down and came tumbling down the hill to see if Jack was okay.

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  5. Jack and Jill are nine year old twins. They are having a pool party at their house for their birthday. While they swam around in the pool they decided to make water balloons. When they were about to go inside to the sink their mother told them they couldn’t go inside because they were soaking wet. She told them they were going to have to get a pail and go up the hill down the street and fetch a pail of water in the well. Once they got to the top of the hill Jill bumped into Jack. As soon as Jill was about to apologize, Jack called Jill an elephant three times. After the fourth time Jill became furious and just as Jack put his birthday crown on and filled the pail with water Jill pushed Jack down the hill. As Jack tumbled down the hill his crown fell off. Back at the top of the hill Jill started to walk down the hill as she laughed hysterically. Jill did not watch where she was going and tripped on a small rock. Jill tumbled all the way to the bottom of the hill and landed on Jacks birthday crown. After this they decided not to make water balloons and they walked the whole way home and walk straight to their rooms and went to bed.

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  6. Jack and Jill were two very rich people. They weren’t stubborn nor greedy. In fact, they were very helpful and caring. They loved to do charity work together and to help others. One of the charity jobs were to get 50 pails of water from the well on the hill to get for the homeless. But one time Jack dropped the pail and slipped on the water tumbling down the hill, landing on another bucket they have prepared before-hand, causing him to break his royal crown. Jill thought it looked really fun and didn’t think he should have all the exitment and so she jumped down the hill after Jack.

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  7. Jack and Jill are siblings who lived in the late 1800’s. Their parents asked them to fetch some water for dinner. In the 1800’s there was no faucets, so they had to go up their hill, to the well, to get their water. Jack was in a hurry to get back home and he didn’t notice a giant stone right in front of him. It was taking longer than usual to get the water, so when they got the water, he started running home and tripped over the stone. He was tumbling and tumbling and final stop to a load “Crack.” Jack broke his head, or crown, and was lying down screaming in pain. Jill was nervous and tumbled down to get him.

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  8. Jack and Jill are two kids rich kids. They went up the hill to get some water because they were thirsty. It is in the late 1400’s. Jill pushed him down. She wanted to have some fun rolling down a hill.


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  9. Jack and Jill are two brothers who were really rich.They were playing outside a game called “King”Jack was the king. They got really hot and thirsty. They decided to go up the hill to get some water because the water from the faucet was undrinkable. Because they were so thirsty they ran really fast.Jack did not notice the hole and tripped Jill started laughing so Jack came back up and pushed his brother.Jill started tumbling. Finally Jack said “Well my work her is done.”He started laughing while he was going down the hill to get his brother.Once again he tripped on the same hole and fell down the hill. When he stood up his crown was broken.Then they got water and went back home

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  10. Jack and Jill are two twins. One day their mother needs water so she asks them to fetch her a bucket of water. They lived back before they had faucets so there was a town well up on a tall hill. Jack and Jill were racing down the hill, but the water spilled and Jack slipped and landed on his head and he broke it. Crown means a head. Jill was not as fast and she fell too, but because she was not going as fast she did not break her head.

  11. Jack and Jill are twins. They live in medieval times. They went to fetch some water because their mother is making chicken for dinner and she wanted to make the chicken moist. Jack fell down because he slipped on spilt water and broke his skull. Jack tripped Jill on his way down and she fell too.

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  12. Jack and Jill were a newlywed couple that were vacationing in the Himalayas. While having a nice stroll up to a village that was five thousand feet above sea level, Jack was chased off by a goat. When Jack charged him to stop annoying, he grabbed on to the goat’s horns, but when he grabbed them the goat started thrashing and threw Jack off the side of the mountain. Jill was in such shock that she ran after him and tripped on a rock. Jill started rolling after Jack. When jack reached the bottom, he smashed his head on a huge bolder. After that jack learned not to challenge a goat.

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  13. Jack and Jill are two kids that went up a hill to get water to drink. They could not use a faucet because Jill took her pony’s hair and stuffed it up the pipe and now it is clogged. Jack splashed some water on Jill and Jill knocked him over. Jack rolled down the hill and over his toy crown that he used to pretend to be king. On the way down Jack grabbed Jill’s leg and pulled her down with him.

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  14. I think Jack and Jill are two normal kids but it’s Jack’s birthday so he is wearing the birthday crown. They wanted to get some water although at that time they didn’t have faucets so they went to the well but they got it confused with the iron well. Then it was to heavy for him so he fell down and broke his crown. He accidentally tripped Jill so she fell down.

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  15. Jack and Jill were french spies. They went up the hill to examine the river water for gold to pay off the bill for their flying car that went missing. Instead of gold jack found a silver crown. He loved it and while he was staring at it he tripped over a blade of grass and fell all the way down the hill and his crown broke into five pieces. Jill laughed but then tripped over a piece of Jacks’ crown and fell down the hill too.


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  16. Jack and Jill are the king and queen of their town. They are very famous in their town. Jack and Jill are very young to be king and queen. Jack and Jill are both twenty-seven years old. They are very nice to all the people in their town. It was Christmas, so the workers in the castle had the day off. Jack wanted to make Jill a special Christmas dinner. He hadn’t cooked in a decade. He turned the oven on high,and that created a fire. Jack didn’t know where to get water in their castel, because his workers always got water for him. When he was small he used to get water from the lake on the other side of the hill for his mother. He called Jill to help him get the water. They ran over the hill to get the water. They scooped a big gulp of water and put it in the bucket. Jack and Jill went back over the hill, but this time with the water. The water was to heavy to carry. Jack couln’t take anymore and he tumbled down the hill. Now it was just Jill with the bucket. She fell down right behind Jack and when Jack hit the bottom of the hill he notice he lost his crown. He spotted it a few feet away. Right before he reached out for it Jill landed on his crown and broke it. Eventually, they had a merry christmas.

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  17. Jack and Jill were friends with Jake. Jake became sick so Jack and Jill decided to get him some holy water from the hill. Jack was running and Jill walking slowly. Once they got to the top of the hill they filled the bucket with water. Jack didn’t realize how heavy the bucket and fell down the hill. Jack’s foot had gotten Jill’s leg and they both fell down the hill. Once Jack stopped, Jill was still rolling and she hit him and broke his crown.

  18. Jack and Jill are five years old, living in medieval England. They are brother and sister and like to play together. Jack and Jill live next to a large hill with a well on top. It is lunch time, and their mother wants to cook soup for the meal. The first thing she needs is water, so she gives her two children the water bucket. Since they like to play, when they get out they run around. Jack falls in a hole and finds a rusty old crown. He puts the crown on his head and they both run up the hill. Jack pulls up the rope to get the water. Jill pours the water into the bucket, but she spills some. Jack slips on the mud that the water created. He rolls down the hill. His crown falls off of his head, and rolls down in front of him. Jack lands on his crown, which is sideways, and snaps it in half. Jill thinks it looks fun, so she drops the bucket and tumbles down the hill just like him. They walk back up the hill and get more water. When they get home, their mom is really mad because Jack and Jill are covered in mud, scratches, and bruises. She makes the soup anyway and they all have a pleasant lunch.

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  19. Jack and Jill were sent up the hill by their mother for water to have a bath. A water line near their house had broken so they couldn’t get any water. Jack was on his way down hill when he tripped over a baby zebra. Jill did the same. Then the zebra went wild and took Jacks fake crown and bite it in half. Then Jack and Jill went back up the hill and finally got the water.

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  20. Jack and Jill are both sixteen years old in a city called Waterville on a farm. They ran up the hill to get water for the zebras. Half way up the hill jack tripped over a piece of grass and fell to the bottom and broke his crown. Then Jill remembers she left her car on so she tumbled down after Jack.

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  21. Jack and Jill are the richest of the rich. They are so rich that they wanted to go up the hill to the water instead of using the water out of the faucet. Jill told Jack a really funny joke, and he laughed so hard that he lost his balance and fell down the hill. When he was at the bottom he was so mad that he threw his crown at the ground and it broke and he cried. Jill laughed too at the joke and at how Jack fell down the hill and broke his crown that she fell down the hill.

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  22. Jack and Jill were normal and adventurous children who lived in England in the year 1942. They lived on a farm next to a large and imposing hill that had a well on top. Jack loved sweets, and was almost constantly going to the dentist to fix cavities, get his teeth crowned, and get braces and other such dental implements. Jill, on the other hand was a good girl, but she was a tomboy, and loved to explore. On day, the 14th of October was an especially bad day of bombing. The Germans bombed much of London, razing the city to the ground. They hit the water supply station that supplied water to London and the surrounding countryside. Because of this, Jack and Jill were tasked by their father to go up the hill and fill up the water pail with water for the animals. As they traveled up the hill with the heavy pail, Jill was visibly struggling. They reached the top of the hill and filled up the pail. As they went down the hill, Jill stumbled, and the pail crashed forward into Jack, who went tumbling down the mountain, breaking the crown off his teeth as he tumbled down the side of the hill. Now, Jill, thrown off balance by the absence of Jack, was stumbling around trying to keep the pail (like a pig trough) upright, and while she was doing this, wasn’t looking at the ground, and she accidentally stepped into a gopher hole, and tumbled down the mountain after Jack. It seems to simple, but that is the real reason behind the rhyme.

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  23. One day 9 year old Jack and 8 year old Jill came home from school. Today it was Jacks birthday, so he got to wear the birthday crown for one day and bring it home. When the two kids kids got home they found candles lighting their house instead of lights. “the power and water went off temporaraly this morning” their mother said. “Jack why dont you go fetch us a pail of water from the well out in the field?” his mother asked. “O.K.” replied Jack. Then Jill said “I’ll go with him.” So the kids went out and found the well in the field. They went over to it and there was a cover on it. The cover read ‘For emergency use only’ on it. There was a hole in the middle that said ‘pull here to remove lid’. Jack pulled on it but it woulden’t come off. “It won’t come off” said Jack while trying to pull off of the lid. “Here ill help” said Jill, and she and Jack pulled together untill the lid came off and they went tumbling down the hill. “OWW OOF EECH OWCH” they said as they were falling down the hill. Once they reached the bottom Jack figured out that he broke his birthday crown his teacher gave him. “Ooh Ms. Hickelfritz (the teacher) is going to be sooo mad.” said Jill and went running off to her mom to tell her what happened.

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  24. Jack and Jill are to friends that lived in the 19th century in a small village in the outskirts of London. One day they were hiking up the hill to the village well to get water, because at the time running water in your house was not available. Jack wasn’t paying attention and slipped in a patch of mud and tumbled down the hill, and ended up cracking his skull. Jill ran after him to make sure he wouldn’t injure himself anymore and take him to the hospital.

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  25. Jack is on a remote island with his assistant Jill testing out a new helmet technology known as Crown. If you put the Crown in fresh water,than put it on your head, it will align the flow of energy in your body and make you levitate. Since they are on an island, the was no fresh water accept for up the hill in the creek. While going up there, with the Crown in Jack’s hand. Jack tripped on a rock and dropped the Crown. Since the Crown was split in half, Jill ran after it so she could repair it.

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  26. Jack and Jill are a king and a Queen. One day their servant was sick so they had to get their own water. While walking back down the hill Jack fell down because he tripped on a rock them Jill started running after him and fell sown with him.

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  27. Jack and Jill are cousins who live together. They couldn’t get water from the sink because they were very poor and low class. Jack fell down the hill because he slipped on water and a rock at the bottom broke his crown. Jill fell down too because she tried to save him!

  28. Jack and Jill are twin brother and sister and one day they went to get water up the hill because their sink got clogged. Jack fell down the hill because he tripped over a rock and Jill followed also because she was holding his hand and he took her down!

  29. Jack and Jill were living during the time of an alien invasion, and they were two of the refugees from the town of Hills-burrow. The aliens had blown up the water pipe flowing into the town so Jack and Jill were assigned to scout the well for any activity or suspicious noises and to get water. When Jack got up to the top of the hill an alien ship swooped down and fired lasers at him. He was taken off guard and had to jump down the hill to protect himself. During the jump he crushed his crown. The crown was a force field hat that protected from alien blasters. Jill came flying down the hill due to the wind flying around the alien ship.

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