Seventh Grade Words Of Wisdom ~ Last Blog Post Of This Year

Students, this is your last post of your seventh grade year! Please know that you are always welcome to post to this blog at any time. We would love to hear from you. So, following tradition, you will leave your parting thoughts of the seventh grade experience for next year’s grade. Your words will be the first things my new students read when I introduce them to the blog.

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

Think in terms of things you would have liked to have known before entering seventh grade.

What valuable lessons did you learn along the way that you can pass on to others?

What are “the essentials” that every seventh grader should know?

Topics of discussions can be related to academics, sports, drama, stress, late nights, drama, adjustment from sixth, lockers, organization, management, assessments, friendships, Sea Camp, etc.

If you talk about your classes, specifically your teachers: be courteous, respectful, kind, humorous.

I will miss you all! Have a fun summer, safe travels wherever you may go, and please come back and visit me next year!!


  1. My best advice to offer is not to goof off at all because it will get you in a lot of trouble. I know you may think it is funny and your friends think its funny, but its really not worth it.

    Also, try your best to keep your binders and locker as organized as you can. I know I am sounding like your mom or teacher, but it really does help.

    Study as hard as you can because for me, the material was really hard to learn. I know a lot of things are going to be happening in your social life, but a lot of it you need to ignore and just study.

    Be respectful and pay attention in all classes because they get really annoyed at disrespectful students. Also don’t try to argue with teachers because they don’t like that and will probably give you a mark because it is disrespectful.

    You are going to make a lot of new friends and lose a lot of friends that you may have hung out with in sixth grade. You just need to go with these changes and don’t let them bug you.

    Good luck!

  2. Seventh grade is really a year of change. The work is somehow different, the teachers, (obviously) and other things. I bet you will even completely change your group of friends. Now lets get to the fun part! The advice. I’m going to go in the order of my schedule.
    A Period. Wheel. Now that’s not specific. Music. (there we go!) I wasn’t the best behaved student in music. I got a Poor and B+. Try not to misbehave a lot. That B+ could destroy your chances of getting high honors.
    Still A Period… Art. There’s not much advise I can give you. It’s really the same as 6th grade.
    Next, computer. In Computer, you learn some cool new websites and projects.
    Last for A period, Drama. You work on debates and fun skits.
    Sorry if I couldn’t give you a lot of advise for those subjects. It’s hard because you already know those teachers and what they do in class. Now it gets easier.
    English with Mrs. Cobb. Mrs. Cobb helps improve your grammar a lot! And also kind of jumbles your grammar a little too. You read three entertaining books. The Hunger Games, The Outsiders, and Mid Summer Nights Dream. My favorite book was The Hunger Games. I devoured the series. A portion of your grade is your reading grade. You have to read a book every month. If you don’t keep up with that, your in trouble!
    Math with Mrs. I. Mrs. I is an awesome teacher. If you chew gum in class, it is impossible to not get caught. You learn complicated math equations. She makes Pre-Algebra very interesting. Also, always bring pencils to her class or else she’ll give you a mark.
    Spanish with Mrs. Jarvis. You will love Mrs. Jarvis. Mrs Jarvis is really nice and gives out candy sometimes if you answer a question right. Just like Mrs. Kelly. Spanish is a lot harder than 5th and 6th grade Spanish. There’s a lot of vocab. Don’t forget to do the online activities. It’s easy to forget about them!
    Mr. Collins is a great Biology teacher. You learn a lot from cells and atoms all the way to the scientific method and classifying organisms. My only suggestion is to study!
    Mr. H! Social Studies is a blast. Mr. H is really easy going and funny. If your not paying attention during class he’ll throw a jedi bomb at you. Some hurt. You learn about the Incas and Aztecs, the government, and the Norse.
    I bet that you will love 7th grade!

  3. There are five things you need to know for seventh grade next year. Seventh grade is a lot harder than sixth grade.

    1. Listen to directions.

    2. Don’t say you can’t study.

    3. Be nice to girls it will come back at you if you don’t.

    4. Help eachother.

    5. Don’t make stupid dissisions.

    These are some great tips. Good Luck.

  4. Seventh grade is tough on everyone. Sure, you’re in the flow now that sixth grade is over, but it’s like you have missed something important between the time of the end of sixth and the beginning of seventh. Everything piles up on you and crushes you like a steam roller. It starts with your social life, and as you are figuring out how to plan out your social year, all of a sudden you realize that your grades are falling and you need to stop them. As you try to turn in your late assignments and work, you find less time for your friends and family. My best piece of advice I can give is to plan out early in the year how you can balance you social life and your grades, so you can get the education you need, while also having fun doing it.

  5. Dear New Seventh Grader;

    Your fun times of goofing off with Mr. Cruise is over, there is no more car races, no more mysterious voices in teacher’s heads, and no more, “let’s spend the last days of school not caring and watching “’Pirates of the Caribbean.”’ It is truly time to get down to business. Here are some quick tips to help survive this new punishment.

    First off, and I truly mean first things first, read this blog. I remember the first week of school; I couldn’t even find the blog website to read this. Unfortunately so, I never did read what the grade before me said on their take on seventh grade. It was a mistake that was costly, costly because I had to make it up for myself; to “hit it as it comes,” as the saying goes.

    Then, just do us all a favor and be respectful. It’s a simple request but it takes a lot of “guts” and maturity to fulfill. If you succeed in doing so, your Shorecrest experience will be amazing. You will enjoy every moment, every second, and every one of the 181 day school year. You ask my reasoning? Well once again my reasoning is quite simple. Our grade is… well… ummm…. Complicated, yes complicated is the right word. Though to summarize it, we have a lot of experience in wanting massive amounts of constant attention, in other words, we are the disrespectful class, (sometimes). So take it from us, it’s never fun to have the Dean come and talk to you nine times throughout the year about issues dealing with respect.

    Third and final, write the blogs. Try your absolute hardest on the blogs, not only because it counts a unbelievably massive amount for your complete trimester average, but it helps with your writing… a lot. I remember maybe even six months ago I would have been scared out of my mind to be writing something of this magnificence and how it being read in the public eye all around the world. Now I have no problem writing this stuff in my sleep and I have complete confidence in my writing.

    I truly hope this helps on your quest for academic excellence and the complete succession of seventh grade.

    Have Fun,

    P.S. It will be over before you know.

  6. I can honestly say, that seventh grade is a twisted roller coaster of ups and downs. You see, one of the biggest factors of officially hitting teen hood is realizing all the drama between friend clicks, cheesy romantic endeavors, and yes yourself as well. Then, there is the academic side that may often find you slacking off with grades hitting update status. Now, while this all may seem common to you incoming sixth graders, trust me when I say that some of these issues can still pack a punch starting on day 1. Unfortunately, I’m short on time writing this post (finals of course) and can’t get to these issues. However, I would advise to be cautioned, because even though seventh grade is probably the best year in middle school, there’s always going to be some things to look out for. Oh, and by the way just a word for everyone, whatever you do, please do not procrastinate, for I have done this more than excessively and am quite ashamed.

  7. Here are 4 tips for you new seventh graders next year:
    1. Now you actually HAVE to pay attention in class, and I mean every little detail.
    2. Girls don’t have cooties.
    3. There are no “mean” teachers, you probably got them on your bad side already.
    4. If you haven’t done your homework yet, find a time to DO it.

    And this tip is directed for Jewish people having a bar/bat mitzvah this year:

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