The Oberon Rap

What thou see’st when thou dost wake,

Do it for thy true love take.

Love and languish for his sake.

Be it lynx or cat or bear,

Leopard or boar with bristled hair,

In thy eye that shall appear

When thou wak’st, it is thy dear.

Wake when some vile thing is near. (2.2.32-40)

Students, please read and understand the meaning of Oberon’s lines. You are to create a poem, rap, or song based on these lines. You are not to use any of Shakespeare’s words, but rather rewrite this passage using modern language and stay true to the meaning of it. It should rhyme, can be humorous (not stupid), and be up to eight lines. It should have some rhythm to it and be written in the same format. Have fun!

Here’s my feeble attempt: (No copying)

What you see when you arise,

Will be your love before your eyes.

Be it mouse, or bat, or bunny,

Rat, or bear who loves his honey.

When you wake you’ll be in love,

It’ll be ugly not cute as a dove.

Also, I forgot to mention this week that I loved all your great ideas on the kinds of things you would put in a museum for teens if you were in charge of doing so. I thought it interesting how many of you are not fans of art museums, per se, but rather enjoy museums that are hands on, have interactives, and use music and technology to engage the audience.

By the way……gmail motion was Google’s April Fool’s 2011 joke. Many of you knew that so kudos to you. I thought all your motion ideas were very clever!


  1. What you shall see when you open your eyes

    Will be what you love until he dies

    Whether it be lion, or monkey, or bear

    Or a snake who gives you a scare

    The love you’ll find will be true and dear

    But you’ll only awake when something awful is near

  2. When you wake up from seeping and open your eyes

    Will be your love until it dies

    No matter if it is a cat or bear

    A boar or lepoard with spotted hair

    When hey wake up they will be in love

    With nothing but your true love

  3. When you awake you will not shake,

    Before the being in front of you.

    Be it a cat, dog, or bear,

    This ugly being to others, to you will be fair.

    You will love it with all your heart,

    And not want to ever be apart,

    For you will have a new love,

    While I now have the Indian boy.

  4. What you see when you open your eyes

    will be the thing you love until you die.

    Be it a cricket, a frog, or a cat

    Be it a cat or bear

    Who you see next will be your love

    Will be something very ugly not something sweet.

  5. The first life you see whence you arise

    Will be your true love

    And you will never break ties.

    May it be a bear, bird, or bat

    Cobra, kangaroo, or cat.

    Whatever you see when you arise

    But may it be something that is not intelligent or wise.

  6. When you wake up you will see

    A beast that would put everyone in their misery

    Whether it be a snake, a bear, or an evil honey bee

    In your eyes it will be love at first sight

    This love is a lie so don’t worry my dear

    You will only wake up when such creature is near!

    And by the way…………..
    I knew it was a fake all along!!!!!!!!!!

  7. What creature you shall see when you awake
    Shall be your love until you die
    It can be a bird, a frog or a bear
    Or a Zebra with striped hair
    All of the options above seem to be fair
    While you find love, I will be in my evil lair

  8. The site as you arise

    Is for my own pride

    As the Indian boy

    Will indeed be mine

    May it be an ugly animal

    Or perhaps a beautiful mammal

    Shall it catch a glimpse of your eye

    If awakening to the bright sky

    In which you will smile

    At a love that is very vile

  9. What you’ll see when you awake,

    Won’t be by mistake.

    Love him forever,

    Dog, bear, or even uglier.

    No matter how it looks,

    Even if it’s not in love with you but with books.

    You’ll love him with your heart shaped like a pear,

    Wake up when the ugliest thing is here.

  10. When you awake from your sleep

    Your true love will be in your sight

    If its a dog, cat, or bear

    Or even a bird or a frog

    Even if if its a beast

    You will love it forever

  11. Once you wake up and look around and see,

    Your man of your dreams will be right in front of thee.

    Whether it’s a bat or a bee or a saint or a fiend,

    Or maybe a bird, a tree or something in between,

    Your new true love will be very very odd,

    Let’s hope you two can just get along.

  12. When you wake from this short rest,

    Your heart be truly blest,

    For your eye has found the best.

    Whether spider, bat, or skunk,

    Your heart will feel drunk.

    In your vision, love is near,

    when you wake, you’ll show no fear,

    even if a monster is here.

  13. What you see when you wake up,w

    Will be your love, like it or not.

    You’ll admire him because you think he’s hot.

    Even if he is a really gross robot.

    What is obseved upon your waking,

    When you open your eyes, will be worth taking.

    Even though it will be really ugly…

  14. What you see when you rise

    Will be a true love before your eyes

    You will love it with no doubt

    Whether it is a stinky trout,

    Cat, or lion with messy hair,

    You will have to stop and stare.

    Make sure to wait until the beast is near,

    Or else I will be in great fear.

  15. When you awaken,

    upon your eyes,

    there will be something of your despise.

    May be bird, or monster or even flies,

    something that you’ll despise

    so,be ready to fall in love

    with something that is nothing sweet

    like a cute birdy that goes “tweet tweet”

  16. More Edited Version:

    For now my dearest, you rest and bask;

    Into the darling eyes of the silver moon.

    Though once you waken, so tired and dreary,

    You’ll be mistaken, Here thee. Here thee,

    A lover will come upon out of thy mist,

    One so vile, requieth a thy list,

    Maybe a monster?

    Or animal?

    Like A Goose or Moose?

    For you only can choose.

    Your dearest of dears,

    Though for me and thy laughter of peers,

    Choose a dear, most like a deer.

    Or a love, most like an ugly dove.

    For I ache till morning,

    Ah sweet mourning,

    The mourning of which you find your disappointing beast.

  17. Ahhh Okay went alittle overboard on the writing, here is the revised version cut down to nine lines minus this part: For now my dearest, you rest and bask;

    Though once you waken, so tired and dreary,

    You’ll be mistaken, Here thee. Here thee,

    A lover will come upon out of thy mist,

    One so vile, requieth a thy list,

    Like A goose or moose?

    For you only can choose your dearest of dears,

    Though for me and thy laughter of peers,

    Choose a dear, most like a deer.

    P.S. Nine lines was as much as I could cut it down too. If I went to eight, the poem would not make too much sense.

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