Student Opinons Needed

Students, what would you plan if a local museum paid you to attract teens?

Tell us what kinds of events and programs you might create if a museum in your community chose you as part of a “teen council” charged with attracting your friends and showing them that museums don’t have to be dull. What activities, classes, exhibits, and events can you imagine? Why? (Courtesy of the NY Times Learning Network)

GMAIL Motion

A New Way To Communicate

Students, please visit the above link and watch the short Google video on its latest tool. (You are NOT opening a gmail account) but rather watching the video and reading the rest of the text on the page.

What do you think? Do you think this will improve how we send emails? Sounds like fun and you get to exercise too!

Can you think of other gestures (CLEAN and APPROPRIATE) that should be added to their list? (Check out their motion guide as you scroll down the screen.)

Finally, for those of you who are like doing maze puzzles, check this out. (Turn up the volume.)



  1. If a museum would pay me to make an exhibit. I would make it a time line of the history of technology. If there is an exhibit like this I might want to go to the museum which is an accomplishment because I hate museums.

    I don’t like the GMAIL motion because it is hard to memorize a million motions. Also they are stupid. Like in the video the guy waved his hand and it typed Barbados. One motion I could think of is a slap on the knee and it means that is very funny.

  2. If I were to help design a certain museum for teens to really enjoy, I would first have it based of some really cool event or production that would attract young, hip people. There would be lots of good music, with performances done by all the cool celebrities. also the entire museum would be separated into attractions for different types of people. For instance, a section for artistic people and a section for people who enjoy science and mechanics. It would be a huge success and the museum would be known throughout the world.

    I think Gmail Motion is a really idea, though I’m not sure how successful it will be. Truthfully I don’t think that it would be enjoyable for the user; I mean, i don’t know any adults who would do all of these crazy motions. In conclusion, the result of success would be poor. But too bad its only one of our teachers, April Fools Tricks.

  3. Well, for starters, making the museum free would definitely attract more people because a lot of teens don’t have cash on hand. And we don’t like to be quiet, so being able to talk and just have fun is required. No younger or older people would be allowed. Most teenagers don’t care the slightest bit about art, so the main focus of the museum would not be art. There actually wouldn’t be just one main focus. Everyone likes different stuff so there should be something for everyone at this museum.

    Food, a very important aspect. Good, cheap food is perfect for teens. Again, everyone likes different things so there would be plenty of options.

    We often don’t listen to what the tour guides are saying so they would be a waste of money. The museum would simply be a free for all where teens could do just about whatever they want.

    First off, that’s ridiculous. I really don’t think that it’ll improve our emails. All it will do is, maybe, get us more active, but it won’t take long for people to find shortcuts so that they wont have to stand, so it’s a waste of time. For, lets say, “How is your family?” (considering all the motions are ridiculous) you could do some awkward lung action.

  4. I think that a thing that would attract teens would be weapons. A lot of teens are addicted to first person shooters. I think that this would be a good thing to make teens come to museums. Old weapons, modern weapons, or a combination of both would definitely attract more teens than normal.

    I think that this motion thing is useless. It would just complicate a thing that is already simple.

  5. If I had to make an exhibit/museum for teenagers it would be interactive and would have people who know a lot about music. The average teenagers don’t care the slightest bit about art, but we do like music. The council we contain people who know about the origins and history of all the music teens like. It would be all touch screens and you could pull up artists and other genres and receive information on them. I saw something like this is in the Hard Rock in Universal.

    The G-mail motion is a horrible idea. You would look like a total freak if people didn’t know what you are doing. I can type way faster than I can move. The keyboard and mouse are fine. What I would change would make the screen touch to substitute for a mouse and make the keyboard touch too.

  6. I think a good idea for teens is having it be free admission and they could do whatever they want. Teens like to hang out and go places (the mall, theme park, laser tag etc.) with friends. At the museum they could have cool art, but you get to live the art. For example, if there is a painting that is boring, the Teen Museum could have it all be really big and three dimensional and make it interactive. When I say interactive I don’t mean like Great Explorations, I mean like if you had a painting with a lot of objects to “hide behind” when three dimensional, they could play laser tag! Also, when there is a painting of a mountain, you could make it really big (meaning floor to ceiling or a whole different bigger room) where it would be a rock climbing wall and you would literally climb the mountain. These activities would be fun for teens because they would be able to do things that they like to do.

    I think the GMAIL Motion is a very fun and creative idea, but too complicated. I don’t think it will improve how we send emails because it will make it complicated and people may get frustrated with it. But I must admit, it does look really cool!

    Just an idea, maybe instead of motions, maybe just say the word instead of moving around and then edit it at the end if there are mistakes.

    Nice try, Mrs. Cobb! I clicked the link to the maze and saw it looked familiar (the page) and looked at the URL and when it said “Exorcist Maze Game” I recognized and quit the page immediately. How did I know? Well, my brother got me first with the scary “Where’s Waldo” game, and then tried this on me a few months ago, but I knew it was a trick.

  7. As a teen museum CEO it is my job to encourage kids my age to go to museums. If you spend time designing a cool museum then kids all over the country will enjoy it. So I have specially designed my own museum for teens that are not only fun, but also is an enjoyable way to exercise. Hidden Secrets, is what it will be called. The huge six story tall building will hold this amazing, one of a kind museum. When you walk in you will see a map that shows all the different places to experience real life situations in the museum.

    The first floor will be a maze. It’ll take up the whole bottom floor. The goal of the maze is to race your friend through it. There are two identical sides to choose from and race someone against. It’ll be difficult but fun.
    There will also be an elevator that can take you to the next floors. One would be normal; the other would be a special elevator. The special elevator would be totally human powered. To go to the second floor you jump twice, for the third floor three times, and so on. To go down one floor you slide your finger against the clear glass window once. To go down two floors you slide your finger down twice.

    Hopping up to the second floor you will discover a murder mystery. Together, or alone you will have to find hidden libraries, sneak through air vents, find clues, and research to solve a challenging murder mystery. You will be given one clue to start your mystery and will be able to interact with a spy watch and hidden items. There will be over 7 mysteries to choose from for something new each time!

    The third floor will be an art studio. The walls would be repainted each day by the visitors. A maze of random walls would be spread out through the room and then can be painted. Every day there would also be art lessons in a separate room on the third floor just for the lessons. The art lessons would include painting, drawing anime, and making recycled sculptures.

    Floor four and five will include a fun house. Pranks and scary clowns would appear from hidden walls and windows. It would be almost all black light and strobe light. While in the fun house, you will have to go through a series of obstacles such as slides, ladders and stairs, and many more! Also, you might get a little wet!

    Floor six will shrink you down to ant size. Teens will experience what your hamster feels like on some of the biggest hamster wheels ever! Also by traveling through humongous hamster tubes that are so big you can walk through, and even go on the outside of the museum! On the sixth floor you can also jump on the world’s biggest gelatin cube, otherwise known as the biggest trampoline arena in the area made to look and feel just like gelatin!

    Taking a hamster tube from the sixth floor, to the roof, you will be able to see world’s biggest fake doughnut, run on world’s biggest treadmill, touch the biggest lava lamp, and so much more! The roof is also handicapped assessable through our elevator tube, which is specially designed to look like a hamster tube and overlook the city as you reach the top!

    Gmail motion in my opinion shows how lazy we as humans are getting. We are so lazy to scroll our mouse over a few inches, so instead we are going to point out finger backwards. If in the case where regular email has been complete abandoned, I would help create new moves. To say ‘sorry I’m busy, you would wrap one leg around the other and wrap your arms around each other, or eagle pose in yoga. To say ‘want to have lunch later today?’ you would make a eating motion and then scratch your head.

  8. If I had to make a museum I would make an exibit were you could touch everthing. It would be like a timeline of earth and you coul walk down this long hallway and go through dinosaurs and cavemen. They would be robots and they would move and interact with eachother.

    Gmail Motion is a really bad idea because you would have to memorize tons of symbols. If you don’t wantto type emails all day get better at sports and join a pro sports team or join a gym. I can type much faster with my hands than with my body.

  9. If I were to come up with attractions for teens at a museum, I would probably go with something fun, but educational, like a giant touch-screen wall, but it could be used by more than one person at once. There would also be something that has to do with music, like really old music though, and how it was inspired. You might display it with sets of headphones hanging from the cieling where you could grab some, listen, and learn.

    I honestly think that the gmail thing is kind of stupid. It would be cool if uyoujust used maybe like traditional signlanguage. With a lot of improvement it could be cool. It would be cool if you could make faces so that it would type them as emoticons. I don’t think that it will improve email though because its a lot to memorize, and it seems weird to do moves that write pre-written phrases rather than single words.

  10. If I were to create an exhibit for a museum to attract my teenage friends I would probably make it about sports. Most teens hate how when you go to a museum u can’t touch anything, so I would make my exhibit interact with people. During my exhibit you will wear high-tech glasses that let you virtually play a sport. All your motions in reality are the same as in the exhibit.

    I think Gmail Motion is a great idea. I see how there trying to make it fun. On the other hand I think it would be hard to use and would take a really long time to write something you could have typed. Its probably a waste of time, maybe if they improved it and made it less complicated.

  11. If I were to help design a museum, I would add a lot of cool activates to do. First thing I would do is to make more things able to be touched. I would have to add more 3-D visuals than just pictures. Some of these would be touch screens to learn more information about the site, more modern history, and add 3-D glasses to make it look larger. I would make the site more modern so the teens don’t get bored. The last thing you want is for people to get bored.

    Gmail motion is a really bad idea. I think that it will mess with the computer and give it viruses. Also if the computer types something bad that you don’t want to send, it could really hurt someone’s feelings. On the other hand, it gets people for leaning forward with their back and making everyone’s posture bad. This idea has both good and bad sides for making emailing better.

  12. Let’s face it, while museums can be fascinatingly wonderful, they can also be excruciatingly boring. The reason for this teenage defection from natural history is simply that its become dull, average and most off all, boring. To truly entertain people of my age bracket, you need to break out something new and exciting not just your average museum of natural history. So, how’s about St.Pete establishes the new controversial International Museum of Uprising and Revolution. Since we’re currently living in the Middle East’s revolution age (don’t get me started on Libya) I can tell you that the student body actually has some interest in this subject. For some reason, our hormones have triggered a sense of defiant backlash hidden deep in our minds. Not only is it happening now, but events like these have been scattered around history for hundreds of years from the Paris’ June rebellion, to the anti-war protests of 69. While it’s great students like myself will learn plenty about rebellion and its effects on government and society, it can’t be done traditionally. That’s why we should incorporate what I would like to call a time machine. First of all, it’s not a real time machine, but rather a rendition of an old police car (preferably 50’s or 60’s model) that travels on a convey belt through the numerous exhibits. In a way, it’s like traveling through Spaceship earth at Epcot only on a much longer (not bigger) scale. After traveling through a beautifully designed lobby complete with a café, social networking exhibit, amateur art exhibit and much more, you and your friends (or family) can hop into a ride that will want you coming back for more.
    Honestly, I’m not a whole big fan of G-mail Motion. Sure it can prevent you from getting carpul tunnel, but that’s about it. I want to send e-mails quickly, not have to stand up and act out them out. However, if this is what it takes for America to lose weight, then we might as well go ahead with it. By the way Google, if you’re actually reading this blog post, I suggest adding a pistol gesture as a delete button. Say I were to write an e-mail draft and want to delete the word history, all I would have to do is point a pistol motion towards the computer, pretend to fire and poof! The word is deleted from your document.

  13. If I had to make a museum for teenagers, it will be about both world wars. It will have guns from both time periods. Also, it will feature and have a commandership for all of the solders that had died during these wars. The medals they received will be on display, like the Purple Heart and other medals of honor. There will also be an animated simulation on what it would be like to be on a U.S. ship, in a tank, and on the battlefield or in a T-28 bomber plane. There will also be classes in how the weapons were made, who made them, and what they were used for. The weapons they would learn about are some of the rifles, sub-machine guns, pistols, machine guns, grenades, and mines. I feel that teenagers will like an exhibit like this and might come back.

  14. If I had to get young adults in to museums I would make it about gaming. I would do that because this generation people love games. In this museum it would in clued all of the high scores that people have made in all the games. For the fun part there would be arcade of all the old games that people have gone throw over the year and up to the current. At the very end people would write down game ideas for the future. The games would be paid for in the admission. Some of the old games that would be in the museum would be Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Atari, and Super Mario. I think that this would be an interesting museum to go to.

    I thought that the Gmail motion was a big wast of time. I think that was the worst idea of them all. I don’t know anyone that would do all of the crazy motions. If I had to come up with a motion I think it would be laughing for that was funny.

  15. I think this will be a new thing and could sell easily. But at what cost? In this economy it could cost a lot. But it is very cool and can help with your posture.

  16. If a museum was going to pay me to attract teens to the museum I would definitely make the museum more interactive. The first thing I would do would be to kick out all of the old people. Old people are just buzz-kills. They ruin all of the fun for everyone. The second thing I would do would be allowing kids to be louder than usual. Teens don’t like to be quiet. Also there would be some piece of art for everyone in the museum, no matter what type of art they loved it would be there.

    The knew way to send emails would be time consuming. It might take a long time to learn all of the gestures and then use them. One gesture that would be cool would be to discard a message you would pretend like you were playing trashcan basketball.

  17. If I were to plan attractions for teens, my main focus would be music. I would have different sections of the museum dedicated to different types of music. I would attract the teens by having them listen to top songs. In the war section I would have heavy metal or rap playing. In the art section I would have pop and some electric music playing. It would go on throughout the entire museum like this. All the songs would be modern, so the teens would never get bored.

    Personally I think the Gmail-Motion idea would be very unproductive. It doesn’t seem like you would get that much exercise, and it seems too complex to be useful. Memorizing all of those motions seems like it would be ridiculously difficult. If I were to make some motion myself, I would say that slamming your fist on your hand would stand for: I will not stand for this. Someone giving double thumbs up would mean: Great Job.

  18. I would have some posters up of some attractive celebrities. I’m trying to say this so it doesn’t sound inappropriate. So, sorry if it sounded weird. I would also have some hands-on activities, like maybe interactive games, and some movie posters. It would be cool if there was and exhibit where you could listen to varieties of music and there would be a series of headphones, and music players. This museum would have all of the popular movies, songs, artists,games and some books. Don’t forget Justin Bieber posters, for the Bieber Lovers.

    It would be an awesome museum. 🙂

  19. I was actually excited about the Gmail Motion and then I went to the website and it said April Fools. Then I got sad :(. It would be cool if they had a gesture for different names. They might be able to use some sign language if they want to say names.

    I HATED the Maze game. I’d even played it before we did it in class, and Victoeia reminded me what happens, and I still wasn’t ready. The thing that scared me was that it didn’t let you finish the end, and that’s why I got scared. Poor Savanna, she didn’t come to school, because she thought that she might get a prank done to her again. Haha!!!! Just Kidding. 🙂

  20. If I were in a “teen council” for a museum, I would make it more colorful. Because usually, in a museum, the wall colors and everything around it is usually a black, grey, brown, or white color. I would also have a cool celebrity come to the museum and perform every week. There would be a lot of cool things in it. For me, I usually like things that are unique. For example at the Dolly museum, there was a 3D melted bench. There would be artwork that comes to life. Kind of like the 3D melted bench, but there would be separate rooms with the entire painting in 3D (it’s as if you were in the painting). I think that would get a lot of people to go to the museum. There would also be a place to eat and a souvenir shop.

    I don’t like the idea for the G-mail because it would be really hard to memorize all of the hand motions. For instance, if you wanted to write “I am writing an essay about Paris, France” then what would you do? A cool hand motion would be “I am happy” if you could put your hands out and pretending you are doing the “Y” in the “Y.M.C.A” song.

  21. If a museum paid me to make an exhibit for teens, it would be about a random variety of things, like cars, games, music, or even weapons. The exhibit would be a hands-on exhibit with simulations, activities, and more. This museum would insanely fun.

    GMAIL Motion looked weird and cool at the same time. I don’t thing it will improve how we send emails because it looks difficult to remember. A motion I should be added to their list is flying. You would put out your arms like wings and tilt them to either side.

  22. I would do a section of the museum about rap and hip-hop. You would learn about famous rappers and some singers, the history of this kind of music, the top 100 rap and hip-hop songs, and you could listen to them. You could also listen to the first rap and hip-hop songs. You could take classes on Saturday mornings and afternoons on how to create rap songs and how to rap. And on Sunday afternoons, you could rap in front of an audience. The reason why it would be about rap and hip-hop is because teenagers like rap and hip-hop.

    I don’t think it’s really useful because you can just move the mouse and click the send button and other stuff. It just makes you exercise but you would need to send at least a 1,000 emails per day to actually loose weight and start having muscles.

    To say “good-bye”, you could wave with your hand and to say “I love you” you could do a heart with your hands and point to the webcam.

    Oh my gosh! Even though I knew what was going to happen, I did the Maze game again and I started screaming again because it was really scary.

  23. If I was paid to bring teens to a museum, I would focus on different genres and time periods of music. Almost every teen would want to listen to rap but others may be more interested in different styles. Certain genres would also be played in different exhibits of the museum so they don’t get bored. Exhibits could also be interactive with things like games to help you learn what you’re seeing.

    I think the Gmail-Motion is a very creative idea that would actually be very hard and maybe unproductive. It would be way too complex to use. You would have to memorizing thousands of motions and it would be a weird way to communicate. Imagine a room filled with businessmen and women bobbing up and down trying to email. If I were to make some gestures, I would have jogging in place stand for: Do you want to go for a run? I would also have jumping stand for: Haha.

  24. If I was paid to show teens around at a museum I would take them to an exhibit that focuses on the singers, musicians, and performers that have changed music forever. There would be life size figures of the performers that had the biggest impacts on music and the figures would play their most famous songs.

    The Gmail idea is so cool I actrully have a gmail so it will be cool to try these out. It is so cool to see how technology has changed in such a short amount of time!

  25. If I had to design a museum so teens would appreciate the museum’s mission, I would create more hands-on events and interactive exhibits. By doing so, teens would be able to directly participate in the exhibit and perhaps appreciate them opposed to the traditional way of viewing a museum by simply standing, looking and observing the exhibits. I would also create “moving” exhibits — where the exhibits would actually walk around and interact with the teens—-much like a robot type of exhibit. A virtual reality room would also be created where a teen could “take a walk in time”. For example, teens could see the Dinosaur Age and/or watch World War One unfold before their eyes. These are some of the ways, I would attract those who are 13 and over to have an enjoyable museum in this day and age.

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