A Midsummer Night’s Dream

147177250Students, please choose one creative prompt to write on. Be clever and imaginative, not silly. Remember to stay true to what you know of the storyline so far.

1. Imagine that you are Hermia and write a letter to your father explaining why you are running away with Lysander. (In letter format)

2. Imagine that you live in Athens at the time this play occurs. Write a letter to the Duke Theseus stating your opinion of the law that gives fathers the power of life and death over their children. (In letter format)


  1. Dear Father,
    I am sorry to not say goodbye before I left but I had no other choice because I knew that if I told you that you would try and stop me and I couldn’t let that happen. I am sorry to go against you like this, but I have no other choice. I love Lysander, and I don’t want to marry Demetrius. I don’t want to die, or become a nun, and I don’t want to marry Demetrius. Running away was my only other option. Lysander and Demetrius are both just as wealthy as each other, but the only difference is I love Lysander and I don’t love Demetrius. There is no point in looking for me because by the time you get this I will already be long gone. I wish you would just get to know Lysander better, maybe you would like him if you gave him a chance. I am sorry. Goodbye.

    Your daughter,

  2. Dear Farther,

    Farewell to thou who has forbidden me to marry Lysander. I have come to a decision to run away as thou have forbidden me to marry my true love. Sometimes, thou farther, your heart must follow whom they have feelings for. I do not wish to be a Nunn, die, and marry Demetrius. So, Lysander and I have thought about it and I have come to a decision to run away. Thank you for all heart warming and heart breaking things that thou had done throughout my life.

    Your Unhappy Daughter,


    P.S- I think that thou is a foot-licker!

    1. Instead of I do not wish to be a Nunn, die, and marry Demetrius. It should be I do not wish to be a Nunn, die, or marry Demetrius.

  3. Dear Father,
    I have decided to run away. I do love you with you with all my heart but I cannot bare the burden of marrying Demetrius. My heart belongs to Lysander. If only you could see him through my eyes. To me Lysander is a charming, handsome, loving man. And I might add that Helena loves him and how can I steal my best friend’s love. If only you realized how much I love him. Then you might be able to let him marry me. So father we have decided to run to Lysander’s aunt that is outside of Athens. There we will get married. I love you.


  4. Dear Father,

    Since you have forbidden me to marry my true love, Lysander, we have run away. I can’t tell you where I have gone because I know that you will just follow me. Lysander and I love each other, so why aren’t you letting me be with him? Why have you chosen Demetrious? He, my father, is a bad man. Helena loves him, but I hate him. As you heard in court, Demetrious went off with Helena. Lysander is an amazing, faithful man that I love. I’m sorry, Father, but I will not marry Demetrious, become a nun, or die. This just isn’t fair. So I bid you a loftily farewell. Goodbye, Father.

    Your Daughter,

  5. Dear Duke Thesius,
    Not meaning to offend you, but I think the law that allows fathers the power of life and death is unfair and unreasonable. A person should be able to make their own decisions whether their choice is wise or stupid. I know a father just wants what’s best for his children, but that doesn’t give him the right to choose whether his kid dies or lives. Besides, if a dad had that power it would just make his kid resent him more.

    Athenian Citizen

  6. Dear Duke Thesius,
    I think the law saying a fathers daughter has to obay what her father commands without dying is stupid. If she wants to do something else she can, it is the daughters life not the fathers he’s already got his own life. I know the fathers doing to do what’s best for his daughter but sometimes fathers are wrong, nobody is perfect. This law ruins peoples lives duke Thesius. It’s just not fair at all.
    Athenian Person

  7. Dear Father,
    You cannot control my life. I refuse to marry Demetrius. You have to understand that I do not love him. I do not agree with the law that states that you have complete power over who I marry. Because of all of this, I have run away with Lysander. I love everything about him, and he loves me, too. He is the most amazing man I have ever met in my entire life, and I could never love anyone other than him. Do you actually think I’d rather marry the man my best friend is in love with? I’m definitely not becoming a nun either, because if I did that I could never love anyone. I’m sorry that I had to do this, but this was my only option. You may think you can control me, but you can’t control my heart.

    With much love,

  8. Dear Father,

    Since you have forbidden me to marry Lysander I have come to the decision of running away. Please do not try to find because it is too late. I am sorry that you are learning this now, but maybe if you saw this situation through my eyes you would see that this was my only choice. Hopefully you will understand. Remember father you brought this to yourself if only you let me marry Lysander. I will still always love. Take care and good bye.

    Your Daughter,


  9. Dear Father,

    Your choice of me marrying Demetrius has driven me away. Lysander and I are running away. I will not tell you where we have gone because you shall follow if I do. I wish I didn’t have to do this. If you would have just seen Lysander the way I do I wouldn’t be doing this. I will not marry Demetrius, become a Nun, or die for love. This all leads to us running away. Lysander is a caring, loving, faithful man that I love, and no one can ever change that. Maybe if you would have given Lysander a chance, you would see what I see. I give thee a farewell.

    Your Daughter,


  10. #1

    Dear Duke Thesius,
    It has come quite apparent that fathers should not be able to choose who their daughters should marry. If a man and a woman love each other they should be able to do as they please. A father shouldn’t control there daughters destiny and how they live the rest of there lives. Humans shouldn’t be “owned!” Fathers don’t always see the real side of other young men and don’t have what is necessary to decide.
    Christian P

  11. Dear Duke Thesius;

    I have recently heard that you are having great troubles with making your citizens abide by your law to give Athenian fathers full potential power to choose the next spouse for their daughters. It also says that the punishment for breaking these laws are one of three; one, death, two, be forced to marry the one you don’t love, or three, join a nunnery. In my full opinion as a humble Athenian father, I believe this law is simply brilliant of you, your grace and I admire it. My reasoning is quite simple, I have raised my children well and have given them far greater then I should of. I love them with all of my Athenian heart and to see them run away with some measly swine would kill me. Also, tradition plays a part in my logic. For as long as my family roots go back, there have been arranged marriages orchestrated by the fathers themselves. In fact my father-in-law conducted my marriage to my wife and I didn’t even meet her till my wedding day.

    Keep on, Keeping on, and thanks,
    Anonymous father.

    P.S. Keep into account that I have been happily married for 36 wonderful years.

  12. Dear “sweet” Father,

    Since you do not understand my ongoing passion for Lysander I am going to run away from you and that pitiful beast you want me to marry with Lysander into the Magic Forest where we will ACTUALLY live happily ever after.

    If you try to find Lysander and I then you are a terrible father. If not you will be the father you should’ve been when you made this whole mess.
    If you want to be a good father then stay away.

    Your “loved” daughter,

    P.S. I despise you with a passion (and Demetrius, to).

  13. Dear Father,

    I cannot live the rest of my life with Demetrius. The only man I love and will ever love is Lysander. Lysander is as wealthy as Demetrius, he is nicer and handsomer. Demetrius does not love me for who I truly am, only for my beauty but Lysander loves me for who I am. Marriage is supposed to be about love and I do not love Demetrius, I refuse to marry him. I want to be happy with my husband and I know I will not be happy with Demetrius. I will not become a nun, I absolutely refuse to marry Demetrius, and I will not die. I will live my life with Lysander. I decide to run away with him. Please father, do not try to find me, let me live a happy life.

    Your wonderful daughter,

  14. Dear Duke Theseus,

    I don’t mean to be harsh or mean in any way, shape, or form, but I think the law allowing fathers to choose who their daughters’ marry is absolutely unfair, cruel, awful, and abominable. I am not saying fathers should not have a say in the decision of their daughters’ marriage, but just not total domination in the decision.

    Athenian Citizen

  15. Dear, pitiful father,
    I have decided to run away with my “real” true-love, Lysander, because you gave me no choice. I didn’t want to marry the awful Demetrius, work in the nunnery, or be killed. We have chosen to run away and DON”T come try and find us, because we don’t care to see you, nor do we want to see Demetrius.

    I love you. NOT

    P.S. Tell, Helena that Demetrius is all hers.

  16. Dear Duke Theseus,

    I think that the law that allows a father to choose their husband of their daughter is absurd. I understand that fathers should approve of their daughter’s future husband but they should not make their daughters marry someone they don’t want to marry . It will be hard to get rid of this law but the punishment should not be death, maybe something less severe.

    Thank you,
    Athenian Citizen

  17. Dear Father,

    I don’t agree with your wish for me to marry Demetrius. I do not love him, I love Lysander and he loves me. I don’t understand why you like Demetrius so much? Lysander is everything that Demetrius is and more. I think that it is my right to choose who I want to marry. I will be the one that will be living with him for the rest of my life, not you. Though, I love you and I want you to know that I am running away with Lysander, and we are going to get married. I think that this is the only way for me not to marry Demetrius, that is unless I want to die or become a nun. I’m sorry that this isn’t what you want.


  18. Dear Father,

    I am sick and tired of your stuck up attitude and the silly Athenian laws. I am old enough to make my own decisions. That includes who I want to marry. I shouldn’t be forced to someone that I don’t love like Demetrius. Since I can’t take it anymore, I’m going to run away with my real love, Lysander. That’s the only logical thing for me to do right now anyways. Don’t try to follow me, because you will never find me.


  19. Dear Father,

    Father I do not know why you want me to marry that Demetrius fellow. I don’t love him and you should understand that, and just because he loves me doesn’t mean you have to kill me if I don’t marry him. Since I love Lysander and he loves me and you can’t see that I am running aways with him and don’t try to find us because you won’t. Goodbye father I never want to see you again. If you really love me you won’t go and get Demetrius.

    Your daughter,

  20. Dear Father,
    I love you dearly, but it seams as though we cannot be. You seem to believe that my heart belongs with Demitrius, but thou shall never be in love with thee. If you choose to keep thinking that I belong to Demitrius I must runaway with Lysander. I will not come back to you unless you decide to consider my choice that I have made, to lead the rest of my life with Lysander. Hopefully I will see you in the near future, but for now, goodbye.

    Your Daughter,

  21. Dear Father,
    I am sorry to not say goodbye before I left but I knew you would not approve. I love Lysander, and I don’t want to marry Demetrius! I don’t want to die, or become a nun, and I don’t want to marry Demetrius. Running away is my only option. I hope that you may give Lysander more of a chance and get to know him. Sorry again. I will miss you kind of.
    Your daughter,

  22. Hello Mrs. Cobb. I decided to do prompt number one.

    Dear father,
    I know you want to do what is best for me, but to marry someone whom I do not love feels wrong. Demetrius loves me, but I do not love him in return. In this situation, Demetrius is not the best for me. I love Lysander and he loves me.

    That is why I am running away with him. I know you only mean the best for me, but you have left me no other choice. We will go somewhere that the laws of athens cannot effect us. Please understand that I will always love you, and will miss you very deeply.

    Your Daughter,

  23. Dear Father,
    I am writing you this letter to inform you that I have run away with Lysander. The reason of my doings was that you would not allow me to marry Lysander, yet you forced me to marry the one I did not love, Demetrius. I do not wish to marry Demetrius, become a nun, or die so I have decided to run away with Lysander so we may live happily ever after. I do regret that I must do this but you have forced it upon me. I wish to see you soon, but for now, farewell.

    With Love,

  24. Dear my vastly ignorant father,

    As you’ve probably concluded by now, I’ve run away with Lysander. It was not my wish to anger you nor rebel against your authority, I simply can not live with out him in my life. I wish you could have found it in your heart to except Lysander into our family, and not be stifled by your over-sized male ego.

    With love and pity,

  25. dear father
    I have eloped from Athens with my true love Lysander because I cannot live I n Athens any longer. I am fed up of being treated like a puppet not being able to follow my own heart or my own free will.
    I will not tell you where I am for you will hunt me down and have me killedbut do not worry for I am in the safe hands of Lysander. he is very protective of me and I have my full trust in him.
    I have run away so we can live happily and lead a peaceful life sharing our love openly. I am entitled to make my own decisions be happy and be married to Lysander. if I mhad stayed in Athens you would have forced me tto marry Demetrius.
    I loe Lysander I do not udersstand why you do not like him but I love him you are not in charge of my heart and who I love and do not love

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