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Students, lots of great videos to make you think and smile! Please answer the questions related to each video. Enjoy!

Fifty years ago JFK authorizes the Peace Corps. Students, since you were introduced to the Peace Corps through Mr. Collins’ mini session on 60’s Day, I thought this an appropriate video for you to see. Impressions?

Cool job? Think this is easy to do?

SoundWorks Collection: Gary Hecker – Veteran Foley Artist from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.

In a not so distant future……which would you love to be able to do?

Great idea! Agree?

A Mom’s dream perhaps, but would it work for you?

Improve Everywhere strikes again! Thoughts?
Tourist Lane

The Worst Ice Skater Ever

Who you gonna call?



    Well, after watching the JFK video, I noticed that he had a funny accent. 🙂
    Did you notice that the folly guy worked for Todd AO studios? I thought that was cool because we learned about the Todd AO camera in music class first quarter.
    I think folly would be a hard job for most people, but people who are really good with timing would love it. I wonder how much it pays… 😀

    At 3:38 in the glass video, if you pause it (I noticed this by accident) the woman’s eyes roll up into her head. I think all of that would be fun to do, (not the eye rolling part, but the glass part.) but I’d always be worried the glass would shatter on me.

    For the cleaning the room video I have one word: YUCK!!!! Shirts on the WALL? That’s DISGUSTING!!!!!!

    My acting is strongest in improv, so I’ve always had a “soft spot” for it. I LOVE improv Everywhere. Can I get a job there? I loved the ghost busters one the best. 😀 😀 😀

  2. John Kennedy seems like he just wants to do good things for the world. The Peace Corps was originally a temporary thing but it is now permanent, which is what Kennedy wanted. He was taking a risk though: you didn’t get paid, you had to go out and live in poverty, say goodbye to all of your friends and family for two years. And he wanted 500-1,000 people by the end of the year. I don’t know when this video was taken, but that seems like an awful lot of people to get in just a year. I suppose he succeeded though, and that makes me happy. Americans can actually think of the plusses before the minuses to help other people.

    That makes me wonder if he’s done any of the movies I’ve seen… Maybe he has! You could clearly see the passion that he had working with those tools. The weirdest part was that he actually knew what he was doing! I would be so confused and always wondering if I was doing it right. He was good at it though, so I suppose that isn’t a problem for him.

    Ok, that was AWESOME!!! That is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! That would totally change the world. When the guy was talking to his mom on his phone then put it on his counter and it went on there was absolutely amazing! And the phones were definitely the coolest; they could get anything from every other glass thing! As soon as it comes out I am going to get it!

    Kevin Richardson is pretty smart, and correct. Fun definitely changes people for the better, whether they are adults or kids. I feel like its kind of wrong though, rewarding someone for doing something that they are already supposed to be doing. Although it’s a great incentive, I hope that someday people will just obey the law to obey the law, not to get a reward.

    That’s super smart too! I would totally love to just throw my clothes at the wall instead of having to put them away! And it looks pretty too. ☺ Except how do u get the magnets off when you wear your clothes? Just wondering.

    I laughed when I saw this. I liked how the tourists were arguing to be let into the New Yorker lane and they wouldn’t let them. I think if I were a New Yorker I would appreciate that. There is definitely a difference in the walking speed of a New Yorker and a tourist, you can even tell by just being in New York. If you see someone walking slow they are either a slow walker or a tourist.

    At first I felt bad for that guy; people were laughing at him and he couldn’t skate. Then he started falling…well, if that’s even possible. But then I realized that actually he is a good skater! That was pretty clever of him to do that. And funny.

    Whoever thought of that is really weird! That was hilarious, stupid, and genius all at the same time. I can imagine just being at the library and a “ghost” coming up to me and then the Ghost Busters chasing it away! That’s funny. ☺

  3. I wasn’t there when we learned of the Peace Corps, but cool that you found the video to relate to present time. The sound works collection was really cool. I already knew that they did that type of stuff, but to actually watch them create and intertwine the noises interested me. A day made of glass inspired me to make a movie about a world of glass. I’m REALLY looking forward to a glassy future. I like the kitchen ideas. I like how you can edit pictures on the fridge, which is good because we have a lot of pictures on our fridge. It was cool that you could have not only have pictures but video as well. The car was to typical in my opinion. Now the flexible glass and the book stood out for me. The book was just a transparent kindle though. The lottery camera didn’t really stand out to much for me. It is a good idea though. The fun theory on cleaning your room was cute, but not well thought out. Think about this. What will happen to the tape when you wash your clothes? Will the magnet on your back all day be uncomfortable, especially when sitting against something? Instead of big medal piece on your wall, why no magnetic paint? It would not work for me. The tourist lane thingy was a little silly. They said it would save time, but it wouldn’t when they would stand and talk to you. The ice skater thing was sad. They all made fun of him, but not everyone is a professional. Then he gets all amazing…. See, you can’t judge a book by its cover. Who would I call? The ice cream man of course!

    1. Wendy, the skater is actually a great skater, this was a joke put on by the Improv people. The purpose is to make people smile……which they obviously did. Paragraphs next time, please.

  4. I thought it was really cool how JFK took such a risk in trying to create a great organization to help people. I thought it’s good how the volunteers live in the same conditions as the country’s native people because they will experience what it’s actually like to live there and connect more with the people.

    Being a Foley artist would be cool, but I think it would also be difficult because you would want to make it sound real. The video said that to make the scene sound good, there needed to be many different sounds “layered” over each other.

    I would love to live in A Day Made of Glass! I thought everything in there was amazing! The fridge was so cool how it had digital pictures on it that you could enlarge and draw on. I also loved how your phone could communicate with other electronics devices.

    The fun theory is awesome! I totally think that when we are forced to do something, we don’t always obey. We might even want to do the opposite! If we are encouraged to do the right thing and get a reward from doing so, people will obey more. It’s fun to have fun!

    I think the magnetic clothes thing is kind of weird. It’s a good idea, but I don’t think it would make me want to clean my room more. I also like it better when my clothes are in my closet because if they were on my wall it would look kind of messy.

    The Tourist lane was a great idea! If the workers weren’t there, I don’t think most people would go in the correct lane. Native New Yorkers definitely walk faster than tourists because they might be going to work or something, while tourists are just sightseeing. I think something like that would actually help because the sidewalks can get super busy and hard to walk on.

    At first I felt bad for the ice skater because everyone was laughing at him! I was really surprised when he actually started skating. I was so happy because he went from horrible to great, but he actually was good all along. I was still proud though!

    I absolutely LOVED the ghosts in the library! I would so go up to one of them and become friends with it! I’d either do that or be one of the ghosts. 😀 I thought the video was so stupid, but that’s what made it so funny. Haha now I want to be a ghost!

    1. Improv Everywhere is a group that goes out on “missions” in NYC to make people smile…..the skater is a real skater pretending not to be …….

      1. Yeah, I realize that he is an actual skater because I don’t think that any random person would do that. I thought it was nice though!

  5. John F. Kennedy was definitely taking a risk by trying to start the Peace Corps. Many people didn’t think it would continue till today, but they were wrong. JFK wanted us Americans to feel what it’s like to be living in very poor and developing countries. Even though, everyday, we hear about what happens to these little countries, we can never really experience what it’s like to live through the disasters. But, being in the Peace Corps really lets you experience this for about to years while you’re volunteering in your country.

    This is an awesome job! I never knew that people did this for movies. I just thought that when the scene was recorded, all the sounds and actions were included, I was wrong. It’s so cool how he can do all of this, and his timing is amazing. I think it would be very confusing to do this as your job.

    This is amazing, a day made of glass. I didn’t have any favorite; they were all so different from one another. I thought it was cool when she was brushing her teeth and she can check her massages and reply to them. I would definitely want one of those phones.

    This is so cool! I think that it’s a great idea to make driving the speed limit more fun. This video reminds me of a video you put up at the beginning on the year, when they changed plain old stairs to a piano board. When people walked on them they would make noise. This is just like it because when you’re driving the speed limit you could earn some money.

    That is a great idea. Just like the video before, changing boring things into fun definitely works! Although I wouldn’t want one because I like all my things in my closet and organized, not just in a pile of magnetic shirts on the wall.

    This is so funny. It’s funny to see the tourists arguing with those guys. It’s a smart idea, because New Yorkers have already seen everything in the city and they know where they want to go. Unlike tourists, they’re just strolling around going into all the little stores and taking their time. It would be really cool if this actually worked.

    Awww, I felt so bad for him. When everyone else went in and he was just out there by himself trying to get in, but he couldn’t. Everyone was just laughing at him, but then he started getting better and people were actually interested. I think it was a cool idea too do that. Act like he couldn’t skate, and them show everyone that he could.

    This was such a strange idea. This is because “ghosts” were the library, and then the Ghost Busters coming in and chasing them away. I would’ve loved to have been in the library at the time.

    1. This was at the NYC public library, and they invited Improv Everywhere to come and do something to drum up some attention to get people to visit the library.

  6. I think that what John F. Kennedy did by setting up the Peace Corps was a very risky thing to do since people took it in all different ways. Some people thought it was a good idea, some thought it was a bad idea. It was a really good thing to do though. I think it’s good that the people in the Peace Corps had to live like the people in the country they were going to so they could really see what it was like and connect with those people.

    That is definitely NOT easy to do! You have to make the sounds perfect so they sound like they were recorded in the film. I think it would be really cool to be a Foley artist. It looks like he’s having a lot of fun doing it.

    That would be so cool to live in A Day Made Of Glass! It looks so fun! I don’t really have a favorite of all of them. They all look really cool. But I did like the one where the were picking out a woman’s close on some big screen thing. And I would actually WANT to make dinner and do the dishes if it was that easy with the touch screen stove. I would definitely get that phone too!

    The Fun Theory is a great idea. I think almost everyone in the world breaks the speed limit at some time. If you make it more fun to obey the law then people will be more inclined to do it. Especially if they’re getting a reward!

    The magnetic clothes thing is cool too. Kids would definitely clean their room more if it was fun. I think it would be really cool to just walk in my room and throw my shirt against the wall and it would stay.

    I like the Tourist Lane idea. New Yorkers know where they’re going and they’re not just strolling around they actually need to get somewhere. But tourists are taking their time and looking around. I would be irritated if I was a New Yorker in a hurry and I had to wait for tourists to pass.

    The ice skating video was pretty funny. I felt kind of bad for the guy though since he was out there just trying to learn how to skate and everyone was laughing at him. I liked when he started skating really well and everyone just watched him and stopped laughing. I think it’s funny that that guy, who’s actually a really good skater, did that.

    The Ghost Busters video was kind of weird, but still funny! It would be really funny to be sitting at that library and a ghost coming and sitting next to me. I would probably talk to it 🙂

  7. JFK’s Executive Order-
    My impression of JFK authorizing the Peace Corp is a great thing. It is wonderful how we help other countries. It makes me proud that some Americans will step up and have no salary, do the same work, and speak the same language to help countries in need. What a great way to spread world peace.
    The Foley Artist-
    I never knew there was even such a thing as a Foley artist. How creative and so cool that we can add to old movies with new sound tracks. It must be hard to get the timing precise and overlay so many sound on one scene.
    A Day made of Glass-
    In a not so distant future I would love to have the flexible display glass. There would be no need for text books, computers, computer screens or even paper. I could just roll up the flexible glass and carry it with me.
    The Speed Camera Lottery-
    What a great idea. The speed camera lottery is a great way to get people to slow down and watch their speed and also reward the people who are obeying the law.
    Give parents some peace-
    It is a cool idea, but I don’t think it would work. The magnets would stick to the washing machine and who says kids will even take the time to throw their clothes on the wall? Ha-ha.
    The Tourist Lane-
    Only in New York! I would be offended if I was forced to walk in a tourist lane when visiting a new city. I would not feel very welcomed. But then again, my large family is a very slow moving boat.
    The Worst Ice Skater Ever-
    At first I thought Poor guy! I felt so bad for him and under such pressure to get off the ice. I would have just crawled off. As I caught on, you knew he could really skate. What a great story with perfect music.
    Who You Gonna Call-
    It’s almost as good as a flash mob dance! I love the random scene play out in a public library. Too funny!

  8. I thought that the peace corps speech was actually quite casual compared to the speeches in the modern world which are very formal and no stuttering ever occurs. The overall speech was very moving and I am surprised that initially many people signed up considering there is no pay and you live in the same conditions as the residents. On the other hand, it would create and experience like no other program before it. I think this is the main reason that many people joined.

    I was completely unaware that the back round noise was created in a studio and patched into the sound work. What was truly incredible is how he created all of the sounds from horse hoofs to car crashes with the same set of tools and gear. I would like to know about the software used to splice and tune the octaves of the base sounds. It must be pretty powerful to adjust sounds that have very different levels of treble and base.If I knew that it took so many sounds to make a simple car crash, I would have a lot more respect for crashes and I would certainly savor them.

    The video about the multiple types of glass was simply incredible. The actual technology may be in the near future, but there is so much testing involved that production and commercial use is still a while away. Not including the time that it would take to modify the products for these types of glass. In 2009 a patent was filed for an LCD screen that was literally painted on walls and any non-porus surface. It did not require a projector, making it truly revolutionary. It was said to come out in the first quarter of 2011. Now, after financial issues as well as legal problems, this incredible idea has been declared “uncertain of arrival time”. Even so, when or if this comes out and is distributed for personal use, it will easily be world changing.

    The speed camera lottery is in theory quite a genius idea actually, but if you were to attempt to implement this on multiple roads or even cities, it might get chaotic and as with any prize, no matter how small, there will be cheating and possible hacking involved as the common class of person in very creative and imaginative. This might develop people who actually make a considerable amount of money by practicing these techniques.Also, if I had ever gotten a ticket in the past, I would avoid the streets with this system integrated on the road. In the extreme, it could force small separations of people that do speed and those who do not slightly more than average. This might force people into line, or it could backfire and (even though I am laughing as I am writing this) riots could form because a great deal of money will eventually pile up if this concept is spread over a wide area.

    As many people have said already, the whole idea of T-shirts with magnets attaching to a rectangle of sheet metal is extremely unpractical and the setup would not be anywhere near worth it. An magnets TAPED to the shirts? This idea, again, is fun in theory but I find myself questioning the overall effectiveness of the idea. I would be interested to know who exactly came up with this idea and what made them think of this particular way to make hanging up clothes fun instead of the myriad that I came up writing this.

    I think that the entire idea of creating a tourist lane would be, as the lady in the end said, slightly “cute” because in reality, this would probably cause arguments to break out on occasion. In a way, it is a type of segregation, and I am not sure how the general public will respond to this act of separation. It was funny to see the volunteers direct the pedestrians and the head of it all talk about “pedestrian accidents”. I’m not sure of the integrity of the overall idea and I would not like to be classified as a tourist in New York City for a multitude of reasons, including respect.

    I am having a hard time criticizing this particular video because all that I have seen of this is positivity! How can you not applaud a good ice skater pretending to be terrible, and then revealing his true talent. This is like Dr. Phil advice; I would not ever do this myself I would watch with intensity if he did.

    The Gostbusters idea was odd, but solid for what it was meant to do. Saying that, I think that it was a little to artsy for me, and I prefer subtle sarcasm personally, so for my taste, the drama was overkill. Still funny and would make me laugh any day.

  9. About JFK, I thought he was trying to do well for everyone, which is a great dream. He seemed to really believe in what he was saying, which is nice because all to often politicians are trying to do the best thing for themselves and only themselves, and only do charity as a stunt to make people like them. JFK obviously had a clear dream, wanted to make it happen, and had the resources available to make it happen. It was kind of touching, with just a man who wanted world peace. It was terrible that he got shot in the head before he could see his dream escalate into what it is today.

    The folly was one of my favorite videos! I recognized the footage shown as the 2010 film Robin Hood, which I saw. It was a great movie (although nothing on Gladiator!), but I will never look at it in the same way after this. I would feel self-consious and awkward making snuffling noises and banging bits of metal together, but he apparently knows what he’s doing! Also, is anyone else reminded of Monty Python and the Holy Grail with those hoofbeat effects?!

    The best word to describe the glass thing was: EPIC! In fact, so epic that I’ll say it again: EPIC! That was another one of my favorite videos. One reason it was so EPIC was because my mom actually works as a corporate lawyer for a company that make photocromic glasses lenses (although my brother and I have figured out that she actually works for the CIA!). I’m currently home sick in bed, but as soon as she gets home, I am showing her this. It was EPIC!

    The speed camera lottery was a great idea. It seems that we should use fun as an incentive for a lot of tedious or hard tasks in the United States. Sometimes, even money can’t earn a person’s full devotion, but if they have fun AND get money, then we could have a lot of dedicated workers (or in this case, drivers).

    The other video didn’t work. It was still one of my favorites. 😉

    I’m going to lump all the improv ones together, but each and every one was amazing. Those are people who aren’t afraid to potentially embarrass themselves in front of people! My favorites were ghost busters and the ice skater.

  10. The Peace Corps-I think it’s really great that JFK started the Peace Corps, because it enables our generation to go and explore developing countries, while we are helping out. It’s a win-win, you help others, and in return you get the experience of a lifetime. Also, even though you don’t get paid, you still get to go meet foreign people!

    To be in the Foley Artist biz, I think you’d need a lot of creativity and great timing. I felt really stupid because I thought horses actually made that sound…but I guess not.

    THE FUTURE LOOKS SOOOOO AWESOME!!!! I wish that were our lives now. Everything in that entire video was soooooooo awesome!! If that were our life right now, we would probably just still be waiting for the next new thing to come out anyway, but all that stuff is super awesome. That was the coolest video EVER! I thought it was really amazing how everything was compatible with everything else, and everything was technological, even road signs. ☺

    The fun theory-that’s really funny. I love Volkswagen, and that the fun theory winner had to do with cars is a little ironic. The sign is cute and the entire concept of being paid to not break the law is great-they should have this everywhere.

    The second fun theory one-kind of stupid….

    Improv everywhere- great idea! New Yorkers are totally pushy and when I went there a really fat old lady shoved me. So, they need their own lane. Also, it was funny when the lady interviewed random people-all seemed real. ☺

    Ice skater- everyone is soooooooo mean! They are all laughing at the poor guy! I mean, if I knew that was fake I ‘d laugh, but they didn’t know so I think that’s really mean. But at the end he’s like really good!

    Ghosts- in the beginning a little girl like freaked out when she saw one of the ghosts and it was so funny! ☺ I never saw Ghostbusters but this was cute. Everyone was like freaking out!
    That library is really pretty.

  11. President Kennedy wants to go good. He wanted a permanent Peace Corps. He wanted people to not be forced to do it. He wanted them to want to do it. He said it would be hard and they would get no salary. So it was a big risk at first. He wanted the people to experience what living there was like. They would stay in the same homes as the people. People that were teachers, doctors, or farmer were encouraged to go to the Peace Corps. He wanted to bring peace.

    While I was watching Foley, at first I didn’t understand what they were doing. But after he explained it to us I understood more. That would probably be a really hard job for me. I am so used to just using a computer for all my sound effects. Now with our generation I thought that type of stuff wasn’t necessary any more. I think it would be an ok job. I really don’t like getting my fingers dirty. With all that horse noises I know for sure I would break a nail.

    WOW! I absolutely loved the video “A Day Made Of Glass.” I though that was the best video. I made my whole family watch it, even my dog. I can’t wait until we can have glass phones. I was watching it and thinking how this could happen, but this would be very expensive. If people are saying how high gas prices are now, imagine how expensive this would be. Not every American could afford this. But I wish we had all the money in the world, so we could have this.

    The fun theory things were very cool. I thought the speed lotto was a good idea. But then again the state should collect the money from people who speed. I mean it would be nice to get some of the money. But finally it would just be a competition and wouldn’t be worth getting five dollars. The clothing thing was smart, but the magnets would be very uncomfortable on my skin and it would just be easier for me to slide all of my things into one drawer. Very clever, but I wouldn’t use it.

    The improv things made me smile. Which is what they were supposed to do, but they were kind of weird. I didn’t like “ The Tourist Lane” the guys were kind of rude and it made me mad. It’s not funny when people are rude to be funny. I do think it’s a good idea though.

    I knew from the begging he was a good skater. No one can be that bad and not be good. If that even makes any sense. He was pretty good though. He made me worried. I though he was going to get run over by the zamboni. I would hate to see that.

    I though the ghost busters thing was a little corny. I mean, I guess that’s what is supposed to do, make you laugh, but it was just stupid to me. I mean would that really just happen? True improv is made up on the spot. I didn’t think they were funny. I just like the people’s reactions.

  12. John F. Kennedy was taking a big risk when creating the Peace Corps. The people who would be doing it would be volunteering, meaning no payment, would have to live in the other country for a couple of years and they would have to live and eat like the locals. It was a lot to ask, even if it would help other countries with their health, education, and agriculture. And the president wanted 500-1000 people by the end of the year. Other people obviously thought it was a good idea though because it’s still around today and it’s helped many people.

    It would be so cool to be a Foley artist! But, it seems like it would be hard to make the sound effects. You would definitely have to have good timing to be able to do that, but I bet it would be so cool to watch a movie and say, “I made the horse sounds,” or “The sword sounds like that because of me.” I know I wouldn’t be able to watch and listen to movies in the same way if I was a Foley artist.

    A Day Made of Glass is sooo cool! I know we have touch screen phones and computers now, but that would be so cool to have everything touch screen. It made everything so easy because everything was connected to each other. You set your phone down on the table, and the information is transferred to the table to make it easier to read. You don’t even have to have a real stove because your countertop can turn into one. You can receive messages while brushing your teeth, when you walk into a store, it remembers you, and if you speak a different language, you can get your directions in the language you speak, then transfer it to your phone. I just think all of that is so cool and I hope it’s available sooner than later.

    I think the speed camera lottery is a good idea, but there are always going to be people who keep speeding. However, I do think that if they put more of those up at different streets, more people would stop speeding because then there would be more chances for you to get fined.

    I don’t really think the shirts with magnets is a practical idea. It takes just as long to put the magnets in the shirt as it does to put them away and then you’re stuck with metal on your wall and shirts hanging from it. I know I would not want that in my room. I hat putting my clothes away, but I’d rather do that then hang them from my wall.

    I liked the tourist lane! I think that’s really funny how they actually made people walk in the correct lane. My favorite part was when one of the tourists wanted to walk in the New Yorker lane and the people who were “directing the traffic” wouldn’t let him. He claimed to walk fast, but the other guys didn’t care, and they made him walk in the tourist lane. Then the lady was talking to people asking them about it, and that was funny because she was acting so serious.

    The ice skater was so sad! But then I liked it at the end because then he showed everyone how good he actually was and it was kind of like, haha, you laughed at me, now see that I’m actually pretty good.

    I also liked the ghosts one, but it wasn’t my favorite. It was funny when the “ghost-busters” came into the library and the people there were just kind of sitting there or laughing. It would be cool to do that here, but I couldn’t be one of the ghost-busters because I wouldn’t be able to pretend that it’s serious. I would have to be a ghost because you wouldn’t be able to see my face. But, I still think it would be fun to do.

  13. I think the peace corps was a great idea by JFK. It helped people and spears democratic thoughts to stop the spears of communism.

    I do not think that being a foley artist is easy to would have to have a very creative mind. Plus the ideas on how to use the objects to make hundreds of sounds.

    I think having everything made of glass would be fun because you can do your homework anywhere. You could just out of no where start watching a video or looking at photos. Plus it would just be fun.

    The speed camera lottery should be come part of the law. Nothing more needs to be said.

    The shirts on the wall would not work because its still harder then just throwing them on the floor.

    The tourist lane would be good so you don’t run into people while sight seeing. Plus you could lay down and take a nap.

    The worst ice skater idea wasn’t that great because if I was one of the workers there I would start to get mad. It just wouldnt be a good day at work.

    If I every have a ghost problem im watching Ghost Busters till I find a phone number for them and im going to call them to come down immediately.

  14. All if the videos were so cool. I can’t believe J.F.K’s idea for the Peace Corp turned into something world wide. Especially since it was such a risk and the workers would have to be volunteers.
    I really like the sound effect video. I was really surprised that a person could simulate a sound made only by horses.
    I can’t wait till we have the kinds of things, shown in the glass video, in my house. My favorite one was the touch screen TV and the stove.
    That guy had a really good idea. I was surprised when then average speed dropped twenty-two percent after people knew about the lottery.
    I don’t think the shirt magnet thing is realistic that’s alot of work. I would just hang the clothes up in my closet.
    The tourist lane video was hilarious. New Yorkers walk so fast. I can’t believe people actually listened.
    My favorite video was the ice skater video. It was so funny when everyone realized how good he was. Then they would feel silly because they laughed.

  15. I thought the K.F. Kennety video was very important and was an very famous point in history. The video about the sound person was very interesting. I didn’t know they did it like that.The video of the glass of the future was amazing. I hope that stuff comes out soon. I definitely think the speed trap will have an effect on how people drive. I don’t even think the clothing stuff was even real. I think they just put on hangers. I didn’t like the tourist lane at all. I didn’t think it men’t anything. The worst ice skater and the ghost problem were two funny videos.

  16. JFK’s idea for the peace corps was a great idea. It is also great for other countries. I think Mr. Collins was really lucky to have been in the peace corps. I know making the sounds for the movies is hard. Have you ever tried to make the sounds. I don’t remember where but I herd most of the old sounds were from balloons. I am not sure about it but it might be right. I would really like to have all of it to be truthful but if I had to pick one it would be the big 3D TV. I think that would be really cool to have in your house and not need glasses. I don’t really think it would work for me because I have a lot of shirts and what if the magnets fall off. I really wish we had an extra lane for tourist. Mainly because they drive and walk really slow.


  17. I think that the Peace Corps was a very great idea. It helped others while you got to go visit different countries. I think that the Peace Corps was very important factor in American History.

    I think the Foley job would be fun but very tough to do because you have to make different tones to match a certain animal or person or thing. It would definately require experience.

    I would love the handheld display glass because you can call or text from that glass phone and enlarge it in the glass table and also you could skype with the person.

    I think that this is a great idea because you can improve human behavior by doing something fun.

    It would probably not help me because I don’t have problems cleaning my room.

    I thought it was actually a good idea because then the people who know where they are going and need to get to work can take the residential lane and people who are sight-seeing can go in the tourist lane and if you don’t you will be ticketed.

    I thought that the last two videos were funny.

  18. I think it’s really cool how JFK is trying to help others by creating the Peace Corps! I think his purpose for the creating this organization is great, and I think it’s really cool how he came up with this idea. I think he is taking a risk because he wants 500-1,000 people to join in a year, and they go to a foreign country with no salary, and they live in poverty. I think it’s a great way to help the less fortunate, so good idea, JFK! ☺

    Wow, that is a really talented job. It looks insanely hard and complicated. I don’t think I would be very good at Foley… Haha The video was really cool!

    I would LOVE to have those glass things! I really like the glass phone, 3D TV, and the giant wall one. I’m freaking out; that was so awesome! I hope I live when these glass products are used! ☺

    Honestly, I think magnetic clothes are a stupid idea. Did you notice how long it took the guy to tape the magnetic strippy thing on the wall?! I would not like to take the time to do it! Also, it took him awhile to put the magnets on his clothes. What would happen to the magnets if you put your clothes in the wash? They would probably come off or something. I think this whole magnetic clothes theory is so much more work than just putting your clothes away!

    I’m giving Tourist Lane a thumbs up! That was so funny! The tourist lane seems like a really good idea! I think they should have some in Florida! I would love to work for Improv Everywhere!

    Haha! The Worst Ice Skater was pretty funny! I was kind- of confused at the end, though, because, all of the sudden, he got better! I thought he was going to be horrible the whole way through! I think that guy looked perfect (for his role)! His sweater totally said, “I’m a loser!” Haha I absolutely love this. ☺

    Oh my goodness! I love this video. Overall, I love all the videos, except for the magnetic clothes one! This video was amazing! The people in the library looked so surprised! Haha I love the guy who, very sneaky, pulls out his phone! Mrs. Cobb, I love this blog so much. ☺

  19. I think the Peace Corps was a very successful development. It is very thoughtful of the United States to have constructed an organization to help out other countries in need of something. It’s also cool that people got JFK authorizing the Peace Corps on video.

    The sound effects job looks very cool, but definitely not easy, especially because he can only use the props he has acquired over the years.

    The future technology and devices video is very amazing. The future will be incredible with all these new inventions and discoveries in technology. I’d love to have a touch TV in the not so distant future.

    This speed limit and lottery ticket idea is very clever and I do agree with it.

    The fun theory award is very clever also, and I could definitely use one of those. It would also help my mom out.

    The tourist lane idea could definitely help speed things up, but not everyone would like the idea of having two different lanes for different people.

    I liked the ice skating video.

    The Ghostbusters video was a good flash mob.

  20. I thought that the Peace Corp was a very good idea, and that it was successful. The Foley artist was one of the weirdest thing that I have ever scene. I always thought that the computer, not by a real person, did this. The next was my favorite. I thought that is was so cool. I wish that will come out really soon. I would defiantly have that in my house. The speed camera was okay. It was a really cool idea, and I would like to earn money by just going the speed limit. The clothes one was cool. Since I have a messy room I think it would get a lot easier to clean it by that. The Street was okay it did not interest me the most it was just people tell other people were to walk. The worst skater was really funny. I wonder how he came up with that. The Ghostbusters one was just funny to watch. That is what I tough on those videos.

  21. JFK’s announcement of the creation of the Peace Corps was huge. The Peace Corps helps many people in developing countries. JFK took a risky step forward that ultimately paid off in the end (present-day). The people who volunteer in the Peace Corps are heroes. Many can save lives through their help.

    Being a Foley artist looks really hard, but it looks like one of the most fun jobs I’ve ever seen. The sound of the horses’ hooves reminded me of “Monty Python: The Quest for the Holy Grail” when the people pretended to have horses. They rubbed coconuts together and that made a sound like horses’ hooves. I couldn’t have made any of those sounds if somebody gave me every material in the world.

    Everything in the “A Day Made of Glass” video was amazing. Even just one of those things would make my life complete. My favorite was the whole bedroom. The windows get dark at a certain time. I can’t stand my room being light at all. The phones were really cool. They could scan any surface on to their phones. The phones could also display what is on the phone on all glass surfaces. The only thing I didn’t like was the car. Not the inside, the inside was pretty nice, but the outside looked like a present day car. I was expecting a hovercraft or something really awesome like that so I was a little disappointed. The screens that recognized the people were really cool. It is like having a welcoming committee everywhere you go.

    The Fun Theory ideas were good but not great. The Speed Camera Lottery was a good idea that definitely was going to be helpful. The only bad thing was the prize money. So many people would go the speed limit that no money from the speeding fines would be put into the prize money. The one with easy hanging up clothes wasn’t useful. It took that guy so long to set everything up that he could’ve just hung up the clothes. The magnet put into the clothes so they stick to the sheet metal would be annoying. I would forget to take the magnet out, and I would wear the magnet around all day. The Speed Camera Lottery was a lot better than the clothes hanging idea so it is a good thing the Speed Camera Lottery won.

    I love every video by the Improv people. My parents walk behind the computer and stop to watch the videos. The Tourist Lane was a great idea. Tourists drive me crazy when they walk really slowly right in front of you. I would go in the New Yorker line even if I was a tourist because I walk fast. My mom walks at my jog speed so I have to keep up with her. I am a trained speed walker just like the New Yorkers.

    The ice skater video was excellent. The guy ended up being a really good skater. I felt bad for him at first. Everybody was laughing at him and videotaping him fail. That would’ve been me. I’m not a good skater and that might have been me. The only difference between him and me is that he actually is a good skater and I’m not. That was really well planned.

    “Who ya gonna call.” “GHOST BUSTERS!” That video was awesome. It would’ve been really weird. The people in the library who had no clue were the people with the best reactions. The guy trying to take a video of the ghost was my favorite. It was good that after the Ghostbusters came and chased the ghosts away they chased them on to the streets of New York. I wish I was in that library at the time because that was very funny.

    1. Why were people laughing? I’m terrified of ghosts. And those were, like LEGIT ghosts. Thank God that the Ghostbuster squad saved the day.

  22. I thought that the peace corps is a good idea, although I don’t think its something I would want to do… The Peace corps does help people but I think that instead of going over there and using their homes and resources, we should have a huge fundraising thing, and at the end of every year we use the money and send useful supplies to people in need.
    I think that being a Foley would be tough! I mean thats the kind of job that you have to love it, to do it. And, you have to be very good at timing, construction work, creativity, and smart.
    I think that “A day made of glass” is a waste of money, because back in the olden-days people were lucky to have light… And for entertainment the y played outside or fished in a river, not play video games. All though it would be resourceful to have electronics, everyone would end up to be glass/electronic couch potatoes… Also, nothing would be healthy anymore, they are already trying to mutate food, whats next? Humans!!! It scares me to think that people keep inventing new things to make life and everything better… But, isn’t living already good enough???
    The fun theory things were cool. I thought that it was cool that people would now know to drive the speed limit just because of money. The bad thing about it is that it shows how much Americans love money! I t makes us sound like pigs! What we have to get money to just drive the speed limit!!
    The hanging the clothes on the wall was disgusting!!! It looked tacky anyway!!! Why would you want to spend so much time making the thing when you could spend have the amount of time just folding the clothes!
    The ice-skating video was really funny! I got really sad when I watched it because he turned out to be so good! and then I think about myself, and how I suck:(
    GHOSTBUSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That video was so awesome:):):):):) That would be so cool if that happended, although if that happended I would probably just started talking to the ghost!!!!Hahahahah………..
    I don’t really see the need for the lanes in New York. I think the problem is that there are too many people in New York!!! I mean I went there and there is like so many people!!!

  23. When JFK made up the Peace Corps that was a huge step in the right direction for the U.S.A. Being a Foley artist would be very tough I don’t know how the heck he did all those noises with things that you would have lying around the house. My favorite one though has to be “A Day Made of Glass” that was so cool. If it really is like that in the future things would probably get done a lot faster and quicker too. The one in New York was kind of funny. I laughed when he said on average a New Yorker really walks twelve miles per hour. Is that really true? The ice skating one was pretty cool. The ghost busters video was really funny i started laughing when one of the people that the ghosts sat down next to tried to take a picture of them.

  24. Kennedy seemed like he wanted to help the people of the world, not just America. I think he was doing a good thing. I can’t believe it is still here today because most people today are all about money and expensive stuff, but then there are those who are about helping rather than themselves and that is why I think the Peace Corps has lasted so long. It is actually amazing how long it has lasted considering the circumstances of it all.

    I think being a foley would be extremely hard. To be a foley you have to make all the tracks and then layer them and line them up with the timing. Making the sounds and setting up the timing would be the hardest, in my opinion.

    I think the glass video was amazing, I would love to be able to do any of that. I liked the phones the best, they were amazing. I think it was cool that if you laid the phone down in a certain place it would transfer to that surface and it was really cool how at the bus station it transferred the map to her phone. I think that video was awesome.

    I think the speed camera lottery is a great idea. Obviously it worked, but it sounds like a fun reason to drive legally, and even if you already drive legally this would be a chance to win money because of it. I think it was a great idea, I love it.

    I think it is a good idea and all, but it would be really hard to put a magnet in all your shirts. Plus when you need a shirt you have to dig through all the shirts. I think it would be really annoying. I don’t think it would work for me.

    I think it is a good idea, but someone would have to be there all the time to tell people what lane to go in other wise they would never do it. Well, who wants to stand outside all day telling people which lane to walk in? Not me. That would be really annoying having someone tell you which lane to walk in, you would have to stop and in the the end it would just slow you down. So I think it is a good idea, but it would take a lot of work.

    I think the bad skater video was funny. I knew he was faking when he fell because it looked really fake, but besides that it was funny. It was also funny that everyone was laughing and filming it and then he started skating really well. He is actually a really good skater. I thought that was cool because he started out really bad and then by the end of the video he was an amazing skater.

    I like the library one. I think it would have been really funny because the library is always so quiet and then that happens. I think everyone would just burst out laughing, but when they first walk in it might be a little weird but after that it would just be funny.

  25. I think that the Peace Corp was a great idea by the US. I would be interested in going to another country and helping out but only for a maximum of maybe a month. It would be hard to get used to using the resources and living the life styles of people living in third world countries.

    I never knew there was such a job as a folly artist. I think the job is really cool! I always thought it was all done by a computer or just recorded during the movie itself. It’s also cool that he makes the sounds using regular tools.

    The day full of glass was really cool! I agree that this is all in our near future. It would be really cool to have all of those devices!

    I think the speed camera lottery is a pretty good idea. Instead of just being fined for speeding, we’ll be rewarded for not speeding too. I don’t think the hanging clothes on the wall idea would really work.

    The tourist lane was pretty funny. I liked when they impersonated a worker who talked about “pedestrian accidents.”

    I liked the video about the worst ice skater ever who turned out to be very good. It’s a pretty good idea if you want a lot of people to watch you.

    I liked the ghost busters video. I especially liked how it all took place in a library. It would’ve been funny to be there and to be sitting next to a ghost.

  26. While my brother and I were watching the JFK video he made a very smart comment (which is very unlike him). He said that it seems like JFK was talking to a friend and not addressing the nation. He seemed very relaxed and casual. I agree with what Luke said 100%. JFK did not look uptight or stressed at all like I would be if I was running the nation.

    It would be impossible for me to become a Foley Artist. It would be impossible because I do not have a big enough attention span to do all of that tedious work for the movie to come out just right. I need a job that requires little to no attention (I know what your thinking good luck with finding a job like that).

    The A Day Made of Glass video was so cool. It is so funny that a piece of glass is all you need to have a computer, phone, or television. I would definitely want a glass phone. The phones were the coolest by far.

    The Speed Camera Lottery is a great idea! I would be pretty embarrassed if one of my friends won the lottery and got some of the money I had to pay for my speeding ticket with though.

    The whole magnetic clothes thing would definitely not work for me because I am very organized. My mom usually isn’t asking me to clean my room because I am a clean freak and it is usually always clean. All of my clothes are neatly organized in my closet like they should be.

    The tourist lane is a very interesting idea. I believe that it might speed up traffic on the New Yorkers side. Although it might be taking it to an extreme that I personally do not think is necessary. I have been to New York and the sidewalks are huge and there is not as much foot traffic as everyone thinks, there is a lot of foot traffic but just not as much as everyone says.

    The Worst Ice Skater Ever video was funny because everyone watching the guy completely fail on the ice at first were all laughing, but then they saw that in fact he could skate and were all dumbfounded. Some of the faces of the spectators were priceless when they realized that it was only a joke.

    The Who You Gonna Call video was hilarious because all of the people at the library were just working regularly when a bunch of guys wearing bed sheets walked in. Some even started taking pictures. I would have probably been freaked out in that situation and left the library in a hurry.

    1. I’ve got to agree about the whole glass phone thing… Though giving me a GLASS PHONE is just asking it to be destroyed, unless it is water-proof and it won’t shatter (one of my iphones went through the wash and the other I cracked the whole screen on my front steps)…

  27. I thought that it is really great that J.F.K started the Peace Corps. Helping other countries around the world is a great thing to do. Foley looks like it would be really hard to do. But it also looked like it would be really fun at the same time. I don’t think I would be very good at Foley, but the video was really good! I thought the “World Made of Glass” was SO cool! I would love to live in a world where everything was electronic glass. My favorite was the glass phone, and how you could tap it to something and whatever was on the wall transfers to your phone! I didn’t like the idea of magnetic clothes. It takes just as much time and effort to tape the magnet strips on your clothes, than it does to fold and put them away. I absolutely LOVED the tourist lane! That was so funny. I loved how all the tourists wanted to walk in the New Yorkers lane but they weren’t allowed! The worst ice-skater ever was really funny! At first, I felt bad for him because I thought he was actually that bad. But when he started to skate around, I started to laugh because he was really funny! The library video was super funny, too! The people’s reactions to when the ‘ghosts’ came in and just sat down was hilarious!!

  28. JFK took a major risk by starting the Peace Corps. Some people thought it was a great idea, but others were displeased with it. In the end, the Peace Corps is a wonderful volunteer organization that brings help to many countries around the world.
    Oh my gosh! I never knew all those movie sounds were made by people behind the scenes. I just thought that they were computer generated. I wonder if those people have done any of my favorite movies!
    My dad has tried to show me those glass videos for years. There is this thing called Microsoft Surface and it’s on a table, but you can do the same things. I’m sure that Microsoft could easily put that on a fridge, stove, TV, or create it into a phone. This isn’t too far in the future, in fact one part of it is available today….I think…..that is if I understood my dad correctly.
    Okay, I would….I mean my parents, would have so much money by now. They never go over the speed limit. It’s a great idea because there are so many accidents on the rode because of speeding. It kinda reminded me of the Allstate commercial when the guy tells you that you get payed for being a safe driver.
    I am all ready an organized person. You can ask Luke, I get so mad at him when his locker is really messy because I end up reorganizing it. I walk really fast in the mall. I just want to get to places fast and not take a slow walk and spend four hours in the mall instead of two hours in the mall and two at home. There is a reason why I always get on the rides at Disney before the crowd gets there, it’s because I walk really fast and I hate slow walkers, so the two lanes would be wonderful. The ice skater made me feel really bad because I’m a realLy bad ice skater and he made me look really bad. I want to be at some place when they do an improve thing….that would be so cool! GHOST BUSTERS!!!!!!!

  29. think that the peace corps was sort of risky. I think that some people thought that it was bad and some thought that it was good. In the end I think that it ended up as a great volunteer organization that helped all country be a better country with the help of generous people.

    I think that the sound job would take practice but, after practice it would end up being easy.

    I would like to be able to do the one on the table where your can like drop the phone when it has a picture up and it shows up on the table. I think that would be awsome.

    I think that that is a cool idea because you could just keep going threw the road and get a bunch of your pictures and probably win.

    Magnetic t-shirts was sort of dumb. I think it would take to much time and effort but really when you could just clean your room.

    I think the tourist lane was sort of funny/cool. The tourist probably felt stupid and the new yorkers were like haha to them.

    The ice skate was funny because everyone was laughing at him but then he ended up like showing them up and being really good at ice skating!

    The ghost buster thing was stupid and pointless and a waste of time for them and me.

  30. The Peace Crops video was interesting. Did they reach the goal they wanted? I’m just curious.

    I don’t think I would be able to do that sound job. I never knew that they did that. I find it very interesting and it seems incredibly hard. Whoever does it is simply amazing.

    I would mind the wall thing or the mirror in the bathroom but I don’t think it’s a good idea to rely so much on our technology. What if something goes wrong and we can’t use any of it? We’ll be helpless and that’s not good. I may be wrong but it’s just a thought.

    That speed camera lottery thing is great. But what will they do if everyone stops speeding? They won’t have any money to give. I know that seems a little weird but they have to have thought of that. I’m sure that there will be some people that still speed, but they wouldn’t pay enough for all of the people who don’t speed.

    Does that guy understand that by the time he finished setting up that magnet he would’ve had his room all cleaned up? I think it’s a bit unrealistic and the room still looks messy. I’ll just say what my mom always says to me. “If you don’t let your room get messy you won’t have to clean it up.”

    I could tell that a lot of those people in New York were slightly confused and a bit annoyed. I doubt that the lane will actually become a permanent thing because who says people will actually follow?

    I felt so bad for that guy. Those people thought it was SO funny that he was falling all over the place and that he looked like an idiot. I bet you they felt bad after seeing how good he is.

    I’ll nave you know that I’ve Ghost Busters like a million times. And two of those guys really looked like the actors in the movie. I’m sure that wasn’t an accident though.

  31. I think taht the sound effects were very cool. I liked how they used objects that made a distinct sound.
    I think that the glass would be cool except if you drop your phone then thats it. I don’t care how durrable they say it is it’s still glass.
    I think that would be a cool idea except that people would just keep turning around and going through again so that would slow traffic so it would make life miserable. Therefore whoever thought of that idea did not think it through. Bad idea.
    The next one is also a bad idea you would have to take time to put all the magnets on. It is eayser to just clean your room. Bad idea, and a waste of time.
    The lanes one is a good idea. It helps people traffic go faster by getting rid of slow-moving tourists.
    The ghostbusters one is funny. Good idea.

  32. I think that the Peace Corps is a great idea, and I hope it goes on long enough so maybe I can join it one day.

    The Foley artist in the next video makes it look easy, but I think it would very hard to time everything perfectly.

    The glass video was one of the coolest videos I’ve seen this year. All of the hi-tech products were amazing and I really hope the future will be like that. They are actually starting that because I was skating downtown and the City of St. Petersburg building window was actually touch-screen glass that you could fin things to do in St. Pete.

    The speed ticket lottery is a great idea that could definitely cut down on speeders.

    Once everything was setup, I think that the laundry idea would work great. I personally have a problem with dirty clothes on my floor, so I think this would be perfect for me.

    Improv Everywhere is a funny group of people and I am actually subscribed to them on Youtube. I think it would be really fun to be part of one of there events/flash-mobs. The Tourist Lane was my favorite out of these three.

  33. The Peace Corps was and still is a great idea. It has helped out a lot of third world countries. It was a little risky I think at first because there were a lot of things that could hold it back.

    Foley Video was pretty cool. It definitely takes some skill and is very hard. You have to time it up with the actual movie. It’s definitely a cool job though.

    The glass would be so cool just to have in your house or on your counter, fridge, or hand. They have the coolest ideas for this. What I am wondering about this is the video cameras going to be? I would like the handheld one.

    The Speed Camera is pretty awesome idea. It would encourage me to go the speed limit. People will do anything for money, so yes I agree. All I have to say about the other Fun Theory Video is, no. I just kind of throw stuff on my floor.

    I went to New York a couple of weeks ago, and New Yorkers do walk fast. I did drive/walk on 5th Avenue and I would have laughed if I saw that. I would have had t walk on the other side of the sidewalk then my friend, who lives in New York. I liked the Ghost Buster one too.

  34. I think the Peace Corps was a VERY helpful idea to create more world peace, and also to get a sense of what the world outside of America is like. I realized to full extent that we are very luck to live in such a wealthy and free country from watching Mr. Collin’s presentation. I’m surprised that they actually got President Kennedy authorizing the Peace Corps on video!

    I think that being a foley artist would be a pretty cool thing to do for a living. You’d always be the first to see the movies! 🙂 I think it’d be a pretty difficult job to do, and this guy must be pretty trained because it seemed like it took him a while to get all those props.

    I LOVED A Day Made of Glass! It was sooooo cool! I wish our lives were like that, now! I loved the phone things. They picked up anything that you put them over! I also liked how to windows were shaded so that you couldn’t see the light when you were sleeping, and how there were pictures and video on the fridge.

    I liked the idea of the lottery speed ticked thing. It was very clever and would get people to obey the law.

    I like the idea of the magnetic clothes hanger, but it would take some time to get the magnets on the clothes, and it would probably be uncomfortable to have magnets in your clothes, too. But I think it would help my mom out, a little.

    I thought the idea of two lanes, one for tourists, and one for New Yorkers, was funny, and it might help to speed things up a bit, but I don’t think some people would like being funneled into different sections of the sidewalk.

    I felt so bad for the ice-skating dude but in the end he was really good so it’s ok. 🙂

    I would be so weirded out if people dressed like ghosts just walked into the library and sat next to me! And I thought it was funny how the ghostbusters came in to exterminate them. 🙂

  35. The JFK video was kind of boring but his accent made up for it. It is amazing that so many people volunteered. It really changed some country’s future.

    I never knew that people actually made most of the sounds in movies. I thought that the camera caught everything! It’s so cool how many different noises you can make with some ordinary stuff.

    Cool glass… I wish they had those now. It will be awesome once that technology comes out. I liked how the phone can connect to different parts. Like the stove and such.

    I didn’t really care for the speeding fine contest. It was a nice idea though. It taught people to drive slow and maybe get a prize for doing that!

    The idea for cleaning you room is great, but it will take forever to put the magnets in your clothes. It will also be a waste too. I think this idea should have won. Not the traffic one.

    The tourist lane video was not that entertaining for me. When you think about it, it’s kind of racist. If you divide the New Yorkers and the tourists, then you will get even more accidents in the New York side.

    The ice skating video was hysterical. It was awesome how he gradually got better and better. The audience was so stunned! It looked kind of fake in the beginning though.

    Last but not least, GHOST BUSTERS! A classic. That was my favorite video. It was a great plot to draw more attention to the library. That one guy who who was lifting up his phone was pretty funny. Overall, this blog was the best yet! I hope you do more of these.

  36. I think that Kennedy was way ahead of his time when he invented the peace corps. because it would be hard for someone now a days to come up with something that revolutionary.

    It seems like a lot of fun but i have to agree with Jackson, “I do not have a big enough attention span to do all of that tedious work for the movie to come out just right. ” I would need to be working on more than three movies at a time just so that I would be able to switch between projects, ether that or I would have to not be disturbed for twelve hours because if I am assigned a project I will want to get started on it and I will pour my heart and soul into it, until some one gets me off track anyway.

    I think that a glass phone would be super cool even if I would destroy it within seconds of getting one.

    I think that the Fun Theory videos are cool, but the whole hang your shirt thing would wrinkle them so is it really a good idea if you don’t want to iron?

    My brother loves the Ghost Busters so when I watched this one I thought how cool he would have thought it was.

    Improve Everywhere had really cool videos but I didn’t think that they were as interesting as some of the others.

  37. I thought the Jfk Video was really good and I might want to join the peace corps one day because I have always wanted to go out of the country and since I am in boy scouts I love helping people all the time.

    I don’t think making all of the sounds for the movies is a very easy job. I mean there is so much to chose from and you half to make the right sound at the right time. It is a very cool job and now I know that there aren’t many recordings of sounds for movies man and women do it.

    I would love to be able to put something down on a table and have that as a touch screen and you are right. It is almost like the polyvision boards accept they aren’t clear.

    The fun theory would work for me just to be able to throw my clothes on a wall than put them in a drawer and I am going to ask my mom if I can do that because if it makes my room clean then I bet she will do anything.

    The tourist and new yorker lane thing was really funny and how they kept it up for the next few days is even more funny. I can’t believe that all of those people fell for that. They aren’t that smart in my mind.

    The traffic lottery is just a strait up good idea and it is a good way to make people obey the speed limit and not go so fast and cause accidents. It is a good way to win money for the people who obey the law now for once the people who do the right thing get paid for it.

    The worst ice skater ever is a great idea and that guy is a really good ice skater when he is actually trying and not being just stupid and I was surprised when he just started doing good.

    The ghost busters one was the best and that would make me crack up if that happened to me. Over all the improve people are just great.

  38. I think that JFK had a really good idea of making the Peace Corps. I think it really helped out other people that weren’t as fortunate to have what we have.

    The sound effects are really cool. I never knew that the noises are created by people. I thought that it was actually real. They do a really good job at it, too. I thought the tools that they used to make the noises were interesting because I wouldn’t think that that is what they would use.

    The Day of Glass video was my favorite. I think it would be awesome to have all of those things, I just don’t know if it’s possible because, yes, they can make the phones, and all the easy stuff, but how are they going to have us get the refrigerators, tables, and all the “hard” stuff because they would have to change everything, and that would just take a really long time. It would also be really expensive.

    That speed camera lottery idea is great. I just don’t know if it will last forever. I mean people would do anything for money, so they would stop speeding, but what happens if NOBODY speeds? Then they wouldn’t have any money to give to the lottery winners. I do think the idea is really good, I just think there might be some issues with having enough money to give out.

    I think magnetic clothes are a bad idea. It would take way too long to tape all the magnets on and put the magnet thing on the wall. It wouldn’t even help because it would still make my room look dirty, and I just think it would make it look tacky. In the wash, the magnets would either damage the machine, or come right of the clothes. I think it would be really uncomfortable to wear too. I just don’t think it’s a very thought trough idea.

    The Tourist Line video was funny and creative. I thought it was funny how New Yorkers walk faster than the tourists. I didn’t think that the people would’ve cared, or even noticed the lanes in the first place because of all the people in New York, but I think it would definitely speed traffic up, and make it easier for New Yorkers to do what they do, and tourists to go shopping, look at the buildings, and whatever tourists do.

    In the ice skating video, I had a feeling he was a good skater in the beginning. I thought it was sad how the people were laughing at him, but I guess that’s what the guys wanted to do, make them smile. When he turned out to be good I was happy because at the end they were cheering for him. 

    The Ghost Busters video was… interesting. I just thought it was a little corny, but it was still funny. It would be kind of cool to be sitting in that library when that happened. If the ghost sat next to me, I would laugh then ask who he/she was, and make friends with him/her.

  39. Wow, Mrs. Cobb, can we do these types of blogs more often? I love the videos! How ever do you find them? I thought that that was a really good idea that JFK set up. It just shows how much he wanted for the world to be a peaceful place. It also shows how much he cares and, how much he wants for theses unfortunate places to be fortunate.

    The Foley artist video was really cool! I didn’t know how hard it would be to do! I saw the movie Robin Hood, and I had know idea how much time and effort it must have taken to do all of that, I didn’t even think that they were fake! That’s how real they are.

    The glass video was amazing! Even know I would love to be able to do all of that stuff, I wouldn’t want to have technology take over my life, even know it sort of already has. I would still love to do all these things but I would miss doing things the “manual” way. Technology is moving so fast these days! Soon, the pen will be extinct, even know is already is becoming that way with email, texting, skypeing, facebook, twitter, blogging, computers, phones, etc.

    I love the idea of the speed camera lottery! Great idea, whoever thought of it! I would love that speed camera to be everywhere! It would be so fun to get a message through the mail saying, “You’ve just won the speed camera lottery.”

    The give parent’s peace video wouldn’t work. What do you do everyday? Walk around with a giant magnet attached to your shirt? It would be very annoying and sort of pointless because why can’t you just hang your cloths up?

    I loved the Tourist lane/ New Yorker lane video! It is so funny! They should do that in Paris! They would find a lot of tourists there! It was so funny hearing the guys in the workmen cloths telling them why they looked like a tourist! My parents laughed and laughed!

    For the Worst Ice Skater Ever video, I was feeling very sorry for him, he looked like the type that was forced to go out there and skate for the first time ever. And then, when his started skating properly, he was amazing! He wasn’t the type I thought he was and, I stopped feeling sorry for him.

    I loved the ghost one! It was so cool! I wish I were there so I could have witnessed that! It would definitely make me go to that library more!

    1. Great post, Francesca…….I read a lot on the Web……and subscribe to many different blogs/sites that have interesting stuff!

  40. I thought JFK’s speech was more relaxed than the speeches now. I also thought he had a New Yorker or Boston accent.

    I think being a Foley Artist would be hard the first time you ever do it. But, after a few times, you get better and better at it. I think that would be a super-cool job!

    I think it would be really cool to have a car that would turn on when you are near it and have a sun roof made of glass because I love cars! It would also be cool to have signs that tell you to go a different route if their is a crash on the road.

    I agree with the idea. I think they should keep the lottery game up and running still so it will slow more people down and it will cause less crashes.

    That would work for me if my room ever got that dirty! My room is never dirty because I am never in it, all I do in my room is sleep at night.

    If I were a New Yorker, I would not argue about this street. In the video, the guy said New Yorker’s walk at an average speed of 12 mph. That’s really fast! And tourists walk really slow! So I think that was a great idea.

    The skating video was pretty cool. He tried to make everyone laugh and then to turn out really good at Ice Skating!

    That was a different video, but it was cool. It was funny how people would do that and not get embarrassed, especially being the ghosts!

  41. It was a great idea of JFK to make the Peace Corps, It helped alot of people.

    I never knew people did that in movies I thought it was all computerized thats pretty cool. He was really talented he did all of the effects at the right time. If I did that I would fail miserably.

    The Glass one was my favorite. If that comes out I would want it so badly. I like touch screen things and someday my whole house could be touch screen. The phone was awsome how you can put it on a portable flexible glass and it goes onto that. Genius idea, hope it comes out soon.

    I think the speeding lottery is a good idea, but some people occasionaly speed on accident. Then they would have to pay a fine, and it’s sourt of not fair.

    I think the clothe video is a bad idea. It takes to long to do all of that and you can just throw your clothes in a basket. Not that hard to do. It only takes a second to put your clothes away so take the time to do it.

    I liked the tourist lane video it was a great idea. It would help New Yorkers alot since they can walk faster in their lane.

    In the Ice skating video he was a good bad skater and a good good skater. That was funny how the people would laugh at him and at the end they would all cheer for him.

    The ghost busters video was corny. I didn’t think it was funny I guess you had to be there.

  42. I think that the JFK video was interesting because how he was explaining what he did to get the peace corps.

    I thought the foley artist was really cool. I never thought that they did it like that. I thought they had really powerful microphone and it would capture the sound. It was really interesting and really cool how creative they can get. Hey, in Mrs. Doubtfire, what was Robin Williams considered how he could make those awesome sounds, would that be considered a foley artist?

    The day made of glass video was awesome! I think that would be awesome to have all of that. I think that they use something like that in No Ordinary Family on ABC in the doctor’s office. I hope that that is what the future holds!

    That is a great idea to have a speed camera lottery. I wish I would be entered in it. I wouldn’t want to be the people speeding though! But overall, it is a really good idea.

    I don’t really like the idea of the mom’s dream how to make a kid like cleaning their room. I wonder if a mom would like it?

    The tourist lane is a really good and entertaining idea! I was waiting for someone not to listen to them and follow the wrong lane (tourist go in the New Yorker lane). It put a smile on my face!

    I thought that the ice skater was really funny. At first, I felt bad for the guy since everyone was laughing at him, but then when he was doing really good, it was really entertaining. I honestly thought that it was going to be about some guy that kept falling and getting up and falling again.

    The Ghostbuster video was the absolute best! It was really funny! I didn’t know what was going to happen with the “ghosts” but then they came in. It was awesome! Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!!

  43. I think that J.F.K. is an extremely respectable, kind, and loving person. The things he accomplished and strived for were amazing! I think the job with the sounds seems fun and cool, but it also seems like a hard job that requires lots of work and practice. I think that the concept of “a day made of glass” is extraordinary. I also don’t know if i would want that to happen only because there would be like no reason what so ever to leave your house or even talk to people face to face. Everyone could be alone, but use their glass stuff and have a party with anyone in the world. It would all seem so fake.

    I love the traffic idea, but the money from tickets is sapposed to go to important things like new roads. The clothing idea, like bailee said, YUCK!!!!!! I wouldn’t want to be in my room if it was covered with my clothes, but it’s very creative.

    I thought the tourist lane was actually a really great idea! It seems like it would save people a lot of trouble. The ice skater one seemed kind of weird. It wasn’t really that great in my opinion.
    The ghost busters one was hilarious. Thats all i can really think to say about it.

  44. I think JFK had a great idea! I was very surprised that many Americans stepped up to help other countries even without pay, and you would have to move to away from everyone for two years! Its also good because people can go and experience what it is like to live there.

    I think that being a foley artist would be pretty cool. Its amazing how he knows what he is doing! His timing was amazing. But I think if I was a foley artist then I’d keep messing up, and have to redo it, because it looks very complicated.

    It would be really cool if I could live in a day of glass. It all seems so simple to do, with the touch of a finger! It’s amazing that even if we all had the stuff in the video, we would still be waiting for the next big thing to come out! And oh, I can’t wait until we have glass phones, I am so getting one!

    I think the speed lottery was a good idea, it but some people are always going to be speeding. I think that my mom could probably win, since she drives really slow…;)

    The shirt idea wouldn’t work for me, because I already spent like four days color coordinating my closet there is no way I’m taking all my clothes off the hangers, and hanging them up on my walls which takes like forever just to put on the magnetic strip…and my rooms clean so it wouldn’t be a problem.

    I liked the tourist lane idea. It would help speed things up. But I don’t think everyone would follow the lanes…

    The iceskating video was good. I thought that he was going to never get back to the side but he did and I was surprised. :O.

    I LOVED THE GHOSTBUSTERS VIDEO!!! I liked that they kept chasing the ghost even after the got out of the library, that way everyone could see it even though they weren’t in the library. And Haha sneaky, sneaky! I saw that guy slowly pulling out his phone!! ;).

  45. The JFK announcing the Peace Corps was a very big deal. It was also a great idea. It helps the people that are volunteering to learn about other cultures and it also helps the people of the country where the volunteers are going.

    The sound effects must be extremely hard to make. It takes many different skills to make this possible. I didn’t even know that these sounds had to be enhanced. It must take a lot of time just to do one movie. So much imagination these people have to have.

    The Day of Glass video was pretty awesome. I can’t wait till that is actually what we will live like. It will be a whole lot easier to move around or simply just do anything. It would be extremely expensive but technology is moving along so quickly who knows how much time it is until we can use these kinds of things.

    The Speed Camera Lottery is a good idea but it isn’t as great when the people actually know about it. And it would just stop speeding for that amount of space. People would still speed in other parts of the city. And if no one speeds no one gets any money.

    The magnetic clothes could be a good idea if someone thought of somewhere else to put it. It would also be hard to find clothes that are at the bottom. Overall I don’t think it is a good idea. Parents would still think it looks bad because it doesn’t look so good when you have a bunch of tee shirts hanging there.

    I personally think that The Tourist Lane was the best video and idea. It is great because people are always trying to push through if you are standing there. I don’t think the New Yorkers would mind it. They would probably think it is a very good idea.

    The ice skating video was funny. The guy definitely got all the attention. It is always good to make people laugh and this was a perfect way.

    The GhostBusters video was good. I like it when the ghost sits down next to the guy and he reaches out for his phone as if he is going to take a picture or call someone. It is also a good way to make people laugh.

  46. I wasn’t at 60s’ day, but it sounded like it was a lot of fun. I thought the idea of a Peace Corp. was really cool, and a great way to make strong connections with different countries around the world. It sounds like a lot of hard work, but pays off in the end, because you’re helping a society in need.

    I couldn’t watch the second video, because my computer wouldn’t download it for some reason, sorry.

    Wow, glass can do all that! I honestly couldn’t pick a favorite one out of all the choices of different glasses, or even remember them all, but I really like having all the surfaces able to transport images from a handheld device just by contact. The future is kind of scary, but it’ll be cool to find out what we can do.

    I love the idea of The Fun Theory! I wish we could do the same for all the tasks we don’t like to do. I think it’s a great idea, especially the reward part.

    I love this Fun Theory! I like the idea of just throwing your clothes against the wall and having them stay there. I usually fold my clothes before I put them into my dresser, but then they just end up unfolding again because I have to wear the shirt on the bottom of the pile…of course. I think it would be a good idea to have your entire closet covered with the magnetic wall so you could just through your clothes in and they wouldn’t land in the floor!

    I thought that the tourist and New Yorker lanes were very original ideas. I think it was funny that people didn’t expect that it wasn’t real. But it also was a good idea because I know that I think it’s annoying when you get stuck behind someone slow.

    If that was the worst ice skater ever what does that make me? I love ice-skating, but haven’t done it for at least a year. I thought those people were really mean to laugh at him, even though he didn’t need any help I felt bad for him. I guess he showed them a thing or two.

    The ghost buster video was so funny! I would love to have been participating in the flash mob just to see the reaction on peoples’ faces! I don’t know how the “actors” didn’t burst out laughing in the library. I loved these videos.

  47. I want to start off by saying that all of the videos are good. For the first video, about the Peace Corps is pretty cool. I think that it would be a really cool job and it would be great to help a lot of people. The next video about the sound effects is really cool. It would definitely be a cool job to have because when you go to see a movie you could say that it was yours. I probably wouldn’t be good at it because I would get the timing off. The next video about the glass technology is so amazing. I wish that I were in a time when they had that kind of technology. The video reminded me of CSI shows on television. The video about the speed camera lottery is not a bad idea. I think that it is a good idea but it probably would work that well in the U.S.A. in my opinion. I think that the next video about the no more monster closets is a good idea but I can also see why it didn’t win. I think that it would take too long to tape all of those magnets to your shirts and it would get annoying if you wore them. The next video about the tourist lane is hilarious. I would be laughing so hard if I was a pedestrian. I think that the video about the bad ice skater was ok. It wasn’t bad but it would have been better if he did really hard tricks and things like that. For the final video it wasn’t bad. I thought that it would be funny if I was there but watching the video right now didn’t make me laugh. I really liked all of the videos and thanks for showing me them.

  48. I thought that the Peace corps was a very good idea. Although we are not benefiting our own economy or people, we are building relationships so if there is a nuclear war we will have nuclear silos closer to the targets we wish to destroy, like Mother Russia or China. This is probably why JFK initiated the Peace Corps.

    I think Foley is an interesting idea, but the sound affects aren’t that good and the job is time consuming. It would be a lot easier if they used sounds they already had in something like a database. The job seems hard and the people must get really annoyed because they’re stuck in a small room banging objects together like cavemen.

    The corny video was unbelievable. I think that the glass-phone must have terrible connection because light shines through it. It also has no camera so they were lying when it showed you that you could see people. It would also break. I would like the surface glass the most because you could watch TV under your cereal.

    I thought the Speed Camera Lottery was a good and bad idea. It was a very good idea because the lottery would be totally free to the city and would have people go the speed limit, for that short distance. It is a bad idea because drivers are constantly looking at the speed sign and not who or what is in front of them. They drivers also speed up after they pass the sign.

    The clothes on the wall doesn’t seem like the best idea. First of all, you carry a magnet on your chest or back everywhere you go. Some clothes may be too thick for the magnets to work. And picking clothes of the ground would be much easier. Overall, bad idea.

    The tourist and New Yorker lane doesn’t seem that efficient. No one actually looks down and it would cost a ton of money to employ two men in orange shirts at the corner of each intersection to usher people to their side of the sidewalk.

    The worst ice skater ever wouldn’t be that funny in real life. I’d be mad at the guy because I would have less time to skate. I’d cheer on the guy on the Zamboni to ram into him.

    I found out that there was a problem with the Ghostbusters video. People where pretending to be ghosts by wearing sheets, when there really should have been people in ghillie suits. It would have been a better stunt if there were people in ghillie suits. They could pretend to be plants and unplug the computers or scare people.

  49. I thought all of the videos were awesome. Great job on finding videos. I think Kennedy was a good president, so far because so far everything that I’ve learned about him, from the PowerPoint project, to Mrs. Grau’s presentation , to this video, he sounds like a president that did a great amount of change to the U.S.

    I also loved all of the other videos. I think it would be extremely hard to be a foley artist because everything has to be precise. But that is a very interesting job. They use everyday materials, which I thought was cool. My favorite was the glass house one. I thought that was amazing, but when I think about the world soon getting that technologically advanced, it kind of frightens me , because I feel like Earth, at some point will have an overload of electricity and power being used. That doesn’t by any means, mean that I don’t want to have that type of system in my house I think that would be one of the most incredible things you could have in your house and your life.

    I think this is one of my favorite blog posts. Again, great video choices, Mrs Cobb. 🙂

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