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Students, lots of great videos to make you think and smile! Please answer the questions related to each video. Enjoy!

Fifty years ago JFK authorizes the Peace Corps. Students, since you were introduced to the Peace Corps through Mr. Collins’ mini session on 60’s Day, I thought this an appropriate video for you to see. Impressions?

Cool job? Think this is easy to do?

SoundWorks Collection: Gary Hecker – Veteran Foley Artist from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.

In a not so distant future……which would you love to be able to do?

Great idea! Agree?

A Mom’s dream perhaps, but would it work for you?

Improve Everywhere strikes again! Thoughts?
Tourist Lane

The Worst Ice Skater Ever

Who you gonna call?


  1. I thought all of these videos were interesting and funny I liked them. The JFK announcing the Peace Corps was a very big in our history. It helps the people that are volunteering learn that we should be move fortunate for what we have I would like to do that someday.
    The sound effects video must be very hard to do. I think that would be very fun to do and I didn’t know that’s how they made the sounds in movies.
    The Day of Glass video was awesome! I can’t even think that is actually what my life would be like. It would be very expensive but these things are moving along so fast that we could have that tomorrow.
    I don’t like the magnetic clothes idea I just didn’t like that video.
    The Tourist Lane was a very funny video. The ice skating video was funny. It is always good to make people laugh on a cold day too and I like to laugh I would have loved to be there.
    The Ghost Busters video was funny too. Jordan and I watched that movie and it was good so this reminded me of it!

  2. I agree with Elizabeth, J.F.K. was a head of his time when he founded the Peace Corps. As for the sound effects I might be able to do it, but it defiantly wouldn’t be as good as the guy’s in the videos. But you know what they say; nothing ventured, nothing gained. The fun theory videos were cool, but to me it seems your putting more effort into cleaning your room than if you were just to fold your close. At least it’s too much effort for me, I use minimal effort and my room still looks neater. Improve everywhere was hilarious as always you could tell that being told what to do ticked some of the New Yorkers off. And of coarse the sheet ghosts and Ghostbusters will definitely get the public’s attention. Glass, glass, glass, glass, glass. I wouldn’t relay on technology all the time and I would wait until the second or third generation so most of the kinks are worked out. It better be like some sort of Plexiglas or fiberglass or something so it’s harder to break. Your regular phone if you drop it the battery might fall out oh, well just pick it up and stick it back in the phone. Now, if you drop the glass phone oh, well my phone broke into a million pieces I’ll just go out and buy another one for the thirtieth time. You see my point?

  3. In the video of the authorization of the Peace Corps, President JFK seems very laid back and loose. His muscles aren’t tense, and he doesn’t have a hint of worry on his face. It’s almost as if he doesn’t have a speech prepared, and he’s speaking as the words come to him. Maybe people voted for Kennedy in the first place because he wasn’t very intimidating and he looked like more of a friend than the future president of the United States.

    If you were a Foley artist, every day at work would be really fun! Who would’ve guessed that the sound effects in our movies were made from recycled objects? For all the effort that a Foley artist goes through to create just one small segment of sound, I wonder what the pay is for the job. I’m not nearly as meticulous as these guys. I would take one hunk of metal, bang it against another piece of metal, and say, “Here’s your crash.” I always thought that there were special, high-tech microphones that picked up the sound as the scene took place but actually, Foley artists are the men behind the scenes that make most of the sounds happen.

    The futuristic video by Corning made possible how advanced glass technology may become in the next few years. Personally, my favorite innovation was the one where the glass is dim while a person sleeps, but when the day reaches a certain point, the glass gradually becomes less dim, and sunlight fills the room. This would be a peaceful, serene substitute to the obnoxious alarm clocks that most of us wake up to. Also when the children are chatting with their grandma on the counter, where is the webcam? And why no fingerprints? I guess Corning didn’t think those ones through completely. Overall, this video is very detailed and colorful, and it gives viewers a good glimpse of what technological advancements may appear not too far from now.

    The Speed Camera Lottery is a clever idea, but why should people need an incentive to obey the law? It’s too bad that people start abiding the speed limit once they found out that they might make some money by doing so. Shouldn’t we do the right thing regularly, and not need a reward? There is, however, a problem with Kevin Richardson’s idea. If people start to make a day out of just constantly going through The Speed Camera Lottery at the speed limit, then they would have their name entered into the pot many more times than someone who casually happens to be passing the camera. Maybe they have already thought of this, and the computers can filter through license plates that have the same code.

    The “fun” way to clean up a room isn’t exactly very practical. I mean, who wants to take the time to sew in tiny magnets into shirts? Do you really want to walk into your room to see an array of shirts hanging from a sheet of metal? And then there are the rest of your clothes and miscellaneous pieces of trash. Are you going to attach another sheet of metal and sew in more magnets just for your socks, underwear, etc.? The trash will have to be picked up by hand. So while your shirts may be fun to throw, the rest of your room cleaning will evaporate the fun from tossing your shirts.

    The Tourist Lane idea should be permanently implemented in New York. Don’t you just hate those pesky tourists? They have no idea what they’re doing, and if you’re not careful, you may accidentally end up in a family shot. If they’re from another country, they might be talking about you in a foreign language or a funny accent: “Oh, yah, vook at da little schnitzel vat she holds in her purse!” (No offense to Germans; I like your accent) When they (the tourists) stop to take a quick pic, or mock/make fun of you, they won’t be decreasing the flow of the sidewalks in major cities so long as there is a tourist lane. This video was very realistic, and it fooled many people. The fake Department of Transportation would have done it for me; she looked like an authentic businesswoman even though she was with Improv Everywhere. The orange vests would have sold it for me, too. This is a great idea, and I’d love to see it soon.

    The Worst Ice Skater video was humorous, and I didn’t feel bad laughing at the guy as he fell because I knew that he was just acting. I must say, I like his gloves. Just to let you know, figure skates (what he is wearing) are much easier to skate on than hockey skates, (ask Justin if you don’t believe me) so must be trying very hard for it to look like he is actually falling. This improvisation act was done really well, but it is kind of sad that the people only laughed because he was struggling. Do you think the spectators would have laughed if it was a kid stuck on the ice who really didn’t know how to skate? I laughed because I knew he was acting, but I would have felt bad if I were there and I thought he was stuck.

    The Ghostbusters flash mob was a great display of humor! One guy tried to take a picture of the ghost. I would’ve done the same thing. I was actually a ghost this past Halloween, and I looked something like that. Improv Everywhere could have done something similar to this, only with Pac-Man. Despite the fact that everyone is snickering, the crew remained very poised, which is rather impressive considering how many eyes must be on them. This flash mob is way better than the one I had to create for a previous blog.

  4. I thought the Peace Corps video was pretty boring but I know it is for a good cause. Good for you, Mr. John F. Kennedy.

    The Foley video was very cool! People always think that sound effects are made on the computer, but they don’t have to be. The most amazing part about this whole thing is that it is not easy to make sound effects for a movie. There are so many! As you see in the video, he even has to make sound for the guy walking. My personal favorite sound effect was the horse running.

    I thought the Day Made of Glass video was interesting in a great way. It was all the glass screens and apliances were amazing. The better thing is that Corning could visualize all these screens and appliances.

    I would obey the speed limit for the Fun Theory project, but mostly for the money. You see, I belive in living life in the fast lane, literally. So, I do not necessarily agree.

    I like the second Fun Theory video more. I think moms would love to tape a magnet on a shirt and stick it on the wall rather than putting it on a hanger and hanging it in the closet. I think it is a fun way to do work.

    The Tourist Lane was a very good idea. When I was in New York City two years ago, I always wanted to stop and look at things. I’m not sure if that annoyed New Yorkers (and I honestly don’t care), but I’m sure they wanted to speed things along.

    I thought the Worst Ice Skater Ever video was pretty funny. The improvisation in it is awesome. That man is a beautiful skater.

    The Who You Gonna Call? video was funny. For all of these improv videos one question is going through my mind: How do they think of this stuff? These people must have great imaginations. My final words for the improv videos are: “Only in New York”.

  5. I enjoyed the Peace Corps video. Two things: one, why is it spelled like “corps” but pronounced “core”? IT MAKES NO SENSE!

    It must very hard to be Foley artist. You have to have creativity, perfect timing, and the right resources. I will now have another under-credited group of people to appreciate.

    The glass video was very interesting and I hope that it will, one day, be a world of glass. P.S. OMG! SEE-THROUGH iPHONES!

    Both Fun Theories were cool. I liked the first one better, personally. I don’t see how the shirt thing is fun or even close to efficient. It’s called get a laundry hamper. Geez!

    OMG! I loved the Improve Everywhere videos. My favorite was definitely the Ghostbusters one. One comment: Who am I gonna call? 911. It’s common sense. I will say it again, (for those who didn’t read my comment on Henry’s comment) LOLZ. THOSE GHOSTS WERE LIKE, AS LEGIT AS IT GETS. LIKE, TOTALLY.

  6. John F. Kennedy founding the Peace Corps was definitely something big and really helpful to other countries that need help.

    I liked the sound effect video, I wouldn’t be able to do it though. I mostly liked it because he made sound affects for the horses!

    I would love to have everything made in glass. The house is my new dream house! I wish I had a phone like the one they have, it kind of looks like the Iphone 4 but it’s thinner.

    I think it’s a great way to make people slow down. It’s something they should put everywhere in the world.

    The other idea was actually kind of smart but it would take too much time to put magnets on all of my clothes and put big magnets on the wall. It would be hard to find magnets that big too.

    The tourist lane really made me laugh. It was funny when they asked the tourists to change lane.

    He really looked like he couldn’t ice skate. He was probably even better than me when he was faking, I can’t ice skate 🙁 .

    I liked the last video, it was funny. Some people didn’t know what was happening and they made funny faces.

    I liked all of the videos.

  7. I love the idea of Peace Corps! It is a great idea.

    That would be an awesome job! I think that it would be very hard, and take lots of practice.
    I would love to have a T.V. in my mirror so that
    I would be able to watch T.V. while getting ready in the morning.

    The speed camara lottery is a great idea, and I think that it will encourage drivers to obey the speed limit.

    I think that hanging your clothes up with a magnent on the wall is really cool, but I don’t think that it would work for me. I think that it would wrinkle my clothes. I also don’t think that I would really like having my closet on my wall.

    I thought that The Tourist Lane video was so funny, and I love that idea. I don’t think that it helps anything, but it’s funny.

    I would definitely call 911.

  8. I think the peace corps was a great idea and the purpose was just to help other countries in need.

    Being a Foley artist would be amazing. It would probably be hard though especially the timing. It was probably tiring to.

    Now a day made of glass is the coolest thing ever
    I can’t wait until it becomes part of our lives it would definitely change my life.

    I definitely think The Speed Camera is a great idea especially because it will cause more people to respect the law.

    I think the magnetic clothes thing was cool but I wouldn’t help me because I’m too lazy to even put my close on the wall.

    I think the tourist lane, the worst skater ever, and the ghost busters were really funny.

  9. I thought that the whole Peace Corps is a great thing that many people should have a chance of going into the whole operation.

    I think being a Foley artist would be a cool job but it would take a lot of work. I believe that it would be really, really hard.

    I would love the face-timing that the phones had in the movie. Anywhere, anytime. That would be awesome.

    I believe that the Lottery thing is a great idea, and the idea number two is great and I would so use it, except when I forget.

    I thought that the video was really funny. The people who did this though must not have a life.

    Yes that is even worst than some people I know. And GHOST BUSTERS!

  10. First off, I want to say that his voice is so cool! I love the men voices from his time period. ☺ I also want to say that he would be proud of what the Peace Corps has turned into. I also like his decision that he would start it.

    The folly job is a pretty cool job. It seems really, really hard, though. It would take a lot of effort. But it would be cool waking up in the morning and saying, “Bye sweetheart, I have to go make horse noises now.”

    I really like the glass that you can cook with, and I also like the glass on the refrigerator! It seems like such a cool thing to be able to have. And in the part of the commercial where the two girls come home, I like the part where one of them goes to the refrigerator and starts doodling on her sisters picture. I would totally do the same thing to my sister! ☺

    I like the idea of the Speed Camera Lottery. I bet my dad would go through there about 500 times! He is in love with the lottery so he would take an hour every day and go on the same street to get a chance to win.

    I honestly don’t like the idea of how to clean your room with magnets. It makes your room just as messy, but the mess has moved to your wall.

    The New Yorker lane and Tourist lane is a very clever idea. It’s funny how they did that. I especially liked it when they told that one man that an average New Yorker walked 12 miles per hour. His reaction was really funny.

    The Worst Ice Skater Ever video was so sad at the beginning! I felt so bad for him, and the music made it even sadder. But when he started being good, I was thinking to myself. “Here comes the backwards crossovers, now the Waltz Jump. Now an outside three turn. Now a Flip Jump…wait, he changed his mind. A two food spin.” And when Mrs. Cobb was talking about it in class on Monday she said he was a professional ice-skater, when I could do the same exact thing. ☺ But it was a really creative video, how he starts really bad, like the eight year olds in my class that I teach, and then ends really good, like the people in the class that I am in.

    The Ghost Busters video is really funny. Seeing the expressions on the people’s faces made my day! It was really funny! I like how the ghosts just randomly come in and following them are the Ghost Busters.

  11. Well, to be honest I was a bit surprised on how Kennedy presented his speech. Granted, JFK was by far one of the greatest speakers of our time “it is not what you’re country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” and “We do not do things because they are easy, but because they are hard” yet, he looked almost rushed or a bit tense during this announcement to the American people. Although, it did do wanders for the world’s opinions on Americans. After all, during the early 60’s the government was still in deep water with the U.S.S.R. Hopefully, these modern Peace Corps candidates can not only aid these countries and their citizens, but hopefully improve our current reputation as fat Americans.
    As for Gary Hecker, he proves that being a foley artist is a behind the scenes job that every movie requires with a big set of requirements. Just by looking at his arms and the way he closely monitors the film screen, you’ll figure out just how hard this guy works. By assembling loads and loads of props, this guy constantly clanks, pounds, scratches and beats every piece he has to crank out a living. Yet, not only is it just physical, but mental. For him to find the right sounds, he must inspect nearly every single scene of an entire film. Not only does he have to know the exact time to record each and every single noise, but first he must know how to create it. Then, with his heart and brain entwined into every little detail of the scene, Hecker gives us the true sounds of the Film industry.
    I don’t mean to sound childish, but that 3d TV is extreme awesomeness! Can you just imagine all of your favorite action movies being played on a huge high pixel revolution machine like that! Or, even better yet would be video games! If your mind sucker Xbox or PlayStation were plugged into that, the artificial effects would be so realistic; I think most people wouldn’t be able to handle anything over E-rated. Then, there was the the compatible work surface glass of every academic and business wonder. I would love nothing more than to take my seat at school, and be able to access every bit of academic excellence right off that shiny white surface.
    The speed camera lottery is a really well-crafted idea. I mean, not only would you be teaching the idiot drivers of the world to slow the heck down, but also use it for a good cause. Only problem with the whole idea is that in a sense, your taking other people’s money. Since it’s a ticket for speeding, every speeder in America will be handing their hard earned cash to the government who gives it to the winner. I wouldn’t imagine you’d get a whole ton of flak for it, but you might want to watch out for the occasional psychopath who wants his money back from the man.
    See, there are a few things about me that are different from most American teens. One is that I’m not really into all excessive amounts of texting, tweeting, or buying every single app Steve Jobs has to offer. The second, would be that every morning I clean my room. So, while some of my counterparts may think of this as something that would actually compel themselves to become neat and organized, I already am. Basically, this is completely useless to me.
    I also have a message for New York improve groups. Ok, you may have busy lives with frantic schedules, but his is no reason to target happy tourists as your excuse for being late to work. Not to mention, wouldn’t the New Yorker side of the street be clogged at rush hou? I’ve been to New York, and frankly the people there are more than pretty nice. All I ask , is that you stop making fun of us because our fascination with skyscrapers delays your frantic pursuit of the 8:00 meeting.
    I can understand what the ice-skater was trying to do, but frankly it was just a prank on the audience. Sure enough, the big man in a Bill Cosby sweater proved that everyone who skates at Bryant Park is a total jerk. We all know the voice on the intercom says to stay off the ice, but wouldn’t someone have the decency to go out there and help him? Oh no, apparently everyone must have known it was a joke and got a big laugh out of it. Frankly, this is just comedy’s idea of karma.
    I’ve only ever watched bits and snippets of Ghostbusters, but one thing I can tell you is the love for that corny 80’s soundtrack resides deep in my heart. Still, I thought the whole thing was just a little laugh to brighten everyone’s day (which is goooood!). To make it more eccentric, they should’ve stopped running into each other and put some sound effects on those guns. If only Patrick Swayze were still alive, and he could’ve been part of this amateur improv skit. I mean after all, wouldn’t it be hilarious seeing the ghost busters swoop up the lead actor in Ghost?

  12. The Peace Corps was a brilliant idea and has been proven very successful though out the decades it’s been in service. John F. Kennedy clearly had made a good decision by founding it and the speech we have all just watched was legendary. I think it’s very cool to have our own teacher as a volunteer for the Peace Corps and hear his stories of the entire experience.

    I had no idea that all those sound effects were created by a man after the movie was filmed. I had always figured that the sound just had come from the actual source itself. I was just amazed at the end result and now when I watch the movie, “Robin Hood” I will think of the sounds.

    I thought the ice skating video was just amazing and this just left me in complete awe. And this is coming from some who cannot ice skate for his life. I loved how he was just terrible in the begging, like me, then just come back up and takes our breath away,

    Finally my personal favorite was of course the ghost buster video, I loved that movie as a small child and seeing this video brought back some great memories. I also loved how this was a skit to get more visitors to that legendary library, what better way to get attention?

  13. Over all I think all of the videos were very interesting. The Peace Corps is a great thing. Good thing it is still here or else there would be so many wars right now. Foley looks like an amazing and fun job. It looks hard and like it would need practice and mess-ups. I would love to have that glass in the not so distant future. It is a great idea unless you are the one getting the ticket and you have to pay. That would be one of my mom’s dreams, except I might not use it and would forget about it. It would be weird to walk in the tourist lane for a vacation. The Worst Ice Skater Ever was a little stupid but it was good otherwise. I would call Auto way or the Ghost Busters.

  14. I thought JFK making the Peace Corp was a great idea. I like how volunteers have to live in the same conditions as the other citizens in that country because it gives them a chance to see what’s like to live in rough conditions like that.

    Performing Foley would seem like a really cool job, but like the guy said it probably takes a lot of skill. It might also get annoying if you can’t find the perfect sound for an action.

    The “Day Made of Glass” video was so cool. I would have loved to have all that cool glass stuff, but the one I would want most would be that glass cell phone. That’s so cool how you can put it on another surface and goes on that surface.

    The idea of winning from money from driving the speed limit is pretty cool, but won’t everyone start driving the legal limit? Where will the money come from then?

    To just through my clothes on a wall would be awesome, and my mom would love it.

  15. I really like what JFK did for the world. He created a cohesive unit of specialized volunteers to go around and help people. The Foley artist’s job looked really fun, but it seems very difficult. You have to be very creative. I loved the day of glass video. It looked so cool, and I would love everything in it. I would love to be able to turn on the stove that easily. Even though I don’t cook for my family, it just looked amazing. The speed camera lottery seems like a great idea, it’s a chance to have fun, and win money. I didn’t care too terribly much for the clothes video because it seems impractical, and it still looks messy.

    The tourist lane idea seems really cool. I liked watching the worst ice skater get up and show that he is actually really good. The ghost buster video was definitely a cool way to increase the amount of people that use the library

  16. J.F.K is a genius for creating the Peace Corps. It is a wonderful idea to take people and send them across the world to places in need.

    The sound affects were incredible. It was so cool to see how the sounds are made with. Making sound affects requires a lot of creativity

    I was instantly glued when I started to watch the made of glass video. It is unbelievable to know that people are able to make this dream a reality. I loved how you can shop for clothes like it showed in the video. It seems that the saying “everything is possible” is becoming more true every day!

    It was so funny to watch the Ice skating video. It was kinda a slap in the face when everyone was laughing at him and all of a sudden he showed them up. That was my favorite part of the video.

    The technique of cleaning your room with magnets is not something I would ever consider doing. It might clean the stuff off the floor but it just makes the room look dirty and cheap.

    It made me laugh when I saw the tourist lane video. I loved that people were taking pictures of it!

    The ghost busters video was amazing. I loved it. I wish I could of been one of the people in the library being able to experience this!

  17. I didn’t expect JFK to sound so, uhh, much like that. I have intensely horrible timing, so Foley defiantly wouldn’t be a talent of mine. I would love to have my morning alarm clock light up my room like that. The speeding Idea is wonderful, but not even money could motivate me to drive twenty-five on a highway. The winner of the fun theory award wouldn’t quite work for me. The tourist line is a wonderful idea. We could use some more discrimination against tourists here. Having grown up with Ghostsbusters I have a special love for that video.

  18. I loved every one of the videos on the blog this week, the Peace Corp video was nice and was cool to see what President Kennedy said about the Peace Core. I also liked the other ones, but my favorite was the JFK video.

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