Seventh Graders Rocked The 60’s ~ Oh Yeah!

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Students, what a blast from the past!
Please reflect on this day as a whole and tell us your thoughts.
Also, tell us one thing you learned from the mini sessions on the Peace Corps, segregation, and Mrs. Grau’s life in the 60’s session. What did you think about 60’s style dancing? And finally, hard to make a music video, huh?


  1. I thought sixties day was fun. Making the videos was super hard but the most fun thing to do. I learned alot from sixties day. I learned how much schools were segragated. Like the poor schools had nothing at all. The nicer schools had way more than the poor school. They had a horrible education also. In Mrs. Grau’s rotation I learned alot about what was happening in the sixties. Mr. Collins taught me alot about the Peace Corps. I never knew what it was until that rotation and it sounded fun to do. I loved the dancing it was very fun.

  2. I think 60’s day was great. It was a lot of fun. From Mrs. Grau’s session, I learned that lots of men wore too high of shorts and it was not pretty. I also learned that lots of schools were segregated at that time. All of the black schools had old white school books. In the Peace Corps session, I learned that the country asked for Peace Core volunteers. I also learned that you had to do everything just like the rest of the people in the country. I thought you could get more things instead of nothing. I think the sixty’s dancing is really fun and some are weird. I think it is hard making a music video. I took us four practices to finally record the video!

  3. 60’s day was awesome. I never knew how hard it was to make a music video. In Mr. Collins Peace Corps mini sessions I learned that there is a country called Malawi. In Mr. H’s segregation mini sessions I learned how unequal school where back then and that they did lynching back then. In Mrs. Grau’s life in the 60’s mini sessions I learned how little protection presidents had in the 60’s and what a press pass from the 60’s looked like. The 60’s style dancing was strange and new to me and was a little fun.

  4. I thought sixties day was super awesome. I couldn’t believe that we got to have root bear floats. That was probably the best part of the day besides the thing I shall not mention. Making the videos were fun but disorganized in my advisory. The videos were fun in the end and my favorite video would have to be A periods’ and how they fell in the end.

    I expected the Peace Corps to have nicer “facilities”. It surprised me that Mr. Collins had to hike 3 miles to get a bucket of water and a twenty mile bike ride to charge his phone. I was expecting his house to be something of nicer quality and not a brick hut with any solid roof and windows. Mr. H. taught us how all schools were segregated. The black schools had all the bad equipment the whites had had for many years. I learned from Mrs. Grau a first person perspective about what life was like in the sixties.

  5. 60’s day was really fun for the most part. It seemed like almost everyone had a good time. The Peace Corps was definitely interesting. If I joined I don’t think I could have lived in the style that Mr. Collins did. I wouldn’t be able to stand not being able to see my friends, and I am guessing there is no cell service out there.

    Segregation was awful. I didn’t fully understand the full extent of segregation until Mr.Hodgson poured water on one of the people on the ”black” side. I am glad the United States is not like that anymore. The simulation was hilarious because I was on the ”white” side and got to see Seif get water poured on him by Mr. H.

    Seeing all of those pictures in Mrs. Grau’s class was cool. It was awesome to see her husband’s old letterman jacket and her old cheerleading skirt.

    From what I saw dancing in the 60’s seems fun, but I didn’t see much, thanks to Christian I was in the bathroom with my nose gushing blood all period.

    As far as the music video goes, I don’t think I will be in another one for a long time. Unless I am forced to.

    1. In Mrs. Grau’s class I learned that there wasn’t any ”green” or ”efficient” products back then and almost everything was wasteful and inefficient.

  6. I thought 60’s day was fun. The music videos were fun, but I got sick of the song. In the end they were okay. Everything else was great. I learned from Mr. H that when the white kids got new stuff all of the old stuff was given to the blacks, even the school.

  7. I learned a lot from 60’s Day such as what the Peace Corps were, I had know idea what they did and I feel that what they do is really good. The people in those countries are really poor and they look like that they need help so, I think what Mr. Collins did was really good and showing care for others.

    I loved the segregation simulation that Mr. H did! It was really fun! I couldn’t believe that those were two public schools and how harsh the conditions were for blacks students, I thought that it was really unfair! I was on the white side so, I couldn’t really see everything but I could hear all the things going on. One other thing I learned from that was the water fountains labeled white of colored! That was the biggest shock of the day!

    I loved the photos from Mrs. Grau’s life in the 60’s they were really interesting and I loved seeing all the things that she saw and did. I couldn’t believe how close she could get to the president with barely any identification! One thing that she mentioned quite a few times, why didn’t anyone speak up with all the unfairness?

    60’s dances were a lot different to dances know days, back then, they did a lot of line dances. Music videos are surprisingly quite hard to make and I think our advisory’s turned out great!

    I thought on 60’s day I learned a lot about living in the 60’s and I enjoyed trying a root beer float for the first time!

  8. I really liked 60’s day but I think we shouldn’t have P.E. It was kind of sad that we didn’t get coke or hamburgers. I really, really, really liked the root beer float (I never had one before). I think we should do more things like the simulation in Mr. Hodgson’s class, it was fun. The movie was good but a lot of details in the book weren’t in the movie (I think Ponyboy, Johnny, and Sodapop were really cute, I also liked Darry).

    I learned that the Peace Corps were going to the countries that need the more help and that they are all volunteers and going there for at least 2 years.
    I also learned that white people were treated with more respect that African-Americans.
    And I learned that in the 60’s, no one questioned anything, and that life was “perfect” until the John F. Kennedy was shot.

    I think that a lot of the dances were fun and easy to do but I couldn’t do them for more than an hour, I’d get really bored because they kind of repeat themselves.

    Making a music video was definitely hard. We had to get their in the good timing, run on, run off, get in the good positions, dance, and sing! It was fun to do though.

    60’s day: A good experience.

  9. I thought sixties day was fun. It was fun checking out everyone’s outfits. My hair got like “puffy” at the end of the day, I was mad caused I used half a bottle of hair gel for nothing. I liked how the announcements were “sixties” like (I don’t know how to describe them).

    I had the music video first. I was laughing at one of partners try to “dougie” and monkey at the. It was very hard to come up with dance moves for the video and even harder to remember them. It was also hard to be doing something throughout your assigned part.

    The Peace Corps session with Mr. Collins was pretty cool. I new very little about it before his class. I didn’t really know what they did but, apparently, the help poor countries and countries in need.

    Sixties dancing was fun. I certainly wouldn’t say anyone in our class should win any awards, but some were pretty good. I wasn’t any good, I failed at every move pretty much. It was fun watching other kids mess up or laughing at yourself mess up. Overall sixties day was fun.

  10. I think Mrs. Williams advisory had the best video. 60’s day was a lot of fun. I learned about the Peace Corps and what it was really like to grow up in the sixties. I also got water poured on me by Mr. H, fun times. I wouldn’t change anything except It would be nice to have a fake sixties prom instead of gym.

  11. I had a lot of fun on 60s day. The idea of going back in history is great. I learned many things. Mrs. Grau taught me that security wasn’t enforced as much. Her press pass to see President Kennedy when he arrived in Tampa didn’t even have a picture of her. She got within a few feet of him too. Also the Peace Corps people do many good things. They are people that go into places where the people need help and try to help out as much as they can. And segregation was terrible. The poor schools had bad buildings, teachers, books, and kids unlike the rich kid schools.

  12. I thought sixties day was pretty cool. I had a pretty good time, but two things kind of let me down. 1: Sage did not let us have soda! 2: I didn’t think the Outsiders movie was to good. I thought the book was way better. Other than those things, sixties day was a fun day. I think everybody should congradulate Timmy for his GREAT Soc outfit.

    I agree with Zack Q. in saying that I expected the Peace Corps to have nicer facilities, but I do understand why. They want the people there to
    “fit in” with the natives so the natives don’t think they’re big shot Americans that are full of themselves. I was very touched by Mr. Collins’ presentation.

    Mr. H’s simulation was touching, too. It showed that African-Americans were treated very badly. We got scribbled and ripped “textbooks”, broken pencils, and leaky roofs. That is horrible.

    Mrs. Grau’s presentation was interesting. It was cool to see her cheerleading outfit and her husband’s letterman jacket. I would hate to have the phones back then. I don’t really talk on the phone much at all, but you can’t text! That would not be fun.

    The dances in the 60’s were interesting. They were nothing like they were back then. Then, they had the Monkey and the Twist. Today, we have the Dougie and the Jerk; very different.

  13. I thought 60s day as a whole was a great day. It was much better than any ordinary day at school. I learned a lot about what the day in the 60s, I can relate.
    My favorite part was the ss segregation, I learned lot. I learned that the socs got all of the good stuff and the greasers got all the handy downs.
    Mrs. Grau’s class was cool because she right there next to Kennedy and there was no security.
    Mr. Collins class and the Pease Corps was very interesting. He went to Africa and I related because I also went to Africa over the summer. The presentation made me want to do something with the Pease corps.
    The dancing was very different than the music we have now. It was very interesting to do and see the dances they did back in the 60s. They did dances like the mashed potato, unicorn, and the slash. I was interesting.

  14. Last weekend was the best few days I’ve had in a while; it was basically like a five-day party! I flew to Maryland on Wednesday morning, and did homework when I got there…oh yeah, that was so much fun! Then I went to my best friend’s, Emily’s house, which was where I slept over at until Sunday. On Thursday I went to my old school to say hi to all of my friends, and a few of my old teachers! It was a lot of fun because they had two tests that day and I didn’t have to do anything! Then my friend Zoe came over to Emily’s house and we had a lot of fun, and sugar. On Friday we picked up my other two best friends that I’ve known since before kindergarten and we had another sleepover that night. On Saturday, lots of my friends from school, and a few from my old soccer team, went to the bowling ally to hang out. It was great to see everyone that I haven’t seen for almost a year. That night we had another sleepover with the same two friends and Emily’s Uncles and Aunts, which are practically family to me, came over for dinner. I had a great time in Maryland, and I can’t wait to go back in the summer!

    P.S. I also love you guys in Florida. = )

  15. 60s day was definitely quote “a blast” says Mrs. Cobb. It was good break to get out of our school uniform and wear clothes like the greasers. When my group went to Mr. Collins’ classroom for the lecture on the Peace Corps, it was really cool. We learned a little about the culture of the people in Malawi and how poverty is a serious concern in their country. In Mrs. Grua’s classroom we learned that back then they only sold the glass bottles of coke instead of the cans made from aluminum. It is pretty cool how in the picture that she shows us there was a table full of glass coke bottles. 60s dances were definitely different then they are today. I like the way people dance back then because they influence our dances. I like our way of dancing today instead of in the 60s. When we did our music video, it really wasn’t that hard for me because all I had to do was walk by the screen with a poster on cue. Overall, it was a fun day.

  16. I personally enjoyed the day as a whole, but I especially liked watching the movie. It was a time to relax after a long day. (Especially if you were wearing a leather jacket)

    Before Mrs. Grau’s presentation, I knew a little bit about life in the sixties, but from a different point of view. At the time Mrs. Grau was in middle/high school, my mother’s father was a student taking an insurance course at the Univeristy of Florida. There would be a lot of things I would miss that aren’t in the sixties. Unlike Mrs. Grau and other people, I would have questioned things, even fight against them to the point of a minor rebellion.

    I enjoyed learning about the Peace Core from Mr Collins. It really makes you realize that even some poor families here in America are rich compared with the people in less fortunate situation. It makes me thankful for what I have and that I am very fortunate.

    I thought the segragation simulation was important, but when I took it, there was one really funny thing. (Sadly for the student, it was at his/her expense. You know who you are!) Water was dumped directly on _______’s head. It was so funny! The majority of White Americans in that era sicken me. Those poor blacks. They were hard working citizens that wanted to succeced, but what did they get? I’ll tell you what they didn’t get, respect. Again with my grandfather, he was one of the few people who treated blacks with equal respect, even stood up for them once. (Like Mrs. Grau, he was also part of the Jewish minority. He hated training for is Bar Mitzah so much)

    The dancing of the sixties is different from today’s, but not completly. Some dance moves are still used today, such as the shimmy and the monkey, or similar forms of dances are used, such as a variation of the jerk. I kind of liked it.

    Yes, making a music video is not easy. I kind of liked it, but I had wished we had more time to works on it, say about another X-block.

    P.S. BANNANA HEATERS FTW! (For those of you who don’t know text lingo, For the win)

  17. On 60’s day, I had a really good time! The root beer floats were good, but they looked kind of unappetizing. I liked all of the sessions because you learn a new thing ever time you switched. Mrs. Grau’s session was really cool because we got to see her yearbook pictures and what it looked like in the 60s. I also think that it is really cool that she got to see President J.F.K just two feet away! I also thought it was interesting how everyone was basically replicas of each other! The Peace Corps looks like a really cool, fun thing to do! It was especially interesting that Mr. Collins was in the Peace Corps. I also learned that where he went, people usually just had kids so they could have help working. What I learned in Mr. H’s classroom was that African Americans and Caucasians were treated very differently. The white people got the good paper, neat pencils, and all of the money. And the African Americans got the bad ripped up papers and pencils. Also, African Americans got water pored on them by Mr. H and walls “fell” on them. The dances in the sixties were, different. They were basically named what you were doing. It was funny seeing all of my friends try and do the dances. I remember, at one point we all got in a conga line! ☺

    The music videos were hard to make because we couldn’t edit them. We had to do it all in one take. So that was challenging, but it was quite a laugh.

  18. I was very, very sad when I found out I could not attend 60’s day. I think if I did go I would have enjoyed it very much, especially the root beer floats. It did make me upset, though, when everyone told me how much fun they had and how I missed out.

  19. I thought sixties day was so much fun. At first I thought it was going to be a drag but after the first session I knew I was going to have a good day.

    I had with Mrs. Grau first on sixties day and it was so much fun. It was really amazing that she had gotten that close to JFK, who is one of our nations greatest president. It was kind of funny though when she had got caught dancing with a greaser on T.V.

    Mr. Collins Peace Corps session was so cool. I learned that he actually went to Malawi, Africa and stayed there for two whole years. I thought his class was really cool. I am never taking a cell phone or a game system for granted ever again because a cup and a crushed up water bottle was a little boys favorite toy.

    When we were in Mr. H’s class it was so cool. I learned that the school’s with white children. Would get everything before the African American people. And when the African Americans did get something they were old books from an older date.

    The sixties style of dancing was a little bit corny I have to admit. My favorite dance out of all of those was the twist because it was the easiest and required absolutely no skill at all.

    The video part of the day had to be the most fun out of everything though. The boys in my class all had to figure out what we were going to do at first but once we got it all down we deffinitely did the best out of all of the videos (in my opinion). It was kind of hard though at first but once we got it down I got it all down.

  20. 60’s day was a great way to learn about the past. I think we should do things like that more often. I liked how we had a different schedule than the other grades. It made break nicer because we could spread out more. I also wish we could have had different groups to travel around stations with. I think that would make it more fun.

    From the Peace Corps station, I learned that if you had a cow, you were considered upper class; if you had a pig, you were considered middle class; and if you had chickens you were considered lower class. I found that interesting because you were put in classes according to what animals you owned.

    From Mrs. Grau’s room, I learned that the basketball guys wore short shorts.  And the cheerleaders had longer skirts than today’s cheerleaders. I also learned that on the badges that the press people would wear to get close to the president didn’t have their pictures on them, so the security wasn’t as strict back then. For instance, in the 60’s they didn’t need to go through security to get on a plane, they got their ticket and got on the plane.

    Segregation was still happening in the 60’s. The restaurants, schools, water fountains, bathrooms, etc, they were all segregated. The white children got all the new books, school supplies, school buildings; basically all of it was new. The black students got the old textbooks, worn-down supplies, and building that would leak. The whites were just treated better than the blacks in the 60’s.

    I thought that the dances in the 60’s were different than the way we dance. They had dances like the swim, the jerk, the mashed potato, etc. They all kind of branched off of each other. They weren’t hard either. They all became popular from a certain song, but it could be used in other songs too. Some dances you could combine and it would still work.

    The music videos are hard to make because some people could mess up and you’d have to do it all over again. In real music videos they must take A LOT of takes to get it just right.

  21. Well, to describe myself in these videos, you only need three letters…OMG! In all seriousness, I would rather watch a romantic comedy starring Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan than what I just had to witness. Even though I’ve never been trained in the fine art of acting, this surely does show that from now on, I should stick to writing screenplays and not auditioning for them. Granted this is only talking about me, not other performers or people associated with in our videos (I don’t mean to offend anyone). While I was just recklessly beating up (pretend of course) my friend, some of our other actors were actually quite entertaining in their own fumbling mishaps and somewhat unique dance styles. However, to truly make these videos “fined tuned films”, I would suggest someone to volunteer and be the director. Granted, I’m not saying to hire Christopher Nolan or any other show biz wonder, but just a faculty member, or leading student to take the part. After all, I’ve always wanted to give directing a shot.
    As the day moved onward, I experienced teachers whose plans were well thought out and some were actually very crafty. For instance, two of my favorites were the Peace Corps. intro and Mrs. Grau reflection on the early 60’s. In the Peace Corps. session, Mr. Collins, further sparked my interest in JFK’s humanitarian organization. While some of you consider living in a hut in the middle of Malawi a bit unsanitary, I find it quite intriguing. After all, my knack for adventure is one of the only forces that fuels my meaning of life. Although my age limits myself, one of these days I will leave the capitalism of the USA for studies and adventures in the far lands of the Middle East, Asia, Europe (Paris oh la la) and of course Africa. In the meantime, I learn of other subjects including Ms.Grau’s past. To be a Jewish girl living in a country of perfectionism is one thing, meeting JFK at Macdill is another. Some of these facts were really interesting, including the basketball player who looked like my ugly uncle (very disturbing). Other photos were actually pretty amusing, especially the clothes emitting a powerful 1950’s presence to them.
    When I expected to see Francis Ford Coppola’s adaption to the book I thought it would hold the film making expertise he had put into The Godfather…unfortunately I was wrong. Granted, the flick is 27 years old, but that still doesn’t mean that it had to be like this. On top of missing some of the most pivotal details in the book (ever thought about Ponny-Boy narrating?) some of the acting was a bit shady. Ponny-Boy for the most part was very stale in expression and didn’t carry the true sense of his in the middle character. Yet, Ralph Maccio captured the abused kid part pretty well and Emilio Estevez made me chuckle in the few scenes he appeared in. The one thing I was surprised about, was Diane Lane’s image. I don’t want to sound odd considering she’s in her 40’s or 50’s, but man was she a looker. It’s kind of sad actually; on rare occasions do you find truly beautiful redhead actresses in films today. Apparently America is too preoccupied with bleached blonde mistresses to care about true celebrities like Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks.
    I just hope next time one of these things comes up, FREE COKE will be served at lunch.

    1. Um, I don’t think the whole point of 60’s day was supposed to be a debate over the hair color of actresses. We were supposed to learn about life in the 60’s and have fun.

  22. I was not here on 60s day so you told me to write about this past weekend.

    Well, this past weekend was my Bat Mitzvah and on Friday I stayed home and prepared for the Friday night service and Saturday morning service. At night I was in temple and preforming my Friday night service. I was very nervous at first, but then i got used to it and I did really well, I only messed up 2-3 times I think.

    I then had a Friday night dinner with my close family friends and my family. When that was over I went home and I had to get to bed to be ready for my Saturday morning service.

    When I got to my temple on Saturday morning some of my friends were already there and supporting me. They all started coming anout 10 minutes into the service. They were all there for me and that made me feel really great. I got up there and I did really good. i only messed 1-2 times! I was so scared, but I finally got used to it after a while.

    After the service I had my brunch and went home to prepare for my party.

    I got my hir and nails done and I slipped into my AMZING dress. I love that dress sooo much!!! We drove to where my party was and again, some of my friends were already there waiting for me.

    They all said how they loved my dress and how good I did that morning. I made my entrance and did my candle lighting speech and I did my candle lighting seremony. It was amazing and I am glad everything went well that night. I am so thankful to my parents for that day and it is one I will never forget.

  23. I thought 60’s day was pretty awesome. It was kind of a bummer that there weren’t cokes and burgers for lunch, but it wasn’t that bad. I really liked the book, the outsiders a million times better than the movie. I personally thought that the movie was a little bit boring. The root-beer floats were fun.

    I actually feel like I learned a lot. The Peace Corps session was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the pictures of the children. I mostly learned what it is about. The segregation was crazy. The different levels of education were amazing. I learned that some private schools came, because they could keep out blacks. I thought the presentation on life in the 60’s was pretty cool and entertaining. I thought it was weird that there was an unwritten, or unspoken rule about dress-code. I also learned a lot about John F. Kennedy.

    I thought it was very challenging to make the video. The girls were a lot more organized. The boys kind of had an idea of the structure, but made up a lot off the top of our heads.

  24. 60’s day was kind of built up, but it was still fun. During Mr.H’s simulation it was hilarious to see him dump a bottle of water in front of Meredith and Laura. Also it was funny when the other group found gum stuck between the pages of their “text books”. This really showed how segregation affected the different ways of life. Mrs. Grau’s life in the 60’s showed me how little security there was back then. No wonder J.F.K. got shot. During the Peace Corpse slideshow I learned how we can help people in other countries and always sleep with a mosquito net it will keep most mosquitoes, snakes, lizards, spiders, and chickens out of you bed. The dancing was… very different back then. And I think the lady in the dance video had a fake smile glued to her face. The most memorable part for me was the music video it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be so that’s always good for us.

  25. I really enjoyed 60’s day and found it a great way to learn about the past. I feel that we should have more days dedicated to history in asomewhat similar to the format of 60’s day. I loved dressing up and just acting “tuff” with my friends. A huge let down though, was that we didn’t receive the special lunch we all thought we would.

    Throughout the day, we traveled to several different stations including life in the 60’s, The Peace Corp, Groovy Dances of the 60’s, and finally the music videos. My personal favorite was in fact the Life in the 60’s station. I loved learning about the conflicts, successes, and failures which were abundantly found throughout the 60’s. What I thought was most interesting though, was just the overall life of the average teenage person and how much different it was then to modern day life.

    The music videos were just fun to make and I enjoy laughing at how they came out. It was fun choreographing and practicing the whole skit and I must say it all was something I will remember for a long time.

  26. For me, 60’s day was very interesting and I learned a lot. It was very intriguing to learn about life in the 1960s. Mr. H’s simulation was very clever. I loved how he showed the differences between a Socs education and that of a Greasers. It taught me just how different their lives were. Mrs. Grau’s life in the 60’s was so interesting. It was very cool to get a first hand perspective on life in the 60’s. I learned that the clothes we tend to wear today would be prohibited back then. I also thought is was amazing to see how little security J.F.K had. By far my favorite part of 60’s day was learning about the Peace Corps. It was very mind blowing to see what conditions people in Africa have to live in. The things we take for granted they would do anything to have. The kitchens were so tiny! Unfortunately, the dancing was not so fun for me. I did not enjoy doing the dance moves from back then. What I did enjoy was realizing how much dancing has changed since then. Overall 60’s day was definitely a blast from the past!!!!

  27. I thought that 60’s day was fun and I would love to do it again. I thought that I would hate the learning classes like science and history and Mrs. Grau’s class.I really liked Mr.Collins’s presentation,I thought it was very interesting to see pictures of the labs and the people he met there.I also liked Mr. Hodgson’s simulation. It was fun. I also thought that the dancing part was fun but very emberassing.

    I could actually may e do with the 60’s style because the shirt that I wore and the jeans are something that I would normally wear and also the makeup. Overall I really loved 60’s day.

  28. For the entire sixties day in general, it was a really great day! The day was planned very well and had many ups to it, such as having root beer floats for break and having such great mini-sessions, and yet there were still some downs to it, like for an example, SAGE was supposed to give us coke products, yet since there were no forms given to all the parents stating that they were serving any kinds of coke products, they were not able to follow as planned, though it’s alright because it was still a fun lunch anyways. I also liked Mr. Collins’ presentation on the Peace Core, it was very well done and entertaining to watch, I thought the segregation simulation that Mr. H had organized for us was also very clever, though it must have really been hard for any blacks to live the way they did, and I also thought that Mrs. Grau’s presentation on her life in the sixties was very cool, it must have been really cool to see President Kennedy up so close and right before his death in Texas, the sixties dancing done with Mrs. Brill and Mrs. I was very fun and interesting, and I learned a lot more dance moves. And finally, I think making a music video was fairly hard, even though the only reason I think it was bad is because I am a really bad actor, but that’s alright because I still think our advisory’s music video is going to win.

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