Chocolate Cake For Breakfast ~ Themes Of Friendship And Social Ostracism


All three of us like chocolate cake for breakfast. Mom had never allowed it with ham and eggs, but Darry let Soda and me talk him into it. ………Sodapop always makes sure there’s some in the icebox every night and if there isn’t he cooks one up real quick…….All three of us are crazy about chocolate stuff (Hinton 104-105).

What would you love to have for breakfast but are not allowed to have?
Also, what is your absolute favorite breakfast meal?

The Outsiders ~ Themes of Friendship and Social Ostracism

Beatles “Two Of Us” Friendship
What is the story in the song?
Are there characters in the book that this song might apply to? Why?

Hank Williams Sr. “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” Social Ostracism (exclusion, by general consent, from social acceptance, privileges, friendship, etc. Temporary banishment)

What is the story in this song?
Can you make any connections to the story?


  1. If I eat anything for breakfast I would eat cherry pie with whip cream. My favorite breakfast is chocolate chip waffles with bacon on the side.

    The main message I got from” Two of Us” is two people that stick together no matter what happens. This describes Johnny and Pony’s friendship. Johnny killed someone to save pony and Pony ran away with Johnny after the police started looking for him.

    “I’m so Lonesome I Could Cry” talks about a person or group of people who are “banished” from society or a certain group of people. This is the same as the Greasers being exclude from society and were considered outsiders. 🙂

  2. My favorite off limits breakfast would be a chocolate funnel cake coated with Nixie Stix (a caffeinated version of Pixie Stix equal to one cup of coffee) instead of powdered sugar. My favorite things to eat for breakfast is a tie between Chinese food and any hash with fried eggs, meat, potatoes, and cheese.

    The story of the song “Two Of Us” is that two good friends that can’t be friends any more. The closest link of this to The Outsiders because of social ostracism is between Pony and Cherry. They had a really good time together that one night, but they can’t be friends because he’s a greaser and she’s a Soc.

    The story of “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” is about a man who has no friends and is extremely lonely, to the point of just breaking down and crying. I’d say it relates to Dally because when he lost the one friend and thing he loved, he literally did break down, and got himself killed. Also, it relates to the greasers in general because the Socs exclude the greasers from all their activities and also bully them.

  3. Once in awhile, I do have chocolate cake for breakfast. It’s so yummy! My favorite breakfast meal could be many things; I really like the waffles my parents make so I guess that’s my favorite thing.

    The first video:
    It really means that you need to stay with your friends. When I heard it I thought of Pony and Johnny. They stayed together even after Johnny killed Bob.
    The second video:
    It talks about being excluded from a certain group of people or just society in general. The greasers were outsiders to everyone else. They had a reputation glued to them that they can’t get rid of. They are labeled as someone who you don’t want to run into in a dark alley.

    1. After I read Savanna’s, I looked at mine and we had wrote really similar blogs. Weird!

      Hey Savanna,
      Everyone knows about your love for Steve Randle!
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  4. I love my breakfast the way it is. Eggs and bacon, and some leftovers from the other night. If I’m too lazy to pour cereal I’d just reach into the fridge and see what I find. My dream breakfast is the exact same thing as my normal breakfast but with pancakes. I love pancakes. It’s my favorite morning food. I can’t stand eating candy or a lot of sugar in the morning. If I do, I crash in the afternoon and have no energy in the evening.

    The first song, “Two of Us” is about two friends that have had a lot of memories together. They are best friends and will never get separated. This song relates to Ponyboy and Johnny. They have been best friends from the beginning and had a lot of memories together like the stabbing, hiding on the train, and saving those kids from the burning church. They are very close and couldn’t be seperated.

    The second song, “I’m so lonesome I could cry”, (Which is depressing.) is about someone getting kicked out of a group or one of his really close friends die. Whats the point of living if one of the things you love the most dies? The part that I would relate the the book would be when Johnny dies. Dally is so depressed about it, he purposely gets killed.

  5. I would love to have a hot fudge sundae for breakfast in the morning. My absolute favorite breakfast meal is a bagel with honey almond cream cheese.

    I think that the “Two Of Us” is about two people having fun and going places together using someone else’s money that they worked very hard for.

    I think that the song “Two Of Us” is talking about Soda and Pony when it says “the two of us using someone else’s hard-earned pay” because Pony and Soda use Darry’s “hard-earned pay. Soda works too, but I feel like Darry supports the family more because he is older and his job pays more. When the song says “the two of us sending post cards,” it reminds me of when Pony and Johnny were hiding by the church, and Soda gave Dally a letter to give to Pony. When the song says “the two of us lighting matches,” it reminds me of any two of the guys in the gang smoking together. The song “Two Of Us” mostly reminds me of Pony and Soda.

    I think the song “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” is talking about someone who is so lonely and feels like they don’t know what to do with himself/hefself. This song and it’s meaning, reminds me of Dally. I think that Dally felt like he didn’t know what to do with himself, especially after Johnny died.

  6. If I could have anything for breakfast it would be Steak n’ Lobster. I love steak and you can’t go wrong with lobster. On a normal day I will have eggs and fruit.

    In the first song their singing about two friends staying together no matter what happens. I can make a connection of how Ponyboy and Johnny aren’t home but are on their way their.

    Hank Williams is saying that you can be so lonely and sad when you don’t have anybody.

  7. If I could have one thing for breakfast, it would be apple pie and vanilla ice cream.
    My favorite breakfast is the Reese’s cereal, milk, and orange juice.

    The first song is about two friends going home, relaxing, not in a rush. Thinking about the present, not about the past, not worrying.
    It would apply to Johnny and Ponyboy because they are going home, not worrying, thinking about the present.

    The second song is about losing someone. A person he needed in his life left him so now he’s really sad and the night seems really long because he misses the person.
    The connection I made between the song and social ostracism is that the person(s) he cared about, probably his girlfriend and maybe his friends, left him so now he feels really excluded and left alone

  8. If I could have any breakfast I would have to agree with Soda, Pony, and Darry. Chocolate cake is my absolute favorite thing in the world. Chocolate cake is so good and is probably the best desert known to mankind. My favorite breakfast meal is McDonald’s canadian bacon egg and cheese bagel and that’s is the only time that i would ever go to McDonald’s unless it’s to get ice cream.

    What I think “The Two of Us” is about is two people that will always stick together through thick and thin. I think that is like how when Johnny and Ponyboy ranaway after Darry hit Pony.

    “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” is about a guy who is all alone and has absolutely nothing or no one left to talk to. I think this relates to the “Outsiders” because when Johnny died Dally was so upset and he figured that he had nothing else to do because he loved him so much that he got killed by the cops.

  9. If I could have one thing for breakfast that I couldn’t have would be brownies because they are my favorite deserts and I love the smell of them fresh out of the oven. My favorite breakfast meal is a bacon, egg, and cheese bagel. I also would want a glass of chocolate milk.

    I feel like the guys are going to Vegas because they say they’re riding away and spending someone’s hard earned cash. They are not arriving but they are on their way home. The second verse is talking about how they are best of friends and they are sticking together no matter what. I think that these verses in this song apply to Johnny and Ponyboy when they run away after they kill Bob. They take Dally’s money and his gun that he has worked hard for. They stuck together and were the brothers and family that they didn’t have.

    This next song is about a person who being excluded. They are helpless and empty
    with no one there to help them get through their problems. Dally feels the same way when Johnny dies. Dally feels like he can’t live without Johnny and so he kills himself.

  10. I have to agree with Soda, Pony, and Darry. Chocolate cake would be the best breakfast ever! My favorite breakfast normally would be an egg, bacon, and cheese sandwich. Those have always been my favorite.

    The first song is talking about friendship that can never be separated. A perfect example would be Ponyboy and Johnny. They have been best friends forever and there is nothing that can tear them apart. They still stuck together even after Johnny killing Bob and the fire. Both of them have went through a lot together and they are a good example of a very close relationship.

    The second song is talking about an excluded, lonesome, friendless person who doesn’t know what to do. This resembles Dally. Johnny is the one thing Dally loved, and to lose the only thing you love then that means you have no purpose in this world anymore. This happened with Dally after Johnny died. He couldn’t take life without him anymore so he killed himself.

  11. Imagine: You see a breakfast menu. It has one item on it. That item is a waffle with peanut butter and jelly. This is the breakfast menu to my house. Every day, I have no other option but to eat a waffle with peanut butter and jelly, mainly because I am in such a rush to get to school, and I can eat it in the car. I’d much rather have chocolate milk and Oreos. Leigh’s little brother eats this everyday, and I wouldn’t mind it either. It’s not exactly very nutritious, but boy is it tasty. Because this meal is so malnourishing, my parents don’t allow me to have this for breakfast. My favorite breakfast that I am allowed to eat is probably my grandmother’s scrambled eggs. I hate the way my mom makes scrambled eggs, and I make them alright, but we’ll just have to put my grandmother’s scrambled eggs this way: They’re amazing. And that, my friend, doesn’t need any explanation.

    I think the meaning behind the song “Two of Us” is about two extremely good friends that do a bunch of pointless stuff together, like wearing raincoats in the sun or running after paper drifting through the wind. Some might think that they won’t get anywhere doing those things, but they don’t see it as pointless. All those things bring them closer together as friends. They do just about everything together, which is why the song may be called “Two of Us.” These things formed a strong friendship, and a long lasting one.

    Compare this song to Ponyboy and Johnny, who spent seemingly endless hours in an abandoned church together. Before Ponyboy and Johnny ran off, Ponyboy thought he knew Johnny, but he really didn’t. Then, at the church, they started to open up to each other, and they did some minor things together like smoking, reading books, or playing cards. This made such a strong friendship, and even before going to the church, they had done just about everything together because they were in the same gang. But, they bonded so much at the church that when Johnny died, Ponyboy grieved like he had lost his parents again. Just by doing those few things, they became inseparable from each other, and things would never be the same if one were without the other, which is what Ponyboy now has to deal with every day.

    “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” literally says the meaning in the title, and metaphorically in the lyrics. It talks about how someone doesn’t have any friends and without friends, he doesn’t want to continue living his life. He wonders if there is anyone out there willing to see beyond him and be his friend. Since he doesn’t have friends, days are too long and uneventful. The song repetitively states how he is so lonesome he could cry. He hypothetically could cry, but he won’t because it will just remind him about how sad he is.

    Johnny was the only thing that Dally lived for and loved. With Johnny dead, Dally felt too alone, and didn’t see the purpose in life. Dally couldn’t stand to live with the one thing that he loved gone, so he made sure he got killed, too. The song also relates to the way Ponyboy handles Johnny’s death and Darry’s death because if he does think about them, he most likely will cry. The song can be linked to social ostracism because the greasers don’t accept the Socs, and the Socs don’t accept the greasers. The greasers don’t have nearly as many privileges as the Socs. To most, the greasers are excluded because of their label and economic situations, and the Socs are well liked because they are clean-looking and have lots of money. We should not favor some people over others for reasons tangible, rather qualities and traits.

  12. If I could have one thing for breakfast that I do not usually have, it would be cookie dough. I love it. My favorite breakfast would have to be pancakes with strawberries.

    The first song is about two friends who never leave each others side. They went a long way together, and had a great time, but they realize that it is time to go home. It is kind of like johnny and pony, and how pony is happy, but he still isn’t quite home in the sense that he can’t connect with darry.

    the second song is telling the story of a person who has lost everyone close to him. he is sad and lonely all of the time. this is like dally. he loves nothing but johnny, and even that is taken from him.

  13. I say I would want to have chocolate cheesecake for breakfast, but I’m not allowed to. My favorite breakfast that I’m allowed to have is probably french toast with some bacon.

    When I read the lyrics of “The Two of Us”, it makes me think of Pony and Johnny. They always stick together at everything they do. It means to stay with your friends no matter what.

    The lyrics of “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” is sending a message about social ostracism. It talks about a person being excluded by others. The message is in the title: when you exclude somebody, think about how they feel. I think the relation in this song to the book is the greasers being excluded by the Socs.

  14. If I could have anything for breakfast it would be a 12-inch big fresh mudslide cookie. My favorite meal for breakfast is chocolate chip pancakes served with bacon or honey baked ham.

    The story in the song “Two Of Us” is about two people going nowhere and hanging out and sticking together through good and bad times and then they go home.

    It has to do with the book because when Ponyboy and Johnny run away they stick together through good and bad times and then eventually go “home” because of friendship.

    “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” is about being sad and excluded because blue and purple are sad colors and slow nights are mostly sad and dreary. Also it talks about death and death is sad.

    This song relates to the book because the Greasers are excluded from ever having what Socses have and Ponyboy and Johnny had to be temporarily banished until it was safe. Also, there is death in the book and it is sad.

  15. I would love to eat chocolate cake for breakfast like Ponyboy and his brothers and sometimes I do. If there’s something sweet in my kitchen like cake, cookies, or ice cream I’ll eat it for breakfast. But sometimes we don’t have good desserts so I usually eat a bagel or cereal.

    The song “Two Of Us” reminds me of Ponyboy and Johnny. They’re good enough friends to stick together when things get rough, like when Johnny had to run from the police. They hid away for a while but eventually came back home. This song talks about coming back home, and the title “Two Of Us” is talking about two friends like Johnny and Pony.

    “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” is sort of talking about being banished or excluded from society. This reminds me of how the Greasers are banished and excluded by the Socs and society.

  16. I am not much of a breakfast eater, though when it comes to certain occasions I love “the most important meal of the day.” So when asked what not permitted food item I would like to have, it would probably be strawberry ice cream. I love it a lot, but it certainly not be allowed in my family to have such a dessert for breakfast. My favorite breakfast though, is French toast and eggs.

    The first song is about two friends who had just experienced a long quest or journey, which has aged them and turned them into better friends. This is similar to the bondage that Pony and Johnny had experienced. They talk about in the song, going home and just enjoying life and God.

    The last song is a sad country that talks about the major loss of something and how it destroys people. This relates to Dally and how he pretty much commits suicide because he is lonely and has no one to truly care about him and has lost the closest person who did, Johnny

  17. My dad would never let me eat a molten chocolate cake for breakfast. It’s one of my favorite desserts because it’s chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. Also he probably wouldn’t let me eat chocolate covered bacon (he can’t make it so that is probably the reason why). My favorite breakfast meal would be waffles, bacon, chocolate milk, and a bowl of my dad’s cheese grits.
    The story in the song “Two of Us” is similar to Johnny and Pony’s adventure back home from Jay Mountain. The song “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” is representing the socs and how they act with no emotion. Also it’s similar to when Cherry told Ponyboy not to talk to her in the hallways at school.

  18. If I could have one thing for breakfast that Im usually not aloud to have I would have to go with coffee ice cream. My favorite breakfast meal is chocolate chip waffles with eggs.

    The first song by the Beatles is about two friends who would do anything for each other and would sacrifice themselves if that means saving that other person. In the song it shows that they do and go everywhere together. The two friends are always going to be their for each other. This relates to Johnny and Ponyboy because they are always their for each other and always wants the best for each other.

    The second song is about sadness and depression. It talks about death and also says asks if the people you love are gone what’s the point of living?

    This song is very similar to Dally and Johnny. When johnny dies everyone in the gang was devastated but no one was as shocked and devastated more than Dally was. Johnny was what Dally had to stay alive and without him what is there to live for?

  19. For the most part, I would prefer a dinner on the town instead of partaking in the al. Truly the two egg special. The only reason I eat breakfast is so I can gain some energy to kick start the hectic day ahead. However, I wouldn’t dare pass up a chance for a nice creamy cinnamon bun with a small cup of coffee. These sweet delicacies are one of my absolute favorite pastries and blend well with the opposing tartness of the coffee. While this already sounds appetizing enough, I also found that M@M ice cream sandwiches are quite succulent. Upon a wake up time of 10:30 I experimented with this on a professional development day when I was home alone. Even though the possibility of desert for breakfast is strictly forbidden, I couldn’t quite pass up the chance. Not surprisingly, the deliciously fake taste of packaged delights was more than pleasing with a cold glass of Florida OJ.
    “Two of Us” is a tale of longing and realization that raps itself around two runaways, who find themselves entwined in the bond we know as friendship. During the song, McCartney pours his heart into the lyrics of an adventure coming two an end. As their poetic verses flow, the fab four illustrate the illusion of two young men, wandering aimlessly in their car as they venture on a runaway road trip. As the song goes deeper and deeper into the plot, you see while the two are spending their portion of stolen cash (for expenses on the trip) and searching for paper (dreams of wealth in McCartney’s lyrics) they have come to realize very important things about themselves as individuals memories that cannot be broken. In a way, you could relate this to Johnny and Ponny Boy’s relationship as they runaway from home with Dally’s help and money to escape reality.
    I’m so lonely I could cry is the ever recurring tale of abandonment. From his country tones, Hank Williams expresses a sort of blues feeling, as his spews an explanation how everyone has ran out on the poor man leaving no one but himself. Eventually, the face of loneliness has leaped into a phase of deep depression. In fact, the sadness seems so volatile, Williams express his need to let out the tears of loneliness. I could very well relate to this. In some moments, I feel that everyone has eventually given up on me…I’ve disappointed them. It’s in these moments that I truly feel that I could cry.

  20. One thing that I would like to have for breakfast is anything that is loaded with chocolate. It could be almost anything, but as long as it has a lot of chocolate on it, I would eat it for breakfast. My favorite breakfast is a ham, bacon, and cheese omelet with sausage and bacon on the side.
    The song “Two of Us” is about two best friends having fun together and bonding with each other while going home. This song relates to the story because in the book Johnny and Ponyboy were good friends and they were returning home, but I don’t think that the coming home part is the point we should focus on. The real point is that they are good friends and that while running away they were forming a special bond with each other.
    The song “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” is about someone getting rejected by all his friends, and therefore, he no longer wishes to live. This relates to the story because the Greasers were rejected by the Socs and almost everyone else.

  21. You guys, I loved this book. It is one of my favorites. I remember this blog. I am going to be a freshman in a couple of months. I gave my Outsiders book to my english teacher Mrs. Lonetto. She knows how much I love that book. She was so touched because she knows it is a big sacrifice for me. I told her she has to keep it with her forever though. Even when she is dead, she must creamate it with her or bury it with her.

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