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Stevie Wonder sings “Stay Gold” from The Outsiders.

Students, please reflect on the following passages from the assigned reading. You will need to have read Chapter 3 to answer these prompts. Discuss the meaning behind these passages. What is behind these words?


“You greasers have a different set of values. You’re more emotional. We’re sophisticated-cool to the point of not feeling anything. Nothing is real with us.

We’re always going and going and going, and never asking where. did you ever hear of having more than you wanted? So that you couldn’t want anything else and then started looking for something else to want? It seems like we’re always searching for something to satisfy us, and never finding it. Maybe if we could lose our cool we could.”

“……I gotta do something. It seems like there’s gotta be someplace without greasers or Socs, with just people. Plain ordinary people.”


  1. In the first passage, Cherry is trying to say why Socs do what they do and why Greasers are so much different. She is also saying that the Greasers take everything too seriously and that the Socs just do what ever they please and they just go with the flow.

    In the second passage, Johnny is trying to say that he wants to get away from all of the drama and complication of his current life and go somewhere more normal and peaceful like the country.

  2. I think that that Cherry is trying to explain the difference between the Greasers and the Socs. She is saying that that the Greasers are more sensitive and that the things that the Socs do to them effect them more emotionally than when the Greasers to it to the Socs. Nothing really bothers the Socs. They always want everything even if they have everything they still want more. That’s why they always do such horrible things to Greasers because they’re looking for something to satisfy them.

    Johnny is sick of all the horrible things that happen between the Greasers and the Socs. He wishes that he could find a place to escape to where he didn’t have to worry about anything, where he didn’t have to be scared.

  3. In the first I think that Cherry is trying to say that Socs don’t show emotional and that they don’t care about anything. In the second I think Cherry is trying to say that when you have everything than you don’t have anylhing left to satisfy you.

    Johny wants to find a place where there is no seperation.

  4. In my opinion I think Cherry is trying to explain the differences between the socs and the greasers. The Socs don’t really care about anything thats why when they do bad things to the greasers they don’t care if they get caught because they know that if they do they won’t get in that much trouble, but when the greasers do something bad they could go to jail or get a big punishment like that.

    Johnny doesn’t like the rivalry between the socs and the greasers he just wants to find a place without that.

  5. In the first passage I think Cherry is trying to say that the Socs don’t share their emotions as much as the Greasers do. I think that the Socs just don’t care anymore because they have been hurt so much. The greasers would get pushed around and beat up, and they weren’t afraid to cry or show their emotion. Also, when something happened to their gang, they would feel bad because they are like a family.

    In the second part of what Cherry says, I think she means that the Socs just keep moving forward, and take what they get thrown at them. They have everything that they want, but they never seem satisfied. They always need something to keep them happy. She thinks that if they lose their cool that maybe they’ll find that something that will satisfy them.

    I think Johnny is trying to say that he wants to go somewhere where people are just people, not a classified group of people. A place where people can just be themselves without worrying about others.

  6. Cherry is trying to say that the life of the greasers is more real than the life of the socs. The socs get whatever they want so easily, but there is nothing left that they want, nothing left to look forward to getting. The socs don’t have emotions like the greasers do. The greasers have their gang. Everyone in the gang is there for them no matter what they stick together.

    The second quote from Cherry means that the socs are always busy and always have everything that they wanted and they are always searching for something else to want and look forward to. She is saying that even though the greasers have less money and stuff their lives are still more full, she is trying to say that maybe if she had less stuff her life would feel more full.

    Johnny is trying to say that where they live everyone is judged and treated different. No one is treated equal and he wants to find a place where everyone is treated equally. A place where people aren’t judged because of how much money they have or what they look like, everyone has the same value.

  7. I think that Cherry is trying to say that the Socs ALWAYS are needing more. They can never be satisfied. She is also trying to say that some of the Socs have very little emotion. That the Greasers have emotions and are satisfied with what they get, because they don’t really get much. Cherry is trying to say that if the Socs would just take thing easy and slow down, they might be able to appreciate things more, rather then always getting what they want and always asking for more.

    I would have to agree with Johnny, if I were in his situation, that there was a place with no fighting, and so separation. That everybody wold just get along and be happy with what they all have.

    -Sarah 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. Cherry is trying to explain how and how greasers are different from socs. On thing Cherry was trying to say that the socs didn’t care about or understand the world that didn’t involve them. They only have the good things in life, while greasers have a much tougher life, and didn’t really appreciate them. The socs are always in a rush to go nowhere most of the time too. The main thing though is that the socs are greedy. They can never get enough.

    Johnny is looking for a place where everyone is equal and you can just be whoever you want to be. He is looking for a place where people aren’t categorized by how much money they have or how they look. Hey want to be accepted by everyone and just fit in.

  9. Cherry means that the soc’s lives are more like living in a perfect world and they don’t have to worry about not having a place to sleep or not having enough money for important things. There life isn’t as real and the greasers live more in the real world. They have to worry about getting beat up by the soc’s and having a place to sleep. They get the real feel of life whereas the soc’s are just living their dreams and not worrying about a single thing. It’s like the soc’s have too many things and that there isn’t really anything else that the¥ want, so it would be nice if they could lose something for instance “their cool” then they would have something that they want.

    I think Johnny is trying to say that he wants to see people that aren’t poor and that aren’t stuck up rich kids, but people that are just normal. He probably thinks things would maybe be nice for a change.

  10. Cherry was trying to state that Ponyboy and Johnny are different from the other greasers. They’re not mean, bad, or too cool to hang around with. Also Socs get almost anything they want, so they don’t have much harm or don’t have anything they need. But most Socs get everything, but still don’t have enough or feel satisfied.

    Johnny, on the other hand, wants peace and quiet and wants to be a normal person. He wants to have a job, a house, and a family. He doesn’t want to be bothered by the Socs or stay in a pack with his kid-brothers. Johnny just wants a normal life.

  11. I think that Cherry is saying that Socs don’t try to show their pain even when there hurt because they’re not considered “brothers” and “sisters” like the greasers. Greasers aren’t afraid to show emotional or physical pain because they know that other greasers won’t lose any respect for them.

    Also I think that the Socs always get what they want because they are always looking for something to satisfy them.

  12. Cherry’s quote:
    She was saying that, the Socs aren’t that amazing. They have some of the same problems that greasers have. The only real difference is that the greasers are really close and they depend on each other, the Socs are more distant from one another.

    Jonny’s quote:
    He was really tired of everything and just wanted to get away from it all. It’s really quite simple to understand.

  13. I think Cherry is saying that Socs don’t show how they really feel. If a Soc gets hurt mentally or physically they don’t reveal their pain. Greasers are emotional. When a greaser gets hurt they show all of the pain. When Cherry says this she thinks that the reason this is because the world of a Soc is unreal because of their money and easy life-style.

    The second part of Cherry’s quote probably meant that it is in human nature to want things but the socs are so rich so they get everything. Now they are always searching for something new to satisfy the feeling of want. But that is not possible to find.

    I think Johnny was trying to say that he wishes that he wants to go to a place where there are no different people like greasers or socs. This place would be a place where life would be perfect for him and his gang.

  14. Cherry means that the greasers show their emotions because they have gotten used to fights and abuse from their parents and other gangs like the socs. The socs try to act so cool, that they don’t show their pain. If a soc got punched, then he would just laugh.
    Her second quote means that the socs have everything they want because they are so rich. They are so bored with everything they have, they just drink and pass out on the side of roads. If they turned into greasers with not a lot of money, they will have to work and find something they like.
    Johnny wants to go to a place with no social classes, socs, or greasers. A place with ordinary people. like the country. Johnny always wanted to go to the country. The county has none of the social classes. Just workers and farmers.

  15. I think Cherry means that the Socs don’t care about what happens to them because they usually get what they want. Socs want everything, and will never be happy with what they have. Also, I think it means that they are selfish and can get away with anything and can get anything they want, so they have stopped caring. And the Greasers take things too seriously and emotionally.

    I think Johnny wants people to understand that everyone should be equal, and there shouldn’t be any “people pyramid”. He wants to live in a world where every one is equal, with no outsiders.

  16. In the first quote I think cherry is trying to clarify the differences between Socs and Greasers. She is making a statement that money isn’t the only difference. Cherry is trying to say that Greasers show emotion and share what they feel. Socs are the opposite because they don’t show what they are truly feeling and say stuff sometimes just to be saying it even if it isn’t true. Socs were not close and cold to each other unlike the Greasers who were like a family and had each others back no matter what.

    Johnny is trying to say that he just wants to get away from all the people like the Socs and Greasers and go to a place where there is just plain ordinary people. He wants to get out of the big towns and go somewhere like the country. Johnny wants to be away from all the excitement and just relax.

  17. Cherry believes that the Greasers show a lot more emotion then the Soc’s because they depend so much on each other and realize that most of their lives have had many troubles that will haunt them forever, so they pack up together in groups to protect and love each other. The Soc’s on the other hand have always had what they wanted and generally nothing bad happens to them, so they don’t have the emotional ties that the Greasers survive on.

    Johnny just wants to get away from the world and all the fighting he experiences every day, to a place that’s much smaller and where there is no social classes and finally where people aren’t looked down upon for being different.

  18. In Cherry’s passage, she is explaining the differences between the Socs and Greasers. She’s stating why Socs do what they do and how much different they are from Greasers. She is stating that the greasers are more emotional and the Socs aren’t. She says that the Socs are usually never satisfied meaning that when they get something that they have been wanting, after they get it, they will usually want more.

    In Johnny’s passage, he is explaining that he wants to just leave everything behind him and just go somewhere where there are no Socs, Greasers, and leave behind his past. Just normal people that live their daily lives like most people (not like Greasers or Socs).

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