A Holiday For A Hero…….Who Doesn’t Have One

ice_storm_047Students, we have many holidays that are dedicated to individuals or special people whose legacies we wish to celebrate. A sampling of some are Columbus Day, Presidents Day, and Martin Luther King Day, which inspired this blog post.

I would like for you to think about someone you admire who is not honored with a holiday. This person may be someone from history who is not currently being honored with a holiday, another famous person, a family member, or someone else you admire. (no classmates) Imagine that you have been asked to create a holiday for someone you feel is deserving of one.

Please tell me your definition of what makes a hero.

How does the person you choose to honor fit this definition?

In your response you must include the following information and tell me “why?”:

Name of the person to be honored

A title for the holiday

Date for the holiday

Songs or music for the holiday

Specific foods for the holiday

Holiday colors

Any special clothing, decorations, etc.


  1. I think a hero is someone who can set good examples. A hero never lets anyone down, and always sticks to his or her task. A hero doesn’t always have to have the giant muscles and stop a bus from falling on a bunch of townsmen; a hero can just be a person who does the little things in life, expecting no reward. I also think a hero is someone who’s willing to learn and teach. A hero is someone who cares about the well being of others, and is a person who has kindness.

    If I were to create a holiday for a hero, I would create a holiday for my grandfather. My grandfather is someone very close and special to me. He lives up in Pennsylvania because of his job, so I only get to see him about once every two months or so. I think my grandfather is a hero because, well, for one, he sets good examples. I can never remember a time when my grandfather let anyone down; he always sticks to his word. He always encourages my cousin and I to improve in our sports, and he’s always on the sidelines cheering us on when he comes down to visit. It means so much to me when he comes and watches me play softball or swim in a meet. Having my grandfather move up to Pennsylvania, he had to be open to new experiences and learn new things about his job. He never complains when things get tough, and he’s always a good sport. When my grandfather tries to teach me something new, he always has a flashback of when he was a kid or when he was a pilot. He would look back on his mistakes and tell me not to make them! Haha ☺ He always gives me pointers on sports, and I think it’s really nice of him when he brings his glove and he throws the ball with me. Whenever someone is sick in my family, he always calls and wishes them to get better. My grandfather is very kind, and when he sets his mind to something, there’s no stopping him! I think he’s a “hidden hero”, and it would be nice to create a holiday for someone as special as him.

    The name of my grandfather is Thur Young. He lives in Pennsylvania for his job, and is seventy something years old. His holiday would be named “Thur Day,” and when the two words are put together, it almost sounds like “Thursday.” So, I would put the holiday on Thursday because Thur Day sounds a lot like Thursday. I would call it Thur Day because that’s my grandfather’s first name. I think Thur is a cool name.

    The date for Thur Day would be on the third Thursday in the month of October. I picked this because I always think of him as a “Thursday guy.” What I mean by that is I always think Thursday is his favorite day of the week. His birthday is in October on the 23rd or 25th, actually. So, the holiday would be near his birthday!

    I don’t really think that my grandfather listens to a lot of music, so instead of music, I would like to have a giant golf tournament in honor of him. He LOVES golf, and he plays it almost everyday when it’s not snowing! I think he would have a frenzy if there were a golf tournament in his honor! If I had to pick a song, I would play a lot of guitar songs and Jimmy Buffet songs because he likes Jimmy Buffet and he used to play guitar!

    Well, my grandfather likes food. For certain holidays, my grandmother always makes cinnamon rolls, and my grandfathers always gets mad about how they don’t have any raisins in them. So, a special food with is cinnamon rolls with raisins in them. He really likes them, and was very joyful during Christmas dinner when he discovered that the rolls had raisins in them!

    The colors for Thur Day would be navy blue and white, in honor of his favorite college team, Penn State. I also think blue is his favorite color.

    Something special, other than the golf tournament that would happen on Thur Day is that I think there should be the airplanes he drove fly over the sky. The planes would have that white stuff coming out of the back, and it would spell out, “Happy Thur Day!” I think that would be awesome! ☺ I think my grandfather would really enjoy that! Also, everyone would party all day and there would be a bunch of parades in honor of my grandpa, because he used to take me to parades when I was little.

    Well, at the end of Thur Day, I think everyone would be exhausted. We would of probably gained a few pounds from eating all those cinnamon rolls with raisins! I think my grandpa is a real hero, and I admire him very much. ☺

    1. Awesome response, Meredith…..you should copy and paste what you wrote and send it to your grandfather; he would be very honored!
      Thur is a great name. Is it short for something or a nickname?

  2. A hero has determination, loyalty, focus, bravery, courage, and is selfless and reliable. A hero could also be someone who has done something unbelievingly amazing and outstanding.

    A holiday for a hero who doesn’t have one. My thought is Helen Keller. She kept going and learned to speak, even though she couldn’t hear or see. I think this is a challenge that is hard to overcome, which falls into the category of doing something unbelievable.

    A title for the holiday would be “Helen Keller Day” and it would fall on her birthday. There would be no talking or music or anything, and we’d have to wear blindfolds all day. This would make us all aware of what it was like to be in her shoes and overcome such a large challenge. A color would be black, the only color she knew.

    1. Believe it or not, Helen Keller did learn to speak somewhat, and if you search YouTube and look for the video of her talking with Annie Sullivan who taught her, it will give you goosebumps. We read The Miracle Worker last year…….and even did a blindfold activity!
      She also could follow along with the music, there is video on that, too. If the music is played loud enough, the deaf can feel the vibrations very easily.

  3. A hero is someone that has been recognized for their unmatched mental and sometimes physical strenth toward the general public; not other people classified as heros. A canidate must simply be able to change the world in a profound way but not ever take credit or flaunt this achievment; this person must let the general public, not a group of select people, decide the importance of this action.
    The person that I have elected to receive this “award” is Al Gore. I think that this man deserves this recognition more than any other American president that I can think of. I have always been interested in the enviroment and Al Gore has a similar interest. This holiday will simply be called al Cruor, as this is Latin for Al Gore, and will be be celebrated on January first. The song that will be played is “All Blues” by Miles Davis, and the customary food will be simple bread. I think that the traditional colors will be white and blue. Stringing beads of any sort will be the decorations and there is no special attire that is required for this holiday.

  4. A hero is someone who will stick to a task and never let things get in the way. They will always be happy, cheerful, and encouraging when times are tough. They will set good examples and do little but very important things and never expect any reward.

    If I were to create a holiday for a hero, it would be for my Dad. My Dad is someone that I will always look up to. He fits my definition in every way possible. When he got the job over here, he wouldn’t let our old life get in the way of living over here. He does miss it over there but he still carries on and does an amazing job. He always comes home with a smile even if he’s had a tough day. He will always help me; plays sports with me, listen to me, and never complains.

    The holiday honouring my farther would be called “Peter Day.” The name’s nothing special but it would be a very important day. It would be held on the 1st of June, which is his birthday, and it would be a huge celebration and the streets would be decorated in dark purple, dark green, white, and dark blue. These would also be the colours of the celebration. Purple, because that’s his favourite colour green, because that’s the colour of the Wimbledon tennis court, and blue, because that’s the colour of the Australian Open tennis court.

    There would be a huge tennis court set up in the middle of the town. The songs that would be playing would be songs by Jimmy Buffet, Johnny Cash, INXS, and other artists. After the huge game of tennis, there would be a luncheon. But, at the luncheon, the only thing that would be served for lunch would be cheasymite scrolls which is vegemite and cheese made into a scroll. For dessert, his favourite food in the world… Canneles, a French sweet from Bordeaux. There would be no dress code but, have a smile on your face. He loves it when people are happy and enjoying themselves.

    Even know he would think this would think that this is too much, he would enjoy himself, and how lucky he is. I love him and I think he deserves a celebration for everything he does.

  5. I think a hero is someone who inspires you to be like them. They are someone you look up to. When you see or hear about that person, you think, “That is the type of person I want to be like.” Heroes don’t have to have done anything amazing to be a hero, they just have to be special to you.

    My dad is my hero. His name is John Andrew Peterson. Even though there is already a Father’s Day, I don’t think that is enough to honor my dad. Every day, my dad goes to work for many hours. He leaves the house at 7:15 AM and sometimes doesn’t get back until past 9 or 10 PM. My dad is an oncologist, someone who helps cure cancer. Over the 16 years that my dad has been an oncologist, he has saved hundreds or thousands of lives. My dad is the best dad in the world. This isn’t just my opinion but the truth. He drives me everywhere. Over the summer, he drove me to Tallahassee and back. We went on Wednesday and left early in the morning on Thursday. The reason we had to go to Tallahassee was for a track meet. He could’ve sent me to Tallahassee with the team, but he is such a good father that he drove me (by the way, Tallahassee is a four hour drive away). He throws the football with me, runs with me, and takes me to the soccer fields. He is good at helping me with athletics and academics. My dad graduated from Harvard in 1985. Anytime I have questions with homework, he sits down with me and helps me figure out the problem.

    The name of the holiday would be “Andy’s Day.” My dad’s name is John, but everybody calls him Andy an abbreviation for Andrew his middle name. The holiday would occur on May 5th, his birthday. Mexico has Cinco de Mayo, but May 5th could be “Andy’s Day” in America. The music at the party, which would be an all day party because he is so great it would take 24 hours to celebrate him, would be the Beatles, the B52’s and lots and lots of 80’s music. I will be in the car with him and he will turn on the 80’s channel. I quiz him on what the song is called, who sing’s it, and what year was it released. 5/10 times he gets everything right and 9.9999999/10 times, he gets at least one correct. There would be pretty much every type of food. There would be pistachio nuts and Tostitos corn chips with salsa, his favorite snacks, out at the first table. Some assorted cheese and crackers would be laid out at the next table, his favorite light meal. At the next table, there would be some shrimp made by my Granddad. He makes the best tasting shrimp ever. The next table, only one more after this, would have a giant Sloppy City Sandwich from Rib City Grill. My dad loves Sloppy City Sandwiches. On the last table, some desserts would be laid out. Some English chocolates would be out on the table. A huge bucket of mint chocolate chip ice cream would be on the table. All of the decorations would be blue and silver. Those are the colors of the Dallas Cowboys. He is a big Cowboys’ fan. We have season tickets at the Cowboys Stadium. All of his family would be there celebrating. It would make him feel very happy and special, and my dad deserves it because he is my hero and I want to be just like him when I grow up.

  6. A hero is someone who to look up to and sets good examples for people. Some people think that a hero is only someone that has superpowers, but it’s not. A hero can be your relatives, friends, and very commonly the police of fire department when they rick their lives to save others. I believe that everyone has a hero inside themselves, and they are all different.

    My hero has got to be my mom. My mom is always there for me when I need her. I have always looked up to my mom since I was an infant. She has almost never let me down. She has taught me that you should always be there for a loved one or someone in need. She also does everything I want for the most part. I am so grateful to have my mom and I could never have asked for more because she truly is my hero, and always will be.

    This holiday would be name “DND.” It would stand for Do Nothing Day. It would be named this because it could be one day of the year that she does absolutely nothing. Usually, at my house my mom does everything while my brothers and I are at school and my dad is at work. This day would be placed on December 29 because this day is her birthday. The music of this holiday would be singers such as Michael Jackson and Jimmy Buffet. These singers are her top two on the list and although they may not sound alike, they are still two very good singers. My mom likes all kinds of American foods so there would be a variety of American Cuisine. The holiday colors would be Pink, Purple, and Deep Sea Blue because these are her favorite colors. There would be no special clothing but the decorations would be like a big, big birthday party. The holiday would be so big that once the last one ended, the next would start being planned!

  7. I would like to share whom I think is deserving of a holiday: Miep Gies and the countless others like her. For those of you who may not recognize the name, Miep was one of the “righteous” people who hid Anne Frank and family in the secret annex during the Holocaust.

    She was once asked if she considered herself a hero. And she simply stated no. She saw herself as an ordinary person who felt the need to stand up and do something she felt was right……and that was to help another. “I could forsee an unhappy life if I didn’t help, and that was not the kind of failure I wanted for myself.”

    I guess my holiday would simply be called Holiday of the Righteous and would include all those who give of themselves for the sake of another. One of my favorite quotes of all time: “He who saves one life saves the world entire.” Oscar Schindler, paraphrased from the Talmud.

    Miep is not the only “ordinary” person who did an “extraordinary” thing.

    Students, there are many heroes out there……..think outside the box, too when answering this question.

  8. A hero is somebody that stands up for what they believe in, and they love doing it. A hero is brave enough to face obstacles they are afraid of, and they don’t back down for anything. A hero is inspiring, and you look up to them.

    I think all coaches should be honored with an annual holiday. They put so much effort, everyday, into helping their team improve and have fun. My family recently had lunch with my dad’s middle school coach, and he loved his job so much that he still remembered exact details of plays from when my dad was in middle school!

    The title of the holiday would be named “Coach’s Day.” I would name it that because it is for all coaches. The holiday would be on June 1. It would be then because that is near the end of the school year, and everyone would honor their coach’s work from that year. The music that would be played are songs that are related to sports. Some songs include: “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”, “Basketball”, and others. You would eat food that you’d usually eat at a sporting event. It would be stuff like peanuts and hot dogs. The holiday colors would depend on which team the coach coached. The colors would be the teams colors. For example, if there was a holiday for a Shorecrest coach, the colors would be green and gold. If some people really wanted to get into the holiday spirit they could wear the holiday colors.

  9. I think a hero is someone you want to look up to and you want to be like them when you grow up.

    If I had the ability to create a holiday for a hero, it would be for Roberto Clemente. I would have a holiday for him because he was involved in charity’s that gave food, shelter, medicine, and baseball equipment to the Latin countries and Puerto Rico.

    The title of the holiday would be “Clemente Day”. It would be called this because the holiday would be after his name and it’s catchy.

    The date for the holiday would be December 17, because that was when he died at age 38 in 1972 from a plane crash. Roberto Clemente was in the plane because he was bringing supplies to earthquake survivors in Nicaragua.

    On the holiday, the music would be spanish music because he was Puerto Rico so that’s all he listened to.

    The holiday colors would be black and yellow because of the baseball team he was on. He was on the Pittsburgh Pirates for his whole career (18 seasons).

    On the holiday, the special clothing would be Pittsburgh Pirates jerseys and uniforms of Roberto Clemente. I admire Roberto Clemente very much for what he did on the baseball field and off the field.

  10. A hero to me is someone who always puts other people’s needs ahead of their own. A hero is someone that will do special things for others even when it is not in their best interest. A hero will make difficult decisions that others would never dare to do. Most importantly, a hero does all of these things and would never consider asking for something in return. A hero is someone that’s always honest and is looked up to by those that know and don’t know them. A hero is someone who is reliable, can be counted on for anything at anytime of day, and is always there for you no matter what. Lastly, a hero is someone who never breaks his or her promises and can be trusted without question.

    The one person in my life that fits the definition of a hero is my father, David Kanstoroom. My father is the one person I know I can count of to be there for me in good times and bad. I consider my father a hero because he fits the definition above and so much more. But, most importantly, I consider my father a hero because my father would do the same things for friends, family and total strangers as he does for me. Everyone that knows my father feels the same way. As far back as I can remember, my father has always been the one that others come to in a time of need. He has always taught me to put other’s needs in front of my own, to stick up for those that can not stick up for themselves and to treat all others how I would want to be treated. I have never seen my father ever ask for anything in return or expect anything more than a thank you. Most of the time he would prefer not to get any attention for the things he does and doesn’t ask for a reward.

    The name of the special holiday in honor of my father would be ‘David Day’. My dads’ first name is David and the holiday would fall on October 20th. My father is the world’s biggest Redskin’s fan and the song for David Day would be the Washington Redskins victory song “Hail to the Redskins”. I think I would rewrite some of the words and retitle the song “Hail to my Father David”. The colors for the holiday would be burgundy and gold, which are the colors of the Redskins. David Day would be a national holiday and everyone would dress up wearing Redskin’s colors and clothing. People would celebrate David Day by spending it with their family and friends and the best part of the celebration would be a huge cookout that would be just like tailgating before the Redskins play for the Super Bowl.

  11. I think a hero is someone you look up to. Also they stand for something you belive in.

    If I had the ability to create a holiday for a hero, it would be for every persons family. Every family would celabrate the holiday. It would be to have a good time with your family.

    The title of the holiday would be “Family Day”

    The date would be January 2nd as a way to start the year.

    The music would be good family music. Something that would go with whatever you are doing.

    The colors would be yellow, blue, and red. They are the primary colors and are good for most things.

    The speical clothing would be be bright and cheerful, and they would be comfortable like T-shirts.

  12. My definition of a hero is someone who changed history in a positive way, someone who saves lives, or someone who never lets someone down or fail them.

    I would choose Benjamin Franklin to create a holiday for. This individual changed history by improving electricity and increasing the understanding of it. Before Benjamin Franklin’s discoveries and new ideas, electricity was very weird, and no one completely understood what it was and what it did. Without electricity in this world, there would be no technology, artificial light, or thousands of other essential things that use electricity. The title of the holiday would be Benjamin Franklin Day to honor the works of Benjamin Franklin. There would be no related date. Maybe it would be on March 3rd. There would be no specific songs, music, or foods for the holiday. Colors would include all bright colors (mainly yellow and white) to represent the life and colors that electricity has brought the world. T-shirts with light bulbs or other devices using electricity on it would be worn. Decorations would include all lights and other objects that are lit up when using electricity. Benjamin Franklin changed the world with his discovery of new ways and ideas of electricity.

  13. A hero is someone that you can look up to and they aren’t afraid of facing life or what they believe in. They will go all out for everything and they care about people and their feelings. You would want to be like that person because they do good things for people and they are a good person.
    My hero is Miley Cyrus is the definition of a hero ‘someone that you can look up to and they aren’t afraid of facing life or what they believe in. They will go all out for everything and they care about people and their feelings. You would want to be like that person because they do good things for people and they are a good person.’ She helps out so many people and she gives lots of money to charities and she I a good person. She doesn’t care what people think of her and she keeps going to matter what happens.
    This holiday would be called Miles To Go, this is because that is the name of her book and her book is very inspirational and she goes through many hard times in the book but keeps going and doesn’t let anything bring her to far down. The date would be February 28th this is because this is the day her grandfather died and that was one of the biggest struggles in her life and I feel like she would appreciate that and that would just be amazing!
    The song for this holiday would be ‘I Miss You’ by Miley and this is a song that she wrote in honor of her Pappy and she is telling him in the song that she misses him but she know that he is in a better place and she did reach the goal of her life that he pushed her to go to in the past. The colors would be black and purple this is just because black is Miley’s favorite color and purple is Hannah Montana’s favorite color.

  14. A hero is a person who stands up for what they believe in no matter what anyone tells them. They are also there for you no matter what and try to make up for their mistakes. My grandfather is a hero to me. He was in the Navy. My brother makes things with elecronics, and my grandpa helps him. He helps me just as anyone would, except he does it in an extraordinary way. He is always there for me no matter the problem. I can ask him about friend troubles, boyfriend troubles, he’ll even try to help if he had no idea what to do; if i ask him about style, he’ll give his best guess.

    I would call his day BYNT Day. That stands for Be You, Not Them. He is always himself, and even though he may look tough, he has a bigger heart than most people I know. It may be traditional, but I would have to make the holiday on his birthday. All music has to be happy or upbeat. No music where people cry for loved ones or act depressed. He is a very happy man, so we should honor his constant joy. Food would be any food that you love. Food is designed to make want more, so go against that. Eat until you’re full, but don’t eat past that. And save room for dessert! Holiday colors: navy blue, white, and yellow. Navy and yellow are the colors of the Navy, so those would honor him best. White is because it seems like such a boring color, but really it is beautiful. Without it no other color would exist. You would be required to have at least one family member with you on BYNT Day, and if you can’t then find a friend or make a friend.

  15. I think a hero is a person who does good to others and the world around them. A hero is someone who improves society and you can go to them for advice.

    If I could create a holiday for a person it would be for Patricia Kirtley who is the ex-wife of Ted Williams (not the baseball player). Ted Williams took everything for granted. Because he had a so called “golden voice” he was taken to be the narrator for 48 hours. At first he was a homeless man when a news caster listened to him talk and was saying to themself I wish I had a voice like so.(on youtube type in ted williams golden voice and you will hear it)

    After being selected to 48 hours, Ted Williams got married to Patricia Kirtley. They had kids and later he found another lady who was a druggie and left Patricia. Then he had kids with the other girl leaving Patricia with her kids. Later Ted Williams left that woman and went single leaving the kid without a non-stoned mom.

    Patricia found out about that kid and took custody over that kid also leaving her with 5 kids. One of her own kids was blind so Patricia had to take special care of her. Patricia Kirtley said she couldn’t stand leaving her kids in a foster home.

    Williams called once in a while to Kirtley and said he would be coming for Thanksgiving break. They remained friendly but deep inside we know that Kirtley shows no respect for him. The woman who truly deserves the fame her ex has been getting the past few days.


    The day for the holiday would be Peace for Kirtley because it sounds like those two words fit well together.

    A date for the holiday would be the first of January because this was when she got really recognized.

    Special clothing would be a peace sign with the name Kirtley crossing through it.

  17. A hero is someone who people look up to. Someone they can rely on for anything and they will be there when you need it. A hero is someone who will help you in your time of need and get you what ever you need. The person that I would call a hero would be my uncle Tommy. He used to be a fireman, but when he fell off of a two-story roof that ended his career as a fireman.

    I would make a day were nothing in his district would use any fire using objects so that him and his fellow workers could have a break for once. They would also half to make a speech to the city and after that the city would buy them a huge cake and they get to blow out the flames one more time just little ones.

    He used to be a fireman as I said and he was able to do a lot of things once he even got to go up on the one-hundred foot ladder and shoot the big hose.

    Fire free day is what I would call it. The songs that I would use would be congratulation songs like remember the name and the rocky song.

    The food would be cake all cake and everyone would dress up as a fireman and celebrate their good work

  18. The definition of a hero is a person who has courage and does very good deeds. I think we should have a holiday for Captain Sully. Captain Sully had courage when he landed the plane on the Hudson. Landing the plane on the Hudson is a very good deed. He saved everyone’s life on the plane. The holiday would be called National Captain Sully day. The date would be January 17, 2009. I chose that date because it was the date the event happened. I don’t really think there would be any specific music for National Captain Sully day, or N.C.S.D. Everyone would drink a lot of water and eat a lot of foods that were watery like fruits and fish. They would eat that type of thing because they landed in a river, which is water. The holiday colors would be blue and white. The blue represents water, the white represents the plane, and how they collided together and worked out perfect. Every one around the word would have a water balloon fight at noon, to represent the landing of the plane and then the people getting out on the ground.

  19. If I could pick a hero and make it a holiday then it would be Alexander Ovechkin.

    To me a hero is the one person among many who is the strongest; can step up at the right time in order to lead to a victory in life, sports, and in everyday activity; and never quit until that final buzzer of time of life goes off.

    Alex Ovechkin is the captain of the Washington Capitals and is like I said. He is the strongest player, a player that leaves everything back on the ice which impact a whole country, and will never regret anything when that final buzzer of time of life goes off.

    I would call the holiday Ovechtrick and it will be on September 9 because whenever Ovine gets nine goals it’s called an Ovechtrick. It will be celebrated with a day of NO music, plays, movies, and every NHL team will play on that day no matter what. The colors would be red, blue, and white because those are the Washington Capitals colors. The “celebrational” foods are cookies shaped like hockey sticks and the number eight. Also there will be a law that everybody has to eat macaroni and cheese because that is Alex’s favorite pregame meal.

  20. To me a hero is someone who will step up for others when in need. The most reliable person, nice person, and smart person I think would make the best hero because it seems that those three go together perfectly to make a hero in my opinion. They never give up until the job is done no matter what it is.

    If I could pick one person to be a hero and give him a holiday it would be Troy Polamalu. Polamalu is the strong safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He is a good man on and off the field he is listed to be one of the nicest football players in the NFL, and I think he should get something for that, I mean that’s a big accomplishment. He is also a player that does not give up until the final whistle is blown and when that is blown he leaves all anger “maybe if they lose which doesn’t happen a lot”  he leaves that on the field and that’s not common for football players.

    I would name the holiday Troyday and it would be on April 19 because that is when this football beast was born. Everyone would have to wear something black and gold because that is the Steelers colors. The celebrational foods would be a Troy burger with whatever Troy likes on his burger. It will be a rule or law that you would have to eat at least one of these and then have to eat forty three jellybeans because Troy’s number is forty three.

  21. A hero is stated to be “a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities” by the dictionary. I agree with statement in many ways. A small child might say “A hero is someone with special powers who kill the bad guys.” This is almost never the case. We have so many heroes in this world. These heroes don’t have capes, super powers, or spandex. They are known as the military, firefighters, police officers, and even our parents.
    My hero is Rob Paulsen. He is not a firefighter, or an officer of any sort. He is a voice over actor. I have personally met him and he is hilarious. A well-known animated series by many is Pinky and the Brain. He is the voice of the unintelligent, but outstandingly funny Pinky. He has been in famous movies such as Tinker Bell; numbers two and three, Nickelodeon’s T.U.F.F Puppy, Nickelodeon’s Planet Sheen; playing the rolls of three characters, Three characters in the Penguins of Madagascar, Chowder, Ben10, Carl Wheezer from Jimmy Neutron, and even in famous video games like Super Smash Bros. Brawl . Paulsen has been the voice of over 250 different cartoon characters and performed in over 1,000 commercials. He still plays small parts in many cartoons as well as bigger characters in animated movies. Paulsen has changed the history of voice over. The twelve-time nominated man has won over six awards for his amazing talent.
    The special occasion would be on March, 11. It is his birth date. The day would be known as Paulsen III day. (He is the third Rob Paulsen in his family.) On this day, people will gather to throw parties and celebrate the hero named Rob. Cartoonish music used in the films will be played as children dance a well-organized, cartoon based routine. All the towns will be decorated with the best cartoons played by Paulsen. There would be streamers that are pink and green, because the occasion’s colors are pink and green. Families will all make cookies and elegant cakes that represent Robert Paulsen’s work. Everyone will be in there pajamas all day too, because Rob is a unique, out-of-the-ordinary type of guy. Get ready world, because here comes Paulsen III day!

  22. The definition of a hero varies for me. It could be someone like Mr. Incredible, a person going around doing charity work, OPRAH! 🙂 haha. But the person could also just be your role model or your mom! A hero is someone you admire, for whatever your reasons may be. 🙂

    If I had to chose my hero’s , they would probably be all of the music teachers in the world. Like your private piano teacher, or band teacher. A very good example would be the founder of The Rock n Blues Academy, (the music school that I go to) Dave Shepherd. He is the absolute most amazing musician I’ve ever seen in my whole life, and he’s so much fun to be around. I went to my band practice the other day and I was about twenty minutes early and he says, “Hey, Summer! Look, I just wrote this song about ten minutes ago, come see if you could put lyrics to it.” So I walked over there and he says, “Just sing about what emotion this song makes you feel.” So I just started putting words together and then I stopped and listened and this was one of the most amazing piano pieces I’ve EVER heard! It had so much feeling and the lyrics just started pouring out of my mouth because the song was just so, alive! It was incredible! I was like, “YOU WROTE THIS TEN MINUTES AGO?!?!?!?” And he says, “Ya, it’s just a chord progression with a few blues-y scales up and down that I’m just toyin’ with.” My jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe how ridiculously amazing this song and his way of putting music together is. He acts as if its the most easiest thing in the world, and to him, it is. He told me to sit down and just start playing the chords I feel are “right.” So I did, and by the end of the twenty minutes, I had a whole song down, on piano, bass, drums, and guitar. All I needed to do was start singing. It was so fun! This man puts so much effort into his music and inspires me so much, (he also has a PB&J drive at the music school where people bring in bread, peanutbutter and jelly and every Friday night, he delivers sandwiches to the homeless :)) this is why I want to make a holiday for all people involved in helping people learn how to play music!

    This holiday would occur annually on September 7th, because that is the date of Led Zeppelin’s first concert and was huge in the history of rock n’ roll music. I would call this day “Keys” because of pianos. People would wear all of their tee-shirts that have any band they want on it. Any shirt that they might have gotten from a concert or wherever. People would eat probably picnic style foods, just casual stuff. Music would be played from all different genres old music and contemporary music. A blend. 🙂 I don’t think that there would be any holiday colors, just whatever colors that went with your shirt. 🙂

  23. To me a hero is a person that stands up for what they believe in and does things that normal people would not do. They will fight for what they believe in.

    The people that I have chosen for my hero would be the men and women in the Armed Forces. These people have been dedicated there lives to make sure that we Americans have are freedom. The Armed Force is a group of people that volunteer to keep us free. These people did not have to do this, but they chose to. The people have missed a lot of thing like their kids being born, birthdays, weddings, Thanks Giving, and other holidays. These people really do “fight” for what they believe in.

    I think that a holiday will be the best day for the Armed Forces. I think that is should be on July 4th because that is our freedom day and they should have a break and celebrate our freedom as Americans.

  24. A hero is someone you can look up to. A hero is someone that will always be there whether you know it or not. Someone that fits that is my dad.

    One day my dad came home from work and told my mom that he wanted to go to law school. We moved out of our big house and into a much smaller townhouse. It was a hard move because we loved our house and this was a big sacrifice my family was willing to make. While my dad was at law school he wasn’t home on most nights, because he had classes in Gulfport and Tampa. Sometimes he would be gone on weekends, too. On top of all his classes and studying for exams he had a job. So, I rarely ever got to see my dad. After four years of this he graduated from law school. Now came the hardest part, he had to take the bar exam. My dad was studying twenty-four seven, and again, I rarely ever saw him. It’s two test, the multistate and Florida. The bar exam takes two days to complete, and then you don’t find out your results until three months later. Two days before the bar, my dad lost his job. My parents were so stressed, they were always thinking about the future, making sure I stayed at Shorecrest, and making sure my dad passed the bar. It was a very long and hard process. Finally, I forgot to bring my lunch to school. My dad shows up with my lunch and he says, “Oh by the way, I passed the bar exam.” I was so happy, that was probably the best day ever. Soon after he passed the bar he got a new job that he loves.

    This holiday would be called “Final Test,” because the bar was the final test. It would be on September twenty-fourth. All my dad’s favorite songs would be played. And at lunch time, everyone would share any special accomplishments that they’ve had. But in St. Pete there would be a celebration picnic at Northshore Park. People would wear dress casual. And at twelve o’clock midnight there would be a toast to everyone’s accomplishments.

  25. A hero is a person who is someone who sets great examples for everyone around them. Heros are role models. They also help everyone who needs it without wanting anything in return. Heros are really reliable and nice. They can be counted on to do anything to help out anyone. Heros also never give up until the job they are working on is done.

    My hero is my Nana Jean. She died last year in a nasty car crash. The holiday would be called Jean Smith Day. It would be on November 15th because that was her birthday. I would pick her because she represents all of those qualities. She was extremly nice and really reliable. She would always try to do great things for everyone and ask for nothing in return. The music would be Tim McGraw. She loved all his music. The color would be blue because that was her favorite color. She was one of the best people I ever knew and she was really funny.

  26. In my opinion, a hero is merely a normal person that has strengths, but isn’t perfect. I believe one is only strong through having weaknesses, and learning to overcome them.
    My holiday would be for my little brother, Duncan. He is a great little guy, and, unlike some others, I don’t mind him one bit. Sure, he’s annoying, and there are times when I want to toss him into a lake, but overall, he’s my best friend. He can cheer me up, calm me down, and is old enough to be reasonably smart and witty, and fun to be around (he turns seven on Saturday). The holiday would be called,what else, Duncan Day, and would be held in June. Duncan is unhappy with his own birth date because he feels it is too close to Christmas, and then he must go another year with no presents! June is right in the middle of the year, and perfect for him. I don’t really know what music or clothes should be used, but there should be lizard decorations, because Duncan just loves those little reptiles. He has a stuffed one named Ziggy who has came to life. You doubt it now, but it’s true. Ziggy is out there. He’s coming for you…

    EVERYBODY SAY HAPPY B-DAY! JUST POST IT. DUNCAN WILL BE THRILLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. A hero can be defined as someone who you call look up to. Someone who will almost never let you down.

    My hero would be Justin Biber. I think that Justin Bieber is a good hero because he has done so many good things with his fame. For example, there was a video on Youtube I think sometime last year. It was a video of this three year old girl crying because she wanted to meet Jsutin Bieber and she thought that he loved her. So, Justin Bieber just so happen to see this video and go down to surprise her and meet her. This made the little girl so happy.

    A title for the holiday would be Bieber Fever Day.

    A date would me March 1st. This is because that is the date of his birthday.

    Songs or music for the holiday would be all of his songs. But, espically Latin Girl and Baby.

    Specific foods for the holiday would be chocolate, but that is because I love chocolate. And there would not be any really specific food. Just good food that people like to eat.

    Holiday colors would be purple, (that is because it is his favorite color). And maybe a baby blue, hot pink, and any other color that people like.

    A special clothing would be anything that has Justin Biebers name on it (only good stuff). and decorations would be Justin Bieber posters.

  28. A hero can be defined as someone who has done something that effects a person or maybe even the world in a good way.

    My hero is probably biggie smalls. He’s one of my hero’s because he inspired most of rap music today. He was the best rapper to ever live and there were never be a rapper to live or ever make songs better than his.

    The date for biggie smalls day is March 9, 1997 because that is the date that he died.

    There is no special song that should be played just everyone should just listen to his music because its the best!

    There is no special colors for this day.

    R.I.P Biggie Smalls!

  29. I think a hero is a very good person who sacrafices things and helps people out. A hero could also be someone who changes peoples life in a good way. There are heros everywhere. They don’t have to be like Martin Luther King Jr. they can do a small brave thing and still be called a hero.

    The person I think is a hero is Jordan Rice. He is a boy from Australia who gave up his life for his little brother. Jordan, his little brother, and mom got caught in the Oz floods. Oz is a town in Queensland Australia. When the rescuers came to save him from drowning he said save my brother first. When they came down for him and his mom they were already taken under water by the rapids and they drowned.

    He should definetely have a holiday it should be called Jerry Rice day. It would be on January 19’th which is the day he saved his brother. I don’t think there should be any specific food, decoration, or colors. It should just be a day to remember the amazing thing Jordan Rice did on the same day.

  30. I think the definition of a hero is different to every person. To me a hero is brave, trustworthy, loyal, reliable, and kind. A hero is someone who will do the right thing even when no one is looking. Most importantly, a hero is someone who is admired and will stand up for what they believe in no matter what.

    My hero is Rosa Parks. I admire her very much and I think that what she did for the world is AMAZING. One day when she was sitting on a bus and she was asked to move by the bus driver because she had to give up her spot for a white person but she refused to move. So she was arrested for standing up for herself. Because of what she did, Rosa Parks made a huge impact on the world and started the ending of segregation. She fits my definition perfectly especially because she did what was right and what she believed in even though she knew she would be punished for it.

    The date for the holiday would be December 1st. That is the day that she became a hero. The holiday’s name would be Rosa Parks Day. It’s not a very creative title but I think it’s important that her name is in it so people know exactly who is being honored.

    The colors for the holiday would be black and white. That is because she stood up to segregation. There wouldn’t be any specific food for the holiday. The music playing would be soft and calm. People would make speeches and say what they thought of Rosa Parks and how they thank her for what she did.

  31. I think a real hero is someone who puts others before themselves. Not people with capes or superpowers. A hero could be an everyday person. Such as a fireman or policeman, or maybe someone who brings a smile to your face.

    Charlie Edwards is my hero and my grandfather. Although he already has Grandfathers Day, he deserves more. There are many things that make him a hero. One is the fact that he was in the Air Force. He thought of others before himself because he risked his life to fight for our country. Another way he is a hero is because he always wants to spend good time with me. This, of course, makes me smile.

    Charlie’s Day would be the name. The date would be on April 30, his half birthday. I don’t think three holidays in one day is a good idea, because his real birthday is on October 31.

    His favorite song, More, by Andy Williams would be played while everyone ate lobster, one of his favorite foods. Everything would be his favorite color, blue. Everyone would wear blue T-Shirts that said Never, Never, Never Give Up. The theme of the holiday would be golf because he LOVES golf. Everyone would also wear a golf glove for the whole day.

  32. To me a hero is some who risk their life for someone else. Someone who would give everything they have away and receive nothing just to help somebody who needs it. A hero doesn’t even have to be a human.

    I would create a holiday for the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard isn’t over seas fighting wars, there here in the states saving people out on the water. They go out to save lives. They’ll go out when the waves are twenty feet high and freezing temperatures. Sometimes being a Coast Guard can be harder then army.

    It would be on December 31st so that they can remember how many lives they saved that year. It would be a complete day off for anyone in the Coast Guard. And for that day the Navy would take their place and do their job.

  33. A hero, and this is a definition from dictionary.com , is a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. That isn’t exactly what a hero is because a hero can be anyone that you admire and look up to and they don’t have to be a person, let alone a man. They could be a woman or a cartoon character. There is Superwoman and she’s a cartoon and a woman. A hero can be anyone that you want them to be.

    I think that my hero would be my sister, because she is a really smart person and I look up to her. She was a very smart kid when she was in grade school and she always got A’s and I really want to be smart like her even though it’s probably not going to happen. She is applying to 10 different colleges for graduate school to become a chemist. She studies bio chemistry. She is also a very nice, love to party, outgoing, and awesome sister. We never fight because she is ten almost ten years older than me, so it would be kind of immature for a 22 year old to be fighting with a 13 year old.

    This holiday’s name would be Brisa’s Brilliant Day, because her name is Brisa and she always says that things are brilliant, for instance ” Lady Gaga is brilliant!” :). There would be Lady Gaga music because she absolutely loves Lady Gaga and her music. The colors would be pink because she loves pink and for celebration we would have lots and lots of parties and we could have
    “Cell-ebrations!!” since she’s into the science field.

    I love my sister.

  34. A true hero looks beyond all things basic and the little details mean the most to him. Something he says can aspire one to achieve a goal. Most of everything he does is out of love and not for himself. He can’t neccesarily fly, but he certainly can help one in need. He’ll help others learn, and he’ll learn from others. Most importantly, a hero respects everyone and leaves reputation behind.

    The holiday that I would create would be for Michael Jackson. Everybody admired his music and I think that since he is considered the King of Pop, he is deserving of a holiday. Many people greifed when he passed, and this holiday would commemorate Michael and all the hard work that he went through so that he could make people happy by listening to his music.

    Michael Jackson fits all the criteria that stated above. His music has made people want to make their own songs. He always loved his family. He has donated to many charities, helping thousands of people. He loved all of his brothers and sisters. He made sure his music was perfect, that every detail was accounted for, and he was true to his word.

    The holiday would be called MJ Day. This is because the name is catchy and it rhymes. A lot of people abbreviated his name to MJ when talking about him so many people would recognize the holiday if it were called MJ Day. I don’t know if he would have wanted a holiday named after him, but I’m sure that many, many people believe his name is holiday worthy.

    MJ Day would take place on August 29th. This was Michael Jackson’s birthdate and there is no other really special date that people would still really talk about, besides his death, but nobody would actually want to celebrate his death. It’d have to be a really happy day so that lots of people would chime in and celebrate.

    Music for MJ Day is a no-brainer: all of Michael’s songs would be played on every radio station throughout the course of the day. People would plug their iPods into the auxiliary cord and sing along to all of his hits. Everyone would be allowed one free Michael Jackson download from iTunes or Amazon if they agree to the terms.

    The items of food on MJ Day come from a selection of his favorites. On breakfast, you would eat Frosted Flakes with milk. He liked to spit sunflower seeds as a snack. His favorite lunch and dinner food could be eaten at both times of day. Be sure to eat lots of exotic food, sushi, pizza, or chicken as those were some of his personal favorites. Stay hydrated on Gatorade because those were his favorites during concerts. All water that you drink must be mineral water.

    The holiday colors would be red and black, again because those were his two most preffered colors.

    Some of the holiday attire might be a single glove on your hand or a black fedora hat. You don’t have to go all out when choosing things to wear, just a few accessories will do the trick. Red and black banners with Michael’s face on them would be everywhere. There would be lots of events pertaining to MJ Day, such as a moonwalk contest, karaoke to all of his songs, and Name That Track games encorporating his music. There may even be a Best Michael Jackson Impersonator contest! Overall, MJ Day would hopefully be a hoot to all.

  35. For me, a hero is someone you can look up to knowing they won’t let you down, someone who inspires you. It can be someone famous, or someone who’s a “nobody”. The person I choose to honor on my imaginary holiday once was a “nobody” until recently he became well known when he did an amazing thing to save other people’s lives in the recent tragedy in Tucson, Arizona. This is someone who did a spectacular thing to save Congresswomen Gabrielle Griffords and other people that he saw were down. This is why Daniel Hernandez is fit to be my hero that I am honoring.

    Daniel Hernandez was just in his first week as an intern for Ms. Griffords, and he was by her side while she was in the stretcher holding her hand to make sure she was ok. Before he went to go help the congresswomen, he saw other people down, so he wanted to check their pulses to see if they were ok also. I would name this holiday Hernandez Day on January 8th, the day of the tragedy.

    The music for the holiday will be anything happy or upbeat to help forget the awful actions done on that day. There wouldn’t be any special food for the holiday, but the colors for that day would be red, white, and blue for the work that he did to help the congresswomen survive. There wouldn’t be any special decorations, but there should be a minute of silence remembering those that we lost on January 8th and for those who helped save people in Tucson, Arizona.

  36. A hero is to me someone that you look up to. Also, a hero can be a person who you admire. A hero can be someone that can help you when you are sad and depressed. My hero is Brian Wang from KLife. He is a very fun guy to be around. He can cheer up anyone who is down. If I gave him a holiday it will be a holiday of worship for all he has done for me. The name of the holiday will be called “Blessings”. The music will be God’s music. The date of the holiday would be when KLife first started. The holiday colors will be red, white, and black. KLife is a group for kids you should join it.

  37. I think a hero is someone who changes a whole bunch of peoples lives in a very positive way.

    My definite hero for this blog would be my own cousin Garrett Raleigh Staples. When Garrett was only nine years old he was first diagnosed with a type of bone cancer. After a couple of years of fighting he beat it but then about a year later it came back. When he had to get an operation he would never whine or cry about it he just went ahead and got it over with. In Garrett’s world there was never the words “I want this,” or “I want that” he was always considerate of others and put everyone before him. For all of his Christmas’ and birthday’s all he wanted was for everyone around him to feel great and nothing bad to happen. If I had to describe Garrett it would probably be “the greatest person to be around.” My cousin Garret was the nicest man in the world, and after his passing he still is changing my sister and I’s life today.

    The day would be called Raleigh day, because of his middle name. The song would be over the rainbow because that was the song at his funeral and his favorite song. There aren’t really any special foods but a drink would probably be the original green Mountain Dew. The holiday color would be blue (his favorite color). You could wear any clothes because he wouldn’t care at all what your wear.

  38. I think a hero is someone who inspires others. A hero is someone who does the right thing and stands up for his/her beliefs. I think that Harriet Tubman should have her own holiday. Harriet Tubman escaped from slavery and got other slaves out also. She helped them escape through the underground rail road. Harriet risked her life for not only her own freedom, but lots of other people’s freedom also. To me, that is a hero.

    The holiday would be called Harriet Tubman Day. The date would be September 17, the day she escaped from slavery. There wouldn’t be any specific songs, but all happy songs can represent what she did. People would eat a big meal to celebrate her and many other slaves’ freedom. There would only be one color, green, which would represent big grassy fields of freedom. No special clothing or decorations would be used on Harriet Tubman Day.

  39. Like many other kids, my hero is a baseball player. Yet, it’s not for his batting average or top ten plays, but rather his role in leadership. You see, my definition of hero is someone that provides a lesson by example, not just to make themselves look good, but to also inspire others around them. Before his trade, I found 1st baseman Carlos Pena to be my lead figure in the sport of baseball. If you ever watched him playing for the Rays, you wouldn’t just notice his tremendous bombs or reaching saves, but more importantly, I would notice something that few major league players have today…sportsmanship. He made me realize that to play baseball and as a matter of fact any other sport, I don’t have to be a punk in order to get results. All you need is to do something every coach I’ve ever had told me…have fun!
    If this man ever receives his own holiday (which he should), I think it should be called something exciting like Peniesta! Although it’s a bit stereotypical, Carlos does originate from the Dominican Republic. Not to mention, Pena mixed with fiesta is a pretty cool word combo don’t you agree? Held on the first of October, the holiday will be a festive reminder to celebrate sportsmanship as the league nears closer to the World Series. Since Carlos has been a Ray for the better part of his career, I figured Tropicana field would be a suitable place to hold the holiday. While the outside is lined with huge MLB banners, inside the field will be died blue with red clay to symbolize America and baseball itself. With some of his favorites such as Pit Bull’s “I know you want me” (his usual walk up song) blaring over the speakers, concession stands will have traditional baseball chow (hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream etc.) selling absolutely free for attendants. Most people are advised to wear any casual baseball gear that sticks with the whole “America” theme. Finally, everyone will be invited to hang around the field where they can run the bases, or watch performances brought in to play live (after we turn off the other music that is).

  40. A hero isn’t someone who flies around town in a cape and spandex and fights off villains with their super strength. That is a fictional character that we have invented and put in comic books. The real heroes are the ones who put everyone else before himself or herself. Now, some heroes do “fight off evil.” People in the army, for instance. They are heroes. They risk their lives for a greater cause. People who do something good for others even though they may have bad consequences are heroes.

    George S. Patton was a general in World War II. He was largely responsible for the victory over the Nazi. For one thing, he risked his life for our country and others that the Nazi tormented. Patton “fought evil” and he won. He went out to war knowing very well that he could dies. But oddly he died by being hit by a car. But Patton had no way of knowing that. He took that risk to help his country.

    The holiday would be named George S. Patton The Day of the General. The holiday would be on November eleventh because that was his birthday. The best choice of music would have to be something patriotic. He came from a line of soldiers. His grandfather and his father were both in the military so I think it’s appropriate. The food should be Scottish because his family was of Scottish descent. And the food should be very good quality. His family was very wealthy and I’m sure he would have eaten well. Purple, silver, and bronze would be great colors for his holiday. A few of the awards he received were the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart, and two Silver Stars.

    I think that there should, optional, events that are similar to those in the Olympics. Why? Well, George S. Patton participated in the 1912 summer Olympics. The clothing and the decorations would be exotic and international because he went to so many different places.

    1. When Patton liberated one of the concentration camps, he had his men drag the neighboring village people to the camp so they can bear witness to the atrocities that were happening in their own backyards.

  41. A hero is someone that people look up too, has courage, determination, and doesn’t let people down. A hero is not a marvel superhero; they are just someone that does the right thing. They don’t do tasks because they expect a reward in return, they do it because they feel want to, and not because it’s the right thing to do. Caring for others and having a big heart, is another characteristic of a hero.

    If I had to create a holiday for a hero, I would create it for my grandfather, Philip Benjamin. Even though I never got to meet him, I’ve heard that he was a true hero, and an amazing person. What I’ve heard of from my parents, aunts, uncles, and grandma is that he fits my definition of a hero. He was a true leader, and loved helping people out. He didn’t like to be recognized for it and didn’t want a reward in return. He was very modest.

    The title of this holiday would be Papa’s Day. This would be for my grandpa, but also it could be a celebration for every other Papa in the world.

    The date of the holiday would be on his birthday, which was January 21. The music for this day wouldn’t really be all “real” songs. His favorite song, which he would always whistle to, was “America The Beautiful.” He loved sailing and boating, so some of the music for the holiday would represent the ocean. There would also be music to represent nature, because he loved being in outdoors, like me. The last kind of music would be marching music. This is because every Sunday he would make my dad and his two sisters march around their house.

    On this holiday there would be black licorice, because that was his favorite food. The holiday colors would be red, white, and blue. This is because he loved America and the blue and white would also stand for Israel. The special clothing for this day would be sailing outfits. On this holiday there would be sailing races, so that people could enjoy what he loved to do.

  42. A hero is someone has courage, a will to do good, and never gives up. I was reading Josh’s blog and he did MJ, well I am do the other MJ. Michael Jordan.

    In the 1997 NBA finals Jordan was had “flu-like symptoms.” The Bulls and the Jazz were tied two apiece. Jordan had a high fever and was dehydrated. His teammates didn’t have much faith in him. When he put on that Jersey not only the illness couldn’t stop him the Jazz didn’t either. Jordan scored 38 points that game, fifteen in the final quarter, and tied the game with a free throw. He was a real hero when he made the game winning shot though. This was courage, will power, and persistence. Most players would have given up and sat the game out.

    This Holiday would be called Jordan Day or MJ day. (Didn’t want it to have the same name as Josh)

    This day would be on February 3rd because his number was 23 and the date is 2/3.

    I did some research and found that there this song by DJ Sleeper that they played during the Bull’s warm-ups and many other teams use it now I think. I couldn’t find the name of the song.

    I know Jordan liked pizza. I guess you would eat pizza on that day.

    The holiday’s colors would be red and white. Those are the Bull’s colors.

  43. For me, a hero is someone that is brave and that had experiences that not a lot of people had. A hero is also someone who doesn’t do the things that he/she was asked to do just for the fame or the money and a hero doesn’t need to be someone famous.

    The person I choose is really brave for going to Space, he (yes, he is a male) had experiences that not a lot of people had for going to Space and he did something that I would consider honorable. He went to Space and he dropped off Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin (born as Edwin Aldrin) without touching the Moon, he was turning around the Moon while Neil and Buzz walked on the moon.

    Can someone guess the name of the person?
    Fine, I’ll tell you. It’s……..Michael Collins but no one really knows him.
    I think a good name for the holiday would be Around the Moon Day, why? Because he went around the Moon without really landing on it.
    It would be on July 16 because it’s the day Apollo 11 was launched.
    During that day, everyone would listen to 60s music because it was launched in the late 60s. We would all eat astronaut’s food and we would decorate our houses with little rockets. The holiday colors would be blue, black, gray, and white because they’re kind of the Space colors.
    Plus, we would all wear astronauts’ costumes. It would be so cool.

  44. A hero to me is a person who is looked up on or admired. Heroes don’t need to be strong or handsome. They just need to have special meaning to people.

    My hero is my grandfather, Thomas M McNeill. He was drafted into WWII as a paratrooper who parachuted out of planes onto the Japanese. He is a survivor and a veteran of the war. He had to delay college to fight. After the war, he went to Yale as a medical student. He later became one of the very first heart surgeons. This to me is heroic. My grandfather is an amazing person and a great hero.
    I understand that there is already Veterans Day, but grandfather wasn’t only a Veteran he was plenty more. This holiday would be named Admiration Day because I admire him so much.
    It would be held on July 12th every year. There would not be any music because he really doesn’t listen to music. The food would be steak. That is what we have every time he comes over. The colors would be red, white, and blue for the Americans since he is a veteran. My grandfather would wear his outfit from when he was in war.

    P.S. My grandfather is still alive at the age of 88 and is coming here for Grandparents Day!!!

  45. A hero is some one who is helpful, kind, and is there for you when no one else is. A hero knows what should be done and always does it, selflessly and usually with sacrifice.

    My Mom is deserving of a holiday. She is so amazing. She does so much for my family and I love her very much. My mom fits my definition of a hero perfectly. Actually, the definition of a hero is my mom’s personality. She can make any one smile even when she can’t. My Mom should be honored, she is so worth it, and the title of the holiday would be “Tamara day”. The date for the holiday would be July 20th because it is seven days after her birthday and she could celebrate for a longer time. The song for the holiday would be “Just the way you are” by Bruno Mars, because it is her favorite song. She likes the message she says the song has about how each person can be unique and perfect and loved just the way they are.

    The food for the holiday would be all of her favorite foods like pizza, fruit salad and a chocolate fountain for fun. The holiday color would be red because it is her favorite. Every one would be wearing a red shirt with her name or face on it.

    Tamara day would be the best day of the year because we all would be celebrating someone I love.

  46. I don’t have a hero. Everyone has their flaws just like me, what do they do that makes them any less clueless then me? Nothing. There will always be people we can learn things from, but they are humans just like us, with their own insecurities and faults. Almost every year we have to write about our “hero” in school, and over the years I’ve tried out many different answers (everyone from my mother to Batman), and I’ve settled on no one.

  47. To me a hero is someone who always does everything to a standard and someone who always gives 100% at what he/she does. A hero is someone who never gives in and never stops fighting for what he/she believes in.

    To me the person who best fits that description is the Pittsburg Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin.

    Mike Tomlin was named the 16th head coach in Pittsburgh Steelers history on Jan. 22, 2007. Hired at the age of 34, Tomlin became only the third head coach hired by the Steelers since 1969.
    Tomlin became the youngest head coach in NFL history to coach in and win a Super Bowl when he led the Steelers to a 27-23 victory over the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII. By winning the Super Bowl in only his second season as a head coach, he also became the fastest to win a Super Bowl title in Steelers history.
    Tomlin is one of only seven coaches in league history to win a Super Bowl within his first two seasons as an NFL head coach.

    Coach Tomlin had to work his way up the ladder of coaching positions (and that is a long climb) to finally land at head coach, that shows his determination.

    The title of the holiday would be Pittsburg Day because coach Tomlin is the coach of the Steelers. The of the holiday would be on February 1, because that was the date that Mike Tomlin won his first Super Bowl. The holiday’s official song would be ”Black and Yellow” by Wiz Khalifa, because it is the song of the Steelers. Everyone would wear the colors of the holiday: black and yellow of coarse.

  48. A hero is someone who isn’t afraid of consequences. They’ll stand up for what they believe is right even if it means they will become an outcast, get in trouble, or loose everything they have.

    Somebody who fits this definition and deserves the honor of being called a hero is Glenn Beck. He stands up for what he believes is right and doesn’t care what others think of him.

    I’ve actually already made this holiday on Facebook. It’s called “Glenn Beck Appreciation Day.” It’s celebrated every January twenty-second.

    The Holiday music will be the Glenn Beck theme song:
    Must remember who we are or we will be deceived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (They hold that note out for a long time.)

    The special food will be Beck Cakes. They will taste like chocolate and look like Glenn Beck’s head. The Holiday colors will be gray and red.

    Also, the event will be like New Year’s Eve in the sense that every year, once it strikes midnight, and Glenn Beck Appreciation Day starts, everyone shouts: 3, 2, 1, BECK!!! Everyone will love Glenn Beck Day.

  49. To me a hero is some who changes people’s lives, a person who sets examples for others. A hero is also a person who does everything for others without asking for anything in return. This is my definition of a hero.

    My dad is my hero. His name is Waguih El Masry (pronounced Wagee). My dad is so kind and generous. He does everything for me no matter how tiring or boring it is. He always gives me the best and doesn’t care what he gets. My dad is a physician (which is a general doctor for internal medicine) and he works in Sarasota, which is one and a half hours from my house, so he has to leave at 5 o’clock and he doesn’t get back until 7 o’clock p.m. Imagine how tired he is when he gets back, but he still takes me to my soccer practice and helps me with any difficult homework problems. My dad loves watching me play soccer; I don’t think he has ever missed a soccer game unless he had important work. Every Saturday I have a soccer game around 2 p.m. , which is a bad time because it’s in the middle of my dad’s working hours, so he leaves work takes me to my game and watches me and when it’s over he goes back to work and doesn’t come back till 9 or 10. He loves to play sports with me and when I seem bored he always finds a way to cheer me up. Sometimes when I’m sitting and just thinking I realize how amazing of a father he is. He sacrifices everything for me and always tries to please me however possible. Even though he doesn’t have any super powers and can’t save the world the little things he does for me mean the world and to me he’s the best hero ever.

    I wish I had more than one day to honor his greatness, but if I had to choose one day it would be April 2 because that’s when his birthday is. The holidays would be called Gigo’s Day because when he was young everyone called him Gigo. The songs that would play would be by “The Eagles” his favorite group. My dad’s favorite food is steak so everyone would eat steak. His favorite color is blue because he loves the ocean so if the holiday had a theme it would be an ocean theme. My dad shows me every day how much he loves me, maybe this holiday would show him how much I love him. When I grow up I hope to be half as good dad as he is.

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